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PM Abiy Has “Innovative Projects” to Deport Asylum-Seekers

President Donald Trump could save millions of dollars by seeking advice from the Ethiopian prime minister Abiy Ahmed (who discovered an innovative way to deport migrants) instead of wasting money building a costly wall on the border with Mexico. Details are still scanty, but recently Abiy Ahmed suggested ways to help deport Eritrean asylum-seekers in Israel back to their country.  The proposal seems to have excited the Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

While visiting Israel in the beginning of September, Abiy Ahmed floated his “innovative projects” to help Israel get rid of the unwanted Eritrean asylum-seekers.

According to The Times, Netanyahu said, “he discussed deportation of Eritreans with Ethiopian PM”. It added, “Abiy Ahmed offered ‘innovative projects’ to bring Eritrean asylum seekers back ‘under wonderful conditions’… It was in a little-noticed election clip.”

Although it is not known what exactly could have inspired the novel discovery,  Abiy Ahmed’s gesture could have been motivated by many reasons:

Some Israeli observers believe Abiy’s move is an attempt to give Netanyahu’s reelection campaign an impetus that would enable him to  claim the victory, by cleaning Israel of the unwanted asylum-seekers–a great card that he would present to the Israeli anti-immigration activists.  But others believe Abyi’s motive is driven by his compassionate nature; he is just trying to alleviate the difficult situation of  the asylum-seekers who are living in a limbo. Still, other believe his motive is simply one item of the long list of deals that he is working on in tandem with Isaias Afwerki of Eritrea.

Of course there is a financial motive, specially since the EU, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE have promised to fund such projects. In short, Abiy Ahmed and Isaias Afwerki are eyeing the millions of dollars the deal could bring them.

Abiy’s political sales pitch is anchored on the “I made peace with Eritrea” claim that the uninformed could buy at the risk of  having a buyer’s remorse very soon. In reality, Abiy simply signed a secret agreement with Isaias, the dictator of Eritrea, alone. And it is the same Isaias who doesn’t even have a sham mandate by the people he has been abusing for three decades.

Since the independence of Eritrea in 1991, Isaias and his party have been ruling Eritrea with an iron fist arresting and disappearing Eritreans at whim, shutting the press and terrorizing Eritreans, and causing them to leave their country in their hundreds of thousands. Those who are still in Eritrea, do not even get running water, power, and do not enjoy basic human rights.

Maybe the Ethiopian prime minister could implement his innovative genius project to find a solution to the state of affairs in Eritrea where the dictator, whom he is bent on empowering, has established a reign of terror that has been raging for the last three decades. But unbeknownst  to many foreigners, the euphoria of the “peace with Eritrea” claim that Abiy is peddling has lasted only a few weeks, mainly on social media, and has already lost its zest. Nothing has changed for the suffering people, particularly those straddling the border areas between Eritrea and Ethiopia.

However, Netanyahu seemed mesmerized by Abiy’s idea though no project that forcefully returns people back to the country they left in search of freedom and basic rights, can be considered “wonderful”. The individuals in question left their country due to lack of justice, and escaping the never-ending life of slavery under the Eritrean regime. Worse, getting into Israel, braving the seas, the deserts, the imprisonment by extremist forces, rape, and risk of being victims of human organ traffickers, was not an easy ordeal. That is what Abiy Ahmed is conveniently forgetting.

Needless to say, the do-gooder Abiy could start by returning the hundreds of thousands of Eritrean refugees in his country,  back to their country though it’s not an appealing project. That’s because no country would fund a cross border deportation of refugee project from Tigray, in northern Ethiopia, to Eritrea. Maybe he could implement his innovative projects to return them home with no funding, just goodwill, gratis!

But maybe he is after another would-be well-earned title and position! Last year, Isaias Afwerki told him he can act as the president of Eritrea and assured him, “we will follow you”. He honored him with the title of “dictator of Eritrea” because that is the only title Isaias owns and can give. Now Abiy can comfortably add a new title to the titles he already has: “the Israeli Asylum-seekers’ Deporter General.”

Israel has about 24, 000 Eritreans, most of them in a limbo. Reports indicate that out of those who applied for asylum, only 13 were accepted while 5,500 were rejected. At the current rate, roughly 20 people are likely to be accepted in the next four years. The rest of them would probably become raw materials for Abiy’s innovative projects. Never mind the UN position that states “the majority of Eritreans in Israel cannot safely return to their country,” due to the ongoing human rights abuses in Eritrea.

Currently, thousands of Eritrean asylum seekers are living in a limbo in Israel because they can neither be deported by law, nor could their application be rejected (for diplomatic niceties). And they are not legally accepted either!

The precarious situation has forced a few Eritrean asylum-seekers in Israel to adopt an extremist and fanatical rhetoric. Some of them are already claiming they are Jews in order to gain the sympathy of Israelis. However, even many of the bonafide Ethiopian Jews, who migrated to Israel in the 1980s, are still suffering alienation and racism from those they call “ferenj Israelis”. And yet they have not fully assimilated. But the few among the asylum-seekers who have adopted the extremist positions are agitating for unrest among Eritreans, by spreading genocidal rhetoric, and contemplating violence to create a pure Tigrinya language based “Orit” nation, a  dream of uniting Eritrea with Tigray. Interestingly, that wild idea is being promoted, naively, by using  Israeli paraphernalia.

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  • Teodros Alem

    3A winning of Nobel prize is going to be appreciated by country loving eritreans, 3A won Because He made peace with eritrea, because he accepted EEBC decision fully and the world one more time recognized ethiopia and eritrea as two countries with “EEBC decision” border with peace.

    • Hameed Al-Arabi

      Ahlan Tedros Alem,

      I don’t know about which peace between Ethiopia and Eritrea they talk about. The EEBC decision is still on papers, none existent on the ground. The peace that we understand as laymen has no trace between Ethiopia and Eritrea. It seems the peace they made them give Noble peace prize to Abie Ahmed concerns them – granters of Nobel Peace Prize than the people in Eritrea and Ethiopia. They have given Abie Ahmed Nobel peace prize because he might assist them to bring back Isaias to his Mama Ethiopia. Here a question imposes itself: Why do they ignore Isaias – the second part of the peace they claim about – from the Nobel Peace Prize? I think they will give Isaias the Nobel prize after he annexes Eritrea fully to Ethiopia. It seems Isaias Nobel peace prize postponed for the time being, but he will receive it when he destroys the people of Eritrea and hands the land and sea of Eritrea to Ethiopia.


      • Teodros Alem

        selam arabi
        I think some of u guys on purpose want to live in the past, 25- 20 years back for obvious reason. If u have the ability to read the poltics of ethiopia and the region at large, u will not say and used the word annexation, mama ethiopia isaias .
        try to listen what 3A has said yesterday when he inaugurated unity park when he talk about how countries need to work hard to be friend with ethiopia, try to listen his speech carefully. unity will not come just because Isaias wish it or u wish it.
        It is ethiopians and the other party mutual understanding, not one side wish.

