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Gold Coins and Necklaces–Congratulating PM Abiy

Last week Ethiopia went through eventful days. Among other things, on October 9, prime minister Abiy Ahmed inaugurated the 20 hectares Unity Park in the national palace grounds in Addis Ababa in the presence of invited officials and heads of state of the region. The unelected president of Eritrea didn’t attend because he has bestowed all the titles he holds to the Ethiopian prime minister. And as Abiy Ahmed was inaugurating the park, news broke that he is the recipient of the 2019 Noble Peace Prize.

The Noble prize news overshadowed the other news and invoked a mixed reaction; it excited many and disappointed many more, mainly Eritreans, though the news was not any worse than in 2009.

On January 2009, Obama became the president of the USA ; nine months later he was awarded the Nobel prize. It took Obama 19 months, ten months longer than Abiy, to reach what the Italians call “Traguardo”.

Mistakes Happen

Humanity should be grateful to the French newspaper that unknowingly triggered the feeling of guilt in Alfred Noble. If not for the newspaper, probably the Noble Prize wouldn’t have been conceived.

In 1888, according to Wikipedia, “Nobel was astonished to read his own obituary, titled The merchant of death is dead, in a French newspaper”, but it was a mistake. It was his brother who had died. Nevertheless, the obituary “disconcerted Nobel and made him apprehensive about how he would be remembered.” Thus, the idea of a Noble Prize was born and Alfred Noble decided to bequeath 94% of his assets to mankind through prizes in his name. Since then, the Noble Foundation is managed by a board consisting of Swedish and Norwegian citizens–the two countries were ruled by one sovereign before being separated.

The Noble Foundation is a capitalist entity with a goal of investing and growing Alfred’s largesse. Therefore, the board invests the assets that Alfred left behind in bonds, hedge funds, and real estate, among other things. Then it earmarks prize money (40%), and another chunk of it is allocated to “pay institutions and persons engaged in giving the prize [22%].” It’s their money and no one should complain.

It is worth remembering that no peace prizes were given out during the years of WW2—of course, it doesn’t make sense to recognize peace when the world was awash with blood, while lives and properties were being destroyed. And of course, the situation in Eritrea cannot be equated to that of the WW2, but to some extent, a few Eritreans are in a worse situation than what many people underwent in WW2. Therefore, any peace award doesn’t make sense in a context involving Eritrea.

But every now and then, the Noble Committee fancies running a comedy skit, like it did in 1994 when it awarded a peace prize to Yasser Arafat, Yitzak Rabin, and Shimon Perez. It was convinced the three men brought peace to the Middle East by signing an illusionary peace accord in Oslo—similar to the one Isaias and Abiy signed four times: in Asmara, Addis Ababa, Abu Dhabi, and Jeddah.

And that illustrates that two countries beat the Noble committee to the recognition of the “Peace agreement”. In July 2018, Abu Dhabi awarded the Isaias-Aby duo the “Order of Zayed.” However the Saudis wouldn’t allow to be outdone by an upstart country like the UAE. In just two months (on September 2018) they produced and directed another comedy skit during which they awarded the duo, “The Order of King Abdulaziz”. Mind you, the Arab awards are not simple  gold coins like that of Noble, but pure, heavy golden collar. However, unfortunately, only the news buffs learned about that because the Arabs do not announce prizes, or anything of that nature. But it’s likely they didn’t allow themselves to be outdone by the Scandinavians whose prize money is a meagre US$1.2 million, and a coin.

The Feeling of Eritreans

Truth be said, Eritreans are divided on the Noble prize award. While a few think the award will likely contribute to changing the image of the region, which so far is considered a perfect example of warlordism, others have a different view. The latter’s view is summarized by Assenai Mussie who tweeted:

“…even when he is invited, through the back door, into our house by a robber who gives him a copy of the key & assures him he is at home. Both the robber and the accomplice know better…but why should they be bothered (and that’s the question we must answer for THEM).”

We believe Abiy deserves the prize for many other thing he accomplished in his short tenure. But the exaggerated and wrong perception of “bringing peace with Eritrea,” is definitely not one of them.  Does Abiy’s “peace with Eritrea,” that emboldens a dictator and comes at the expense of the people deserve a Noble prize? No. That is why some Eritreans are contemplating running a hoax obituary for PM Abiy hoping it will disconcert him in a similar way the French newspaper obituary did to Alfred Noble. Maybe then he will remember Eritreans are oppressed.

Sadly, Eritrea under the current regime has never been at peace with itself let alone with its neighbors–and the many accords signed in seclusion by the Eritrean dictator mean nothing to the people who have never been consulted in war (which is real) and in peace (which they never had). Still, Abiy’s predecessors could have done what he did and saved the people of the two countries decades of agony. They didn’t. He did. And he deserves a loud accolade, or a pat on the back. But nothing more. Eritrea is still ruled by a tyrant who denies the remains of dissidents from being buried in their country. He doesn’t yearn for peace, and nothing has changed in Eritrea for over three decades. And though the event could have busied the ceremonial halls in Oslo, it means nothing. But we suppose Eritreans should just shut up because they’re not part of the choosing metrics!

Had Eritreans been consulted (just a hazy dream) to help choose a laureate, they would have come with a long list. But suffice to mention Bitweded Abraha and Mohammed Mranet who were imprisoned in 1993, and to date, no one knows their whereabouts. A curious person might ask, why the names of the two imprisoned persons?

In 1989, Aung San Suki, a prominent leader of the opposition to the military regime of Maynamar, was put under house arrest. Two years later she was awarded the 1991 Noble peace prize—she has spent (on and off) about 15 years under house. Unlike the prisoners in Eritrea (where some think peace has reigned) she was not jailed in some dungeon where nothing was heard of her. However, she survived the house arrest, entered an election, and became the counselor (equivalent to prime minister) of the country. So, how do you justify a Noble peace award for Aung San Suu Kyi, given the gross human rights violation and genocide in Maynamar? How do you justify a Noble Peace prize jointly awarded to Yasser Arafat, Isaac Shmair, and Rabin for signing a peace accord in Oslo, when the Israeli-Palestinian feud is still raging almost 25 years later? How can you claim peace has arrived in Eritrea when the rulers have not moved an inch towards respecting the human rights of the helpless Eritrean citizens? That is why people who suffer under tyranny do not hold institutions like the Noble Committee in high esteem since they consider them enablers of injustice.

Finally, the above should not lead to a conclusion that Abiy’s achievements in Ethiopia are insignificant. In fact, he has done marvels on many aspects: freedom of speech, religious freedom, releasing political prisoners, allowing exiled opposition to return home, empowering women and minorities, environmental projects, and invigorating the Ethiopian spirit—in addition to his admirable role in mediating in the Sudan. Funnily, when any of these achievements would warrant a Noble prize on its own merit, he was awarded the prize for “bringing peace with Eritrea”! That is an affront, an insult, and a disrespect to Eritreans. And that is why they wish the King of (is it Sweden or Norway?) to fire the committee and revamp the whole lousy outfit. And if we were allowed to make a suggestion, in the future, we would advise the Nobel prize to be awarded posthumously after the lifetime achievements of a laureate is properly assessed.

But the whole debacle could have been worse if the Alfred Noble kind of guilt didn’t prevent the Noble committee from awarding the prize jointly to Isaias Afwerki and Abiy Ahmed—that would have been the most hilarious comedy skit of the decade.

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  • said

    Ethiopian prime minister Abiy Ahmed overcoming challenge, in social, economic, scientific and technological development, and are play a significant role in international affairs. And mutually beneficial integration processes within the eastern African of successful cooperation. In field of industries, agriculture, healthcare, and education, energy, transport and communications infrastructures. that are important for Ethiopia and to increasing economic cooperation and boost prosperity and corporate with eastern African countries to thrive overcoming reginal .ethnic conflicts; political and economic instability and social problems.
    I find me without minced words as an objective analyst hide no words or meanings at my advanced age as to my perception and opinion of the facts as I call things in their names as I trust they really are. My observations of Prime Minister of Ethiopia in the current looming existential Ethiopian crisis is a No Exception.
    The need of good government and transparency and accountability in reminding the none elevated with no mandate PM AA to not exhibited a susceptibility to corruption. You win and Nobel award for representing Peace, your character of Fortitude, Prudence, Magnanimity, Temperance, is being recognized and it is time to develop true Justice and equality .Past Ethiopian kings and leaders representing imperial feudal system , Cruelty, chauvinistic religious division , warmonger ,Treason, Tyranny, Fraud, decisive , Frenzy, Superiority of ethic originated culture and enormous vanity of the palace of the king and glorification of the notion of the divinity of monarchs who they all sadly claimed to be divinely endowed., history tell us clearly how they dealt with subject . Ethiopian kings with the continuing bloodshed and vast corruption was just part of the stage upon which these false divine Ethiopian kings practiced their glorious killing and murdering and backstabbing each other and theft of the land of poor people . their Divisiveness, and War, violence with its people is result of backward of Ethiopia..
    Abiy Ahmed Prime Minister of Ethiopia is a politician of is not Feeble Mind and a Feeble Character, as point bluntly, I thought at one time he does not come across in the current Ethiopian Crisis as someone not possessing the qualities of Leadership to assuage feelings and Inspire in Times of Critical Existential Challenges as Ethiopia is currently passing through.
    These are times where the Ethiopian political leaders are standing naked, Emperors without Cloth, short on delivery as equally short on promises. The Lebanese Tribal Political System is finally coming down unhinging; hitting a Stone Wall of hard realities beyond Lebanese leaderships comprehensions and creative capabilities to handle.
    Sooner or later if Ethiopian economics do not improve ,an angry popular demonstrations protesting forever worsening Ethiopian living conditions touching on the very basic life necessities of the Ethiopian people, with much failed management of public life over nearly three decades at the reins of power of the EPRDF that reach the deep soul of the Ethiopian , if prime minister Abiy Ahmed do not provide convincing assurances and assuage the pressing deep concerns and genuine fears of a beleaguered and very disgruntled Ethiopian Masses. At these crucial, rather decisive moments in time, and despite the limited resources at hand and the constraints of despondent realities, PM AA have to come across as a True Leader who can be Larger than Life Itself. and not show that you are Lamenting and pointing fingers at the others like a school boy, was hardly what a mostly aggrieved and misguided populace needed to hear from a leader. However, prime minister Abiy Ahmed had it in him as a truly trained leader, as an intellectual and as truly Charismatic inspirer that could stand the moment to address genuinely angry and poor masses.
    Ethiopia face major challenges,108 million . population growth with shrinking and constraining economic growth and very poor transport infrastructure across the nation and low access of health services, and lack of medical personnel and improve quality of medical service and improve the ow level of education and professional training, Ethiopia must create easy access to financial services for business to develop ,and to ensure open for capital inflows and create regional cooperative banking to meet the needs of their local citizens, Creating a foundation for growth locally and nationally, in the most effective way possible, and improves quality of life for the local population. It is self evident and very clear that to solve all these problems a large-scale development programme is required , in sustainable development goals development of human capital in education and national development across Ethiopia and to respect equally divers of cultural, ethnic, and religious diversity is paramount important for peace and development and invest in every field without going into great debt to plan and ensure sustainable number urban development and socioeconomic growth equally across the nation . Given Ethiopia transport’s ability to spur growth in key industries. And the new railways offer great promise to Djibouti for export .. Ethiopia lack of financing and country face specific risks to pay its debt will a major issue ., Ethiopia will need international financing and put it house in order first in place in order to facilitate growth in trade. and to get significant portion of income from its exports.. Beside coffee and commodity, to trade and export energy , agricultural and export mineral final processed extraction product and create hap of industrial development Zone and boost competition and efficiency in number of field development and to boost agricultural production and to increase exports of agricultural products and final food product . , which will determine its future…
    If none of the above is meet . from no where One day people will rise up , Suddenly crowds across the entire geography of Ethiopia will be awakening to a bankrupt and a long-corrupted country that of the EPRDF and their former proteges for long had the liberty of steering Ethiopian’s fortunes that had for long time been at the helm calling the shots as they equally enjoyed a tipping voice in the Ethiopian legislature that the Pm MZ ’s representatives enjoyed an effective presence.
    What’s truly much worse than the gross failure of management of the Ethiopian economy and the public finance of the country with same group presiding over the quintupling over less than 30-years of Ethiopian’s National Debt with the paltry economic growth prospects; diversification of Ethiopian’s economic base into the promising knowledge economy industries and significant spurring of increased exports.
    As the late PM Malese Zanawy and their proteges lavishly and inefficiently funneled scarce public funds to traditional non-growth economic sectors PM MZ neglected directing some of the funds to potentially promising knowledge-based growth sectors of the time. The MZ and selected proteges, instead, further stifled the potential spread of knowledge-based sectors and did not do much in the promising IT and Communication technologies fields by not lunching to sustain and the below standard management of the behemoth corporations in the IT and promising Communication fields.
    Ethiopia need to immediately build their business online, implementing modern mobile solutions and technological progress. Today, global digitalization is a major driver of modern state development. Ethiopia need Effective online services and e-government to simplifies communication between vast people and the inter provincial state, and develop and create an effective system for state departments to interact with one another across the nation . As a result, Ethiopian people will gain quicker access to government services. In turn, this leads to greater user satisfaction of services and huge monetary savings.
    The IT and Telecommunication sector that over which the Ethiopian government had a dominant say failed to leverage what could have otherwise been a proven golden chance to diversify Ethiopian s economy into a diversified Knowledge base industries, spawning clusters of smaller promising enterprises of Ethiopian high tech startups in the fashion a sadly a monopolization of global IT markets by a handful of major Western corporations of the American Microsofts, the Apples, the Googles, the Facebooks, etc, that all sprang up and flourished at the same time successfully competing with market capitalization of major corporation, all those new startups starting with the dearth of investment capital. This, especially as Ethiopia disposes of excellent learning and research centers in the example of the Ethiopian University of Addis ; as well as generally well-cut Ethiopian youth conversant with essential foreign languages, business acumen and a successful Ethiopian Diaspora that could have provided an excellent base for networking to tap into huge reservoirs of shared knowledge and the potential flow of added investment capital. They’re just stupid. They’re uninformed, and they’re caught up in this imperial city of Addis Ababa groupthink. because they think they have to defend their self-interest in the day-to-day operation of the nation .in Ethiopia , There’s a whole bloody history behind nation state geography

  • ‘Gheteb

    The Three Whistleblowers (እቶም ሰለስተ ነፋሕቲ ፊስካ): A Play (ተዋስኦ)


    ACT (I) —- ቀዳማይ ገቢር

    Setting (መቃን) — Keren, Eritrea , in the early to mid seventies.

