Inter-Ethiopian Peace Talks

As many arrows, loos’d several ways, Come to one mark, as many ways meet in one town, As many fresh

Uthman Sabe, A Towering Intellectual and a Prolific Writer!

Uthman Sabe was a household name in Eritrea in the ‘70s and ‘80s and his legacy remains to be one

A Possible Political Collusion Course

Tigray’s TPLF, Eritrea’s EPLF, and Ethiopia’s Prosperity Party at a Possible Political Collusion Course: Whatever the Outcome, it will Redefine

Eritrean Opposition Movement: In Dire Search of Potency and Relevance

Whenever foreign journalists query Eritrea’s strongman, Isaias Afewerki about political opposition to his totalitarian rule, he is known to get

Dr. Tesfatsion Medhanie Abdicates

In a speech he delivered to Selfi Hidase gathering, Dr. Medhanie, without equivocation and nuance, pointed at TPLF as the

What Is the Source of Change in Eritrea?

NB: This post was brought from the Awate Discussion Forum, with minor editing to make it readable by the general

A Tale of Two Bulls!

[Reading time: 5 minutes.] Memory is a bewildering human faculty. Just look at a dream you have of a long-forgotten

The Emperor’s Daughter and her Namesakes

ወለት ሓጸይ, ጓል ሃጸይ, the emperor’s daughter, la fille du Negus, la figlia del Re, la figlia dell’Imperatore or la

The Eritrean keyboard Master: Abdalla  Abubakar

Abdalla Abubakar’s towering contribution towards the development of the Eritrean music had not received its due acknowledgement until late.  Thanks

So Long Dear Friend

[This memory is the memory of Ibrahim Negash, translated from Tigrinya into English by his younger brother Beyan Negash.] No matter

Book Review: The History of Bilen (by Dr. Jamil Idris)

Book Title:The History of Bilen, past and present Pages. : 245 Publisher: Dar Alma’arif, Aljeria, 2018 Language : Arabic (تأريخ

The Curse of Perpetual Civil Wars

The ghost of the ongoing civil war in our region will be a curse that will haunt us for generations

Welcome Home Trilogy

A Trilogy Project – that ended up as perpetual work in progress only to be recovered fortuitously after almost seven

Global Initiative to Empower Eritrean Grassroots Movement (GI)

Proposal for forming legitimately elected representative of Diaspora Eritreans Global Initiative to Empower Eritrean Grassroots Movement (GI) December 5, 2021

National Integrative Council of Eritrea-USA  

This essay is written to help alleviate the current unifying discourses of Eritreans. My previous, rough draft piece, “GiE-Eritrean Integrative Discourse

Hafeez Saaddin Mohamed Badlay: a tribute

Grief struck the Eritrean community in Melbourne following the sudden death of Hafeez Saaddin Mohamed Badlay, one of its most

Brief Eulogy to Osman Mohammed Ismail

Yesterday, early morning of the 4th of November 2021, Eritrea and its people have once again lost one of their

Of Guerilla Diplomacy and Granary Courtship

Of Guerrilla Diplomacy and Granary Courtship (ኩሽማን ደርሆ ኣብ ኣፍ ቆፎ) on Eritrean American mask-less diplomacy, with satirical flair (ዋዛ

The Story of Eritrean Liberation Front’s Book of Martyrs

“I wonder if anyone knows or remembers Tedros Tesfai Tedla” Degiga revealed his inner thoughts. “He was an ELF freedom

Sovereign Borders Within Which Children Disappear!

[Translated from Arabic by awatestaff] How I wished that my son Ahmed would not wake up with the awareness that