      • ያ ኢድሪስ ያ ኢድሪስ ያ ሓሚድ
        ኡገዶ ኣብቲ ኣግዶ
        ገድዶ ኣብ ዕዲ ሰግዶ
        ገድዶ ኣግዲድካ ኣብ ደጊጋ ደቓይቕ ደግዲግካ ገድዶ
        ኣይ ትሕገዶ
        ምሕዳግ ኣሕግዶ
        ጉዳየይ ጉየይ ጎይኻ ጎይኺ ኣገዲድ ኣግድ

        ናይ ሽዑ ዲግ ዲግ ድግደግ
        ደግዳጋ ደግዲጋቶ
        ድግ ድግ ዲግ ዲግ

        ጽርግ ርግ ጽርግርግ
        ጽረጊ ጸራጊት ጽረግ

        ግን ርግሪግካ ርግርግ

        ነቲ ሓይሩ ዝዘርግ ዘ አርግ
        ጽረጎ ጸራርግጎ ጽረግ

        ኣይተርገኣዮ ኣይተየአርጎ ጽረጎ ጸረግ

        ኣይዋ ኣይዋ ኸላስ ይኣክል ኪፋያ ከልስ
        ንሕና ንሕናስ
        ኩሉ ኣል ናስ ኣብቲ ኣግዶ ዓዲ ሶግዶ ኣብ ቲ ዳስ
        ጡዑም ኣየር ትንፋስ

        ኩሉ ኣል ናስ ይበል ኸላስ ኸላስ
        ይበል ይበል ደስ ደስ

        ያ ኡኽቲ ኣኹይ ኢድኹል ጅዋ
        ደኹሉ ደኸልዋ ተቐልቀልዎ ተቐልቀልዋ
        ተቐልቀልዎም ኣውጽዎም በራ ሓራ ካብ ጂዋ
        ደቂ ናቕፋ ሳሕል ኣልዕል ኣላዕል ደቂ ሳዋ
        ሮዚና ኸዲጃ ወ ሃዋ ዋ ዋ ኣጀመር ጀምር ዓምር ያ ኻልድ ናይ ሳዋ
        ኣስተማቕሮ ኣል ተምር ዘይመርር ሑመር በል ዓጀው ዓው ተምር ኣል ዓጅዋ
        ዓጂቦ ዓጅብ ኣጀቦሆም ዕጀበትቶም ዓጂብኩም ዓጅብዎ ዓጂብዋ

        ሳዋ ሃዋሁው ሁ ዋ ሁ? ሁዋ ምኑ? ሁዋ ሁ? ሁዋ?

        ዓርፉ ኢንታ


        ጃይ ጻጸ Gi tSAtSE

    • ኣል ለይሙን

      ሃቭ ዩ ሲን ይሲን
      ኣል ሉና ምና
      ዘሙን ኣብዚ ሸሃር
      ኣብዚ ሰሙን

      ያ ያ ፊል ፍልሞን ሚልዮናት
      ኣውላድና ኣል በ ናት በናት
      ቢንተክ ቢንት ቢ ተክተብ
      ኣል ኪታብ ኣክተብ

      ዝብል ዘሎ ኩሉ ሰብ
      ሸብ ሸብ ኣታ ሰብ ሸብሸብ ተሸብሸብ

      ዌኑ ዌኒ ዌንክ
      ተዓል ተላዕል
      ኣልዕል ተላዓል
      ተ ላዓል ተላዓል ኣልዕል ኣልዕል
      ሓፍ በል ሓፍ በል
      ኣልዕሎ ኣዕልላ ንሱ ሃፍ ይበል
      ይበል የብል ቢልኩም ንዖኦም ንዓኻትኩም
      ሰኒ ሃሌኻ ሰኒ ኣሰኒ ንዘሰኒ ካርቱም
      ነስንሰኒ ን ኩሉ ኣል ናስ ተሰነይ ሰኒ ሃብኩም

      ኩን ናይ ኩሎም ጽላል
      ድልዱል ድልድል
      ዓልል የዕልል ወ

      ከሊሙ ከላመክ
      ዘቢ ቢ ዘቢበክ
      ሓቐ ኣል ሞያ ኣል ሰመክ

      ዘ ኖት ዘ ቱን
      ቡርቱካን ኣል ኡም ዱርማን
      ዒንዲ ዒንዋን
      ያ ኢኽዋን
      ‘ራንሺ ኣል ዘይቱን ዒርቡን ኢማና ማአሙን ብኣና ቢኩም
      ኢዘዪ ዘይክ ኢዘየኩም ኢዘየና ዝና
      ‘ዓድና ዒንደሚክ ዒንደኩም ዒንደና
      ደምኪ ደሚክ ደመክ
      ናትና ኢዘዪ ዘየና ዘዪ ዘየክ

      ው ኣና ኣ ኹክ ዋ ኡኽተክ ኣኺክ
      ሹፍታ ሹፍቲ ሹፍታኒ ያዕኒ
      ኣከልና ዝግኒ ው ጥሕኒ፡
      ሓፈኒ ሻፉ ሻፈት ወጠኒ

      ጋዓዳ ዮሜን ዮመል ኣሓድ ባዕዴን ሶኒ ኣብ ዕዲ ጓዕዳድ
      ያንቴ ልጄ ልጅ በረድ ዘይ ተልጅ ኣል ብለድ
      ጋዓድታ ኢንታ ወል ግዓት ዘይትዕገድ ተጋዕተት ደጊጋ ገድድ

      አሰሮ ብ ገመድ አሰሮ በገመድ

      ጉም ማ ማ ማ ቶግዑድ

      ደኽልዋ ዋ ዋ ወ አወ ወ ዎ ኣዎ ዎ ዋ ዋ እጅርጅዋ ዋ ዋ ኸላስ ኸላስ ዋ

      ጀምር ያ ጀማሂር ጀምሮ ጀምር ወ ኣብሽር ጀሚ ጂሚርዋ ዋ አወ ዋ

      ያሕያ ያ


      ጃይ ጻጸ Gi tSAtSE

      • Teodros Alem

        selam gitsatse
        what is that combo. or “ente mush t’ebeE’ like they said? “maAlashe ye moAle’m, mush faham wela hajha” .

  • sara

    Dear awtistata
    The Ethiopian p.m (Abiy) has won the 2019 Noble peace prize….congratulation to Ethiopians .

    • MerHaba Sara,

      I had to confirm if it was true. Forgive me for doubting though it wasn’t your word I doubted.

      As much as I have respect Abiy Ahmed I wholeheartedly do not believe he is deserving of the Nobel Prize for peace in 2019. What peace are they crediting PMAAA for? The peace with Eritrea dictator IA can not be considered a solid or lasting peace. Abiy Ahmed’s Tigrai kilil has numerous problems in complying with his peace initiatives and essentially blocked it out right. The borders are no longer open between the two countries.

      I am not quite sure if Ethiopia has found peace and stability fully since his rise to prominence. The only Peace brokering that may have given him the Nobel Prize is that of the Sudan (and now I should read fully on google if that is the case.)

      Abiy Ahmed’s wining the Nobel Peace Prize 2019 may also explain the gathering of all the head’s of state and the timing of the ribbon ceremony of Ethiopian Andinet Park. This will be a very very bad weekend and a huge headache for DIA. If the peace prize is not for brokering the Sudanese deal, well then the time in Eritrea reading from the wrist of DIA is then indeed 11:59.

      Warning we maybe suddenly experiencing flight of capital in Eritrea… what should you do? Any suggestions Yiakil folks?


      Gi tSAtSE

      • Ismail AA

        Selam Gi tSAtSE,

        Why is the surprise? NPP has long been made devoid of its original purpose and intent. Did you forget former President Obama got it before even starting to work for peace? Just run through the list of laureates during past few decades, and you will find out why Abiy got it. You will see the pattern easily.

        • Haile S.

          Selamat Ismail,
          I agree with you. Those interested in reading thrillers, you can read The Prize by Irving Wallace, a fascinating novel on the Nobel Prize and its Winners.

