Zereba Abeyti (Words of Wisdom)

Soon after my last article Halaf’Mengedi was published brothers B.Y. and SY (I have no permission to mention B.Y.’s name

Halaf’Mengedi (Passerby)

I don’t know how to start or where to start or whether I should start at all. I probably should

Saving Icons For Pride

On an unrelated sidenote or headnote: With all due respect to Brother Woldeyesus Ammar for his beautifully written emotional “Draft

Amtelom Vs Derguhalom

There are things that we wish we would never know about because knowing can sometimes be the worst enemy of

The Triangle Of Pricks: Eritrea – Sudan & Ethiopia

le’teakejl alebna higya lwT wo’Hrit … eb atmashash let’thayeb it’trekeb eb tmnit dib le’amr lel’ake meglel mibel m’qwet (Selected lines

The Language Of Land Grabbers!

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the newly initiated Eritrean Law Society (ELS) for managing to call

Midwifing A Mouse: The Politics Of Hasewsew

The New Year might be a good occasion for each one of us to wonder why magic always seems to

National Unity Is No Substitute For Our Dignity

(Reminders for Semere Tesfai)   I am not one who believes in the Carrot-plus-Stick theory as the only explanation for effectively

Double Standards: One For Us, One For Muzungu

I apologize for delays in continuing the “Road Map” series that I started earlier. I have decided to wait and

The Honest Eritrean’s Road Map – Part I

Those who like to conclude matters before they even begin, those who like to have the final say before most

Idaga Derhu: Chicken Market

On October 29, 2009, Awate’s Gedab broke the news about a US-EU conference (organized by a European External Policy Advisory

“Common Country” And Not “Common Enemy”

I have taken a break for the last few weeks just to watch the debate from a distance and see

Eritrea’s Bermuda Triangle: Land, Settlements & Refugees

Nearly all those who have been following our debate on Awate (the ones who genuinely recognized the problems of Land

National Unity Requires More Than Mouthing Slogans

RAMADAN KAREEM & HAPPY ALFATIH MIN SEPTEMBER ANNIVERSARY!    I will start by clarifying a few things (that I explained

ELF-RC: Poised for Another Round of Persecution?

By Menhot Woldemariam Nov 6, 2002, 11:27 PST During the past 20 years, the ELF-RC has been subjected to a