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Of Guerilla Diplomacy and Granary Courtship

Of Guerrilla Diplomacy and Granary Courtship (ኩሽማን ደርሆ ኣብ ኣፍ ቆፎ) on Eritrean American mask-less diplomacy, with satirical flair (ዋዛ ምስ ቁምነገር)…

The “je t’aime, moi non plus” (I love you, me neither) tic-tac exchange between the Eritrean Tweet and the American Facebook (in Eritrea) has of course nothing to do with Jane Birkin’s & Serge Gainsbourg’s Vatican-condemned feverishly intimate love song with the same title, but reminds of a tigrigna adage that says ኩሽማን ደርሆ ኣብ ኣፍ ቆፎ, translated into “chicken courtship over the granary”. The Eritrean granary is adequately full for those governing Eritrea and precariously empty for its opposition. Now, leaving aside the courtship part and the state of the granaries, there is a lot of virtual pecking going on between them in the last several months.

Some explanation is due here to understand the adage. The Eritrean traditional highland hill-adossed house, hidmo, is home to all family members including new-born young animals, the chicks and the chicken. The house has a single room with a kitchen separated by a wall of granaries. A high place or hangers are built inside the house for the chicken to perch and lay the extremely precious eggs, safe from the martens. The house is almost like a chicken playground where they jump everywhere and over the granaries fighting, performing, hen’s squawk & clucks and cock’s crows. They are the noisiest of all members of the house. They scratch while dropping on the swept mud floor driving Madame the owner, crazy. She never stops saying n’i-ket (ንዒ-ከት = go-away, a specific call for a chicken) to chase them.

Apparently, there is no Doyenne of diplomats in Asmara to stop the clucks and crows through diplomatic n’i-ket. After all it is said that the perched diplomat has not been officially received and photo accredited. In addition, the Doyenne of diplomats is probably a non-resident as most diplomats to Eritrea are, putting in question the strength of Diplomatic Corps in Eritrea. Therefore, only the concerned themselves can bring an end to the open-mouth undiplomatic henpeckery.

The henpeckery was most likely not a voluntary bad habit from the foreign Pecker’s side. A diplomat doesn’t open his mouth in public unless he is prevented from speaking or the listener shuts his ears. Once provoked, however, right or wrong, the American eagle that landed in Eritrea turned into an Egyptian vulture (Neophron percnopterus), picks available pebbles and hits the eardrum of the deliberately deaf, like it does to crack an egg. The issue of the deaf-eared endogenous pecker appears to be the proverbial Guerilla or Rebel state-boredom. Guerillas like Gorillas are wild and extremely reserved. They don’t rebel without a reason to begin with. They do because something was taken from them. Until that missing thing is given back by the taker or before snatching it themselves, they stay in their position, and they rarely resort to classical diplomacy. Reclusion is their haven.

In Eritrea, we have our Eritrean Rebels who got what they rightly fought-for for 30 years. But at the end, they did not get fully what they expected from the most powerful nation on earth, America! Because of this, their fight continues in order to fulfill this expectation. On the way they remained an overhardened Guerilla with only a state to control and in diplomatic limbo because of the non-engaging Guerilla diplomacy. In the weird relationship between Eritrea and America, from ordinary observer point of view, what is missing appears to be a mystery to America and so obvious to Eritrea (why does the almighty hate Eritrea this much!). The confusion is comparable to the Ethio-Eritrean no-war no-peace situation. Was it about Badme? No and yes, depends on who and when you ask. And at the beginning of the Eritreo-American row, there was the imprisonment of US-embassy staff (Eritreans) by Eritrea. Was it the cause of the persistent discord? No and yes, depends on who you listen to, if at all the subject is raised. Interesting to note that this subject appears to be the only one kept in the valise diplomatic, while other contents appear to have been tossed in public these days by both proponents.

