Is Eritrea’s Economy Vibrant?

Gerghis Drar’s is an Eritrean who presents basic financial tutorials—stock market, retail consumer financing, investments, debts, and politics. That caught

Reverse Season on Migration

Dilemma: do we welcome those who abandon the PFDJ, forgetting the pain they inflicted on us because we dared to

The Shirt-Color Rivalry

Eritrea is the home of diverse social groups, a country built on an idea. And the citizens are content on

Negarit 273: Citizenship and Identity Chaos

The most disturbing debate many uninformed disrupters were engaged in was on the difference between identity or citizenship and which

Will they die or be martyred?

Listening or reading Negarit requires patience, please bring some additional patience from your storage. If you are short-tempered, with little

Yemane Gebreab And Associates

anyone who sneaked out can sneak in I do not know much about soccer, but I gather most Eritreans support

Is PFDJ Honest or It’s a Gimmick?

“Farmers work the land; Merchants trade in the market (freely).” That profound saying is attributed to the first proclamation the

Alemseghed Makes a Pilgrimage to Keren

comments on a speech Alemseged made in Keren.

Music That Resides In Our Memories

The basic translation of the lyrics in the video…  The land of goodness, Africa is my country The land of

Bluebeard and Muawiya’s Hair

In 4th or 5th grade, we learned from an English textbook, an Oxford English series, or something like that. The

Negarit 235: Consulting The Mirror

Philosophy is crucial for understanding life and nature, creation, and death. It also helps us find answers to questions we

Negarit 230: Campaigns of Brigades

Whenever there’s something on the news, writers are pressured to comment on it. However, I do not comment instantaneously without

Negarit 229: Peaceful Coexistence

Quite a few people admonished me for not having a face-to-face debate with a man nick named “Aweqe.” I do

Negarit 228: The Shameless and Insolent

Some ex-Eritrean elements (according to their own declaration) think the Eritrean society is on a deathbed and on its last

Negarit 225: Remembering The Unforgotten

What does it mean to remember a martyr when their images haunt us day in and day out? Do we

Negarit 224: Enough and Not-Enough

Every time I attend an event, I report to my audience about the event and my general observation-I hope you

Civil and Military (Negarit 223)

The most serious social problem in many countries, including the Horn of Africa, is that the nations are so militarized.

Donkey-Kick Diplomacy

Isaias started his latest speech on the occasion of the 32nd Anniversary of the  Independence of Eritrea as follows: “allow

China’s Great Wall, Eritrea’s Fence Wall

Last Saturday, Isaias hastily met the Sudanese envoy Ambassador Daffalah, and soon left for China. Not many discussed that visit,

Independence Day Blues and Illegitimate Rulers

On the occasion of the approaching Eritrean Independence Day, I would like to suggest some meaningful activities. Eritreans have danced