Comments On The Go To Bro Semere Tesfai

Human rights lawyer vs. trained healer

I will keep it short here and will do so the lazy way.

In an interview with a VoA journalist on September 27, 2011, President Isaias Afwerki responded to why he would keep doing this to helpless Eritreans at a time when human rights organizations are appealing for the release of those who are already in jail. He explained a unique dilemma: just when he is thinking of releasing the prisoners and closing down the jails, the same human rights organizations would bring him more candidates – hasusat – qualified for an honorable place in the dungeons. I am not trying to suggest to Mr. President to see if switching seats with those prisoners might work in putting an end to his understandable dilemma of course with the opportunity to re-identify the nation as Adi-hasus.

To be frank, I am trying to justify the subject of this article as a way of going back on track. The dilemma here is not much different from the one facing our poor President: just as we are trying to evade the risk of being trapped in the prison of brother Hiru TedlaBairu’s Strategy Adi politics, there comes another genius, our dear brother Semere Tesfai, with a scenario of a video game state where an implicit underground interest group puppets every little move on the ground. The most brilliant component of the PFDJ’s (let us call it so and keep it PG) politics according to brother Semere is its successful implementation of demographic reengineering whereby cute little Adi Gebray won the jackpot and found itself bordering Qarora in the north, Um Hager in the South and Rahaita in the east.

Don’t get me wrong though! I am not trying to tell the honorable brother Semere Tesfai that according to the PFDJ’s official narrative, this is what happened to the previous winners of the same jackpot unfortunately because of this. My best guess for why Semere Tesfai keeps being haunted by the beautiful dream of Hadas Ertra (Adi-Hasus) is because some people chose this. What I am really trying to say here is let us chill down a little bit and worry about cleaning and housekeeping later in a new day – when we actually kick-start the “revolution” stage of our struggle.

For now, allow me to get back to the suggestions in my previous article (with a little imagination) about this “rebellion” stage. Once every one of us has stocked enough beer to make us look alike, then they can take us to this stage of order for the “revolution stage”. Here too, I won’t take you all over the map, as there is no map in the mob of civil society that I tried to discuss in the previous article on my take in how to liberate the Eritrean civil society into action. The reason we have the concept of “mob” is because it is a situation where we have no use for roadmaps, directions and instructions. Why would we need roadmaps in a city where all value is created in this single four-way intersection? It is only one intersection where the road joining the two extremes of our ethno-religious divide crosses the highway linking the dark ages of our past with the bright days ahead.

In the deepest of what we as Eritreans are facing is a tricky black hole that swallows every attempt to create value outside a meaningless Hashewye. Every single article that has ever been written on any Eritrean opposition website has had somehow to do with why Eritrean politics is trapped in that black hole. The courageous ones who actually thought of playing games with the black hole and tried to break away from it have ended up with the same scenario as the black hole video and found themselves trapped in a safe place (Eira-Eiro).

The part that is lacking in this wonderful landscape of Eritrean politics is the middle because the middle happens between two extremes and we have only one extreme best described by brother Semere Tesfai in his series of brilliant writings. The “other” might look like a comparable extreme for the naked eye but try it with the Hubble Telescope and you will find a real pimp at the centre of the presumed extreme.

Best wishes for the NCDC participants at the centre of the intersection.










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