    Characters (ገጸ ባህርያት) : The characters of this play come in threes,

    The THREE Umpires (ዳኛ or ኣልቢትሮ) — 1. Admassu (አድማሱ) 2. Abdulkerim (ዓብዱልከሪም) 3. Assmerom RedAe (ኣስመሮም ረዳእ)

    The THREE Coaches (ኣሰልጠንቲ) — 1. Wedi-Ahmed (ወዲ ኣኣሕመድ) For Team Ansseba (ጋንታ ዓንሰባ) 2. Zerezghi For Team Estella (ጋንታ አስተላ) 3. Abdu M Nur (ዓብዱ መ/ኑር)
    For Team Al-Hillal (ጋንታ ኣልሂላል)

    The THREE super- fans (ልዕለ-ደገፍቲ or ቲፎዞ) — 1. Wedi-Jabera (ወዲ ጃበራ) 2. Mantuy (ማንቱይ) 3. Amm ShemEun (ዓም ሸምዑን)

    The THREE Spectators (ተዓዘብቲ) — 1. Wed-Alf (ወድ ኣልፍ) 2. Wedi-G’de (ወዲ ግደ) 3. Wed- Gileway (ወድ ግለዋይ)

    Scene (ምርኢት) — Keren’s Soccer Field and Vicinities (ጃኮ ከረንን ከባቢን)

    Amm ShemEun: ( Livid beyond description and utterly hot under the collar, he was belting out orders to his goldsmith shop workers who were frantically tinkering with their jewelry handiworks and designs).

    Worker 1: Why is our boss (Amm ShemEun) so irate and beside himself this early on Monday morning?

    Worker 2: Where have you been, my friend? Were you out of town this Sunday? Haven’t you heard that Team Al-Hillal lost to Team Estella one to nil (1 to 0). As one of the most ardent fans of Al-Hillal, our boss is utterly devastated and that is why he is seemingly up in arms.

    Worker 1: So that means the final soccer match (akin to a SUPERBOWL) will be played between the teams Ansseba and Estella.

    ( Now that the last two teams have advanced for the final match which was scheduled to be held in the coming Sunday, Keren was abuzz with all manners of activities. Kerenites, literally all the denizens of Keren, were feverishly and expectantly bandying words, arguing and bickering about their favorite teams. Students, elders, youngsters, Kerenites from all walks of life, were in some way or another expressing their support for the team that they root for. What is more, Keren’s soccer field was getting cleared up with fresh marker lines painted and signs announcing were put up in various locales, but prominently in the front entrance of Enda Wedi- Qeshi Tea Shop (ቤት ሻሂ አንዳ ወዲ ቀሺ).

    . Wedi-Jabera (ወዲ ጃበራ) : As one of Keren’s cobblers (ዓራይ ጫማ), he was in his work station sitting in his chair busily engaged in his work. His joint,in a veranda near a tea shop, is smack dab in the heart of Keren facing Keren’s busy vegetables and fruits market commonly referred as ሹቅ ኹዳር. As his wont, Wedi-Jabera started to belt out his famous refrain that he sings while rooting for his favorite team, Estella. His refrain, in Italian language, went something like this:

    ኣኴኴ ሚነራለ Aqua aqua minerale
    ኣኴኴ ሚነራለ Aqua aqua minerale
    በርሚል ሽረ Bermi Shere
    እስተላ ዲ ናሺናለ Estella de nationale

    ( Patrons of the nearby shops, the vegetable/fruit market and pedestrians started to gather around Wedi-Jabera’s joint. He kept repeating the refrain in even louder voice).

    After his refrain, to the amazement of the spectators he said something in Amharic:
    አንገት የተፈጠረው ኣዝሮ ለማየት ነው (The function of the human neck is to check things around).

    Mantuy (ማንቱይ) has just finished his meal of Fetta (ፈታ) in Samsom’s restaurant (መጥዓም ሳምሶም). He headed to the wash room while licking his fingers. He could hear the commotion coming from outside the restaurant and couldn’t wait to find out what the to-do is all about. Once he exited the restaurant, he could clearly hear Wedi-Jabara’s unmistakable voice. He took a deep breath as he prepared himself for a confrontation and face-off with Wedi-Jabera.

    Mantuy (ማንቱይ): started his sing-song for his favorite team, Ansseba, from the top of his lungs even before reaching Wedi-Jabera’s joint which was a stone’s throw from Samsom’s restaurant.

    ዓንሰባ ዓንሰባ ዓንሰባ —– Ansseba, Ansseba, Anseseba
    ዘይብላ ጸበባ Which got no problems
    እታ ዓባይ ሩባ That big river
    ትዕወት እያ ጽባሕ ሰንበት It will emerge victorious next Sunday
    ዓንሰባ በል ክትድረር If you want to succeed, root for Ansseba

    While the face-off between Wedi-Jabera and Mantuy, not too far from the scene the THREE Spectators were chewing fat and their exchange went something like this:

    Wedi-G’de (ወዲ ግደ): Oh, my. Wedi-Jabera’s performance is unmatched and if you ask me, he won the competition against Mantuy, hands down. With his loud and sonorous voice, he has mesmerized most of the spectators.

    Wed-Alf (ወድ ኣልፍ): Fiddlesticks!! Nonsense. What are you talking about, Wedi-G’de? Are you deaf or blind. How did you fail to discern the reaction of Kerenites to Mantuy’s mellifluous sing-song. At best, Wedi-Jabera’s voice is similar to that of “fingers on chalk board”.

    Wed- Gileway (ወድ ግለዋይ): You meant to say, ‘nails on a chalkboard’, ya Wed-Alf, right? Coming back to the bone of contention, Wedi-Jabera and Mantuy are so dissimilar that they couldn’t be more antipodal (መናጽርቲ). Wedi-Jabera is tall and light skinned while Mantuy is of medium height and brown complexion.; the former has loud and sonorous voice while the latter a high-pitched one; One utilizes Italian and Amharic languages in his refrain, the other Tigrinya or Tigrayet in his sing-song; Wedi-Jabera is a hardcore fan of team Estella while Mantuy is a Ansseba team super fan.

    Wedi-G’de (ወዲ ግደ): I still think that Wedi-Jabera is a winner by a wide margin.

    Wed- Gileway (ወድ ግለዋይ): You can think whatever you want, ya Wedi-G’de. But that doesn’t mean it accurately reflects the choice of the spectators or audience of Mantuy and Wedi-Jabera. The only accurate way to ascertain the spectators choice is to let them cast a vote. That way we will find out the REAL winner.

    • Selamat Gheteb,

      Same critique as the Admiral before. You do not develop the characters nor is there a climactic scene in your play. Here is my attempt at an addendum to the play:

      The championship game (the supper bowl) was scheduled after Eritrea’s national team returned from the Cecafa. Both Stella and Anseba had their players on the national team and unfortunately the lure of a better pay check as redshirts and the possibility or dream of signing a lucrative contract with other African, European, Asian or any foreign soccer leagues like MLS made both Stella’s and Anseba players defect and not return to Eritrea. And Stella’s and Anseba teams head cheerleaders shouted with anger that it was the opposing team’s players that cause the shame to the national team by defecting. One saying it was Stella players while the other shouting it was Anseba’s that caused the defection of the players. How about the fans voting on that to find out the REAL winners (I think the REAL Losers maybe more appropriate.)

      I remember a time when your renounced your Eritrean citizenship. Well… with no Eritrea due to mdimarr, same result I suppose for you… who woulda though it. There were unintended disclosures from your last skit. Please keep them coming.



      • ‘Gheteb

        Greetz Yo GitSAtSE.


        You and your Admiral, SAAY, are either abysmally clueless or are willfully misconstruing the play’s characters and its other aspects. Both of you, don’t even try to hide your zeal of using it as an opportunity to rail against PFDJ or Isaias or those you consider as supporters of PFDJ. That is okay, it doesn’t bother me a whit. I am merely stating what I see from my side.

        I am not going to defend the character development in this play by elaborating on character analysis and characterization.This is not a Creative Writing Class 101. Suffice it to say, however, here are some aspects of characters in a play that an unbiased reader will find sufficient to know and get acquainted with a character in a play. Physical appearance, language, personality, relationship with others, type of work s/he involved in etc. etc…..

        The setting of the play has specified the time and place of the play. That makes all that ranted and rumbled about Cecafa utterly fatuous.

        While your Admiral may wish to see that all Eritreans who write in English to take a Creative Writing Class by enrolling in an online University ( P Univ.), your groaning and moaning about the play seems to emanate from some other source. I will only give you a hint.

        The Bailey Ave. pipe dream. As it is described in The Winspear Ave. Papers, Tsatse planned in detail of hosting a get-together of Eritrean intellectuals, by hosting a retreat in Niagra Falls, NY, which he copied from what he read at Dehai dot org. He was loudly fancying the type of exchanges he will have with Eritrea’s educated class.

        Anyway, in the beginning of the play, it was specified as Act (I) and should tell you more, but I guess you missed it and here you are complaining about the absence of a climatic scene.

        Critique the play all you want, but at least try to make it as objective and as unbiased as possible. Also, both you and your Admiral, SAAY, try to minimize your anti-PFDJ rants by focusing on the contents of a given piece, be it a note, a comment, a post or a play.

        • Selamat Gheteb,

          I don’t remember you as being this serious person. I mean you partied your entire undergrad binge drinking on nearly ten 35 cent shots daily, yeah I got your fiddlestick here buddy, okay twenty let me make up a word fingerstick red in the box. I or any other student have never seen you go to class, go into a classroom or come out of one. If the entire student body was to be asked of Gheteb’s whereabouts all 28 thousand of them plus a thousand faculty and staff would point in the direction of the bar. The bar at Capen. Wait the question was posed ones and I recall seeing Sample from the center tunnel bridge across the long field to the right of Blue Bird towards second floor past the student accounts and registration second table bottom right of the lounge. President Sample asked the question “where is Gheteb?” himself only he beat everyone who heard the question to the gesture of pointing towards the X mark. Considering the secret passage to his office, constructed after the student’s anti war in Vietnam and never uses the path through the spot every student has traversed, one would ask how did President Sample know where Gheteb would be. It must be the Pulitzer Prize for Photo Journalism that appeared on the UB’s Spectrum some time in the mid to late sixties. It was the photo that captured the entire Amherst and Main Street Campus pointing their index finger with their entire arm and body stretched towards Gheteb second table from the bottom right table sipping on his last of ten 35 cents shot and 20th “fingerstick” lit on his hand discussing John Paul Sarte’ with some Iranian “Jigalli” with a Richard Geer haircut.

          Apparently President Sample was coming to the Bar for the first time of his entire tenure to ask Gheteb how in the hell he had done it? When every hopeful premed applicant is hopeful to get accepted into one medical school, how did you Gheteb succeed in getting accepted into five medical schools the fifth, I believe it was Albert Einstein that accepted you not only into the MD but also into the MDPhD track. The where is Gheteb changed into when did Gheteb study by all students and remained when UNTIL the when has finally arrived on the eve of yr2020 mission.

          Don’t be so serious like a dentist, I suppose it is all that overdosing Nitric laughing gas ሓኪም ስኒ your General Nitric inhales through his three nostrils. Last I recall is when you were en rout to MDPhD and now as if your the General Dentist are so serious about matters and whether The Admiral and I are objective and unbiased critics. How could the both of us not be biased. The Admiral has an aunt, an uncle a great aunt, great uncle and grand great grand ma in every twelve kilometers from any Eritrean village village. Notice the village squared as in to the power of two. You like in threes, so consider this for threes. Your 10 35 cents and 20 “finger sticks” (who says fiddlesticks ever!) is embedded with a 3. One may pick it up as Billy Joel’s Piano licks girl coordinate. I was only being rather fatuous. Since the 20 is two tens there appears your three 3Tens. ሓዘኒ፡ ቆመና ካዝን ኩሉ ኤርትራዊ ከም ዛ ዝሳኣልኩሉ ኣብ ላዕሊ ዓድታት ኣቦሓጎታቱን ዓባሓቦባታቱን ባያስ ክህልዎ ናይ ግድን። ብወገነይ ይዝከረኒ፡ ሽው ኢልና ከይንሓልፋ ን ኣቶቡስ ኣይፋል፡ ንዛ ዓባይና ኣብ ዓድተክሌዛን ዝነበረት ዓቃል ናይ ሓጅ ሓሰን መሪጽና፡ መላአ ኤርትራናን ኣየራን ህዝባን ዓባየይን አንዳኣስተማቐርና ን ካርነሽም ዓዲ ሚአቲ ምስ ከንድ ፍርቆምን ርብዕመን ንዓኻ ደሚርና ንኸውን ክንድኦም ዓዲ ከልተ ሚአቲ ምስ አቶም ኣብ ገጀረትን እኽርያን ዘለው ሜአቲ፡ ኣብ ሰኒታ ሚአቲ ጎዳይፍ ሚአቲ፡ ማይተመናይ ቲራቮሎ አቶም ኣብ ከረን ገዛ ወርቐት፡ ኮታ ዓዲ ሽሕ ክንዲ ሓድ ሽሕ ጃሽዋ አትጽዋዕ ጎዶቦ ዓዲ ኣብ አምባደርሆ ዘለው ኣኮታተይን ሓትኖታት፡ ዳሓር ንገጀረት ካብኡ ጎዳይፍ ኮዮ ጫማ ስለ ዝዕደገልና፡ ናይ ጋንታ ዓንሰባ ባያስ ክህለወና ናይ ግድን ኢይ። ግን ኢቲ ሃናጺ ነቐፌታ ምሃብ ኣብዛ ናይ ጥበብ ተዋስኦ ድርሰትካ ንጽኑዕ ስላማዊት ን ምሃብ፡ ኣብ 1976፡ ልክዕ ቅድሚ ናይ ጀብሃ ዓባይ ኣፍቅርሓውካ ቦጦሎኒ 76ers; ተሰነይ ከሕርርዋ ነታ ናይ ሽል ብጫ ምልክትከተማ ብ 76 ናፍታ ዝውላዕ ባርዕ ክቕይርዋ አዋን ኢዩ ኔር አዚ ጸወታ ኮፓ ኣብ ከረን ጋንታ ስታላን ጋንታ ዓንሰባን። ኣነ ውን ዳርጋ ተሳቲፈዮ ኢየ ኢዚ ጽቡቕ ጌርካ ዘኪርካ ዝገለጽካዮ ሃዋሁ ናይ ቲፎዞ ቲፎዞታት ጃብርን ማንቱይን።

