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PFDJ Militia in Norway Exposed

In recent years, the number of Eritrean refugees and asylum seekers in Europe has increased drastically. Most of them claim to have escaped from the harsh indefinite military service imposed on them by the, “Peoples’ Front for Democracy and Justice” (PFDJ), the Eritrean ruling party.

The unelected PFDJ government has been in power since 1991; it is the only political party allowed to operate in Eritrea. The PFDJ is intolerant of any dissent to the extent that it has imprisoned veterans of the struggle and senior government officials due to their dissenting views. However, the imprisoned were never charged with any offense, and together with hundreds of others, most have been in jail for decades.

Out of the tens of thousands of refugees and asylees in the Diaspora, Norway hosts about 23,000 Eritreans. A considerable number among them are recent arrivals from Eritrea and have applied for asylum claiming to have fled from the oppressive military service in Eritrea.

On August 3, 2019, many of the recent arrivals who claimed to have fled rejecting the forceful service at Sawa military camp, were at the Bryn Eventhallen in Oslo to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the same Sawa military camp they fled from. Yemane Gebreab, a senior official of the PFDJ, whose official title blurs from presidential advisor, to the chief of the PFDJ’s diaspora youth organization, to shadowing Osman Saleh, the foreign minister, flew in from Eritrea to attend the Eventhallen celebration.

Many Eritrean exiles, particularly Eritrean Norwegians were furious about the ungratefulness of the refugees to Norway that accepted them with open hands and compassion.

As if confirming their claims were lies, many staged a show, at the Eventhallen, clad in military fatigue and PFDJ paraphernalia. The event was spiced with marching band music and lots of flags. And together with the guest of honor, Yemane Gebreab, they danced off the night promoting militarism thousands of miles away from the place where they claimed they fled from to avoid the indefinite military service.

The event raised many eyebrows after Norwegian media reported it, and it triggered a debate between Norwegian parties, mainly by those who want to curb immigration.

A source told awate.com the Norwegian Justice Minister has instructed the UDI (immigration department) to investigate the cases of those who have been granted asylum on false pretensions.

It’s likely the UDI will investigate people who pays the 2% tax to the PFDJ regime, those who travel to Eritrea on green passport in violation of the 1951 UN Convention of providing travel document to refugees, and those who promote the regime they claimed to have fled from.

Professor Kjetil Tronvoll,  a well-respected Norwegian scholar, was quoted by Sputniknews.com as saying: “It’s paradoxical… some people celebrate the regime, because they are regime supporters, even though they have been granted asylum on the grounds of feeling the regime.”

The Norwegian Justice Ministry is likely to investigate  and revise the applications. Thus, the residence permits of many who were admitted to Norway on false claims could be revoked. Norway though a welcoming and tolerant country, it is very strict on falsification of immigration claims. It’s known to have expelled several longtime residents and achievers because they had made false claims in the past.

Eritrean Norwegian activists are determined to cooperate with the authorities to help identify falsifiers in order to protect innocent immigrants from being wrongly affected by any decision.

Since the last few weeks, suspected falsifiers are overwhelmed by anxiety because they never considered the possibility that authorities could pursue them seriously in the future for any false claim.

In addition to the falsifying, and in total disregard to the conditions of their acceptance as asylees, many of them travel back to Eritrea with Green Norwegian passports, and report on the activities of dissenters. They also harass and intimidate anti-PFDJ elements in the diaspora.

Green Norwegian passports are given to non-naturalized immigrants while holders of red Norwegian passports are full citizens.

Though shooting of photos and videos was not allowed at the August 3 event, many clips were leaked and found their way to social media platforms. Since the last few days, those whose pictures appeared are frantically trying to pull off the images from social media platforms without much success.

A longtime citizen of Norway wondered, “how can one leave his country because of the oppression of the regime and then celebrate it with pride!”

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  • bardavidi

    Of course it will not be the first time that DIA and his Crooks are planting weed among the crops…….They have Amateur spies all over the Diaspora spreading False Info,divisive messages and collecting cash to sustain a Dead system……They can hide for a while but not from the Truth…….Isolate,Expose and Expel…..That is the way to go…….Selah

  • መሃንድስ-ምዕባለ


    እምበርዶ ዩ ናተይ
    ዶ ዋላስ ጀሚሩ ክጻወተለይ

    ሓንሳእ ይብለኒ ንስኻ ኢኻ በሊሕ
    ግምጠል ኢሉ ኣንታ ክንደይ ትጎርሕ?
    ሽዑ ይገርመኒ
    ትርጉም ናይታ ትጎርሕ ስለ ዝረደኣኒ

    ከማኻ መን ኣሎ ጅግና
    ኣብ ዓድና

    ንስኻ ‘ኳ መዳርግቲ ኣልቦ
    ‘ንተዝወሃበካ ኣቓልቦ
    ንዓኻ መን ክወዳደር
    ካብ ረፋዕ ጀሚርካ ስጋብ ኣቦ ወንበር
    ግዜ ኮይኑ ምበር
    ኣዘራርብኡ ይገርመኒ

