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Dear Friends of Awate and Negarit

When we launched the 2024 fundraising in January, we were (and still are) counting on the thousands of fans, friends and colleagues to chip in. Fundraising is the most difficult part of the tasks.

So far, only 41 donators have responded; the ratio of those who responded compared to the fans and friends and colleagues is very low. We are grateful for the few who always been there and we hope the rest of our dear friends understand that it’s difficult to continue operating without your support. We hope your encouragement and goodwill would be translated into action. That would help us achieve our target very soon. Please note our appeal for support is to cover only the basic operational expenses.

Below is the list of donors up to May 30, 2024 and the donated amount.

Donations January – May 2024

GoFundMe:                 31 persons
Bank Transfer:              4 persons
PayPal:                            2 persons
Others:                            4 Persons

All donation channels
I. GoFundMe:        $4460 ($0.30 +2.9% fee)
II.PAYPAL                $  620.00 (-$28.21 fee)
III. Bank Transfer   $  500.00

Net Donations
GoFundMe                $4330.66
Bank transfer            $  500.00
PAYPAL                       $  591.79
Total.                           $5450.00

2024 BUDGET             $14,000.00
COLLECTED                 $05,422.25
(-BALANCE)                  ($08,677.55)

Contribution addresses and account details:

  1. Credit and Debit Cards: Below the “Support” icon on the front page, there is a form through which you can make your donation.
  2. PayPal: Click the orange PayPal icon or go to PayPal and search for to contribute. Your contributions will appear on your bank statement as “PayPal*”
  3. Bank Transfer:
    Account Name:
    Bank: Bank of America,
    Account #: 29570 76732
    Swift ID: BOFAUS3N
  4. GoFUNDME link:
  5. Other methods of payments: please contact us on social media



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