          • ጂግ ጂግ አጂግጂግ አጅገኻ አጂገ ጂግ ጂግ
            ናይ ሜትሪክ ሜትሮ
            ዝሕንክር ዝሕንከረኣክር መሪር ሰፈር ስብርብር
            ያ ሼኽ ኣንቱም ቀሺ
            ያ ዞል ዘለሎ ኣጽልል
            ኣቕልሎ ኣቕልል
            ደወል ደውሎ ወርውር ካብ ውሎ
            ሃጠው ቆሎ
            ናይ መቕሎ
            ሰሎሎ ኣምስሎ
            ነቲ ‘ብኡ ዘሎ
            ዓዲ ሃሎ
            ፈንቅሎ ፈንቅሎ

            በቲ ስትሪክት ማትሪክ ከኒና ትሪክ ማጂክ ንንትሪክ ንገሮ በሎ
            ተሃኒጹ ዘጽነዐ ጸኒዑ ሓደ በ ብሓደ ብሪክ ጡብ ካብ ጡብ ብሪክ ባይ ብሪክ

            ባይ ባይ ባይ ባይ ባቡራይ ባቡራይ
            ባይ ቢኩም ቡኩም ሰላዲ ቢኩም
            ተብል ኣላ አታ ባስ ባስታ ኣቶቡስ
            ባስታ ኸላስ ኪፋያ ኢናፍ ይኣክል ኸላስ
            ኣይትበል ኡስ ላኪን ደይባ ኣውተቡስ ናይ ኸላስ

            ኸላስ ተማሃር ኣብቲ ክላስ ኣጥሪ ክላስ

            ኸላስ ኸላስ
            ሃሎ ሃሎ ዓዲ ሃሎ ደምበላስ


            ጃይ ጻጽ Gi tSAtSE

        • Selam Ismail AA,

          PM Abiy has the following credentials he accomplished within one year since he became the leader of ethiopia.
          – He is responsible for the Ethio-Eritrean peace agreement which brought to an end two decades of no war – no peace and animosity.
          – He opened the gates of tplf prisons and dungeons and tens of thousands of unjustly imprisoned ethiopians were freed and returned back home and to the ethiopian society.
          – He invited individuals and political parties that were forced by tplf dictatorial regime to leave the country, and today no opposition party functions from outside the country, but from within the country.
          – He played an important role in power sharing in the sudan thus avoiding a civil war and bloodshed. He works for regional peace.
          – He implemented gender parity in his government, and he showed that he is climate-environment conscious. etc.

          Although the first was the main reason for his election for the nobel peace prize, all the rest were also considered. Do you really think that these are simple patterns coming from past modus operandi? Can you bring a better example?

          • Ismail AA

            Selam Horizon,

            I am not sure if I have to embark on a process of selecting “a better example” from a list of NPP laureates in the past number of years; I mean any is as good as any example on the list. I have not seen any winner who even remotely questioned anything the USA considers serve its interest and those of its first line allies. Dr. Abij in my opinion has been picked for far more important reason than what you have listed though these are good enough for an ordinary observer, despite some of them fall in the unfinished category list. Changing the political and economic architecture or ideological stipulations of Ethiopia from developmental state policies to free market liberal set of policies is an an A+ grade for NPP candidacy.

          • Selam Ismail AA,

            So, a change in the political and economic policy of a poor third world country like ethiopia can land its leader as a candidate for nobel peace prize, and may even get it. Is ethiopia, seen in practical terms, such an important economy that the neoliberal economic world is celebrating the coming changes in its economic policy? It is not yet implemented and it could change any time before its implementation. Nothing is for granted in a third world country. If political and economic ideology were so important factors for nobel peace prize, there are many better candidates than ethiopia, whose economy doesn’t count in the eyes of world economic powers.

          • Ismail AA

            Selam Horizon,

            Ethiopia’s economic potential and its geopolitical position has never been insignificant in strategic calculation of big powers. This has been true since long time in its history. I hope you did not take the point I made as established fact that determine eligibility. I meant to underscore its weigh in policy stipulations of those who influence selection and decision of the NPP.

          • Teodros Alem

            selam ismail aa
            when 3A selected for leadership of eprdf before he took PM office u said and predicted jemma , nefitegna bla bla bla and u showed the highest ill wish to ethiopia.
            and now this. Stop predicting about ethiopia or about 3A, it is out of ur capability and understanding. what i can tell u for sure is ur ill wish will never come true so forget it .
            so i recommend u to do samething positive for the rest of ur life before u end up born miserable and end up miserable history.

        • Selamat Ayya Ismail AA, Horizon, Tedros A and Haile,

          አስከ ሓቢርና ነብሩኽ ኖግዑድ ነጅልስ
          ብሓድነት ንኽንምልስ

          አንዳቶኾላለስና ነኾልስ
          ጽዕኖ ውጹዕ ህዝብታትና

          ሬአ ሹፍ ብል መውሉድ
          ወል መወልድ

          ኣል ኣሕመር ፍል ኩበር
          ኣል በለድ ብላድ

          ቢላድና ሓቀና ቢላድ
          ጀዲዳ ጂዳድ ኣል ጂኔ

          ኣል ጂደን ሓቀና
          ኣል ወጠን

          ወ ፊል ያ ፊልሞን
          ሓቅ ሚልዮናት ሚልዮን

          ኣርትሪን ወል ኣስዩፒን
          ናሕኑ ሰላመትኩም ሰላማ ሰላም ዓይዚን

          ኩለና ናስ ተነስ
          ተምሳል ሰላም ‘ት ንፋስ

          ጽዕነት ከነፉክስ
          ዕላማና ተዓሊምና ን ሎምስ

          ንስኽስ ንሱዃትኩምስ ን ስኻስ

          ኸላስ ኸላስ

          ኪፋያ ኪፋያ

          ኸላስ ኸላስ

          ‘ሽርብ ሞያ ያ ሞያ

          ኸላስ ኸላስ ይ ኣክል
          ያኡኩሉ ‘ኩሉ
          ኩሌኩም ኩሌና

          ጉልና ኸላስ ኪፋያ ኸላስ

          ጀሚሩ ሩ ጀሚርዋ ዋው ዋ ወ ዋ ዋ


          ጃይ ጃይጻጸ

    • Nitricc

      Hi Sara; PMAA deserves the prize and I am delighted for him. And the message is loud and clear! when you make a peace with Eritrea and Eritreans; you, ( the Ethiopians) will be rewarded with Noble prizes and other good staff but when you try to harm and destroy Eritrea; you will be destroyed. I think any Ethiopian should put to rest the idea of kneeling Eritrea and Eritreans. TPLF tried for 20 years with all the dollars in the world, with full scale war, Sanction, you name it they tried it and now this…. Noble for PMAA …. I wonder what the TPLF thugs are thinking?

      • sara

        hello nitricc
        the good thing is ….the award was mainly given to him because of the peace accord ( border agreement implementation) with eritrea. Now many who never heard about eritrea in general and about the terrible years the world has kept mum to all our woes has now been out for all to hear.

  • Selam All,

    The PM of Ethiopia has delivered a speech at the inauguration of the “unity park” at the grand palace in addis ababa representing Ethiopia, and Eritrea as well. The representation of Eritrea by pm Abiy was the wish of the President of Eritrea, as said by the pm. Are relations still intact? Or, is it simply a lukewarm relationship that doesn’t flourish nor dies? What do you say?

    • Hameed Al-Arabi

      Ahlan Horizon,

      The “UNITY PARK” is clear evidence that I have chosen you to guide us is still alive and active. They just slowed their surge because of the strong opposition of the Eritrean people. They are waiting for an appropriate time to declare their occupation of Eritrea. The project of swallowing Eritrea is aflame. The speech of Abie Ahmed with Netanyaho about the Eritrean refugees in Israel is another indication, moreover, to the UNITY PARK which is a clear sign that shows us where they are heading. it is just a matter of time to come out from their hide, and proclaim publicly the liquidation of Eritrea and her people.