    ከማኻ ከም ኤርትራዊ ፈላጥ
    ይብለኒ ብፍላጥ
    ካብ ኣለም በቃኝ ‘ዶ ሎ’ዩ ምምላጥ

    ግን ኤርትራዊ
    ኣሽኪዑ ንቀደማዊ
    ን ውጉእ ብዘይ ፈውሲ ዘሕዊ

    እንታይ ከምዝብል ዘሎ ደንጽዩኒ
    ኣብ መሬት ከሎኹ ጠፈር ሰቒሉኒ

    ኤርትራዊ ፕሪሞ
    መን ክቕድሞ

    ክዝረብ ክጅምር ኩሉፍ
    ናብቲ ናቱ ጥራይ ሕልፍ
    ኡስ ኢሉ ይልፍልፍ

    ኣንታ ወዲ በልኩዎ ምስ በዘሓኒ
    ካብ ዓቕመይ ንልዓእሊ ምስ ኮነኒ
    እንታይ ምስ መሃዝኩ ‘የ ትንእደኒ
    ዘይፈልጦ ተልዩ ‘ስከ ንገረኒ

    ትሓልም ኢኻ ዘለኻ ኣይብለንን????

    ብር እንተበልኩ
    ጥራይ ኢደይ ተረፍኩ

    ለካ ሃገረይ ገዲፈ
    ምስ ብጾተይ ተሰዲደ
    ስደተኛይ ኮይነ ዝነብር
    ኣንታይ ኣበርኪተ ነዛ ዓለም ኢለ’የ ዝነግር

    ስጋዕ ሕጂ ናዳ ባዶ ዜሮ
    ስለምንታይ ደኣየ ክንድዚ ዝፍክሮ
    ፈላጥ ክመስል ይዛረብ
    ይገርም ‘ዩ ናይ ወዲ ሰብ

    ንሰብ ኣይትንገሩ
    ከም ኤርትራዊ ፈላጥ ዘሎ ኣይመስለንን ኔሩ
    ካብ ሓሙሽተ ኪሎ ሜተር ኣርሒቐ ዘይሓስብ
    ንዝተስብረ ኣቕሓ ዘይክእል ከላግብ

    ብግመ ትምክሕቲ ተሸፊነ
    ቅኑዕን ጌጋን ምፍላይ ስኢነ
    ይነብር ነበርኩ ኣብ ሕብኦ
    ሰብ ዘይሪኦ

    መን ኣሎ ከማይ
    ኣነ ‘የ ቀዳማይ
    ኣብ መሬት ኣብ ሰማይ

    ይብል ኔረ
    ሕጂ ግን ብላሽ ምዃነይ ተማሂረ

    ስለምንታይ ህግደፍ ትብል
    ኣይነበርካን ዲኻ ከተቃልል
    ትብሉ ትኾኑ
    ይርደኣኒ ‘ዩ መልሲ ከምትስእኑ

    ሓንጎለይ በዲሉኒ
    ነቲ ዝቐጥቀጠኒ
    ክድግፎ ሕጂ ሪኢኹምኒ

    ማንኪ ከማን ‘ዩ ገሪምዎ
    ኔው በሎ ህግደፍ ዝበልዎ


    ዓዲ ጓና ምስ ረኸብዎ
    ከም ፈታዊ ክስዕምዎ
    ጋን ኮይኑዎ

    ግን ሕጂ
    ክመሃር ሓቦ ጌረ
    ታተ ክብል ጀሚረ
    ክነግረኩም’የ ንዓመታ
    ዋይ ኣነ ብላሽ ወዲ ዓይነታ
    ንዶልሺ ‘ንካ መሰለኒ ጣይታ

    ድሒረ ከምዘሎኹ ስለ ዝተረዳእኩ
    ክምዕብል ወሰንኩ
    ክነግረኩም ‘የ ኣበይ ከምዝበጻሕኩ

    • Haile S.

      ሰላም ምሃንድሻ፡

      ኣለዉ ካባና ንላዕሊ ብባዕሎም ብዓዶም ዝልፍልፉ
      ናእዳ ዝበሃል ንኻልእ ፍጹም ዘየትርፉ
      መንነት ከም ማይ ዝሕንፍፉ

      ኩሉ ኣለዎ ነናቱ
      ዝውድስ ሃገሩ ዝፈቱ
      መዘና ከምዘይብላ ዓዱ ቁሸት
      ናይ ወዲ ሰብ ተፈጥርኡ ባህርያቱ
      ካብ ቀደም ዝነበረ ስሩ መሰረቱ

      ኤርትራዊ ዘምጽኦ ኣይመስለንን ሸሚቱ
      ዘክር! ባዶ እኮ እያ ከረጢቱ! 🙂
      ኣይመስለንን እውን ዓጊቱ ዘሚቱ
      ወሪድዎ! እዛ ባህሪ ‘ዚኣ ዘይናቱ
      ቅኑዕ የዋህ ፍጥረት ካብ ሰረቱ
      ፍቐደለይ ቱታ ቱታ ኣብ መንጎ ከእቱ

      ይኸውን ካብ ብዝሒ መግዛእቱ
      ዃዕነን ምባል ተሪፋቶ እንኮ ሃብቱ
      ኮይና ተሪፋ ንሳ ዓቕሙ ክእለቱ
      ቴስታ ዝሃርመላ መከላኸሊቱ
      ንሳ እንተ ከሊእካዮ ኣበ’ዩ ‘ሞ ክኣቱ?

