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It has been a long time since my last post and many things have happened ever since: some personal and some public but mostly sad or worrying. I will skip the exclusively personal and will take your sympathy as implicit in the time you will spend reading. Thank You! I am happy to see SJG back in action after the scary moments at the hospital. In spite of the ‘smoking’ root-cause, I am sure it gets every contributor of an article or a comment worried to think of how the drama that is created around the posts might have had a share on the stress. I get heart attacks reading the comments section once every blue moon for fun. I can’t even think what would happen to me if it was my job to administer the bunch. It is my sincere hope that whatever drama is created around our articles is always a storm in a teacup and I urge his majesty to take it for what it is. I am not good with “yimHarena – yimHarekum” stuff and please, SJG included, find me an excuse for not being among the first responders during emergencies.

By way of finding an excuse for myself, I would like to believe that I wasn’t as absent as in “indiElu”. At least, I did some attempts to understand how things are going on the ground and here are some.

Towards the end of last year, I traveled a little bit and met some amazing people who knew a lot more than I did. Top on the list was the magician of lowland politics my good friend Mahmoud Lobinet. I was humbled, to say the least, after meeting this walking encyclopedia of “the tricks”. I then succeeded in getting hold of a few members of the ELL, some in their leadership. I am grateful for the wealth of information they shared with me. They were very blunt in letting me know where they differed with my point of view. Of course, I also met a lot of “ayebzi-ayebti” lowlanders stranded in limbo. This year, I visited another place and met a considerable number of people that had a better grasp and more direct touch with things in Eastern Sudan, which is the subject of this basic introduction. These. by the way, are things I did “n’egri mengedikha” while I was on family-related personal business so that readers do not get the impression that I am actually traveling to do politics. I am too busy making a living.

Disclaimer: The above was only mentioned to say ‘thank you’ to the people who gave me some of their valuable time. Nothing that I say in this article or any that will follow should be misconstrued as official ELL positions or opinions. I do not speak for the organization, any of its leaders or its members. I am not even an officially registered member. For the sake of disclosure, all leadership members of the ELL that I met were actually strongly opposed to what I think should become the core project of the movement of lowlanders (on both sides of the border). For fear of putting words into people’s mouths, I will not mention those who contributed to my understanding by name but it should be understood that what I am sharing with you here is the substance of the discussions and opinions of knowledgeable people without citation (plagiarized you may say).


I don’t think any right-minded reader will contend that there is something wrong with the opposition. It might be “Qo’llie” or “wedi-g’ni” but they are not speaking our language and they are not here and now. If you can read a republished news from 2001 and think it happened yesterday, either you or the correspondent is a ghost from antiquity. In either case, you scare me. This article tries to argue that the opposition arena is haunted by zombies and they are figments of your imagination. The first part is to convince you that things have changed. The second part is a call for the structure of our thinking and approach to change. The last part is a hypnosis for you to forget that there was anything called Eritrea. It never existed, does not exist and “ooof! Nab libikha temeles”.


One thing that all lowlander activist groups have in common is the word “Eritrean” in their name, as in Eritrean Lowlanders League, the Eritrean Tadamun Thing (whatever their original name was), the Eritrean Kunama, Blin, Nara etc Organizations. To be fair, at least one lowlander group, the RSADO of Afar, played smart and found “Red Sea” for a change while still puddling in the mud as their definition refers to the same “Eritrean” in other names.

All these organizations of course understand and accept that each of them is a small player in the promised land where all Eritrean ‘components’ shall come together and negotiate the deal (according to ‘the prophecy’ of the armed struggle). The only thing that makes them ‘lowlander’ as a collective is that they all believe that it is possible to somehow hook or crook the Tigrigna into the negotiating table. What is keeping them from doing it today? The PFDJ! In other words, they believe that ‘the project’ of kicking lowlanders into landless “Bidoon” in their own home is the idea of an isolated (or isolatable) Neo-Nazi supremacists represented by the PFDJ.

In fact all the descriptive terminology, such as Neo-Nazi, Sectarian, Christian, Dictatorial etc…, that have been the center of endless debates and the cause of broken conferences, that have been used through the years refer to the same group (multiple names for one thing). These terms describe perceptions of behaviours of the same actor and do not presume the existence of different actors within the Tigrigna. None of these terms has ever referred to different subsets of the PFDJ or Tigrigna activism in general. It is taboo to even entertain the idea that functionally defined, all Tigrignas own the project whether they like it or not.

There is one very logical point that Tigrigna activists in particular and the pro-democracy movement in general, have consistently made. Of course don’t get me wrong, I actually believe that ‘pro-democracy activism’ is nothing but ‘Tigrigna activism’ in “megolbeb”, but I have to respect those who would counter argue that “I’m pro-democracy and I’m not Tigrigna”. So leave it aside for now.

The point they make is this: “If you actually believe that the project belongs to the PFDJ, even worse an isolated gang of supremacists within the PFDJ (a fraction of the whole), and that there is a chance that we can defeat it by defeating the PFDJ, why would you choose to become a distraction to the ‘struggle for democracy’.” It is only natural that once the PFDJ has been defeated, we can all come together and negotiate as equals as per the prophecy. All the lowlander groups that we know of so far are in a trap and cannot pass or play smart on answering the question without looking stupid or hypocritical. No serious politician or activist may skip this critical question and expect the respect of his constituents for integrity. Try this discussion with the smartest of lowlander politicians and you will feel like you are talking to a three-year-old about black holes in outer space.

What they do not understand is that any opposition organization or group that includes the word ‘Eritrean’ in its name is by definition a subset of an implicit united front against a shared primary enemy, in this case, the PFDJ regime. All the flashy speeches, lofty promises, the poetry and the music, in their political programs and conferences and the warrior faces they make is rubbish intended the camouflage the blunder. At the end of the day. the immediate goal of any implicit or explicit united front is to defeat the primary enemy. Once that is achieved and assuming one of the major players does not gobble the whole cake, the future (described in the political programs based on circumstances before the change) shall be renegotiated.

Luckily as you know, the probability that a united front can hold is negatively proportional to the length of time it takes to beat the primary enemy. Of course, one simple reason is that given more time the enemy may wipe or beak the coalition. This does not need to happen as even a united front that has been defeated on the ground (true in our case) can continue to hold on by hibernating until the rainy season. The inevitability of the defeat of a prolonged united front comes from the fact that the relationship is actually a race between two forces. On the one hand, there are the organized groups (parties in the coalition) who race to the finish line where the common enemy is defeated and negotiations on real issues start. On the other hand, there are the real issues themselves that threaten to take a life of their own by forming their own united front and picking their own primary enemy which may be different from the one we had in mind.

The function of all parties to the united front is to choke the real issues from exploding before such a convenient time when they can be negotiated to produce controlled change. It is the energy created by exogenous developments in the real issues that create the pressure and dynamism of the united front. Where this energy builds beyond capacity, the united front becomes a coalition of structural misfits. Structural misfits, in this case are defined as organized groups without causes. They first organize and then fumble for causes that they can champion. The center of gravity for individual members is the organization, not the cause.

In what follows, let us consider some observations and I will leave it for you to judge if you share my perception that the Eritrean opposition is a united front of structural misfits.


The following are facts that I assume you already take for granted. You are smart and I should not waste your time trying to convince you of what you already accept to be true:

The opposition does not know that the Eritrean people have had an abortion and Eritrea, as the fetus of the armed struggle, “teqoliAa” (my condolence). The good news is that the Eritrean people is pregnant again, except this time with bastards “wlad-Haram” of regional dynamics.

There is nothing real about nationhood as you know. If nationhood were real, all alternative avenues would produce the one and only reality. In the 1940s, for instance, there were several other options on the table that could have produced radically different nationhoods, one of which was Eritrea. As recently as 1993, there were two options that would have produced different nationhoods, one of which was Eritrea. Today there are a million options on the table that may produce radically different and equally legitimate nationhoods, none of which is Eritrea. The Eritrean opposition takes nationhood a little too seriously and promotes it as replicable reality (a blunder).

There are new players in the game and the Eritrean opposition is not one of them. Remember the “Neo-Nazi Tigrigna supremacists”? The new ones are as ugly and as stinky but with one more horn and a tail. The PFDJ’s Neo-Nazis knew their limits. Their dream was for us to look the other way and to let ‘Starvin Marvin’ make a living in the lowlands away from the curse in Adi-Gebray. Their kids, “raza nay abu’u Haza”, do not even know we exist. They are Ag’azian as “Riesi Medeed” likes to call them. In case you didn’t know, Ag’azian is the Shifta Nation that the Mahdiya used to identify as Habesha.

Here is a little story so that you understand the Mahdiya’s conception of the people of Habesha (also mentioned in previous articles). The Khelifa once received a complaint that a Mahdiya general who ruled the east had 300 Habesh tradesmen in detention. The Khelifa requested an explanation from the general and the latter wrote a letter to the former justifying his action. He wrote that they (the detainees) were “menajees – menakeed – la yuqimoon al salat”. In Tigrigna, the translation is close to “rikhusat – rugumat – zeysegdu”.

Of course I condemn the general’s accusations in the strongest words possible as outright racism but seeing today’s Ag’azian, I think you agree that the general might have had reason for discipline on the caravan. We have had our fair share of “menakeed” ourselves during raids of the Shifta nation by Alula et al.


We do not need to panic from the stinky Ag’azian for the foreseeable future. Let us worry about the Anti-Christ that has just been born on the other side of the border. It will take two centuries for the two sides of Ag’azian “nedHidom kerakhisu” for Mahdiya’s Habesha to emerge as a real threat. In what follows, I want you to consider a potential repeat of the notorious transboundary Caliphate at your doorsteps.

Very interesting phenomena are cooking the pot in what I will, for convenience call Bejastan, for the consolidating nation in the territory extending from the Zula peninsula in Eritrea to Sinar in Sudan. Historically as you know, both the Tigrigna government in Asmara and the Northern Sudanese ethnocracy in Khartoum have dealt with this theoretical possibility as an inevitable monster that shall sooner or later visit the region. In a typical mode of the self-fulfilling prophecy, I am inviting you to meet the guest.

So far, Sudan’s fate has not been any better than that of Eritrea. The Sudan, as we have known it, is gone for good. It is not even a probability for Sudanese policymakers that it is only a matter of time before Darfur and Eastern Sudan follow the example of the South, leaving the tribal coalition of Northern Sudanese drowning in its own mess. That may be a subject for another day. For now let us concentrate on the catalysts of change in the holy land of Bejastan. I have eliminated any colorations from the section below so that you may take the facts for the seriousness they deserve. Taken together, it is my hope that you see how the two parts of Bejastan have actually converged into one polity. We have reached a stage where the political question of the western Eritrean lowlands cannot be analyzed and hence resolved independently from the political question of Eastern Sudan. The argument is that when Eritreans speak to or of a lowlander, and Northern Sudanese speak to and of an Eastern Sudanese, both sides are actually talking to and of the same individual that you can identify by name.


Trade & Transportation

Those who have passed through the Sudan can visualize how interprovincial commerce in the country follows the highway as the only physical connection between the provinces. In the age of cyber commerce, this cannot be said any more about other countries but it is still true in Sudan. Port Sudan being the only port in Sudan, the highway linking the city with the rest of the country used to transverse Eastern Sudan connecting cities such as Kassala and Gedarif to the power center in Khartoum. The sense of being central to Sudanese economics used to bring a sense of belonging to Eastern Sudanese and helped maintain their distinctiveness from their cross-border cousins in the Eritrean lowlands.

In recent years, a new much shorter, and more efficient highway was constructed connecting Khartoum through Atbara in Northern Sudan to Port Sudan. Overnight, 100% of trade relations between Port Sudan and Khartoum was switched away from the good old highway to the new one, eliminating the significance of much of Eastern Sudan to the Sudanese economy. With it, of course, the people to people connection that trade between Eastern Sudanese and Northerners was almost eliminated.

Qatar came with a rescue mission and saved Eastern Sudan from collapsing by constructing a highway that links Kassalla to Ali Gidir and the rest of Eritrea. A second rescue mission came from the Lord himself when Eritrean ports turned into Ghost houses, cement and other merchandise flooded from Port Sudan and cotton and grain through Gedarif passed through Kassala making its way to Ali Gidir and beyond. With it, of course, came a new found excitement of people to people relations. Today, a Northern Sudanese has no business coming to Kassala unless traveling to Eritrea for a honeymoon and a Tigrigna has no business in heading to Kassala except for transit to Libya.

Citizenship Policy

As you know, it has been a few years now since the Sudanese government has established an “Umda” (tribal chief) under the “Naziriya” (chief of a tribal coalition) of one of the major tribal coalitions of Eastern Sudan for each tribe (ethnic group) in the Eritrean lowlands (and highlander Muslims to be exact). The function of these Umdas is to guarantee limited citizenship rights for their constituents. I say “limited” because, unlike a regular Eastern Sudanese Umda whose constituents are entitled to tribal land ownership, the constituents of Eritrean lowlander Umdas are landless citizens. The significance of this seemingly irrelevant metaphor is the presumption that there exist Eastern Sudanese citizens whose land has yet to be claimed. This is not an isolated policy by the way. The metaphor used as a policy instrument has in many instances of prolonged occupation served the purpose, the most notable being the case of Palestinian refugees who were accepted as citizens in Lebanon and Jordan.

Contrary to the Sudanese government’s promotion of the initiative as an expression of goodwill to welcome Eritrean lowlanders, there are real developments on the ground that have compelled this policy. The following are some:

  1. There have been numerous deals between the Sudan and the PFDJ to enable the latter to use Eastern Sudan as dumping grounds for unwanted communities of the lowlands in exchange for pimping border-guards of the PFDJ.
  2. Eritrea’s protracted refusal of the repatriation of lowlander refugees from Eastern Sudan has greatly reduced the sense of Eritrean citizenship among Eritrean lowlanders in Eastern Sudan leaving them no option but to innovate on ways of mingling beyond recognition. This in turn, has transformed the simple procedure of granting citizenship in Eastern Sudan into a legal nightmare that cannot be resolved without raising serious political issues in the region.
  3. The disproportionate spread of political Islam in Eastern Sudan primarily championed by activists eager to assimilate by declaring their communities more catholic than the pope has attracted the appetite of political entrepreneurs of the ruling party. The emergence of Eastern Sudan (practically Bejastan) as a major voting block for the ruling Islamists has repeatedly proven its worth in winning Sudan’s national elections. Ironically, it is the progressive movement (communists on top) who promote the traditionally right-wing agenda of racism and xenophobia calling to seal borders and build walls in Sudan today.

Eastern Sudanese Activism

As you know, the so-called ‘Eastern Sudanese armed opposition’ of Rashaida bandits and Eastern Sudanese opportunists hosted by Eritrea in the 1990s ended with the peace agreement. Once in power however the widely publicized peace agreement gave an emerging class of Eastern Sudanese activists the incentive to boost their constituency for a bigger share of the cake. A whole industry of activist advocacy reflecting the oneness of Bejastan took a life of its own in political games limiting the reach of the Northern Sudanese ethnocracy in Eastern Sudan and the distinctiveness or western lowlanders in Eritrea. You may not believe this but today, for instance, two types of Eritreans cross the border: Eritrean citizens hailing from the highlands (specifically Tigrigna) are required to present Eritrean passports and proper entry visas by the PFDJ and Sudanese authorities at border crossing points on both sides of the boundary. Eritrean citizens hailing from the lowlands are only requested (by the same authorities) to present paper permits (“tesreeH”) issued by the nearest immigration offices.

Sudan’s chronic civil wars have through the years required a constant flow of youngsters to enlist in the army. In the rage of these wars, a massive number of Bejastan youngsters (without distinction) were forcefully conscripted and a large number paid the ultimate sacrifice. The contribution of today’s Eritrean lowlanders in Sudanese civil wars was by far greater than the contribution of the Eritrean lowlander of the 1950s some of whom came back to carry Awate’s torch in the early 1960s. This phenomenon, on the one hand, gave citizenship with distinction to those who returned and the thousands of “Gold Star Families”, and on the other hand enhanced the legitimacy and voice of the political entrepreneurs of Eritrean origin. Unmistakably Eritrean citizens openly acquired high-level political portfolios traditionally exclusively reserved for Northern Sudanese supremacists.

Strategic Miscalculation

It might sound a bit confusing but from the point of view of national security strategy, where Eritrean lowlander are not the rulers in Eritrea, the Sudan has a vested interest in maintaining an active and uninterrupted presence of distinctively Eritrean opposition activity in Eastern Sudan. The primary purpose that such a presence serves is to give life and meaning to the international boundary between the two countries. Unfortunately, the catastrophic security situation in Sudan over the years and the urgency of pimping the PFDJ away from adding fuel to the fire, have compelled a major shift in Sudan’s policy towards Eritrea. The Eritrean opposition in Eastern Sudan was eliminated and any of the traces that they left were wiped out. This fatal miscalculation led to the elimination of the word Eritrea from cultural heritage and political memory of new generations of Eritrean lowlanders in Eastern Sudan. The international boundary lost its significance as a distinguishing barrier for two separate entities and regressed into a checkpoint for the movement of people not very different from the checkpoints on the highway to Khartoum.


