Are Muslims or Muslim Societies Prone to Violence?

I want to highlight three points in this article. First, I want to underscore the obvious fact that killing of

Is There a Silver Lining for Eritrea?

After living 25 plus years under a dictatorship, hope is one thing many Eritreans will find difficult to hang on

The Games Of Dictators

In this article, I want to elaborate on the theme I started with in my previous article, “Recognizing The Games

Recognizing The Games Dictators Play

Have you ever wondered why dictators loom so large in all our history books and why they are so often

Eritrea: The Fall of Dictatorship And Consolidation Of Democracy

I wrote my introductory remarks (Part 1 of this series) on this topic before reading Saleh Y’s latest piece. Saleh’s

Democratization And Transition: Introductory Remarks (Part 1)

The struggle for liberty and justice did not start on September 1, 1961. The date marks the beginning of the

There Are No Shortcuts To Struggle for Freedom!

In times of great distress (social, economic, or political), nations sprout two types of people: the panicky and the resolute.

Pondering Democracy

One of the most astonishing phenomena of recent history is the rapidity with which former communist countries forsook communism to

Eritrean conditions: Reflections On Independence Day

May 24, 1991.  Independence Day!  The memory may have faded but few will forget the joy they felt when they

Yosief’s Circular Journey In Search Of Ethiopia

 Yosief’s Circular Journey in search of Ethiopia: an identity Crisis or just plain mischief? When I suggested ignoring Yosief Ghebrehiwet

Operation Forto: A Prelude To A Final Showdown?

If you return to awate after a few weeks or even a few days it is hard to catch up

Ageism In Eritrean Politics: A Stereotype Gone Berserk?

Why? When that three-letter word is uttered (or rather blurted out) by my daughter, I sometimes wish the word never existed

Remembering September 1

If you think you know the history of Eritrea, here is a pop quiz: when did Eritrea’s armed struggle for

A Short-lived Democracy That Never Was

Two men surveyed the scene in Eritrea from afar. One saw (or thought he saw) a new era of freedom

Elites, Isaias, EPLF, And The Eritrean people

It is always better to look ahead than to look back; better to propose solutions than to lament the past

A Nation ready To Explode!

As I was passing by the brilliant young Eritrean who sells hotdogs near where I work, I noticed that he

On Christmas, Christianity And Islam: Basic Similarities And Differences

Tomorrow more than a billion Christians will be celebrating Christmas all over the world.  For Tewahdos, the big day falls

Eritrea: Peaceful Resistance Or Peaceful Surrender—The New Non-Violence Mantra

The term “non-violent” or “peaceful resistance” has a nice ring to it. It suggests that the person espousing it must

Reason And Faith: Are They Mutually Exclusive?

Since his debut back in May 25, Amanuel Sahle has enriched with several eloquent and highly readable articles.  In

A Critical Look At The EPLF/PFDJ/GOE Saga: A Half Century-10 Epic Drama

I want to begin with a series of congratulations… (skip 4 paragraphs to go directly to the topic) 1.  Congratulations