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The Games Of Dictators

In this article, I want to elaborate on the theme I started with in my previous article, “Recognizing The Games Dictators Play“. My objective in bringing the issue is not to stir up old controversies or to wallow in the past but because I truly believe the past is intruding on our thoughts in a destructive way today.  Though history is undoubtedly a great teacher,it is not our primary concern here except in so far as it encroaches upon the present. Nor are we interested in apportioning blame for its own sake – again – so long as their repercussions are not haunting us today.  In other words, we are concerned with the past or history to understand the present and the present to plan for the future.

If you find yourself unable to fathom people who continue to fantasize about reform despite repeated letdowns about elections, constitutions, rule of law, and a host of other broken promises for 24 long years, the answer lies in the past. Similarly, if you sometimes wonder at what drives some Eritreans to cling to idealized but unwarranted notions of EPLF so obsessively, you have to search for answers in the distant past.  In other words, the past lives on in a real sense guiding our thoughts and attitudes in the present and preventing us from reaching a consensus on broad strategies in the struggle against the regime. To that extent or in that sense, the past is very much relevant.

That is why one of the techniques of dictators I highlighted in my previous article is the power of propaganda and how EPLF/PFDJ excelled in it. Of course, shaebia did not invent propaganda nor is it the only entity in the world to practice it.  On the contrary, propaganda has become, for good or ill, the most ubiquitous phenomenon in the modern world that all nations including countries with stable democracies practice.

So, why should Eritrea (GOE) be deprived of it? Well, it shouldn’t and no one is suggesting it should but as we all know propaganda can be used for good or evil purposes. Some examples of good propaganda are those that seek to inform, to educate, and to warn of dangers while bad propaganda brainwashes, misleads, and forces conformity.  PFDJ/GOE’s propaganda is of the latter form. Moreover, propaganda in dictatorships like ours is quite different from those in democracies because in the latter, people have access to a variety of opposing views without suffering dire consequences.  So, one gets a mix of the good and the bad.

The goal of dictators, on the other hand, is to straightjacket the thinking of their people within carefully defined boundaries.  To this end, they subject their people to the same identical message day in and day out, harping on the same issues systematically and incessantly.  The public is constantly kept  charged so to speak with uplifting and impassioned rhetoric of dignity, nation, blood, martyrs etc… on the one hand and the dictatorship’s half truths on the other.  As a result, the lofty feeling of dignity and sublimity one experiences when thinking about nationalism, honor, and dignity become firmly associated with the regime and the latter starts to be seen as the source of such wonderful feeling.

Over time, this bastardization of nationalism with dictatorship causes people to lose their faculty of discernment – their capacity to disentangle the dictatorship from a nation and its people.  One tell-tale sign one is suffering from such a disorder is the predictability of the reaction to certain stimuli long after the propaganda (or exposure to it) has formally ceased. The Pavlovian-like reaction of some to my article (which served as the stimuli) is an example that further buttresses the point I was making in my previous article.

The effects of shaebia propaganda as we can imagine are not confined to its staunch supporters.   In fact, in terms of measurable tangible effects, it may have been more devastating on non-shaebians than on Shaebians.  The former have been so maligned and so thoroughly demonized for years that it eventually caused them to lose confidence in themselves and in their ability to bring about change.  Shaebia’s propaganda thus led to psychological enfeeblement in both camps. This – ladies and gentlemen – is its ultimate achievement and its most egregious crime.

I want to discuss now the following statement I made in my previous article to avoid misunderstanding:

PFDJ/GOE – dear compatriots – is nothing but EPLF in Government attire and I sincerely believe that if our country is to have a prosperous and peaceful future, not only must Eritreans dismantle the GOE /PFDJ regime but must also bury with it all traces of EPLF’s rigid and militaristic culture.

Let me start with the 2nd part about dismantling GOE and burying EPLF’s rigid and militaristic culture.  There is really no mystery here unless one reads into it something that is not there.  Is there a single Eritrean of good sense who wants Eritrea to continue on the suicidal path of attempting to solve all problems by force or militarily as it has been doing for decades?  Can there be any doubt that rigidity is an undesirable trait in an individual as it is in a nation?

The word “bury” above has nothing to do with changing the date of independence or with diminishing its significance or with wiping out the heroic deeds and sacrifices of EPLF fighters. No. I was calling rather for burying a mind-set, specifically rigidity and hawkishness – traits which both EPLF and its alter ego PFDJ have a lot in common. Those two tendencies have been so damaging that they need to be buried deep and kept locked with no possibility for parole.  That is all I am saying in the 2nd part of the above paragraph.

As to my contention that EPLF is not different from PFDJ, I also thought this would be a no-brainer but for reasons we have been discussing, I knew some would find it difficult to accept the assertion.  So I will provide some examples to show how PFDJ is a continuation of EPLF.  When I said PFDJ is nothing but EPLF in Government attire, I of course didn’t mean in mundane tasks that of necessity will change with new roles (or shall we say robes?) but was referring rather to essential qualities.  So what are some of these essential qualities that make PFDJ so like EPLF?

  1. The leadership: Isayas was the prime mover and shaker of EPLF since its inception and he still is today as the head of PFDJ/GOE.  He was as dictatorial then as he is today.
  2. The Media: The primary and only source of information (media) under EPLF was EPLF itself. All others were banned explicitly or implicitly.  It is still the same today under PFDJ/GOE. It is totally and completely under the government.
  3. Paranoia: Rivals or enemies (real or perceived) were mercilessly eliminated under EPLF. I mentioned Menkae as an example but of course there were many others including civilian victims. The same is true today under PFDJ/GOE.
  4. Ruthlessness: Torture, fear, xenophobia were rampant under EPLF and remains so today under PFDJ.
  5. Youth indoctrination: Systematic indoctrination of youth. In EPLF, it was Red Flowers (Keyahti Embaba); in PFDJ, it is YPFDJ.  The same technique for similar goals.  EPLF estranged and alienated youth from their families monopolizing and demanding loyalty only to itself.  PFDJ is doing exactly the same today under the pretext of national service.
  6. Isayas Ikdem: The cult of a leader began with EPLF and still continues under PFDJ. Nsu is still the greatest.
  7. Cultural imposition: Total disregard for cultural practices was a hallmark of EPLF then and still is under PFDJ.
  8. Group think: Group think was practiced in EPLF and still is under PFDJ.Both EPLF and PFJD relied on numerous networks of informers to divide Eritreans into its supporters and enemies.    If you are not with Shaebai, you are considered an enemy.  SemereAndom made an excellent observation in one of his comments about Shaebia’s “knack for recruiting talent” and how they would rather employ “mediocre talent” and train them than go for qualified candidates with dubious loyalties.    This is another technique in Shaebia’s arsenal that was true in EPLF as it is under PFDJ.  In both, job security was a function of loyalty not talent. Civilian associations that ordinarily serve as watchdogs for the public against such government abuses were/are absent or serve as mouthpieces in both EPLF and PFDJ/GOE.
  9. Slander as political tactic: Both EPLF and PFDJ discredit all opponents using slander as a political tactic. Dissenters are not just political opponents of EPLF or the regime but enemies of the people (Tsere hzbi, Jihadi, Yemanawyan, adharharti etc…)
  10. Thought policing: Independent thinking and judgment were discouraged and suppressed under EPLF.  The practice continues under PFDJ.  Any individual who dares to think independently is immediately branded as a “traitor” and against national unity.
  11. Obsessive self-reliance: Self-reliance was a mantra passionately trumpeted by EPLF as it is today by PFDJ. Isayas would rather starve his people than abandon the veneer of self-sufficiency.
  12. Oppressive security: The same security apparatus that saw enemies everywhere in EPLF is much in evidence today under PFDJ/GOE. In the name of national security and development, our youth were subjected to grueling cruelty then (under EPLF) as they are today under PFDJ (GOE).

We really could go on and on endlessly but the above should be enough to make the point that there is  no clear demarcation between past and present and that Isayas of days gone by is Isayas of today and EPLF of yesteryear is PFDJ of today in all things that matter.  There are of course a few things that only a government can do such as travel restrictions, identity cards or passports.  EPLF practiced travel restrictions in Mieda in some fashion but when it became a state, it was more vigorously and officially implemented.    But all these are cosmetic touches like changing kakis for a suit — quantitative not qualitative changes.  And if we were to take away the exterior trappings of PFDJ/GOE, EPLF will be standing there naked (with deeper wrinkles perhaps but genetically indistinguishable from its former self) – the same self that first took concrete shape decades ago in Nhnan Elamanan.

The role of Nhnan Elamanan in shaping shaebia thinking…

If we are to gain a deeper understanding of why EPLF’s attitudes and outlook has remained intact throughout the years, it is indispensable that we start with Nhnan Elamanan. This document provides a window into the soul of shaebia and an insight into what makes it tick. Only if we begin with it will we understand its religio-psychological roots and the source of its xenophobia, megalomania, and paranoia.   Even in the first few pages, this singular document reveals the grandiose ambitions and chutzpah of its author who refers to his production as weighty, historical, and of interest not only to Eritreans but to all nations.

Was EPLF a Christian organization?  Initially, absolutely and the answer is to be found within the pages of this document where we are told in no uncertain terms that the clique consisted almost entirely of Christians[i].  Later, of course, many jointed its ranks but if we probe deeper, we find that they served more as useful appendages to give the organization a nationalistic semblance than forming its core. Isayas knew he couldn’t survive without Muslims so he had to include them at some point if only as tools for various purposes including  procuring the much needed weapons and supplies from neighboring countries but in the grand scheme of EPLF thinking, Muslims were nowhere in the equation and never would be.

I am perfectly aware I am treading on some sensitive areas here.  Few things are as depressing and nerve-wracking as the realization that an organization that one has devoted a greater part of one’s life was totally different from one’s conception of it.  Understandably, it is difficult for some EPLFers to accept the fact that EPLF as an organization did more harm to our people than good but if we objectively and dispassionately analyze its overall legacy, such a conclusion is inescapable[ii].  I know this is harsh and I wish I could say it differently but as we contemplate a post-Isayas Eritrea, it is important that we tackle all myths to avoid falling into the same errors again and again.

An intellectual once referred to Gamal Abdel Nasser of Egypt, a dictator through and through, as a leader who ‘stripped us throughout the years of every independent thought and every strong personality other than his own.’  I think that is what happened in Eritrea.  We have clearly come a long way from the days of yore when blurting out “my country right or wrong” was cool.  PFDJ/GOE has long lost its appeal among Eritreans and is universally condemned by all in the opposition but critiquing EPLF remains an undeclared taboo and many have yet to outgrow EPLF’s harmful legacy of rigidity in thought, elitism and ethnocentrism.  Healing will not begin and broad consensus will not form until we can let go of cultural/national elitism; let go of collective egotism; and let go of the notion that we can solve all problems by force.  Knowing how dictators tinkered with our minds in the past to shape our opinions for years to come is an essential first step towards overcoming them.  At least that is the opinion of this writer.

[i] Well, to be exact, the translation of “darga kulatna” is “almost all of us”. Since the document professes to be national in character, it was hard for Isayas to pen down the fact that they were all Christians.   Please correct me if I am wrong.

One of the greatest ironies of our technological age is the fact that on the one hand it has facilitated globalization and on the other made it easy for clan/tribal based groups to proliferate and mobilize.  This is also an aspect of democracy that we love and hate.  Nhnan Elamanan is history but its legacy of elitism and ethno-centrism is very much alive.  Decades later, another document would surface making similar claims to nationalism and with similar composition.  No.  I don’t want to get into details.

[ii] Note: It is vital to understanding my thoughts to keep a distinction between EPLF/PFDJ/GOE as an institution/organization and its followers and between EPLF and Eritrean people.  As I have noted earlier, the equation of EPLF with Eritrean people is a propaganda-induced malady that we should outgrow and discard. Nothing I have said in this article or before however takes away an iota from the honor due to all genuine patriots (living and dead) that gave their all for our nation under EPLF command.

Rather, my views are directed at the top echelons of EPLF/PFDJ/GOE power structure and at EPLF as an organizational entity that espouses a distinct political philosophy not at the thousands upon thousands of decent EPLF rank and file that were duped.   If you are one of the latter, you have much to be proud of but I hope you learned a lesson not to worship leaders and organizations and not to fall for propaganda ploys.  I also hope you will be on your guard in the future because there will be other demagogues.


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  • Mizaan1

    Dear all, just writing to say that the Eritrean people are a very special people for enduring such atrocious regime and still maintaining their nationhood. One day we will be a real Singapore. Just keep believing. They say ezi wn khalif eyu. From your proud Eritrean compatriot.

    • selam

      Dear mizaan

      we will but first we need to nullify the evil at the heart of our home. We need a force that guard our nationedhood at the same time oppose PFDJ at any field. To do that we need Eritrean blood to tell the Eritrean people. Only the Eritrean people can talk their issues any one outside that box is not invited . Once we all Eritreans are united we will defeat PFDJ and bring the Eritrean people’s demand to the full front. At this time we need a unified opposition who can stand for the majority. We need to root out the weyane sympathizers and then kill PFDJ at their chair once for ALL.

      • Mizaan1

        Dear Selam and Nitricc, I only wrote the above post cynically. I am not close to being that much nationalistic. Sorry to disappoint you.

        • selam

          Dear mizaan1
          I remember you saying other things using other names too. But here is the bad thing from your side , we know the heart you want to put to the task. What ever you say , you said it two times and i guess cynicall post reflects the owner. I have said what you read and i aprove the message. Hold your ground to your true believe , stop being the running rat who suddenly use cat house to be eaten. Eritreans will not notice your existence unless you have what it takes to be Eritrean.

    • Nitricc

      Mizan; you better believe it. the price has been paid and to rip the rewards of all this hardship and untold sacrifices is a must!!! The order of the day is; lead; follow or get the hell out of the way. Nothing will stop us!