Here I have only stated basic developments on the ground. Whether Bejastan (or whatever name you suggest) is as mature as I have tried to make it look may depend more on what you would like to see in your subconscious bias rather than on what is on the ground. This may be true for you as it is for me. Where I think you agree with me is that the Eritrean opposition needs to undergo major structural shifts to fit the emerging reality.

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  • Simon Kaleab

    Selam FS,

    I propose that they should all be deported to where they come from originally [the paradise of Eastern Sudan]. Problem solved.

    • Eritrios

      Let us suppose that that is where they came from originally as you said .. do you know what it implies ?
      There is a portion of the Eritrean society should be deported simultaneously to where they came from originally [the paradise of Tigray] .. wouldn’t be great ?!

    • Eritrios

      Let us suppose that that is where they came from originally as you said .. do you know what it implies ?
      There is a portion of the Eritrean society should “be deported simultaneously to where they came from originally” [the paradise of Tigray] .. wouldn’t be great ?!

      • Simon Kaleab

        Selam Eritrios,

        How do you know the context in which I wrote? The post by ‘FS’ has been deleted.

        Good luck!

  • Abraham H.

    Hello Awatistas,

    Where is DIA? Here is some of my observations regarding DIA in recent time:
    1-The Eritrean tyrant was photographed seeing off the Eritrean cycling team to Qatar from his Adi Halo base as reported on shabait on October 6’16.
    2-His regime had to hesitantly announce and admit the death of its UN ambassador Girma Asmerom. In his funeral which was conducted on October 9’16, the dictator didn’t attend.
    3-Three days after the funeral of amb. Girma, the regime’s website shabait reported DIA had left for a working visit to UAI, on the very day of Girma’s burial. This is odd in itself, because normally the regime’s media reports the same day when the dictator leaves. Usually the website reports what time the dictator leaves, using phrases like “in the morning hours”, etc. This time no mention of this, for obvious reasons.
    4-Today is thirteen days since the dictator left to UAI, but there is no report of whether he has returned to Eritrea or not. Usually the media of the regime reports of his return from foreign trip and mentions those who recieve him on arrival.

    I think there is something serious happening to the health of the dictator, he is probably undergoing intensive medical treatments in the Gulf states or even may be China, who knows?

  • Hayat Adem

    Hi Ali,
    Well, the world is better with you than without. I don’t mind if the thoughts are sometimes too bumpy, or too confusing or too angular, or too contrarian etc. I can’t get entertained enough by your lovely presentations. And I am not saying you didn’t make a sensible argument at all. Your arguments are spot on problematizing and analyzing our situations but too bold and parachutic on the solution part. Doesn’t matter though…I would never hesitate to pay to read you as much as I hate reading people trying to promote political robotism for decades…
    Some questions: The land issue is a policy thing, right? Do you really propose or endorse the breakup of a country to address a bad policy?
    We have been witnessing a lot of agonies everywhere in Eritrea: the LLers had been pushed out of their lands earlier and have never been welcomed back and never made it to home. The HLers are being pushed out now everyday as we speak and crowding out the human traffic routes,and will never be able to return before an enabling situation is installed in Eritrea. Wouldn’t it be better and more pragmatic to fight the system jointly as common enemy?
    At least, the traditional divide so far were known to be LLers vs HLers, Chritians vs Muslims, Arabic Vs Tigrigna etc. What will be adding as a positive space with this new and slightly different approach of curving out of a different map in terms of facing the problems at hand?
    Your mirror copy appears to be Tesfazion with his Agazian mantra (Ethiopia), yours being Bejastan (Sudan), SemereT promotes another extreme thoughts of Tigrigna domination while the ELL society initiative group match him with their outlook favoring a LL dominated system. Do you consider yourself a main stream thinker or outlier?

    • AliSalim

      Selam Hayat,

      Thanks for the nice words. It means a lot coming from someone who does not take nonsense easy.

      I do not normally ask about the solution before understanding the problem. What we are doing here, each in our own funny ways, is to find out why this and not that. It doesn’t always work but what I try to do is read facts on the ground as objectively as possible and state them bare and naked. Of course I add a little spin hoping readers will get emotionally invested. Where I do my homework right in reading facts objectively, readers tend to accept the underlying theory of change as is and discussion settles on the semantics. I usually lose and get bullied into hiding for another day.

      In this article (in the case of Eastern Sudan) for instance what I have detailed I believe are bare facts. If you have facts contrary to what I mentioned or if you can produce an alternative interpretation of the collective of those I have mentioned, it would give us a more complete picture. “ade’kha kem zileakhetka aykonen – idaga kem zitsenaHaka iyu” – would you not agree? What you suggested should happen (if I read you right), to promote predetermined solutions, is I believe propaganda, what I think should happen, discuss things as they are and negotiate solutions, is I think different. It is propaganda because implicit in your argument is that someone other than me knows better and that you and me should trumpet that solution.

      I think it is unfair to compare with others, “tesfazion Vs Hamezion” to use Mahmoud’s terminology. I think it is different when you react to the semantics of what we say and we we react to the substance of what they do. People cannot win on the loosing side of an argument.

      I love your inputs and have followed your comments on various issues wherever possible – keep going!

      Ali Salim

  • ibrahim

    Welcome bro..An Interesting and challenging write up .

    I see a disentanglement call, debunking mortal myths which we stand accountable for , otherwise; committing nonchalant disregard to a process of making and breaking.

    It looks an appetizer for a handsome repass , a call to transcend the old proven ways to no where! . No where ! That is what one looks for, as benefactor of a status quo ; somewhere (calculated) or anywhere (at worse) is a logical avenue for the have nots, and the nothing to loose when ( point blank shot or Yasir Arafat’s) way gravitate to its logical end.

    More important it stirs the otherwise docility ridden spectator, if blessed wth such treatise post the ‘ persona non grata’ red card linger on ..which you appear to neutralize so far, as evidenced by trend of reactions to your write ups …but remember the probation remains!….

    A silver jubilee of sociopolitical illiteracy (save the under duress y2k talks ) and perennial songs need close attention.

    Amongst all teachings man identifies with MATERIAL interest, apologies to Sufis & co . Therefore, one understands the stand of those who directly (storm) or remotely ( reform) defending the on going hegemonic realities that is getting graver. while writing this I overheard a veteran fighter saying fleet tracks full of Eritrean peasants are being gravitated to (I think karkabat?)….

    Desiderata excerpt “… but let this not blind you to virtue there is, many persons strive for higher ideals ….” , ever since , I pray to see such people beyond well placed schismatic project overwhelming our prudence. What ideals in the name of anything allow to overlook day light injustice ?

    When for instance Dr Barakhet admitted state land ownership of his making was a mistake, raised flash card or eyebrows , although far less than his acumen and extended experience, and Dr Tesfatzion Medhane warns of “Tigre Tigrinya” project was flashed as usual … I don’t know what is wrong with Italian ex- colonies…you see Dr Mansour Khaled spell it out against hegemony and al Bashir dumbfounded cannot liquidate him for his views…you see the late prof Mesfin w/Mariam debate the late Meles on Amhara (his own) against the later’s conviction and was left to his natural death. . But Qazzafis , Barre’s and Issayas’ neutralize carriers of Ideas for good and the opposition only flashes cards , while in opposition, and future will tell what the chair might dictate….we have already seen the fate of the two who were always in the forefront : UN singled out Eritrea and handed it over to another reign of ordeal..but kept them both former Italian colonies under mandate for a decade concluded with self rule.

    Is it the long sung “piccolo” so and so that developed into Mafiosi , antigen, against freedom of dissent… And your endeavor here is part of much needed drums of awakening to tolerate if not appreciate multi ideas & varying analysis while the underestimated! reader can relate facts based on his natural wisdom , knowledge, experience and interest..

    Man is haunted by three enemies, ignorance, fear and interest …you can maneuver within the former two and may succeed but the later is the bone of contention either wrestle it or negotiate it after fulfilling round table requirements..

    The web flashes news on A TigrInaTigrine project which incidentally Dr T. Medhanie takes seriously , in his article in Tigrinia ( “Eritrea in deathbed “, not verbatim). I don’t rule out such aspirations, but my readings did not lead me to a conclusive stand..for it depends on the internal dynamics of Ethiopian ruling elite and opposition weight..

    It is natural within today’s global politics , Middle East in particular… Yet to my knowledge , nothing of that sort transpired in The lowland.

    Eritrea: is not God ordained state but ‘against all odds’ may survive the Axes and axis of evil if platforms allow candid engagements , expose the wounds regardless of discomforts of sight and smell …By the way the axed map ( is it your idea ?). If so it should appear long ago , for the axe is busy ever since the ruling elites consolidated power..


    P.s: Eritrea has won UN membership and this is a precious license no less than the Red Sea , whoever molds it , God forbid, in any other shape, will make sure to use it (nominally) with or without its people… for recognition purposes…

    • Solomon

      መርሓባ ኢብራሂም፡

      “A call of disentanglement።” INDEED!

      And your post script!!! I suggest for all to print and lamenate to cary in their wallets, purses and pockets.

      መራሕቲ አዚ ወለዶ ተቐበልቲ ሽግ ሓርነት ኤርትራ። The New Independence Block! I suppose your enthusiastic and very poignant time will provide me ample time to collect more firewood.

      In the meantime, please tell me you are Fortysomething or younger. And have you brought with you all the young from your village? Your affirmative response will cancel my plans of putting classified ads everywhere “Wanted Thirty to Fortysomething and young Eritrean for “The Disntanglement Project An “Ali Salim United Front” Ali Beja-Hzbi Production.’Yeah! The Roof! The Roof is on FIRE! LET DA MOFO BURN BURN!

      Fasten Your Seat Belt! Of Peanut Farmers and ዓዳጉራ፡ ዓይኒ ዓተር and ኪሎ ዓደስ።

      ሰቡር ዉደ!

    • Ismail AA

      Hayak Allah ibrahim,

      Thoughtful and astute observations.
      Having said that, however, I would have liked if you would confirm that Prof. Mesfin W/Mariam has passed away. I listened to his audio speech at Ethiomedia.com very recently; the death of such personality could not have escaped the attention of that news outlet and others. I am a regular visitor of that web site and I did not read anything on the matter.

      • ibrahim

        Hayyak Allah Ismail

        Thank you …indeed you nailed it .

        unforgivable oversight..I earnestly apologize..

        The one deceased is the late prof. Mesfin Araya, Eritrean. I apologize

        That is the downside of jotting on the go

    • Solomon

      Selamat Ibrahim.

      አዚ ድምጺ ጽንጽዋይ ወደ ‘ኮይ ጽልማይ ኢዩ ።
      ብምኽንያት ኣዝዩ ዝመሸተ ሶሉስ መዓልቲ፥ ድሕሪ ጸሓይ ዕራርቦ፥

      1፥ ግዝያዊ መንግስቲ ሙሉአ ዓለም ለኻዊ፥ ከምዚ ዝስዕብ ኣብ ሕጊ ኣጽዲቑን፥ ኣዊጁን፥ ጀሚሩውውውንንን።

      2፥ አዚ ንመሰል ነፍሰ ወከፍ ወዲ ሰብን፥ን ኹሎም አቶም ባዶ ነጥቢ ሱሳ፥ ኣብ ልዕሊ ዓሰርተ ፒ፥ሔች፥ዲ ዲግሪ፥ ነጥቢ ስኴዌርርድ-መረባዕ፥ አን ከይረሓቑ ዝርሕቁ፥ ካብኡ ካብ አቲ ቀንዲዋና ዘይዑና፥ ህድሞን ኣድገ-በቕሊን ኢዩዩውምምም።

      3፥አዚ ቡሃንቐውታ ዝገድሎ ትጽቢት ናይ መስል ምስ ብደል ግበኡአ ናጻ ዋጋ ንዝትጀመረሉ፥ ዝሓለፈት ዓርቢ መዕልቲ ዕራርቦ ከም ዝዝከር ኢዩውምምም።

      ኣብ ሓንቲ ደምበ ስድራቤት ዘጽልል ትንፋስ፥ ንሓምሳ ዓመት ዝእክል፥ ሓይሊ ኳሬንቲ፥ ብዘይ ምቁራጽ፥ ሃ።ንዒስርን ኣርባተን ሰዓት፥

      ለ። ሸውዓተ ሓምሳን ክልተን ሰለስተሜአትንሱሳንሹዱሽተን ኪሎ ዋት ኣብ ልዕሊ ኪሎዋጣ መጋሀርትዝ፥ ፐር ኔንተ፥ ናኖ ፐር-ቼንተ ናኖ ሰኮንድድዝ፥ ዝሚዛኑ ኢዩዩምምም።
      ሓ፥ ብሚዛን ዱካን ሃዋሁው ቨርቺዋል ጠፈር ግመ መኻዚኖ ናኖ ጊጋ-ምንካስ-ስንኻ ዲጋ-ባይትስ፥ ደጊጋስ ዲጋ ሄች-ክልተ-ሄች-ተትንፍሶ ጥራጥ ምስጢራት ዓይኒ ቀራን እርሓ ጽምዲ ብዕራይ ዝጪምት ቪቫ ጉዋል ኣሞይ ፕሪማ ቬራ፥ ቤላ ረጋዛ፥ ኣቕንዘወኒ ወይኒ ፕርሲዥንን። ኢዩዩምምም
      መ፥ መሰላትን ግቡኡን ሓዲስ ዓለም መስመር ን ነብስ ወከፍ ፍጡር ኣዳም፣ ጠለበጊዕ ደርሆታትን ዝጫጫሖኦንንን ኡውው ኡዉ ኡኡውው፥ ዘይጫጫሖኦኦን አንቋቅሖታተን፥ ጩቕጩቕ ጩቕጩቕ ጨቓዊት፥ ዘይበልዓ ደማሙን ወ ኻኣ ኣናጹ ሕብአ ዉጽአ ዝብላ፥ ተሃደንቲ ነበርቲ ኣብ ሓደ ደምበ ስድራቤት ገዛ፥ ኢዩዩምምም።

      ይቕጽል ድሕሪ ፖርስማሜንተ ማይ ጹሩይ ብሳንኴልሎ ካብ ፋብሪካ ጂርባ ልዕሊ ኣድጊ፤

      My cousin tSilima’s full name is ጭራ ወንዋኒ ቦቢ ስውንዋኖ፥ closest in we say him, Yo wuH Wager. And he say us wuH wuH Abeyy. And we say him: abou abou. He smile we and him enjoy Hiwet together. No no, not gierll hiwet. No, no she gierrll she gierll yes yes she say. I say you Hiwet is to happy everywhere. Like you and me. Full sunny day and leiti we Hiwet full moon beutiful night. You capito?

      We Interrupt your regularly schedueled programming and coding for the following important announcement. We are anticipating the confirmation of this globes First Elected Senator who happens to be a Migrant.

      J. Congratulations to you Senator Yo wuH Wager.
      Migrant : ኣኤሄምም you call I yo Yo wu Wa. Even just now I finish am Senator. Hiwet I realy don’t know her.
      J. No no Senstor. This Hiwet must be realy gorgeous, but you can’t speak of her. I beg of you. I voted for you.
      Sebator Migrant: yes I am now your Senator. You call your Senator yo wu Wa. I can not say you: wuH wuH Abey. You did not have Hiwet Abou Abou. Don’t say me don’t talk about Hiwet.
      J. Look it is best for you to say you don’t know Hiwet.
      Senator ጭራ ወንዋኒ ቦቢ ስውንዋኖ፥ Listen I miss Hiwet. Every morning I kiss her everywhere. When I come to here, I do same. I kiss her everywhere this morning.
      J. Senetor Migrant no nah no mann.. you are on camera. Don’t talk about Hiwet. You do not have Hiwet like that anymore. Forget Hiwet.
      Senatator ጭራ ወንዋኒ ቦቢ ስውንዋኖ yo wuH Wager: Why why Hiwet Hiwet Hiwet.

      To be Continued…

      DISENTANGLEMENT INDEED! እን ዓሊ ሰሊም ዩናይትድ ፍሮንት ፕሮዳክሽን


    • ibrahim

      Note: I have edited prof. Mesfin….left to (his natural demise) to read ( outlive Meles) ,,,,apologize for the oversight

  • Solomon and Hamid,

    Over the last few weeks, your comments have become nastier. Though we have brought that to your attention sometimes ago, you decided to ignore our note. Kindly recognize that we will not allow you to disrespect the forum and its members. If you wish, we suggest you exchange your private e-mails and abuse each other to your heart’s content. Please note that we have an obligation to keep the debate in this forum civil and informative. Many members come here to exchange ideas and in the process educate or learn something. However, your distracting comments are discouraging serious debate and hindering others from debating serious issues that come in the articles under which you comment. We hope that both of you take note-this is your second warning.

    We would also like to bring to the attention of all that we do not tolerate archaic genealogy politics. Trying to attack someone by attaching an ancestral line to them, whether it is correct or just a wild guess, or usual dirty politics, it is not allowed in this forum. We kindly ask you all (including Gheteb) to refrain from making racist remarks.

    Awate Team

    • Solomon

      Dear Awate turn your files to the FBI and NSA.

