Chalachew And The Abyssinian Violin

Today we bring you an unadulterated Abyssinian Masinqo in Amharic, or Chrawata in Tigrinya. It’s a pure countryside art that doesn’t encumber the ears with so much noise of brass instruments that Ethiopian are very fond of. The lyrics are comparable to the traditional impromptu recital of poetry or the trademark poetic and rhetoric art of Semenna Werq (Wax and Gold), which are commonly recited in sad event as in eulogies and funerals, or in feudal courts where the artists praise power, or in social events like weddings, or in entertainment places like Tej Bet, the traditional bars. In modern times, the art is preserved in Azmari Bet, places of food and drink, where such artists entertain the patrons of the place from dinner time to the wee hours of the morning.

The lyrics are original and if our guess is right, it could be a loaded message in Wax and Gold though it might seem too casual for the uninitiated.

Finally, we are not sure of the name of the artist, but probably he is called Chalachew Ashenafi. We hope you like and appreciate the art.


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