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Eritreans in Ethiopia Fear for Their Safety

Several Eritrean opposition members who live in Ethiopia have been facing harassment and fear since the Ethiopian Civil wars intensified.

Some members whose organizations had varying degree of presence in Ethiopia. However, since Isaias Afwerki and Abiy Ahmed made a pact in in July 2018, they have been living in precarious situation. Since then, Eritrean intelligence operatives have been working in tandem with the Ethiopian intelligence units and spreading fear and anxiety to the opposition of Isaias Afwerki’s government.

Since the start of the war in Ethiopia, the country’s security forces have arrested a  few member of the Eritrean opposition on vague accusations. They stayed behind bars for three weeks. They were released after the Ethiopian courts acquitted them. However, the security forces didn’t respect the court ruling and arrested them again only to release them after two more weeks.

While all the members who lived in Addis Ababa are accounted for, the whereabout of a few others who lived in Tigrai  are unknown.

In addition to the risk on their life, “they are in dire financial situation, particularly those who have families and children. Their colleagues who regularly visited Ethiopia used to provide them with some help until the situation in Ethiopia deteriorated and diaspora opposition members do not travel to Ethiopia anymore.

A leader of an opposition organization said, “we are appealing to the Ethiopian government to guarantee the safety of our members since their living conditions are life threatening.”  He added, “The UNHCR that has a presence in Ethiopia is aware of the situation of the individuals who need emergent protection.

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  • Metaphor

    I suppose this was inevitable although it is no less tragic. In regards to the Eritrean opposition in Ethiopia; it was never a monolithic group…some were TPLF’s darlings and had no qualms about riding the coattails of TPLF into Eritrea if such a plan was deemed wise back then. Others advocated for a non-violent approach where change occurs inside the country and saw their roles in all of this as only political. I don’t personally feel sorry for the former (most of whom were content with the divisive politics that wrecked havoc on the opposition movements throughout the world) but sad that the latter now find themselves in danger.

  • Nitricc

    Hi all; this news I consider to be many news from so many medias about the Eritrean refugee in Ethiopia but this news seems to the truth. The bright side they are back home out from the harm’s way. The way thing going on, i wish all go back home.

  • said

    If “the pen is mightier than the sword”
    we are witnessing history in our country at our own peril. If history is any guide. I loathe predicting the future. Eritrean are able to offer a more compelling vision for change.

    Yesterday Abi Mentioned that (He saw an Eritrean restaurant owner on Bole Road taken away by armed men in a broad daylight. He was in the restaurant when this happened) just one as a example of innocent private citizen he basic right was violated by Eritrean government flouting international law. I conveys my sincerity, compassion and understanding of suffering of families that their loved one disappeared and never to be heard again and all lives lost crossing the desert and crossing Mediterranean sea and dying in refugee comps . Many Eritrean living in Addis Ababa for decade peacefully ,raising their families and doing business , for IA they were the new enemy to be hunted . many in fringe of suspension were arrested, and spirited away to unknown place and they died under unjust circumstances, neither of whom can be seen again. But families testimonies, eyewitness descriptions, reflections and memories of the loved ones of those executed and their friends and comrades, they are still alive in exposing the crimes. For the missing “no to be forgetting!” it is still an untold story. Not to be complicit in these crimes “if we remain silent.” It is one of the darkest periods of contemporary Eritrean history. It’s worse than a national disgrace.

    Eritrean must spend more time organizing and mobilize . Organizing is the only way to defeat the regime and deliver the strategy. we have enough Eritrean who are sophisticated, disciplined, serious, committed and able bring change . Of course, all of this is easier said than done. Some may say Déjà Vu All Over Again. Fast forward from then to now. How we measure time is important. It is a metric that is not merely linear . Vison and actions, of policies and projections, Unity and Loyalty is a most positive human quality except when Eritrean are loyal to the wrong and oppressive IA and his political policy and dangerous ideas. IA didn’t simply emerge out of nowhere. IA cruelty arose from the collective psychic of EPLF and his brutality manifesto “NNNN Manifest for Eritrean Destiny” that ended in were we are . then, as it is now. we all know this, we must also know that it was well planned to be this way.

    There was never peaceful prosper and great noble with IA era. All of this led us to where we are now. But if we don’t recognize the consequences greater risk at our own peril. We must present counter voices to the one echoed by IA vile and hateful figure and his cohort. In the face of political arrogance and our societies are fractured, divided. We must remove NNNN conformity. We are all responsible, not just for ourselves but for all Eritrean. Diehard who are quite blind and happy with the current situation and do not want democracy and liberty and do not want repressive state to change, certainly not in any equal radical substantive way. The vast majority are sating Enough is enough and are desperate for change, for freedom, democracy and justice. change has forever been slow in coming but Change is in the air. The internet, social media and mass communication It’s easier much to organize to mobilize ‘People power’ .and to recognition that we are all responsible for one another united. And collectively we create the atmosphere for change through our actions and attitudes. the more we act, upon our principle the more the ripples of responsibility expand.

