PFDJ Militia in Norway Exposed

In recent years, the number of Eritrean refugees and asylum seekers in Europe has increased drastically. Most of them claim

Sudan: Omar Al Bashir Faces The Natural Fate

Since the end of the colonization period, the Middle East and the Horn of Africa region has been a fertile

PFDJ Troll Alliance: Facebook Removes Saudi-UAE-Egypt Accounts

August 1, 2019, Facebook announced it was “Removing Coordinated Inauthentic Behavior in UAE, Egypt and Saudi Arabia” However, the news

Sudan: The Kandaka Revolution

The current Sudanese protest is exceptionally significant due to women whose participation is unprecedented all over the world. For all

Ethiopia: Coup d’état redefined

Last Saturday, for a few hours the ancient city of Bahir-Dar, the Amhara state capital, became the most famous city

PM Abiy Acknowledges Challenges in Dealing with Isaias 

  In an interview published on May 30, 2019, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed told the Voice of America, that the

Sudan: Dress Rehearsal for Change in Eritrea

The Horn of Africa is still in turmoil and the earth is moving under the feet of the incompetent regimes

Calling Out PM Abiy’s Bluffs

Arguably, there are few people in the world who yearn for peace like Eritreans. However, peace has been always elusive.

Eritreans in Ethiopia Could Pay a Price, Again

The EPRDF ruling party of Ethiopia, which was dominated by the TPLF and its allies, has been completely decimated except

Saudi Dissident Journalist Allegedly Murdered in Turkey

On a March 29,2018 editorial we speculated that if the Saudi heir apparent Mohammed Bin Salman (MBS, so baptized by

A Call to The Moderates of The Horn Of Africa 

[Editor’s note: This editorial was first published on Oct 22, 2003, we thought it might help readers to remember and reflect on

Why Eritreans Must Support Berhane Abrehe

Recently we saw some books published, it’s a humble attempt to add to the efforts of reviving Eritrean literature, and

Happy Brick Day to You

[This was the maiden editorial, “The Pencil” that appeared on September 1, 2000. The first day of the launch published

Ethiopian Election 2020 and the Implementation of the Algiers’ Agreement

So far, no agreement has been reached between the Eritrean and Ethiopian governments regarding the demarcation of the supposedly vital

Pm Abiy and the Rehabilitation of Dictators

Just as Eritreans were reeling from the bizarre remarks Isaias Afeworki made during his visit to Ethiopia on July 14,

Prime Minister Abiy’s Call Triggers Cautious Optimism

In our editorial published a month ago (1), we reiterated our long-standing position on the need for an end to the

The Circular Ethiopian-Eritrean Border Saga

Ethiopia has come a long way. In the last fifty years, it traveled the longest distance from where it started

Eritrea: Ethiopia’s Achilles’ heel–Will PM Abyi Ahmed Succeed in Bringing Peace?

Following the Ethiopian political developments has become a roller coaster for Eritreans. As much as they are impressed by the

Eritrea: Ruling Party and Children’s Rights

In a news it released on its website, the Eritrean ruling party (PFDJ) said it concluded a seminar where the

Isaias-Saudi-UAE Alliance: Tails Trying to Wag the World

This is an Eritrean perspective, but probably it reflects the views of all victims alike. And Eritrea is ruled by