Baby Corp!

I look left and right before I post this. For some reason, I tend to receive a hail of unhappy

The Takfiri State

In this article we will try to understand and justify what might have happened to Eastern Bejastan but from a


It has been a long time since my last post and many things have happened ever since: some personal and

The ELL: Context And Method

Disclaimer: Say you are telling a friend in Adi-Qontsi about an argument you had with an ugly woman in Siberia,

ELL Document (II): The Blamed. The Prototype. The Bipolar

ABSTRACT In this article, I intend to do four things: (a) Defend the position of the Tigrigna elite in our

The Document Of The ELL: An Analysis

OFF TOPIC: This year 2015 – my new year and that of family and friends, was clouded by the sudden

The Eritrean Lowland League: An Introduction

Background : I am not someone who is ruled by some “dictatorial chauvinistic regime” running my mind. I am of

The Brewing Nightmare

I know we have a few former commies in here. So let us try to appear “ideological” at least in

Advocates of Civil War

Many readers have suggested that I say what I think I should say the way they want me to say

The Third Way

We have had very good discussions in the U-Turn articles. The majority were genuine exchanges of views raising very legitimate

Creative Destruction

Let me start by first sincerely apologizing to Awate, the website, for referring to it as “extreme opposition website” (thanks


. Some friends have suggested that we need a clear path and a focus on issues this time and proposed


To start by getting this out of the way and for those who may care to know, my real name,

Ghosts Of The Horn!

Many of those who will read this and who have read the few that I wrote before are justified in

Just Tickling!

This article is exclusively intended to acknowledge and congratulate developments that took place while I had no idea they did.

What Opposition!?

In the last couple of weeks, I wrote three full blown articles and every time I finished one, I keep


Bear with me please! I think we are in quicksand and we need to cross a few steps before starting

The Trade Of Defiance!

Thanks a lot to every good friend who took the time to throw in a few but very valuable words

Setting The Stage

I don’t really know where to start. So much has happened in the last two years that I would be

Comments On The Go To Bro Semere Tesfai

I will keep it short here and will do so the lazy way. In an interview with a VoA journalist