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Is Sweden Now Relevant to The Eritrean Regime?

In an interview conducted by the Swedish journalist Donald Boström in 2009, Isaias Afwerki considered Sweden insignificant and questioned: “Why should I think of Sweden? Why should I waste my time thinking of Sweden?” Last week, the Swedish government expelled Tekle Mengistu, the chief diplomat at the Eritrean embassy in Stockholm giving him 48 hours…

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Isaias Arrives In Cairo To An Arab League Condemnation

In a press release issued on Sept. 7, 2014, the League of Arab States meeting, held at the level of Arab foreign ministers condemned Eritrea for “the kidnapping of a Djiboutian soldier from the demilitarized zone” on the border between Eritrea and Djibouti. The Arab League “demanded the State of Eritrea to release [the soldier]…

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Isaias Afwerki Hijacks Qatar Airways

Qatar, which is mediating the Eritrea-Djibouti border demarcation, appears to have yielded to Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki’s blackmailing by instructing Qatar Airways to include Eritrea in its destinations. The State-owned Qatar Airways made its announcements to schedule twice-weekly flights from Doha to Asmara on August 13, 2014, days after the Isaias Afwerki regime arrested a…

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Eritrea Detains A Djiboutian Officer And Embarrasses Qatar

Last week Eritrean forces detained Lieutenant Qassim Mohammed, a Djiboutian officer who was accompanying Qatari officers to the Eritrean side of the demilitarized zone between the two countries. Qatar has been unsuccessfully mediating between Eritrea and Djibouti since 2010, following the border clashes between the two countries two years earlier. Under the auspices of Sheikh…

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Sweden Might Arrest Eritrean Officials On Arrival

Eritrean officials cancelled their plan to attend the festival they were hosting in Sweden when Swedish officials informed them on 24 July that they could not accommodate their request to meet with senior Swedish officials on such short notice. Gedab News has also confirmed that the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs told the Eritrean officials…

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Swedish Policy On Eritrea: The Carrot Or The Stick?

Gedab News learned that last week a delegation of 11 Eritrean Government officials including the foreign minister, Osman Saleh, and the presidential adviser, Yemane Gebreab, cancelled their planned travel to Sweden in the last minute. The delegation had planned to attend the Eritrean government organized festival in the outskirts of Stockholm, Sweden. On July 30,…

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Stockholm Rally Against Eritrean Government Festival

The Swedish- Eritrean partnership for Democracy/ SESADU (Svensk-eritreansk samarbetsorganisation FÄr demokratiutveckling) is calling for “a massive rally” against an Eritrean government sponsored festival planned for the period from July 31st to August 3rd in the suburbs of Stockholm. Using local facades, every summer the Eritrean government holds “propaganda festivals” to increase its exposure among the…

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Eritrea: Call For Cold War Displeases China

Gedab News learned that recently Chinese diplomats met the Eritrean president and protested against the Eritrean government’s attempts to ignite a superpower confrontation in its conflict with Ethiopia. The development has encouraged whispers among senior officials of the regime who are becoming more anxious by the day. China which has invested heavily in all Africa,…

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Eritrea: Sawa Festival and the Welfare States

The Sawa yearly youth festival will be held in Sawa, Eritrea, from July 18th to 20th, 2014. On the occasion, the graduation of the 27th round of conscripts will take place. Sawa is a military camp where Eritrean students are transferred to finish their last year of high school. Based on proclamation 82 of 1995,…

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Gissen, Germany, Bans PFDJ Festival

Following the example of the belated decision by the Italian city of Bologna to ban Eritrean government sponsored festivals, Giessen, Germany, has now decided to ban Eritrean government sponsored festivals. Until last year, Giessen hosted such festivals every summer. For many years, Eritreans from Germany and other parts of Europe have been demonstrating against the…

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Eritrea: Few Embassies, Many Chanceries

13 Oct 2014 Saleh "Gadi" Johar Comments (36)

The democratic regime of Isaias Afwerki is known for its extensive informational (not propaganda) activities and thankfully it enjoys full…

A Coup In Eritrea: Reality Check

12 Oct 2014 Mahmud Saleh Comments (33)

I would like to thank Amanuel Hidrat for his well researched and educational article. I really appreciate the time and…

UN Sanctions On Eritrea Will Continue Indefinitely

10 Oct 2014 Gedab News Comments (123)

On May 23, 2014 Gedab News predicted that UN Sanctions against Eritrea will stay in limbo, today it has been…

Democratic Coup In Eritrea: Unrealistic Utopian Project

09 Oct 2014 Amanuel Hidrat Comments (76)

When you undertake a revolution, the difficulty is not to make it go; it is to…




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