      ንወድሰ ንወዳድሰ፡ ቁዱስ’የ ሃንሰ
      መሃንድሻ በጃኻ፡ ጎርጉራ ጁባኻ

      • መሃንድስ-ምዕባለ

        ፕሮፈሰር ሃይላት

        ናትናስ ንበይኑ ከይከውን ይፈርሕ
        ካብ ሓንጎልናስ ኣፍናዩ ዝይዳ ዝሰርሕ

        ርእሰ-ከተማ ማይ ዘይብላ
        ኢልና ንምከሓላ

        ርእሰ-ከተማና ብላምፓዲና
        ሓሊፋታ ‘ኳ’ያ ንመዲና

        ኣብ ብዙሓት ሃገራት ተሲዲደ
        ኣፈይ ጸርፊ ዝለመደ
        ኣብ ዓዶም ተዓቚበ

        ኣንቱም ደናቁር ይብሎም
        ኣብ ኣፎም

        ስደተኛ ምዃነይ ረሲዐ
        ኣብ ማእከል ዓዶም ተረፊዐ
        ተላዕጢጠ ብብደዐ
        ከብደይ እንጀራኦም ናበለዐ

        ኣብ ክንዲ የቐንየለይ ምባል
        ናይ መሬት ገዲፈ ናብ ጠፈር ዕላል

        ከይፈልጥኩ መን ምዃነይ
        ደረት ስኢነሉ ትምክሕተይ

        ዋላ ተፈለጥኩ ትሒተ ከምዘለኹ
        ብግብሪ ካብ ዜሮ ንታሕቲ እንተኾንኩ
        ኣነ ልኡል ናይ ልኡላን

        ቱታ ቱታ
        ዋላ ወዲ-ኣዳም ተጸልመታ
        ኣነ ጅግና ኣነ ፈላጥ
        ክብል ክነበርየ ብፍላጥ

        ጁባኻ ፈትሽ ዝበልካኒ
        ሰሓቕ ቀቲልካኒ

        ኣነ ደኣ በዓል ቀዳድ-ጁባ
        ኤርትራ ‘ኳ ‘የ ዘለኹ መዓስ ዶ ከይደ’የ ጁባ?
        ከምዛትሪኣ ነቒጻ ዛሩባ
        ጥራይና ተሪፍና ደቂ ገርሂ-ልባ

        ዝነበረና መንጢሎሞ
        ጁባይ ህግደፍ ነጊፈሞ
        ንኹሉ ለኪመሞ
        ኣብ ግዝኣት-ህግደፍ መን ይጥዕሞ
        ህግደፍ ‘ኳ ኣንበጣ ‘ዩ ኢለሞ

    • Amanuel Hidrat

      ሰላም ማሃንድሳይ,

      ወይ ጉሩም!!
      እንታይ’ሞ ገዲፍካ
      ናይ ቀደም ሕማመይ ተናኺፍካ
      ከመይ ገይርካ ረኺብካዮ ፈሓሒርካ

      ከም ኣፍሪቃውያን ኣይኮናን ኢለ ምሂረ
      ንኻልኦት ከምኡ ክብሉ አጃሂሪ
      እንሆ ሕጂ አብ ከብዲ አደይ አትየ ሓፊረ

      ንህዝብና ንቁሕዩ’ለ ገሊጸዮ
      ሓድነቱ ጽኑዕዩ’ለ አለልየዮ
      ፍትሓዊ’ዩ ኢለ አንቢበዮ
      ርትዓዊ መንግስቲ ከምነቁም ከም ቅቡል ወሲደዮ

      እዚ’ዩ ነይሩ ናይ ቀደም ትዕዝብተይ
      ፍሉያት ኢና’ለ ዝገለጽኩ ትምክሕተይ
      መዕጠቅ ቃልሲ ገይረዮ ንህዝበይ

      ትምኒተይ ድ’ነይሩ
      ዋላስ ህዝበይ ተቀይሩ
      ቶም ምንቅቃሕ አብ ባይታ ዝነበሩ
      ኮንቱ ኮይኖም ብኣንጻሩ

      ግዜ መሃሪ ከምዝበሃል
      ከምድልየትካ ስለትኳሓል
      ንድልየተይ ከም ክውን ገለጺዮ
      ሕጂ ተረአኹስ በአንጻሩ ረኺበዮ
      ባይታ ዝነበረ ንመጻኢ ከምዘይሕብር
      ላህመታዊ ፍርዲ ረኺበዮ ንሚዛንካ ዘሔስር

      ሕጂ ተረዲኤ ኩሉ ተግባራትና
      ዝፈልየና ከምዘየለ ካብ አፍሪቃውያን ኣሕዋትና
      ንድኽመትካ ፈሊጥካ ምቅላስ
      ትምክሕቲ አይጠቅምንዩ በጃካ ነንሕሕድካ ምፍላስ

      • መሃንድስ-ምዕባለ

        ዓሽ! ዓሽ! ይበል ግጥሚ ይበል

        ሓደርካ ፕሮፈሰር
        እንታይ ሞ ይግበር

        ትምክሕቲ ድዩ ኔሩ ሰናይ ድሌት
        ኣፍ ቀዲማ ተወንጨፈት
        ሓንጎል ግን ምሉእ ምስ ዝተረፉ ኣካላት
        ተረፊጣ ኣብ ድሕሪት
        ወይከ ፍሕት
        ድሌት’ዩ ዓብሊሉዎ ኔሩ ንኽእለት