          ካብተን 3 ታዕሪፋን ቅጥቃጥን ዘዋህለልክወን ካብ ባንክ ተሰነይ ሰርሓ ዝተዋህባ መሃያ ኣላዋንስ ን ሓለዋን ላፒዝን ጥራዝን ዘድልየኒ ኢላ ዝሃበትኒ ጌረ ዓካትን ተምርን ካብ አንዳ ዱካን አንዳ ሃይለ ስላሴ ኣብ ሕለት ሱዳን ጥቓ ደግዳጋ ክገዝአ ይዝከረኒ። እብ ከረን ኣብቲ ሽቅ ኸደር ኩለን ዓካተን ተምረን ሼጥና ኣራንሽን መንደሪንን ክንዕድግ ን ገጀረት መአተው ገዛ ዝተሓስበ፡ ወዲ ኣልፍ ኢልካ ነቲ ዓካት ዋላ ነቲ ተምር ባርካ ኣየድሃብሉ ዋል ዘይዓጀቦም። ነቲ ኣራንሺን መንደሪንን ዘይቱንን ውን ብ ሓሙሽተ ታዕሪፋ ዘምቢል ዘምልአ ዋጋ ጌሮም ንዓና ሸይጦምልና ብዝቐልጠፈ ግዜ ጉዳይ ምርጫ ማንቱይ “ዓንሰባ በል ጾምካ ኣይትሕደር” ወላ ስተላ ማይ ጋዝ ካብ ሓጋዝ ሓሪጽ ከረጺት ስፍየት ካብ ሺረ አንዳ ስላሴ ኣዝዮ አንዳ ሰሓቦም ገዲፍናዮም ካርነሽም ኣብ አምባደርሆ ምስ ወረድና፡ ሓደ ሃጻን ሰሚዕናያ ዘይንፈልጥ ደርፊ “ላሎየ ላሎ ወደባት ዓደይ ይረኣየኒ ኣሎ” አንዳ በለ ባቡር ሲ ነቒላ ኢያ በለና።

          ሰዓት ከኣ ኣኺላ ኢያ። The word yAkil is a conjugate of the word AKhila. Do you know why Dentists are so serious? Because it is always the time Tooth-Hurthy for them when they instantly become surgeons by drilling toon far into the gums. Don’t be so serious. Also, the get together with Eritrean intellectuals you are miss-recollecting was not solely a gathering of only Eritrean scholars. Did you forget about the PanAfricanists and Lassana from Guini bisur? and his attitude towards us for being secessionists like Biafra? well that the venue was in Hariman Hall with African scholars and Africa’s first multiparty election candidates from Rowanda and the debate between the four opposing candidates GitSAtSE moderated. As I recall it the local Eritrean scholars boycotted the guest speaker I demanded to be ELF’s Martyr Ahmed Nassir though my first choice was Martyr Ibrahim Affa thinking he was still alive then. Yes they boycotted our esteemed speaker at Hariman, I can’t recall his name now. I must be getting old.

          No never that. To asses the REAL people’s choice I agree the people should vote for their choice. And through the VOTE I whole heartedly endorse and believe it to be the one and only remaining choice to make a CHOICE for.

          Fair and open election. Man to man based on the law. The 1997 ratified Eritrean constitution we believe is amendable and our collective basis. Full participation with full amnesty to all without any retribution or restrictions of travel within Eritrea proper and if there is need beyond its borders. The grandfathering of the first Eritrean identification cards issued circa referendum as a legal valid document and subsequent government issued Eritrean identification documents.
          I have stated long ago, in 2001, since The Pencil days, my choice and the peoples choice candidate. Who do you think Duh!

          The Candidate: The Admiral aka SAAY7
          The Ticket for national, regional and local: WegiHa ‘ala Meriet!

          The first honored to cast their vote: The freed Eritrean conscientious prisoners right after the symbolic votes in absentia are cast by the youngest Eritrean voter in the year 2020. The Mission 2020 WegiHa la Meriet SAAAAAAAAY WHAAAAAAAAA – Your Character Fully Developed….” አንደገና ድምጺ ይሰምዕ ኣለኹ….። “I am hearing voices again…….”
          SAAY WHA

          ዋ ዋ ዋ ዋ ዋ


          ጃይ ጻጸ Gi ant // Gi tSAtSE

  • Kokhob Selam

    Dear All,

    The above message is very interesting..we should share to the maximum..

    Regarding Ethiopian in getting peace between those two nations will not be materialized till both have constitutions…That is my stand at this very moment..


  • Brhan

    Selam Awate,
    Thanks for the analysis but I believe there is one important fact that the article missed: the issue of nomination.
    Dr. Awol K Allo a Lecturer in Law at Keele University, UK, said that he wrote a letter of nomination for A.Ahmed to the Nobel organization in January 2019.( Please refer to his article in of October 13/2019).
    The Nobel organization did open its door for nomination, as such the article could have been written and cover of who nominated him and why? Then make the organization accountable.
    I believe this fact would have made the article more credible.

    But speaking about prize: Eritreans should feel proud because one of our fellow citizen Haji Jaber has won the this year’s K A T A R A book prize for his novel رقوة سوداء (ጸሊም ዓፍራ) He received $60,000+ the book will be translated into English.

    • Woldegabriel Tesfamariam

      Clearly PM Abiy is following isayas’s footsteps. Hr has boldly and unashamedly embarked on abusing Eritreans and Eritrea’s sovereignty. It is quite mind boggling why the Aware Team believe that PM Abiy deserves the Nobel peace prize. The trajectory of the Abiy’s policies towards Eritrea has been unmistakably articulated on several occasions. We have learned the hard way what pampering isayas has put us into. Appeasing the PM, who is a dictator (with a king’s syndrome) on the making, is s historically catastrophic political gamble on the Eritrean people

  • mokie berhe

    Salam All. The TPLF is going insane. At a recent TPLF central committee meeting, it was agreed that all non-Tegaru Ethiopians are now declared persona non grata from Tigray unless they have specific/written permission to remain. Further, the TPLF is asking that the people of Eritrea to stand up against Amhara and the new Ethiopian reformist government.

    • Mez

      Hi Mike B,

      I think tplf is afraid it may lose the upcoming election big time; both local and federal.

      They probably want every observer and international journalist off the voting venue & process in Tigray altogether….

      • Selam Mez and Mokie,

        Poor old tplf seems to have found itself between a rock and a hard place. It must be scared, frustrated and it is becoming hopeless. What remained for it is to roar, froth and conspire, undermine the federal government and destabilize ethiopia by using double talk – (i am with you and i am against you – i am inside and at the same time i am outside – we are brothers and sisters with amharas and amharas want to destroy us and let’s destroy them first, etc) and by standing with the enemies of ethiopia. This is just a small picture of the confused tplf modern world inhabited by the old, dilapidated and dying tplf, that is ready to destroy and be destroyed and kill to die. The people of tigray live in tplf’s blind spot, and tplf doesn’t care about its future, despite whatever it says.

        These are sad and difficult times for tplf and its apologists. You see them presenting tigray as a sovereign state by calling foreign ambassadors stationed in addis, and by opposing the federal government at every level. It has created a rogue regional state. It has its armed wing and mercenaries which it dispatches to other regional states of ethiopia to create chaos and destabilize the region. The money it looted will help it do all these until it is finished.

        If not a right out declaration of war, the last tpl central committee meeting and its declaration is that of confrontation with all its extensions. Tplf is telling the tigrayan people to be ready for every possible eventuality, and this year, as much as tplf is concerned, is going to be the year of a life or death struggle. We will see what it means.

        It tries to intimidate the government plus every non-tegaru ethiopian without considering the consequences of its actions, which is going to be detrimental for the ordinary tigrayan.

        Sucking eritrea into tplf’s problems and later to throw it under the bus, looks like its unholy plan B. Hence the marriage of convenience it proposes to eritrea through digital woyane and from the central committee, almost on a daily basis, is unholy, dangerous and anti-eritrean. This is a faustian contract. Working with tplf is like hugging a hedgehog. One will get hurt if one ever tries it.

        Tigray’s money and land does not seem to satisfy tplf’s voracious appetite of kleptocracy. Tigrayans are evicted from their lands and kicked out of their homes, and they are forced to close their businesses for the sake of tplf officials. If you support the opposition in tigray, your goats are not spared of incarceration and your cattle will be shot on the spot.

        The confinement of tplf is having an effect at their old age. They are drowning themselves with whisky and vodka, fighting over young women and are accused of raping young women as well. when women try to demonstrate, they are not allowed.

        Their apologists unashamedly call the ethiopian people undeserving and ungrateful to tplf for robbing, torturing, humiliating and dividing the nation and undermining and destabilizing ethiopia. one can understand what waits the people of tigray.

        Tplf was counting on oromo ultra-nationalists to help it undermine the federal government and destabilizing ethiopia. It seems that it is disappointed and becoming hopeless seeing that oromo political parties are forming union, which cuts off oromo political groups from tplf’s reach. Olf, bekele g and other oromo ultra-nationalists have become the boot-leakers of tplf, forgetful of what tplf has done to them personally, and these are the only mercenaries left to serve the unholy tplf’s conspiracy against ethiopia.

        From the accused and a criminal authoritarian regime tplf used to be, it is now trying to be the accuser of the federal government, for corruption, anti-ethiopian stand, etc. (የሌባ ኣይን ኣውጣ).

        There is in the news that tplf is conspiring with egypt against the gerd (the property of the ethiopian people, built by the poor ethiopians’ money), Getahew reda is said to be travelling with fake identity between mekele and addis and with a foreign passport from nairobi to cairo (to sell ethiopia to egypt, it seems). Getachew reda travelling incognito is really very interesting, if it happens to be true. It shows how far tplf may go for the sake of power and money. Is he working for the thirty silver pieces of betrayal? Time will tell.

        It is said that tplf functionaries are carrying out illegal foreign currency trade in addis with the aim to collect foreign currency in order to buy military hardware and to develop foreign currency reserve in case of secession from ethiopia. Any rational person cannot believe that tplf will succeed in undoing ethiopia from its hideout in mekele. It is said that old age doesn’t come alone, but with all sorts of ailments, and tplf’s main ailment seems to be a sort of mental disturbance like that of a suicide bomber (kill and die) on top of many others.

        • Haile S.

          Selam Horizon,

          Interesting analysis. You said
          “Sucking eritrea into tplf’s problems and later to throw it under the bus, looks like its unholy plan B. Hence the marriage of convenience it proposes to eritrea through digital woyane and from the central committee, almost on a daily basis, is unholy, dangerous and anti-eritrean.” How true! And TPLF has done it, just yesterday!
          The TPLF media is spreading left and right its “we are brothers/sisters, we are one people” historiette (little story), without hiding its brazen attack on Eritrea’s identity, by presenting the fight for Eritrea as something worthless, by painting the people who inhabits highland Eritrea as Tigrians or a subset of Tigray. It is like talking to a tree how green are its leaves and pleasant the smell of its flowers while cutting its trunk. The truth is, we the people inhabiting the highland of Eritrea are a full set of people who speak Tigrigna, the same language spoken by another set of people living in Tigray-Ethiopia.
          The way you presented your arguments reminds me of the Stockholm Syndrome. TPLF and its media are using the Stockholm Syndrome full throttle in Ethiopia as you explained well, and in Eritrea by some of those TPLF has given help and asylum from our tyranny. These are acting like captives who regretted Eritrea’s independence principally for reasons inculcated to them by TPLF and its media.
          TPLF’s strongest arm is culpabilizing the victim, implementing the Stockholm Syndrome. Isn’t it exactly that what Meles Zenawi did when he imprisoned those who won 2005 election during their release? Didn’t he ask them to write letters of apology or letter of culpability?

          • Berhe Y

            Dear Hailat,

            “by painting the people who inhabits highland Eritrea as Tigrians or a subset of Tigray.”

            You have not heard the latest they are saying now “ትግራይ-ትግሪኚ”‘ actually means …ትግራይ ትግሪየኒ as in ትግራይ which include the current Tigray as well as the highland Eritrea, which they are calling Tigray.

            ትግሪኚ is a mispronunciation it suppose to be ትግሪየኒ to refer to the Tigre (those who speak Tigrayit – like Mohamed Saleh:).

            In the past they claimed, Afar part of Eritrea, Kunama part of Eritrea…now the include the whole Tigre and Tigrina speaking…

            Basically they want to swallow the entire country…and renamed it Tigray.

            It’s madness, pure and simple. And their cadres are calling for the unity of the people of this area to fight against Dr. Abiy government.