      • Selam Al-Arabi,

        Before unity with eritreans, ethiopians should unit first among themselves. That is the essence of the “unity park”, than anything else. I am afraid you are misreading the message of the whole issue, which is meant for ethiopian ethnic groups, rather than for eritreans or any other people.

        By the way, pm Abiy Ahmed has won the nobel peace prize for 2019, for making peace with eritrea. Of course, making peace does not mean unity.

        • Hameed Al-Arabi

          Ahlan Horizon,

          I think what you have written is clear, and it is here to be read by all, “the “unity park” at the grand palace in addis ababa representing Ethiopia, and Eritrea as well. The representation of Eritrea by pm Abiy was the wish of the President of Eritrea, as said by the pm.”


          • Selam Al-Arabi,

            I didn’t say the “unity park” is representing ethiopia and eritrea (please read the whole sentence again). I said that pm Abiy was representing both countries in his speech, and not the opposite, ie, the park is representing both countries. How come a park at Menelik palace represents eritrea?

          • Hameed Al-Arabi

            Ahlan Horizon,

            You said, “I said that pm Abiy was representing both countries in his speech.” The question is: who gave Abie Ahmed the right to represent Eritrea? Secondly, don’t forget Abie Ahmed was representing the people of Ethiopia when he opened the Unity Part. He and shoved Eritrea in an issue that concerns Ethiopia indicates an unhealthy sign and a crooked intent. I think whether you said the Unity Park represents Ethiopia or Abie Ahmed represents Ethiopia and Eritrea all give the same meaning, for Abie Ahmed represents the owners of the Unity Park.


          • Berhe Y

            Hi Horizon,

            Don’t you think, regardless of the PM intentions and regardless of what he said, is it appropriate for the PM to say what he said with regards to Eritrea.

            Specially I am sure he is aware the negative sentiment that has created by what he said IA to represent him and to be “our” leader. He should be sensitive the ERITREAN people wishes.


          • Teodros Alem

            1, all the neighboring countries leaders were presented for the inauguration of unity park except eritrea, so 3A just used diplomatic words to show eri and ethio r still in peace, eri don’t even send nobody. so don’t read to much .
            2, am guessing Pia will be in gonder by 2022 for inguration of “habesha” unity park in gonder.
            3, the next election will take place and eprdf will win the vote by far and undercover eprdf will win very small vote. don’t read fake news too much, it will keep disappointing u over and over again.

          • Selam Berhe Y.

            Although your question has been answered, let me add the following. It was a meeting with no political significance, no decisions taken or policies made. It was a get-together sort of event of the leaders of the volatile horn of africa on the occasion of the inauguration of the unity park. The inauguration could have been done by ethiopians alone. It was used to send a message that the leaders and countries of the horn are at peace with each other and in harmony, and the only one absent was IA.

            IA may have been bored, wanted to avoid some of the leaders and may have preferred to go fishing for that matter, and has said to Abiy, please, just represent me. What is so important about it? Why so much fear whenever ethiopia is involved in any way imaginable in eritrea’s affair? Are times and situations unable to change the feeling of suspicion even when eritrea is independent for so long, even in a situation that has no significance? Why such impermeable divide even on minor issues, when hundreds of thousands of eritreans live in ethiopia?

            Do you think that the sentiment of the majority of eritreans towards ethiopia is the same with eritrean elites? Do you think that they interpret it as you do? Many want to have a better and more open relationship with ethiopia, especially on the economic field. They want to travel and do business. They have no taboo on similar things as representing their leader on minor issues, because it has no effect whatsoever on eritrea’s sovereignty. They have their land and they want their freedom to live and do business like any other country, without seeing it forever as an enemy.

            PM Abiy did not win the NPP for what he will do in the future, but for what he has already done. What could happen in the future in ethiopia is anybody’s guess, as it is in eritrea. No ethiopian and eritrean should stand behind the wall and try to look at the horizon. They will continue to live in their misery forever. Eritrea’s independence and sovereignty is in no danger because Abiy said that he will represent IA at a friendly meeting of the leaders of the horn of africa on the occasion of the inauguration of a park.

          • Berhe Y

            Hi Horizon,

            Sorry fir taking too long to respond. I agree PMAA has won on what he achieved so far and not fir the future. I just hope he continues to bring peace to Ethiopia and wish him luck.

            First I am not elite and I don’t represent elite. I am just an average Eritrean who wanted to see the misery of his people end.

            Because of our past and bloody history, I am and I think the majority of Eritreans are sensitive to anyone who wanted to mess with our sovereignty. May be Abiy mean nothing, but I don’t think it’s necessary for him to say those kinds of things. He said, Eritrea abd Ethiopia do not need different embassy. Do not need different army in a press conference with European leaders. That’s not a joke.

            Our government doesn’t tell us anything, and we have to take what ever Abiy said at face value and I see a warning sign where this could head. If IA is elected and he had the mandate of the Eritrean people, that’s not a problem but it could be a problem in the future.

            And what Eritreans get out of the peace deal? Practically nothing so far (the most majority).

            But please remember what Aboy has achieved for Isayas so far:

            1) he got him sanctioned lifted.
            2)he lobbied Eritrea to be member of HRC (how pathetic that is)
            3) he brought IA out of isolation and practically nothing changed for ERITREAN people. Now we hear he is talking to Israel on behave of Eritreans. I don’t know what else he is doing on behalf of Eritreans.

            I repeat (including me) we wanted Eritrea to be a normal country and live with its neighbours in peace. We wanted to trade with Ethiopia and visit Ethiopia and Ethiopians to do the same. No problem with that.

            In short what Eritreans need is a simple and normal country where the people need to be left alone. Yes it’s up to us Eritreans to change that, but fighting IA makes it harder / longer when he is enabled by Abiy.

            In other words, either Abiy should wish the same freedoms for Eritreans like any other people need, or just stay hell out of Eritrea affairs and leave us alone.

            FYI, just because there are Eritreans refugees in Ethiopia and some willing to leave there, it does not mean that Ethiopia has to take responsibly for our affairs.

            Would you feel the sane way, suppose Ethiopia and Egypt reach an agreement on the Nile and Egypt to represent Ethiopia and the Egyptian president speaking in such.


          • Teodros Alem

            selam berhe
            1, not just pia but no eritrean officials was attending the event.
            2, i don’t know about if u guys left ethiopia alone but ethiopia the vast majority) left u alone .
            3, may be u don’t know what u talking about but u want the ethiopian gov to interfere in internal affairs of eritrea and help u on, 1, sanctioning eritrea 2, isolating eri gov from international community and than u contradicting urself and accuse 3A on interfering on eri internal affairs.
            4, 3A is ethiopian leader and just like any country leader, his number 1 job is to protect ethiopi’s interest.

          • Berhe Y

            Hi Teodros,

            I think you are like those Ethiopians say “yezorebih”.


          • Teodros Alem

            selam berhe
            not me, u r ” yezorebet”, reread urself again.

          • sara

            brother berhe
            if by any chance you had been to ethiopia you will know why abi
            was given the mantle to spell the evil that hovered over eritrea for the
            past many years. they are good at it and luckily abi volunteered and rest is as you see, he has been getting all the rewarded he asked.

  • መሃንድስ-ምዕባለ


    ሰላም ‘ንዳዘመረ
    ሓቂ ከምዝዓተረ
    ዘድልይዎ ሰባት ብለይቲ ‘ንዳዞረ
    ከምስል ብቐትሪ ኣቦ-ሰላም ‘የ በለ
    ብሕቡእ ግን ሰላሕታ-ወራር ጀመረ

    ይትረፍዶ ንኤርትራ
    ዋላውን ነታ ዓደይ ዝብላ
    ኣይመስለንን ዝግደሰላ

    ህዝቢ ንህዝቢ ‘ንዳተባለዐ
    ሃገሩ ፍርቂ ጎድና ‘ንዳተሰልዐ
    ተደምረለናል ክብል ተሰምዐ
    ዝገርምዩ ናይዝስ!
    ዘመናዊ ብደዐ

    ኩሉ ርክባቱ ተዓቢጡ
    ዝፈራረሞ በዓል መን ይፈልጡ?