    • Solomon

      Dear AT,

      I humbly request where in my comments was I belligerent. This is a forum of a subject matter that is common property. People write in this medium to have an effect on the group dynamics. In every post I addressed I… Read it for yourself. Your biased conflict of interest, due to you being privy to the conversations and short and long term goals of your own, based unjustified accusations is not acceptable. Be specific when you accuse me of being a destructive or hinderances to civil discourse here. I accepted to keep on course with humility and without being confrontational with the AT. So, I kindly request of you to conduct according to the law and professional when you address yours truly with an accusation. Unfounded public charges and character assassination is liable.

      This is not to create unnecessary friction. It is my duty to hold you to the highest of standards.


    • Hameed Al-Arabi

      Greetings Awate,

      I am very sorry for any inconvenience caused from my side. You have full right to warn, delete, remove or stop a person from participation in the forum when his material contradicts directly or indirectly with the standard and line of your mission of informing people. Again, I say very sorry for an intended inconvenience.

      • Ismail AA

        Hayak Allah Hameed,
        Excellent move. It’s also anticipated Solomon shall do the same, and both of you exchange friendly good will greetings.

        • Solomon

          Selamat Mr. IsmaelAA,

          I am afraid I do not feel the same. The Rubicon has been crossed. Punishment or admonishment to both the murderer and murdered contradicts the so called fight for justice.
          I suppose decades of ምአንቲ መጎጎ ትሕልፍ ኣንጭዋ ትሕትና exhibited is mistaken by some to mean that yours truly on a quest to bring justice to the unjust. I cannot allow my self to be a tool for the unjust practices towards of the evil ones on both sides of the root partisans.
          This is a political fight and politicaly, at the very least, those who played with fire will have to pay.
          The reader is welcomed to read the back and forth for themselves and draw conclusions. I will not and cannot lie and give the impression I am part of a scripted theater. And my insistence to utilise this specific medium is for the purposes of not playing into the trap of the futile strategy.
          Paradeigm shift has been attained. And am fortified for any eventuality. Let those in error correct their actions or not.


          • Ismail AA

            Ahlen Solomon,
            Thanks for the response. Sorry, I didn’t read that way into the matter. There was no attempt on my part to offer “tribunal” or role of mediation. Taking a position you want remains your right and prerogative. But it remains that barricades and trenches hardly solve disputes or feuds. Talking in good faith do. This what I believe in and try to uphold.

          • Solomon

            መርሓባ ኣቶ ኢስማዒል ኣ ኣ

            I sincerely thank you for your earlier positive anticipation and now. I have made a resolution to speak፡ write and act with integrity in everything that I do. I am by far not a man without small or significant flaws, nor do I insist that everything I say and write greater in truth and returns when I engage with one or more. I continually grow and change everyday after engaging with anythinh, be it animate or inanimate.

            I was glad to see your comment and I should have had control of my emotions and adressed you with the utmost respect for you that I will continue to hold. I sincerly apoligize to you for the misplaced tone of my response. As I have no problem to correct my errors and grow with all foroum contributors and readers, I tell you good Sir. I STAND CORRECTED. This second redress of yours is testament to the high quality leadership with priceless value wisdom that we are blessed to have amongst us. Your continous efforts is very much appreciated as it is very helpful to the younger men and women we have declared to influence in making their very significant choices to travel roads that are more efficient and productive than ours.

            And you Sir. are exemplar to with your weighty words above for yours truly.

            ሰላም ኣምሲ


          • Saleh Johar

            Hi Solomon,
            Way to go.

          • Ismail AA

            Dear Solomon,

            Thank you, dear.

            When the one sees younger compatriots like you and Hameed exchanging wisdom, compassion and conciliation with one another, I, and certainly many like Amanuel and the two Sals, keep their moral and spirit high because we see light at the end of the dark tunnel since our youth are talking to one another and focusing on the bigger picture rather than being thwarted by trivial feuds that ignite passion and emotion.

            Our never tiring wish is that the young generation shall come together and salvage their people and engage in building their nation in unity and equality. That should be their mission, and let the enormous price elders had paid go in vain.

          • adarob

            Dear Solomon!
            Mtegul ma3lesh ya abuslama.

      • Saleh Johar

        Way to go.

    • sara

      Dear awtians
      thank you for your stand and hope it is not a temporary hiatus and selective. this must be observed by any one who shows up in this forum, no seniority or affiliation or affection , whether in the comments or even those who write articles.
      i mean, we or most agree this forum is also meant to be educational to so many who want to know about Eritrea and Eritreans, there are young and old, male female, Eritreans non Eritreans who read about us, are we like that… is this the way we are, is that the way we want to be , will such way of conversation bring us where we want to be–that’s why there is no consensus among the forumers on many issues let an agreement or understanding..
      please let us observe the rules so that AWATE name retains to its true meaning.
      with respect to all.

  • Solomon

    سكامات يااب ابوك و اومك ياعني اسالك حثا ليماذا انا عيز باكول السمك سوقار? ليش هوم خوفو مني? الءيال يلءابو لاباتوم ويرحاكو راحكت الخوافين ءاماهم عاجوجين. انا مزاعلان من هوا معا كتير جوء يرباح اخوهو و ياكول لاحم ادام. حارام عليكوم. عملكوم عملكوم عمل السيطان حق ال خوافين. انا قرات قالوليك اينتا ال بطل. في الف عملات يسجن الفين لاكن, الحبها و الجيهاد حق النبسي اكبر من المكتبين حق الحكوماتكوم. وطني و نسي كولو رونيا كولو يوم كلو دقيقا معي. قفلو ءملكوم. انا خليكوم يا وقار تعيشو لساع و تدراصو. ماعليش يا هينوك يا بطل جاعون. اينتا مرير. ربينا عيسا كريستوس يرحامك.
    افكير انا انت راجع واشينقتون. اذابيهير ماعاك. انا بعميليك ذوعا فيل كنيسا بوكرا.

    ال سياست حقي انتا و العيال ساحيبك و عسكويكوم كولوهوم ماقاديرون.

    This plus a refresher book is a perfect way to practice. “In the abndonce of water the fool is thirsty.”

    AmEritrean GitSAtSE

    • Solomon

      Dear MOD:

      I suppose more practice and a Berkeley Community college will have me ready the next time. First attempt since Sejana JH.

  • Solomon

    Selamat Algorithm Algorithm Algorithm!

    መድሃኔ ዓልም ጎይታና ኢየሱስ ክርስቶሰ፥ ብሩኽን ዓወት ዝመላኦን ኣሰምብተና፤


  • Hameed Al-Arabi

    Greetings All,

    What is the main target of our debate? Is it to convince the zomies? I think the answer is negative, because they are either direct criminals or assisted criminals in perpetrating their crimes. All are in a continuous run from justice, therefore, convincing wanted criminals is irrational that any sane person will not accept. The right place for these criminals is to put them behind iron bars, not debate with them. Until we are capable to put them behind bars, the main mission of our debate is to refute all their claims they attempt to hide behind and expose them in front of our people.

  • Chtonous

    Hey SJG,
    I need some help posting comments. Who is “Chtonous”? How do I get my name instead. A little how-to sticker on the side would help.
    Ali Salim

    • Saleh Johar

      Hi Ali,
      Chtonous is apparently your account, because you are logged with it. Apart from that, I am helpless — we do not have access to logging and nick records. It is handled by Disqus who provides the forum service. Contact them or go to the help section, hopefully that would lead you to a discussion of problems similar to yours . Lastly, I suggest you appeal to AOsman, he might suggest something. He is versed on how disqus works.

      • A.Osman

        Selamat SJ,

        AS needs to have a chat with Chtonous I guess :).

        All that I can think of is that the pc AS is using could be/have been used by another person before and his log in detail is stored in chrome or whatever app he is using. He needs to go to disqus to log off and log in using his access details.


        • Chtonous

          Selam AOsman
          Thanks. SJG good reference to a real geek(:-) but I’m still same from a different device.
          Ali salim

          • Ismail AA

            Hayak Allah Chtonous,
            I also had the same problem’; and asked AOsman and SJ for help. Their advice was useful, but still could not find solution. Now, I can log through my either twitter or gmail accounts. You may try that way; it worked for me.
            Good luck.

        • Solomon

          Selamat AOsman,

          From noticing the “edit” button disappearing immediately after a commenter’s post, I have deduced the following:

          A skillful hacker would log out the original poster. And when the poster utilizes the reply button, the intruder relinquishes the controls.
          Who stands to gain from such actions would lead me to deduce and point to the specific culprit or culprits.
          In many cases, I have seen the deliberate sabotaging of spelling and grammar for the purposes of making me appear under the influence of a worst enemy since I lack a puppet master controller to pin me too to serve….
          I accept that too, because a new chapter or our collective shift of Paradigm has been achieved.
          Algorithm algorithm algorithm.
          Beatlejuice beatlejuice beatlejuice!


          • Hameed Al-Arabi

            Greetings Solomon,

            Since three weeks, I recognized that you are here to hack or collaborate with hackers.

          • Solomon

            Greetings Hameed-Al-Arabi,

            SeraQ mobaE baElu ylefalef keybleka, iziaas gbrikha aykonennetn. Sltitatka abQiOUn tesegirunn ms ukhull meredaEtatun tegenzbon–ndeHarr.

            As for your counter claims to a nonexistent claim any where other than a “figment of your imagination”, the only defense I have is, perhaps my supporting departments have done so on my behalf. Do be careful in venturing in territories you have not adequate training for my dear Drill Sargent.


          • Hameed Al-Arabi

            Greetings Solomon,

            Please, translate what you have written in Tigrinia.

          • Solomon

            Selam Hameed-Al-Arabi,

            Sure. I prefer to paint the picture for you and all of us so that we all gain from this example. The thin out line brush is an exit strategy that will tell all of us that you do not understand the Tigrigna language. But, that would only serve you my dear Hameed in that it disqualifies my earlier assertions and that I do not possess powers of consequence and would have me be subjected to your deaden the brain with the drills that would serve your conscripts well in the inevitable battle you foresee. If not by you by other readers in their future commnents towards my opinions and theories. They may also render my directives worthless if you Hameed succeed in proving my previous assertions falls by claiming not to understand Tigrigna. So, I will grant you that wish when I do translate it for you below. In doing so, however, you will have gotten away from the frying pan jumping directly into the flames of fire. And I wish for you to gain as much as everyone. Hence, I will adjust my presumptions to understand that you are having difficulty with only on word. The word MobaE is for Christians equivalent to Zakaa paid by adherents of Islam. Both faith have a commandment to give to the community from one’s earnings. And so the Tigrigna have the phrase: He who stole the Church’s collection basket, confesses willingly without any pressure. A follow-up phrase would be: menn kebdikha regitSuka?
            Since your skill level I have deduced to be archaic, it is vital that you cease utilising them and lead in a new dialogue for victory. Your I the monster exist constant fear mongering is very telling on many levels of your theft of the mobaE. The sad part is how awful and discussed with yourself you will be when you realise it was without you conscious consent that you have been, are and should you not adopt to a Paradigm Shift will continue to do so.

            You are not an Islamist Arabi Jihadist and you know it. You are not scarring and Eritrean Christians through your methods. So stop distracting good folks like MS and TS from helping yours and my cause.
            There you have it!
            SeraQi MobaE baEluu ylefalef.


          • Hameed Al-Arabi

            Greetings Solomon,

            Forget about robber of alms, translate the rest of what you have written in Tigrinia.

          • Solomon

            Selam Hameed,

            Why don’t we start with you sounding out and your own translation first. If it is the last two words you are having difficulty with, then I have succeeded in purposely leaving them as they are. This is a further invite to a common excercise. Let see if you will follow Santa’s command Rudolph?


          • Hameed Al-Arabi

            Greetings Solomon,

            Why are hesitant of translating all? I understand what makes you hesitate. Look, I was a teacher of Tigrina when you were absent from the scene, before you force us to think about BEJASTAN. Any how, I think you agree with me that you are fully liable to the homework exercises your dear Drill Sargent do.

          • Solomon

            Dear Drill Sargent,

            I admired very much, that during my absent you made significant strides by choosing to instruct the Tigrigna language. I did my homework as well as some forecasting. I do not believe the intra-mainstream Opposition fierce and bitter competition for crumbs a winning strategy at all. I also do not believe in severing all ties and closing shop altogether. That may sound contrary to my mid 2000 position. But let’s look at it this way Sargent: Our respective current positionings real value and worth is not for the purposes of destruction of the other, rather it is for the purposes offering to one another what strength we possess for the other to utilize.

            You are firing lots more Projectiles than MaHmood SaliH for exampke and obliterating everyone believing you will achieve victory on your own. This is because your diplomatically obtained backers think they will be served temporarily if the Eritrean nemesis is viewed as NOT quadrupling in power. They feel an internal panick and challenge they can not afford at the moment. And so their directive is to request support from Hameed Al Arabi to engage in battle for their sake. A battle with no gain whatsoever for Hammeed’s cause. And after they have regained control of their internal tsunami, then other than providing funds for the pending 2017 Addis Abeba Congress not much will they give in return.

            The Addis Abeba ENCDC is has set itself up for failure from the get go. I doubt TPLF will trade for peace with PFDJ by kicking them out of Ethiopia. The Ethiopian Federal States, despite the right to succeed exit strategy will not and should not allow it. They have paid dearly in the past Twenty Give years and before. And their just cause can not be defeated by an unholy new Tigrai-Tigrigna alliance despite the ammasing of armaments north. The ENCDC therefore should use its current position in advocating for an Ethiopian Resolution that is Just as well as being the winning strategy for the Ethiopian People that have provided the Base and Hospitality the past two decades. The current propagandacracy Hameed and Co are utilizing serves only to setting up the “Agazian” Tigrigna huddling and “in the event of” exit strategy planned by one or both sides.
            So Sargent, I believe the ENCDC you support is can negotiate from a strong position now by putting the justice demands for the marginalized Ethiopian Peoples like themselves the claim to be in Eritrea. This is for the benefit of their handlers and the consequence will be a rewarding one. But if the ENCDC is panicked and is acting only to serve itself and it’s survival, by responding to “jump” commands, then it’s final demise us inevitable.
            It will be very unfortunate to forego this opportune time for all in the region.

            Dear Sarge, you personally erred when immediately after requesting for my support you opted for your recent futile strategy.

            More extrapolation and analysis I will present. The above response is only an excerpt to offer you my position of strength you can utilize while making my demands or desires known.

            No need to revert to my the long ago projections ignored and as a consequence my long sabbatical. Yes, in my long absence (SJG didn’t put it so nicely) your Tigrigna instructors strategy has netted gains. That does’nt necessarily mean that it has also garnered some detrimental bravado.

            Let us dialogue on solution Implementations. Even if we differ on them. Otherwise my Dear Drill Sarge, my skillful onslaught you will be forced to recognize it, because I can initiate from numerous other launch pads. I choose for maximum gains however to advise you to take lead of the shift in Paradigm.

            I await your positive response.


          • Solomon

            Selamat Hameed,

            I will edit the above later. I just want to tell you ZaEgol Analytics has lots more simulation out puts starting with April and May 1991 various scenarios parameter runs. For you and all struggling on all fronts to contemplate.

            ELL and Ali Salim has clinched a check mark.


          • Hameed Al-Arabi

            Greetings Solomon,

            Like (gawina) you jogged to Ethiopia. Take notice: You are on your way very soon to exit from the scene forever to the garbage bin of history.

          • Solomon

            Dear Hameed Al-Arabi,

            I repeat that you have more to gain from a rational dialogue and optimal pragmatic choice for all than your present course. If it is Allah’s will for me to exit then who can stop that. As for man’s history, it would not be the correct history to erase the existence of the defeated and or decimated. It would be false history. Without the knowledge of Goliath’s existence, what good would the history of a King David serve to man?

            Though it is understandably painful to feel erroneously you are loosing and refuse the contemplation of a redirect towards the winning strategy, I urge you to do do. You are merely delaying the march of reaching everyone’s stated destination with your indiscriminate long range Projectiles. Do not complain of my explicitly stating the significant variables of hindrance as my unwillingness to jump at your Drill Sargent’s commands. Why then did you initiate by engaging me?
            Until you come to your senses, I will repeat my statements then:
            SeraQi MibaEE baElu ylefalef. Menn Kebdikha regitSuka?
            All defense lines are fortified here And readiness for any eventuality goes without saying as it is God’s Will.

            Furthermore, the collective paradigm shift has been achieved. If you choose to collude and hope to outsource your futile desire, I assure you TEGENZIBNAYO–NidaHarr… All that remains now is whether or not you will remain to wallow all by your lonesome. I am confident, due to your superior intellect, experience, heroic history, legacy and importance you WILL DO THE RIGHT THING!

            No hacking or acts of sabotaging from yours truly necessary, I assure you. Your perception as clouded by your figment of imagination is the problem.
            Jumping to Ethiopia to directed for the benefit of my concern is to request for your support. Neither can you stop it or paint the truth I gave you an excerpt of as false. You and your organization are positioned strong to further strengthen your self by these preliminary suggestions I am cluing you on.

            Time to move on.

            “When I move you move. Just Like That!” Ludacris


          • Hameed Al-Arabi

            Greetings Solomon,

            1- (SeraQi MibaEE baElu ylefalef. Menn Kebdikha regitSuka?
            All defense lines are fortified here And readiness for any eventuality goes without saying as it is God’s Will).

            Ans – There is nothing to hide I say my opinion freely and openly without any fear whether using my real name, that you know already, or pen name.