            They are basically following what Israel did to the Palestine people.

            Here is my advice to them…Hayat where are you?

            Take the initiative to demarcate the boarder and take the initiative to take in peace with Eritrea as a neighbor. And stay away from dividing the Eritrean people. It’s too will never happen.


          • Haile S.

            Selam Berhe,

            On labeling us Tigrawot, it wouldn’t have deserved a reaction if it didn’t have sinister motives. Apparently, the origin of all this is that certain Eritreans say they are tigrigna to identify their ethnic origin. No Eritrean said he is Tigrigna. We didn’t see an epidemics. An Eritrean never identifies himself Tigrigna or Tigraway before formation of Eritrea or thereafter. These are controversies created out of the blue for sinister motives. The Amharas say ላም ባልዋለበት ኩበት ለቀማ or creating controversies where there are NO verses.

            TPLF armed itself with hate of what it called Amhara-domination when it came to power. It exploited this till the tension with Eritrea in 1997/8. After that Eritrea became TPLF’s principal punching bag and target of all wraths and this campaign became the certificate of its acceptance by the rest of Ethiopia. Last year Ethiopians ejected it from power monopoly without rejecting it. But TPLF feels rejected because it has been deprived of the warmth of the drivers seat. Now as a last resort, it is sending its media right and left and up and down in search of a killer-love with Eritreans. TPLF’s media invites Eritreans who have the same analysis of history as TPLF and its intellectuals. These invited Eritreans are also selected for having a certain disgust of Arabic language, to say the least. The ትግራይ-ትግርያኒ new fabric came from such people.
            In a nutshell, TPLF went fully armed with bitterness and hate and confined itself in a cul-de-sac, and the only way it sees coming out is by spewing its hate. But there is another way, the honest way, the respectfull way upon itself and upon others, by stopping presenting itself like the ‘Aryan race of Africa’.

            Berhe, listen to the TPLF media interviews. You will hear things that you would never expect to hear at this era like lets say, I am quoting ‘…Eritrea is becoming like many Africal countries who don’t have history and culture, while we have 3000 years of history, steles (Axum) and etc etc…’ It is hallucinating!

          • Berhe Y

            Hi Haiile,

            Thank you and I think I am in agreement with all you said. You are right I never heard anyone call himself Tigrina ever, until the word is introduced by EPLF.

            What I am puzzled about is, is there anyone left in TPLF that can think? I understand, TPLF being removed from power in Ethiopia was a matter of time, don’t they have any sense left in them to mess around with Eritrea.

            I am sure Eritreans, could care less what the TPLF or their stoogies say if we have history or not. What I don’t understand is, how dangerous they are making for the people of Tigray and their future.

            They can look at the progress Rwanda is making (a land locked country) who invested in it’s people through education and development and how they have turned their future around and try to do same thing for the region of Tigray.

            But I guess that’s not enough…they must dominate.


          • Selamat Haile.S and Berhe_Y,

            Apparently they have incorporated or are now owning their Shifta history and believe it or not there exists now live broadcasts of Shefatu leaders and commanders.
            First let me describe their methods of operation and the channel which they are propagating their ideology and intended actions. I have studied and continue to study a few networks but the one I have found to be more culpable than the rest is the unity-Zara network. They have a script to follow ahead of the broadcast with several, up to from 5 to 10, predetermined callers. These predetermined callers play the same role on other live video chat shows with similar themes.

            Both of you have articulated the message these pro Tigraian media have let loose onto the Eritrean discourse. While several live FB and youtube shows paint and act out as bickering Eritreans who lack a trace of harmony amongst them several others present Eritreans with the most viable and most beneficial to Eritreans option that is unifying. The concept of unity however they insist must be inclusive of Tigray. Subtle sermons of their inclusion as well as their familiarity with all Eritrean nationalities and regions is then disseminated. Though there are very few Eritrean accomplices, the majority starting with the anchor broadcaster and the known callers are Tigraians. Though the script and acting is well rehearsed, the tuned ear picks up the few errors or out of rhythm comment as well as the Freudian or otherwise slips of an uncommon word, phrase and at times sentence structure rare or uncommon in Eritrea yet second nature to the actors. There is an incidence for example where a clearly fluent Tigrigna speaker calls into the show as a non Tigrigna Eritrean and attempts to speak in broken grammar with an accent but he fails to leave out some words or action verbs as well as failing to insert supporting or any words from his language of the Eritrean nationality he claimed to represent. Often the caller forgets that he or she is playing an acting role and commences to speak as if he or she is speaking to his or her very close nit team. The anchor recognizing this would repeat several times commands of “you must introduce yourself”, even then rather than introducing one self to sell the idea that he or she are random viewers and callers from the larger populace, the actor thinks the introduction of self is just that, i.e. for credits purposes. One one occasion the male caller who is supposed to be an independent viewer commences by addressing private issues between his wife and the host or anchor of the show and passes the message that the wife will be calling the anchor of the show later or after the show. The anchor, understandably, hurries the caller by commanding him to get to his question or comment concerning the topic. But anyone who has knowledge about theater knows that no matter how good you have prepared and rehearsed very well the most difficult of all theater is that which is live.

            I am confident that this endeavor and the intended goals from all the broadcasts by the unity-Zara broadcasts will fail miserably because the broadcasts are concocted scripts and bad acting casts that tremendously lack authenticity. I will admit the plan or strategy is very well thought and thoroughly put into consideration nearly all variables. Numerous phases of preparation was diligently performed and several parties, including Eritrean groups, are privy to an agreement which at minimum to view the strategy as merely a means to an end which is to end the Eritrean regime. There were mergers and acquisitions, constructions of venues and rapid expansion and a set date of launching their blatant offensive. Extensive preparations and lavish expenditures and movement of capital has gained handsomely a few personalities that were well positioned with lesser assets of their own. A few of these Eritrean personalities maintained their independence by opting to be investors solely for the financial gains as there was nothing restricting them from maintaining to preach their stance and preach to a galvanized, or en rout to, fresh market where they can recycle their life times accumulated works with a more fitting and or corrected version. A few rose in stature and appear to have reached the epitome of their personal ambition but at a cost, possibly for a hefty price, of selling and giving the majority if not the entirety of the control of their single ownership entity to these new corporations owners and their superior technical expertise.
            The stamp of the intellect or academic theory from fields of studies was very minimal. The sole academic paper well timed and presented consisted of very restricting parameters, leaving nearly absolutely zero room for it’s scrutiny, and did its function of providing the academic blessings to the effort, and brilliantly managed to shield the integrity of academia.
            Early October or at the very end of September, ushering the new era the attack commenced with two un authentic studio productions from the campus of MIT. Dubbed the Calgary and Stolckholm events. I pointed out all of the blatant and obvious as well as ludicrous lack of authenticity of these two events and as a result the two extravagant productions were pulled and made to disappear from the airwaves. From the outset the offensive took a very heavy blow to their heavy artillery. Too bad because, in particular the Calgary invent embodied an awesome ideology and iconic sounding phrase or mantra pleasant for even myself to imagine and visualize. Subsequently the techies or IT support for he unity-Zara network put correction screens to the right and to the left of the broadcaster so that the backgrounds of the set does not give away any hints to any one who may be combing for all the details. The problem is what is already known or what has been exposed already in those initial feeds is enough damage as the generals commanding and conducting this covert theater of war already know the future projections of success does not look so well.

            Now, I am proud of my lonesome to have foiled or caused them to undergo or at least consider yet another paradigm shift. And yes I will claim credit for causing damage to what they thought their ingenious invention was going to be smooth sailing. And they know it. Ethics or lack of Ethics and my projection of a very nasty divorce of these unholy alliance is the reason to my very determined formidable resistance to these stubborn fronts who will insist to maintain their course despite the mortal damage they have already incurred. Like a chess grand master, the narrative and my strategy will be feeding them from their ten to fifteen steps ahead of their moves. At the very least I will console myself for not abdicating and selling out my erstwhile stance for a buck. Not to mention all the fun of the production of the works bringing to light the intricacies and details of this very very large dark cloud.

            There are some positives byproducts that can be utilized for the fundamental reaction that is unequivocal or incontrovertible Eritrean stance or policy that should be adapted and implemented to the fullest.
            Acknowledge that the Eritrean is facing or fighting two or numerous fronts to be spelled out at a later time.
            Acknowledge frustration and as a consequence the giving up of the idea Eritrea or selling out for monetary gain that may seem like a cure is to the absolute detriment of ones individual future. Only agony and pain is what awaits.
            Acknowledge the victims or targets of these heinous crimes and experiments are the very young and impressionable minds, hence the utility of already developed tools should be directed to awaken the youth to the truth and expose every maglomaniac ambitious merchant peddling inauthentic and substandard products.
            Acknowledge that the overall sacred duty and fight is to protect and for the benefit of the youth and young Eritrean generation inside Eritrea TODAY and that every statement and action is to empower this group to the fullest. This means absolute zero encouragement for those who salivate to ignite open war against this Eritrean generation. In spite of their very undesirable chief of staff, their true strength to withstand any and all eventualities aimed to destroy and submit them should be louded and highlighted as well as the strength of the united and committed to stand strong beside them from the diaspora Eritreans should be the dominant narrative in any prose or genre. And off course work diligently to organize and empower those inside Eritrea and the construction of a strong bridge with those abroad through already developed road maps to follow soon.

            Any and every thing outside of this is treasonous. Eritreans I am sure are very aware of the warS declared against them and it is their nature to have always been nearly mobilized. The only thing that remains is to arm them. It could be a very few or even a single individual that ascertains the righteous desired result we will call it now the Eritrean Victory.
            In closing: And consider it done the inevitable attainment of the Nobel Prize by an Eritrean. And yes it will be in literature. “I am hearing voices again….”



      • Selamat Memhirey Mez,

        This might be a stretch but the possibility, given the behaviors and trend of thought in Tigray Kilil, was conjured in my mind.

        EDF, the Eritrean Defense Forces should be on high alert. It is too soon for the elections to be the reason to remove non-tigraian Ethiopians who because of the power of the press may report any military activity and a very probable attempt to seizing the Port of Asseb. You see it is not hard to believe that there is a two way race of which the winner of the two would be legitimize by the Ethiopian voting people as the unifier. The two race, in collusion and cooperation with one another, has been to be the first to achieve the bringing back into the Ethiopian fold Ethiopia’s glorious sea coast. The subtle message of IA and his reps conspicuously absent at the inaugural of Ethiopian Unity Park on the eve of PMAA’s bestowing of the Nobel honor, IA’s complicity is all to real for tplf and therefor they may see a short cut to regaining or taking the lead from the PM is through acquiring the Port of Asseb through bruit force. It may seem to them it is optimal time to utilize their military upper hand or perceived superiority at this point in time. With the port secure in their hand, they may have a shot at wining the national election.
        What has been a common denominator between the tplf and the PMAA is that both have been courting Eritrea or entertaining the idea of reuniting into the fold Eritrea. I am recalling a lecture by the PM to the Ethiopian military brass about a more sophisticated and very modern Ethiopian armed forces. I have a theory that the PM’s initial gesture and subsequent good cop bad cop theater coupled with the sitting duck dictator IA was a mutually agreed upon by the EPRDF/tplf and the tplf thought it can manage but things got way out of hand. To remain relevant therefore, the port city grab I suspect it may be on the verge of implementing… well even at a 100 to 1 odds is worth the risking of 100k (note to Eritrean venture capitalists, yeah isn’t it all about making money) wager in Vegas.
        Is there anyone still awake in Eritrea? “I am hearing voices again……”


        Gi tSAtSE

  • ሰላም

    It is as simple as these questions and statement

    Is Peace the absence of war or is it the absence of justice?

    No justice no peace?

    For whom by whom and where
    you can declare from and for Ethiopia or from anywhere

    you can deal
    spin the wheel
    and to add to your peace
    as well as for peace to continue your zeal

    In Eritrea
    reveal the people’s will

    J’s initial


    Gi tSAtSE

  • Salih Osman

    what make me happy is that d.i.a left 000 zero benefit

  • sara

    hello = awtistas
    me think… PIA would not have accepted the award if he was offered.

    • bardavidi

      Too bad for him, they do not award one for Terror or Stupidity…….Those are his skills and speciality……….Selah

    • Haile S.

      Selam Sara,
      IA is neither Jean-Paul Sarte nor the Vetnamiese Le Duc Tho to refuse such a prize. More importantly, he doesn’t need a prize. He has already got Eritrea, a country inhabited by the most peaceful obliging socially-minded least-individualistic people, the best prize he can ever dream for. Unfortunately, he is playing with his prize by disassembling it like a bad child does to his precious toy.

      • sara

        ato Haile… thank you 4 z info .. i never heard before noble prize rejected by winners, and i agree to most of what you wrote… and we being eritreans
        should do not despair with current situation as our known eritrean resilience
        is invisibly in motion .

        • Brhan

          Hi Sara
          FYI Sartre, the great french philosopher rejected noble prize

  • Simon Kaleab

    Selam Awate,

    In 1988 or 1888?

  • Selam All,

    The fact that pm Abiy is thought to deserves a NP, one way or the other, is the right conclusion. Nevertheless, according to Nobel’s will, the Peace Prize was to be awarded to the person who in the previous year “shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses”. (Wikipedia). All these, Abiy tried to do.

    If the last war between ethiopia and eritrea which resulted in the death of about 80K young people, and a war situation, especially in eritrea, over the 30yrs of liberation struggle, when again about the same number were killed, are not important, then the ethio-eritrean peace agreement is not important as well. The peace agreement has reduced the chance for another catastrophic war, at least as much as the ethiopian side is concerned.

    IA’s role was not more than grasping the chance when pm Abiy forwarded a peace accord between the two countries, and he danced to the tune of the song coming from the south for that short period of time, and peace is in place even though it is not felt by the diaspora.