        ኣነ ከምዝመስለኒ
        ኣዝዩ ዝጎደለኒ
        ንዓበይቲ ዘይምኽባረይ
        ካብ ፍልጠቶም ዘይምምሃረይ
        ንኽኢላ ብምትሓተይ
        ጎደለ ንቕሓተይ

        ምክብባር ረሲዐዮ
        ባህሊ ኣቦታተይ-ኣያታተይ ሸይጠ በሊዐዮ
        መን ከማይ ጥራይ ኮይነ
        ትኪ ድሕረት ተዓጢነ
        መግቢ ዘይብላ ክሽነ
        እንሀልኩም ተሪፈ ባኺነ

        ዝመጻኒ [ደቂ ሕድርትናየ ዝብል]መዓልታት ኣለዋ

        ሳሕቲ ግን ይሓስብ
        እዚ ኣኬስ ዕሱብ
        ተዘይመጽእ ኔሩ ኣብ ስልጣን
        ምተባረኽና ‘ዶ በቲ ሰናይ-ዕጣን

        ዋላ ‘ኳ ኣብ ሲንጋፖር ተዘይበጻሕና
        ናብ ማለዥያስ ምተጸጋዕና
        ከመይ ደኣ ምስ ዝኹሉ ጸጋና

        ክብረት ንፈላጣት
        ምስጋና ንክኢላታት
        ንኣስራሕቲ ሃብታማት

        ምሃሩኒ ክብል ምስጀመርኩ
        ምሉእ እምነት ምስ ኣንበርኩ
        ይእዛነይ ጸልየ ምስ ሰማዕኩ

        ሸይጣን ኣይስመዓኒ
        መታን ክቐንዓኒ

        • Amanuel Hidrat

          ሰላም ማሃንድሳይ,

          ብቃልሲ ተላልየ ምስ ህዝበይ
          ምስተን እምነመሰረት ሃገረይ
          እወ ምስተን ሕብራዊ ብሄራተይ

          ተቃሊሱ ዘቃለሰኒ ውድብ
          ነዚኤን የንጸባርቅ ነይሩ ብግቡእ
          ስለዝኾነ ነይርዎ ዝሓቆፎ ግርጭታት
          ሕብረተሰብኣዊ ዓቅሚታት ዝሓትት
          ውልዕ ጥፍእ እናለ ዝሃበና ብዶሆታት

          ነይሩና ልጓም መቃለሲ
          ንኹለን ዝሓቁፍ ከም ከርሲ
          ኣብ ጽላል ሓደ መትከል ተቋሪነን
          ጸላኢ ከባርራ አውጀን

          ሃገራዊ ዲሞክራስያዊ’ዩ ትመትከል
          በቲ ሓደ ንጸላኢ ዝፍንቅል
          በቲ ኻልእ ንዲሞክራሲ ዝተክል

          ነይሩ ተሳፋ ተገይሩልና
          እንታይሞ ክፋልና
          ምስ ባዕዲ ኾይኑ አምኪኑና
          ውጺኢቱ ዚሕጂ ንርእዮ ዘለና

          ዓሕ ኢልካ ታይ ይምጻእ ሕጂ
          ንርእዮለና ትሃገራዊ ፈንጂ
          ድሕሪ ነጻነት’ዶ አሎዩ ዝዋገ
          ዝሰየሔት አምር ወጺኣ ናብ ደገ

          ተምቢሆሞ ነይሮም ካብ ውሽጥና
          ብሓደ መንግስቲ እንታይ’ለዎ እንተቆምና
          ብሓደ ከምዝነበርና ረሲዖም
          ዘቃለሰና ምኽንያት ከዲዖም

          ታሪኽ አርባዓታት ገንጺልና
          ጦብላሕታ ኢትዮጵያ ሃስያትና
          ካብ ቁስልና ከይሓወና
          ጥዑም አየር ከየስተንፈስና
          እንታይ’ና ንሰምዕ ዘሎና

          እዚ ጉዳይ እንታይ የመኒ
          ዕድመ መንእሰይ ተ’ዝህበኒ
          ተቃላሳይ ኩሉ ጊዜ ተቃላሳይ
          ንታይሎ ዘዕግቦ ብጀካ ፍትሒ ብዘይፋላላይ

          • መሃንድስ-ምዕባለ

            ሰላማት ፕሮፈሰር ኤማ
            ‘ቶም ጎራሓት ልብኹም ሪኦማ

            ንስኻትኩም በረኻ ክትወጹ
            ብጻይኩም በዓል ስረ ገዝኡ ክዓጹ
            ብጻይኩም በዓል ክእለት በዓል ንብረት
            ዘለዎ ደርብዩ ክሽከም ብረት

            ምሳኻትኩም ተሓዊሶም ‘ቶም ጎራሓት
            ማስኬራ ለቢሶም ክመስሉ በራሓት
            ተባዓት ክመስሉ ቦጅባጃት ፈራሓት