            2 – (No hacking or acts of sabotaging from yours truly necessary, I assure you. Your perception as clouded by your figment of imagination is the problem.)

            Ans – You admitted on your comment to brother A.Osman you are a computer programmer. This is enough in itself and the rest leave them to time.

          • Solomon

            Greetings Hameed-Al-Arabi,

            Dude!!! I take it you are experiencing some snooping on you or you are just simply jocking and trying to tire me.

            I assure you the only rational defense I already provided you on my first response.

            I assure you my comment to AOsman is to let him know that I do possess knowledge of programming LOGIC. My expertise has been on a very different focus to the disappointment of many of my well wishers. Though in a matter of hours or days or maybe weeks I can wow even you by refocusing on those tools… But you keep insisting on your v virtual and …… distractions.
            The above lines are again a safe exit plan for you but if you keep insisting LET ME REMIND YOU AGAIN and for the last time:

            SeraQi MobaEE baElu ylefalef.
            It takes courage for one to admit and reject the use of doomed to failure road and get back he or she took an innocent mistake turn towards. Just have faith and do it for all of us to reap significant rewards.
            Ezi we deHanka!


          • Hameed Al-Arabi

            Greetings Solomon,

            Don’t try to appear clueless.

          • Solomon

            Greetings Hameed-Al-Arabi,

            Yes you are right. At times, like NYG Vs. LAR outcome, I could appear clueless to. But a quick check and discovering a favorable score for a New York Giants fan (Giants 17 Rams10)

            Gives perspective to Huwie said’s opening statement below:

            **Mark Twain said, “If you don’t read the papers you’re uninformed. If you do read them, you’re misinformed.” **

            I think we should get together and have ShaHi Leben. My Dear “Drill Sargent” InshAlah.
            Yom Barika Huwie Hameed Al-Arabi

            AmEritrean GitSAtSE

          • Hameed Al-Arabi

            Greetings Solomon,

            Ahhhhhhhhhhh (Aytibke Endiyou Zekiyani Zelo). How do you want me to drink ShaHi Leben with you while you are in a chasing mission against me? When you come back to your senses and admit that I have right in the country, then and then only we can drink ShaHi Leban together. Injustice will never succeed over justice, this engrave it and put them in both of your ears. Waw! How smart you look with it on your ears.

            Please, tell your collaborator Semere Tesfai to show up. His leaping is very entertaining.

          • Solomon

            ዝኸበርካ ሓሚድ፥

            ድሓን ግደፎ ቲ ዕድመ፤ ንርአሳ ሓንቲ ቀጠፍ ያ ዘላ፥ ካብ ኣብ ሓሊብ ፍሉሕ ዝኣልካ፥ ኣብ ወረቐት ቅጥኑ ቕጫ፥ ካብ ቶስቲያ “ማራ” ን ኣዝዩ ዝቐጠን፤ ከም ቦሪቶ ጠቕሊለ፥ ኩልስ ኩልስ ዘየብላ ባዕለይ፤ ዕዳጋ ካልኣይ ወሪደ ምስ ሽመትኩ፥ ምስ ማሕሙድ “ብሉጽ” ሳልሕ፥ ሓቢርኩም ትመጹ፤

            On a serious contemplation though I am having thoughts to traveling to Syria and maybe do some humane volounteer work. It is realy getting ugly out there.

            Have a blessed Sunday Sarge!


          • Hameed Al-Arabi

            Greetings Solomon,

            Charity begins at home, but should not end there. I don’t think you have a humane dose to carry out a humane work. Greediness blinds you totally. First come back to your senses, then and then only you can be eligible for humane works. Humane works are characteristics of courageous people not greedy cowards.

          • Solomon

            ቻውቻዋት ሓሚድ፤

            አንተ ብናይ ፓተርናል ናይ ባህልና ኣካይዳ፥ አገለ ሓሚድ ቀላይ በዕልቴት ኢዩ ኢት “ሆም ናተይ፥” ምስ ኢቲ ስሙን ዓደ ቦኻን ዘወረስካዮ፥ ሓሚድ ኢድሪሥ ዓዋተ፥ ወላዲየይ ኣቦይ መርየትን ጥሪትን ከይምንዝዑ፥ ኣብቲ ጎዶቦ ዓዲ ዝተወለድኩላ ተሰነይ ሓቢሮም ሸፈቱ፤
            ሓሚድን ቶኺሎን ናይ የዕራብ ሽፋቱን ገበርቲ ሸበራን አንዳ ተሃድኑ፥ ካብ ጭፍ ሃገር ጎቦ ዓዳል፥ ስጋብ አምባሶይራ፥ አምባ ደርሆ፥ አምባ ቶኺሎ፥ አንካብ አምባ ሓደ ደንደን፥ ብ ሰሜናዊ ቅይሕ ባሕሪ፥ ወደባት ሃገር ጨበጡ፥
            መርየት ን ሕረስታይ፥ ላንድ ቱ ዘ ቲለር፥ ደሓር ቀስ ኢለ ከረደኣካ ኢየ፤
            ሕጂ ግን፥ አዚኣ ኣስትውዕለላ፤
            ናይ ዓርብ ሽፋቱ፥ ግብረ ሽበራ፥ አንዳ በሉ ክንደይ ደቂ ሃገር ከም ዝሓነቑ፥ ናትካ ጉርሒ ገደደ፥ ሓድንት ህዝቢ ክትብትን፥ ከም ኣምልካ ክትምዝምዝ፥
            “ሓሚድ ኢድሪስ እል ዓረቢ” ብስም ብርዒ ተኸዊልካ፤

            ሃብቶም ዶ ሓጎስ ግረማርያም ጎራሕ ድሙ ወኻርያ ተመን፤ ሸውዓተ ቀንዲ ወለዶኻ ትቑጸር፤

            ብ “ዓዋተ ዓረብ ሽፍታ” የምሮ ናይ ምይ ሆም ቦይስ ኣንድ ጌርልስ ክትሰርቕ፤

            ኣይበልናን ዶ፥ ስራቕ ሞባአ ሲ ባዕሉ ይለፋልፍ፤

            ኢቲ ሽግ ሕዛአቲ ኣኤርትራውያን ን ሓድነት “ፓራድይም ሽፍት” ተዓቲሩ ኢዩ፤
            As for yours truly, as eveyman is my brother so is Syria! I choose to be homeless so that everywhere there is LOVE would be my home.
            ELL BejaStan Ali Salim YOUNIS and yours truly are none of your business:: Long ago, we stood on the same stage ኣብ ጃሚዓት ኣል ኻርጡም ብሓንሳብ፤ ከምዚ ኢልና ኽኣ መብጽዓ ገበርና፥
            “ደመይ ይተሓንኮኽ፥ የዕጽምተይ ይቀጥቀጥ፥”
            አወ ሕጂ ውን፣
            ዓሊ ን ብሃስታን በጃህዝቢ፥ ዓሊ ሊልጆማሂር፥ ዕሊ ሊል ስህል ኣርድ ኣሪትርያ፤
            ተወደብ ምስ ELL!

            ስላም፡በል ኣምሲ ስራቒ ሞባአ ብዕሉ ተለፋለፊ!

            ታራኻ ኢዩ መድረኽ ምነስይ፤ አዛ ሓላል መርየት ባሕሪ ዝቕናታ ብ ተዃሉ ተዓሺኻ ኮንቱ ከይ ትሽጣ፤ ምርየትካ ንባዕልኻ መንዚዕ ትመናዛዕ፤ ውረስ ትወራረስ ኣውርስ፤፥

            ሰቡር ዉደ ኣውላድ ኣዋሊድ ዓጀ

            ‘UrEritrean GitSAtSE

          • Hameed Al-Arabi

            Greetings Hacker Solomon,

            Waw! You have gone to flames. Never mind, I will manage to put you out and bring you back to your senses. By the way do you respect those who sacrificed their life for their country? Do you respect the people of Eritrea? Do you respect Eritrean land and sea? You respect none of the above, because instead of uniting you are sowing turmoil and unrest in the country. You don’t have any good for Eritrea and its people; don’t have the mind that can assess its works and make a U-Turn, the past twenty-five years is a proof. You think you are a master of all innovations including maths field, but you are none. You are still in kindergarten, a long way but unimaginable to reach professionalism with the phobias you hold. Education requires free minds and you are void of it. I say you still bathe in the fundamentals. You endeavored to hack me so many times but you failed. You may hack innocent people, but impossible to do that for a well versed professionals. Please, come down on the ground and back to your senses. At least make history in the remaining few years of your life and leave behind you a legacy that will all be proud of.

          • Solomon

            GrGreetings -H-al-A,Don’t feel honored by erroneously thinking you are worthy to be recognised. You have the audacity to lecture the valued of sacrifice? Victory is Certain! There are numerous Iyasus for every Moses amongst the Young Eritreans, Amharas Oromos ,Tigreans, Gambelas, … Syrians and Americans to carry the Torch of Liberty to Zion!
            Service above Self my friend you know nothing of.
            You and your battalions know it. Justice with honor will reign.

            “Semper Fi – Oorah!” in Remembance of the Two Hundred US Marines who killed in Beirut on this day 23 years ago. One an uncle of s good friend and Collegue. Service above Self.
            Cease and decist. Kebdikhum keyteregetSkum… This is the tip of the ice berg.

            I Thank you Jessus Lord for exposing their wicked ways and answering my prayer for a blessed and victorious Sunday.

            AmEritrean GitSAtSE

          • A.Osman

            Dear Tsatse,

            The simplest answer is likely the right answer, not always. You have an interesting theory about someone having fun with hacking, but what do they really gain? I can tell you at times after a comment I can’t see my post straight away, it disappears….or it is visible from the disqus of the person that I respond to…the edit button may not be visible straight away, but I can confirm from my end the edit button exist, you should have it as I believe we all have it.


          • Solomon

            MerHaba AOsman,

            In my haste and for other reasons, I did not coherently write my findings. I will state that I have caught said intruders red-handed. I may write out my findings.

            But I do not see these intrusions problematic for my purposes in the forum. In fact they serve to not only encourage me to be resilient on my track but also works against those accessing my account’s strategy. Inevitably, realising the futilities of their hinderances, they gain or win as I sincerely wish for them by correcting to the right track numerous foroumers are fighting to build. Their quest for tormenting distrust and disunity is welcomed as there are more on the better way or good side than the frustrated nihilist ways.

            I also do believe there are also those utilizing same hacking means for the good with good intent. I personally allow it for all of us to gain knowledge.

            Prior to attaining an applied mathematics degree, with plenty of programing courses, I did complete an ECE degree before I walked away from it steps away from walking the stage in the commencent ceremony. Add another decade of monotonous modeling in corporate, my assessment is by far not based on paranoid fears. As with everyone else, I intend to distribute my strength amongst all for build up. I am confident of the success and therefore I see no need to further waste time in proving and disproving back and forth. I am already frustrated by the numerous delaying tactics utilized to make me give up my line of thought. It has only encouraged me to believe that my way must be right to warrant such efforts. And so I will continue to allow it.
            I offered my comments for the culprits to read because the Chatonus Ali Salim example.

            A shadow or trole with the password obtained by hacking will log you out as soon as you submit a comment by logging into your account from another device. You reread your comment with the intent to edit, but because from your device disqus believes you are logged out, it takes away the write or “edit” option under your own user name, allowing you only the “reply” button. For example, I can only reply to your comment. The rest of my That’s the simple answer. The rest of my findings adds value only to the obstructionists if I were to share it now.

            What we involve ourselves with here is not for the faint hearted you will agree. Complacency or being tricked to accept your conditioned biased conclusions I warn you and others. I sensed it in SJG and your responses to Ali Salim for example.

            My apology for this long response and taking more of your valuable time. It is however for all to read.
            How do we strengthen trust among another and stop the silly and futile chicanery?

            The shift in Paradigm has been achieved.


          • Solomon


            Hope you will be on holiday Tomorrow to watch NY Giants Vs. LA Rams to be played on your side of the pond. This NFL football game kickoff will be roughly 4:30PM your time.

            Sandiego State Aztec AmEritrean GitSAtSE, Nat Berhe, the first to make it to the NFL on the NY Giants could perhaps motivate your interest.

            I am now excitedly waiting for NCAA’s Alabama Crimson Tide Vs. Texas A&M a game of the Undefeated NCAA and maybe this year’s National Champion.



  • said


    Mark Twain said, “If you don’t read the papers you’re uninformed. If you do read them, you’re misinformed.” Literacy is useless when full disclosure is absent in Eritrea. Literacy is inadequate when judgment is impaired by bias propaganda. Then solutions to problems will be belabored, inorganic and in-congruent. And if hubris becomes a fellow journeyman, then God help us! We being living hail in earth for more than 25 years.
    Our foolish elites, who are forever charging segment of Eritrean for not being truer nationalist and ultra patriot.
    Of course, since our Eritrean leftist and Maoist IA openly abhors poor peasant. Eritrean be it lowlanders or highlanders with some exception, this is hardly surprising, this is how the PFDJ left operates in our country – if you stray from the PDFJ party line it doesn’t take long before the knives come out, aimed directly at one’s back. Poor peasant they were sold to Shabai manifesto reform of equity and equality among Eritreans, little did they know, they will be the utmost loser.

    The “great divide” in Eritrean politics is between those who the right to own their Ancaster land and the right to property and those who have no rights, landless peasant, considered as a serf. The ruling class is privileged and protected, the lowlanders and many are governed are unprivileged and unprotected. That’s the divide that counts and the divide that is finally becoming visible to the marginalized, unprivileged second class of servitude -serfs.
    Eritrean ruling leftist Elite bunch, shabia what left from it, has lost the consent of the governed long time ago. This reality is being masked by the false narration, and few remaining lost soul elite mouthpiece of the Asmara ruling class, which is ceaselessly promoting false shabia old narratives.
    Our Eritrea minority are very angry and bitter against Asmara regime and it’s not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to their religion and their antipathy toward IA and minions who aren’t representing them and like them, they are anti-Asmara regime, a sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations. They are not operating from a fear-based belief system, they are the victim of IA system, they don’t feel safe, just like most Eritrean They intensely dislike and don’t trust the regime establishment, don’t represent the country’s morals.
    The regime has stripped itself of all claim to be the moral leader of society. Its moral authority is gone long ago. They no longer credibly speak for Eritrea. And if people do not respect the Asmara regime, if they believe it acts in its own cold interest rather than the entire nation’s, why should they respect or follow its leadership? We have long entered uncharted waters.
    IA is very good at perceptions. It is not important what reality is, people in Eritrea and his hard core supporters love hearing ’s ambitions on the six o’clock news when they come home from long day at coffee shop. where his minsters is not a place where politics seems to command respect; instead, IA have become, a joke, figures of derision, entertainment and horror, all in one.

    We all can write and seek justices but for IA Maybe this is just a passing frenzy, which will fade soon after we toss those many Eritrean opposition site. And all these words — and with his horrified grim laughter — may not translate into political gain or deeds, or even persuade Eritreans to be part and to head to the opposition comp. One of the big problems with today’s Eritrean adult and youth culture in diasporas spicily is that many digital natives think that “being involved in politics” means blogging, sending political tweets or posting something on Facebook and Instagram. Turning cyber debate into tangible origination is hard. IA knows what count is only power. Cyberspace is an illusion for him, don’t count a dime and don’t worry him.
    One never know. However, it is also possible to imagine a counter-reaction; the sheer scale of vitriol might just prompt Eritrean to seek out justices a more sober equitable style of politics in the coming future of Eritrean promised democracy.
    After all, as the philosopher Friedrich Hegel observed, history moves through pendulum swings of thesis and antithesis (and then sometimes a brief synthesis of sorts). Maybe the current interest and frenzy will be a tipping point. Or so it would be nice to dream and hope. change will come.

    for few Eritrean, the only way to maintain, not just integrity, but passion, is to build close relationships with the oppressed. They Should see Jesus in the oppressed, that Christianity is inherently political and that “bubbles are made to burst.”
    Religion may paly a positive role among true adherent. As in Christianity the principles of kingdom. A segment of our Eritrean brother know very well that that Catholic social teaching the Eucharist (in which Christians consume bread as “the body of Christ”) and the imago Dei — the idea that humans are created in the image of God. Make “solidarity” with oppressed. It also involves recognizing that structural inequality that exist in Eritrea is a kind of violence, with physical effects on its victims.it clear for all to see. The central question is who do we not have the eyes to see? That’s the question that plagues Eritrean soul deeply for those who reflect and contemplate. Who you are not seeing in their suffering? What entire groups of Eritrean people, humans, do they not see suffering?
    stand in religious solidarity with some Eritrean Muslims because they are suffering from the regime, like you, a Christian, are people of the book. And as Pope Francis stated last week, we worship the same God.” The post ended with the words “salam, Shalom friends.”
    for the last 25 years Eritreans of many ethnicities have been subject to a system of governance whereby IA and minions, which represents a mere small percentage of Eritrean ’s population, controls virtually all key levers of political power and economic. The Asmara regime, its sell out cronies, IA hard core loyalists and their henchmen control more of the most deteriorating and dying economy, including gold mine with huge cash flow of millions dollars, transport, agriculture output. All position in every key political PFDJ institutions, defence, intelligence and diplomatic foreign affairs, its controlled for the benefit of the ruling regime of one ethnic clique, with vast majority of the top position echelons of government the being staffed by IA ethnic group. they in charge and they owns the government.
    As a consequence, for most 9 Eritrean ethnic groups – who together constitute a major part of the population – are deeply resentful and concerned about playing second class citizens and second fiddle. for sure and rightly so, Naturally, this has been a deep source of political rage and disaffection for vast numbers of the members of these ethnic communities is obvious to see.