    That famous key that seems to be rotating around was given first to the robber by Eritrean elites, when he was still in the fields They made him a demi-god, and still he rules the country with that legacy. IA needs no foreign accomplices, because eritreans approved him fullheartedly.

    No one can know and solve eritrea’s problem more than eritreans themselves, not Abiy nor any other person. Since eritrea’s independence, the problem and the solution lie at at the feet of eritreans. The fate of eritrea is in the hands of eritreans themselves and its government, and Abiy has no role to play, despite what has been said by IA when he was ecstatic.

    Ethiopians from within and outside the country nominated pm Abiy for the prize and they were not wrong. Tplf is shouting foul, some eritreans as well, both for their own special reasons, nevertheless, most ethiopians are continuing to celebrate the big recognition by the world community.

  • Teodros Alem

    In my opinion they( the people on the Nobel foundation) have a reason why they didn’t awarded the prize jointly with pia. I believe the reason why they didn’t awarded the Nobel peace prize jointly with pia was because of what Awate has said above but what i don’t understand is, what is 3A got to do with dictatorship in eritrea? eritrea is a UN recognized sovereign country.
    Peace between ethiopia and eritrea means silencing guns between the two countries and cessation of hostilities between the two countries and avoiding a possible all out war between the two countries( the two countries armies) . the rest of the things( like trade, cooperation, …) will be decided by each individual sovereign, independent country according to thier national interest.

    • Saleh Johar

      Isaias passed all his authority to Abiy, so, technically Abiy is the “the dictator of Eritrea.” Poor Isaias has nothing to do with Eritrea anymore–he spelled that out in many occasions. So, pass your complain to Isaias not anyone else.

      Secondly, I didn’t know Awate Team can influence the Noble Committee to deny Isaias a prize. If that is the case, what do you suggest we order them to do?

      • Teodros Alem

        Selam Saleh Johar
        I have confidence and i know u r way way better than that and i know u don’t translate deplomatic words in its literal meanings. they didn’t sign any legal documents that say and recognize pia passed all his authority to 3A. And in other words eri is run by 3A? nice argument.
        Secondly i didn’t mean Awate influence the Nobel peace committee, i meant , i believe they read the situation in eritrea and pia dictatorship as Awate telling us above( as Awate read it).

        • Saleh Johar

          Okay tedros,
          If you consider what is going just diplomatic camouflage, then you could read the pencil in the same way.
          2. So, if they read the situation on awate and believe it, then why don’t you believe it like they do?

          • Teodros Alem

            Selam Saleh Johar
            2,i didn’t mean they read Awate. com, i meant The situation in eritrea and pia dictatorship is the reason why they didn’t awarded the Nobel peace prize jointly with pia.
            On the article above awate explain the situation in eri and dictatorship in eri, right?
            i will read the pencil in the same way.

          • Saleh Johar

            Okay Tedros, now I understand what you meant to say.

    • Yohannes Zerai

      Selam Teodros,

      I am in full agreement with your description (as presented in the second paragraph of your comment above) of what peace should conceptually mean in the Eritrea-Ethiopia context. As you correctly implied, trade, cooperation, etc are dividends that are expected to flow from the restoration of peace between the two countries. But, while such dividends are desirable and mutually beneficial, they do not constitute a necessary condition for a peace agreement to be genuine and/or to hold up.

      However, the reason why some are questioning the authenticity of the “peace agreement” that is said to have been concluded between the two countries is NOT because it has not generated some expected or desired dividends. Rather, it is because the so called “peace treaty” that the two leaders ostensibly signed has: (i) not been ratified, institutionalized or made public and (ii) not been consummated as would be the case if the border were to be demarcated and Ethiopian troops were to withdraw from occupied Eritrean territories.

      Thank you.

    • Yohannes Zerai

      Selam Teodros,

      In your comment above, you allude to the factors of sovereignty, legality, legitimacy of independent nations in reference to Eritrea and Ethiopia. In light of these factors, when a leader of a given country openly declares on a very solemn occasion that he/she represents a neighboring country, that leader must be suffering from infantile tendencies, unhinged personality, unmitigated egotism or perhaps some combination thereof. That remains true regardless of whether one prefers to characterize that leader’s declarative statement as undiplomatic, ‘halfway’ diplomatic or downright diplomatic!

      Thank you

      • bardavidi

        I believe its a Combination of Euphoria and Mess……as the drink…..Selah

      • mokie berhe

        Salam Yohannes Zerai. I simply do not get you logic in blasting what PMAA had said, as is it is simply inconsequential in terms of the status of peace between Ethiopia and Eritrea, which is alive and well and continues to gain traction. That is not to say that things are not rotten inside of Eritrea for even Stevie Wonder and Helen Keller can smell the dictatorial stench. Your subtle linking of PMAA comments to the ‘authenticity’ of the peace agreement with a slant of conspiracy theory thrown in (i.e. PIA gave the reigns of power to PMAA) is no different from what the Digital Woyane camp relentlessly foments. Hopefully, in due course, we will be able to move from a ‘framework’ peace agreement to a ‘comprehensive’ peace agreement and onto ‘implementation’ peace agreement. But as you well know, the Woyane camp, for which you absolutely refuse to hold accountable, is doing everything in its capacity to destroy not only PMAA but also the peace agreement. The Eritrean opposition camp continues to get stung with credibility problems and will continue to do so, in so long as it cannot be differentiated from the Digital Woyane camp. Why don’t you take off the gloves and start to smack Woyane for their illegal activities, harboring criminals, assassination attempts, attempted security breaches on Eritrea, etc.

      • Teodros Alem

        selam yohannes z
        On the occasion to inaugurat the unity park all ethiopia neighboring countries leaders attended the event except eritrea, for me what 3A has said was he represents pia on that particular occasion, to send a message that eri and ethio r still at peace and to send a message that eri absent from that event was not because there r problem between eri and ethio. that is how i understand him.
        try to listen 3A’s whole speech within the context of that particular event one more time.

        • Yohannes Zerai

          Selam Teodros,

          Thank you for your rejoiner. Yes, I did listen to the relevant section of PM Abiy’s speech and tried to follow the reasoning in your response as well. But, I still contend that rationally, the matter is not as trivial as you seem to make it out to be.

          Obviously, there would be no objections if, in his personal capacity, Abiy Ahmed were to represent Isaias Afewerki (the person, that is) in their private affairs. But you know as well as I do that, in the case of the occasion under discussion: (i) PM Abiy’s claim to be representing President Isaias, (ii) the circumstances in which that “representation” took place, and (iii) President Isaias’s “simulated presence” at the event made possible by that “representation” were all undertaken/accomplished at an official level and involved GOVERNMENTS and COUNTRIES, not individuals per se!

          Let me see if the following could help drive the point home. The heads of state (or envoys) did not “stop by” in Addis to say hello to Abiy and to have a few beers with him! They travelled to Addis Ababa in an official capacity to attend a state function at which they represented their respective governments, countries and peoples. The role and significance of the ‘ghost of Isaias’ whose company PM Abiy desperately tried to keep at the event are no different!

          Finally, I would like to emphasize that it is already painful enough for Eritreans to have had a usurper from their midst use force and violence to impose himself and claim to represent them. The last thing they need is an outsider who adds to their woes by entering into an unholy alliance with the usurper, thereby complicating the usurpation problem. By all standards, such an alliance would be a self-destructive proposition for anyone to contemplate!! Be that as it may, the Eritrean people will continue fighting until they take their country back. They WON their last fight against all odds; they will DO IT AGAIN this time around!!

          Thank you

          • Teodros Alem

            selam yohannes z
            Yea it might work to send a message that we(eri) still run by 3A(ethio) so what different does it make if we(eri) become full member of ethiopia to benfit fully out of ethiopia, some body with “foot soldier maintality” might belive it. other than that claiming 3A run eri don’t make no sense.

          • Yohannes Zerai

            Selam Teodros,

            What happened Teodros? You seem to have suddenly lapsed into fantasy! That tells me that you were not really getting the idea. So, let me end it all by becoming more direct about the points I was trying to make:

            1. As much as some conceited souls will spend the rest of their lives aching to see Eritrea become part of Ethiopia, their wish doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of being ever realized.

            2. My brief exchange with you, in fact, had an eye on those lost ones who are hung up on a pipedream of “seeing Eritrea brought into the fold” — a fold that is finding it increasingly difficult to keep itself together! I just wanted to remind them that wallowing in a dream world is hazardous to one’s health and to invite them to step back in to the Real World for their own sake, if you see what I mean!

            Thank you

          • Teodros Alem

            selam yohannes z
            u have every right to fight for justice in ur country, for equality in eri and even to unite eri with ethio or sudan or whatever as long as u believe about it. u have all the right to fight for freedom and prosperity and i respect it but what i think is not fair is when u involve ethiopia and 3A unfairly to every eri problem. That is all.

          • Yohannes Zerai

            Selam Teodros,

            “u have every right to fight for justice in ur country the way u see it, for equality in eri and even to unite eri with ethio or sudan or tigray-tigragn or whatever …”

            You seem to be awfully lacking in REALISM to countenance the reality of Eritrea’s independent existence. Your comments reveal that you strive to console yourself by imagining/dreaming of “an Eritrea” united with this, that or the other political entity. Please try to get over that obsession before it drags you down into the abyss. Good luck with it!

          • Teodros Alem

            selam yohannes z
            u have a right to fight against unity too, the point is, its ur God given right to fight for what best for u as long as u don’t impose it by force.
            There is no need to be mad about it. there r people who do that in a real world.

          • Hameed Al-Arabi

            Ahlan Teodros Alem,

            Rights have borders it is not open-ended. Propagating for annexing Eritrea with any other entity after 99% of her people voted for independence considered a clear act of treason that leads to capital punishment.

            Your comment above has made you lose your Eritrean citizenship. I consider you are no more an Eritrean.


          • Teodros Alem

            selam arabi
            yohannes seems offended and i was trying to tell him, as long as u respect others right, every body have a God given right to stand for his right, to think freely.
            “neger at”emezeze” , i know a guy by the name arabi, every time after “merek’ena” (after chew “chet”) he start making things complicated like u. same name and same behavior.

          • Berhe Y

            Hi Teodros,

            You keep your Tigray, you keep your victory of Adawa, you keep your Axum and the tabot of Solomon.

            All the problems Eritreans were suffering for years has directly / indirectly involved by Tigrayans.

            The only time Eritrea enjoyed relative peace was under the Italian occupation.

            They have been a source of our misery since the federation and continue to do until theses day.

            Now for comparison what have Eritreans done against the Tigrayans or Ethiopians?

            Now they finished disfiguration of Ethiopia now they are heading to disfigure Eritrea in full force.

            No thank you. No more.


          • Teodros Alem

            selam berhe
            I was just trying to end the suffering of ethiopia once and for all, including starvation and drought:). If i get a chance to choose that is exectly what am going to do . it is not out of hate of anything but it is out of love of ethiopia and tigrai , i grow up noticing the different mindset and pscological make up of majority ethiopians and majority tigraians. and i truly believe that will be the best out come for ethiopia.

          • Berhe Y

            Hi Teodros,

            Hoping and wishing is good but it’s better to be realistic. Ethiopians and other Africans for that matter need to work towards true and open democratic institutions.

            Until that happens where the governments are hired and fired by the will of the people, any great idea such as integration, unification is just a pipe dream.

            It will have more problems than solutions, I see the attempt of the Tigray and Eritrea in such futile attempt that will create nothing but war and destruction at worst and economic stagnation and backwardness at best.

            It’s best just to focus on education, development and economical advances and free movement of people to take root and leave the other big ideas or wishful thinking fir another generations.

            Its really sad to see Eritrea and Ethiopia after 30 years of ruling by their respective government, the country unity is worst than where they started with.

            Eritrea wants nothing of that, it needs to remove the current regime and pick up where it lefties off in the early 90s. It does not need to complicate life fir its people by dragging Tigray or what ever.


          • Teodros Alem

            selam berhe
            call it wishful thinking or what ever, if i have a chance to choose i choose it and i didn’t mean the unity between ethio, somal and djibouti to happen ttomorrow, along other thing the movement of people has to take root first and i believe ethio, somal and djibouti to be ONE country and independent tigrai or with eritrea will benefit the people’s of those countries and it will resolve most of the problems.

          • Berhe Y

            Hi Teodros,

            Eritrea does not have a problem within itself. We went through 30 years of war, and another 30 years of oppression to know what’s best for us.

            We don’t want to get involved with others at this point and import their problem to our country and our society. Off course I am speaking for myself but I can tell you that’s the sentiment and wish of Eritrean people across the board, specially with anything to do with Ethiopia.


          • Simon Kaleab

            Selam Berhe,

            Eritrea does not have a problem within itself?

          • Teodros Alem

            selam berhe
            1st i didn’t say eri have a problem within itself, i don’t know where did u get that? 2nd , i said my choice is to see somalia, Djibouti and ethiopia(–tigrai) to be one country and independent tigrai or with eri to be together for the reason i said earlier, if all stakeholders agree, if u don’t agree eri with tigrai, i choose tigrai to be independent country.

          • Berhe Y

            Hi Teodros,

            I get you. As for me, Eritrea doesn’t need to join or united with anyone else, it needs to remove the dictator and establish a just and democratic institution.

            I applaud the HADI party for elevating its struggle and making it broad base by inviting all Eritreans to join hands to fight for regime change.


          • Teodros Alem

            selam berhe
            Is there oppostion party called HADI? or r u trying to creat one by the name HADI:)

          • Berhe Y

            Hi Teodros,

            Read Awate front page. It means ERITREAN National Democratic Party in Arabic, the acronym is HADI.


          • Teodros Alem

            selam berhe
            thanks , my bad didn’t see it, i will read it now, r u planning to join HADI or u already did?