    Dealing with missing person and for many of those disappeared .No one is advocating for answers about what happened to their loved ones. It’s a question shared by many families.

    Addressing that many Eritrean lost their life based on Suspicion and Rumer, as mentioned it is real tragedy that have falling in those individual. sadly many lost their life without a trace and court trial. which is a stark violation of international law, the issue of legality, then “leaving it aside”, legality do not matter ,they are following the same blueprint for long time inside and outside of the boarder , at the expense of Eritrean living in Ethiopia. for Shabia rule of law and international law do not exists from day one till today ,nothing have changed , for Shabia there is no such a thing as internationally recognized borders, or human right ,only power and might is right , one want to believe international law is respected and Eritrean citizen living abroad are safe and secure .
    If we believe and persist in believing that people impaneled to render a decision in a legal proceeding should be expected to listen to the evidence before making their judgment, we will be fooled.
    The fact remain PFDJ turned against Eritrean own ’s citizens, it a normal practices old and new, whisking away non political dissidents and ordinary people it merely suspected of being aligned with social justice causes of any kind .By making them disappear and incarcerating and murdering them, is well recorded . Those individuals are “the missing,” The TPLF government at that time made no effort to identify or document the missing . By “disappearing” them and disposing of their bodies, SHABIA/PFDJ could in effect pretend they never existed. But the family members and friends of the disappeared knew they had existed. TPLF leadership knew about the “the missing,” involving human rights abuses ,they pretend not to know. They closed their eyes. Families searched desperately for traces of their loved ones and many searched for answers to no avail and presumably killed and case closed.
    We saw for thirty years of cruel of politics, what did IA achieve? Nothing of value amplifying division and engendering the nation ,Life time dictatorship presidency of distraction, disinformation, phony, empty talk, slicker, and oppressive A mafia-style government and get away with murder, all responsibility for crimes committed during his presidency will not absolved. We need to organize and changes will come through our action and unity.

    • Reclaim Abyssinia

      I think this is powerful. Need some more.
      Thanks & regards,

      • said

        Reclaim Abyssinia
        Thank you for your comment .I am very impressed about your comment below in regard your statement about ( Addis Ababa will have a new, improved identity soon. It will be the city for all the people in the horn (Abyssinia). We will not let history repeat itself as it did in the past. There will not be red terror, and there will not be cancelling citizenship for Amici, Ethiopian born Somali, Yemeni or Armani. It will also cease to be a trophy to any political parties, rebels or military. This is our statement for the Addis movement.)

        I am quiet carouse about your comment about progress in regard Addis Ababa. It is quite a leap of century .I will add my idea. in my short life observation The new found Enlightenment in Addis Ababa, That they already challenged the divine right of kings, the supremacy of the church, privileges of aristocrats, and other despotism gone with wind , I am right or still lingering in the dark age . Addis is envisioning democracy, rule of law ,personal equality, human rights, free speech .and all citizen of Africa are welcome , as you mentioned the new Geneva of Africa, Addis be will the new capital for all African .

        So Abiy is reincarnated .like Wilson Mandela and Theodore Roosevelt’s . Roosevelt Progressive Party sought many reforms at the beginning of the 20th century called the New Deal .Gave unions a right to organize, provided unemployment compensation for the jobless .Social Security pensions for retirees, and he set a forty-hour work week and a minimum wage, created food stamps and welfare for the poor, launched massive public works to make jobs. And a lot more. One would like to know more PM Abiy real reform, and his new PP idea and reform put into action and in addition what you listed below comments . As you know ,the Great Society leaped forward by Lyndon Johnson, introduced Medicare, Medicaid, consumer protection, the Job Corps. And guaranteed racial equality. “all men are created equal.” and hundreds of other improvements. Greatly improving life for all but not equal yet and a long way to go . at least some progress and I listed few Too much of a good thing.

        Can you tell us the people who have recently moved to the Geneva of Africa, Addis who they are. And those who recent arrival, up there in the top the hill .You can spot them in the lobbies of Addis top hotels and hear them debating about Addis, city actually is magical, attracting investors from China, US, Russia, Britain, GCC and Germany. Addis just become like Dubai of Middle east , That aside, as from me , I can not live in Addis apartment dwelling. I’m already missing the country side ,the nature ,cows and the lakes and good people of Ethiopia .missing good fresh air and 13 month of sunshine. When ever I come to your hospitable and welcoming capital, hopefully it is free of crime and is safe for Eritrean justices seekers and hopefully not be extradited.

        But I simply cannot bear to live in your new Addis year-round. I will buy small cheap chalet by lake with free title. forget the Riviera ,Côte d’Azur , Palm Beach, Miami .But not Massawa and its Christal beach , it is a Red Sea jewel , you are invited to come post IA ,not now, once it restored to its right place .But I am hope full the real Future will belong to Asmara ,since you have double citizenship, let some real Asmareno tell about their great city , the old tile belong to Asmara secondo Rome . The list is long. by the way would if you know how many bookstores there is in the Enlightenment city of Addis Ababa.