            ንሜዳ ወረዱ
            ሰውራ ከሕንግዱ

            መሰሉ ሕሉፋት ሃገራውያን
            ንሶምን ግብሮምን ባዕዳውያን

            ከምክኑ ንሰውራ
            ከምዘይትትከል ኤረትራ

            ሰብ ኣጥፍኡ
            ድሕሪ ውፉያት ዜጋታት ተሓብኡ
            ኣሎ ዝበሃል በሊሕ ቀንጸሉ
            ወዲ ገርሂ-ልባ ናታለሉ

            ሽርክነት ጀመሩ ምስ ጓኖት
            ከጥፍኡ ንወዲ መሬት

            እንተ ተመሰለሎም ድማ
            ጉንዖ ወፈይዋ ንባድማ
            ንዝለበመ ናጥፍኡ በልማማ

            ብዘይ ድሌቶም ሃገር ምስተተኽለት
            ሕርኽርኽ በላ ነታ ዝተሓብአት

            ሓድሽ ምህዞ ክትምህዝ ነበራ
            ካልኣይ ክትሰብራ
            ን ኤርትራ

            ሃገር ተዳኺማ ምስ ፈለጡ
            ውሽጣዊ ድሌቶም ብጋህዲ ኣፍለጡ
            ማስኬራኦም ደርበዩ ርኢናዮም ከምዘይ ተመልጡ

            ለካ ነይበራሓት
            ዲቕ ዝበሉ ጎራሓት
            ሰብ ብልሓት

            ሰብ ምስፈለጦም
            ይኣክል ብምባል ስለ ዘንቀጥቀጦም

            ኣግኣዝያን! ኣግኣዝያን! ክብሉ
            ካብ ጎዳጉዲ ቦቶግ-ቦቶግ በሉ
            ኣብ ባይቶና ክዓስሉ
            እዞም ሰባት መን ይበሃሉ
            ፈሊጥኩሞም ክትኮኑ ነዞም ተዃሉ
            ተስፋ ‘ለኒ
            ተዘይኮይኑ ኣስተውዕሉ

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Selam Mehandsay,

            In the history of democracy, I have never read the direct collision of “direct democracy” and “representative democracy”. However, I have watched for my first time in the British parliament both colliding on the issue of Brexit. It is fun to watch the debate. Have you?

          • መሃንድስ-ምዕባለ

            Hi Emma,
            ሰብ ረኺበ ኢልካ ዲኻ?
            I have neither the depth information in politics nor am I interested but this is fascinating topic. I would have preferred direct democracy but I am not sure if it is manageable. On the flip side, would you have full trust for those individuals who they have been select through representative democracy process.
            If this question was directed to us as Eritreans though, my answer would be “are you kidding me? Give me either of them” 🙂

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Selam Mehandsay,

            If you ask me what I wish Eritreans to have, it will be a “representative democracy” of parliamentary government, where the head of state can be elected and removed by the representative body which is the parliament. Any president in Eritrea will be a dictator by nature. Therefore, we have to avoid a presidential leader whether he/she elected by direct vote of the Eritrean people (direct democracy) or that comes from a hybrid government (representative democracy). Eritreans have a dictatorial character by nature. Enough with what we are going through under the current one. It is a big lesson. We have to stick on “parliamentary government” with a premiership. If it mean to see it, I will mobilize the Eritrean people to have it.✌️Nishalah.


          • Berhe Y

            Dear Amanuel,

            I never understand the whole concept of having a parliament to elect a leader. It should be the political party (coalition) that has the majority to elect it’s own leader.

            In other words, I think, we should stick to what’s tested and true democracy like anywhere else in the world and avoid by all means the “experimental” democracy that we had before and continue to have under this constitution. If anything we should learn from Lebanon that this pre-conceived division of government doesn’t work and it creates tension and sectarian and ethnic division.

            Eritrea has gone through tough times in the last 70 years, and our division (what ever that may be) should be blurred and that we should never be loyal to any person because of anything except his or her ability to lead us.

            This is what we should strive and by no means I am not against having equal and balanced representatives of parliamentarians.


  • said

    There will be, in the next generation or so, a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude, and producing dictatorship without tears, so to speak, producing a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies, so that people will in fact have their liberties taken away from them, but will rather enjoy it, because they will be distracted from any desire to rebel by propaganda or brainwashing, or brainwashing enhanced by pharmacological methods. And this seems to be the final revolution”.
    – Aldous Huxley,
    very sad to read the above news. Young minds are obviously easy to deceive .No young Eritrean man or woman who thinks they are strong enough has a any chance against PFDJ brainwashing machine . All young people who think they duty and high purpose serve some kind of special patriotic purpose ,they are so programmed and indoctrinated, sadly that they have no idea and clue of what real life on earth is all about. Wrong and false patriotism is a man-made system and is not based upon loving human being the others as brothers and sisters and hating injustice is realty quality of patriotism. For more than two decades , our youth escaping from their torturer and seeking a place of refuge , fleeing regime oppression. In their dark hour. above article is an evidence in some quarter in Eritrean community’s of its moral bankruptcy and indifference when approaching Eritrean light and perish and suffering , ignoring Eritrean cries for justice once again dance with devil . What is even more distressing is the fact that this would not have been possible without the full support made by Eritrean intellectuals elite leadership to Asmara regime .their regime support consistently conflating with true aspiration of Eritrean dream, this false premise, these charlatan ,they remain definitive to their juvenile no better than youth who sold their soul .those IDOT .They could not reflect they live in countries of rule and justice, in democracy, freedom dignity and basic human rights.
    Some Eritrean group allies ,who ever ruled Eritrea they went along with ruler , they are opportunist and fickle. they are with the regime that rule Eritrea, Whoever comes next, they’ll be with them.