    ንሓደ ‘ንዳነጸለ
    ብ ቡኛ-ፖለቲካ ‘ንዳንጸለ
    ካብ ጅጅጋ ናብ መቐለ
    ማይ ዘይጠዓመ ምህዞ ዘይተበለለ
    ክነዝሕ ይፍትን
    ዜጋታቱ ክብትን

    ዓርኪ ሰባር ነቓዕ
    ኣስናንካ ጫሕ ልብኻ ግን ምሕባእ

    ዓጀብ! ዶክተር ሰላም
    ግብርኻ ግን ብጸላም
    ድሕር ኣይትብልን ህዝቢ ጎረቤትካ ምጥላም

    ገለ ሰብ ኣሚኑካ ተገሪሁ
    ቀላጽምካ ብጉርሒ ሰቢሑ
    ደሓን ይእቶ ከሺሑካ ናታኛሁ

  • Selamat,

    It is not just a bug. Besides as tSAtSE I am a bug.

    It is more like a smokescreen or “life in the tragic age of…” the Eritreans and Ethiopians. How about this scenario since speculations were made in the article. Ethiopians are the refugees including Eritreans. The Ethiopians reached out to PMAAA and per the his pre-arranged deal these Ethiopians will reintegrate in Eritrea as Eritreans. Only these Eritreans are honed, skilled
    and sharpened at Israel. A komandis of sorts in these modern age. Is every one blind to the deals made long long ago?

    What is the saying that says something about the rooster back home to roost? Disturbing noise pollutions mocking whom? Mimicking whom? No no a bug it is not. It is more like an infestation of buffoonery.



  • Brhan

    Thanks awate for the news analysis:

    On Abiy innovation, it could be an issue he discussed with DIA , in one of their daily unannounced calls.
    Abiy: “Issu … I am going to Israel. Any thing that I can do for you”
    DIA ” Yeah , Can you do something about the Eritreans who are giving me headache”
    I can’t believe Abiy initiated the issue.

    On extremist Eritreans in Israel:
    They are exploiting the Israeli/ Palestine/Arab conflict and its polarization otherwise it is very hard for a group like this to get plat form anywhere to spread hate.


  • said

    Particularly disturbed of the beating around the bush playing the Ostrich by the Egyptian journalist throwing the blame on the entire world as Egypt remains obstinately grossly delinquent – sticking to myopic self-righteousness – never pausing once for an objective analysis of the merits of the facts pondering Egypt’s responsibilities to FINALLY settle for an equitable and a fair sharing of the Nile Waters that Egypt reserve the great bulk of the Nile waters to itself, Egypt being a none contributor – not even a drop of water to the Nile, as Egypt is taking more than 80% of the Nile waters to the total deprivation of the upstream 9 African Riparian states, foremost populous Ethiopia, the main contributors of the Nile Waters . Egypt’s gross failure to address the sharing of the Niles Waters, especially with Ethiopia, on a responsible fair basis, i.e. addressing this complex international relations question on its merits.
    , Ethiopia of comparable population as Egypt and more than 10% the size of Egypt’s geography, is a contributor of more than 80% of the Nile Water; however, Ethiopia is not capable of harnessing part of the flowing waters of the Nile for irrigation purposes to feed its swollen population and stave off recurring famines that decimate hundreds of thousands of Ethiopians lack for the lack of irrigation systems.

    As Egypt enjoys permanent irrigation of a sizable 15 million acres of Egypt’s fertile land in the Nile Valley – drawing on the Nile waters that Egypt contributes none of it – Ethiopia is confined to permanent irrigation of less than 1.0 million acres, i.e. less than 7% of Egypt’s land under irrigation to feed Ethiopia’s 100 million population. The Rain fall in the high steppes of Ethiopia that feeds into the Nile waters is of a very short duration lasting less than three months of the year.

    Thus, for Ethiopia to harness a portion of the Nile Waters originating in its highlands flowing into Ethiopian territories for essential projects of permanent irrigation and power generation, as is the case with the “Renaissance Dam” project currently under final phase of construction, as appears the logical course to take by a sovereign nation to undertake to solve its enduring socioeconomic problems, the Egyptians are shouting foul.

    Egypt and Sudan – the two only countries that enjoyed the full exploitation of the entire annual 80 billion cubic meters of the Nile waters to the deprivation of the rest of the 9 Riparian African states. The Egyptians, ought to start addressing this most vital and strategic issue on its own merits and try reach a fair and equitable arrangement with Ethiopia and the other Riparian African State, as Egypt, FINALLY, needs to contribute its share of engaging in more efficient utilization and the rationing of the Nile waters. And ( Conserve and NO WASTE)

    Egypt needs to start assuming its responsibilities and cease shouting foul at every important national challenge requiring due compromise and creative enterprise in lieu of engaging in futile polemics as is currently the case in the ongoing dispute over the Nile waters with Ethiopia.

  • Kaddis

    Greetings Awate –

    Its now obvious – Abiy is an instrument that will turn Ethiopia to Congo where we will have a fantastic internet but a government with no money and power to build 20 MW dam without the West/Egypt/UAE approval/ funding. I didn’t have the energy to comment on your Nile article knowing what you currently see is a drama normalizing public opinion on a dead dam. Abiy was paid 3bln and that’s it.

    More than 15 years following the Nile issue – the US dared to make a political statement except to call all parties seat around the Nile Basin Initiatives …imagine when we managed to get 6 countries around the cooperative framework. No US statement. Now the Press secretary orders us to negotiate on managing the dam.

    Abiy and Isias fits the US model for an African rulers. The US wants to deal with one boss to buy a telecom with 50mln subscribers and an Airline among the biggest 10 in Europe ( yes in Europe )….ironically just few months before the national election. Both are weak and power hungry that effectively kills every institution including their parties in their country. No HEGDEF No EPRDF. A country is a strong as its political parties.

    There are some steps remaining around TPLF and the Oromo Federalist camps…but not really significant. TPLF will not sacrifice anything for the undeserving center …so any monetary and power compensation is good enough to play along and remain intact in Tigray. The Oromo federalist power looks already settled for a shared regional and federal power, moral renaissance etc. So don’t expect anything principled from Abiy who facilitated that disgraceful welcome for Isiais and a ring on the figure.

    • Saleh Johar

      The ring ceremony is what Mede me give up. Otherwise, I was very positive and hopeful about the future of the region. But Abiy moved 180degrees opposite to what many expected. Still, I thought he revised his position after the mediation in Sudan and hoped he has learned something genuine in protecting the rights of citizens. Nope. His yoyo diplomacy is just abhorring his complicating things are unheard of. And I lost all hope though I tried hard not to.

      But the rest are not helping either, including the TPLF. Some crazy bug is on the lose that makes all crazy.

      You seem to have concluded the dam will not be operational, am I right? But the Egyptians and their selfish attitude is also worse. Add to that the uae and it’s wild ambition. Can you please explain?

      • Kaddis

        Selam Gash Saleh,

        As discussed few months back regionalising our internal politics ( adding Eritrea, UAE, Saudi, Egypt, US etc ) is mainly to overpower the change makers and corruption. Abiy’s OPDO knows it doesn’t have a social base to stay on power compared to the activists base; even if TPLF left the space for them. OPDO doesn’t have any intention of democratic transition.