  • Ismail

    Selamat Everyone,

    When a doctor finds nothing to explain his patient’s symptoms after a barrage of tests, he usually recommends mental or psychological evaluation. We in the opposition have been searching for ways to galvanize and unite the opposition for years. Is it too farfetched to posit that we may have been looking in the wrong places for answers when the real culprit is mental or psychological of the sort we began addressing in this article? I don’t know but I think we should continue to explore it.

    Just look at how we keep going back and forth sometimes cursing the opposition for its weakness and at other times cursing those who curse the opposition! From time to time, I am sure most of us have been guilty of slipping into one or the other of these categories or both. Up to a point, I think this is natural and harmless. Criticism becomes pathological and demoralizing when it descends into purposeless drivel such as when we repeat ad nauseaum “opposition is weak” or “a bunch of losers” etc… while always tacitly excluding ourselves from blame and implying to have done better.

    But when criticism is purposeful and very specific, it can have tremendous value. Let us do more of the latter and remain polite and disciplined even when we disagree as brother Mahmud did when he stated that he will stay “on the positive aspect” of my article and this, mind you, despite suffering from …. in his own words… “EPLF/PFDJ/GOE virus” (:-).

    Thank you all for the comments and for making me think about the issue from several angles.

    Ismail (pointblank)

  • Berhe Y

    Selam All,

    Well, we don’t have to look far if we want to know an act of bravery. Isn’t the Eritrean Muslims from law lands refused to send their girls to Sawa, and when PFDJ insisted, a brave man killed six of them before he was dead. As a result the PFDJ retreated and the don’t dare take the girls to Sawa. I don’t to what extent this is true, but based on a document that I saw (if it’s authentic) from about 5000 recruit list with names, you hardly see any name that resemble Muslim girls. (It was posted at Assena a while ago). I say good for them and for the rest of us, it should be the model that we need to fight with.

    I didn’t have to comment, to Mizann and SAAY when they were talking about Eritrean women, what a hero they are, while the men are CRYing hatew qetew EPLF/PFDJ propaganda that we heard, the reality is that Eritrea SAWA are rape fields. And those suppose to be “brave” women have NOT done anything about it.

    It’s really shame to believe that of all the societies and the people from around the world (all 6 billion of them), when they refused to recruit their women to the ARMY, little miserable Eritrea has figured it out how to move this FINE balance, specially when it’s ruled by the most repressive regime known to man.

  • Ahadu

    Selamat Awatistas

    It seems the whole world is talking about the
    Eritrean migrant crisis and its root cause, which the UN describes it as
    crimes against humanity. The German parliament also debated on the human rights
    abuse in Eritrea. Though the international community doesn’t have any coherent
    policy on how to deal with the Eritrean regime, Case in point is the recent EU
    development deal, but there is growing consensus the conditions are not
    sustainable .The Ethiopian International institute for peace and development lead
    by Aboy sibhat expressed its concern on the current condition of Eritrea and
    the looming crisis if and when the regime falls, to the parliament Standing committee on Foreign afairs,
    Defense and security:

  • Hayat Adem

    Hi everyone,
    The Guardian has run an editorial on Eritrea’s current issues. It caught my curiosity as I thought it to be unusual for the mainstream international media to write editorials on less mattering African countries unless they were warming up to dwell on it big time. The Guardian asked Europe (UK, particularly) to recognize Eritrea as a totalitarian state whose refugees are fleeing a very “real terror”.

    • Semere Andom

      Hi Hayat:

      Thanks Hayat for sharing. Saleh Gadi was right on when he opined that some of the debates here remind him of the debates he was subjected to during his Ghedli times. Do not get me wrong, I am not saying I was wrong about my love of debating issues, if for nothing else it should be done for raising the issues and enlightening purposes, even debating contrariangly against issues you believe in are healthy.

      I am torn between EU’s kindness to save lives and its naiveté and shortsightedness. Many in the PFDJ camp and those who want to make cosmetic changes are salivating at EU’s flirtation to infuse some funds, but as the recent reports assert and as we already know the issues are not solely economical. Left alone the people of Eritrea will create their own jobs, from scouring the glob in search of business to self-employment a home, PFDJ’s job creation will pale in comparison. But PFDJ will not do that

      Europe is understandably frustrated and in its frustration, it is not thinking clearly, its thinking has been clouded by the influx of refugees and the grave yard that its sea has become. Its heart is at the right place but its needs to involve its mind.

      It is cheaper for Europe to just spend the 300 million to remove the PFDJ regime to facilitate regime change like it did in Libya than investing its money to give PFDJ a life line. PFDJ will not demobilize the youth, it will retire some sick, old and those who are unfit for military purposes and tell the world it has demobilized. PFJD has neither the guts nor the means to handle the thousands of the youth who are languishing in the wilderness to come home. EU’s help will be a subsidy to dictatorship, repression and if this comes to pass, it will be remembered as the funds that came in the heels of the reported that accused PFDJ of crimes against humanity and sex enslavement

      Are migrants really bad for Europe? Given the demographics of its aging populations, Europe needs sound immigration policy to supplant its aging population not only with fresh flesh but with fresh idea for the future. And buried in these desperate youth it may find treasure troves of both if it opens it eyes instead of myopically trying to solve the problem by throwing money at the problem.

      The funds is better spend in weeding out economic migrants, criminals and PFDJ spies among the Eritrean migrants instead. Use it to settle them, integrate them to become useful citizens. These lessons can be learned from Europe’s experience of the Muslims of France and Holland, who are citizens for all intents of purposes but feel alienated. Europe is getting free immigration so far. The human trafficking must stop but funding the NK of Africa will not do it. Europe needs to think for the long term and how it can both replenish its mostly aging population, saving lives instead of allowing its hands to be twisted by a common criminal in Eritrea, who enslaves his people and not only gets away with it but is rewarded for it

      • Truth(aka Hope)


        Help me please to undertsand your statments:

        “The funds is better spend in weeding out economic migrants, criminals and PFDJ spies among the Eritrean migrants instead. Use it to settle them, integrate them to become useful citizens. These lessons can be learned from Europe’s experience of the Muslims of France and Holland, who are citizens for all intents of purposes but feel alienated. Europe is getting free immigration so far. The human trafficking must stop but funding the NK of Africa will not do it. Europe needs to think for the long term and how it can both replenish its mostly aging population, saving lives instead of allowing its hands to be twisted by a common criminal in Eritrea, who enslaves his people and not only gets away with it but is rewarded for it.”

        1)”—spend weeding out economic migrants,criminals and PFDJ Spies”:

        How,in what way and where?

        2)then you said:”Use it to settle them, integrate them to become useful citizens”;

        In Europe or Eritrea?

        Clarify as to where and how to settle them and how to make them to become good citizens.

        Here is the exact motive of the EU Hand:

        “:”Use it to settle them, integrate them to become useful citizens” in Eritrea for th eebst interest of ERitrea!
        -1)By Creating Jobs
        2)By Opening and Developing Vocational Schools
        3)Forcing the Regime in question to be ” Accountable,Responsible,Open and Compliant” with the EU Policy.(Take and give back”)
        Our role:
        To make sure the EU Policy gets executed.
        By rallying and mobilizing the Majority and appealing to teh EU in an organized manner,not in a chaotic and dismantled way.
        Throwing words and empty barking aint going to do the job.R U ready for that?
        Sacrifice,commitment and Miwidab is what is missing.

        • Abi

          Hope gerageru
          Ewnet tenageru
          Tesfa qorTo hedo Ewnet yizo meTa
          Bet leEngda belut yiblana yiTeTa
          Qes bileh TeTa degmo endatsekir
          Endelemedebih endatiqebaTir.

      • teweldino

        Hi Semere,

        Wages and living standards for unskilled / lower paid citizens of Western European countries have been stagnant, in real terms, over the past decade. Few poorer Eastern European countries have joined the EU recently and a lot of Easter Europeans and Southern Europeans (from Spain, Portugal, Greece and Italy – highly affected by the recession) have flooded the Western European labor markets. These migrants have joined the unskilled jobs markets.

        The financial crises coupled with the above influx of unskilled workers into the lower paid jobs market have kept wages stagnant. The lower paid voters in Western European countries, in turn, shunned their traditional parties and started voting for far right parties as they believe that immigrants are the reason why their wages and living standards are not increasing. For example, United Kingdom Independence Party, a far right part in England which is campaigning to take the country out of the European Union, won 12.6% of the popular votes in the 2015 election up from 3.1% in the previous election. Mind you, the winning party only got 36.9% of the popular vote. That is the reason why western countries do not want to be seen as “soft touches” when it comes to immigrants, despite the benefits you eloquently described in your post.

    • T..T.

      Hi Hayat and all,

      The paper is assuming that abuses in Eritrea have been underreported. Thus, it is supporting the UN’s latest report. Despite fearful messages have been circulated to scare Eritreans off, seeing what they are falling into confirms that the reasons of their fleeing must be something horrible, something untold and worse.

      Eritrea has become a country where a six-year old child asks for directions to Ethiopia and the Sudan. There people are living in dark, no bright dreams to dream and no future. The paper is sending a message that no doubt people are fleeing to face these catastrophes (see the video) because their government is practicing worst of the worst crimes against them. For sure, it must be beyond ill-treatment, exploitation, slavery, starvation, and all known slow death policies and tools.


    • Mizaan1

      Hayat, assenna has posted this in their front page as well. This is a bold and as courageous report I have seen on Eritrea. It is fearless and straight to the point. It accurately states that Eritreans are fleeing from a real terror of a situation, not just simply looking for work. I also like how this editorial called out on EU to live up to its values and not reward a dictatorial system with 300 million Euros. It will only make IA and his regime follow the exact path they are following now because they can now say ‘even Europe agrees with us that people are living for work.’

      Bad week for IA and his PFDJ.

      • sarah ogbay

        Hi Mizaan,
        Yes bad week for DIA. But it is a call and another opportunity for the opposition “leaders” to rally the people around them; to encourage the young and move forward. This is their opportunity to make themselves heard, if they have any voice at all. If they really stand for Eritreans and justice this is the time for them to come forward, stand by their people and be counted.
        It might be their last chance.

        • Mizaan1

          Dear Sara, I have written numerous times here in harsh terms towards the so called Eritrean opposition parties. It’s so funny to me how they hold all kinds of meetings and conferences amongst themselves. If you think IA is despiseful of Eritreans, the opposition groups based in the West at least are much more so. To me they don’t exist. All they need is power. Their mantra is we fought and bled too so we need our share of power. They don’t have any other cause. They don’t represent the interest of the Eritrean people except for their desperation for power. I wrote all these a while back and mr saleh Johar told me to refer to the Arabic sites.

          Anyway, when you sit and think about the existing opposition people, it makes you sympathize with the reformers more and more.

          So your call for the opposition groups to seize this moment will fall on deaf ears. I just don’t have any hope from any Eritrean opposition groups. Our best hope might be people like HaileTG, Saay, beyan Negash, etc.

          • tes

            Dear Mizaan1,

            You wrote, “…when you sit and think about the existing opposition people, it makes you sympathize with the reformers more and more.”

            Man, in politics there is no word called sympathy but in humanity does. In politics, what most matters is principle. Smpathetic people are easy to be swayed from their main stream of thinking; And this is a weakness.

            The problem I see is: “the opposition parties are not able to idenitify themselves as political forces. Rather, they cross-interfer as humanitarian agents simply because they are sympathetic with any white cloud forced to drift by any wind coming to any direction.

            Therefore, I call you to be principled if you are a man of politics. id not, don’t criticize by acting as a politician. Stay in your humanitarian service and criticize the politicians. In this way, you will be most respected. If not, you are just a confused citizen like most of us.


          • Semere Andom

            Hi Mizaan and Sarah:

            No doubt that the opposition in general have failed the people, failed itself while PFDJ is the perfect enemy one will ever face off. PFDJ is a gift that keeps giving by subjecting the people and the country to perpetual suffering and as the latest reports mentioned keeping the people in anxiety to impose its rule

            But we must be mindful for lumping the opposition, Mizaan’s comments assumes that all the opposition are old former ELF fighters or new EPLF turned opposition. They are not!

            The report as excellent as it is for accusing PFDJ with crimes against humanity, it does not have anything new that we Eritreans did not know, what it does is corroborate the claims by talking directly to survivors consolidating the crimes the PFDJ has subjected and hopefully some heads in Europe and USA will roll, shocked by the sexual slavery and crimes against humanity. But to except it to be a rallying catalyst to waken the “opposition” from its serene slumber is wishful thinking.

            Now, I go back to the people, who like the opposition were given ample opportunities by PFD J for the last 24 years have not done anything to claim their dignity and fight the corpse that this regime has become.

            If a PFDJ general comes to your home with your pregnant 17 years old daughter and orders you’re to say nothing or he will kill you, just make sure she delivers my baby safely, you as a father must bring your knife and gut this man and then he can do whatever to your daughter after you are dead. Such stories of abuse are common. The people have capitulated and waiting for the mystical opposition, who they have ridiculed as “agames” before when they stopped thinking and dallying PFDJ is just hypocrisy from us.

            The people must stand up for their dignity, should refuse to be humiliated by PFDJ and defend their families, refuse to send their underage kids to the Sawa for school, where they will be enslaved, they should demand the whereabouts of their underage kids that the regime snatched, they should demand the whereabouts of their loved ones and they should stand up to the kidnapers, they youth are trained military people and they are being herded by the Rasahidas.

            Let us shoulder our responsibilities as people for our cowardice and let us call the youth’s cowardice for signing that regret paper when they get to safety. Let the opposition languish wherever they are if they want, our fight is with PFDJ and let fight them , let boycott the streets of Asmara and close the shops and die to save our daughters and sons in our houses, that is the first act of defiance that can catch like a wild fire. Courage and opposition stars at home

          • Mizaan1

            Selamat Semere, I am afraid we are going in parallel lines. The whole thing started when I said “Bad week for IA and his PFDJ” and Sara Ogbay replied, “Yes bad week for DIA. But it is a call and another opportunity for the opposition “leaders” to rally the people around them; to encourage the young and move forward.” And then I replied by saying it is better to give up on the opposition rallying the people, you may have to look elsewhere. I didn’t blame the opposition (and I never ever have) for any of the atrocities befalling our people. The opposition are neither a cause nor a perpetrator of any wrong doing against the Eritrean people. I just accuse them of being closed to us average Eritreans. Saleh Johar, please don’t tell me about the ones in Ethiopia and Sudan. I am talking about the ones in the West where I live.