In this diplomatic quagmire, it appears Eritrea and the US have fundamentals one expects the other to act on. America says, it is for individual freedom and justice and for democracy. Eritrea says, it is about regional and continental freedom and continental justice. Everything else comes after. Our Guerillas freed Eritrea, why not free the continent from the American multifaceted umbra with their penumbra! The Eritrean side was openly heard pointing into that direction following the visit of American envoy to the region. Eritrea doesn’t want to remain a penumbra around the shade of a neighbor’s American umbra. Unfortunately, Eritrea’s expectation is much more than what America would even consider entertaining. Eritrea dares to bring demands on the American domaine-réservé in the conduct of its African affaires. Eritrea also defies the American expectation that everyone understands, “America demands – country obeys”. America’s is not a country; it is more than that. Its power and world standing oblige! The contrast between the two can be exemplified by a mouse asking to a Mastodon a large share of the forest above ground.

But for God’s sake, Eritrea is not a mouse! It is a Camel. You can argue it is a miniature Camel. But what matters is, it is as resistant and as unforgetting as the actual Camel. And Eritrea is unforgetting and unforgiving on the American choices in Africa in general and our region.

Astoundingly enough, and as expressed on various occasions by President Isaias Afewerki and different American politicians & diplomats (his excellency Dr Tibor Nagy’s recently), there is one point that both Eritrea and US are in perfect concord, and that is ” the stability and integrity of Ethiopia”. It appears Eritrea assured its independence to tie tight the Ethiopian Burlap remaining the empty top fluff itself.

The concern on maintaining unity of Ethiopia became both countries primary interest in the region. Both started working for this since 1991 through TPLF, the then new Patron of Ethiopia. The divergence between Eritrea and US escalated following the disagreement, fault and conflict between Eritrea’s EPLF and Tigray’s TPLF. We can also ask on whether the war started due to the divergent view of the US and Eritrea in maintaining regional peace following the apparent pacification of Ethiopia. Let’s leave this to history. Anyway, the squabbles exposed an already existing or a newly developed strategy of each. America chose stability of Ethiopia through TPLF. Eritrea although it started doing the same, shifted to stability without-TPLF. The TPLF side is not a bystander or stranger to the sudden change as it was advocating for the elimination of EPLF, its Eritrean nemesis, not to say its father. Patricide was TPLF’s ordre du jour while insisting it was self-conceived.

Back to the mask-less American facebooker in Eritrea. He is not only over the granary facing the Eritrean tweeterer, but also travels like a Camel throughout Eritrea. We have seen the Facebook’s book filled with photos of Maryam D’arit, the historic Massawa Mosque, the Shiro, the teff field, the Elephants, the sea and e-t-c. Who knows tomorrow he might post from the historical Nakfa trenches! This American Facebook travels à l’Addison Southard. Southard, the first American in the early 1900s to roam Eritrea with a notebook like no one did except the Italians, studying and registering every production and imports of the then Italian colony, a colony he described as endowed with a top-quality port (Massawa) that existed between Port-Sudan and Mombasa. Let’s hope the Facebook armed modern traveller will also end with a book like this American early diplomat who tirelessly went to all places in Eritrea as well as Abyssinia of the 1915 to 1930s. Southard expressed satisfaction and hope on the potential of Eritrean market for American goods and American imports from Eritrea while finally concluding the highest market for Eritrea was Abyssinia and especially northern half of Abyssinia. Therefore, it is not at all a coincidence that the Facebook that replaced Addison’s notebook is facing south while stationed in Eritrea.

Our Guerilla tweeterer also visits Eritrea, but virtually and sometimes sends photos. His recent photo of an Ostrich with a bunch of cutie chicks was a chef-d’œuvre in photography. He doesn’t need to rediscover every place in Eritrea to outdo the facebooker. He was there for several years in the bush. We can imagine him chuckling at the facebooker’s discoveries. Now 30 years sitting in the capital, he has been sending the young every year to the bush to get the practical instruction he acquired during the struggle. The young weren’t against the idea, but don’t like it because of the expectation to stay in the bush for the same decades as our Guerillas did.