        So – Abiy promised many things for many actors to remain on power. Most of the external actors are invited prefers one corrupt ruler than a coalition. Saay even thought the money paid by the Saudi’s/ UAE was used to pay off Eth debt. There is no official statement on this yet. Plus our debt to GDP didn’t even reached 40% …so there was no desperation (Abiy admitted to parliament its our repayment capacity not the debt volume per se).
        The payments by UAE was exactly what Meles feared some say – the Gulf financing Egypt’s greed. Ethiopia was advised since 2 years ago by African experts – to deal with the Gulf powers cautiously as they were losing ground in Syria, Iraq and partly Yemen and were looking for a region to dominate. The Horn is not the same anymore.

        So Abiy doesn’t have any geopolitical or regional ambition except to overwhelm its surrounding and money by risking everything Ethiopia worked for.

        I can go on and explain how the US ( neoliberal, anti-China ) UAE’s regional ambition and Egypt greed, Isiais anti EPRDF stance, found an alignment and Abiy’s backdoor presidential preparation …it would be talking the obvious. Yes – on the Abay Dam …it will not be operational anytime soon …even it happens many years later it will not have any significance on Ethiopia’s future.

        • Berhe Y

          Dear Kaddis,

          I can understand Ethiopia’s political condition is worrying. I was not in favour of any privatization of those public institutions and selling them off too foreign entities.

          Warren Buffet best companies who invests are those he calls who have tolls (like bridge toll). You own them and you will never have to worry about making money, because as time goes on their value keeps going up. Ethiopian Airlines, Ethiopian Telecom, Ethiopian Electricity etc, are such capacity and who ever buys them now will rip the benefit for foreseeable future. I don’t think Ethiopia needs to rush in selling this assets, the consequence will be huge for future generation. That’s a side comment …

          But what I want to ask you about and if you can comment on Tigray / TPLF ambition.

          I think now that their options coming to power in Ethiopia has become bleak, they are looking North to Eritrea and they seem to dare to create havoc at the expense of ERITREAN people. I don’t know if TPLF is sponsoring these people but it seems very coordinated and it’s tragedy that we have to deal with this now.

          Their projects are:
          1) Agazian – I think it has failed
          2) Tigray – Tigringini – I think that has failed as well
          3) Tigray – Not Eritrea any more, but it was Tigray (only created by Italy)
          4) Tigray – Tigriena (latest I heard). It’s not Tigrinya speakers from Tigray and Eritrea, but it’s the Tigrinya speakers if Eritrea and those who speak Tigre (around 80+ Eritrea’s population), abd they have incorporated Afar, Saho and Kumama, basically not only ERITREAN lands but with its whole population and wanted it erased from the map and be Tigray.

          Are the TPLF gone mad? They don’t see a future within Ethiopia anymore?

          And what are thinking their plan will work? Are Eritreans just to surrender?


          • Selamat Berhe_Y,

            ከምቲ ኢሰያስ ን ኣቢይ ዝበሎ ከምቲ ኣነ ኣቐዲመ ንዓኻ ዝበልኩኻ፥ “ንስኻ ምርሓና።”

            Here let me just go ahead and say how PM3A may differ with your views. He may feel he is merely taping into or increasing foreign investments to bolster more capital maneuvering capacity as well as increasing management and technology power tools to these Ethiopian assets converting them to multinational corporations. Majority share limitations could be an issue the legislative power in Ethiopia dictate by law. What is the law that defines a corporation as an Ethiopian corporation is a good question to ask. As opposed to rejecting privatization out right. Because in a dictatorship like ours, without a legislative body for decades, the unfortunate reality is that there exists today millions foreign corporations all over the globe in partnership with a single owner giving cover and laundering billions which they will be free to keep due to the obvious lack of accountability and the lack of law …. hence the lady on tour of the law.

            Sorry for the intentional insertion of insert BM’s melodic long and broad nation’s history. The truth of the matter is that you are very cognizant of the undesirable ugly rise WE call today fascists in increasingly growing closer amidst.

            ብ መትከልካ ትልለ ኤርትራዊ ሙኻንካ። አዚ መትከል ክውረር ኮሎ ንስኻ ኢኻ ዕጡቕ ሰራዊትና ማዕሪኡ ዕርድኻ ኣደልዲልካ ትከላኸለሉ። አቲ ፍርዲ ኢዩ ዕርዲ ብሕጊ። ጸረ መጥቃዕቲ ኣካይድካ ኣብቲ ግቡአ ቦቱኡ ተፋንዎ።

            ቦሃሸም ኢሉ ከም ኣብነት፡ አቲ ለውጢ ን ስለ ውሽጢ ዝኾነ፡ ካብ ውሽጢ ኢዩ ዝመጽአ። ድኽመቱ ስልቶም ኩሎም ናይ መደንዘዚ መዳኼምኻ ፎሲ ንኹሉ አንዳ ወዘዑ ን ኸይትሰምዕ ኣጽሚሞምኻ መሲልዎም ብጋህዲ ንስርሒታቶምን ስልቶምን ናይ ስልጣኖም ዕብዳን ብድፍረት ኣብ ዝአመኑሉ አዋናት ኢና ዘለና።

            ኣስተብህል ኣስተውዕል ዝሕል በል መን ኢዩ አቲ ገበል አቲ ዝውዕል ንመዋአል ዘሎ ዝኣልም ዝምውል ዘምስል ዝመስል ዘመሳስል።

            ይመስልካ ብ ውዕል ዝብድል ዝድብል ዘይተረደኦ አዚ ጽኑዕ መትከል ናይ ናቕፋ ሳዋ ናይ


            ጃይ ጻጸ Gi tSAtSE

          • Berhe Y

            Hi tSAtSE,

            All the industrial park that Ethiopia has build is not making changes to the lives of ordinary people. I read somewhere the Ethiopian government slogan to attract companies to switch over “1/7 the price of China and 1/2 of Bangladesh”, that’s about 26 dollars a month.

            How much did they borrow to build those parks?

            Rwanda on the other hand started manufacturing of mobile phones and is able to create jobs for its highly trained engineers (650 engineers).

            China did not become China by borrowing money and bring the Chinese expert to build everything. They closed their economy but they were building their work force and educated class.

            Once they know how to do everything and do it better they opened to the world.

            These African leaders, all they know is how to steal money while it lasts and stash it abroad when their time is up.


          • Teodros Alem

            selam berhe
            1, ethiopia in one zone (not kilil) alone expected to creat half a million jobs from the industries that has been building become fully operational at that particular zone alone.
            2, ethiopia has been manufacturing mobile phone since 7-8 years ago.
            3, except ethio- telecom , ethiopian airlines and ethio- electric company half of thier total asset is a cradit/loan from central bank of ethiopia and from foreign banks.

          • መሃንድስ-ምዕባለ

            Selam Teodros,
            On #2: It is different than the phones build in Ethiopia, Algeria, Egypt, SA, etc.
            The entirety of its product is produced and assembled in Rwanda. Meaning, the entire manufacturing process, from the motherboard all the way to the packaging of the phone is done in Rwanda (there is no imported parts).

          • Berhe Y

            Hi Teodros,

            You don’t see a problem with 26 dollars per month salary?

            You don’t a problem advertising to attract investors “cost 1/2 of what it would cost in Bangladesh”, this is official policy.

            What happens in Bangladish horrible to the workers. And I don’t think Ethiopia or any other African country race to beat matter how many jobs it creates.this is not creating jobs but importing exploitation of people.

            I am sure an Ethiopian can make more money planting tomato in a pot rather than work there.


          • Selam Berhe Y.,

            If living in extreme poverty is characterized as living on less than $2.00 a day, then, there is no justification for the $26 a month salary. This exposes the governments for allowing it to happen and for not doing enough to correct it, and the investors for inhuman exploitation. It does not happen in kenya or elsewhere in africa. With a rising inflation and life so expensive in ethiopia nowadays, it is difficult to imagine how people succeed to make ends meet.