          • haileTG

            Dear Mizaan,

            Now please sit and think who were those people who ferociously argued against the opposition having any role in that and refusing to recognize any need for heat work and insisting on mind side of things (i.e. more conferences, strategies, leadership role….)? You will find it is the reformers. They even went as far as giving credence to the PFDJ position that we don’t really even know if they’re Eritreans. 🙂 Just warning you before you bet on the wrong horse..Lol

          • teweldino

            Hi Mizan and Sarah,

            If the oppositions groups choose to use armed struggle route to remove PFDJ, would you support them?

          • sarah ogbay

            Hi Teweldino,
            While it would be regrettable to have to kill our own brothers, I believe that nothing comes without sacrifice and so i would definitely support them; but only if it come to that point. The new armed struggle i would support will be based on equal footing, highly ogranised and runs with respect to eritrean.

          • selam

            Dear sara ogbay

            Good point but very bad if you have asked your son from his salon to zalambesa to fight PFDJ. You sara will never ever ask your son to fight for poor people. I have asked such question to some they said i am floosh even to raise such question. You and your son or daughter or brother will never pick the Gun. You love your son.

          • teweldino

            Hi Sarah,
            I agree with you that the organized opposition should be allowed to use all practical the tools and routes to end our misery. The conditions you put in your reply are also reasonable restraints to ensure that the people will not endorse any organization with a blank check any more.

            It is sad that this forum has been swamped by PFDJ zealots who pretend to belong to the opposition but they would deny the organized opposition any tools in its struggle. They would not support the opposition to campaign for the enhancement of the sanctions. They would not support the UN Commission of Inquiry on Human Rights in Eritrea. They would oppose the organized opposition from removed the IA’s government by force if it deems that is the only viable option. Then they curse the opposition day and night for not miraculously dumping IA in his bed and dissolve PFDJ with a magic wand! Apparently, that is the only tool they would support if the organized opposition is going to end the quarter of century old dictatorship. How many of the world’s worst dictatorships ended in that way? Is it practical? No.

            Btw, the above paragraph has nothing to do with your comment. I just got carried away.

          • Sarah Ogbay

            Hi Teweldino,
            I don’t think that people expect the opposition parties are expected to us any magic wand. They have not do any regular or ordinary tangible achievement that could make the vast grassroots opposition trust them. forget magic wand!
            I don’t thing there is any unrealistic expectation from the parties by the grassroots. The least they could do is communicate with them and that is not too much to ask.

          • Nitricc

            Hi Sarah so you are okay with one more Eritrean mother to lose her child as if we didn’t bled enough? i think you should investigate your own soul and ask some questions. enough is enough.

          • Nitricc

            Hi Mizan. and it took you how many years to know this and reach to the conclusion? why do you think mention opposition to PIA and he will lough his head off. now my main reason to write is that the people who you said best hope. well, again wrong and another dead end. not that i have a problem with Haile, SAAY and Beyan but trust me none of them will leave their comfortable life style and fight PIA. just like you; you can’t leave either you are stuck; the modern slaver have you by your balls. so, my friend; just get confy and wait for PIA to decide. the end of the story!

          • haileTG

            Hello Nitricc,

            He may or may not laugh his head off (will he have the last laugh is another matter). If he does, what will make him laugh may be different. In a game strategy you are supposed to make your opponent that you have all options open to defeat them. Your specific policy shouldn’t be their privy. If you are asked whether you would use an atomic bomb, you will need to say that is a possibility too. You don’t go around saying you won’t fight, you won’t meet in Ethiopia, you won’t work with NGO, you don’t do that or this. That will sure have your opponent laugh their head off, seriously:-) if that ain’t funny, what is? Again, recently an Eritrean justice seeking lady who is helping refugees was lamenting the opposition are just for their politics, they don’t care. But, help me see through this: she is Eritrean, she is opposition to the regime, she is helping the refugees, so why consider the opposition isn’t helping? Again, that is delusional sense of ownership. Anyway, as she was saying that, the “opposition in Ethiopia” were holding their cobra emergency gathering there (see image below) and every over qualified opposition in the west’s eyes were firmly on that meeting to produce the final resolution:-)

          • Nitricc

            Hi Haile; I guess we have a difference sense of opposition. I don’t think any Eritrean will oppose to any form of opposition that will stand-up to the government of Eritrea. An opposition that cares about the nation and people is absolute importance to any government; it is a necessary entity. The problem is when the so-called opposition undermining the people’s desire and wishes. For example; if the people don’t want for the opposition not to deal with Ethiopia; what are they doing there? The list goes on and I can understand why some people against the PFJD are frustrated by the opposition.
            Now; we know what we get from the government such as
            Development before Democracy
            Duty over right
            Work before privilege
            Self reliance over Aid!
            Food security before constitution, election and the list goes on….
            Now; what is the opposition’s programs?
            Let me start it you…..
            Get rid of PIA by any means necessary.
            And let me conclude it for you….
            Get rid of PIA by any means necessary.
            Seriously; Haile, what is the oppositions program?

          • haileTG

            Hey Nitricc,

            Please aloow me to make slight edit to your comment: on the list for “what we get from the gov. you gave, please prefix each line by “niether” and replace “before” with “nor”. This would then read as:

            niether Development before Democracy
            neither Duty over right
            niether Work nor privilege
            neither Self reliance over Aid!
            neither Food security nor constitution, election and the list goes on….

            That is all for editing.

            Remember that I know the regime supporters like the palm of of my hand. The corruptted and compromised one’s form one part, they are the nastiest people in every sense of the word. The poor and ignorant is the other part, God help it. In the end, be it few or many, the fate of the country will depend on groups that are truly opposed to the regime. Those are the one’s who wouldn’t take advice or lacture from the enemy quarters…Lol:)


          • Ted

            Dear HTG, You think you know your enemy(PFDJ supporters) like a palm of your hand as you describe them as “corruptted and compromised…. nastiest and…. ignorant.” Just to understand you also know the people you try to free from the oppression, Nitricc asked you a question not a mystery to you or Eritreans that it is not for the best interest of Eritrea the opposition dealing with Ethiopia. Does this kind of questions only come from PFDJ supporters? Does his question put him in the enemy of Eritrea camp? Who is qualified to give an advice to the opposition group? Who are those who truly oppose the PFDJ?

          • haileTG

            Dear Ted, i live, breath and non-stop interact with actual supporters of the regime. People who make decisions, hold the cash drawers and those poor disadvantaged folks that hang on to the regime due to their ghedli sentiment. I am not trying to free power brokers but help the downfall of the regime and speed the day everything comes out to the open. Then people will free themselves, they don’t need us to free them. Power brokers will be left hanging on to their brief cases.Truth has a freeing quality to it. Anyone can give advice as long as they are prepared to take one. If they think they are “people” then they don’t even know themselves yet.

          • selam

            Dear mizaan
            You have changed over time which is nice to see you upgrade. But let me tell you this , the young will come out and do the task. I am hopeful they will lead.

        • Saleh Johar

          Hello Sarah,

          The opporition (or part of it) that made the COI report possible are celebrating a milestone. The voice of the opposition, leaders and followers (including you) is heard. Some may complain the voice is too loud. I don’t think there is anything that needs to be heard, the voice has been loud and clear. What remains is discipline and organizing. And that is a common task, not only of leaders. You are a leader and you should lead instead of throwing the task to unidentifiable leaders, unless you have names of people who are better positioned than you and many like you. Lead Sarah, lead! You are more than capable.

          The “stand by their people and be counted” is a bit condescending. That is unless you believe there are leaders in the opposition who do not stand by their people.

          Please take the above with an open heard (never mind the MIND)

          • Sarah Ogbay

            Hi Saleh,

            Thank you for the vote of confidence. However I am not talking about those individuals and civic society organisation who made the report a reality. they have made the voices of the people heard.In fact it is so loud that DIA might be deafened by it is time. I am talking about the parties. This is the right time for them to bond with, feel the desires of and rally the people. The number of young Eritreans coming to Europe is huge. These young people need leadership that can help them why and how understand that they have to stand up to PFDJ just like the PFDJ do with their supporters. Rally. I don’t think this is condescending.

            ‘That is unless you believe there are leaders in the opposition who do not stand by their people.’

            I don’t know if there are any and I don’t know if there aren’t any. It is up to them to demonstrate who and what the stand for.

          • Peace!

            Dear Sara Ogbay,

            Well said! This is rather a reminder to the opposition groups to come together and show some sense of urgency. There is nothing new in the report that hasn’t covered in the last fifteen years. The ideal and ultimate outcome of the report shall be to encourage and support Eritreans to solve our own problem.


          • tes

            Dear Peace!

            Your deservice has no limit. SGJ tried to remind you and you had a deal. But you are simply destructive. Stop it please.


          • tes

            Dear Dr. Sarah Ogbay,

            I don’t know your intentions. Your constant attack is not helping but disqualifying. If your eyes were open (and I believe so), the opposition parties are right infornt of your doors. How can you then deny their existence? Isn’t it what PFDJ and his puppets are denying the existence of the opposition camp repeatedly by saying, “where are they?”

            I am observing every drop you are putting. You are not helping at all. Let me put to you attention this:

            You wrote, “I don’t know if there are any and I don’t know if there aren’t any.” Just last week or two weeks before, reported about the existence of 15+ opposition parties. How can you then deny their existence?

            Denying will lead us no where.

            They might be weak but I don’t see them in that way. The opposition camp is getting momentum. Let’s build trust on them. This way or in that way, they will affect our political fabric.

            Today, human rights activity could be on the surface. But without building a strong political opposition power, their role will end up into no where. Unless, we want to give up and keep Eritrea under international community.

            Therefore I call you (it is my second or third time call) first and for most to recognize the existence of these political parties. Attacking them harshly will help no one. People like Peace!, Ted and so on will be happy reading your lines. And you know why? If not, this is what haile TG wrote about such irresponsible and illusioned judgments.

            “..recently an Eritrean justice seeking lady who is helping refugees was lamenting the opposition are just for their politics, they don’t care. But, help me see through this: she is Eritrean, she is opposition to the regime, she is helping the refugees, so why consider the opposition isn’t helping? Again, that is delusional sense of lack of ownership.”.


          • sarah ogbay

            Dear tes,
            Normally, I prefer not to respond to your comments but now I just want to ask you to condiser the following points.
            1. Please read carefully before commenting or criticising. The part that you quoted from my comment was refering to party leader and not the opposition.
            2. Please differetiate when refering to the opposition camp, opposition parties, and civic societies in the opposition camp or individuals.
            3. The part that you quoted from Haile TG, although I don’t know under what context he said it, I would say the woman being judged is not dilusional. Helping the refugees does not mean solving Ertitrea’s political problem. It is just a humanitarian act of contribution. So maybe she was calling the opposition parties to act in stopping the misery she saw. That is not too much to ask.
            4. Maybe it is good if you stop patronising me. You don’t have to call me. You have to respect our differences of opinions.
            I leave there rest to readers.

          • haileTG

            Dear Tes and Sarah,

            The lady is some one I know and working from Italy. She does a lot of political opposition too and last I checked she belonged to one group as well. I was just puzzled by her loss of heart when she was doing the very thing she thought was lacking. The delusion was about the sense of ownership as I stated clearly, not the wonderful lady herself. We all get deluded when we feel lost from time to time and say I am disillusioned by this or by that. Some people leave their affiliations with work or organization because they feel disillusioned with the direction they presumed to be following. Hope this clears the issue.

          • tes

            Dear Dr. Sarah,

            Please remember, some readers (including me) are serious on what you write. This is not out of respect but they think that you are a responsible citizen.

            Ok, you asked me to differentiate between the opposition camp, opposition parties and civic societies. Well, this is how I addressed you.

            “If your eyes were open (and I believe so), the opposition parties are right infornt of your doors.” My reference is clear then. I know what I am refering too.

            Another reminder, I don’t reply to you because I want a response too. I know if I don’t make any sense(what so ever it is) no one will reply and you are the same too. But when I hit your lines, sure there will be a response. Therefore I don’t care whether you reply ir not. All I know is I have a responsibility to act.

            Dear Dr. Sarah, denying will not help us. You are denying the existence of political parties. This is what you wrote, to quote you again:

            “I don’t know if there are any and I don’t know if there aren’t any.”

            When I read such flaw, I am always shocked. Normally, these days, I am not interacting though I am closely following the discussions. And I drop few lines when ever I read comments like yours.

            Mizaan1 did the same mistake recently. His support for reform is growing not because of his political line of thinking but out of sympathy. In fact, most PFDJ supporters are coming either from your way of describing the opposition parties or because Mizaan1’s view.

            Last but not least I am not patronizing you but I think you are doing it by your ownself, not for individual people like me but the whole opposition party leaders. You should be ashamed of your lines. Your constant attack to the political party leaders is a mistake. Responsible citizens first and foremost acknowledge what it existed, whether it bad or good. You are doing neither.

            Dear Dr. Sarah, I am following your lines seriously simply because I have a respect and I want you to be responsible for your lines. Point!


          • Mizaan1

            Dear Tes, I will let Dr. Sara reply to the stuff you addressed to her but for the part that pertains to me, you are making one big mistake with terminology here. In politics, sympathizing with an idea or a cause doesn’t mean you feel warmly or you have a soft heart for that particular position or cause. At least in my case, that is not how I refer to the term sympathy. When I said, the opposition parties are making me sympathize with reformers more and more, it doesn’t mean I am weeping for the reformers. It simply means, it is probably worth a second look or it could mean maybe it is worth analyzing their positions more closely and try to understand them better. Maybe that is the best option we have. When someone says I sympathize with that take of an issue, it is way short of saying I agree with that take. It simply means, I am willing to entertain that idea.