    The shabia promised “equal prosperity” of the 20st century has flowed solely to the one class of ruling regime and its army of technocrat toadies, its lynch men, smuggler, factotums, hypocrite, flunkies, apparatchiks, home confiscator, bank account freezer, land Garber, and regime apologists and list of crime against Eritrean is long.

  • Ismail AA

    Hayak Allah Ali,

    Welcome back, sir, after prolonged absence.

    Contrary to your claim that your travels had nothing to do with doing politics, it in fact turned out that you did a lot of politics. This article is travel itinerary account masterfully composed to become a full-fledged political report. Needlessly, moreover, your brilliant diction and style came out interspersed with typical Ali Salim extras that sting both fans and slanderers alike. They generate more than “a storm in teacup”, to borrow your own phrase.

    The fans hasten to go for the substance and engage in thrashing the harvest to separate the grain from the chaff, and then they chastise you for with grain only. I would put personalities like Amanuel Hidrat in this category. As to the slanderers, their emotions fail them and they succumb to cursing and pouring anger. The commenter, Lamek, epitomizes this category. Wouldn’t your mission better served if you would be limited to brilliant diction and style you have and avoid vituperative?

    The issues discussed are weighty and deserve in-depth reflection rather than cursory and passing remarks as I am going to do.
    To start from the point you ended the article, I do not really dispute the need for the opposition (the mainstream) to make structural shift. But the reader misses spelling out what that required shift ought to be. Is the goal programmatic construct or telling them to vacate the arena altogether? I am pondering here on the EEL as model since the key founding members could be counted in the camp of the current ELF and its program.

    Regarding ownership of the PFDJ, the issue, in my view, is not whether our Christian Highland compatriots own it or not. No realistic thinking person would believe that PFDJ is Tigrigna and the reverse is also true. But, does the governance system benefit some Tigrigna speaking segments? The answer is yes. Facts on the ground do stand as stark proof. Blocking repatriation of refugees as undeclared matter of policy and settling Tigrigna speaking citizens on their land shatteringly defeats any logic.

    About the issue of virtual Bejastan, such prospects could in fact be imagined on the other three sides of our polity. One could also imagine Tigraistan from the South or Wolqait-tzegedastan on the South-west. One of the ways to avoid this virtual imagination from becoming realities and preserving our real Eritrean from dissipating into one or more of them is success or failure of Ali Salim’s united front. The fate of this front shall by and large depend on whether one of the members, namely the Tigrigna component, playing its part of the game correctly and helping the united front defeat the PFDJ. Allowing the dictatorship to go on with what it has been doing would mean regression of the real Eritrea into virtual Tigrignastan that shall finally slit at the edges and allow the incoming waves to erase it.

    Thus, in my opinion, Ali’s united front needs to look back to precedents such as the one that worked to produce the real Eritrea we have. I mean some kind of Independence Bloc of the 40s which makes formations as ELL relevant provided we get politicians such as Ras Tesemma Asmerom and Shiekh Ibrahim Sultan. What I am trying to say is that Tigrigna component that see no alternative to preservation of the real Eritrea will have to reach emulate Ras Tesemma, the late Wel Wel and understand the EEL type formations as partners in defeating PFDJ and sharing the task of fixing the post PFDJ ground work for united and just real Eritrea that embraces components in governance operating on the basis of equality, fairness and rule of law anchored on consensual covenant.

    Best regards to all,

    • Amanuel Hidrat

      Merhaba Ismailo,

      Speaking about “consensual covenant”, it is not even in the bleaks far horizon and will remain bleaking until the Eritrean political environment

      • Ismail AA

        Mehaba Aman,
        You right given the hazardous environment of our political existence. But the wise of this generation should not fail to come together and built through voluntary engagement to device the national consensus covenant or charter which above contradiction what ever they may be. It is an essential guarantee of the nation’s unity and cohesion of its inhabitant. In a word: it’s the mother of all laws.

      • Ismail AA

        Ahlen Aman,
        Thanks for the edited second posting on the issue of “covenant”.
        I am not sure whether labelling our debates by particular names would do us any good. It is good that members in this forum speak their minds, and share their thoughts as boldly as possible. The only condition is they should kindly keep the environment of the debate calm, and avoid vituperative that open the appetite of emotive souls, as I tried to suggest to Ali in my earlier posting. In fact within acceptable gentlemen’s code of debate, getting extreme views on some controversial issues could be beneficial and challenging to attract responses and participation. In the final analysis the result would be coming to middle course which debating is all about.

      • Solomon

        Selamat Aya Amanuel Hidrat,

        ኣብ ሰብዓታት፥ አስከ መሊሰካ በዛ መሰረታዊ ግጉይ ስልቲ መርገጽካ ተገንዝብ ሓጻር ትሕዝቶኻ፥ ኣወንታዊ ውጺት ከተሰርት ናብቶም ናይ ‘ዚ ወለዶ ተሰከምቲ ሽግ ሓርነት ኤርትራን ዓለምናን፥ ስፍሕ ዝበለ መግለጺ ኣብ ላዕሊ ከቕርብ ኢየ፥

        ዕላማይ ነቲ ዘየዐውት ኣቕርቦታትካ ንክማርኾ ከም ዝኾነ ኣቐዲመ ይግልጸልካ ኣለኹ።

        Your use of words such as: a) Emotional politics b) Perpetual war c) for parochial interests
        I will thoroughly explore.

        I intend to utilize phrases like “Old man scrouges” because ahead by a very wide margin is the perpetual war of Young Generation Vs. Old Generation, atop not necessarily in any specific order, the folliwing three.
        1. Class war or Rich Vs. Poor
        2. Gender war– Men Vs. Women
        3. Race war– Black, White, Brown, Yellow, Red..
        4. Religious War–
        5. Big Vs. Small Government

        At times dangerous to her growth over confident, Young and Overachiever Ms. Hyatt Adam made a statement regarding: Power in possesion being greater or more important than potential power. Though it provoked a rather reactionary response from me, I will utilise her statement to mount a frontal attack on you because I believe those posessing power such as Aya Amanuel Hidrat are infact NOT as more important as those in possesion of potential power.
        The ELL being the model way forward as I have been frequently mentioning for months, I beg your pardon ahead of time for my burning more wood to keep very hot the “storm in a cup.”

        Aya Amanuel “Old Man Scrouge” Hidrat will have be pleased with his Christmadmass Gift but if and only if he chooses to open it. The Gift of Emotions for Aya Amanuel “Old Man Scrooge” Hidrat, The Man In Possition of Power.

        Ali Salim Beja-Hzbi “Storm in a cup!”
        Tic Toc And da Beat Don’ Stop.
        “Fight The Power!” Public Enemy– Chuck D and Flava Flave/ NYC.

        AmEritrean GitSAtSE

        • Amanuel Hidrat

          selam Solomon,

          It is absolutely okay to disagree with my views. But when you do it, just do it with grace and humulity. Let me ask you this: What power does Amanuel in possession in the Eritrean politics that you tried to attribute to him? I had none in the past and none in the present. I am an aggrieved citizen in the struggle of justice like many in the camp of the opposition – a citizen who lost all his rights as an Eritrean. In order to be a sane citizen avoid un necessary adjectives such as “old man scourage ” and respect your elders.


  • Solomon

    Selamat Mr. Salim,

    1. Beja Hibreteseb kabb desiettat MbeQ KeyHH BaHri Eritrea, WedebbSudann/PortSudan ksaEE Debubb Eritra mss Kesela.

    2. Beja on BEHALF (Be Half) Stan. From Kazakhstan to Afghanistan or Uzbekistan, I extrapolate Stan to mean Jurisdiction. Bejakha Bejakha Bejakhumm Beja Stan.

    3. GhibtSi kemm Qedeameyti GezaEitt Eritra, GzAAtt Turkey Talyan Englizz ItyoPPia. kabb Qall GezaEti mTiQab enkabb Gzzye Tinsi, Hrssi sggabb nebaritt Eritra, aymmiHashennin doH tsilwattat gbtSi enkabb ItyoPPia. GzAT welodo gzie gzie gzie.
    The Beja People. The graphic Fas.
    Thank you for a very effective reportage.
    Ali BejaHzbi BejaStan! Make sure you obtain your ELL Registered Voter Card.


    • Chtonous

      Hello All

      Very good ideas from all. This is for my friend Semere T:

      is not to argue but just for your information the Land Proclamation is
      Eritrea only applies on the lowlands (never applied in any part of Tigrigna land in the three provinces). It is a fact that Tigrignas – God bless them –
      still follow their traditional land allocation systems. Do your own
      research and please come back to show us if you can come down from
      discussing hypothetics in the sky to the things that Ismail is
      saying on the ground. We are trying to steal you away from the zombies nation.

      Same applies to Mahmoud the great, the zombiest of them all. Emma, Sara, Al-Arabi – I love your energy – Thanks.

      Ali Salim

      • Semere Tesfai

        Selam Chtonous

        I admit, I’m not the most informed person when it comes to Eritrea’s Land Proclamation and what goes on the ground. But I strongly believe we should have one Land Proclamation for all and should be applied equally in every region and in every district. I’m with you on that.

        Semere Tesfai

  • MS

    Hello Everyone:
    I was reflecting for the last four-five days to reform myself to be a good opposition person, I’m still exercising that five times a day after the five Muslim prayers. I also was praying for my beloved wayane, and for my dear gual Adem so they get a break from the Ethiopian uprising. I also prayed for the lost souls to return home, for those on their way to get lost to have patience and guidance, and for the confused ones to get well. I also spent some moments cursing the legion of disunity and division who have perfected the instruments of chaos and discord, the graduates of Debrezeyti and Meqelle Schools of MaHberawi snefelTet. I must also say, I practiced hard to avoid downers albeit with little success. I came out of my “dewta” moment to have a traditional bath in my favorite pond. But, of lately, the pond has been agitated. It’s become muddy. Any additional splashing movement (Chebreqreq) will make it even more muddier. It will make me even dirtier. So I will stay on the edges, if I could only wash my hands, face, and feet.
    The Tesfaxions and Hamexions are not here to contribute positively. They are here taking advantage of the vibe. In my reply to Tesfaxion (I was not particularly addressing him, but the idea of pitting people against people, regardless if it comes from a Christian fascist or a Muslim radical), I contended that such individuals, occasionally, peek out furtively from their deep burrows, and look out for opportune times. They thrive wherever and whenever there is a societal, social, political or economic challenges. When there is a missing of a leadership and direction, they try to take center stage; they go “Trumping” out leaving trails of chaos, suspicion and divisions along the way. They run for the confused few, and for the marginalized ones. They portray themselves as the prophets of the “promised word” and as a God sent custodians of the targeted audience. These individuals are so out of substance that they know they won’t win using the conventional way of winning through dialogue and persuasion. They play with fancy phantasms of whatever that may plays out in the figment of their disturbed imagination. They cut and paste political maps; they make new continents out of the oceans, they connect tribal threads, sometimes they severe them. I mean, they are floating in the realms of radical ideas.
    Since they use raw language describing their primordial feeling, responsible persons have difficulty communicating with them. It’s an asymmetrical world: you want to contribute positively, in a positive way, watching out your language, restraining your feelings…but these individuals have no burden of observing those rules, because their objective is not social harmony, but disharmony; they have no qualms going bigots (mind you I’m talking about the Tesfaxions and Hamedxions) . Here is how I see things, and I want to do it responsibly.
    1. I don’t support the land law as it is: It basically creates two sets of citizens, one set consisting of citizens who have secured their ancestral land, yet they have the opportunity to spread furthermore. Where is there is no chance for lowlanders to spread up to Kebessa, while the low land is up for grab legally. This needs to be opposed.
    2. Highlanders are Eritreans, and as Eritreans, the lowland is also their land. They are welcome. The problem is in the policy of land-distribution and not in the people moving to lowlands.
    3. The bad law of land is a manifestation of a bad governance; it’s a manifestation of a bad government which no body elected. It needs a holistic approach. You can’t separate land issues from other human-right and constitutional crisis. I should feel Kudofelasi is my land as much as gual qeshi feels Kerkebet is her land.
    4. A law based on Eritrean realities (needs for farmers, grazers, settlements, mining, manufacturing, societal and social relations (intra and inter-ethnic groups), history of land use…need to be studied. The land should be managed in a sustainable manner so that the natives are not made second citizens; while not causing citizens who hail from parts of the country feel as aliens.
    5. A far sighted land law that does not hinder development, market forces and industrialization should be envisioned where the residents of the locality become the first beneficiaries of any investment.
    6. For all these to happen, calm, intelligent and responsible engagement of citizens is required. You don’t need to split Eritrea and yawn for they day of uniting with East Sudan in order to make your grievance herd. There are many Eritrean Highlanders who understand that they could not have peace and tranquility without listening to their lowlander compatriots; and there are many responsible lowlanders who know they could not have a quiet night-sleep by denying their compatriot highlanders the right to live wherever they choose provided they follow the law of the land.
    7. The radical voices we hear and the bombastic pronouncements we read have no bearing in the general Eritrean political discourse. They are not here to solve problems, but to create many. They are not here to heal wounds but to worsen them. They are not here to treat pains but to make them even more intolerable; they are not here representing any sizable portion of our people.
    8. Eritrea has multiple challenges, one of them is the absence of constitutionalism, of which the law of land use should be a part. Instead of focusing on the root cause, Tesfaxions and Hamexions want us to chase their wild imaginations that never stops taking a comprehensible shape.

    • Hameed Al-Arabi

      Greetings Jigna Mahmud Saleh,

      Primarily, it is understood by all you are not from the opposition. The puppet has made some polishing within the past five days to appear a little bit with touches of justice seeker. The job you have assigned for is understood by all concerned entities; you are just a cover for the grabbers. You are an instrument in the hands of the SHIFTU. Whatever makeup you make you are just a mercenary of robbers. You and your likes are considered traitors for their kinsfolk. The rights of your kinsfolk have already usurped by your masters. How do you dare to request patience from people who have lost everything, even hope in the future? You attempt to give yourself importance by feigning you are on the process of bringing justice to more than 75% of the Eritrean people, at the time you have nothing in your bosom that proves your importance. You are just an empty barrel that sounds more.

    • Semere Tesfai

      Selam Mahmud Saleh

      “1. I don’t support the land law as it is: It basically creates two sets of citizens, one set consisting of citizens who have secured their ancestral land, yet they have the opportunity to spread furthermore when there is no chance for the lowlanders to spread up to Kebessa. This needs to be opposed. Just as the Kebessa land is 100% claimed by the inhabitants of that zone, the lowlands are also claimed 100% by the inhabitants of that zone. There should be a negotiated land law that is fair to all citizens.”

      “3. The bad law of land is a manifestation of a bad governance; it’s a manifestation of a bad government which no body elected. It needs a holistic approach. You can’t separate land issues from other human-right and constitutional crisis.


      That should be the GOLD STANDARD of Eritrea’s land policy. Thank you Mahmud. You’re the best. I wake up every day and say ‘I’m proud Eritrean’ because of people like. Thank you again.

      Semere Tesfai

      • Solomon

        Selamat MaHmooday “The Best” SaliH,

        Trailing Mr. Semere Tesfsay I too reject the Eritrean Land Proclamation as it is.

        MS’ list above does serve as his partial address to the “main stream Opposition’s” charters. I am not quite sure if it is satisfactory and wait for Mr. IsmaEilAA to give an indication. IsmaelAA’s silence I personally will hear it to be as loud as a Big Bang not quite as loud as “The Big Bang.”

        Mo-B-Mo’s oath to uphold the foundation of the State of Eritrea makes him the undisputed BEST MoD#. The Oath to defend the Constitution of the State of Eritrea goes without saying as well as AMENDMENTS based on BaHriNegasiStan Eritrean realties.

        A segway for charters, constitutions and constitutional amendments call.

        Including the property tax increase for diaspora Eritrean renters of Sea Side dwelings located on any coast of the world. Subject to negotiation.
        I also call for the encouragement of foreign investment.

        Dig the para Digim?


  • Brhan

    Hello Ali Salim,

    Firstly the content and style of your article is good. It would be better if you had included how the problem we have in Eritrea is being addressed elsewhere such. In this I am indicating that the article missed comparative approach because this approach strongly relates with the issues you raised in your article: Eritrea is not in Mars. With out going very far places , do you think what the Ethiopians started in 1991 can’t be workable in Eritrea, where nationalities form the federal system in Eritrea. Do not take me wrong that I am saying that this system has worked well in Ethiopia(where there is an article that allows these nationalities to separate from Ethiopia , giving the current situation which in part has to do with the system not being implemented as what it says in the book.

    Secondly Ali Salim because you have access to so many Eritrean opposition groups such as the ELL doesn’t mean every Eritrean, especial those of us who surf the website and encounter articles likes yours ,know the agendas , programs and missions of these groups. Unless you include info or link to that of ELL I will have a doubt about what you say on ELL. ELL

    Last but not least , I would like to encourage you to write more but these time using different approaches to the issue.