          • ሰላማት በርሀ_የ፡

            ነቲ ስርዓት ብ ወኪል ሃገር ሚንስትሪ ወጻኢ ጉዳያት ኣቶ ዑስማን መሓመድ ሳልሕ፡ ተወዳዲረ ክስዕር ኢየ ኢሉ ተኣሚኑ ሃገራዊ ምርጫ ከገብር ኢየ ኢሉ ስለ ዘድመጸ፡ ናይ ሓዲ ሃዲያ
            ዓሻን ኣል ኢቲሓድ ኣል ወጠኒ ኣሪትርያ
            ካብ ፎሮብያ
            ስለ ዝሰማዕና ኣብ ኣሊመንያ ከም ዘለና ኣብዛ ዱንያ
            ይመምያ የለልያ
            ጽንንንንንንን ጺያያያያያያያ
            ጎደና ሓርነት Via
            መንገዲ ሰላም አወ ኢያ
            ዘ ቲከት የለልያ

            ወጊሓ ‘ላ መርየት ሳይ.ዋ.ዋ.ዋ.ዋ.ዋ.ዋ.ዋ


            ጃይጻጸ ጃያ ኣንት GitSAtSE

    • Hello

      from hostile to peace? With all due respect to your boy AA
      የ ለሊት ጂብ አናንተ የ ቀን ጂቦች ምትሉ the PM did has hostile and armed Serawit at the ground zero. Lets cut to the chase
      no longer Eritreans, Ethiopians and other Africans in the name of Eritrea will invade the shores of Europe, Yes Europe should receive its own Nobel Peace Prize for it shares dividends from the faustian deal it endorsed. Ethiopian fascist and expansionists are on the rise with their arrogant belief they have reached the epitome of knowledge as they visualize and intellectualize and strategize by hook or crook dangling toxic carrots and a stick. Here is a noble for your Nobel and what it has got to do with peace and Ethiopians:
      When all the Ethiopians complete the deal and get the f out of Eritrea and all the deals details including the financings then and now that fatten all the hypocrites in Eritrea and Ethiopia along with accomplices in Eritrea Ethiopia’s genocidal campaigns has always been and continues to be overt and covert state of WAR.
      What has been endorsed is GENOCIDE.
      Shouldn’t the two peoples feel at peace to call it peace. futile and infantile like yourself should best know that even in war exists peace because war is the arm of justice which is the real goal and fruit of justice.

      what so long it serves just-us blind Is Ethiopia to the genocide

      No justice no peace
      Eritrea is not Isaias neither is Abie Ethiopia nor are you tewodros smeh new teshome



      Gi tSAtSE

      • Teodros Alem

        selam gitsatse
        every time when u say samething, i don’t know why but i feel like what u saying is not normal( mush t’ebeE in arabic), having said that, do u guys expecting to convince people with this kind of argument? Or u just trying to spend boring time with this kind of nonsense?
        about day light hyena, ask aboy sebehat, he was the one used that kind of words first. for once think as normal and ask why and for whom he used those words.

        • Selamat Tedros Alem,

          Haven’t you heard? We are no longer considered nor have I ever considered myself in any camp let alone “ur opposition camp”. Our camp has always been the progressive camp. I suggest you calibrate your focal point. PMAA ነው የኔ ሊ’ል homie too። Trending rapidly and is in the majority by a wide margin what you are addressing as “ur opposition.” And as always as even in the minority still not opposing progress, progressive. I even have the perfect exit for the eprdf including the tplf – an everybody win exit. I will wait until you ask for it and I will even sign it along with the first PM on the Am Eritrean bullet train from Liberty Avenue Asmara, Eritrea to የ ኢትዮጵያ ኣንድነት ፓርክ፡ ኣኣ፡ ለ ኩቡር ፒ.አም የ ኢትዮፕያ፡፡ከ የ ኣንደኛ ኣንደኛ ሚንስተር ሃገረ ኤርትራ።
          The question is will it be Ethiopia or Eritrea that will hold an election first in 2020? what do you think is all the talk of the ስብሰባስ አና ባይቶስ፡ ኦውትሰንቲስቲስ ኤንድ ሎካለቲስ ኤንድ ኦፍ ኮርስ ክዋለቲስ ኢን ዘ ክላስ ኦፍ ኣብይ ኣህመድ። ታው ቃለ ኣንተ ኢንዴት ኣንደሆነው የፕሮግርሲቭ ሰዎች ነገር። ከ ትግራይ ክሊል ደሞ አንደዛ ክላስ ያለው መሪ ለ ሙሉ ህዝቦች መሪ ተነስተው ማቅረብ የኛ ፍላጌ ናድምጣለን።

          አና ኣተው ተሾመ ተወድሮስ ኣለም ምን አንደ መለስክልኝ ስለው ወደፊት ሞጋዥ ፕሮግረሲብ ሆንህ ኣንደገና ኣሰብበት፡ ኢኔም ኣስባለው። ከዛ ኣዳምጥልኝ። ስለ ኣክብር መለስክለኝ አንደገና ኣመስገናልህ።

          ኢኔ አንደ ፍሰሃየ ዮውሃንስ ጃሽዋ ከ 2001 መስከረም ኣስራስምንት አስከ ኣሁን አስረኛ ነኝ። ስለዚው ሁለቱ ነኝ ከኣልኩት ከ ኡነት ውጭ መሆን ኣንዳይቻል ነው። የ ሰላም ኖበል 2019 ኢትዮጵያዊ መሪ ኣብይ ኣህመድ ፒ.ም ሰምተ የ ሁለቴ ፍሰሃየ ዮውሃንስ ጃሽዋ ጃይ ጻጸ መቀር የ ሰው ሰባኣዊ መብት በ AM ነገ ስለ ሀለቴ መሰጥ ሰላማዊ ፍታህ። ያቺን መልክት ዶሞ ኣሳልፍልኝ፡
          የ ሀግ ፍትህ ነው ሰላም ኢንጂ የ ሰላም የ ኤርትራ ህዝብ ኣርበኛ ኣንደኛ ልጅ የ ኤርትራ ጃሽዋ ስለሱ ታሪክ በሙሉ ሰፊ የኤርትራ መሬት ከአስረና ናጻ ይለቅቅ።

          መጨረስታ ለ ዛሬ ወንድመ ተዎድሮስ ኣለም፡ ተሾመ ኢኔ ሚልህ፡ ለክ ነህ ጃይ እጭር ይ ታልቅ ቃል ጃያንት ነው፡ ነገሩ ግን ታልቅ ጉንዳን፡ ጉንዳን መሆኑ ኣልቀርም። ኢኔም ጃይ ጉንዳን ጻጸ ነኝ፡ ጃሽዋ ግን አንደ ኣስር ሞቶ ሽህ ሰው የ ኣለም ሰው ነው። የ ሃገር መስራት ኣክባር ህግ፡ ጋዜጠኛ፡ኣስተመሪ መሪ፡ ኣርቲስት፡ ደራሲ ሀገሩ ና ህዝቡ ወዳዥ በ መስከርም ኣስራ ስምንት 2019 ፈ.ጂ. ታለቅ ግፍ የተደርገው የ ኤርትራ ፖለቲከኛ ኮንሽየንሸስ አስረኛ ነው። ሀለተኛ ልይት የ ጃሽዋ ‘ና ጃይ ጻጸ ኣንዳመታውቅ ኣትሁን።

          ካለ ፍትህ ሰላም ኣንደ የ ለ የ 2019 ኖበል ፒስ ፕራይዝ ዊነር የ ኢትዮጵያ ኣንደኛ ሚኒስተር ኣብይ ኣህመድ ያውቃል ኢንጂ የ ሃያ ያያ (ትውንቲ ትወንቲ ቪዥን ኤንድ ፎር ዘ ፉል ኦውነሺል ኦፍ ዋት ዮ በሊቭ ቱ ቢ ዮርስ) ራኢ ሰላም and a belated congratulations to you PMAA from the future first prime minister of the republic. SAAAAAAAAAY WHAAAAAA?
          ዋ ዋ ዋ ዋ ዋ ዋ

          GI tSAtSE

          • Teodros Alem

            selam gitsatse yohanes joshwa
            As usual i ain’t get nada ( mush feham hata wahd) except , the first pm Saay, if there is a thing called trading citzenship and if i have a power to change citzenship i will trade him by 5 to him alone, u( eri) will take abi , horizon, nasty kim, eyob and one other guy and ethiopia will get the great Saay. How about that do u agree?

          • Selamat Tewodros Alem,

            ኬፍ ተፍሃም ኢያ ሓጋ ኢንታ። ኩሉ ከላም ሓቐ ኣል ኣስዩብያ ኣን የምኩን በፍሃሙ አዘይ ኣነ ሑማር ዋላ የ ድንገይ ራስ። ዋ ጠብዓን ኢንተ በተፍሃም ኩሉ ሓጋ ሓቓ ኣል ኣሪቲረያ ኢዘይ ኣክበር ሚኒ ሑማር። ኢንታ ዐንደክ ኣል ወጠን ኣክበር ዕሽሪን መራት ወጠኒ ኣርተርያ። እሕሰን ሌክ ተፍረድ አዘይ ራኢስ ኣርድ ኣል ሓበሻ። ያዒኩን ኣንታ ሰዒድ ወ ጠይብ። ማ ትምሺ ጠሪቕ ኣል ሑማር ው ቕሻሺን።
            ማዕሌሽ። የምክን ተፍሃም ኩሉ ዮሜን በዓድ ኡምባሪሕ። ኣክበር ሚኑ ፈሃምተለይ ሳይ7። ማ ላኪን ለ ኣንድ ሰው አንደ ኣምስት ሰው ነህ አንደ ኣሰር ወይ ኣምሳ ሞተ ብለን ኣህን ያቺን ሰው ራሱ በጣም ኣበጠ ‘ና ሰፊ መሬት የ ኤርትራ መጾር ኣልቻልም። አንደ ሰውየው አንዳይሆን ሳይ7 ኣንድ ኢትዮጵያዊ ልክ አንደ ኣንድ ሳይ7 ስለ ሆነ፡ ለሱ ከወደድከው፡ ይወደዳል ደሞ፡ ውሰዶ ኣና ለኛ ኣንድ እቢ ኣህመድ ላኩ። የቀጠለ ነገሩ ነገር ራሱ አንደ ኣምስት ሚልዮን ይሰው ራስ ያበጠ ኢኛ ሰፈር የናንተ ምድር ከ የኛ በጣም ሰፊ ስለ ሆነ፡ አናንተ በሙላቹ መቶ ሚልዮን ኢኛ ሰፈር ነው፡ በጣም ፍቅር ለ ሙሉ ህዝቦች ኢትዮጵያ ከኛ ጋር ኣለ ዶሞ ለሁላቹ መጾር ኢኛ ሃገር በጣም ቺሎቶል አንዳ ኣል አውቅ።

            ሰይ ዋ ዋ ዋ ታዓል ዑም መዓና ፊ ማሳዋ ዋ ዋ ዋ ዋ

            ሳይ7 ዋ


            ጃይ ጻጸ Gi ant Gi tSAtSE

          • Teodros Alem

            selam giant tsatse
            camen mush faham, except when u ask me “ana humar wala dingye ras?” Yea enta megenun humar, wa akebar dingye ras , maAlash ye megenun humar. MateAref megenunen.

          • Berhe Y

            Dear Tedros,

            Can you take IA to Ethiopia and make him your own? What’s with this Abiy guy. Now did you hear the latest what he said, about him wanting to visit meqele and re-unite with his own people?

            It seems that he is responding to TPLF, hiding at hotel and drinking whisky and (on 5000 birr per month) ..

            I think he is implying that the TPLF are the problem IA has not visited Mekele as yet?

            Aboy SibHat, Getachew Reda, in their interview indicating what the PM is saying amounts to “treason” if he is selling them out (like admitting to IA demands, such as who started the war etc)…

            Do you see where this is heading for Ethiopia?


          • Teodros Alem

            selam berhe
            what did i say yesterday? I don’t care about ethiopia’s geography,
            sorry to say this but for me tplf and it’s sympathizer r ethiopia haters, not the other way round for unknown reasons, they r the most pathetic and confused group of people that i witnessed in my life ever, they hate, kill, sabotage and so on for the sack of it.
            they r trying to play sarcastic devils advocate because they don’t know anything better.
            the purpose to have a country is not to get together and to kill, to sabotage eachother, it is the other way round.
            Pia, no thanks, u keep it urself, u the one brought him to the stage to satisfy ur ego( hate), he never been for democracy and for the betterment of the people.

          • Berhe Y

            Hi Teodros,

            We are offering IA for free, it was in response to your proposal of trading saay with 5 other Ethiopians. We say in tigrina aynina ketEwrena (do we want us to go blind).

            I just hope reasonable people within TPLF would prevail and bring some sense for the sake of their people long term interests.


          • Teodros Alem

            selam berhe
            No, i will trade helen meles with “betce jah” how about that? I don’t know what helen singing about but after she go to a little language class and an addis boyfriend/husband, she will be one perfect ethiopian who can contribute positive things to the world.
            tplf, take a good look at thier face, u see no positive things, i was watching “gebru asrat ” interview in “andafta” youtube, and i notice they all look alike.

          • Berhe Y

            Hi Teodros,

            Eritreans were known to be the best guitar, look up all the old 60s songs. Ethiopians know how to play saxophone and yeminefa, I don’t want to start off SGJ and the saxophone.

            I think you take Helen Melles as well, if it’s up to me. If you ask me, I only know and remember one song if her, Warsay.

            I have been to her concert but for some reason, I never liked her or her style appealed to me.

            I think her greatest artistic work was a kind of movie she stared when she was young / during the struggle. I must have seen in the early days of independence and never seen it again.

            I really don’t care what the TPLF people look like, I just wish that the region and the people get live in peace one day.


          • Teodros Alem

            selam berhe
            ok berhe, what about “Negash tekelit ” with 5 current ethiopian national team footballers?
            don’t worry about eprdf, it’s all drama, i just finished seeing “getachew reda” interview, he is not good at performing.
            do u know getachew was the first to start the “raye” issue ? before he joined tplf?

