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Eritrean Exodus: Reversing The Trail Of Moses

In an act of complete desperation, a mainly-Eritrean crowd of refugees in Israel has decided to march to the Sahara this Friday morning. About one thousand refugees left the barbed wire protected Holot detention camp on their way to the Sahara to protest their mistreatment by Israeli authorities. Eritreans have been escaping from their country…

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Eritrean Mining: China’s Wanbao Withdraws

Recently, Wanbao, China’s largest state owned mining firm announced its withdrawal from Eritrea and that it would no longer seek a stake in the cash strapped Canadian mining company Sunridge Gold. The company [Sunridge] which has been involved in the exploration of precious metals in Eritrea since 2003 was unable to reach production phase due…

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Eritrea: Demographic and Environmental Crisis

UN Special Rapporteur on human rights situation in Eritrea disclosed that 4,000 Eritreans are fleeing their country each month. Thousands more are unaccounted for since they are not registered with UNHCR or other agencies that tracks new arrivals. Many Eritrean refugees leave their country and melt away in the neighboring countries, mainly in Ethiopia, Sudan…

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Eritrea: NEVSUN’s Multi-million Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

Recently, Nevsun, the Canadian mining company operating in Eritrea, approved a multi-million class action lawsuit settlement brought by a New York-based law firm representing shareholders and investors.  The firm had accused Nevsun of US securities fraud. Nevsun owns 60% of the Bisha Mining Share Company in western Eritrea while the remaining 40% is owned by…

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Eritrea: UN Sanctions In Limbo

The UN Security Council-imposed sanctions on Eritrea are trapped at UNSC in a situation that an observer described as, “From quid pro quo to tit for tat.” Impact of the four year old UN-imposed sanctions against Eritrea is increasingly hampering ordinary financial transactions, tourism and travel services to and from Eritrea. These are critical sectors…

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The Politics of Eritrea’s Independence Day

As it usually does, the Eritrean regime has been preparing for this year’s independence anniversary, which is unusually grand in its scope. For over a month, the news and pre-celebration programs have been a regular stable on the government-controlled media, including the state-owned television station (Eri-TV) which has been running 24-hour coverage of the activities…

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Major General Omer Tewil Died in Prison

Gedab News learned that Major General Omer Hassen “Tewil” died in prison early this morning. His body was not given to his family by the time this news was published. Major General Tewil was arrested in connection with the Forto incident of January 21, 2013, in which several army officers stormed the Ministry of Information…

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Ethar Delivers Emergency relief To Eritrean Refugees In Yemen

Ethar Relief, a UK based humanitarian organization has delivered emergency relief to Eritrean refugees who are stranded in Yemen and sleeping in the streets. The Executive director of the British based organization, Mr. Sultan Omer, said his organization has delivered sponge mattresses and blankets for the 216 refugees. It has also set aside a budget…

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Eritrean Opposition Officials Touring the USA

In a meeting described by some attendees “as one of its kind”, yesterday, the chairman of the Eritrean National Council for Democratic Change (ENCDC) Mr. Tseggai Yohannes and his deputy Ms. Freweini Habtemariam concluded a meeting in Dallas, Texas. Since they arrived in San Francisco, California on April 3, 2014, the two officials held public…

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Isaias Afwerki Hijacks Qatar Airways

14 Aug 2014 Gedab News Comments (32)

Qatar, which is mediating the Eritrea-Djibouti border demarcation, appears to have yielded to Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki’s blackmailing by instructing…

Never Mind The Calf: Mind The Rustler

12 Aug 2014 Awate Team Comments (480)

Africans in general, and Eritreans specifically, remain skeptical about the benefits of high profile summits, meetings, conventions, and discussions at…

Eritrea Detains A Djiboutian Officer And Embarrasses Qatar

10 Aug 2014 Gedab News Comments (85)

Last week Eritrean forces detained Lieutenant Qassim Mohammed, a Djiboutian officer who was accompanying Qatari officers to the Eritrean side…

Dejen: The Man YG Chose

09 Aug 2014 Tesfabirhan Weldegabir Redie Comments (94)

A piercing Gaze:YG attempted to fuse Kafka’s parables with Dejen’s history with the aim of creating an imaginative political fantasy.…




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