          • Teodros Alem

            selam berhe
            I don’t know where did u got this 26 dollar thing. as far as i know the salary of the people working in those industries is not flat rate, it varies from postion to postion.
            do u know it is hard to find a trusted house maid or a trusted private house gard for 100 dollars ( 3000 birr)in addis and some other places?

          • Berhe Y

            Hi Teodros,

            There is an article by Addisfortune titled “Low Wages Cast Shadow on Industrial Parks” and it’s based on a report by STERN Center of New York University.

            Here is a quote from the article.

            “The government’s eagerness to attract foreign investment let it to promote the lowest base wage in any garment-producing country – now set at the equivalent of 26 dollars a month”.


          • Teodros Alem

            selam berhe
            am not talking about newspaper(fake) here, am talking about the reality on the ground. the gov might say stuff like u said above to attract investors untill they come and start build their companies in ethiopia but i can tell u nobody works for 26 dollar a month salary.
            Like i said it is impossible to find a house maid or a private house gaurd in lessthan 3000 birr(over 100 dollar) salary including a food and a place to sleep in addis and some other cities.
            but i know there r salary complain not just on those industries but all over ethiopia.

          • Berhe Y

            Hi Teodros,

            Ok you know better then. But there is government minster who was asked and his reply is there.


          • Teodros Alem

            selam berhe
            i don’t know what the gov. minister has said about it but what ever he said don’t mean he/she said the truth, it means he delivered a message to convince a targeted audience .

          • Berhe Y

            Hi Teodros,

            And that’s useless. No development will come by deceitful means.

            It’s simple, the government policy is to earn hard currency and want to attract those exploiters abd the well being of their people is not the highest priority.

            Learn from us, the PFDJ ways. PFDJ even goes further, it exploits the people who go to work in middle eastern country’s as maids.

            No meaning full development or growth will ever come if the welfare of your people is the highest priority.


          • Teodros Alem

            selam berhe
            the reason that government attracts investors is basically for the development of the country by earning hard currency, creating jobs, tax and so on.
            but not all investment r successful because of so many reasons like corruptions, wrong policies, unworkable environment and so on.
            and that is the history of investments in the world.
            the point is how to learn from the failure and creat a conducive environment for investment.

          • Nitricc

            No meaning full development or growth will ever come if the welfare of your people is the highest priority.

            Berhe what Ingenious!!! you are hahahaha you are regressing by the day. dumb.

          • Berhe Y


            You know what I mean (isn’t) , Hangol derho.

            Have you read your god latest occupation, setting price for Hamli qosta and commedere. (Lattice and tomato).


          • Nitricc

            Have you read your god latest occupation, setting price for Hamli qosta and commedere. (Lattice and tomato).

            Yes Genius but I thought you believe ….

            No meaning full development or growth will ever come if the welfare of your people is-NOT the highest priority.

          • Berhe Y

            Hi Nitricc,

            What’s your point? Are you saying controlling price of minister of hamli qisTa and commuters is a good policy.

            The government can control what it can control, like petrol, imported materials etc.

            It has no way to control what people produce in their farms. People would rather go under and create under ground economy rather than dump their products because of what government asks.

            Now everything will be scarce in no time.

            The government should encourage policy and plans so by people have the means to be more productive and increase supply so prices comes down naturally.

            All those items are perishable goods, which is it’s in the best interest of the products to sell them quickly and cash in.


          • Nitricc

            Hi Berhe; I don’t except you to get the point of this pricing thing. Soon the border will be opened and Eritrea markets are going to be flooded by Ethiopian products. So what is going on is, the government is trying to situated for to come with Eritrean producers. Soon, food commodity will be extremely inexpensive. As always the Eritrean government a kilometer ahead of you and your slow kind.

          • Berhe Y

            Hi Nitricc,

            You really are something.


          • Selamat MOD,

            Did the post violate the definition of single proprietary? Pending because?


            Gi tSAtSE

          • Kaddis

            Selam Berhe –

            I don’t speak tigrigna ( Guragigna either lol ) so I dont know these Agazian etc things. I only follow official statements and trends on social media. You dont see much Somali’s in the main cities of Ethiopia in business or beurocracy etc…does it mean Somali is done with Ethiopia? The Oromo elites are fighting to keep what tplf introduced as a system …even ESAT the hate media is crying the current admin needs to respect the constitution. So – nationalities are fighting to keep the system that gave us hope as a country and resisting this uncharted transition. So Tplf is more of a system than just a party here.

            The border opening showed there is no issue between the people of tigray and Eritrea. Since you ( an Eritrean) are not in a position to dictate, predict and understand the moves of Isiaias – I would understand if Tplf becomes very defensive towards Shabia. They actually took a risk of opening their border without proper negotiation.
            Not sure if this helps. Cheers

        • saay7

          A message from Amde:


          Nothing gets me more resistant to getting back in limelight than to have sobriquets such as an undeserved “great” haha.. No worries … I am seeing a shrink about it.

          As you might probably know, I dont feel we (Ethiopia) are in a particularly goid patch right now. But I still feel Abiy is still showing himself to be a better deal than the other choices that are out there.

          I dont really have nice things to say about TPLF, least of all its assertion of its own intellectual superiority. I don’t find their positions, and their sabotaging of the Abiy admin, and their manifest desire to stoke Amara Nationalism, and work towards creating a failed Amara state as a neighbor to be particularly sane. OK I think they are insane. But I am not sure if I have the energy to argue this – to me quite evident madness – when history will render it’s judgement very quickly methinks. Let us see how a Tigray surrounded by a bunch of failed states IA going to make its way in the world – on the other hand.. Maybe we shouldn’t – I have too much sympathy for the common people of Tigray.

          I wish TPLF found a role for itself around the kind of economic arguments Kaddis articulates. There is a desperate need for it. If they were to drop this weird nationalistic bloodletting and become the core of a leftist (pro-poor) agenda national party, they can still stay relevant in Ethiopian politics and help all of us out.

          And now you are going to tell me:
          “Don’t tell me – say it on Awate!!”. Haha

          Fair enough wise guy.

          I am in a particularly busy season at work so maybe after next week things might ease up quite a bit for me. I will pop in. I do miss the gang – but the relentless bashing of Abiy was irritating and then I found time off from daily politics was a good thing for the soul.


          • Selamat Admiral,

            “sobriquets” the duke and the earl. I was just thinking of you when I was typing the insert your choice of. Are the four + s four * s? You four star Gs and Amde s, and us the wardens at Awate. Depriving the latter ሰንሰለታዊ access to Abbie. Surely your will be vacationing or at least allow for the quality of your daily work to suffer a bit or sacrifice. It is not an intentional or simple characteristic of the bug A(i)nt. (i) = -.

            I have also thought about watching again your debate with AbdulraHman Bohashim. Hence “sobriquets”. Fitting Aint (minus the i) it?


            Gi tSAtSE

          • Kaddis

            Dear Amde ( thank you saay for the delivery 🙂

            I am not going to discuss this in full force either . I think the time is over explaining the center’s ( mainly Amharic, not necessarily Amhara ) privilege. Too much denial. Now it’s a high time to adopt to a power centre shift.

            The undeserving centre ( glued by Amharic based economy and bureaucracy ) was never shaken economically the last 27 years. The economy added more wealth during tplf, the share expanded and gets more corrupted. I don’t have to be scientific but you can see all the colourfully dressed, well-kept youth celebrating from Ashenda in the north to Gifata in Wolaita. 2 million people pay to travel to Gishen Mariam now days. I grew up middle class but patching a trouser was a thing. The youth now pay for cultural dresses in thousands.