So where is the COVID-resistant mask-less granary henpeckery leading us to? Nobody can say. No one knows whether it ends in opening the ears and official gates of the palace for photo-opp & accreditation, Godana Harnet face to face over macchiato ‘amical’ confrontation or something completely out of our imagination. Nobody knows. Hopefully, it will be in as peaceful as possible ending & alleviating the suffering of the ordinary Eritreans.

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  • Amanuel Hidrat

    Selam Awatistas,

    Facebook has closed the account of the Trumpian pathological lair, Abiy Ahmed. Good riddance from the public forum. Besides, Abiy’s regime has continued his genocidal act of inhumanity. Tigrians are being herded into buses from Addis to unknown concentration camps, as part of his emergency decree that is ratified by his rubber stamp parliament. TDF must speed up its push to Addis to save these innocent Tigrians.


    • haileTG

      Selam Aman H,

      Yes, it is a step in the right direction. PMAA and IA are cowards, torture of women and children makes them feel strong. Twitter and other platforms should follow. The childish PMAA should only be allowed to tiktok.

      • Aman Y.

        Selam HTG
        What do you think of the investigation report. It sounded you are disappointed, Reading the first 5 pages, I find it to be qualitatively plausible. Remember, this is East Africa, the property of the like of evil Isayas.

        • haileTG

          Merhaba Aman Y,

          No disrespect for those who spent their time to write it but the investigation is structured to support political outcomes that was anticipated back when when TDF was still in Tigray and out of Mekelle. The investigation should have been impartial but it included a back door for PMAA by partnering with his allies. Why not then include Tigrayan HR activists too? It also failed to do on-site investigations because the allegations are more serious. So, overall I felt that it was a big waste of time because it lacks structural impartiality and works more for political end, may be to whitewash the intervention of more influential regional forces such as UAE.

          I agree the neighborhood is filled with evil strong men and hence justice should be served in a manner feasible for such areas, chasing PMAA away and calling it a day:)

          • Aman Y.

            I am with you, except it’s importance as a point of reference for TDF, if there be any rebuttal. Of course, there will be.


      • Abi

        ኃይልሽ አርከይ
        ምነው ያለወትሮህ በስጨትጨት አልክብኝ?
        ዘንድሮ ትዕግስትህ እንደ ጦርህ ሳስቷል::
        በል እንዳመጣመጣኸው ተወጣው!

      • Amanuel Hidrat

        Selam Hailat-TG,

        When the cowardice forces of evils lose in the war front, they go after civilians. Hence we are watching the plight of Tigrian civilians. Unfortunately, Abiy will escape without facing justice like his predecessor MH. The empire slowly but surely will disintegrate. Today the president of the Somali kilil hinted about secession of his kilil and refuse to send army against TDF. Besides, the Oromia special police and special forces are defecting and are joining the file and rank of OLA. TDF has repeated history of victory of 1991, though their goal will be different than it.


        • Kaddis

          Selam Gash Aman,
          Abi delegitimised and tricked every group that agreed to work with him. Ezema, EPRDF parties ( except TPLF), ABN, Muslim protesters ( dimtsachen yisema ) the DC gibrehail, Orthodox DC branch etc…Including Mustefe. He was or sounded a true federalist, well spoken, well writing diaspora activist. Now, he is a regional despot who run after regional parliamentarians up to Addis and who tries cheap tricks on other somali oppositions like ONLF like his boss Abi. Joining a unitary party PP is a no go for Somalis. Either Mustefe nor r shimelis dont have the political and structural capacity to declare cessassions.
          Ethiopia’s risk of disintegration comes from proliferation of violence, war, lawlessness, displacement, armed non-state actors crushing the regional states, Addis losing control of its surrounding and melting out of the economy.

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Selam Kaddis,

            Thank you for the scoop as usual. You are a good reader of events as they evolve and devolve the Ethiopian politics and the actors that could influence in the game of politics. Tell me, what is the prospect of this crises after TDF/OLA enter the capital city?


