Eritrea’s Independence: Celebrate Or Commiserate?

Overview: – There are two parts to this article. First, brief description of two battles heroically fought during the Eritrean

The Changing History of Keren High School: 1970s to 1990s (Part II)

For some readers this article may contain taboo issues; they are included because telling an incomplete story for historical documentation

End of Year Message

In my end of year article, I have chosen to remind readers about President Barack Obama’s landmark speeches for

Towards Sustainable Peace And Justice In Eritrea: Introductory Article (I)

Author’s Comment: – This article is not designed to serve as a framework for the analysis of specific ideas. Rather,

Lessons to Learn: Extraordinary Australian Political Developments

Australia is the world’s smallest continent, though it is a big country with an area of about (8,468,300 km2). Compared

How And Why I Chose Harmony for’s Column

About two weeks prior to’s 10th anniversary, the Awate Team sent group email to some of its prolific writers

Keren High School Reunion: A Missing Perspective and a Way Forward (Part I)

Author’s Comment: – the appropriate website for this article would have been, but I have posted it at,