          • Berhe Y

            Hi Teodros,

            Before Roha band, Checkout by Tesfamariam Kidane. Check the guitarist there Tekle Adhanom, and both the Tenor (Tesfamariam and Fekadu (who use to be with Roha band.

            Before Negash Teklit there were many others who were some of the best footballers as well as cyclists, who gave Ethiopia trophies that still can’t manage to replicate.

            All of them build their skills, music, sports, school in their formative years in Eritrea.

            The federation and its aftermath have brought us nothing but a disaster, how I blame our forefathers for not standing up to the king and let it happen.

            I read somewhere Time Magazine issue reported a joke from that period for the the UN decision to federate Eritrea with Ethiopia “a Bolivian concept of a Swiss federation adapted to an African absolute monarchy”.


          • Teodros Alem

            selam berhe
            i think they were niala or walia band before roha, i think.
            there is this thing that a noticed growing up in addis at derg time, if there is 20 or 30 shops side by side and if 2 or 3 of them belongs to a guy from asmera or sometimes tigria, a lot of people know about the owners of that 2 or 3 particular shops belongs to the guy from asmera(we often call them asmera, not eritrea like today) and mostly people don’t know the origin of the rest of the owners.and i find out, for every “successful ” eri, other eri’s was happy to tell about thier successes.
            having said that, have u ever heard a country called Germany and 2nd world war, do u know where r they now ?, they r the 4th richest country in the world, stop acting like some africans “gato” still complaining about the past ):

          • Berhe Y

            Hi Teodros,

            I will take your last point. Eritrea has never been able to be left alone to build its country.

            For the first time that we did, we ended up with a devil.

            What’s happening with Jawar and the police.

            Abiy goes to Russia and the whole drama happens behind him. It looks typical Isayasian play book.


          • Teodros Alem

            selam berhe
            now u talking! they trying to scare people. u know they kill people to make the drama looks like real? the creator’s(tplf) used to and still sabotage tigrai people to be bomb by derg just to do some propaganda. 3A will say i tried my best to stop him(jahar) and i can’t, it’s not my fault, it is the “kerro’s” we need to convenience the “kerro” first by saying ok to thier demand , unless, ethiopia will be in trouble, and all the facebook dogs and youtube will follow the game.
            Go check Jawar Facebook. the federal police still with him.
            do u know there r organized groups by the gov every where in ethiopia, they r the one behind the it and fools who don’t know will follow them and get killed.
            It looks like , they can’t leave with out sabotage, war and with a normal life.
            by the way 3A gave the entire egypt heart attack, what u say?

          • Selam berhe,

            What is happening with jawar, is what is happening usually with an ambitious fool, blinded with the love for money and power. A radical islamist, tribalist, anti-ethiopian, a mercenary and an opportunist who is the enemy within, who works with/for tplf to destabilize ethiopia and undermine the federal government. He will not hesitate to present ethiopia on a platter as a gift to countries like egypt, and betray the oromo people and become a vicious dictator if he ever has the chance.

            It is not egypt that is Ethiopia’s problem, but the enemy within, tplf and ultra-nationalist oromo politicians, like jawar, bekele g, and others, who have chosen to conspire against ethiopia standing shoulder to shoulder with their tormentor, tplf, and they will work with egypt with the first opportunity they may find. They must be suffering from stockholm syndrome, when you see them shedding crocodile tears for tplf. They believe that ethnic federalism and the constitution, tplf-olf brain children will bring them to power on the ashes of ethiopia.

            The way jawar manipulates the so-called querro using social media, driving them to commit crimes, the death of innocent citizens and the looting and destruction of properties, should one day make him accountable for his modus operandi. He can’t act by destabilizing and undermining ethiopia as if he is above the law, as if oromia belongs to him, and he can’t send his hit squad to commit crimes anytime he likes and he should not be allowed to boast that he is the other leader.

            NPP or no NPP, pm Abiy has the obligation to protect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of ethiopia from foreign enemies, and to secure peace and stability within the country from internal enemies. At some point he may be forced to call a spade a spade, and i think that he has started doing just that, by responding to egypt’s belligerence and to those who destabilize ethiopia from within, tplf, olf and some oromo ultra-nationalists. Jawar and his group cannot be the undeclared rulers of oromia, by exploiting the democratic rights given to them by the reform, to live and function from within as the enemies of ethiopia.

            Jawar cannot continue to be under the protection of the ethiopian state and be allowed to undermine the government and destabilize the country, by sitting in addis from the security of his home, guarded by the ethiopian police, whose salary is paid by the ethiopian tax-payers money. As an american citizen and as long as the ethiopian constitution does not allow double citizenship, i hope that he will move to the usa and continue to do his unholy job from there. Otherwise, he must respect the law, the peace and stability of the country, as any other ethiopian citizen. If he wants to become a martyr so that ethiopia goes on fire and thousands of young people end up dead, then he is the most selfish person on earth.

          • Berhe Y

            Hi Horizon,

            I think looking at it only from the prism of someone (Jowar) wanting only power and serving others (Egypt) is not correct from my point of view.

            The youth and the young who are supporting him are not toys but people who can think fir themselves.

            It’s the same Ethiopian leaders use to make in Eritrea fight for independence, a bunch of wenbede, who sold their soul for petro dollar and serving Egypt.

            It’s good to see from others point of view sometimes, because these attitude will defiantly lead to confrontation and unintended long term consequences.


          • Hameed Al-Arabi

            Ahlan Tedros Alem,

            Tedros says:
            “tplf and it’s sympathizer r ethiopia haters, not the other way round for unknown reasons. they r the most pathetic and confused group of people that i witnessed in my life ever. they hate, kill, sabotage and so on for the sack of it. they r trying to play sarcastic devils advocate because they don’t know anything better.”

            He also says:
            “i like to see unity between Ethiopia, Djibouti.and Somalia as ONE big country. and tigray to unite with eritrea.”

            Is Mr. Tedros different from those who blame? Guys who considers them as the worst people in the world pushes them to Eritrea. As far as he wishes bad things to others then he is not different than those who are blaming. They are in the same boat.

            Eritreans are people who respect law. They are humanists, civilized people.


          • Teodros Alem

            selam arabi
            Is because of u and people like u that sarcastically advocate for tigrai tigragn r the one to be blamed for teodros pushes the idea.

          • Selamat Berhe_Y and Teodros Alem,

            ከም ኤርትራዊ ከምዚ ዝስዕብ ስክፍታ ከምዘሎ ትስሕቶ ኣይምስለንን ክብል ናይ ሕጂ ጊጋ ሕድገት ኣድላይ ኢዩ። አቲ ስክፍታ፡ ባዕሉ ኣቦይ ስብሓት፣ ገታቸው ረዳ፡ አሶም፡ ናይ ስለስተ ስለዝኮኑ ድዩ አቲ “ዜር”፡ ኦሮሞ ኣምሓራ ትግራዎት፡ ኣብቲ ካላኣይ ሕጸ ሕብረት ኢትዮጵያ፡ ሓጽዮም ይኹኑ ድሕሪ ሕጸ መሪጾም “ንስኻ ምርሓና”፡ ተመራሕቲ ኮይኖ ክመርሑ ትጽቢት ኣለዎም ድዩ መራሒኦም ሃገር የግድዓ ኣሎ አሞ treason (ገጽስነጥ.ብ ትሪዞን ብትግርኛ፡ ክሕደት ጥልመት ክድዓት) ክቁጸር?

            ኣንታ በርሀ አዛ ጉዳይ “ንስኻ መርሓና” ኢልና መን ኢዩ ንመን ኢሉ ዝጠየቐ? መዓስ ከ? ኣብ ትግራይ ክሊል ዝሓቁፍ ዘይ ኣበታትን ን ኢ.ፒ.ኣር.ዲ.ኤፍ ንሃገረ ኢትዮጵያ ሓድነት ዘደልድል ኣላልዩ መሪሕነት ናይ አቲ ውድብ ዘይክሕድ ኣብ ሓይሉ ህዝቡ ኮይኑ ተመሪሑ ዝመርሕ ዘሎ መራሒ አሙን ነቲ ክብሪ ኢትዮጵያ ዓለማዊ ኣኽብሮት ሰላማዊ ጠቅላይ ሚኒስተር ኣብይ ኣሕመድ አሙን ህዝቢ ትግራይ ካብ ዓዲ ገጠር ክፍለ ሃገር ገዛውቲ ማሕበራውያን ቤት መቕደስ ከተማታት ዋና ከተማ ኣዲስ ኣበባ ሃገራዊ ባይቶ ማአከላዊ ምሕደራ ኢትዮጵያ መሪሕ ዝመጣጠን ካብ ራያ ሕሞራ ኣኽሱም ዓድዋ መቐለ ነቒሉ ጎስጓሱ ዘንቅለሉ ሰዓት ኣኺላ ኢያ አሞ፡ ይኣክል ኢሉ ይቀላቐል ይንቀል። ሓድነት ኢትዮጵያ ጥቕሚ ኢትዮጵያውያን ስለ ዝኾነ፡ ኣብዚ ጎስጋስ ዘቶክር ኢዩ ዝስዕር። ይኣክል ናይ ካብ ናብ ዘመላልስ ጎደና ኢዩ ልክዕ፡ ግን ሰለስተ ሚአትን ሱሳን ዝወናጨፍ ዘወናጭፍ ስሉጥ ሰፊሕ ጎደና።
            ከም ናይ ከልተ መኣዝኑ ሚአተን ሰማንያን ድግሪ፡ በብ ሓደ መጠን ጻዕቂ ጸዳል፡ ጨናፍሩ ዝልአኽን ዝቕበልን፡ ጎደና ሓርነት ናብ ሰላም ዝጉዓዝ፡ ይኣክል ምርሓና ንስኻ ተባሂልካ ሑጹይ፡ ካብ ኤርትራ ናይ ምርጫ 2020 ሰዓትና ኣኺላ ዘተሓናፍጾ ን ኣቶ ቴድሮስ ኣለም ሃናጺ መልአኽቲ ውን ኣመሓላልፍ። ካብ ትራንሲስተር ዳዮድ ትራንዚስተር ትራንስሚሽን ረቂቕ ሲግናል ነማዕብል ን፡

            ወጊሓ ‘ላ መሬት iz 2020 mission and ticket.
            Saaaaaaay Whaaaaaaa


            ጃይ ጻጸ ጃይ ኣንት Gi tSAtSE

          • Berhe Y

            ሰላም ጻጻ ዓርከይ

            ይገርም እዩ ዝበሃል፡፡ ሓደ ኦሮሞ አሎ አብ ፈስ ቡክ ዝከታተሎ፡፡ ብኩል ዝብሎ አይሰማማዕን እየ፡ ብፍላይ አብ ስርዓት ኢሰያስ ዘለዎ አረአእያ፡፡

            Here is what he has to say in reaction to Dr. Abiy celebration of his book medemer.

            “ሀገር እየተበጠበጠ መጽሓፍን በማርሽ ባንድ አጅቦ ማስመረቅ ምን ይባላል፡፡ በዚህም አዲስ ታሪክ ሰርታችሁ በጊነስ ቡክ ኦፍ ረኮርድስ መመዝገብ ፈልጋችሁ እንዴ?”


          • Selamat Berhe_Y,

            . الأجيال القادمة Posterity 1. ذعر 2. رعب Consternation
            ኣልኣጅያል ኣልቓድመህ 1. ረዐብ 2. ዘዐር
            ንወለዶ ወይ ንመጻኢ ዝትክአ ትርጉም አታ ቀዳመይቲ ቃል ፖስተሪቲ ክትከውን አንከላ፡ ኮንስተርናሽን ከኣ ሸቐልቃል ወይ ሻቕሎት ኢያ። ስለዚ ኢየ፡ በርሀ ዓርከይ አዛ ኣርአስቲ ትስዕብ መሪጸያ ዘለኹ።
            ሻቕሎት ሃገር። ንኽሰልጠለይ ግን ብአንግሊዝኛ ክጽሕፋ ኢየ።

            The evident consternation of the nation

            I remember you telling me about a local election, for mayor of Mendefera, I think, you saw my uncle ran a while ago. And I would like to tell you my not so haphazardly measurement of the high magnitude of the consternation of a nation. In addition to what I am theorizing based on my observation of a consistent phenomena in Eritrea and to a certain extent to Eritreans in the diaspora, at least one Eritrean satellite network is reporting orange to red alert levels of consternation in support to what I claim.

            There is a very focused endeavor I have assigned my self to undertake so that I do not jump from topic to topic and loose peace of mind. As part of that process I was searching for confirmation of the Eritrea’s foreign minister Osman Saleh’s statements regarding national elections and resolution of national service he stated Eritrea will be undergoing he stated to a German news outlet. I was hoping the
            Eritrea’s ministry of information news outlets will confirm the foreign affairs ministry by checking with the ministry of internal affairs, if there is such ministry, with news items that are consistent with the FA’s, i.e. The ministry of internal affairs announcing national elections and demobilization or reformation of the national service. Well, there was no such luck. What I noticed instead was the high level of the nation’s consternation of an indecisive people. However, you get the eerie feeling the people may explode or implode at any given moment.