          • Kaddis

            Selam Gash Aman –

            Its very unpredictable this time because the war that we fought for a year is out of this world cruel. Expecting TDF to act the way woyane did in 91 or Shabia or the Oromo forces to act the same as before would be naive.
            The war is very inhumane, premeditated to break the fabric of the nation, the army and any hope of proper restitution. What happened in tigray by foreign forces of Eritrea can not be reconciled by just entering Addis. In other way – Tigray may decide to no more sacrifice to save Addis but to punish the inconsiderate and deceiving Amharic urban class. The same with Oromo. You can’t blame them. I dont think the care that we were privileged by the past armed groups will not be there.
            And you can’t point a blame to anyone but ourselves.
            I will come back to you with more scenarios that I see a 25 – 40% chance of negotiated settlement. Or I wish

    • Brhan

      Hello Professor Amanuel,
      Abi (Noble laureate) has not respected FaceBook guidelines!

    • Abi

      Selam Ato Amanuel
      I have been telling the Tigrayans who temporarily reside in Addis and everywhere else to pack their ቅራቅንቦ and get the hell out of Ethiopia.
      ጆሯቸው እንደ ልባቸው ስለተደፈነ አይሰሙም:: እነዚህን አሳሞች ሰብስቦ ማባረር የግድ ይላል::

  • Brhan

    Hello Awate forum participants and visitors:

    Ethiopia’s escalating conflict and allegations of war crimes
    As a nationwide state of emergency is declared, what can be done to de-escalate tensions on both sides?

    The nutshell of this episode :
    The Ethiopian interviewee: for negotiations
    The Tigrayan interviewee no negotiations
    The foreigner interviewee: I do not see there will be no negotiations

  • woldu hadgu

    Dear Awate Citizens and Visitors:

    What a YEAR it was!!

    If you are like me, the year consumed me literally. I was overwhelmed with anger, sadness, anguish, despair, anxiety and I don’t know how I survived. But I survived by the Grace of God. And in a very hopeful condition!

    There are some important things I learned
    – It is impossible to fathom and know why a person embraces evil and acts evil. But anyone knows the desolation that evil person and evil acts leave behind .
    – When Good and evil go to war, Good wins
    – Evil is identified by its self- destruction; Good is magnified by its rejuvenation and new birth

    The victory of the People of Tigray is not only they GUARANTEED their survival; their safety; their identity and their humanity but also they minimized/eliminated huge potential infections by evil to many. Had they failed, can you guess how many people would have dipped they hand in the blood of the innocents? If in their brief stay the evils inflicted unheard of savagery imagine they succeeded and stayed longer?

    Yes it was very costly endeavor for Tgaru but their FUTURE is ASSURED. They will reap marvelous and lasting Harvest. This is the prize given to the Good and Just.

    Look at the prize of evil: “those who sow wind, harvest whirlwind”

    To all those who stand on the side of Good and Just: this is precisely the time to help the people of Tigray in their RENEWAL with any means possible, materially , spiritually or any other good means.

    Dear webmaster: I beseech you to repost Aklilu Zere’s “Time Traps History in a Lie” The more I read it the more relevant it is in our current situation.

    • iSem

      Hi WH:
      I agree, the prize is heavy but I hope they do something good out of this misery.
      Now they have aborted their extermination in its tracks, time of reflection and correct their mistakes (TPLF) and make sure that such danger does not come back to the ppl of Tigray
      I think, words are cheap to write more than this, I just say new year 2014 is good year, hope they repeat the winning streak and cement their victory.
      2014 is good year

    • Amanuel Hidrat

      Selam WH,

      Good reflection and to the point. I second your request to the publisher to repost Allilu’s article. Actually, When I listened Abiy’s speech to his cabinet and few MPs two days ago, of full of lies, I recall to the same author and his article, and revisited to make sense out of it in relation how history is evolved in the era of outrageous lies.


  • Brhan

    Hello all
    OLF says the entry of its forces and TDF to Addis Ababa is in a matter of a few weeks and not months. Mean while Abi blamed OLF and TDF for destroying the country. ” We will bury them by our flesh and bones and we will raise the glory of Ethiopia again” AJ Arabic November 03, 2021
    OLF is in Kemise says Ethio 360. The two main towns between AA and Kemise are Shoa Robit and Debrebrhan.