          • tes

            Dear Mizaan1,

            The words we use matter dear Mizaan1. Ok, at last you revealed yourself when you wrote, “Maybe that is the best option we have. When someone says I sympathize with that take of an issue, it is way short of saying I agree with that take. It simply means, I am willing to entertain that idea.”.

            Here you have included three points.

            1. Maybe that is the best option we have.

            This can be interpreted as: You are not sure about and hence you don’t know your position yet. (Your disillusion)

            2. When someone says I sympathize
            with that take of an issue, it is way short of saying I agree with that

            Well, that is what I said. No further discussion.

            But your paradox here is: you are making two different statements.

            3. It simply means, I am willing to entertain that idea.

            Another flaw. Why don’t you make it clear. There is sin in supporting or to be part. What we are lucking is people who can identify themselves and be part of what they agree with.

            Anyway, you told me that I did a big mistake. Well, I am not as per your later statements. But to make things clear, here is the defintiion of sympathy.

            Sympathy as it is defined by

            a. Harmony of or agreement in feeling, as between persons or on the part of one person with respect to another.

            b. The harmony of feeling naturally existing between persons of like tastes or opinion or of congenial dispositions.

            c.The fact or power of sharing the feelings of another, especially in sorrow or trouble; fellow feeling, compassion, or commiseration.

            d. Sympathies.
            feelings or impulses of compassion.
            feelings of favor, support, or loyalty:
            e. Favorable or approving accord; favor or approval:

            f. Agreement, consonance, or accord.

            g. Psychology. a relationship between persons in which the condition of one induces a parallel or reciprocal condition in another.

            All definitions can be applied to your line.

            the last definition (psychological) may not applied here as we are strictly speaking on politics. If I take definition (f) it could have been safe as per your last statement.


          • Mizaan1

            Tes, below is what I said and you can interpret it however way you want because I am not running for office and neither does my opinion matter.

            “Anyway, when you sit and think about the existing opposition people, it makes you sympathize with the reformers more and more.”

            For example, my understanding of Saay’s position is not that he swears by fixing PFDJ but he sees no better way of transitioning into democracy.

          • Ted

            Deat tes. Are you for real, you are proud of having 15 opposition groups. Do you expect Eritreans to make sense out of this madness. First , instead of pretending to know your enemies(PFDJ that and this) which you have made it clear you have no clue who you are fighting against, i advice you to know your friends well( 15 of them) then, you may learn most of them are not for the cause of Eritreans which obviously you thought they were. It is the right time to ask these questions, otherwise You are barking on the wrong tree.

          • haileTG

            Dear Ted,

            Your point: “you may learn most of them are not for the cause of Eritreans which obviously you thought they were.” is something I fundamentally reject or disagree with. I think you have made a terrible mistake with that observation. There are two camps in the opposition now (just from what you said):

            1 – Those of us whose number one priority is fundamental rights, dignity and the restoration of humanity to all Eritreans

            2 – There are those of you whose priority is power, transitional administration and control, i.e. you pay lip service to freedom but wish to decide how or where Eritreans should fight for their freedom.

            You don’t represent the Eritrean people because you don’t represent those of us who are Eritreans and fighting for our dignity and right to exist. Your chilling comment above is terrible indictment to your camp. I think You guys must feel shame to put your power thirst above the fundamental rights of your people. I here by failed you on my Heart and Mind 101 course and you must attain at least a pass grade on that course to be relevant to the forces seeking REAL change:)

          • Ted

            Hi HTG, First i can’t fail in the class i didn’t enroll. If these opposition are fighting for our dignity and the right to exist, how is that acceptable to you to have so many groups identifying themselves as unique from each other with different acronyms to upstage the other. Is there any reason we don’t know why they fail to come together as one force representing Eritreans so they can be more effective in their political mission. What is their agenda? Are they fighting for Eritreans or their personal ego or political position post IA. “You don’t represent the Eritrean people”(” but my group does ) this attitude, the i know it all mentality is what has got us in to this politics of mistrust and conflict in the first place.They all say they fight for Eritreans Freedom, but in truth, at this juncture no opposition camp represents Eritreans by any stretch of imagination. Whether you cook it in Ethiopia or Vienna, there is always be one one ingredient needed to make your dish palatable, ie the grass root support.

          • tes

            Dear Ted,

            Aha, I know who you are but you are now spotted on from your lines. You wrote,

            “First i can’t fail in the class i didn’t enroll.”

            Well, you are not member of the opposition camp. Oppositin camp in the Eritrean context has two dimensions.

            1. Opposition camp that promote justice and the end of dictatorial system in Eritrea
            2. Opposition camp, as calls them as “OTTO”. You belong to the second camp. And this camp is not for justice but for creating further divisions, doubts, disillusions, etc. And their original hosting camp is PFDJ. I said this to you several times.


          • Peace!

            Dear Ted,

            Perhaps because of lack of grass root support what makes some of the groups look perfidiouse, and as a result, almost all emblematic meetings have not moved beyond symbolic and fail to generate a new feel of confidence. I think dismantling of control (TPLF) may lead to a solution or decision to end the senseless discord.


          • selam

            Dear Peace
            You have stated correctly. All of them should abandon weyane and their evil ideas. Any opportunity we got is spoiled by weyane cronies . We can not afford to go after crooks. We better remove the notion that weyane will help on free will. All these radios and even weyane sponsored websites can do the blame game work but we do not need weyane rule the conference. We have been burning for 15 years and the grassroots are moving away from any opposition. I hope peoplelike Yohannes kifle wedi markato get boiled and thrown out from Eritrean affairs. Of course some die hard weyane born will insist on the status quo but we have no choice.

          • Peace!

            Dear Selam,

            What we have failed to understand is that PFDJ does hold within its ranks rebels and iconoclasts with physical courage to defy anything that comes their way, and despite that ostensible fact, some of the opposition groups are still think weeding out PFDJ is an easy task while others are engaged in zealous pursuit of power with help of foreign countries. The ironic is that why over 15 opposition groups for this tiny country if the struggle is indeed for justice?


          • selam

            Dear Peace
            Please let me stay to my true believe and that is PFDJ is beyond repair , the resson i say this is that the man is just pointless when it comes to justice and any one who score zero point in justice is not ready to be reformed. But an honest qquestion to be asked is why will PFDJ go for reform , they have zero challenge from the bad aple and so they continue to their believe. I do think the opposition has failed to materialize on the chance they got. They failed due to their lack Eritreaness and lack of cohesive message. So lets see what they do with the UN report.

          • Ted

            Dear peace and selam, if it is about justice for Eritrean people, this report did not published nothing new we don’t already know. I am at the loss why some seem to be pumping their chest since the release of this report. “Why PFDJ need to reform” is a good question and equally good question is “if not reform, who would weed them out”. In my opinion PFDJ has all the reason in the world to reform but stay as is. Some here describe PFDJ as “rotten tomato” but the point is who/ how/when do we remove the rotten tomato before it affects all the tomatoes in the basket.

          • Peace!

            Dear Selam,

            Agreed. I don’t know if you have heard people in back home saying “Adgis K’ab M’umata Mugtata.” The stern reality is that we are at precarious situation, and the grave concern is that it is far more difficult to fill power vacuum when you have severely disorganized opposition groups with infectious discord. Look the aftermath of irresponsible and chaotic regime change in Iraq and Somalia.


          • Ted

            Dear peace, well said. That is what worries me the most, the power vacume. More than anything now we need a person we all rally behind. We need to find him/her. And appropriate misela.

          • saay7


            I have found our perfect candidate. He works hard; he thinks non stop of Eritrea: past, present and future. You know how in American sports trading is common. Team Eritrea would like to trade Isaias Adwerki for this guy (see pic)

            Also I noticed after the spanking the Cavs got from the Warriors you disappeared. “Ted you say, Ted witnesses.”(Ted tebelkas Ted tmesker)

            Anyway, here’s my guy: the future of Eritrea (because the PFDJ and the opposition suck)


          • Blata Hadgu

            Selamat Saay,

            The sarcastic in me says, the guy is already ruling Eritrea. The guy and his posse have rendered Eritrea caricature of DS or is it Singapore. The last frontier if you will has been won. That is, first it was EDU, then EPRP then ELF (sorta or kinda) then it was the Dergue. And finally, it is EPLF but they have made the lunatic die in a slow and painful death as if they have some sort of worst grudge towards the Eritrean people than towards him as they remained indifferent when the lunatic makes the life of the Eritrean people “seldom seen in any other part of the world.”

          • Ted

            Hi Saay, it might work, we already have a liquor cabinet in our presidential office. If not Aboy, i am sure you know some of his students we can count on. More importantly i see how this man(TPLF) is in control of Ethiopians affairs( we are back to square one).
            The Cavs, i was avoiding you until Sunday after game 4 mishap. Some adjustment from the bench will do us good. It is your side of bench doing a number on us while ours sitting on their thumb to respond. Evey time Lebron gets off , that is where the damage happiness. In different note, i am glad you got your hopes up, it is not fun when you throw the towel early.

          • saay7

            Hi Ted:

            Aboy Sebhat, like you, didn’t attend the heart-mind school. He is all brains: I think he was calculating at birth. An excellent chess player 🙂 our oppo is playing checkers or that noisy game with dominoes I forget what’s called. They also play tic-tac-toe and bim bom baks.

            Whaaaaaaa? Throw in the towel? The stats are all against u: in Best of 7 games, the team that wins Game 1 ends up winning it all. Next two games are in Oakland. We have a devious coach. All you got is 1 trick: Lebron and he cracked his head running into a camera and is already complaining of headaches.

            I will give u this match: you guys will drag this all the way to Game 7.


          • Peace!

            Hi Ted,

            Did’t know you are fan of cavaliers! Well, Game 5 won’t be easy as well, and hopefully this time the fans won’t leave early -;) Have you seen this video? cracks me up every time I watch it, no offense though.


          • Ted

            Peace, With love from the “awful state”. .Game 5(sunday),the Cav fans will be in Warriors turf to leave early, i left the room my self in the last minutes of game 4. It was awfully bad.

          • Pass the salt

            While you consider saay’s nominee, I like to nominate a capable diplomat to lead us through the transition period. He brings a wealth of diplomacy to the table, something Eritrea desperately needs. After watching his recent town hall meeting, I am convinced he is one of the very few qualified for the job.
            Ladies and gentlemen, I present you the next President of the State of Eritrea, Ambassador Andebirhan Weldegiorgis.

          • Ted

            Dear PTS(not post traumatic syndrome:)
            You may have a point, i saw the hall meeting too, he seem to have a realistic understanding of the current situation. Good nomination, Let’d keep him off the jackals.

          • haileTG

            Dear Ted,

            Are you Kunama, Afar, a Muslim who feels not represented, a highland in the verge of social collapse, ex tegadalay who is embittered, a youth disillusioned, minority Christian hounded out, family head who can’t feed their kids, diaspora person who can’t set foot there anymore or even invest, work or bury family
            … who exactly is your “we the people “? And you wanted all of those to fell in to a single group with commando that fly across borders to rescue and protect, as well as put everything for you on silver platters. If not you revert to violating their right to fight their injustices? I can assure you they will seek to fight you in the same zeal as the regime, except you will not be match for them, because most of your supporters will be regime criminals in hiding from international Law for violence against humanity.

          • Ted

            Dear HTG, we have agreed in the past that the lack of unity of the opposition to be the stumbling block in our struggle. Under the name of sovereignty and security of Eritrea, I have clear understanding how the Kunama or Muslims or other groups of Eritrea have been marginalized in their country and It does not need any explanation how we all, the people of Eritrea at large, are affected looking at the suffering all around us. Eritreans from all walks of life have enough reason and power to fight for justice and change the course of our country to better path. What we have lacked is leadership to make our strong desire to reality. You can call people “PFDJ Supporters” or slice people’s opinion any way you like it, but it won’t make ioata of difference for the inept opposition you like to defend.. You need to know there are quite a few honest justice seekers in the opposition camp buried under the rubble. .The job fighting for justice need to start with “weeding out” the bad apples of the opposition camp. Enabling does’t help them or us.

          • haileTG

            Dear Ted, the job may start for the power thirst segment in attacking other justice seekers, labeling them bad apples, declaring them not to have Eritrea’s cause, equating them to toxic and evil, you name it. The other part of the equation is also fulfilled for you by PFDJ through wanton destruction and crimes against humanity in a bid to materialize your dream of breaking Eritreans down into pieces that nicely fit in your candy jar. For us the struggle for justice starts with undermining PFDJ and neutralizing its aspirants. It is not leaders we lack, is humanity and heart. Before starting on your wish list, think of those dying right this minute.

          • tes

            Dear haile TG,

            PFDJites hate the heart-and-mind approach simply because they consider human being is like any other matter. There is no concept called ‘humanity” in their dictionary. If we read what Nitricc advocates for, the IQ, that is all what their mind tells them to do. The relationship between the heart and the mind for them does not exist. Bleeding, torturing, and killing to humanity is a normal phenomenon to them. They consider huamnity is like a pig. In fact, they forgot the concpt of animal welfare in that matter too.

            Oh dear haile TG, I just wrote as I was deeply touched by your line of interpretation. Keep on exposing their fatal line of thinking please. I have nothing to say more brother


          • haileTG

            Dear tes, PFDJ’s past can’t allow it to face its heart.It is like a murderer meeting his victim. But those justice seekers turning against their fellow and their cause in the hope of salvaging power for themselves can’t also use their heart nor enroll on it because a moral crime starts with silencing the heart first. thx

          • tes

            Dear Ted,

            I am not proud of them at all but I don’t deny their existence. I don’t dismiss them at all as non-existent (as what Dr. Sarah is trying to point and many times you are doing) but I am trying to to find their difference and cluster those with similar political line of thinking. I am all for unity according to political line of thinking.