            Take the website shabait for example. Nearly every news item is accompanied with a photo of a relatively large gathering of people in raws of chairs in a hall with a facial expression indicating this: A people encircled by armed guards, a speaker in almost all the gatherings is the government’s representative – an official of some sort always pleading and or commanding the people have no choice but to stay put and be patient, and in contrast due to the lack of content or irrelevance of the purpose for the gathering it self , the people’s posture and facial expressions indicating they are in a nanosecond on the verge of exploding and overrunning or overpowering the officials and the armed guards outside the halls or on the perimeter of where they have been corralled. On a daily basis eight out of 10 news releases are of a peopled corralled and cordoned with irrelevant or uninteresting topic or reason for the constrained seated folks. As they say a picture is a thousand words and in shabait’s case or hades Eritrea or Eritrean profile it is the same 8 pictures worth eight thousand words NOT included in the article’s words at all. Check for yourself. While you are at it check out the article regarding the five year plan regarding culture for “posterity.” (I am going to lunch right now, but there is something pertinent and a lot more that I will be saying and hopefully discussing with you or others about the lack of focus in all the discourse and the very pathetic indifference and disregard by all, especially those who have monopolized the seats of the influencers who have frozen themselves and the entire population. In the diaspora similar corralling like cattle the people and the same with their electronic media machinations. Conspirators, partners and enablers flowing in the same direction and converging with the destination as the subjugator.) The five year regarding culture and for posterity on shabait may infact be from a shelled event eight month ago. But do the exercise and focus on the effective and subliminal message of absolute control you should extract.

            Secondly, watch several, upwards of five to ten J-Studio’s videos and analyze in detail both the given content you will be listening while examining the details of the video. I will reveal a very shocking facts about the intent of the J-Studio’s productions as well as the true identity of the source.

            Apparently it is about a conglomerate real estate oligopoly that will be without a shred of a doubt proven. Unfortunately, Berhe my friend you too are an accomplice and under indictment.. too be continued …… lunch….



          • Berhe Y

            Hi TSAtSE,

            Will wait for part 2.

            Have you seen Eritrea ambassador to the UN, Sophia Tesfamariam addressing the chair (a women) as Mr. chair consistently 4 or 5 times.

            Everyone else says Mme. chair and she can’t even change the script given to her from Mr. to Mme.

            Wey wurder.


          • Selamat Berhe_Y,

            The Madam or Mme Ambasador Sophia Tesfamariam jumbling the proper address to the chair is hardly a millionth of a drop of the water that is itself is a drop in a bucket itself a bucket in the Pacific Ocean as far as it being an embarrassment as compared to what I will be illustrating to you. MmeAST’s jumbling of the proper address is more than likely due to an overbearing boss and she may have had a conversation with him immediately before the session commenced.
            Before I commence my part 2, let me first make this communication. It is interesting that you bring her up now in our conversation because consider the connection of IA choosing Sophia Tesfamariam as Eritrea’s UN Ambassador at this point in time. Every one knows her affiliation with HIM Haile Selassie I. Then it is not a far stretch to make a the connection that IA chose a trusted Sophia who may very well be dwelling in her fond memories with Janhoy. And IA maybe utilizing her to unearth Haile Selassie I’s legal and historical justifications for the annexation of Eritrea buried somewhere in the UN archives. If that is a far stretch, then IA views her as a trusted loyalist to both IA and Janhoy who will facilitate a rather high secret important mission that will undo Eritrea’s sovereignty and unite Eritrea with Ethiopia at least on the legal UN documents that can go unnoticed because Sophia will keep it a secret. Perhaps such an even has already occurred with the already secret agreements signed between PMAAA and IA and Ambassador Sophia T was promoted to her current position just for that, to be a loyal deliverer of AA and IA’s agreements. Perhaps those knowledgeable of international law, agreements and the UN’s necessity to be privy in such agreements between two sovereigns as well as those who are knowledgeable the level of documentations that can be requested or accessed by say a journalist of lawyer could look into it now.

            I forget the name of the Eritrean author I insisted to you was a fiction novelist based on some historical truth. Now in retrospect, I am second guessing my initial statements concerning the authors claims such as IA being a mole sent to the Eritrean Sewra arena by Haile Silasie himself. I am developing a rather slight respect by IA’s ability to play chess perhaps at a grandmaster level. He certainly crosses all his tees and dots all his eyes. In this clear projection I have of IA requesting in the yr2020 at the specified time immediately before Ethiopia’s election to incorporate the state of Eritrea as the 14th ir 15th Kilil of Ethiopia which would give victory to PMAAA by the overwhelming majority of Ethiopian people. I would go further as to claim that the incorporation of Eritrea into the Ethiopian Republic would occur long before the election as soon as early yr2020. This would make the entire Eritrean population eligible to vote as Ethiopians in the election and counter the perhaps anti PMAAA Tigrayan votes and tplf’s affiliated or partner political parties voting block combined. If it is not the case, I am quite sure it was discussed by the PM and IA.
            My only prayer is the tplf doesn’t go to the extremes going as far as seceding from the union and attempt to physically through war incorporate Eritrea to what we have been hearing Tigray-Tigrigni independent state. In either case, where Eritrea is for grabs according to IA’s design, weakening tplf and strengthening the Southern Ethiopian people or tplf’s designs to strengthen bonds between Tigrai and Eritrea to have an upper say in rolling or governing Ethiopia the Eritreans will be even more divided than they are now. And there is no where insight leadership that has managed to get upfront and close to IA and the PFDJ to mount a formidable challenge. Hence my regret and the strong challenge to SJG and more Eritrean’s basking in the limelight of influencers and leaders as well as not spearing any effort to step up yourself. At least to advocate for the Eritrean people who are literally under military siege.

            All one has to do is study 8 out of 10 news items on shabait, Eritrean profile or Hades Eritrea. The eight pictures are of nearly identical posture body language and facial expressions of a people who are corralled and cordoned against their will with a government official lording over them always lecturing and giving commands to them as if they are children being monitored. Read all pictures on a daily basis, there will be roughly eight to nine of them of a picture of a people gathered against their will. The body language and facial expressions as well as the mundane purpose of the meeting in the body of the article will assure any astute or not so astute observer. They seem as if they are on the verge of exploding and or imploding onto the lecturer and the handful guards in the perimeter encircling them. A picture of a people under siege lacking tremendously normal activities judging from the absence of photographs of normal independent rather large social gatherings inside Eritrea. The other setting where you may see of large Eritrean gatherings is when they are planting trees, digging wells or clearing rocks and pebbles for road construction but always under the presence of a monitor some sort of government or party official. Big brother is watching and giving instructions of what the people may or may not do. They may very well corral the people one last time to vote for the undoing of the Eritrean Independence in a similar manner and since they have been conditioned to perform the commands of the overseer it is not far fetch for such a thing to happen in the very near future.

            Finally the J-Studio. Study these videos carefully as many as you can. You will find out that the video is actually shot through the regime’s security cameras. There are streets and corners where the zoom is utilized to subliminal send the message that the regime has an eye everywhere. And through these lenses it is watching your not only your every step citizen but also every nook, crany and crevice in your body. There are mobile cameras on top of cars that drive around the city which is for the same purpose but the still from top of a villa or from inside through a window are what really gives you a clear picture that J-Studios is part and parcel part of the regimes security terror the subliminal message being that you the people are underside. We are fooled to believe that J-Studios is exposing the regimes crimes, but even the brutality and terror of one time high ranking officials in the military or the business community is not for the purposes of exposing the regime, rather it is for the purpose of terrorizing the people by being truthful what the regime could do to even the powerful and once close friends of the regime. Imagine what it would do to you poor ordinary citizen. It is to install fear. It is such a sadistic regime that has the entire population terrorized by televising of YouTubing the level of its brutality with extreme detail. The level of detail in all the cases narrated on J-Studios and that never seem to end is by non other than the regime’s sadism while it laughs at the people horrified, terrorized and very fearful to act, rise up or speak up for their freedom or rights. Subliminally mind f cked while they laugh from their J-Studios.

            Following the above method, now consider the video news feeds of some of the Eritrean opposition media feeds. You will find a clear affiliation and at the service of the regime at times, under the pretext of opposing the regime they are in fact serving the regime directly. Put on your seatbelts Dorothy, a thorough study and experimentation has been done to get measure the reactions of these media outlets. Add to that the current craze of live individual show hosts with predetermined callers. Upon closer examination and patiently observing all the details one would start to get the clear intention of the broadcasts and who the real source is.
            One last example I would like to mention before the next report is, SJG’s reaction to my direct engagement and challenge. To me it is indicative of an individual who knows in detail the truth confronting him. SJG is a very intelligent individual and I am of the opinion that he has made up long ago how to play his cards. The intended direction confrontation is for the purpose of extracting exactly what has been extracted and due to the just quest for truth and the awaking of a people who systematically are being bamboozled brutal, I am of the strong opinion that it is justified.

            In closing the reader should ask him or her self honestly how they are reacting to all issues and to what extent they are being manipulated by a design that effectuates only what it wants to achieve. Does the reader consider they reaction to be a formidable resistance against the manipulations? Are you really studying all the details. Even the timing of changing or posting a new article in websites such as this has been taken into consideration and studied from which one can extrapolate the editorial teams intent with regards to what their policies and strategies or lack thereof inso far as mounting a formidable resistance to overthrow the regime and bring real change to Eritrea by exhibiting strong leadership or is the entity colluding to drain the people’s energy to be active with their irk and jerk hop skipping from topic to topic and create the chaos and disunity as well as causing a dispersed frantic level of attention by the very people or readers they claim they intend to empower. Not having the capacity is a whole different issues.

            With example and ample data and strong analytics the case will be made that nearly all Eritreans are hurrying the inevitable andante with Ethiopia so they can be release from this horrific terror and grip from all the monsters themselves included.

            Only avenue for dignity and self respect is to demand for the people’s assembly and national elections immediately. So that the people will have a say and a choice in their own destiny. Even the choice to unite with Ethiopia as long as it is the people’s choice it will be dignified. Manipulations by a multitude of colluding networks and individuals, to be spelled out for historical purposes and for the sciences at the very least, or if enforced by a strong man’s rule, then MAKE PLANS FOR FUTURE SEWRA II IF THE THIRD WEYANAY DOESN’T BEAT YOU TO IT. OR A COMBINATION OF THE TWO, HENCE THE AGAZIANS AND POSSIBLY ISLAMIC BASED SEWRA.

            Stay tuned for more detail and data. In the mean time if you Eritrean ALL your efforts should be at the maximum to the support the Eritrean People inside Eritrea to re establish their representative National Assembly without delay and to call for the immediate national elections sighting Foreign Minister Osman Saleh’s pronouncements in an interview in Germany. The push should be to take it at face value and work and advocate diligently for its realizations.
            Any other monotonous activities and distractions at this crucial time should be understood by every Eritrean as the act of those colluding to annex and undo Eritrean Sovereignty and Independence through trickery with add covert violence such as the J-Studio reports mentioned above. Please go study as many of the videos as you can or wish to. You will arrive at the same logical and rational conclusion.

            With regards to national elections

            The ticket is: Wegiha ‘la Meriet
            The candidate: SAAY7 my personal choice since 2001 and I feel I have to bring him to good form and shape through a training regiment I have especially designed myself. By all means look him up and get to know the next future PM of Eritrea that can go toe to toe against Abby or other.



            ጃይጻጸ ጃያ ኣንት GitSAtSE

            Ps. Please let us unite and defeat this brazen act of GENOCIDE against the Eritrean people. Let us preserve the true integrity, dignity unity and can do true characteristics of the Eritrean!

            Feel free to share even through word of mouth and kill all the silly noise designed to distract you by flooding you with the overwhelming quantity of very very low low class productions and content. Stay focused on the true cause.

          • Berhe Y

            Hi tSaTse,

            I thought it was a little bit embarrassing at the world stage, that the Ambassador is not even able to use proper protocol. Anyway….just showing what type of idiot the ambassador is….

            I think you are a little bit off on your investigation. I think you are giving it too much weight on the interview the FM did (I have not heard it, will try on the weekend).

            In case you don’t remember the FM also said that the G-15 are alive and well.

            I don’t think we need to take his words seriously. Actions speaks lauder than words..The Eritrean government needs to take action and it knows well what needs to be done.

            From those of us who are opposing these regime, all we need to ask as the highest priority is, Justice and the Rule of Law to be respected, even start with the laws the government have put in paper, AS IS. Like bringing political prisoners to court/ or release unconditionally, where abouts and visitation rights of family members…etc..

            Elections or promise of elections is just a tactic to delay and to divert attention.

            As to the J-Studio, I know first hand some of the stories they have told is true, specially with regards to General Philipos and his prison system.

            If they video shots are from security camera or not, I really do not give it much thought because, it’s a lesser priority in fighting a regime. This information would be important for Eritreans inside Eritrea who are conducting operations, etc..but I don’t know if we got that far as yet…if we have the whole young people come out and demand justice in the street of Asmara or Keren, and if you have the Eritrean police on our side, and if we have the religious leaders, the teachers, the government employees etc..then camera or no camera there is nothing the regime can do….

            This is all I can say…in other words, let’s get a list of our priority and work in terms of importance…And remember, apply the 80-20 rules…


          • Selamat Teodros Alem,

            You should read again. I suppose everyone has a litmus test. Though unintended, your Ph balance is revealed. ኢቕራአ ታኒ መራ። አንደገና ኣንብበው። ኣህያ ኣነበብክ ከዛ በወሃላ ለምን ታኣብዳለ። ለኔ ደሞ ይላል አብድ። የሰው ነገር በጣም ያሲቃል፡ ኣይደለም?



          • Teodros Alem

            selam ye gitsatse giant
            mafehemtish and mateEk”ra is mush wahda. i said mush fahem because it doesn’t make sense .it is like a combination of CRazy words.
            i thought u as me if i think u r humar(ahaya) and dingye ras( stone head) and i added megenun humer and added akeber dingye ras. what is ur point anyways?

          • Selamat Teodros Alem,

            My point is Justice. Are you missing your buddy Nitric? I am. Saaaay whaaaaa?


            Gi tSAtSE

    • Brhan

      Selam T. Alem,
      Your points seem good but can you ask your self why are the Eritrean youth in military service till this day , some of them are in the service for 25 years some for 20, 15…still in the army carrying guns and in the trenches?
      An advice , if you can visit Eritrea and see it by yourself or speak to any Eritrean about his / her brother / sister not able to take a breath from the unlimited military services. Any one with common sense seeing the above situation will tell Eritrea is in a war environment with Ethiopia. It takes two to tango not one!
      ደህና ሁን