    • iSem

      Hi Brhan:
      I will posthumously respect pastor Abiy if he stays and shoots himself like Tedros.
      Until then it is all hot air. And if AA taken and this will be the second happiest time for me, first being the libation of Eritrea (Not may 24 of course), but a date in the future when the land and people are liberated, when the oppressor, whether they speak Amharic or Tigrayit or Tigriniya are weeded out

    • Desbele

      Selam Brhan ,
      Facebook has deleted Abiy’s post for its incitement and violence message.
      I cant wait to see Finfinee under its rightful owners (the Oromo) and the statue of Minilik dismantled.

      • NewDawn

        Selam Desbele, why does that matter to you? you seem rather passion about it. oromo dikha?

        • Desbele

          Akkam oolte NewDawn,
          A simple why question would have earned you an answer.
          Nagaatti Buli

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Selam Desbele,

            You know Oromia? God bless you. On the statue of Minelik: I prefer to remove it and be placed in a national museum as an artifact of history.


          • Meba

            Dear Amanuel H.
            You are a very brave person who doesn’t hide your hatred for a united Ethiopia! But I didn’t know you are also one of those who are jealous of a person who died more than a hundred years ago! Menelik is the pride of all blacks (except those who worship the whites as a superior race!) His story will be told for generations to come. The statue of Menelik will be erected on Menelik Road, London England and Menelik Road, Nairobi Kenya and in a number of other countries who named their buildings, villages in honor of his name. Yes, you can also buy Menelik Perfumes… I am not Amhara, but I’m proud of Ethiopia and it’s rich history.

          • Kaddis

            Hi Desbelle –
            As much as I wish to see Abi is hunted down in Finfine – I still wish negotiation starts, let the oromo political and military actors form consensus ( there could be violent fragmentation ) the same with Amhara ( the special force, vigilantes, militias ) neutralised and formalised etc. Tigray forces and OLA /OLF/OFC has to take some time to strategize …that will not be easy without a break from the rapid war. Adding Isias, Abi’s hateful mobilisation, UAE etc into the mix ….its scary

          • Saleh Johar

            Could you give us a brief of the military and political situation South of Addis? I want to know the position of the Sidama region and the tens of minorities around there. Don’t worry about the central and north, it’s 10 megabyte for a cent 🙂

          • Kaddis

            Selam Gash Saleh
            Yeah the north and central ( including oromia ) – the three power bases need to figure out how to live in peace. The minorities in the south are really minority – the best they can do is swing between the three that is closer to 4killo. Sidama included. Sidama just became a regional state and have to deal with another two regions formation ( the rest of the southern region splited into West Southern and South region ), capital cities are not even announced yet. Wolaita still pushes for state status etc…All this functioning under a unitary party, PP. PP is not equipped to lead a federal government. Its a shadow party of Ezema, qinijit etc…who were waiting to change the constitution from within.
            Unfortunately – some of the southern minorities live with so many people with little land – so they supply a lot of soldiers ( without political leverage). In general – the whole of the Southern nation’s (30 million maybe) doesn’t have the political weight of the Somali region( 7 million)
            Ethiopia remains dominated by the Tigray, Amharic ( plus urban) and Oromo interests. Abi had a chance in 2018 to form a workable coalition but his mom messed up his future inciting him to be neguse negest. He thought its easy to eliminate his tigray and oromo rivals using the mercenary Isias. Apparently its not. Hope I got your question

      • Brhan

        Selam Desbele,
        Where is Agengheu Teshager? I think he did it like Tedros.

        • Amanuel Hidrat

          Selam Brhan,

          After the formation of the new cabinets, I think he was assigned by Abiy to be the president of the rubber stamp parliament.

          • Brhan

            Selam Prof. Amanuel,
            The UN report was rejected by Tigray regional gov’t. The Eritrean dictator also did the same. Abi accepted it. But no news from the Amhara region. Agengehu was its leader when the war broke last November.

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Selam Haw Brhan,

            The report is null and void for two reasons:

            (a) while the war is active and there is no access to all the affected areas, they can not have a complete report of the crimes committed. Period.

