Revelations of a Former Eritrean Freedom Fighter

To learn how a nation can spiral into a self-destructive vortex of paranoia, one should read Semere Solomon’s new book

Unsolicited Advice to Brighed N’Hamedu (BNH)

Introduction. The birth of Brighed N’Hamedu (BNH), in Cologne, Germany, in 2022, has greatly energized justice-seeking Eritrean youth in the

Book Review: A Memoir of Eritrean Freedom Fighter Mesfin Hagos

Book Review An African Revolution Reclaimed: A Memoir of Eritrean Freedom Fighter Mesfin Hagos. By Mesfin Hagos with Awet Tewelde

PM Abiy & Co, bullying, belaboring, and big lies

“What a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive” (Sir. Walter Scott, 1808) Towards the end of

Omissions & Biases: Mesfin Hagos’s Book

Mesfin Hagos’s English Book on Eritrea: Useful Facts Tainted by Omissions & Biases   This article about the book in

A Tribute to Saleh “Gadi” Johar

By Dr. Daniel Araya From the onset, it’s imperative for me to state the two reasons that made me undertake

Weaponizing Silence, Vulgarizing Languages

When one’s faith in humanity was beginning to wane with the seemingly endless streams of vitriols from social media, intelligently

Critical Reading: a reply

Introductory notes :For all the reductionist talk that try to depict the current crisis in narrow,  simplistic, static, dichotomized views,

Can Eritreans have A Genuine Dialogue?

If “epistemology deals with systems of knowing” as Delgado Bernal (2002) stipulates, to which it is not that difficult to

Eritrea: From NHnana Elamanan to Liberation to Ber Al-Aman

Eritrea: From NHnana Elamanan (1971) to Liberation (1991) to Bar Al Aman (2021) The men of philosophy and of literature

Awate’s Critical National Service, The Public Duty To Help Sustain It

A Funding Proposal by Bereket Habte Selassie The Reason for this proposal I have been a regular reader of

The Rise and Fall of Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF)

It was unimaginable for the Ethiopian people to accept “a blatant miscarriage of justice” – specifically over the awarding of

Critical Discourse Analysis

“I do not know what I may appear to the world, but to myself I seem to have been only

Book Review: The Burden of Exile

This is a review by Bereket Habte Selassie of the recently published book, “THE BURDEN OF EXILE” by Aaron Berhane.

Eritrea’s Mendelai (መንደላይ), Manhood & Cobra

Author and singer Melake Abraham’s song entitled Mendelay, with close to 3 million views on YouTube, popularized the word Mendelay.

Pasha René, Bezbez Kassa, Bogos, and More…

Although Italian occupation of Eritrea started in Assab and its coastal areas, it was also in Bogos and its surroundings,

Eritrean Regime’s Endless Recoiling

Let me start by saying while we should hope Ethiopia will never be threat to Eritrea, we should not bet

Maryam Asmereyti

One of the unfortunate victims of the Tigray whirlwind, especially in its subsiding phase when Tigray intellectuals, its diaspora tentacles

Filling and Feeling the Failing West

Co-authors, Haile S. and Beyan Negash Africans owning and charting their future of hopes and dreams can be understood better

Transforming ENCDC & EPF to a Higher National Unity Platform

Honoring the 2021 Agreement on a Draft Political Charter & holding a broader national congress urgently is the only way