            1. You wrote, ” Instead of pretending to know your enemies(PFDJ that and this) which
            you have made it clear you have no clue who you are fighting against..”

            I am not pretending dear Ted. I have only and only one enemy and that is PFDJ. This is what I am fighting for. If you read my lines for almost two years now, you will read almost not a single line targeting the opposition camp and why should I? There are resident OTTO here (Peace! Ted and an occasional visitor Dr. Sara are among the prominent members). You are performing more than enough.

            2. You are not ashemd also to advice me. A reformer can not advice Tes. Take this in your mind. I know PFDJ very well and I know what the reformers are upto. Stop therefore wasting your time and words advising me.

            3. Dear Ted, whenever I start to look into things, I follow a methodology. My methodology is a known one, the SWOT analysis. I don’t usually go to the weakness. I follow the rules.

            a. Strength
            b. Weakness
            c. Opportunities
            d. Threats

            My simple SWOT analysis about the opposition camp

            a. Strength: They stood up against PFDJ brutal system

            b. Weakness: they have divided the limited resource they have.

            c. Opportunities: They are learning gradually, “A house divided among itself can not stand.”

            d. Threats: Here there are two

            i. The death of PFDJ before they become united and start to act like a government and hence probability of transitional governance deficiencies.

            ii. The uprising of the reforming agenda (in fact this is not significan threat but there could possibly be a civil war unless we are all for a fundamental change).

            3. You wrote, “you may learn most of them are not for the cause of Eritreans which obviously you thought they were”

            haile TG responded with full wisdom. I may not have to add more. Nevertheless, I believe even the opportunists are for Eritrea. But what they advocate for is wrong and for that I stand to correct (that is what I did to YG’s political line of thinking).



  • Kokhob Selam

    ክቡር ኢስማዒል

    እዛ ሃገር ንስኻን ከማኻን ድምጾም ከስምዑ እንከለው ህያውን በዚ ድብልቕልቑ ዝወጸ ኩነታት ተዋሒጣ ከምዘይትተርፍን ተስፋ ከምዘለዋን ወገግ ኢሉ ይረኣ በርትዕ ዝሓወይ ::

    ሕቶ ኣለኒ ኣብ ጽሑፍካ ዝ ኣክል ዘቃላዕካዮ ሓቅታት ሃልዩ ክንሱ – ኣዝዩ ልቦናኻ ዓብዩ ንህዝብን ሰራዊትን ሓልፍነት ከይተሰክም ንምንታይ ደለኻ?

    ከመይ ዝበለ ሕቶ ድኣ ኸ ሓተትካ ኢልካ ከይትጻገም ቁሩብ ከስፍሕ ፍቀደለይ:: ፍቀደለይ ክብል እንከለኹ ብሓቂ እየ ፍቃድ ዝሓትት ዘለኹ : እቲ ምንታይ ሲ ከም ኢስማዒል ዝልኣመሰሉ ሰባት ንዓይ ክቡራት እዮም – ንጽህናን ግሉጽነትን ዘለዎ ኣእምሮ ስለ ትውንን ::

    እዚ ዝዓይነቱ ጉጅለ ካብ ሰማይ ጥብ ኢሉና ክንብል ኣይንኽእልን ኢና :: እሳተ ጎመራ ድኣ ሃንደበት ይነጥበካ እምበር ኣብ ሕብረተሰብ ዝፍጠሩ ተርእዮታት ብቀጥታ ምርጫታት ናይ ኩሉ ኣባል ሕብረተሰብ እዩ እኳ እንተዘይበልና ኣግዲልካ ደሚርካ ውጽኢት ኣተሓሳስባ ሕብረተሰብ እዮም :: ግዳ ሓደ ብድድ ኢሉ ህዝቢ ይፈልጥ ኣይነበረን ክብል ይኽእል ይኸውን ይፍለጥ ኣይፍለጥ ዋጋ ኣተሓሳስብኡ ክኸፍል ግድን እዩ “ኣልቃኑን ማያሕሚ ኣልሙቀፈሊን ” ድዮም ዝብሉ ዓረብ ::

    ነዚ ዘምጻእኩልካ እቲ ነዚ ዝዓይነቱ መርዛም ገረብ ዘብቀለ ማይን ሓመድን ዝሕዞ ንጥረ ነገራትን ዓይነት ማይን ብዘይ ንሓፍነት እንተዘይ ኣቃሊዕና ንሓደ ሰብ ወይ ጉጅለ ብሰላም ይኹን ብኩናት ኣልጊስና ምትክኡ ‘ውን ውጽኢቱ ተመሳሳሊ ስለ ዝኾነ :: ስለዚ እምበኣር ኣበራትና ‘ውን ከነቃልዕን ናይ ኣተሓሳስባ ለውጢ ክንገብርን ሓደ ጀብዳዊ (ጀግንነታዊ) መድረኽ ከድልየና እዩ ::ቅድሚ ኹሉ ኸኣ ብኹሉ ድፍረት ባህርያትና ከነቃልዕ ክንብገስ እንተኾይና – ሓላፍነት ውድቀታት ጉዕዞና ክንስከም ድልዋት ክንከውን ይግባእ /::

    ድሕሪ ‘ዚ ምባለይ እቲ ልቦናን ፍልጠትን ኣብ ከማኻ ዝ ኣመሰሉ እዩ ዝርከብ እሞ እስከ ንስኻ ኸ እንታይ ምበልካ ?

    • Ismail

      Selamat Kokhob,

      I really appreciate your kind words and I also share the same feelings towards you. You asked:
      ኣብ ጽሑፍካ ዝ ኣክል ዘቃላዕካዮ ሓቅታት ሃልዩ ክንሱ – ኣዝዩ ልቦናኻ ዓብዩ ንህዝብን ሰራዊትን ሓልፍነት ከይተሰክም ንምንታይ ደለኻ?

      I will flip the question back to you. Would you really find it in your heart Kokhob to condemn the ordinary Eritrean (soldier or not) who at the time was so moved by the love of his/her country and people that he/she sacrificed everything believing he was following someone who was similarly motivated? Externally, we must remember, Isayas (like many con artists) projected an enchanting mix of humility and charm in speeches and mannerisms – the exact opposite of what he really is.

      Some knew of his megalomaniac tendencies of course and about his lies and were therefore willing collaborators at different levels but the vast majority I believe were simply carried by the tide and didn’t know they were being lied to, violated, and that their minds were being tampered with. Remember also that many were forcibly abducted and forcibly brainwashed at a young age. When I try to put myself in their shoes, I am inclined to sympathize not to condemn. The same can be said about our people. Eritreans would not be the first people to suffer mass delusion at the hands of a clever charlatan and a con artist.

      “ኣልቃኑን ማያሕሚ ኣልሙቀፈሊን ” may be a practical and convenient motto for enforcing the law but ethically, those who do not know or did not know cannot be morally culpable. The reason the legal system cannot let go every accused who pleads ignorance of the law is simply because it has no way of establishing ignorance. It therefore assumes that you knew the law and intentionally violated it. In other words, this legal principle is driven more by practicality than strict fairness or justice. In the case of Eritrea, there has never been a rule of law to begin with so this principle is irrelevant. In our case, it is ኣልቃኑን ማያሕሚ period!

      Ismail (pointblank)

      • Kokhob Selam

        Dear Ismail,

        Thank you brother. your reply was educational.

        But I still remain on my view that I put earlier. dictators were not born dictators they were modified to be dictators. in fact they are the result of the collective thinking of the mass. When IA was grown up he had sisters and brothers but additional to his uniqueness he had been grown up, to hate others from his close relatives. then his experience during his childhood days and after he became university student… all those affects his mind patterns and all mind chemicals — to be arranged in such way. During struggle he found similar intellectuals and some easily manipulated men and women. this is the way dictators go crazy. even the opposite side like ELF for example due to their lack of administration etc. have given him chances. the man didn’t come from Mars. I mean if IA wasn’t there we could have another dictator I believe. that is why all those Arab movements failed. it is the mass who should change first.

        Sir, even when you wrote such wonderful article you were not teaching him (IA) but teaching the mass how the dictator behaves – it is because you want people to understand and learn so they will know how to avoid not to open the way to continue. Isn’t it? here it is unsaid but clear that people have served and created him and they should be aware how to remove. what I am saying is do we also notice we may replace him with worst one if each of us don’t wake up first?

        again if the people will not fallow you to see how the dictator play the game, and are not fast to catch the lesson and face it, the dictator will play another game with another style.

        see Sir, what I mean is we need to start thinking in new way that everything is connected and every leader who comes will be the mixed thinking sum result even if we make election.

        Thank you very much

        • Ismail

          Selamat Kokhob,

          The subject of what environmental or societal conditions produce a dictator is a complex one that is not easily resolvable. The same question can be asked about you and me. What makes are what we are? Psychologists continue to grapple with the issue and the only thing they all agree about is that a lot of what we are has to do with environment and genes. This is sometimes expressed as nature and nurture. Some believe it ends there – that is all we are; others (including adherents of all major religions) believe that we are not mindless automatons whose destinies are shaped by genes and environment alone but have an innate capacity to discern between good and bad.

          If we are looking for clear-cut answers to this old-age question, therefore, we will be waiting forever brother. I agree with you that it is within the masses that a permanent solution must be sought.

          Thanks for your insightful observations.

          Ismail (pointblank)

  • Peace!

    Dear Ismael,

    Isn’t that a nature of politics, with all due respect? And why is that considered a valid excuse for today’s discord? We have seen countries with genocide experience have moved on. Why us? Or, is it that we need to introduce a statute of limitation on ELF-EPLF issue before we even think saving the dying people under this brutal regime? What a disaster!

    Dear Ismael, you might be right on your analysis, but the major problem is it leaves out the young generation whom the future Eritrea you are referring belongs to.


  • Mahmud Saleh

    Dear Ismail
    “So the question we should ask is not whether peaceful resistance is better or worse than armed revolt but which method would work best with the devil we face………….” (from your reply to SGJ)

    This makes sense to me; the problem with some folks and indeed some political organizations/figures of the opposition is that they can not decipher any opinion which deviates from their narrow understanding of the problem. Both peaceful or violent resistance will need some basic but formidable legitimacy (popular support) which could be garnered through a highly organized, disciplined, and unified organizational platform and leadership with clear ABC-steps of its program. Once there is a pattern or a tendency of public swaying towards a certain group, the rest is a simple assessment of the situation and selecting the best means of proceeding. We are not there yet. And all the calls that have been done by the unfortunately “endangered” group of awatistas aim at raising this elemental issue of revising our approaches and making the right calls for the betterment of the opposition camp. Peaceful or violent, still you will have to have popular support, which means you will have to work in order to win the “langa…langa” or silent majority. In short, while I like your pointblank discourse, and your skills at articulating your ideas, I would like if you come up with pointblank assessment of the current situation and what you think it will take for the opposition to be in a better place.

    Brother Ismail, I understand that there is a lot at stake for us to waste time in divisive narrations that have been recycled millions of times in the last 45 years. It’s my hope that we look for the right solutions by admitting the failures of past practices of the opposition. Because everything that you said about PFDJ, everything that we have been reading and hearing with regard to human rights abuses, governance, economic, foreign …and other disastrous policies should have resulted in a much better state of capacity for the opposition. Each disastrous year the PFDJ survives means each year of failure for the opposition. Writers and activists have been exposing, describing explaining …PFDJ. That’s good. I have glossed over the UN report and I was humbled by the information we get through our sites (,,, several Arabic language Eritrean sites…) because, for Eritreans, it’s not news. So, at this time, you can not get a more fertile ground than the Eritrean minds, we have a nation yearning for change. The question I have been grappling with has been why is it that there is no breakthrough in galvanizing the public towards a common cause where the bad apples could be separated, the bad branches could be trimmed, and therefore the legitimation process matures in the berthing of a vanguard front. Once that’s reached the question of what means to use becomes a matter of objective assessment. Therefore, brother Ismail, I call upon you to use every moment and word on solidifying that coalition. I’m down with monster virus (I feel all my cells are hijacked, it could be EPLF/PFDJ/GOE virus, really, not paranoid…), but I feel these monster viruses roaming my lungs and its pipes…) so, for now, I will stay on the positive aspect of your article- the course our nation has been pursuing is not sustainable. The situation is ripe for change, what’s missing is a change agent that enjoys the trust of Eritreans.

    People who want to evade this glaring fact have been playing with the idea of “why don’t you form your own…”. I believe you agree with me that these sorts of rebuttals are born out of frustration. I know it’s hypocritical of me for demanding more of them while I’m not doing a fraction. But the idea that calls for “let’s move on whichever way one chooses” is like running away (taharub) from the fact that despite the fact that we could not come together while every voices are calling us for that. The call for let’s move whichever way one chooses results in: a/ inefficiency, b/ in future chaos. Particularly, since you are inclined in choosing a violent method, that should cross your mind, because disjoined militaries will at the end be disastrous. So, the call for self-assessment is meant at encouraging those who have acquired the skills and the organizational infrastructure to be better, to think differently, to employ methods that rival that of their enemy…pursuing methods that builds confidence…trust…unity.

    To conclude, and I know I may have said points that I could have developed further, but it’s the virus; at any rate, the core message I want to make is that the objective situation could not be more ripe for any political change. Prior to choosing what method to pursue, we will need to suggest…opine…work towards having a strong umbrella through the use of languages and ideas that narrow the already existing social and political fault lines and cleavages.

    Sorry for the size.