            (b) The investigation must be conducted by an independent body outside of the warring parties. The Ethiopian government’s humanitarian org should not be part of investigating body where the government is the culprit of the egregious crime of Inhumanity.


  • haileTG

    Selamat Awatista,

    As Brahan shared, the UN has released a “report” of its so called “investigation” on atrocity in Tigray. Unfortunately, the UN started this “investigation” believing that PMAA would be someone the would work with. So, the did all their dirty did to sell out the people of Tigray. Hopefully, a new investigation would be carried out impartially.

    • Abi

      በገዛ ሜዳህ ነጥብ ጣልክ!
      የወረወርከው ድንጋይ ተመልሶ ጭንቅላትህን ደረመሰው!!

      “ተንጋለው ቢተፉ ተመልሶ በአፉ”
      ሆነ ነገሩ

      ተዋሪድና ጥራይልካ!!

  • Brhan

    Hello Awatistas,

    Ethiopia’s war marked by ‘extreme brutality’ from all sides: UN

    UN probe finds evidence of brutal violence that may amount to crimes against humanity, including gang rape by all combatants.
    UN human rights office with the government-created Ethiopian Human Rights Commission (EHRC),
    The majority of the violations documented between November 2020 and June “appear to have been committed by Ethiopian and Eritrean forces.” The UN has since seen an increase in the number of reports of abuses by Tigrayan forces, as well as by Ethiopian and Eritrean forces.
    AJ English 3 Nov 2021

    • Aman Y.

      Hello Brhan
      Dr. Daniel Bekele(EHRC) appears to be, luckly, galavanized by the UN human rights. He has been relatively consistent on his partiality. I do not know what the Tigrayan think of him, I have not heard any from the leaders. He was imprisoned by TPLF for years and made to leave the country. He was imprisoned with Birtukan M.(Elections Commissioner), for he was her Lawyer then. It is said, they were offer to be released, if they requested for pardon. she did. He refused and stayed in prison for many more years. He had some international awards. He worked as Executive director Africa desk for Human Wrights Watch and later as a high advisor for Amnesty International. When Ably offered him the new job, he made sure and have him promise not to meddle. A remarkable man!

  • iSem

    Hi All:
    Hermela Aregawi is partnering with one of the Hitler Youth— the medical researcher from Seattle: an Eritrean Simon Keleta Tesfamariam Mezengie. No surprise there, PFDJites even had partnered with G7, an Amhara group that does not believe in Eritrean sovereignty Simon, a Seattle born American-Eritrean is part of the campaign of disinformation.
    People like Simon and Sirak in Europe, Philmon and Rahel (two individual who debated Saleh G and the lady of the Commission of Inquiry on Eritrea) are the educated face of the dysfunctional YPFDJ who by using the freedoms bestowed upon them by their host countries are supporters of repression, human trafficking and now genocide.
    It is infuriating when you see people like Simon, and Sirak, who know better but chose to support the killing Fields of Eritrea, Pol Pot of Eritrea against their own people, and it is all the more reason to support the people of Tigray. even if the Tigray people have their own psychopaths like LeGacy who want to put PFDJ and the rest of us in one bag We ar not doing it for psychopaths.
    I thought Abiy AA called for people to fight against TPLF but I just read that he is calling for people to defend their neighborhoods, effectively vigilante kind of fight. Desperate. Dangerous. He does not even have class to call for peace talk. TDF will not accept but at least face saving
    Ethiopians have been duped with this insane person, I hope the people do not heed his calls and just demonstrate for peace to avoid more blood shed, I think Abiy is counting on mayhem.
    Now, the ball is on those around him to basically arrest him to save ethnic infight and determine their face. But I think the cherished dream of Oromia its time may have arrived

    • Berhe Y

      Hi iSem,

      I think you are losing your common sense and your freedom to be free and independent thinker. In the process you are losing your humanity.

      On one hand you are advocating for peace and justice and on the other hand you advocating for war and revenge.

      I would not call leGacy a psychopath but a true and honest TPLF representative which should give you a hint in what awaits us my friend.

