A Call To Help Awate and Negarit

Dear Friends and supporters of Awate-com and Negarit,

Since its inception on September 1, 2000, has been serving you consistently by providing information, analysis, and general educational content under the theme of Reconciliation. Throughout the journey, we depended on our personal resources and the little support we got from a few genuine supporters out of the thousands who benefit from the services we provide.

Three years ago, we added a Negarit, a YouTube channel to cater for our potential audience who cannot be reached through the English medium.

Unfortunately, our society has become so fragmented and so partisan, and mostly support is conditional. But we refuse to cater to the special interest of any other interests at the expense of the people. We have never sought institutional support for fear of being sucked in the quagmire of external funding for fear of losing focus. That is because we trusted our audience. WE repeatedly explained our basic financial needs to continue running our operation as we did for the last 22 years. However, though our budget is low, we have always been short on funds. And since the Covid pandemic hit, our financial situation got worse.

Last spring, we launched our fundraising drive with a goal of $14000 for 2022. To date, we have collected only $5,320. In less than three months, the year will end, and we will enter a new budget year. We appeal for your immediate support to collect the balance of about $8000.

We appeal to those of you who benefit from our services and support our mission. And we believe if all contributed, the budget (maybe more) could be achieved in a few days. The number of our friends and support base is in the thousands, yet we continuously go through such difficulties. It’s depressing at times, but we refuse to be depressed, and we will continue to do what we do best. However, the lack of support may affect our delivery and that is why we are appealing to you. Will you help us avoid that shortcoming?
We are here to Inform, Inspire, Embolden, and promote Reconciliation by. We stand for liberal democratic values, and we are not beholden to any interest group. Our only loyalty is to the Eritrean people, the people of our immediate neighborhood, and humanity at large. We know our limits and we will do what is whatever we can to make a positive contribution to help resolve the problems that are crippling the region with absolute objectivity.

We are counting and you to contribute whatever you can afford to help us achieve our 2022 budgets and avoid overloading our personal credit cards. In the last few years alone, we have a shortage of over $9,000. Please give generously for the worthy cause without delay. Also, please share this page with your friends and family circles to spread the word and make the drive successful.

You can make your donations through the links below:

1. Credit and Debit Cards: Below the “Support” icon on the Frontpage.

2. PAYPAL: Click the Orange PayPal icon of the Frontpage of to make your donations. Your contributions will appear on your bank statement as “PayPal*”.

3. Bank Transfer:
Account Name:
Bank: Bank of America,
Acc #: 29570 76732

4. GoFundMe:

5. Other Payments: Contact us for another alternative payment transfer methods.

We appreciate your contributions in advance.
Thank you, Awate Team


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