The Media is like a midwife: EriSat as an Exhibit

Gambling is risky—sometimes lucky—and “the winner takes it all” is the title of the ABBA song. No one knows the

Will they make peace?

Culturally, Abyssinia still clings to its archaic, arguably primitive, mindset. Attempts at modernization have not yielded the needed results. From

Book Review: An African Revolution Reclaimed

Book Reviewer: Semere T HabtemariamTittle: An African Revolution Reclaimed: A Memoir of Eritrean Freedom Fighter Mesfin Hagos Author(s): Mesfin Hagos

Critical Thinking and Critical Dialogue in A Plural Society like Eritrea

Critical Thinking and Critical Dialogue in A Plural Society like Eritrea Call it serendipity or call it a delightful coincidence,

The PFDJ’s Graduation Ceremonies

The PFDJ regularly announced the graduation of doctors, nurses, and pharmacists and general medicine. It also announces the graduation of

PFDJ Members Also Betrayed By the Eritrean Regime

This is an Account presented through the Story of Gebremeskel Tekle. “A profound chaos descended on our lives in the and Negarit 2022 Fundraising Drive

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A Call To Help Awate and Negarit

Dear Friends and supporters of Awate-com and Negarit, Since its inception on September 1, 2000, has been serving you

Ethiopians Still Talking About Talking

Since Abiy Ahmed took office as Ethiopia’s prime minister in 2018, the region is entangled in a civil war. So

Our Condolences to the Alem Meharenna Family

Our deepest condolences to the bereaved Family of Ato Alem Meharenna, particularly to our longtime friend and colleague Tesfalidet Alem

Happy Eid Al Fitr

Happy Eid to all

Eritrea: “the Wisdom of Government in Exile”

[This post by HaileTG is brought to the Frontpage from the Awate Discussion Forum.] I understand where [the discussion is]

News and Information, Life and Property

My generation grew up consuming news. In Teashops, particularly in the morning, radios blasting, news bulletins from BBC Arabic, VoA,

A Book Review of “Desecrators of the Sacred Trust”

Review by Semere T Habtemariam Title: Desecrators of the Sacred Trust: The Apotheoses of Donald J. Trump and Isaias Afwerki,

Support – Report #2:

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A Glimpse at Gedli Boulevard, From the sidewalk

Exactly a year and a few weeks ago I wrote a draft article to post on Awate in the form

Tyranny: Slavery Of the 21st century

The last twenty-six years have been the most painful years for the Eritrean people. For more than two decades Eritreans

Ali Saleh Faced Muammer Gaddafi’s Fate

Two days after he disowned his Houthi allies in a television interview, and calling on Saudi Arabia to end its

To Nobody’s Surprise, Sanctions on Eritrea Renewed

(1) The Security Council voted to extend the mandate of the Monitoring Group on Somalia and Eritrea (SEMG) and to

Eritrea: Choosing Love, Hope Over Hate, Fear

The events at Aldia Islamic School, the address of its Chairman of the Board Mr. Mussa Mohammed Nur; his arrest