      You can blame all that follows on PFDJ and IA but why not at least try to prevent it from happening?

      • iSem

        Hi BY:
        Can you point to where in this comment I said revenge. or the arrest Abiy and try him is revenge to you. I am not Jesus and even Jesus said, every sin is punished, no sin goes unpunished. If you want to be saint, let me point out to you that David was called by God like my heart but he was punished for his deeds. the blood he spilled was a curse on his family and his daughter Tamar was r**ped by her brother. But I digress cus you digressed
        Where is the revenge, I called for
        You are obsessed with TPLF, but TPLF defended their ppl with veracity, when PFDJ and EDF defend their ppl like that I will have some respect for them.
        leGacy is what I describe, he would not explain ” We have no luxury to differentiate between you and PFDJ”, I asked him who is “YOU”, the person he was engaging or the Eritrean people, he would not clarify. But standing with the ppl of Tigray is not for him and if war starts between Eritrea under PFDJ and TDF, I will blame PFDJ, the same way I blamed PFDJ for the deportation of Eritreans in 1998. We discussed that. PFDJ does not server Eritrea, EDF is not serving Eritreans. Simple logic
        It is disturbing to see EDF collaborating with ENDF, they are saying because Ethiop invited them, that is baloney and you are buying. If it not in the interest of your people and you are invited, you can decline the invitation.
        I repeat: the immediate, existential threat to Eritrea is PFDJ, not TPLF, this may change and TPLF can be a threat, so far it is not. I am not going to give EDF a slack just because, is made up of Eritreans.
        Now am just waiting for the picolo in AA to get eradicated

    • leGacY

      HI iSem,
      Take a deep breath .

  • Brhan

    Hello Awate Forum participants and visitors,

    Wrap up of the day events south of the border:

    1. Ethiopian MPs will ratify FDRE state of emergency within 24 hours

    2. According to Hasen Rezak, AJ, correspondent in the Ethiopian capital, the emergency will continue at least for half of a month.

    3. Abraham Belay, the minister of defense ( a Tigrayan), will lead the state of the emergency committee, and Abi will supervise it.

    4. The state of emergency will allow the gov’t to arrest and search without a court order.

    5. Abi said the goal of the state of the emergency announcement is to shorten the crisis and find a solution.

    6. Out of 10 Kilils, only 4 called their residents to stand up and fight against TDF. ( I can guess Amhara, Oromia out of the 4).

    7. The last state of emergency in Ethiopia that lasted six months started in February 2018.

    8. Getachew Reda said TDF and allies will establish a transitional government after the defeat of Abi.
    ” After the fall of Abi, temporary arrangements will be taken,” said GR ” There will be a need for national dialogue, but Abi and his partners will not participate in it.”
    ብሔራዊ ውይይት ሲቀነስ ኣቢ. Maths is famous south of the border. ( note that TDF’s demand is now changed from ending the siege).

    9. The US embassy in Addis Ababa is asking US citizens to reconsider travel to Ethiopia seriously, and those currently in Ethiopia consider preparing to leave the country.

    10. Last but not least, the US warned TDF from going to Adiss Ababa instead agree to talks.

    That was my reading and translating to AJ-Arabic News that was broadcasted on November 02, 2021, 11:00 PM Mecca – Saudi Arabia time

  • Aman Y.

    Selam All,
    This to serve explain my corespondences with Berhe Y. His holessness, MJ …

    The unfortunate war in Tigray, has illuminated a more distinctive segmentation among the Eritrean in Diaspora. A segment of the group supports an alliance with TDF (Tigray Difffence Force), states Esayas is endangering our sovereignty, and the genocidal abuse of Abiy and Isayas ,while the other group argues otherwise. The second group believes better to wait passively, change should come from inside, an alliance with TDF would be more dangerous to our territorial sovereignty, and also argues a violent foreign alliance would lead to brotherly collisions and an advantage for TPLF’s vendetta to compromise our sovereignty.
    The main differentiating factor of the above Eritrean political groups is the divide, on their interpretation and understanding and prioritization of state sovereignty versus popular sovereignty. Explaining sovereignty could take volumes, if, for example, deconstruction or hermeneutics philosophical approaches of interpretation of the word. However in this case a simple example would consist of looking up a given word in a dictionary, then proceeding to look up the words found in that word’s definition, etc. Wikipedia reference, I believe would suffice to do the job. “Sovereignty, though its meanings have varied across history, also has a core meaning, supreme authority within a territory. It is a modern notion of political authority. Historical variants can be understood along three dimensions — the holder of sovereignty, the absoluteness of sovereignty, and the internal and external dimensions of sovereignty.