    • haileTG

      ሰላማት ማሕሙዳይ፡

      እንታይ ድኣ ቫይረስ ትብል ዘሎኻ? ኣይጥዓኻን ዲኻ? ዶ’ስ ከም ምሳሌ’ዩ ተጠቂምካሉ… ኣሻቒልካና፡) ብዝኾነ ንእሽቶ ሓሳብ ወስ ክብል። እቲ ጠቒስካዮ ዘሎኻ ቀዳምነታት ዘካትዕ ኣይኮነን። ብሓቂ ድማ ነዚ ከይተሓለሉ ዝሰርሑ ደለይቲ ፍትሒ ምህላዎም ዘይከሓድ ጥራይ ዘይኮነ፡ ብዘለዎም ውሑድ ዓቕሚ፡ ብዝገጥሞም ቀጻሊ ተጻብኦን፡ ዘይሞራላዊ ሃስያታት ካብ ከምኦም ኤርትራውያን፡ ከይተዳህሉን ከይተዘናበሉን፡ ዘመዝግብዎ ዘለዉ ግብራዊ ዓወታት። መጠኑ ብዘየገድስ፡ ክድነቕ ዝግበኦ እዩ። ተቋውሞ ዋንንነቱ ናይ ውጹዕ ህዝቢ ኤርትራ እዩ። ኮታ ኣብ ኩሉ ስፍራታት፡ ኩርንዓትን፡ ሸጓሹግን ኤርትራን ዓለምን ከኣ ዘሎ እዩ። ኣብ ማሕዩራት ህግደፍ ኣሎ፡ ኣብ መዕቆብ ስደተኛታት ኣሎ፡ ኣብ ከባብን ዓለምን ኣሎ። ብኹሉ መልክዓቱን፡ ምስ ኩሉ ትሕዝቶታቱን። እዚ ሓይሊ ተቋውሞ፡ ከም ዝድለ ክጥርነፍን፡ ትበጊሱ ድማ ኣብቲ ዝግባእ ምዕራፉ ክበጽሕ ምትምናይን፡ ዓቕሚ ብዘፍቅዶ ምሕጋዝ፡ ምብርታዕ፡ ምምሃር፡ ምድጋፍ… ናይ ኩሉ ቅኑዕ ደላይ ፍትሒ ግደ እዩ። ኮይኑ ግን ሓደ ኣሰካፊ ተርእዮ ኣሎ። እዚ ድማ ብዝተወሰኑ ባእታታት ዝግበር፡ ካብቲ ናይ ህግደፍ ተጻብኦ ዘይሳነፍ፡ ከትሪ ብቐትሪ እዩ። ተቋውሞ ድኹም’ዩ፡ ምዉት’ዩ፡ ተስፋ ዘብሉ’ዩ፡ ዘይዕረ’ዩ፡ ምርዛም’ዩ፡ ጎዳኢ’ዩ፡ ጠፊኡ’ዩ፡ በርዒኑ’ዩ፡ ተሸይጡ’ዩ፡ መሳርሒ’ዩ፡ መንሚኑ’ዩ። ላህሊሁ’ዩ ወዘተ… እናበሉ ግናይ መናፍሕ ክብትኑ ውዒሎም ኢሎም ዝሓድሩ ጥራይ ዘይኮነ፡ ክሳብ ተስፋ ካብ ህግደፍ’ዩ፡ ዝስቀጠ ንህግደፍ መሪጹ ወይ ንተቋውሞ ነጺጉ’ዩ ካልእ መግለጺ የብሉን፡ ዝተረኽበ ዓወት ናይ ተቋውሞ ኣይኮነን፡ ናይ ደገ እዩ፡ ኤርትራውያን ተቋወምቲ ኤርትራውያን ኣይኮኑን፡ ንኢትዮጵያ ከም መቃለሲ ባይታ ንዝመረጹ፡ ክሳብ መሰረታዊ ሰብኣዊ ክብሮም ምድንዳን፡ ኣዝዩ ክትገልጾ ዘህፍርን ዘነውርን ተግባራት ኮታ ጽብጺብካ ዘይውዳእ ምዝገብ ሕማቕ ታሪኽ ምጥልላምን፡ ምክሕሓድን ብምስዋር፡ ውሽጣዊ ምትፍናንን፡ ነውጽን ምብራዕ ዝኣመሰሉን እዩ። ሓደ እቃወም’የ፡ ኣባል ደለይቲ ፍትሒ’የ ዝብል ሰብ ብኸመይ መንገዲ ነዚ ጉዳይ ይውዕሎ። ኣባል ህግደፍ ኮንካ፡ ህግደፍ ፈሺሉ’ዩ፡ ህግደፍ ሞይቱ’ዩ፡ ህግደፍ መርዛም’ዩ፡ ህግደፍ መሳርሒ ናይ ደገ’ዩ…እናበልካ ኣባልነትካ ተውሕስ ዲኻ? ምኽሪ እኮ ብሜላን ሓልዮትን’ዩ (ንዓኻ ማለተይ ኣይኮንኩን፡ እቶም ከምኡ ዝገብሩ ግን ፍሉጣት እዮም)። ሎሚ ህግደፍ ብገበን ኣብ ልዕሊ ደቂ-ሰብ ተኸሲሱ ብህልዉ ኣብ ቃሬዛ ደይቡ፡ ኣብ ዘለዎሉ፡ ኩነታት ኤርትራ ናብ ኣዝዩ አኣሰካፊ ኩነታት ደይቡ፡ ሃገራዊ ምብትታን ህዝብታታ ብናህሪ ዝብርኸሉ ዘሎ እዋን፡ ነቲ እንኮ ከነትርሮን ከነበራትዖን ዘሎና ኣካል ሕብረተሰብ፡ ማለት እቶም ተቢዖም ዝቋወሙ ዘለዉ፡ ብዘየናሹ፡ ጻዕርታቶም ብዘቆናጽብ፡ ዓወታቶም ብዘየናኣእስ መንገዲ ምምካሮም ንምንታይ ይሽረበና። ሎሚ ጉዳይና ጉዳይ ደቂ-ሰባት ናብ ዝበሃለሉ ደረጃ ስለ ዝኣተወ፡ እቶም ዝወረደ እናወረዶም፡ ደው ኢሎም ንህግደፍ ኣብራኹ ኾራሚዮሞ ዘለዉ ምስጋናን ሞሳን ይግብኦም። ከምቲ ውሑዳት ኮይና ሰውራ ኣዐዊትና ንብል፡ ሕጂ’ውን ውሑዳትን ውሕሉላትን፡ ዝገብርዎ ዘሎ ዝድነቕ መኸተ መቐይሮ ከምጽእ ምዃኑ ፍሉጥ’ዩ፡ ምኽንያቱ ብዙሓትን ጥምዙሓትን ናይ ዓወት ትዕድልቶም ዝመንመነ እዩ። ህዝቢ ክረዳዳእ መታን፡ ሽግር ህዝብና ብማእከላይ ኣርእስቲ ክዝተየሉን፡ ኣፍልጦ ንምዕባይ ክወዓዋዕ ይግባእ እምበሪ፡ እዞም ሓደ ሓደ፡ ተቛውሞ እንዳበሉ ወግሔ ጸብሔ፡ ጭቃ ክለኽዩ ዝህንደዱ’ዮም ነገራት ሓሊኾም ዘለዉ። ህግደፍ ክብሪ ደቂ-ሰባት ዝግህስ ፉንፉን ስርዓት ከም ምዃኑ መጠን፡ ብዙሕ ሕማቕ ነገራት ምሂሩ እዩ። እዚ ድማ ብሰበብን ሰበባን ሰብኣውነት ወዲ-ሰብ ምድፋርን መበቆላዊ መሰል መንነት ምንፋግን ዝኣመሰሉ ኣረሜየናዊ ስልትታት ይሕውስ። ነዚ ሰራም ኣስተምህሮ ሓግሒግና ንምጥፋእ ግን፡ ሚዛን ልቦናና ክቐንዕ፡ ግድን እዩ። ስለዚ ኣይትሓዘለይ ኣንዊሔ፡ የግዳስ ኣብ ውሽጢ ተቛውሞ ኮይኖም ክንዲ ምኽሪ ዝልግሱ፡ ዲል ዝኸልኡ፡ ናይ ኮሓልቲ መንቆርቲ ተግባራት፡ ብግቡእ ክንግዘብ ይግባእ ዝብል ሓሳብ ብልች ስለ ዝበለኒ’ዩ።


      • Saleh Johar


        Thank you for articulating the problem that has been crippling the opposition. Mind you it is not new, we just didn’t find a way to tame it. That is why seven or eight years ago, we coined a name for them OTTO: Opposition To The Opposition. Some have changed their mind and are now prominent members of the justice camp. But, like anything in society, there are new members in the OTTO camp and the cycle is too tiring, too circular. That is why I have decided to ignore the distraction and move on. You see! It is disheartening when they try to deny the role of justice camp in bringing about the recent UN report. People have invested sweat and time in exposing the regime and communicating the suffering of Eritrea and finally, those we appealed to for years have finally heard and recognized our pain. Denying this role is cruel, inconsiderate and painful. But though painful, believe me it will be there, always. We just have to learn to move on regardless of the distraction.

        Thank you

        • Mahmud Saleh

          Ato SGJ
          Let me here it from you:is this in relation to my comment?

          • Saleh Johar

            You are becoming overly sensitive if not paranoid. Please remember I have hedl this view for a long time, before I knew you. Please stop thinking my comments are directed at you. If I have anything to say to you, I will mention your name, or call you and tell you myself. You are putting too much pressure on me with your hinting and suspicion. Please, please stop it. Take my word, I see comments and I interact with it at face value. If I want to write to you I will mention your name like always. The short answer is: you spoiled my tea time 🙂

            No, never thought of you. Why do you think it applies to you Mahmoud, it so happened HaileTG was addressing you. Pasha, please recognize that there are hundreds of people that my comment will apply to. But no. I didn’t have you in mind.

          • Mahmud Saleh

            Ahlan AbuSalaH
            Sorry, for the spoiled tea time; in return, I will forgo my coffee. I think you are right, the oversensitivity and paranoia is there, the good thing, Mahmuday is aware of it. But the story of wedi-Saleh is different.
            Wa shukran.

          • Saleh Johar

            Ahlam Mahmuday,
            Indeed, try hard to keep wedi Saleh in the bottle. We all have our double that we keep in the bottle. If one is let loose, the others are also enticed to break lose. Let’s work harder to keep the crown tightly closed. Never mind the mishap.