  • said

    IA had usurped political power through force by playing Machiavellian politics. you had the means and vast resources to enlist the support of hundreds of elite and some claiming to be scholars in supporting IA in making, IA is known to show no mercy to those who had challenged him or might challenge him at later time and intimidating others who did not fall in line with him was enough. most Eritrean and opposition know that IA had no regard for human life they be would brutalize, anyone he considered his enemy. Any one stand for the principles of justice, freedom, and human dignity and to challenge dictatorship and all those deviations that diminished the dignity of human beings they will face death

    IA created personal brand for himself and it is paramount. It takes precedence over knowledge, ideas, fact, truth, integrity and the common good. This cult of the self IA , which defines Eritrean politics and Eritrean dominant culture, contains narowely the classic traits of IA psychopaths: superficial charm, grandiosity, self-importance, a need for constant stimulation, a penchant for fear ,intimidation, bulling, lying, ruthlessness ,lies ,deception and manipulation, and incapacity for remorse ,sympathy , or guilt. IA has these characteristics and much more and that violence is the primary form of social control, when IA talks as if he were the hybrid offspring of Chairman Mao and Karl Marx, or born again communist, for very long time Eritrean are angry about being lied to and fleeced by the fascist Eritrean regime supporters, they look at him he is one us ,he is one of our leader and elites. Some by now, they are tired of being impotent by bombastic idiot. The opportunistic elites fallowed him blindly, the fringe demagogues must increasingly give political legitimacy to goons and imbeciles in a desperate battle to salvage their own place and legitimacy in near coming Eritrea. But the more these minion’s elites, steal, pillage and loot, and the more they cast citizens aside as human refuse, the more the goons and imbeciles become actual alternatives to form Asmara government after IA is gone. The sellout Eritrean regime supports and cohort’s elites cranks and lunatics, who amassed enough support to be given first and secondary positions of power, they seek to keep the population passive and demobilized. the cynical game the elites are playing, hopefully will backfire on them sooner or later day, it is trade mark of IA. as a foil to keep themselves in power, will consume them. The monster regimes elites will pay the price.
    IA most values is POWER and strength, not justice or humanity or peace or equality etc.. IA demanded complete obedience with no exception. His measure of success is absolute power and control the money. Eritrea is entirely about himself and narrow ruling class. His language is about himself and his personal ability to solve problems entirely his. He wants people just to trust him with no question asked, that he is their voice. IA is not known for the depth or complexity of his analysis to solve any issues. IA blind supporters respond with mass assent to his EVERY silly words and awful actions. They don’t question or discuss behaviors that in any given time would be alarming to Eritrean Thinking for oneself is not permitted. Nor do we see people thinking for themselves.

    The atheist IA and his minions actually represents the worst of what might be called “superficial Christianity.” Or nominal faith,.The heroes of the Bible—Moses, Jesus David, Elijah and many other —were known for unusual power.
    This is the set of deep-seated assumptions in orthodox Christianity, whether explicit or implicit, conscious or unconscious, that are held most clearly by fundamentalist believers but are also embedded in Christianity of all stripes. Importantly, they affect many in the Eritrean and Ethiopian population who are not church-goers but simply live in their Christianity-infused culture. PFDJ could not be by far more far from teaching Jesus of love.

    It is the complete opposite of what we need is to live together in peace, prosperity and harmony on a fragile little Eritrea, one where our future depends on people from all ethnic, language, cultures and religions finding common ground despite our many differences.

  • Semere Tesfai

    Ahlen Ali Salim

    Ya Ustaz: Good to hear from you. It has been a while, I know you’ve been busy, but please be active in this war of ideas more often. Now let me be me – the real me, and tell you things like they are.

    1. – Sorry for being blunt but the article you penned today doesn’t have any substance at all – substance meaning problem solving, vision, future plan or simply a persuasive argument how to move foreword to create a better Eritrea for all of us – type thing. Your article is full of EMOTIONAL AND BRAVADO RANT and your article is full of imaginary alignment of clans, tribes, cultures, languages, borders….. to create a brand new nation by curving and chopping chunks of lands from sovereign nations – or simply you showed the world, the Western Tesfazion of AgAzi side of you. Let me tell you something: there is a good reason why Africans accepted Western created borders – not because the borders are right but because they are practical. And you need to learn to be pragmatic. Therefore, since the article you penned is not pragmatic, other than messaging our emotions, it didn’t add ANY VALUE to our current political discourse.

    2. – Land Issue: The PFDJ land policy is fine. We are trying to build a nation in every aspect of it. And to build a nation, you need a NATIONAL PLAN. And no government can have a NATIONAL PLAN without having full control of the NATION’S LAND. You just cant have, national food security plan, national urban sprawl plan, national mining and drilling plan, national investing plan, national agricultural plan…… when land is controlled by local ethnics and clans. No economically advanced nation in this planet, has its land owned by local tribes and ethnics. Is the PFDJ land policy perfect? Absolutely not. Far from it. But fighting to reform/replace the land policy we got now, and declaring war on Christians (ethnic Tigrignas) are two completely different things, so you know.

    3. – Movement of people: I was ELF Tegadalay and proud at that. And to build a nation called Eritrea – I lost comrades from every ethnic and every faith in Aqurdet at – Bloko, Enda-Kidanemhret, Forto, Musteshfa, Jerdin Ad-Embaye, Hilet-Tekurir, Medresa, Welet-Abereq, Brigade, Metar, Shuq….. I lost comrades from every ethnic and every faith in Barentu at – Shilebo, Duta-Abay, Duta-NiEshto, Shingradara, Sossona, Balag, Forto, Afatella, Primo-Quanteri, Anesi, DifaE-Tilyan, Alisha…… and I lost many more in the towns like Aderde, Engerne, KeAlay, Gogne, Haykota, Alebu, Temerat, Adibara, Tesseny……

    And for the same reason (to build a nation called Eritrea), my Muslim comrades sweat, bled and died in Mendefera at the open fields of Adi-Blay, Tibo, Azenda, Forto, Konnel, Adi-Hare, Zban-Diug, Kagnew and their dead bodies was displayed from Islamia to Azenda – from Hospital to Mimhdar (Komosaryato)…. and many more Muslims died at Kinafna, Tserona, Segeneiti, Adi-Keih, SenAfe, Zalambessa, May-Mne, Areza, Adiquala, Debarwa, Adi-Gombello, Adi-Teklay, Adi-Gebru, TseAzega, Adi-YaAqob, Adi-Bidell, TaEreshi, Weki-Diba, Emba-derho, Adi-Segdo and in mid-town Asmara.

    And this is my thing: if any Muslim from any ethnic, is Eritrean enough to willingly sweat, bleed, and die at every square inch of Eritrean land, fundamental fairness says he/she should be able to make a living at any square inch of the land with no string attached. And the same goes for every Christian from ethnic Tigrigna. We’re all for Eritrea (every piece of our body and soul) and Eritrea is for all of us EQUALLY every inch of it. There is no any other way.

    4. – You (Ali Salim) and many more in the opposition, see PFDJ and ethnic Tigrigna as one and the same. And the fundamental solution to your (Eritrean Muslims) current predicament is to defeat PFDJ (which is to defeat ethnic Tigrigna) and then Negotiate our future as Eritreans, which is is a big gamble. Now, let’s say

    A. Ethnic Tigrigna (Christans) lost and surrendered and accepted your (Muslims) terms. Is that what you wanted?

    B. You (Muslim ethnics) lost, and lost it all. Was that worth the risk?

    C. We all Muslims and Christians lost Eritrea (Eritrea ended-up failed state). Was that a right choice?

    5. – You and I have made a name for ourselves, for telling it like it is. Now, don’t fail me on that, BE BLUNT and UNCOMPROMISING. Whatever you do, please don’t sugarcoat your argument with LOWLANDERS nonsense. There is nothing, nothing, yes nothing that connect together Jebertys, Afars, Naras, Tigres, Bilens, Sahos and Hidarebs other than ISLAMIC faith. Man-up and frame your argument like you see it – war between Christians and Muslims.

    Semere Tesfai

    • Hameed Al-Arabi

      Greetings Semere Tesfai,

      You make a tour all over Eritrea to justify your death in Kerkebet allow you to dismantle lands from their owners. My friend whom do you want to convince with this barren arguments. Your boss sent some Eritrean tegadelti to Congo whom some of them died there. Why don’t claim Congo is yours? Also soldiers from Ethiopia, Kenya, and Uganda died in Somali. Americans, British, etc. died in Afganistan and Iraq. According to your barren logic tomorrow Ethiopia will claim Somali is theirs because they died there defending it from Jihadist, and Americans will claim Iraq is theirs because they have died there fighting a dictator. Please, learn how to be rational and respect minds of the readers in the forum.

      You are defending and justifying the practices of a group of extremists who are not elected by the people of Eritrea. Every step this fanatic group takes is illegal and it is natural to be opposed by Eritrean lowlanders and Muslims who suffer from their injustices and suppress..

      You and your likes already declared war against lowlanders and Muslims, but we are still begging you to change your minds. What you are doing will never guide to coexistence and peace. You think as far as you have authority and power on your hands no one will be able to defeat you. But you have to remember a right cause always wins the game. Please don’t try to polish your dirty works.

      My friend, I advise you to tell your boss to send squads of militias all over the world and when they die there, you come and tell us India, China, Japan, North Korea, Brazil, ect. is ours because we have died there fighting, you can name any cause you like. Hahahaha, minds makes you laugh.

      • Semere Tesfai

        Selam Hameed Al-Arabi

        1. – I didn’t say ethnic Tigrignas have a right to make a living at Eritrean Lowlands because they died to liberate these areas a quarter of a century ago. I’m not saying ethnic Tigrignas has a right to make a living at Eritrean Lowlands because they are dying defending them. No, no, no sir. I’m saying ethnic Tigrignas have a right to make a living at Eritrean Lowlands because they are in their own sovereign land. They don’t need anyone’s permission as long they follow the law of the land.

        2. – One of the things that makes me sick to the stomach (ዘናቕጸኒ ነገር) is HYPOCRISY and SELECTIVE GRIEF. Let me explain:

        Just for the sake of argument, let’s say the current population of Asmara is half a million (500,000). And again, just for the sake of argument, let’s say a third (125,000) of Asmara home owners are Muslims. Meaning tens of thousands of Hamassien farmers have lost their farms to Muslim home owners. And let’s say on average, the same is true (a third of the homeowners) in Mendefera, Dubarwa, Adi-quala, Dekemhare, Segeneiti, Adi-Keih, SenAfe…….. are Muslims.

        So, my friend Al-Arabi – I know what you want to do to the Menajees, Menakeed, and to those who wouldn’t Yuqimoo Fi Selat Al-Muslimeen – who are calling home the Muslim ancestral lands at Kerkebet and beyond. But I didn’t see you, shedding any tears when the poor farmers of Hamassien, Akelogzay, and Serye lost their farmlands for Muslim homeowners. How come?

        You see, JUSTICE IS A TWO WAY STREET. It doesn’t favor color, faith, gender, age, wealth, power…. But to you, not all “Land-grabbings” are the same. And that is sad everywhere?

        Now you’re free to tell the Congo, the China, the North Korea, the Moon , the Sun….. stories to yourself.

        Semere Tesfai.

        • Hameed Al-Arabi

          Greetings Semere Tesfai,

          Again you came with “his excuse uglier from his sin” (Uzru Aqbah Min Zanbu). My friend, why do you leave your warm home to Muslims and go there to deserts and jungles? How on earth you leave (Nieshto Roma) and the beautiful weather of highlands for Muslims and decide to reside in lands of baking-temperatures? Can we call what you are doing self-sacrifice? Really, you deserve a Noble Prize for self-sacrifice. I hope you perceived now that your mind is very very small. Look, don’t try to convince me with your raw arguments. You are just a robber, don’t try to sugarcoat yourself with a gentleman’s appearance.

          • Semere Tesfai

            Selam Hameed Al-Arabi

            This is what I believe. And please tell me (a) why you disagree and (b) what should be our land policy. And this is my take:

            1. – Land should be owned only by the state of Eritrea

            2. – The state of Eritrea through its central government should have LAND USEGE LAWS

            3. – Every Eritrean citizen should use land for dwelling, business, industrial, mining, farming…. according to land usage state law

            4. – Land usage law should be subject to changes and improvements

            5. – The Eritrean land law should not discriminate Eritrean citizens because of their ethnicity, gender, economic status, faith…..

            Now, tell me why this idea is bad for Eritrea and Eritreans. Thank you.

            Semere Tesfai

          • Hameed Al-Arabi

            Greetings Semere Tesfai,

            The real owners of the lands you compete to grab are still in refugee camps and exile. They didn’t participate at the law you speak about or within the government of robbers you are proud of. I hope not to make a mistake and mention for me Osman Saleh. This guy is just an instrument in your hands, the latest event of meeting cancellation in America proves it. Osman Saleh and his likes are just traitors to their kinsfolk.

            Whatever excuse you fetch to mask yourself with you will remain a robber, notorious robber.

          • Semere Tesfai

            Selam Hameed Al-Arabi

            “The real owners of the lands you compete to grab are still in refugee camps and exile.”

            What do you mean real owners? Then what is the land to the ethnic Tigrignas who sweat, bled and died to liberate it? What is the land to the ethnic Tigrignas who are sweating, bleeding and dying to protect it?


            Yes Eritrean Muslims are at refugee camps in Sudan. And that is sad – but, but, but,


            Yes, Eritrean Muslims might not have participated at the land proclamation law as they should. And that is sad. But again,


            You’ve a problem with the PFDJ regime? Fight the regime the best you know how. Ethnic Tigrignas didn’t do anything illegal. Land is owned by the state – as it should. They are using state land according to the state law – to raise their children as they should.


            Al-Arabi: The politics of selective grief and selective outrage, and demand of selective justice is not going to get us any where. When you say land grabbers, I know, you’re not referring to the SAHOS, TO THE JEBERTY’S, TO THE BILENS, TO THE KEBESSA TIGRES….. who are making a living at Eritrean lowlands. I know you are referring only to the ethnic Tigrignas who are making a living at “your” Eritrean lowlands. Right? Can you explain to me why? Believe me, I don’t care if you don’t answer it; because I already know the answer – you’ve told us many times in many ways.

            But let me tell you one thing – for better for worse, we’re on the same boat. And it would be wise of us, and it would be to our benefit, if we respect eachother and live as neighbors, friends, coworkers, employees and employers, soulmates, and inlaws. Thank you

            Semere Tesfai

          • Hameed Al-Arabi

            Greetings Semere Tesfai,

            1- (the SAHOS, TO THE JEBERTY’S, TO THE BILENS, TO THE KEBESSA TIGRES…..), these people you are grabbing their cultivation lands, demolition their mosques and houses, secondly, they are imposed in the lowlands of Eritrea under the barrel of guns. Don’t compare Tigrinia ethnic group with the others, have you gotten it, Mr. Shitara Abashawil?

            2- (ETHNIC TIGRIGNAS CAN’T BE LAND GRABBERS IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY.), when the illegal PFDJ distributes them land, accept it with pleasure and encourage their kinsfolk to follow them, they become land grabbers.

            3- (Yes, Eritrean Muslims might not have participated during the drafting and passing of the land proclamation law as they should. And that is sad. But again,), since the majority didn’t participate, the law you are grabbing lands under its cover becomes illegal. The only ethnic group that is benefiting from PFDJ is Tigrinia ethnic group whether you accept it or not. This is the reality on the ground.

            4- (the ethnic Tigrignas who sweat, bled and died to liberate it? What is the land to the ethnic Tigrignas who are sweating, bleeding and dying to protect it?), you are not the only ethnic group that sacrificed for their country, the entire people of Eritrea paid dear for their country and still are paying dear. Come down, Mr. Semere, don’t justify robbery and don’t try to rob people their rights under the mask of PFDJ.

            5- (Believe me, I don’t care if you don’t answer it; because I already know the answer – you’ve told us many times in many ways.), I will challenge you million times. I hope this to be well perceived by you that I am not afraid from a robber on a jogging mission to cover his crimes.

            You have to remember you are leading the Tigrinia ethnic group to catastrophe, that is all what you are active at. I hope the Tigrinia ethnic group to refrain from all that will make their co-existence with the other ethnic groups very difficult and dangerous.

          • Chtonous

            Hello Semere

            Posted it in a wrong place

            Ali Salim

          • Hameed Al-Arabi

            Greetings Semere Tesfai,

            The most important clause Dr. Berekhet coined for you in the constitution of 1997 is grabbing of land. You throw with the constitution at a garbage bin and implemented the clause that most interest you in your robbery. Dr. Berekhet, after his fixing the land clause, is watching his students from a safe place how they carry out the law of robbery. Definitely, he is very happy with the results of his master plan. Mr. Semere, you have no law that governs you. The international society already passed their judgement on you, you are just criminals against humanity. After this disgraceful certificate you are dressed with, do you have a face to speak about equality, good governance and government, Mr. Semere?

          • Haile Zeru

            Hi all,

            Semere Tesfai said the following:

            “This is what I believe. And please tell me (a) why you disagree and (b)
            what should be our land policy. And this is my take:
            – Land and sea should be owned and regulated
            only by the state of Eritrea.”