    “A sovereign state is a political entity that is represented by one centralized government that has sovereignty over a geographic area (territory), and, the state of making laws and controlling resources without the coercion of other nations. Therefore, the lame concern of those who value the land, Eritrea, over the people and the red sea coast over the red blood and the sweat of young Eritreans on the deserts of Mahmiment to Rahhayt and to Marsa Teklay toHalibet, Badme,…and now Tigray?

    These demented who do not know except pretentiously bogus ill-concern lamenting for for Eritrean land sovereignty, while you betrayed your comrades in the hell of Eira Eiro, you the young who have been to the slavery of Sawa and saw all the bloody wars. And all the NNN’s (ንሱ ንሕና ንሕና ንሱ), the one who forgot your loved ones and yoked with the evil. “Where is your brother?” May God help you save yourself from yourself, especially the God believers, the 98%. And for the greedy silence majority,

    P.S. TPLF has been one of the victims of evil genius Isayas through out their life.

    • Berhe Y

      Selam Aman Y.,

      I read your first paragraph and I thought this was interesting. Then I read your second paragraph, ok go on.

      Then I lost you in the third paragraph. Before I make assumptions, since you mentioned my name, is what you wrote in your third paragraph in anyway directed at me, before I can reply to what you said?

      • Aman Y.

        Selam Behe Y.

        It is an excerpt of a document, for Eritreans at large. I am collaborating with some justice seeker. We are setting an integrative organization to help bring the justice seekers together. God willing it will published on the weekend. The name the multi-partisan and neutral council, National Integrative Council for Eritreans (NICE). Any who would to collaborate, input or share their wisdom are welcome editing. I am hopping SGH will be kind enough, to share my info.


        • Berhe Y

          Hi Aman,

          Thank you for clarifying. Don’t you think you are passing a judgment about the motive of the second group when you state their reason without even knowing what their reason is I the first place.

          These demented who do not know except pretentiously bogus ill-concern lamenting for for Eritrean land sovereignty, while you betrayed your comrades in the hell of Eira Eiro, you the young who have been to the slavery of Sawa and saw all the bloody wars. And all the NNN’s (ንሱ ንሕና ንሕና ንሱ), the one who forgot your loved ones and yoked with the evil. “Where is your brother?” May God help you save yourself from yourself, especially the God believers, the 98%. And for the greedy silence majority,


          Who said the land or sea is more important than the blood of their fellow human being? Why do you think it’s not possible to fight injustice at the same time fighting for sovereignty of our country at the same time.

          Do you actuality think people who are unable of getting their own freedom by themselves really deserve freedom provided to them by blood and sweat of others?

          • Aman Y.

            Selam Berhe

            It is an attempt the whole spectrum, I am not judging a person but the attitude. Are you telling me the each category doesn’t represent some citizens?

            I did get your second question? But you are welcome to input and suggest
            An edit.

            P.S. I think one has to have an negotiable stand for. Would abandon betray your loved ones for a villa?

  • Brhan

    Hi Awatistas,

    Five Eritrean women’s U20 players go missing in Uganda

    Five Eritrean footballers from the women’s Under-20 national team have gone missing during a regional tournament in Uganda. The players disappeared from their hotel in Jinja on Tuesday morning…BBC ENGLISH – AFRICA 02-NOVEMBER-2021

    This is Eritrean civic disobedience. In the Sudan, it is in the streets, in Ethiopia it is in the battle fields. All are expressing their disobedience to the tyrants.