      • Mahmud Saleh

        ስላም ሃይለ ሓያል
        እቲ ቫይረስ’ኳ ንበይኑ እዩ። ናይ ሎም ዘመን ቫይረስ ኣክንዲ ናይ ተክሳስ ሎንግ ሆርን ኣቕርንቲ ዝውንን፡ ነዚ መናድቕ ሻንብቖታት ስርዓተ-ምስትንፋስ ከም ጋሻ ውሕጅ ብሕጉግ ኣቢሉ ካን ከም በቕሊ ዝሸናዳሕ፡ ኣፍልብኻ ነዲሑ ብዓንቐርካ ከም ትተፍኦ ዝገብር፡ ንበይኑ ዓይነት ፍጥረት እዩ። በቲ ንእሽቶ ወደይ ዝጀመረ ከውድቐኒ ሰሙን ወሲዱሉ። ከም ትፈልጠኒ ድማ ገና ጎበዝ (ብብርከይ ዘስተንፍስ) እየ። ኣልሓምዱልላህ።
        ኣብቲ ዝበልካዮ ርኢቶ ብዙሕ ኣይፈላለን እየ። እታ ርኢቶይ ምስታ ሓው እሽማዒል ዝጸሓፋ ኣዛሚድካ እንተርኢኻያ፡ እቲ ቀንዲ ርእሲ-ዂናት ናይ ትሕዝቶኣ፡ እቲ ንጽሕፎን ንጥቐመሉን ቋንቋን ነቲ ንደልዮ ሓድነታዊ ሓይ ሊ ዘሰስንን ዘብርኽን ዘቐራርብን ክኸውን እየ ዝምሕጸን ነይረ። ምኽንያቱ፡ ናብ 45 ዓመታት ተመሊስካ፡ ንገዚፍ ክፋል ህዝብና ዝተሰለፈሉን ዘጽለለሉን ውድብ ሃይማኖታዊ፡ ኣኤትኒካዊ…መሰረት ዝነበሮ እዩ ምባል ብቐዳምነት ሓቕነት ዝጎደሎ እዩ (ኣብቲ ቀዳማይ ጽሑፉ መሊሰሉ ነይረ)፡ ብካልኣይ ደረጃ ድማ ኣብ ከምዚ ዓይነት ቅርሕንታዊ ገምጋም ዝምስረት “ኤርትራዊ ሓይሊ” ክህነጽ ይኽእል እዩ ዝብል ግምት የብለይን (ብዛዕባ “ንሕናን ዕላማናን” ኣብ ካልእ ግዜ ርኢቶ ክህብ እየ)፣ ስለ’ዚ ድማ ነቲ ንደልዮ ምትእኽኻብን ምትእምማንን ዝብሕጉግ እዩ ዝብል ኣምንቶ ኣሎኒ። ብሳልሳይ ደረጃ ድማ፡ ነቲ ጭቑን ህዝቢ ብዝመስሎ ኪቃወም መሰሉ እዩ ዝብል መስመር ዝሰማመዓሉ ኮይነ፡ ወላ ነቲ ጎነጻዊ መኸተ እውን ህዝባዊ ተሳትፎ ወሳኒ ምኻኑ ንምስማር፡ ነዚ ተሳትፎ እዚ ንምርግጋጽ ድማ ንጥቀመሉ ኣቀራርባ ጥንቑቅ ክኸውን ንምባል እየ። እዚ ስክፍታ እዚ፡ ኣብቲ ንምትእኽካብ ደቂ መታሕት ዝወጽእ ዝነበረ ጽሑፋት ይኹን ኣብ ተመሳሳሊ ምስ ኤትኒካዊ ይኹን ካልእ ማሕበራዊ ሕቶታት ዘልዕል ዛዕባታት ኣብ ዝወጸሉ እዋናት ዘሰክፈኒ እዩ። መሰለይ ይኹን መሰል ካልኦት ናይ ምጉዕጻጽ ዝንባሌ ዝይኮነስ፡ ኤርትራ ኩላትና ሓቢርና ምስ እንወፍረላን እንዘምተላን ጥራይ ከም ሃገር ክትድሕን ትኽእል ዝብል ነቕ ዘይብል እምነት ኣሎኒ። እቲ ዝፍጠር ሓይሊ ነቲ ነዘን ክፍልታት ዘሰክፍ ዘሎ ሕቶታት ዘካትት ክኸውን ይኽእል እዩ ኢለ ኣሓስብ። ምትእምማን ጥራይ ምሞባል። ምክብባር። ኣነ ኩሉ እቲ ክምለስ ዘለዎ ሕቶታት ጠፊኡኒ ኣይኮነን ሃይለ። ግን ኣሳታፊ ሃገራዊ መድረኽ ይድለ ስለዘሎ እዩ።
        ኣብ ደረጃታት ሱታፈ እንተመጺእና፡ ብልክዕ ብተራይ ኣይጃሃርን፡ ንካኦት ከቛናጽብ እውን መሰል የብለይን። ኣብቲ ርኢቶይ እውን ብብሩህ ኣቐሚጠዮ ኣለኹ። ኣብዚ ፎረም ንሳተፍ ብደረጃ ሃገር ድዩ ብዞናናን ከተማናን፡ ከምኡ እውን ኣብዚ ፎረም ይኹን ካልእ ብእንገብሮ መበራበሪ ጽሑፋትን ርኢቶታታትን ክትዓትን ዓዓቕምና ንገብር ኣሎና እብል። እቶም ዓንቐፍቲ ኢልና ንግምቶም ድማ ብተናጸል ምግጣሞምን ስለምንታይ ይጋገዩ ከምዘለዉን ምክትዖም፡ ብፍላይ ነቶም ብሰንኪ ዘይብሩህነትን ጽልግልግን ናይዚ ግዜ ናበይ ከምዘብሉ ዘሸግሮም ዘሎ ወገናትና፡ ብዝሑል ልቦና ምቕራቦም። ምኽንያቱ ግደና ምስ ገበርና ኢና መን እዩ ብሰንኪ ጉድለት ሓበሬታ ነግ-ፈረግ ዝብል ዘሎ፡ መን እዩ ድማ ኮነ ኢሉ ከበላሹ ዘዕገርግር ዘሎ ክንፈልጥ ንኽእል ኢና። ከምቲ ዝበልካዮ መሰል ምቕዋም ኩሉ ጭኮና ዝስመዖ ኣካል እዩ። ብኸመይ ይፈትሖ ድማ ንሱ እዩ ዝውስን። ኣብዚ ግን ብዛዕባ ምሉእ ሃገር ንዛረብ ስለዘለና ኣረዳድኣና ሓላፍ-ዘላፍ ክኸውን ከም ባህርያዊ ተውፍቦ ክንቕበሎ ኣለና። ኩላትና ሓደ ዓይነት ንቕሓትን ርድኢትን እንተዝህልወና ቐደም ዓድና ምኣተናን ንደልዮ ስርዓት ምተኸልናን። ሓላፍነት ናይ ከምዚ ከማኻ ዘመሰሉ ውፉያት ድማ መብራህቲ ምዃን ምውህሃድን እዩ። ኣብዚ ጸላም ግዜ ላምፓዲናታት የድልዩና ኣሎዉ። ንእሽቱን ዓበይትን።
        ኣብ መወዳእታ ክብሎ ዝደሊ፡ ሃናጺ ህየሳን ነቐፌታን ምጽዋር ኣዝዩ ጠቓሚ እዩ። ሕብረተሰብና ብብዙሕ ሕልኽላኽ ዝሓለፈን ዝሓልፍ ዘሎን ስለዝኾነ፡ ብፍላይ ብዛዕባ ታሪኽ ብረታዊ ቓልሲ ኣብ ዝውገዓሉ፡ ጥንቓቐ ከድልየና እዩ። ምኽንያቱ፡ ካባኻ ጀሚሩ፡ እቲ ዘሎ መንእሰይ ንቕድሚት ዝምርሽ እዩ። ይኹን እምበር፡ ዝበዝሑ ካብቶም ነተን ፖለቲካዊ ውድባት ዝመርሑ ዘለዉ ይኹኑ ብዕድመ ድፍእ ዘበሉ ዜጋታትና (ካባይ ጀሚርካ) ብኣተሓሳስባ ይኹን ብኣካል ኣብኡ ዝተባዓጡ እዮም። ብኡ ድማ እየ፡ ነቲ ሓው ሳልሕ ጆሃር ዝጸሓፎ (“ክሳብ 1991 ሓድጊ ኩላትና እዩ”ዝብል ዓንቐጽ) ዝደገፍኩ። ናይ ሎሚ ህግድፍ ምስ ህግሓኤ ዘመሳስሎን ዝፈላልዮ ብዙሕ ኣሎ። ስለ’ዚ ነቲ ዘመሳስሎ ጥራይ ምቕራብ ኣይግድን ነበረ። ንነፍሲወከፍ ናይተን ሓው እስማዒል ዘቕረበን ኣመሳሰልቲ ነጥብታት ግምጥል ኣቢለ ማለት ብዝፈላልየን ጌረ ምስኣቕረብክወን ነይረ። ግን ጠቓሚ ክርክር ኣይክኸውንን ኢለ ናብታ ቀንዲ ኣርእስቲ ኣድሂበ።
        ነዊሑ ከምዘሎ ይርደኣኒ ኣሎ፡ ግን ብዙሕ ምስ እንለዋወጥ ጥራይ እዩ ልብታትና ክጋጣጠሙ ዝኽእሉ።
        ግዜኻ ስለዝወሰድኩልካ ኣይተሓዘለይ። ረስኒሰውነተይ= 102.4 ደግ F.
        ሓውኻ ማሕሙድ.

        • haileTG

          መርሓባ ማሕሙዳይ፡

          ጥዕና ቕድሚ ኹሉ! ንኸምዚ ኸማይ ሃልሃል ዝብል ሓይሊ ኣርባዓ ሒዞም ዘዕገርግሩ፡ ሓንሳብ ሓንሳብ ሸለል ኢልካ፡ ውዕይቲ ሻሂ ሰቲኻ በጥ ምባል’ውን ግሩም እዩ፡-) ብዝኾነ ክሳብ ሕሽ ዝብለካ ዘረባ ኣየንውሓልካን’የ። ብሓጺሩ ግን ሽግርና ኣብ እዋናዊ ኩነታት ዘተኮረን፡ ንእዋናዊ ጸገማት ፈልዩ ዝጥምትን ክኸውን ይግባእ፡ ብምባል ምሳኻ ዘሎኒ ምርድዳእ ክገልጸልካ እደሊ። ከም እትፈልጦ ገጢሙና ዘሎ ሽግር ብመንጽር ኣሎ ዝበሃል ዓቕምታትና፡ ዋላ ኩሉ ከም ባህግና ሰጥ ኢሉ እንተዝስራዕ’ውን፡ ኣዝዩ ገጅፍ እዩ። ኣነ እብ ዝተፈላለየ መድረኻት፡ ዋላ ምስ በዓልኣቶ ዮሴፍ ገ/ሂወትን ካልኦትን ብዓቕመይ እብ ጉዳይ ገድላዊ ታሪኽን፡ ናይ ሕጂ ወለዶን ዝጠምሮን እንተዘየሎ ድማ ከረዳድኦ ዝኽእል ኩነታትን ብዙሕ ዘህልኽ ክትዓት ሓሊፈ ነይረ። ኣቶ እስማዒል ዘቕርቦ ዘሎ ሓሳብ፡ ብምልኣት ክምልሽ ቁሩብ ጊዜ ኣይሓገዘንን እምበር፡ ሓደ ሓደ ሃናጺ ሓሳባት ክንለዋወጥ ምዃንና ተስፋ እገብር። ብሓጺሩ ግን እዚ ወለዶ ኣብ ገድላዊ ትንታነታት ኣትዩ፡ ንዕኡ ዝግባእ መጥመሪ ገይሩ፡ ናብ ፖለቲካዊ ክልሰ-ሓሳብ ቀይሩ፡ ምስ እዋናዊ ብደሆ ኣተኣሳሲሩ፡ ናይ ቃልሲ መሪሕ ስነ-ሓሳብ ክፈጥር፡ ይከኣል እዩ ምባል ኣመና ኮለል ኮይኑ ይስማዓኒ። ጉዳይ ዘመነ ገድሊ ኣገዳሲ እዩ፡ ግን ኣብ ካልእ ቦታን ግዜን። ብሓቂ’የ ዝብለካ፡ ንሱ ርእሱ ዝኸኣለ ሕጋውን፡ ሞራላውን፡ ታሪኻውን ትሕዝቶ ስለ ዘለዎ፡ ምስዚ እዋናዊ ጉዳይና ከተላግቦ ምፍታን ንርእሱ ሓላኺ ግደ እዩ ዝጻወት። ካብኡ ክንወጽእ ግዱድን ውዱእን ጉዳይ እዩ። ባይታ’ውን ኣይፈቕዶን። ስለዚ። ኣስፍሕ ኣቢለ ምስ ሓው እስማዒል’ውን ሓሳብ ምልውዋጥና ዝተርፍ ኣይኮነን። እንተ እቲ ቀጻሊ ኣንጻር ተቋውሞ ከም ሓደ ዝተዋሰነ ጉጂለ ወሲድካ ዝግበር ዘሎ ዘመተታት ግን መዕገቲ ክግበረሉ ዘሎዎ፡ ዘይሓላፍነታዊን ስነ-ምግባራውን እዩ። እዚ ሓደ ገጽ እቲ ዝገጥመና ዘሎ ጽገማት ክገልጸልካ እምበር ከምኡ ትገብር ኣሎኻ ኢለ ኣይኮነን። ከም ዝተረዳዳእናሉ ተቋውሞ ናይ ኩሉ ውጹዕን፡ ጽባሕ ዝውጻዕን ገፊሕ ሃገራዊ መርበብ እዩ። ነዚ ክውንነት ድማ ከም ጉዳይ ሓደ ወይ ክልተ ባእታታት እናተናኣኣሰ፡ ትንፋስ ምኽላእ ኣይ ምስቲ ስርዓት ተደጋጊፉ ኣይ ድምጺ ወጽዓ ኣጋዊሑ፡ ላንጋ ዘትርፍ ኣካይዳ እዩ ዝበልና። ገድሊ ታሪኽን ውርሻን ህዝቢ ኤርትራ ስለ ዝኾነ፡ ሕቶ እንተሎ ኩልና ተሓተትቲ ኢና። እሞ ማሕሙዳይ፡ ደሓን ሕጂ ጥዕና’ኻ ኣለይ መለይ በላ። ኣብ ቀጻሊ ክንውድኦ ኢና፡ ይእከልና ንሕጂ።

          ምሕረት የውርድ።

    • Ismail

      Salamat Mahmud…….

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I believe you are just commenting on the state of the opposition because I do not see a clearly expressed viewpoint. Your appeal to me to “to use every moment and word on solidifying that coalition” is an advice I appreciate and reciprocate by appealing to you to do the same. As Abraham Lincoln once stated “if there is anything wanting that is within my power to give, please do not fail to let me know”,

      We all should do what we can but we should avoid as much as possible wallowing in self-pity about the condition of the opposition and paralyzing ourselves with predictions of a chaotic future falling. Fear of future chaos is another ruse dictatorships love to dangle in front of their people to discourage them from rising up in revolt while they themselves have no problem creating chaos and mayhem.

      Ismail (pointblank)

  • said

    Salam Ismail,

    EPLF was always about power control and total hegemony. Rather, from early stage perception of reality has to be created by resolved by power, many action undertaking to create realty on the ground : The projection of power creates the understanding of purpose and an understanding of purpose allows Nuso to project doctorial power.

    We must not forget the ugly realty and awful lesson he taught Eritrean people, hellish on earth for 24 years. No sane of people would choose to prolong that oppression and misery for even one more day longer.

    We all know EPLF’s has a number of inhuman advantages. One is their total discipline and cruel ,merciless, ruthlessness and disregard for our population’s aspiration and dream, irrespective of how others may interpret the doctrine of Nhanan Alamanan. Their willingness to be ruthless and eliminate Eritreans who oppose them ideologically and politically , irrespective of any local and international human rights norms, EPLF/PFDJ inspires their foot troops and puts fear in the population and looked at them as their eternal enemies. Their willingness to use forces to settle any real or perceived problem, example of their planned ruthlessness is Menkka, is real testament . Only the armies of the Mao ‘s china red army’s, Mussolini fascist armies and Mongol leader Genghis Khan were as brutal. This also means that they don’t consider civilian death and casualties of any importance or any consequence. Regime is Ready and Willing to deploy power to oppress, subjugate , kill and slaughter any opposition and ignore all the costs to the populations they oppress and control in failed state .

  • Ismail

    Yes. I am the same person you knew in dehai. Thanks for the feedback.

    Ismail (pointblank)

  • Equestrian Putin

    Yes! That’s what struck me immediately as well. Isaias looks like a balder Mengistu all the way!

  • said

    Salamat Ismail Thank you, you exposed the doctrine of
    Nhnan and ALmanan and you unmasked the EPLF/PFDJ/GOV for what it was and it is.

    • Ismail

      Selamat Said,

      I appreciate the feedback and glad that you found it interesting.

      Ismail (pointblank)

  • tes

    Dear Ismail,

    Thank you again for such noble article.


    • Ismail

      Selamat Tes,

      You are very welcome Tes. I appreciate your kind comments and am very happy that you found it to be of some value.
      Ismail (pointblank)

  • teweldino

    Hi Ismail,

    The interchangeability of PFDJ and EPLF is definitely not confusing to average Eritreans who normally refer to it as as ShaEbia. Denying the fact that EPLF / PFDJ is the same entity and the later is the continuation of the former is political correctness gone mad.

    • Ismail

      Selamat Teweldino,

      I agree it should not be confusing but you would be surprised at how many deny this apparent reality. I appreciate the feedback.