            HZ – …and who owns the state? Semere Tesfai, you are not speaking in a vacuum.

            In present Eritrea, a group of mafia owns the state. And you, Semere Tesfai, living in the west, in
            free country, are defending day in and day out those criminals. Simply because
            the criminals are ethinic Tigriniyas like you. I do not see any other rationale why you are defending them.
            In present Eritrea there is no constitution that is agreed upon by all stake holders. And the one that is flaunted as constitution is not functional ( is “dead”). It was made with fake consultation, discussions and fake promises and ended up in a dust bin.

            Without a proper functioning Constitution, Parliament, legal system and election, your above
            bedrock statement is null and void.

            You are saying these high sounding legal/moral statements to defend your idol, PIA. In the normal world, there is a constitution and the Government rules, during its tenure, according to that
            contract. We have none of that in the present Eritrea. Therefore no land laws
            nor land use. There is land and people abuse only.

            ” The state of Eritrea through its central government should have LAND/SEA USEGE LAWS”
            HZ – Again another statement in a vacuum.
            Based on what should a central government have the land usage laws? This statement will be true when it is subjected to the contract stipulate with the people and according to democratic procedures. Not according to the whims of Semere Tesfay’s idol, DIA. Like we have now.
            It sounds you like the laws but not the constitutional order and democratic procedures that go with them.

            “- Every Eritrean citizen should use land (sea) for dwelling, business, industrial, mining, farming…. according to the land/sea usage state laws and regulations.”

            HZ- Same as above, No single article is true or false by itself.

            “- Land/sea usage law should be subject to changes and improvements”

            HZ-The state, and constitutional order also should be subjected to improvements too. To be improved by the people thru the normal democratic procedures.

            “- The Eritrean land/sea usage law should not discriminate Eritrean citizens because of their ethnicity, gender, economic status, faith…..”

            HZ-That is true. But not only the way you are implying them.In particular when the majority plunders the rights and property of the minorities. Those minorities should have an enforceable legal system to stop the abuse. I mean, without the need to resorting to an armed rebellion.

            “Now, tell me why this idea is bad for Eritrea and Eritreans. Thank you.”

            HZ-These ideas as applied to the present Eritrean context are bad, because they
            give the Government unfettered access to abuse everybody, especially the
            minorities. On the contrary there is no recourse for the people to stop the
            abuse. That is why we have oppositions that are trying to arm themselves and
            civil societies that are trying to international bodies to stop the abuse.

            I am sure you are not that stupid to miss these facts. But I do not know why
            you are doing it. I mean the bidding for the devil.

            HZ – One more of your many statements on a separate post:

            Ismail AA 1. – Refugees: Eritrean refugees are Eritreans, they belong in
            Eritrea, and they should come back home. There is no dispute about that. So
            don’t bring it into this LAND ARGUMENT.”

            -In your previous (long ago) writing you sounded worried about the depopulation of
            Kebessa due to the policies of your idol DIA. Because, if the return of many
            lowlanders from Sudan to their original place happens it would upset the demographic make-up
            of the region. In such a hypothetical scenario that was evident in some of
            your writing, the democratic tools of rule of majority (unchecked) that you are
            advocating would crumble.
            Now for convenience you are flaunting these high sounding statements.

    • Ismail AA

      Selam Semere T.,

      Regarding the issue of rights and duties, (under normal circumstances), there is no questions that citizens should live and work where opportunities provide them. But the issue that wittingly or otherwise being glossed over is whether the people who were forced to go to exile by alien occupiers should not be helped to return back to their properties by a government that claimed to had liberated the land in their name or not.

      What logic can support settling people from other areas on their land under the pretext or urbanization or nation-building?
      Fairness calls for condemnation of the regime rather than condoning (explicit or implicit) its way of running the affairs of the country. A peasant that ploughs the land that belongs to his counterpart that has been waiting at a camp dwelling for decades to return to it just several hours drive away on the other side of the borders should not be told that it is his right as a citizen to occupy it just because one of his own fought there and martyred there.

      • Semere Tesfai

        Selam Ismail AA

        1. – Refugees: Eritrean refugees are Eritreans, they belong in Eritrea, and they should come back home. There is no dispute about that. So don’t bring it into this LAND ARGUMENT.

        2. – The PFDJ regime: With regard to land issue, the PFDJ regime has done things that you and I agree, and some we disagree. But you know as much as I do governments come and go. Everything the PFDJ government did can be reformed or trashed by the government that follows it. Therefore, the PFDJ regime is a distraction to our main argument. Today, let’s keep our eyes on the main argument – Land Argument.

        3. – The challenging question to you, to me, and to everyone – is WHO SHOULD OWN THE LAND? SHOULD ERITREAN GOVERNMENT HAVE A DECISIVE ROLE IN MANAGING AND REGULATING THE LAND. Should powerful and wealthy individuals be allowed to own lands? Should religious institutions, clans, villages, tribes, ethnics own lands? Mind you: land argument is not a PFDJ thing. It is a national policy argument – as land has been used as a political tool to vilify the WHOLE ETHNIC TIGRIGNAS as “land grabbers” along with the PFDJ regime.

        Just to make a point, let me tell you a legacy that the ELF organization left behind. Until late seventies, in Seraye, land was owned some by powerful monasteries, some by rich families (ኣቦኻ መርቕ ኣቦኻ ርገም) principle, some by powerful villages, and some by powerful/wealthy individuals. The land distribution in Seraye was so bad and so unfair to many, some farmers (whole villages) were living as SERFS for generations in their own country. It was so bad, it was impossible for any fair minded person to look the other way in silence. To make wrongs right, ELF made history by taking the side of the poor farmers. ELF stood against powerful monasteries, powerful villages and powerful individuals to reform the land ownership that existed for centuries – and redistributed the land of many villages in a “fair” way. I’m willing to be corrected, but if what I heard is true, the reform ELF made then, is still standing.

        The following song was one of the land reform campaign songs that I still remember.

        መሬት ይደላደል – ብዘይ ገለ ጎደል
        ሃብታም ኣይትሰስዕ – ድኻ ከትውጽዕ

        መሬት ይደላደል – ክንብል ከለና
        ካብ ሰውራዊ መትከል – ተበጊስና ኢና

        The point: even when we were unsure about our victory (Eritrean independence), we were very sure about the role of a government – in ensuring fair and equitable distribution of land.

        Semere Tesfai

        • Ismail AA

          Dear Semere,

          Let us get serious and refrain. When the property of a refugee still in exile is appropriated by an authority and settled by a peasant hailing from another corner of the country, you won’t in good conscience tell me the two are not related in this debate.

          Yes, the PFDJ is a government and can disappear; but it is creating facts on the ground at the expense of absence owners. It is the same as what is happening in East Bank of the Jordan River. Some one from Moldavia is funded to come and settle in land that belongs to inhabitants under occupation.

          On argument that the question is a constitutional issue is true. But that has got to pass through due constitution making process with involvement and consultation of all stakeholders. What is happening in Eritrea is a usurper authority (at least from 1993 onward since before it could be argued the EPLF enjoyed revolutionary legality) issuing an arbitrary decree at the whim of a despot and confiscating the land of the nation.

          As to the experience of the ELF in relation of the land and the peasants, it had nothing to do with nationalization. It was about reforming the rigid land tenure system, as you have mentioned, with close involvement and consultation of the peasants through their councils and elders, and was never arbitrary imposition. An the agency that was leading the process was the General Union of the Eritrean Peasants under the leadership and guidance of none other than the late Martyr Seyoum Ogbamichael for which he had earned the name Harestos.

          I should also underscore here that the process was implemented in the context of the ELF National Democratic Program that stipulated engagement in two parallel processes of struggle: armed struggle for liberating the land, and organizing the population in accordance to affiliations in unions that cut across social divides : Students, workers, farmer etc. as opposed to the 8 nationalities preposition on which the EPLF was cynically insisting for the objectives we are now witnessing.

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Selam Ismailo,

            Semere Tesfay glorifies facism. Facism is a political philosophy that glorifies the state above the individual by emphasizing the need of strong central government led by a dictatorial rule. He glorifies a totalitarian state. A totalitarian state is a state led by a single leader and a single party. It rejected the idea of limited government power and guarantee of individual freedom. The masses were expected to be active in achieving the state’s goals. Human rights and individual freedom are done away with it. When Semere defend the policy of the despot and the party, he becomes the embodiment of the philosophy that controls the lives of the Eritrean people.

            Semere defend the policy of the regime even when he isn’t well informed about it. Look to what he has responded to Chtonous about the land proclamation: “I admit, I’m not the most informed person when it comes to Eritrea’s Land Proclamation and what goes on the ground.” This in itself tells you that, for Semere its is not about that particular policy, it is about defending the totalitarian state and its philosophy which he glorifies it. When you debate with him, keep in mind this note.

            Amanuel Hidrat

          • Semere Tesfai

            Selam Ismail AA

            “It (what PFDJ is doing) is the same as what is happening in East Bank of the Jordan River. Some one from Moldavia is funded to come and settled in land that belongs to inhabitant under occupation.”

            Are you serious? Is that really what you believe? I’m speechless!

            Ismail: There is no parallel with what the Jewish state is doing to Palestinian land and what PFDJ is doing in Eritrea’s land. None whatsoever. Now…

            1. – I challenge you to give me an example – out of our 9-10 Eritrean ethnics – any members of an ethnic group being called land grabber except Christians from ethnic Tigrigna? If there are land-grabbers other than ethnic Tigrignas – I loose. If there are not, then tell me what is all this commotion all about, other than to defeat Christians?

            2. – I challenge you to give me an example in which a whole ethnic group – fifty percent of the population at that – being criminalized and being called land grabbers in their own country – a country they sweat, bled, and died to liberate more than their fair share. Their crime: doing what is legal under the state law. Yes, you can dislike the law, you can disagree with the law….. but it is the current law of the land – and life goes on until you change it.

            Let me even lower the bar for you, I challenge you to give me an example, any individual person or group of people (irrespective of their status in their respective society) being criminalized and being called land grabbers in their own country?

            3. – I challenge you to explain to me and to all Awate readers, how we’re going to be a united nation with a national plan for national prosperity, if what you want is, Eritrean land to be owned by clans, tribes, and ethnics. I challenge you to give me an example of a prosperous nation, whose land is controlled by clans, tribes, and ethnics.

            The PFDJ land proclamation has many mistakes. But land being owned by the state is not one of them.

            Semere Tesfai

          • Saleh Johar

            Ahlan Semere Tesfai,

            You know how I admire your way of presenting your views unadulterated! In that sense, I equaled you to Ali Salim many seasons ago and I still hold if you and Ali Salim represented your respective constituencies, you would either come to an agreement or one of you would kill the other and declare victory. In short, that is the current situation as I see it. No romance or emotional statement is intended here. But I have to make a disclaimer.

            On Semere Tesfai:

            1. I do not agree with you (strongly disagree) with the way you keep throwing the book–the law of the land! That would be correct if there was a land that Eritreans blessed and agreed upon. Haile Sellasie also had a law and constitution but it was opposed and collectively rejected by Eritreans and that is why you carried a gun and buried your colleagues–to end injustice. I do not see any difference between that law and the PFDJ’s law that we fought against.

            2. To the owner of the land, it doesn’t matter who is doing the settling. Seen from that perspective, if you take my land, whatever your justification, you are grabbing my land. For us to act as fully Eritreans, we should see the issue from all perspectives without getting too defensive. In that case, we would be intellectually untenable and dishonest. Now, when the owners of the land are stranded in refugee camps, and systematically or for obvious reasons are absent, to do what the PFDJ is doing is an utter disregard for the citizens’ rights and creating a long lasting bitterness and anger.

            3. You had a challenge on who is settling the newly developed land. Do you really not understand? I don’t believe that. You also asked who the settlers are and Mahmud Saleh even gave us a slogan “kerkete-Kudofelasi” ( I suppose he means two-way avenue) but I wish you also believe it is a two-way street.

            4. You seem to be attempting to equate “Tigrinya people” with the PFDJ. PFDJ is not representative of any social group and I do not think that is correct except for people who would want to use it for agitational purposes and to massage raw nerves. I do not mean to deny there are many (Muslims to be blunt) who make that claim. Our responsibility to be to educate or convince that that is not the case. PFDJ is a cancerous growth though it might have metastasized in certain quarters. The PFDJ actions , if not done purposely, encourage that kind of thinking. I do not believe they do not know what crisis they are creating for Eritrea, considering their information gathering and security obsession. So, the PFDJ is to blame for the action and reaction by implication.

            On Ali Salim

            1. One of the best writers technically speaking. He also enjoys ruffling feathers but then he goes on a long sabbatical and returns with a load of arrows pointing to a million direction. That I think that is his biggest weakness and I hope he is sporty enough to take this from me, and here is a smiley 🙂

            2. Take for example his last article. In Islam we have something we call Sunna–behaviors and action of the prophet, something that is favorable to do though not in the Quraan. I think Ali Salim thinks general, blanket jabs are Sunna and he always performs it with excellence. I would like to tell him it is not Sunna, it not even Awatinya. Staying on the topic , with no extras, would help his message and encourage others to debate with the intention of reaching a consensus, contributing towards an awareness if not consensus.

            3. We have a few in this forms who like their blankets very much, infact are too enamored with their blanket statements, joomla, and their punching bags are always the opposition. Some declare “them” dead, they forget the opposition is an idea, it’s a conscience and it will never die. It is what conscious human do in pursuit of justice. And a just person is not selectively just, it doesn’t work that way.

            To the rest, please do not kill substance because it makes you uneasy or shakes you out of your comfort zone. If we have an elected parliament, such are the issues that would be discussed. Get used to it or reject it at your own peril, and endanger the pursuit of consensus.

            Keep it clean and honest, PLEASE!

          • Ismail AA

            Selam Semere,

            Again, please let us not mix things. I did not in any way, in writing or in word, said or implied that our ethnic Tigrigna are land grabbers. I do not think, moreover, any one said, literarily, the whole Tigrigna segment is land grabber. The issue I have tried to exchange views with you was the policy the regime has been implementing, which has not flown from appropriately written law of the land enshrined in a constitution. This the whole issue I am arguing about. You should not shift the debate and try to put words into the mouth of others and boldly assert that I criminalized part of my own people. The land policy of the regime is illegal whatever the justification may be.

            In fact, I do worriedly sympathize with the farmers and settlers that have been uprooted from their places of origin and moved to plots of land they know it does not belong to them. It just hurt their conscience and morale, besides, of course, the perpetual worry about the future and what the bona- fide owners of the land would do. Simply they do not know what the future holds since governments come and go, or the laws of the land could change or times and fortunes change.

            As to the analogy (Moldavia) I thought you just wanted to use it as suitable loophole that was not available for adding some flesh to your argument. The issue nothing has nothing to do with drawing parallel between peoples: Jews and our Tigrigna. The reference was on policy the two regimes have been implementing. The two programs of bringing people from one place under the auspices, guidance and financing of the two governments are the similar. Please, again, there is no word from me that described the Tigrigna are alien!!. You are simply trying to create an issue. Let us be careful, please.

            As to your, contention that people from the other ethnic groups who have also settled in the Lowlands are not accused of land grabbing, I do not have the numbers, but the ratio could largely tilt in favor of the Tigrigna rather than for example the Saho who are also losing their land in the Red Sea littoral areas of their region to settlers. Moreover, I know some Saho families who wanted to return to their places from the camps in Sudan after liberation were refused and forced to stay in areas like Ali Gidir against their will.

            As a final word, which I hope you will kindly take note of, is that I had not in any way written that the whole ethnic Tigrigna are land grabbers or alien. This last word your wrote is ugly, and what wrote on the West Bank should be read in the context of the policies of the two regimes, and the peoples.

        • Solomon

          Selamat Semere Tesfay,

          I am rather scrolling through the pertinent and most important dialogues under other articles AND, in my humble or not so humble opinion, the very significant dialogues under this Ali Salim Beja-Hzbi that tend to be burried deep by the actions of culprits like myself and cohorts.
          The very astute and perceptive SaliH Johar Ghadi gave an excellent and fair description of you. I am sure you did not miss him equating you to Ali Salim aka SaliH Younis. I believed he said if the both of you were locked in a room and left to debate your differences, you would walkout resolving your differences and a workable agreement. SJG’s statement I will quote later.
          As I fish or gather my firewood for our model size “storm in a cup” for a planned methodical argument, I will be leaving comments like this to serve as traces or prequels of my plans. More importantly though, these more than likely frequent intrussions, I am hoping to serve as markers of where to drop their metophorical bombardments with pricision in order to PUMP UP THE VOLUME purposley made inaudible as I have stated. The more energetic and more productive young of this generation (my measurement of age or generational grouping not necessarily length of time since birth) I believe could produce faster and are probably ready to voice loudly now to drown out the noise causing them to be silent, nausiated and dejected. You may very well be one feeling such.

