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Dear Friends of Awate and Negarit When we launched the 2024 fundraising in January, we were (and still are) counting

Awate-Negarit Fundraising Drive 2024

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Announcement: restored is back alive. Since September 2023, was crippled due to unexpected internal logistical/technical issues. That was the longest

Eritrean Refugees in Ethiopia Brace for the Rainy Season

Eritrean refugees at Alemwach refugee camp in Gondar are bracing for another uncomfortable rainy season. Some of the camp’s residents

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

May the year 2023 be the best year for all of you and Negarit 2022 Fundraising Drive

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After operating at a minimum capacity for a while, is now back--after improving website security and renewed drive.’s Saleh Johar interviews Meles Zenawi (2008)

The following was first published in May 26, 2008. It’s the first ever interview with the late PM Meles Zenawi of Ethiopia

Happy Awate Day: September 1, 2021

Today is Awate Day. It is the day on which we remember our hero Hamid Idris Awate who on September

The Horn of Africa: From Unitarianism to Medemerism

Sifting through endless mazes of social media outlets to find a discourse that engages one’s intellectual faculty requires ample patience

The Lampedusa Tragedy: A Chronicle

[This was first published on October 2, 2014 @14:33] Tomorrow, Eritreans all over the world will observe a day of remembrance

PEN Eritrea Names 2020 Freedom of Expression Award Winner

(Sept. 18, 2020):’s founding editor, novelist, and activist, Saleh “Gadi” Johar has been named PEN Eritrea’s annual Freedom of Expression

Pandemic and Government Induced Oppression in Dankalia

The home of Eritrean Afar people, in the southern tip of Eritrea bordering the Red sea, Djibouti and Ethiopia, is

Happy Eid – ዒድ ሙባረክ – عيد مبارك

Launching the 2020 Awate Fundraising Drive

Dear Friends of awate, This is the most unpleasant time for us because we have to announce the launch of

Two Pictures of a Man Five Years Apart

The above is a composite image, part of which appeared with an editorial by the Awate Team in 2014 while

Last Appeal: 2019 Fundraising Campaign

Dear Friends, Thank you for your support, but here we are making our last appeal for 2019. This time, the campaign, though

(2005 Archives) Eritrea: The Land, The People

The following, with a link to the actual data, was first published in April 28, 2005 Explore Eritrea: The Land,

Correcting the Focus of Eritrea Focus

An “Open Letter” by Mr.  Habte Hagos of Focus Eritrea was sent to to express his disagreement with our

EU, UN, US: 10-15 Million Ethiopians Need Food Assistance

After reeling in from the 2015-2016 catastrophic drought, the worst in 50 years according to USAID [1], that depleted food