Eritrea’s Socio-Politics of Slash and Burn

Back in 1990, The New York Times had an opinion piece titled, “The Politics of Slash and Burn”. The gist

The Debate Over Arabic Language in Eritrea!

Orally told stories relate a conversation that took place in the first parliament in Eritrea in the 1950s. During a

Mesfin Hagos Should Resign From His Political Party

[This is part 3 of 3 in a series under the title of “Can Mesfin Hagos Lead Under a Banner of “One

Mesfin Hagos: Before the Egg Hatches

This is part 2 of 3 series under the title of “Can Mesfin Hagos Lead Under a Banner of “One Country, One

መሰል ንኽትሓትት ነጢፍካ ግቡእ ንምትግባር…

(እዚ ጽሑፍ ዕላማኡ ንኣስተንትኖ’ዩ’ሞ መዓዲ፡ ገሳጺ፡ ምናልባት’ውን ከም ገለ ክብል መሃሪ እንተ መሲሉ ሰኣን ኣኻእሎ ጥራይ’ዩ።) ነቶም እንተስ ብጥቕሚ፡ ምድንጋርን ሰሪ እዅል ምስትውዓልን ንስርዓት ህግደፍ ዝድግፉ ገዲፍና፡ ኣብ መንጎ’ቶም ኣብ ኣንጻሩ ደምበ ዘሎና ጥራይ ከተኵር። ስእነት ተሓታትነት፡ ግሉጽነትን ምዝርጋሕ ጭቡጥ ሓበሬታን ገለ ካብቶም ስርዓት ህግደፍ ዘይቀባበሉዎ መሰረታውያን ኣዕኑድ ንቡር መንግስቲ እዮም። ኣንጻር’ዚ ወጽዓ’ዚ እንቃለስ ወይ […]

Can Mesfin Hagos Lead Under a Banner of “One Country, One Destiny”?

It has become a cliché to say the Internet has changed many facets of our lives, and the claim of

Book Review: Eritrea-Inception and Consolidation of Dictatorship

Published 2020, Uppsala Sweden. Text in Tigrinya. ISBN: 978-91-519-5571-1 Pp. 365 plus list of references.  Reviewed by Tekeste Negash Emeritus

Eritrean Case: Theory of Internal Colonialism

Before we jump into the discussion of internal colonialism, it’s necessary to pave a way for it with an overview

PM Abiy What Does An Agent of Peace Mean To You?

We Eritreans condemn the Ethiopian Prime Minster Abiy’s recent statement where he made an outrageous claim that “the government of

The Eritrean Misery Cycle And The Way Out

Since 2018, when the People’s Front for Democracy and Justice (PFDJ) regime removed its face mask and its leaders revealed

Our Condolences to Amanuel Hidrat and His Family

In the cycle of life – from cradle to the grave – we have no allotted timeline we follow. We

Double Standards: Use of Arabic Vs Tigrinya

Recently a debate on the subject of the Arabic language caught my attention (on facebook presented by an facebook activist who expressed

My Recurring Encounter With a Spade and an Eagle

Dispatches from Kassala I was walking and enjoying the cold breeze on my face during the Christmas Holidays. I instinctively passed

Archive: Eritrean Opposition Warns of All-Out Confrontation

On Monday, October 3, 1994, Arab news International published excerpts of an interview it carried out with Abdo Abdulla, the then secretary-general

Eritrea: Enduring the Perils of Betrayal and Conspiracy

Eritrean President Isaias Afewerki holds the distinction of being one of the longest-serving rulers in Africa. This record alone puts

Tigray Political Paradox – Preaching Peace and Cultivating Conflict

The Eritrean and Tigrayan peoples shared not only a common struggle against Haile Selassie’s and Mengistu’s oppressions, but also linguistic

Book Review: The Nurnebi File –Espionage and Politics

YeNurnebi Mahder: Silela ena poletica (The Nurnebi File –Espionage and Politics), published by Gebriel and son Publishing Virginia, USA, 2017.

Circle of Love

Introduction :The lockdown of cities and countries to slow down the Corona pandemic, have turned lives upside down and discontinued

Position Paper – Stop All Forms of Violence Against Women

Ending violence against women is everyone’s responsibility. The Network of Eritrean Women (NEW) was founded in 2013 through the initiative

The Asmara “Lockdown”!

The world today is in a lockdown and under quarantine. Millions across the world are confined to their homes, travel