    “to divide communities through their use of hateful narratives which peddle lies and stoke tensions. Eritrean people overwhelmingly reject the prejudiced rhetoric of the divider’s , which is the antithesis of the values which Eritrea hope to represents — decency, tolerance and respect.

    Every time I read an article as above news it shows regime supporters are deeply infiltrated and openly among us .I get to feel some kind of warning that this or that comments from activist or sort a kind politician are controlled opposition or pretend to , meaning someone who pretends to oppose the PFDJ while covertly serving it. If you’ve been involved in any kind of anti- PFDJ activism for any length of time, you’ve most probably encountered this self proclaimed opposition yourself. They are heavily infiltrated in many Eritrean society and secretly working for their master NUS. This obvious trend of spaying and infiltration is known to have continued into the current day with all the Eritrean movements .At large we’d be ignorant not to assume that this has been at least as rampant in Awate site comments where remnants of PFDJ organize and disseminate ideas and information to discredit . Almost invariably in these awate comment ,discussions, by common folks, intellectuals, pundits, and pro regime government are present.
    Dancing with devil regime .All this is so sickening ,deranged, so morally unmoored, so intellectually doomed and untethered youth. Sadly Almost all of them were arrogant ,soulless , self-pitying and insipid, this young refuge are product of regime and produced by PFDJ masters and brainwashed by political system and they are stuck on treadmills and attached to their masters. But as reality hurt and bites, the day will come IA/ PFDJ cloth will be cut to size and done with , delusions dispatched refugee , and their puffing and huffing and the celebration and party will soon end and they will have no one to dance with.
    This young men and women know very well some of their comrades , many have died serving the regime and they are hypocrite and shamefully they dance with their PFDJ masters ,remaining who escaped to shore of Europe they have realized that much of their physical, emotional, psychological, and ethical conversion and conditioning process is intended to create effective instruments of IA and who will do the bidding of top PFDJ political and military brass PFDJ sick leaders without hesitation or question. Against their consciousness moral will and In time some falling out have realized that spicily designed and brainwashed young Eritrean in training focuses on building an intense fraternity and camaraderie have diminished and have started leaving in droves . The agony and suffering is long to list here There is a much bigger story of which this is only a tiny part. What is lost with regime the dignity and honor of Eritrean society at large a story of caring ,love, hope, forgiveness, reconciliation, and joy, today Eritrea is doomed, glommed of saddens , grief, pain, and misery to say the least . some Eritrean are divided, disoriented ,subdued impoverished and needy, depending on diaspora support
    As regular readers know, I hold most regime supporter Eritreans be it Muslim and Christians or Atheist in very low regard and, in my view, justifiably so. They have come to represent the antithesis of the main two faith of good news Gospel message and Muslim, they are best defined by lowest kind of human , hatred of others, hypocrisy, lies and greed. Thus, it is a pleasant surprise to find some Muslim and Christians support for regime (sadly, most will ignore the message, they suppress the common good in favor of an immoral agenda Of IA.) Time have come and they must choose and let their faith guide them toward regime public servants who govern for the good of all people. As Christians followers of Jesus and Muslims, it should be clearly plain to that this one man’s dictator beliefs are not aligned with theirs
    It never personal , very often I put reference I decided it was no longer about me and what I had to write . I’ve resolved myself to the fact nothing I write will change anything in this present Eritrean situation .Eritrean have being and are on a path towards a painful future. Eritrean faced with a relentless onslaught of pain and suffering for very long time. Supporters of justices and the readers of this site are most certainly a minority in this warped, ugly , corrupt, arrogant ,ignorant , selfish and hypocrite self distraction society. Some work hard and are tireless. They work to see justice, liberty and freedom in Eritrea . some of us coalesce on this because we want to be among others who believe in justice ,equality freedom from dictatorial government . The mood in .Eritrea continues to darken by day . Sides are being drawn. Enemies within are being chosen by the regime , politicians, and citizens alike. Sadly Simmering animosities are rising to the surface. There will be no compromise in the current environment between believers in justices and hardcore regime supporters . The unmistakable smell of conflict is in the air may not happen. And may happen ,It will be tumultuous, dangerous and bloody, hopefully my concern and heart hopes Eritrea won’t have to face the tragedy and fateful choices that lie ahead. I doubt many people are mentally and emotionally prepared for tests on par with those about to be faced in recent past . Facts won’t matter until they matter. I simply cannot visualize a positive outcome to deeply rooted current political and economical Crisis situation. It is very disparate and negative viewpoint, but I think I view the world from a rational realistic point of view. Some have adopted a delusional, unrealistic, head in the sand perspective on the desperately irrational “solutions” put forth by IA and cohort of his ruling class. The hard core PFDJ supporters profoundly self-serving and deeply corrupt, aberrational, willfully ignorant episode in Eritrea short history. evidence do not matter. How could they be so stupid, egotistical and disinterested in the fate of future generations by wasting and stealing of the of Eritrean youth and unborn to live in free country ? The oppressive and the system of dictatorship ,self-serving selfishness, greed and myopia of those steering the ship of state Eritrea to the ground , and the willingness of some of the masses to go along with the pure lies as long as they can be distracted and entertained by their master.
    The PFDJ Junta force is one that is purely self-serving, in which they seek to improve their own living conditions without regard for the rest of Eritrean population. In time most of PFDJ will embrace the reality of the experience; acknowledge the entire process as a charade, a deception, and as a tool of those who profit from Eritrea refugee and from their efforts, Eritrean sacrifices, their blood, and their lives. Hopefully PFDJ top leaders acknowledge and accept responsibility and culpability for what they have done and what they have become, is not actable to Eritrean people . In a sane world anyone who tried to convince you that dictator regime is normal would be rejected and shunned,
    This is not the world we fought in Eritrea to build. It is the kind of world we fought to end.

