Book Review: An African Revolution Reclaimed

Book Reviewer: Semere T HabtemariamTittle: An African Revolution Reclaimed: A Memoir of Eritrean Freedom Fighter Mesfin Hagos Author(s): Mesfin Hagos

Eulogy in Honor of Adhanom Ghebremariam by Mesfin Hagos

(translated by Semere T Habtemariam) Mesfin Hagos entrusted me to read this eulogy at Adhanom’s funeral but for reasons that

A Book Review of “Desecrators of the Sacred Trust”

Review by Semere T Habtemariam Title: Desecrators of the Sacred Trust: The Apotheoses of Donald J. Trump and Isaias Afwerki,

“Made In Ethiopia”: Review by Semere T Habtermariam

Book Review By Semere Tesfamicael Habtemariam Title: Made In Ethiopia Author: Dr. Mohammed A Nurhussien (MD) Publisher: Red Sea Press

SmeTr Hamassien: Objective and Struggle

Book Review by Semere T Habtemariam Title: SmeTr Hamassien: Objective and Struggle (ስመጥር ሓማሴን፥ ዕላማን ተጋድሎን።) Author: Dr. Yebio Woldemariam

Book Review: Defiance In The Time Of Chaos And Existential Threat

Book Title: Defiance In The Time Of Chaos And Existential Threat Author: Bereket Habte Selassie Paperback: 264 pages Publisher: Authorhouse (18 July

A Book Review: The Hidden Party

Title:    The Hidden Party: A Narration of a Personal Experience with the EPLF Author: Colonel Tsegu Fessahaie Bahta Price:  


  BooK:                     Words that Govern and Other Essays in Law and Politics Author:                  Bereket Habte Selassie Price:                     $24.95 Pages:                   

Book Review: ELF: Its Struggle for Freedom and Social Justice 1961-1982

Authors: Dirar Mantai, Fessehaye Hagos and Ngusse Tsegai Title: Eritrean Liberation Front (ELF): Its Struggle for Freedom and Social Justice

Deliverance: A Tale of Colliding passions and the Muse of Forgiveness

Book Review Title: Deliverance: A Tale of Colliding passions and the Muse of Forgiveness Author: Dr. Bereket Habte Selassie Genre:

Review: Herui Tedla Bairu’s Book

Title: Eritrea and Ethiopia: A front row look at issues of conflict and the potential for a peaceful resolution. Author:

Kiros Yohannes Pays Tribute to Saleh Gadi

I was moved and elated to read Kiros Yohannes poem on Saleh Gadi; it is a fitting tribute. Kiros Yohannes

Remembering Abraham Ghebreghiorgis (MIT)

There is a famous quote attributed to Sigmund Freud that, “The voice of the intellect is a soft one, but

A Conversation with Mr. Mohamed Moussa Tourtour, Djibouti’s Presidential Candidate

Mr. Kidane Alemayehu, an Ethiopian and the Founder and former President of the Horn of Africa Peace and Development Center

EYSC’s Bologna Forum Recognizes Dr. Bereket Habteselassie

Oakland, California: On Saturday, August 30, 2015, the Eritrean Youth Solidarity for change’s (EYSC) Bologna Forum recognized Dr. Bereket Habteselassie

Paulos Natnael’s “The Fighter’s Letter”: A Book Review

Book Title: The Fighter’s Letter Author: Paulos Natnael Publisher: Red Sea Press & African World Press ISBN: 978-1-56902-410-2 (HB), 978-1-56902-411-9

The Opposition We Have, Not The Opposition We Wish To Have

This archived article by Semere T. Habtermariam first appeared on January, 2005. We are republishing it here to help reflect

Eritreans in Tri-State honor Swedish MP Arhe Hamednaca

In an unprecedented spirit of fraternity, a group of Eritreans from the Tri-state area, Pennsylvania and Delaware met to honor

Eritrean Tewahdo Church Excommunicates Two Persons

Introduction by the translator (Semere T Habtemariam): In the absence of civic associations, communitarian and religious organizations usually fill the

Andebrhan Welde Giorgis’ Book: A Commentary

Title: Eritrea At A Crossroads: A Narrative of Triumph, Betrayal and Hope Author: Andebrhan Welde Giorgis Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing