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Sudanese Source: Isaias Seeking Reconciliation With Ethiopia

Sudan’s president, Omar Al-Bashir, is the closest and, probably, the only friend that the Eritrean president, Isaias Afwerki, has. The leaders of the neighboring states, both shunned by regional and international governments, find solace in each other’s company. Now, according to our diplomatic sources in Sudan, Al-Bashir’s long-standing proposal to normalize relations between Eritrea and…

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Eritreans Demonstrate In Front of Israeli Embassies

Eritreans in major cities around the world demonstrated today in front of Israeli embassies and consulates on behalf of all African refugees and asylum seekers. According to one of the organizers, “the demonstration was a grassroots movement that began with an idea to bring awareness of the plight of our people in Tel Aviv.” She…

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Eritreans Stranded in Indonesia

Eritrean refugees en route to Australia are stranded in Indonesia after their smugglers abandoned them when they learned Australian coast guard had intensified patrol of the seas. The Eritreans, who originated from Ethiopia, Sudan and Saudi Arabia, are mostly youth escaping “National Service”, the mandatory military service which was originally designed as an 18-month service…

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National Security Team Discusses TPDM Role in Roundup

In the late afternoon of November 5, Brigadier General Tekle Kifle “Manjus” presided over a meeting to discuss, among other things, the fallout from the youth round-up that was conducted on the weekend of October 26th where, for the first time, it was disclosed that an Ethiopian opposition group based in Eritrea, the Ethiopian People’s…

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A Mercenary Army: Isaias Afwerki’s Last Stand

The Tigray People’s Democratic Movement (TPDM, known by its Tigrinya accornym De.M.H.T.) is one of half a dozen Ethiopian opposition groups stationed in Eritrea whose mission statement appears to have changed from bringing change to Ethiopia to fighting change in Eritrea by being President Isaias Afwerki’s last enforcement unit. Over the weekend, TPDM was dispatched…

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Special Rapporteur, Eritreans Address Root Cause of Their Exodus

Eritrea is a country riddled with extra-judicial killing; disappearance; incommunicado detention; denial of fundamental human rights and indefinite military conscription which is tearing the very fabric of the society, according to Ms. Sheila B. Keetharuth, the UN Special Rapporteur to Eritrea. Her report was made on Thursday to the Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee (Third…

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The Conditions of Eritrean Refugees and POWs In Djibouti

Last week, Eritrean journalist Mohammed Taha Tewekel was in Djibouti to press Djiboutian authorities to improve the living conditions of Eritrean detainees, prisoners of war (POWs) and refugees. Djiboutian authorities declared that they have dealt with more than 500 Eritreans who were members of the Eritrean military. Out of those, 235 have already been settled…

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UNSC: Eritrean Regime “Threat to International Peace and Security”

Following the report of the Somalia-Eritrea Monitoring Group (SEMG), the United Nations Security Council passed  resolution (2111) on 24 July to relax the arms embargo on Somalia and Eritrea, to extend SEMG’s mandate until November 25, 2014, to “underline” the importance of Eritrea granting access to the SEMG. The UN bases its authority to impose…

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UN Monitoring Group Recommends “Gold-for-Food” In Eritrea

On July 13, 2013, the Monitoring Group on Somalia and Eritrea (SEMG), which is mandated by the UN to observe and report on sanctions violations by Somalia and Eritrea, submitted its annual report to the Security Council. Even though the 500-page report on Somalia was released, a shorter 80-page report on Eritrea, recommending a “gold…

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Archdiocese of the Eritrean Orthodox Tewahdo Church Appeals to the UN

The Archdiocese of the Eritrean Orthodox Tewahdo Church in Diaspora sent a letter of appeal on May 24 to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon calling for “the immediate release of His Holiness Patriarch Antonios from prison” and that he be provided “with the necessary medical care.” The news was first reported by, a US-based website.…

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Al-Nahda Reports From Eritrea: A Satire

13 Apr 2014 Semere Andom (11)

My iPod is glued to my ears, my mind multi-tasking and gestating for block buster articles for the next season.…

Politics of Census

11 Apr 2014 Wed Amir (13)

Census is the complete enumeration of a population or groups at a point in time with respect of well-defined characteristics…

Wikaw Iz Without General Uqbe

12 Apr 2014 Awate Team (69)

EriTV has a slogan: Serving The Truth. Yet, the government-owned national television and its sister outlets rarely engage in serving…

Tesfay W. Degiga’s Eulogy for Ahmed Nasser

09 Apr 2014 Semere T Habtemariam (7)

Tesfay W. Degiga’s Eulogy for Ahmed Nasser In Memorial Service held in Oakland, California, on April 6, 2014 (Translated from Tigrinya…




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