      Ismail (pointblank)

  • Hamza Yusuf

    My Tigre speaking buddy from Keren told me they hate you all.Kebesa Eritreans and even are skeptical of the jeberti ( jeberti being wish washy with saebiya and minimal contribution during armed struggle)He said Isaias is in power due to the islamophbia of Kebesa.I believe once Isaias is gone you Kebesa mofos will be in trouble. By land mass 85% of Eritrean land belongs to the Muslims. 🙂

  • Semere Andom

    The Induction And Indictment Of PFDJ Leaders And Their Supporters:

    Hi All:
    PFDJ tasked its writers to respond to the damming report by the Commission of Inquiry with the same lies and defense of its own crimes. The report pointedly talks about how the government enslaves and tortures its people, but PFDJ span it as if it was targeted at the people of Eritrea, while the people of Eritrea were who volunteered to give their testimony to indicted the government of PFD of the heinous crimes and doing so they inducted PFDJ leaders to Hall of Shame of the Pantheons of the Hitlers, Pol Pots, Ghaddafis and Saddams.

    The report will forever and indelibly be in annuals of the Eritrean history and matter what it contributes to how soon PFDJ goes, it will for eternity indicted those associated with PFDJ and DIA that they were accused with crimes against humanity, sexual slavery and torture. And am sure someone, somewhere is wetting their pants and their skirts.

    160 written testimonials and 550 people participated to make this report a realty, the Eritrean people, the victims spoke representatively, some of them from their graves, some of them from their dungeon. This is the testimonials of thousands voiceless, a succinct summary of perpetual crimes that the people of Eritrea has been subjected to for the last 24 years, almost a silver jubilee of since the crimes against humanity was unleashed against the people

    • haileTG

      Hi Sem,

      Here brief nonsense:

      why are they trying to defame #Eritrea , because we are attempting to do something never been done before.

      .@UN_HRC Commission of Inquiry – Judge/Jury/Prosecutor/Executioner all in one, waging imperialist war by “human rights” against #Eritrea

      The facts on the ground are on the contrary to #CIO #bogusReport. #Eritrea

      You’ll never see #Eritrea’n police doing this! Widespread crime on humanity looks like this >>> #USA <<< @UN_HRC #COI


      ERi is extincting, our sovereign has been attacked so many times, so what you say doesn't exist on the ground? I wish it did.

      If you read one, you read them all…bla bla bla … 🙂

      • Saleh Johar

        HaileTG, and why do you punish us by making us read this halewlew 🙂

      • teweldino

        Hi Haile,

        I agree with Sirak Bahlibi’s “because we are attempting to do something never been done before.” He is right. Attempting to commit crimes against humanity upon one’s own blood kins is probably something never been done before!

  • T..T.

    Hi L.T

    Allow me to call Isayas, “your friend.”

    Your friend Isayas, like he did to you unto now, fooled me too once. I only opened my eyes when the economic burden on the poor masses of Eritrea worsened: NO BREAD, NO WATER, NO ELECTRICTY. That’s why Eritrean kids are crossing the border to find new caregivers.

    Yes, your friend is discouraging the youth to go to school and forcing them to leave the country. He (your friend Isayas) is also discouraging the workers to acquire new skills other than perfecting in firing bullets at their family members. He too, of course your friend, is denying the famers to work on their lands, and yet he is forcing them to pay taxes on every head of chicken, sheep, goat, donkey, cow and camel.

    Your friend’s (Isayas) desire to be the only businessman and industrialist in the country is responsible for intimidating and forcing all the Eritrean businessmen and industrialists to leave the country and move to other neighboring countries.

    Surely, your friend’s history includes that he is fully responsible for dissention among family members, villages and the whole country in order to weaken the people and easily enslave them.

    But his fools don’t see all that because don’t open their eyes to see that they are being made part of his (Isayas’s) divide and rule tools.

  • T..T.

    Hi all,

    History of Isayas confirms that deceit is incurable. His history also confirms that deceit, like tango, takes two partners to dance: the deceiver and the fooled.

    When the General Command of the ELF sent Isayas as its highest representative to Kebesa, he claimed the title “General” and his supporters started to refer to him as general Isayas.

    When the young revolutionaries claimed “the field for the fielders” and decided to oust the Supreme Council, all agreed to resign with exception of Sabbe. Isayas joined the reactionary groups led by Sabbe. Bereket Menghestable song condemning the “Crescenters and Crusaders of Eritrea” refers as a quick and detailed explanation.

    Yet, the horrible truth about Isayas is that he always has power over his miserable officials (butlers) because he blackmails them. And, the horrible truth about his generals is that they extract every penny from the public by terror. Yet still, the naked truth about the generals is that once one is a criminal at the orders of Isayas that general becomes a criminal for life serving his master.

    On the other public officials, Isayas’s policy of starvation works because he knows that starvation is the mother of all crimes. That is why some of his money hungry agents pull oiled knives on the well-to-do Eritreans asking them “Your money or your life.” But, in cover ups, the oiled knife won’t let the victims escape their fates. Those who escape are picked up and vide the policy of “jail, deny and kill,” they become the victims of disappearance.

    • Ismail

      You make some good points above but I can’t fully agree with you there that “deceit is incurable” or generals become “criminal for life” . There are too many examples of people who transform themselves that I would never write-off anyone.

      Thanks for the feedback
      Ismail (pointblank)

      • T..T.

        Hi Ismail,

        Human greed, political adventurism and gambling addict are incurable but preventable. However, the incurable insanity of Isayas and his generals is cancerous and must be removed (rooted out) only. That is why the Eritrean opposition waves the banner announcing “No negotiation with the addict criminals” denying Isayas the dignity of a political compromise.

        • Fenomeno

          Maybe they are at the same time also denying our people a peaceful political transformation.

          Denying Isayas the dignity of a political compromise is worth nothing. If Isayas would invite the so-called opposition tomorrow, then off course the opposition should accept that. However, due to the current situation in Eritrea that is far from realistic. And PFDJ is mainly to blame for that.

          Just saying that shaming PFDJ on itself should not be the goal, and neither would be an accomplishment. If it would not result in a peaceful and developmental Eritrea, then it is worth nada.

          • Ismail

            Selamat Fenomeno.

            You stated that “if Isayas would invite the so-called opposition tomorrow, then off course the opposition should accept that.”

            No. No. No! Accepting an invitation from Isayas would be the greatest mistake the opposition will ever make because any discussion with the dictator only strengthens his ability to deactivate or neutralize the opposition. Since he can renege on his promise (as he has done countless times in the past) without suffering any consequences while democratic forces stand to lose much, such an imbalance of power renders the negotiation nil.

            The opposition also runs the risk of being falsely accused for violating any agreements negotiated that will then justify a subsequent crackdown by the GOE. This is not an unlikely scenario considering PFDJ’s record of demonizing and destroying its opponents. Do we forget so quickly and so easily? When will we ever learn from past mistakes? How many times do we have to be hoodwinked before we wise up? All the G-15 ever wanted was to negotiate (as you do) and we know what happened to them. Had they never trusted the dictator, they would perhaps have been closer to their goals by now.

            No. The opposition should never fall into the trap set by the dictator again and help him achieve his goals. Democratic forces must forever remain vigilant and rigorously maintain their independence until such a time when their strength can repel any GOE onslaught.

            Ismail (pointblank)

          • Saleh Johar

            Hi Ismail,
            There is a dilemma here and I wish you could think about it and present it in an article.

            You know we come from a worrier culture and bAal Sre and sebaay seb’ut is an endearment that appeals to the macho instinct of the society.

            However, there are two kinds of groups who shun violent confrontation.1) those who are too much influenced by the culture of peaceful resistance, they are genuine, and 2) those who wouldn’t like to see the darling PFDJ confronted by its own means of choice: violence.

            Then there are those who have concluded the regime will not be removed unless it is militarily confronted. These also are two groups. 1) who believe it and are pursuing it though with little achievement, and 2) those who advance it because they see it is the only way that would bring them to power, regardless of the fact that they are not any different than the PFDJ.

            The dilemma is with the fence-sitters: if any opposition group thinks or initiates a violent method, they discredit it nay etiopia tanki tekheltilom, hagerna fah-bittn k’etuwula, etc. They make the excuse that violent struggle is damaging and it should be shunned.

            If the “opposition” goes about its struggle in a peaceful manner, they belittle it a force that doesn’t have neither leverage not influence, or future role. At the same time they scream of multi-party system in which they do not envision anyone else but the PFDJ.

            Can you put your mind on high gear and try to simplify this dilemma and maybe synthesize the contradicting views? I am counting on you because I know you are the best we have in addressing such confusion.

          • Ismail

            Selamat Saleh

            Thanks for the vote of confidence (whether deserved or not). If you recall, I have written twice on this issue: one on March 2001 (published in but no longer accessible). It was titled “on non-violence”. I wrote another piece on December 2010: I will think about writing another one on the subject but meanwhile, here is my take on the issue.

            Short of ignoring them, there is little you can do about the “fence-sitters” though undoubtedly, they do great harm to the the opposition. Since their goal (consciously or not) is to block or delay the forward march of the opposition, the remedy is to continue the march with staunch purpose. Isayas is fond of quoting the saying the “dog barks but the camel marches on” or something to the effect even as he marches on dead bodies. But the opposition would be wise to claim for itself the underlying wisdom in the saying.

            The same can be said about those egotists who would prostitute themselves to attain power or acclaim. So the only ones we should seriously engage are the other two: those who genuinely believe that military confrontation is the only way to defeat the dictatorship and those who sincerely believe peaceful resistance is the way to go.

            Those with few means at their disposal to counter the massive forces that are arrayed against them often find the mantra of peaceful resistance irresistibly attractive. One doesn’t have to contend with a painful prospect of blood, violence, death, and destruction. They gloss over the fact that blood and destruction is already the lot of people under dictatorship as continues to be the case in Eritrea. It is therefore likely that these ‘peacemakers” are thinking of their own blood and those of their comrades.

            They are literally building castles in the air blindly imitating concepts that they probably never took the time to fully digest because otherwise, they would know when such tactics are called for and when they are not. Now if we consider the situation in Eritrea, how are they going to resist peacefully when the usual tactics of non-violence (marches, sit-ins, boycotts etc..) are all forbidden at the risk of death? Will chanting peacefully from afar bring any change in such an entrenched dictatorship?

            As an example, let us say you know a man who would blast you into smithereens the moment your back is turned or the instance he judges you are vulnerable. Let us also say you know from his actions in the past that he will destroy you whether you go to him armed or unarmed. I just described Isayas. We know how he dealt with those who came to him peacefully and politely (G-15) and we know how he dealt with those who came armed (wedi Ali) and we even know how he would deal with those he doesn’t like or suspects. Now, would you go to such a man unarmed to discuss pluralism and the rule of law or would you rather take a chance armed with something to defend yourself with ?

            Or consider another analogy: let us say you are about to encounter a wild animal that would not hesitate to pounce upon you and devour you, do you grab anything that will serve as a weapon and try to survive or do you try to reason and plead with the beast that you “come in peace”? If you opt for the latter, the beast will love you but devour you nonetheless all the time marveling at your stupidity and praying for more “peaceful” victims like you to come his way. Our predicament is really not that different.

            So the question we should ask is not whether peaceful resistance is better or worse than armed revolt but which method would work best with the devil we face………….

            There are of course circumstances when peaceful resistance would make sense as a tactic but only those contemplating suicide would try it with a megalomaniac like our dictator.

            I will stop here before this starts to look like an article but in short, that is how I see it..

            Ismail (pointblank)

          • AOsman

            Dear Ismael,

            I guess you are referring to the following article:




          • Ismail

            Selamat AOsman,

            Yes. That is the one! Thanks for digging it out.

            Ismail (pointblank)

        • Ismail

          Selamat T.T.

          I think we need to separate two concepts here. The issue of individual addiction and criminalization and the dictatorship as a whole. I agree that negotiation with the dictatorship should never be considered even if by some miracle Isayas was to call for it as I have noted in my response to Fenomeno.

          But as far as individuals are concerned, I think making blanket statement is not wise because we all know (don’t we?) people who totally overcame their addictions and criminal behavior to become exemplary human beings.

          Ismail (pointblank)

  • Semere Andom

    Dear Ismail:

    Let me paraphrase a book written before Nhan Elamanan
    Allah lifted you and took you by the hand and made you a great thinker

    • Ismail

      Selamat Semere,

      As they say in Tigrigna “Baelkha Tihishelu” but you baffle me… a book written before Nhnan Elamanan? Thanks Semere for the feedback.

      Ismail (pointblank)

      • Semere Andom

        Dear Ismael:
        I was referring to your name, Ismael, when God told Hagar, “Lift him and hold him by his hands and I will bless him and make him great! 😉

        • Ismail


          I know you are not trying to compare me with Ishmael (of the Bible) or Ismail (of the Quran) – you better not! – and that you were just complimenting me on my thinking ability (which I appreciate a great deal) but if I am to compare with that great prophet (pbuh) in any way, it can only be that he, like me, lived in exile.

          Ismail (pointblank)

          • Semere Andom

            Hi Ismail:
            He lived in exile, he was thirsty he wanted water, a right of every human being, “wo Khelaqna kuluu shaeen mi mae hayyen”. You are also craving liberty as God created man to be free and not be under shackles, lots of comparison, you are the rightful owner of the liberty as he as the rightful owner of the house of Abraham

          • Ismail

            I think I can accept that Semere and hopefully without appearing supercilious. You are very persuasive and eloquent my friend.

            Ismail (pointblank)

            p.s. I am impressed by your knowledge of religious scriptures. Are you competing with your namesake (:-)?

          • Semere Andom

            Hi Ismail:
            Even if I try he will beat me hands down, I know that. But I think we both are comfortable because of our openness( yes aboy Fekadu, I know )) and exposure to both at early age;-)

          • Saleh Johar

            Don’t you worry, you have earned it. You can even add Fekadu as your middle name 🙂

            Aboy Semere “Fekadu” Andom. I do it with “Gadi”