          Ali Salim felt, I am sure, as dejected after the band wagon effect like of him being tarred and fethered. In his U-Turn scholarly abstractions, worthy of the highest class of contemporary philosophy, his contemplative and very descriptive papers was first thwarted by those learned thinkers he challenged and beckoned to build the school of thought with. The established with power, I believe couldn’t or wouldn’t dare to venture out and endorse contemplations that dared them to venture outside the parametrs, varuables, theories and formulas, unfortunately we are all conditioned to believe as a turf reserved for a “Mazungu” or Westerner. Ali Salim/Husein Younis though not quite the usherer of this contemporary age of enlightenment–The African Philosophy taking center stage, he was and is certainly positioned,
          serendipitously perhaps, lead it with his significant and impactful papers he commence to launch here. The build up of the entire mob ridiculing and chasing, lead by the very top intelegencia here in our small community, gathered vehement resistance, momentum that litteraly discouraged and beat down to conform with commands of rejoin these mental bars of limit that only a very tiny and insignificant from amongst our kind have found the success through acceptance and approval as Mind Liberator. … Our daring Young and Elite Thinker YS, adjusted his U-Turn proposals with another U-Turn as ordered by the strong mob multitude, re-entered the centuries delianated borders that limit indigenous scholarly ventures absorbing without complaint further insults to injury with clever soundbites of “Hey Ali Salim, Mr. Land Graber, what should we call your U-Turn of your U-Turn?” The real intent being to hammer into his mind the limitations they have accepted to be as beneficiaries for liberty from other’s perspective as final and binding definition of REALITY. Caught in the conundrum, The Political Catch 22– The Damned If you don’t and damned if you do, he restored the status quo of by appearing to adjust his column accordingly with the slug like movements of Eritrean Politics pecking order. And very quitely engineered a “Shaw Shank Redemption” like jail break in order to aleviate his personally suffocation feeling. Dejected he settled to live without total freedom and “damned with don ‘t” option not blowing up the mental prisons to the detriment of the warden, the warden’s warden, the COs/guards, the imprissoned within and their extended families as imprissoned without.

          I am addressing you so that I could highlight the markers of the intricacies of ENTANGLEMENT that conciously and subconciously is proving as the hindering vehemant and formidable rrsistance to progress through Paradeigm Shift after ample consideration and examinations of self-realities based prescriptions.
          Though, the escape goats are usually made out to be the “emotional” that drawn out relevant and more important discussions, and there is some truth to the claim, YOUR example Semere Tesfay and “your twin like” Mr. Ali Salim, with the capacity to be Eritrean and All Minds Liberators, due to being equiped to present and debate with facts and theories “academically defensible” with scholarly and indigenous/African Philosophy presentation unbound by the limiting parameters and borders delienated centuries ago by the Mazungu declared “final and binding.” Notice Aya Amanuel “Old man scrouge” Hidrat in possession with power persistently pulling Mr. IsmaelAA to disregard and discourage the Semere Tesfays and Ali Salim for example.
          While premptive cliches of “The authoritarian regimes like that of DIA that oppress us Eritreans at home and abroad are painted as anti Elitist” are constantly repeated, ample examples of anti Elite methods and means of separating the Elites from one another from dialoguing and presenting Academic and Scholarly Papers of compromised agreements happens to be the order of the Opposition (mainstream) with Political Power. The Husein Younis “Unbound” Philosophy Indiginous/African Philosophy, it is my wish the Young Scholarls to examine and reexamin carefully. The Merits and encouraging improvements and corrections are yours-Younger Generation to make. Academic Integrity and discovery is unhindered by those with political power.

          The scholarship approval or otherwise by those limited with their current choice to be diplomats and or political activists could be an invisible detrimental to the cause for obvious and not so obvious reasons to be further aregued.

          That the PFDJ’s political strategies and policies, lamented SaaY7, is academically defesible recently. He added the urgent need to irganize Academic Symposioums by the Opposition (Mainstream) plus non, similar to that recently held in Asmara.
          “Cut the head, the followers scatter” is means to me in within this context of my critique this:

          The Younger Generation, particularly of oppressed by underdeveloped in addition to anti Elitist Authoritarian Regimes and anti-Elitist and psuedo Militant armed Revolutionaries, and their subtle, perhaps reflexive reactions, that selectively approve Western Mazungu parameters limited scholars are to be challenged as causes of Young Eritrean Generations “being lost and or unorganized.” Youth the world over are interested to promote marginalized and neglected indiginous source reality Philosophies as the primary aspirations.

          Ali Salim U-Turn papers an excelent example and such candidate.

          The Semere Tesfays, MaHmood SaliH’s and Ali Salim are in my oppinion of the Unbound and Fearless Scholars that should not be bullied and distracted. The dire calls by YOUTH for “Disentanglement” I believe these three gentlemen are positioned to articulate and lead at the moment.

          Aya Amanuel “Old Man Scrouge” Hidrat is first batter up for the “Storm in a Cup” still brewing to be upgraded to a Storm in a Bowl or Storm in ሳንኬሎ ኦር ስቶርም ኢን ጥስቲ ኦር ሽቶርም ኢን መርቢል።
          ዘር ኢዝ ኤ መትሶድ ቶ ዚ ኣባቭ ሲሚንግሊ ማድነስ ሪኣለቲ። ሪሪድ ዊዝ ኣውት ባያስ ዘ ዩ-ተርን ፐፐርስ ኤንድ ፕሮግረሺን።


          • Semere Tesfai

            Selam Solomon – ጻጸ

            tSAtSE Nebsi: sorry for my late response. I’m still trying to recover from the merciless 72 hours-straight WATERBOARDING I had here at Awate. To this very moment, I’m still seeing people upside down and hearing people’s voices (Awatista voices) when no one is around.

            But please, please, please don’t feel sorry for me. I’m very blessed. My comrade Mahmud Saleh is the one who had the short-end of the stick. They made him carry a humongous thorny-cross from Kerkebet – through the steep mountains of Hishkib and Rora-Habab – all the way to Kudofelassi. And there in Kudofelassi, they nailed him on the very thorny-cross he carried on his bruised back for days. Nailed in seven places, suffering with excruciating pain, and hemorrhaging badly – the only person in sight to help, care, and comfort him was poor Gual Qeshi – hopelessly crying her heart-out (ጓል ግኒ ትብከዮ) beside him. I hope I’m wrong, but I’m afraid, eventually, they are going to drown him nailed on his cross, at the deep sea of May-Tekhella.

            But seriously Selie, I tried to respond to your comment on time. But (a) time got hectic here at work (b) the comment got longer, and longer, and longer…… (blame it on my old age). Then I changed my mind (which my wife and kids say I do it every hour) – and said, heck, if I’m going to spend this kind of time and effort to write a comment this long, might as well change few things (to make it acceptable for adults with minors) and post it at the front page.

            That in mind, I’m spending all the time I got, trying to clean all the French in the long comment that was intended to Ali Salim and to some others which I’m not naming names (among them the one who is tarnishing my beautiful name).

            And as you can imagine, sanitizing the whole thing to a G rated article that fit on the front page, is going to take a lot of time and a lot of hard work. But I’m determined to get it done and I’m working on it as we speak. Thank you for engaging and see you at the front page.

            I hope I’m not going to change my mind again!!!

            Semere Tesfai

          • Ismail AA

            Tina Yihabelna Ato Semere and Ato Solomon,

            Glad that our prodigious son, Solomon, succeeded to prod you to change your mind. I look forward
            and for sure a lot many, too, to read the anticipated front page article. . And, please do not change your mind. Getting views from the other angle is essential, assuming it will focus on rebutting Ali’s last article.

            Readers like myself, who put all their bets on dialogue and its bounties, would be in better position to find the middle course that might save the sort of “ my way or the highway” argumentation stalwarts from pushing towards mutually endangering brinks.

            If you would ask me what my wish is, I would like to imagine you as a representative of stakeholder section of our people debating an agenda bill on a controversial issue in the floor of an Eritrean assembly of elected representatives. I won’t like you being hamstrung by some passion of defending current affairs in the context of the status quo and the powers that brought it.

            Regards, and good luck


  • sara

    Dear ALi
    welcome back after a long absence, your write up as usual is fantastic, keep the boat shaking and
    let the folks do the thinking, and draw to the discussion the nay Sayers… the racists, tribalists, fanatics
    fascists,anarchists etc. I read some of them already here today and many are fuming to say some thing but have no yet to come forward. Damn, it is the FIRST AMENDMENT stupid.
    thanks to awate.com

  • Amanuel Hidrat

    Ahlen Younis (AS),

    Welcome back. You are an amazing personalty who shakes the conciousness of Eritrean mind in a good way and bad way. Good, in a sense of reminding us the reality of marginalization in our nation – either to the “Eritrean social groups” or to the ” diversified Eritrean political community.” Bad, in a sense that your approach polarizes our society more
    than pulling us together to find a solution to the problem.

    Second your politics focuses in the reconfiguration of the region by changing and regrouping alliances of the socio-cultural make up of the region which in itself is a problematic than looking an enduring solution to the current socio-cultural relationship within the inscribed land called “Eritrea.” Our Eritrea, with its current social groups, as building blocks for its existence, is reality that one shouldn ‘t engage to complicate further than it is.

    Third, you are unpredictable with all the U-turns you could make at any given time. Everytime you come after long hibernation, you always come with a new “U-turns ” that makes difficult for your readers to identify your positions.

    I just went through it once, and hopefully after digesting your take I will make some comments on the specific argument you made. Despite my views are contrarian to your views, please continue to Shake it brother, in order to make a serious debate and engagement to address our problem.

    Amanuel Hidrat

    • Lamek

      Aya Amanuel. If you think he is out on his own, you need to wake up. He represents most of the lowlanders and jeberti’s in his opinions. But you have been hibernating for 40 years.

      • Peace!

        Hi Lamek,

        Since you are a Rush Limbaugh’s, Tesfatsion, cheerleader, you have no moral ground to even show a fake outrage. Obviously your maturity level is not there yet.


  • Peace!

    HI Ali Salim,

    Although as usual too substantive to digest in a short time, one thing never changes and easy to spot (oh ya moment) that is on almost every core issues and concerns whether it comes from South or North the opposition groups appear on a wrong side. I have said many times “E’zi Nikid T’ray A’yt Ankufuna D’hri Hedef Mendef Nerkebelu” attitude is not practical and hasn’t produced anything tangible other than blowing opportunities with no accountability whatsoever. It has been over a decade, actually almost two decades, there is no common PURPOSE and DIRECTION, except unlimited unity talks the 15 Vs the 6, the 2 Vs the 3, Foro Vs Hagos, Habtetsion Vs Ahmedine…… E’delna E’yu E’ntay Y’gber.


  • Lamek

    Ali Salim, you missed another real emerging reality. We, the highlanders, cannot subsidize your lazy behind anymore. We have paid way too much life and livelihood only to be betrayed by you and your people and you become jihadistis and back stub us after doing so much for you. Where PFDJ failed is when they thought they can bring your people on par with the civilized people of the highlands. Not a chance. Like the Agaizians say, once endatat and kebilatat always endatat and kebilatat. A lot of people are awake now. This project of PFDJ to make the 9-nations of Eritrea homogenous, free flowing etc has utterly failed. Our people will have no choice anymore but to take matters on their own hands. The ‘Tigrinya Government of Asmara’ as you call it has caused nothing but misery, migration, mass exodus, poverty, etc. to us Tigrinya people. It is not by far a Tigrinya government. But no matter what, you have no right to condemn the government because you do not have any right for self determination in Eritrea. Like the Agaizians say, only the Tigrinya have the right for self determination but we will take care of you by providing you food and medical services so you will be okay. But Bejastan? Forget it.

    • Hameed Al-Arabi

      Greetings Lamek,

      You said: ” we will take care of you by providing you food and medical services so you will be okay.” Believe me, for the first time I hear a robber gives food and medical services for free. This in itself is a U-Turn in history of mankind.

      • Haile Zeru

        Hi Hameed,

        A thief takes only. But this idiot does not know what he is talking about.

        • Hameed Al-Arabi

          Greetings Haile Zeru,

          All scenarios are possible unless concerned wise Eritreans take the right step towards settling all of our problems seriously. There is no time for maneuvering and putting off. There are many hot-spots in Africa and some parts of the world where conflicts settlement require a new division of countries. I think, Eritrea is in the middle of these hot-spots and it will not be safe from what is going on around us.

          The world is looming towards the Third World War, where any reckless trigger may ignite the war. We have to pray (Egzio Meharena / Yalatif). If war broke nukes will be utilized that will cause disappearance of countries, cities or continents from existence. I think no one will be safe from it, wherever he resides on the planet earth.

        • Lamek

          Haile Zeru. kindey blin alekum, 20 thousand, 30 thousand? And you want to have equal share with 2 or 3 million of us? kid nab agaw ka.

          • Hameed Al-Arabi

            Greetings Lamek,

            You are without reference in Eritrea or Ethiopia, in a sense, you are identity-less person. Bilen are deeply rooted in Eritrea (Wilad Mismar Midir), have well confirmed reference. The Agaw you speak about immigrated from Eritrea and not vice-versa.

          • Haile Zeru

            Hi Lamek,
            You are too stupid to engage in any discussion. You are not worth the time.

      • Lamek

        Peace, Tes, Haile Zeru. This Arab wannabe called you all robbers (code name for land grabbers) and you clapped for him. I ask myself ‘what is wrong with this people?’ over and over again. It is a real enigma. You guys are a lost cause. You all have Tigrinya names but you are anti-Tigrinya, that maybe explains why you are fascinated by Ali Silim and Wannabe Al-Arabi.

        • tes

          Selam Lamek,

          Of course PFDJ is grabbing the land of native lowlanders by bringing people from the highland.

          Look, the Hidareeb people and Bini-Amir and likes native land is taken over.

          Sawa and its environs was taken
          Kerkebet and its environs
          Mogoraeb and its environs
          Gerset and its environs (Nara land)
          Goluj and its environs

          All these lands are grabbed by highlanders and their native people are living in refugees camps. Are you then trying to deny this fact?

          I want to say this:

          Highlanders are benefiting from the PFDJ land policy.

          Look, Eritrean peasants joined the armed struggle not to grab other people’s property but to own their own.

          In fact, PFDJ is the worst ruler that displaced native people and grabbed their land in favor of the highlanders.

          Ali Salim might have his own analysis but mine is on first hand observation and solid. I have witnessed all these happening for the last 25 years.

          It is time native people to be re-settled and own their own native land. Enough for exploitation.

        • Hameed Al-Arabi

          Greetings Lamek,

          Please, google the following link to realize reality of grabbing land, so as to delete old and install new information in your mind.


    • tes

      Selam Lamek,

      It is wierd but not a suprise reading this ugly staff from you. How stupid are you to write this? Well, I am looking for an appropriate time but I have to trush your Agaizian racistic manifesto very soon. Just stay tuned.


      • Lamek

        anta maas eka libi kitgebir. Baal ali salim zibluwo zelewu merietna gidefulna sharia kingebr ena. baal nska ayaka amanuel kaa democracy constitution endabelkum halel kitblu kitnebru ekum. kidmekum daa baal mienjilu. suk elka kaa aytidkem zibelka entebelka zisemaaka yelen.

        • Amanuel Hidrat

          Selam Lemak,

          ሚዛናዊ ፍትሒ ይንገስ አብ ሃገርና ስለዝበልናስ “መዔንጀሉ ” ኾይና? ወይ ስጊንጢር ናታትኩም ነገርሲ ንሰማዒኹም አስደሚምዎ አሎ:: እንደገናሞ ነቲ ሐንጢጥካዮ ዘለኻ ዘይተገርዘ ሐሳባትካ አንብቦ ክሳዕ ክንደይ ካብ ልዙብ አእምሮ ከምዝተፋሔ ክትግንዘቦ ትኽእል ኢኻ:: ስለዚ ብሐጺሩ መልሰይ ምሕረት የውርደልካ ጥራይ እዩ::

          ሰናይ መዓልቲ
          አማኑኤል ሕድራት

    • Ali

      “have paid way too much life and livelihood only to be betrayed by you and your people and you become jihadistis and back stub us after doing so much for you.”

      “The ‘Tigrinya Government of Asmara’ as you call it has caused nothing but misery, migration, mass exodus, poverty, etc. to us Tigrinya people. It is not by far a Tigrinya government.”

      That’s rich. Don’t make me remind you who were all the Union Party terrorist who terrorize the Eritrean population for opposing Amhara led-Ethiopia or how EPLF-TPLF (Tigray’Tigrinia front) started the rebellion in 1974 when the monarch was overthrown and first thing they did was backstabbing the multi-ethnic ELF who fought from the very beginning.

      Don’t make me start where the entire PFDJ officials, military generals and so on are Tigrinya. The supporters are all Tigrinya, you won’t find any other ethnic groups who support the regime. They were the one who supported and helped Afewerki to power in the first place before he went berserk on his own people (Tigrinya).

      They are the one who evicted, de-populated, and wiped the Saho, Afar, Tigre, Kunama and others history and ethnic lands while re-populating their own into their lands and change their names. They also Tigrinized Eritrea and made it a mandatory for the Eritreans to speak Tigrinya which is not a language for anyome but an ethnic language spoken by the Tigray-Tigrinya people.

      In short, the chauvinistic Tigrinya are just like the 20th century Amharas.

      No wonder why they are looked down by the lowlanders, Sahos and the Jebertis.

  • Aron

    you are sick and you may need professional help. Eritrea is a lot better without you and your elks. The sooner you become Sudanese the better.