            What’s funny people try to separate political economy ( I would add security & development here) when they don’t want to admit tplf did well. Tplf, for so many reasons, including the state led economy it was following became corrupted, become ruthless to protect that and ended up with a cadre pool to push the country forward. They ended up with Abiy’s type; to be thrown from inside. Yibelachew. China, Korea faced similar issues, state capture etc.. ..but they didn’t dropped everything, sold their cow and showed up at the Emir’s palace. They corrected what was missing ( rule of law in Ethiopia case ) and pushed.

            Labeling tplf an apartheid and arming to fight it is what is killing the economy and bringing lawlessness. The privileged centre was supposed to protect the system that was making it rich – but hate and ignorance left it open for external parties to enter with free pass; Isias dressed in Kaba while Teddy Afro singing. Assuming Tplf would be pressured. Shame.

            I am not in a position to talk about Amhara nationalism – but it has the potential to lift its region and the Amharic centre if its well defined ( as defined as the Oromo and Tigray elites did) Not in a position what Tplf’s role should be either, looks they know their way around and. …I have never been their constituency.

          • saay7

            Hi Addis:

            Not responding for Amde, as I wouldn’t be capable of it: just a short note to welcome you back as I think your contribution is informative and as sophisticated as his. I am hoping as this website shows zero tolerance for the trolls, those with something to contribute will.

            I will note one striking difference between those who defend TPLF and PFDJ while claiming not to be members/constituents: even in that milieu the Ethiopian side seems to be sophisticated while ours have not graduated from spouting PFDJ talking points and cliches.

            Welcome back Kaddis!


          • Mez

            Hi Dear Kaddis,

            As far as the key factors you mentioned go the direction of competitiveness, rule of law, and transparency–i think tplf would futher stay as king of kings among the political parties in Ethiopia.

            All other paths are going to lead into a cycle of self-dwarfing political dynamics.


          • leGacY

            Greetings Ato.Saay,

            Good to hear from Ato. Amde. I haven’t been frequenting this forum myself but would absolutely love to see more of Amde’s incisive take on contemporary Horn Affairs. I have been feeling very gloomy regarding the prospects of the nation and reading his half glass empty take on current issues makes me even despair more.

          • saay7

            Hi leGacY:

            Ethiopia is a big complex country where the marginalized vastly outnumber the enfranchised. And with that dynamic, it’s a marvel how Ethiopia is holding together, in no small measure due due to the appeal of the Teret. You guys will be fine: the glass is half full.


  • Selam All,

    Abiy Ahmed, the ethiopian pm came up with ‘innovative projects’, to bring back eritrean asylum seekers ‘under wonderful conditions’. It looks as if it has come out of one of trump’s twitter posts. It seems that all dictators use fake news as a major weapon during elections.

    Maybe Netrnyahu was trying to sell his meeting and the discussion he had with Abey as a political ploy to gain more votes from the Israeli people, because he was afraid that people were turning their backs on him. Even the visit was said to be a means to win the hearts and minds of the ethiopian jews who seem to have been disappointed with the racist policies of Netenyahu’s government.

    The PM of Israel may think that Abey is the right person to talk to Isaias Afeworki about eritrean refugees, and world leaders similarly believe the same thing since the last peace agreement. Unpredictable as Isaias maybe, it seems that that was not the case. Nothing has been heard since Abiy’s return.

    Doing even the least thing that may help somebody in despair is not a bad idea, and when it is done to alleviate the sufferings of eritrean refugees in israel and elsewhere, be it the person is an eritrean or a foreigner. Abiy has shown on many occasions that he has a soft spot in his heart for refugees. Wherever he went he came back with a plane full of ethiopian refugees or sent planes to bring them back home, wherever they were stuck, be it in Saudi Arabia, Libya, Tanzania, etc. I am sure that he has already done a lot if his aim was to gain recognition and a title. It is part of his nature.

    I do not know if the 200k eritrean refugees in ethiopia are raw material as well for Abiy, if the 20k are characterized as such. If there is money that comes out of refugees, it won’t be the same as some eritreans have done through trafficking human beings and trading in human organs of their compatriots, that caused an immense mental and physical sufferings and deaths. If Abiy has anything to do, it is humanitarian – it is not about money or title.

    The aim, in my opinion, is to soften the heart of the dictator, which many think that Abiy is the right person to do, so that IA accepts back home his people. Eritrean elites have not brought an iota of change in their country to ameliorate the plight of their people, other than to wait for the dictator’s natural demise, and the fittest is expected to survive until that day, be it in ten, twenty or even thirty years. Even after the demise of the dictator, no-one knows how that day is going to be – different or the same? Accusing somebody who may try to help, even if it is against their political stand, is not the right thing. They should accept even the little relief from suffering that might come by softening the heart of the dictator, because Abiy is in no place to force it upon IA, other than calling upon a change of heart.

    If somebody does nothing to help, he/she is accused of doing nothing, even if somebody does something to help, again no one is spared of accusation. It is a weird world that can’t give a solution nor accepts another solution. The isaias factor, could be influenced at last against all odds, is the main point here. No solution is the right solution unless the solution is to the satisfaction of the eritrean elites, and the dire situation of the refugees does not seem to be an urgent agenda. It is wrong. Why shouldn’t eritreans return back to their homes instead of suffering and dying in the four corners of the world even if IA is in power, provided he changes his modus operandi, even at this late stage in his life. No one knows, it could happen. Otherwise, one must go and get him. Accusing somebody else will not help the situation. Unfortunately, whatever ethiopia does is simply an anathema.

    Finally, the so called the “Orit” nation shows the frustration and hopelessness, the danger of giving up on independent eritrea, and the wish to sail blindly to uncharted waters, wherever they may end up. When reality is replaced with myth it shows that the situation has become stagnant for too long and it is creating hallucinations.

    • Saleh Johar

      Hi Horizon,
      I think freedom and justice is not a business transaction, it’s based on principle. How long do you struggle for your dignity? A year, two, ten and then give up? Some people choose to abide by the famous saying, “Give me liberty, or give me death! “.

      As for waiting for a stone heart to soften, it is just that. Immerse a stone on water and it will not soften even if you wait for a century. That’s why people play the waiting game–the main thing I like the biblical stories of Jonah, Moses, etc. It’s all about perseverance, a waiting game. Agree 🙂

      Misgivings: anyone, prime minister or waiter, if they side with your tormentor, and tirelessly try to embolden him, well, your position should be stark clear on them. I hope you understand the situation better.

      Thank you for the pleasant provocation.

    • Desbele

      Selam Horizon,
      You wrote” Abiy has shown on many occasions that he has a soft spot in his heart for refugees”. Probably for Ethiopian refugees. On those occasions that he returns them back home i anticipate he discussed with the Ethiopian refugees and feel their plight and their need. In the case of Eritreans in Israel , I dont think he ever discuss with the Eritrean refugees and hence shouldnt ‘innovate’ on their fate. Simply because he doesnt know their need. Most of the Eritrean refugees pass through Ethiopia in their journey to Israel and I dont think they are willing to return there. “To soften the heart of the dictator” is also just nonsense. None of the Eritrean refugees i believe would ever want to return to Eritrea as long as the dictator is in power. Even if the dictator want to accept them back. And more, DIA’s heart is dead hard to be rehabilitated/softened. I wish Abiy just shut up on any Eritrean issue. Either he is too naive or is manipulating our misery for his own selfish interest.

  • Kokhob Selam

    Dear All,

    Will Ethiopian PM would succeed with his plan? Time will show us, As for me leave his full plan, he is not managing his tiny internal conflicts..all sectors are corrupted..