    • Selamat said,

      Well said.However, no matter how tiny of a minority are the justice seekers amongst all those ranging from the indifferent and passive who have developed and delved to specializing their personal interest to the extreme arrogant supporters of the regime who justify the extreme trespasses and sadistic and barbaric criminal acts of the regime as that “necessary evil” to “safeguard sovereignty of Eritrea”, which they really mean is the defense and protection of their personal properties and investments, you must believe as I do the inevitable success of their sincere struggle cannot and will not be in vain. The true meaning of sovereign Eritrea is an Eritrea which is above and beyond generous that distributes ample JUSTICE to ALL of its citizens and everyone within its territorial borders. The indifferent and the fanatic supporters have relinquished all of their God given freedoms and rights authorizing the authoritarian tyrannical regime a blank check to do as it wishes and desires with their very own lives however and whenever the regime wishes to do so.

      The truth of those Eritreans committed to the true creed of the nation and to their historic Eritrean Sewra revolution, which is one and only JUSTICE, has already been realized and materialized and is always shining BRIGHT simply by their very own existence as they carry the torch that radiates brilliantly in a sea full of the dark world of the majority. These minuscule or tiny minority amongst the large majority willfully or otherwise maintaining and breathing life to injustice are the only light and force allowing even the very blind to navigate in the darkness.

      Dear said you have captured the truth splendidly. You and your essay above is what I confidently declare the victory is at hand! You are the evidence of an Eritrea full to the brim with justice that I already see this very moment. Consider your self and the essay as the justice sought flowing like crystal clear water onto a pull slowly and continually filling the pool and on the brim and the surface of the full pool is the REALITY of an JUSTICE filled Eritrea overflowing and spreading all around the earth encircling this sacred filling and RISING …. This pool of justice exists and you are IT and IN IT. JUSTICE is Eritrea and it is here.

      Indeed! “This is not the world we fought in Eritrea to build. It is the kind of world we fought to end.” And you have ended this Eritrea by your presence.

      Thank you for the wonderful read!



      • said

        Greetings, tSAtSE
        I totally agree with you, It is always minorly of our society fully committed to justices and bring change .
        The ugly collective picture of the PFDJ, leaving a trail of destruction along the way of 30 years of oppressive rule , suffering in refugee in camps and refugee death on high scale of numbers do not matter to them. they are bunch of morally bankrupt opportunists. with hard core supporters , they are well toned in hypocrisy ,mendacity, misleading ,cynicism, brazen lies, wave of deceit, trickery , demagoguery ,greediness ,opportunism, bluster, recklessness – they are known to create false belief and it is their political virtues. really the fantasies are endless. They are empty of serious content, But it doesn’t matter .Is it not so surprising. And truths don’t matter in their reality there is nothing to believe but belief itself. it is a mockery of reality. Eventually truth comes into the equation and as soon as it does and it will crush them . Eritrean have seeing the changing of the guard and they had seen it all unfolding long before, Give it to them ,they are much more sophisticated than its ugly predecessors Provisional Military Government of Socialist Ethiopia,Derg , drowning in their own arrogant hubris .PFDJ has run its course and they leave Eritrea as the blind man of the world.

  • Men eyu Asmarino

    Men eyu Asmarino
    Hi all
    The Ethiopians would say Ahiyawen ferto
    This is not news worthy
    It degrades what Awate.com stands for

    • Peace!

      Men eyu Asmarino,

      ሳይጠሩት ኣቤት ሳይልኩት ወዴት you are right it is not news ; it is editorial about bad apples.


      • Selamat Selam,

        Did you know my initials is S.S.. After third period in the preceding acronym, is when I started to tell you of the past in this present time regarding your future picks. I traveled to Asmara last circa 1976 and I know I am not an Asmarino because Selam can see me coming from miles away. Yeah the ride on Haj. Hasen and when you arrive and the welcome at the rest stop in Eila BerEid or Keren via AdeTecklaiZan. The one grand aunt I saw once at grandma’s teZkar at Emba Hen. No Hen is not an acronym the period is full stop the end of the sentence about my gradnd aunt. Hen., would be an acronym short for Hendrix in this sentence, period.!

        What punctuation rules – Abey zello Higgi iyu = should be and is from now on the punctuation mark for an exclamation!==>

        See, I just proved to you I am not an Asmarino or is it Azmarino ya Asmer. Anta Kederayy iyye zbleka zelekhu mesleni bquanqa areb. Recently I virtually traveled on the road from Asmara to AdeQeyiH, Tha Asmara-AdiQeyH road. Well not exactly recently it was a time capsule from June of 2001.

        The future picks you made were the Cheese Heads GB (noE noE adiEngliz ayknokunn reIsi Firmajo…. Em Azmarino sleZeykonku equa iyyu…) [ihhi ‘TTA Haile Esq.? itta nay ijige elixir … Emarkadero zbeHal tSirgia alo ab Oaklandi abti Hadush Adi si, ksemA şi biAaAa kHalif kolokhu bImbaDerho yeErife Asmera zeAtekho ab kebdi Haj Hasen gereuonga kursi teweTiHe Emba Derho TeZkar Abayey ms Grand aunt natey, meHari ngedli bBaHri kewered kolo…kab meriet zfeHaro wedi Akoy dinish Hawi Tebisu kebleAna deHar gabba nab gejeret=(! nay Qedem) ewe Ebarkadero Ebaderho Tezekireni)

        Selam ewe niAkhaye Peace, Green Bay beating the Bears and you did not see is it Antonio Brown?? released by Raider Nation. Erin Rogers over Mahone The Chief from Kasas city. Bratty Asmarinos year I find Asmarinos very Bratty (!) = nay Qedem Azmarinos or are they still the same?
        GB and Raiders your pick… Kishafa shewiff ya Sherif John Brown?

        How do you feel about the Thirty Million Dollar withdrawn deal?

        For Nitricc,
        Abb Oaklandi Abb Oaklandi
        Abb Oakland Abb iti Hadish Adi
        Anta no digi di NO DOUBT

        Anta no digi di kab Oaklandi
        Kabti Hadish Adi
        No digi di NO DOUBT

        IA sirAtt
        Sne SirAtt
        I am no a baby bell
        or a gentle man Sir
        a Phone company
        Anta PHONY bolony
        fony FUNY
        many many

        Ab Oklantdi
        Ab Oakland
        Abti Hadish Adi
        NO digi di NO DOUBT
        ‘ha ha
        No digi di
        NO DOUBT
        IA SirATT
        Afu tSeyQi Areqi
        Aregi srAtt

        YO WHERE you AT!

        sn sirATT (call 911 AT&T)

        Abti AdiSh Adi
        No di gi di NO DOUBT



  • Brhan

    Hello Awate and just to add some points to this good news analysis of yours:

    1. The aspect of some Eritrean refugees showing not only support but also love to the dictator has raised a lot of questions

    2. One of them is that, if these refugees are genuine refugees? Did they really go to Sawa? Have they tried to avoid it and as a result, they were prisoned? Or they have not and simply left the country when they found the right time to leave.

    3. The above point serves the regime in its claim that Eritreans refugees are economic refugees and not citizens fleeing on the grounds of fear of persecution due to their opinion or SAWA. This means the regime is using the Norway PF (DJ) squad for its interest whether this squad is aware or not.

    4. PF (DJ) and its head Isays Afeworki have had a clear belief that they openly say. According to the dictator Eritrean refugees are pro-government.

    5. There is a pattern that has been seen among some Eritrean refugees who were once government staff members. These types of refugees had left Eritrea easily either through scholarships or trainings or to present shows or visit their relatives in overseas. The government not only facilitates their departure but also provides travel instructions. An anecdote that I can tell here is what an Eritrean protected person told me. The person says before leaving Eritrea, an Eritrean high ranking official approached him and said “ወጻኢ ከድኩም ተሓከሙ ሃብትሙ ግን ምስ ተቓወምቲ ኮንኩም መንግስቲ ኣይትርገሙ”The regime does not care if these Eritrean refugees find protection at the expense of its reputation as long as these Eritrean refugees are implementing its instruction. A recent video shows “Baburay” singer Wedi Sheikh ( a protected person?) singing in a government event.

    6. Some Eritrean refuges who seek protection have “refugee identity crisis”: they run from Isayas but love Isayas. Either they do not know Isayas or what protection means or they do not know both. Their blind love to the dictator had made them not to feel the oppression of our people.

    7. Some members of the opposition tolerate with some Eritreans who show themselves in PF(DJ) events while claiming refugee status. ኣሕዋትናን ኣሓትናን እንዲዮም ይሕለፈሎም! Well I do want they get better life but not at the expense of me and my oppressed people! In reality ኢሳያስ ብቱኻት ዝበለ ነዓዓቶም ኢዩ ብታኽ ክልተ ጫፍ ኢዩ ዘለዋ. They are neither with him nor with the opposition. ሰብ ኣይ ክልተ ኒዮ ነጆ ክብል ሞተ. For him they have become tools and he can use them and when he is done with them he throws them just like we throw a napkin to a garbage collector after we use its purpose.

    8. Both Dallas, TX, USA, Enough / Yakil /Kifaya members and the Norway squad attend a PF(DJ) event. The former to challenge and the later to patronage the reps of the dictator. They came with the same time frame. And the world will know that that there are still genuine Eritrean refugees.

    9. ዓለም ትሽዓተ ዘይትመልእ ዓሰርተ…. መጸናንዒ ንኣሃዱ ሕጊግደፍ ኖርወይ…Start packing!!