        Can you say more about Abiy ,the progress and advances about PP. leaving economicus aside ,in order not to pardon you .start with freedom of speech, censorship, rule of law and news reports . I desperately need to read accurate reporting and trustworthy facts in your Addis daily reporting and as you know Reliable journalism is more vital for the wellbeing of your society. Here is my dilemma, May be you can suggest which newspaper to read . I am for looking accurate information? to avoid “fake news”

        As you know freedom of speech is so essential to human progress and flourishing. Some Abiy supporter will say, There’s no crisis, I am just wondering

        • Reclaim Abyssinia

          Dear Said,
          Thank you @said , im preparing a reply for this. A bit tight with time. I will get back to you very soon.

    • Germay Berhane

      Selam Said,

      I think you were weaver(ALAMAY) You got a small thread continue to weaver make GABI, KUTA which is the work of Professional lairs.
      I assure you you and your friends will never see again Eritrea. Think about your retirement plan where ever you are.

      • said


        Germay Berhane

        Before I tell you what I really think of you. First look at your own life journey ,how did you leave Eritrea and why ,did you escape for your life ? did you appley for refugee statues ,where ever you are living now, the answer is with you . From this perspective, may be you can help yourself from your ignorance , It is important for you to be able to connect these dots. Does it matter what really did occur to you ? you are only source for your story, or you can make your own “fake facts of yourself ”or be in denial ?did you know at one time you were refuge and what it means to be stateless ? You were without legal status or rights, you can’t operate as a normal citizen in a nation you settled ? You were prevented from doing almost anything? You were reduced to a non-person and not recognized ?, this was the order of the day. did you face discrimination? You are one of Hundreds of thousands of Eritrean refuge that had already fled Eritrea in last 30 years,? You left Eritrea escaping from direst poverty or escaping from dictator IA and his brutality and his serious human rights violations? You have no credibility, you are in denial ,refuse to see the truth.

        You are an apologist for barbarities and murder perpetrated by your master . What happened to your humanity and compassion? Many Eritrean are not content with the life in diaspora just making good life , but they wanted to make a real difference in the life of Eritrean and they are making efforts towards the political empowerment. By educating, mobilizing, organizing .They are the voice fighting for democracy , human rights, recognition, inclusion, and dignity. They are fighting for truth and justice, they are at the forefront of speaking truth to power. Unlike you weak. Exploited and brainwashed You are for injustice, tyranny, and dictatorships. why don’t you read from passionate defender of civil and human rights in the tradition of Mandela, Malcolm X, and MLK.

        Now. You have to learn to have grownup conversations. You are one of the radicle dehumanized fringe minority supporting IA regime . You do not fit to see the reality. As foot soldier .You part of disinformation and bigotry thought at school of your mater .you are going into your usual pathetic lies and insult , with your feebleness and incompetence.
        that is if are able to write an opinion defending you master ,that you have warned as a badge of honor for your apparent ignorance. You are lacking sufficient intellectual depth and breadth to support and understand democracy and human rights and equality before the law .Do you know how to tell the truth. As James Baldwin said: “Not everything that’s faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it has been faced.” Do you notice something important you can verify .if you are rational . The fact that a failed economic system is at the heart of Eritrea .or do you see it differently?

        • Germay Berhane

          Selam Said xxx
          It is incredible to hear from some one who has never contributed something to his country except his dirty mouth and pen demonizing and insulting to those who paid their whole life to serve their people and country.
          You are right I was once refugee but thanks to heroic fighters under the leadership PIA now I am not stateless or refugee. I have country and identity.
          Eritrea is passing through difficult times but it is defeating all its obstacles marching forward for better future for its citizens and I am confident everything will go in the right direction taking in consideration the experienced of armed struggle.
          My question to you if you believe there is serious human rights violations in Eritrea and you are not content to live in diaspora why don’t you come and sacrifice for “good” of your people? Why don’t you try to remove this “serious” problem when you have the support of the majority? Are you ready to serve your people even for one day in the remote desert of Dankalia and Barka?
          Please don’t be obstacle to those who are building protecting their country by your dirty pen and mouth.Struggle never goes by remote control.

          • said

            Germay Berhane
            I don’t know you , nor do I care about you being regime supporter or working for them . you don’t know nothing about me. stopping cooking stereotypes about me. you better you leave this aside . your verb descriptions of me bad mouthing, nothing new , you are at it again ,it shows it your habit and you were well schooled and we have enough uwala and oskuniess person back home, I have seeing thousands like you. ,try not to imitate them. Your kind of insult overwrought bad vocabulary used to be found almost entirely with drunk people and ousknees of Asmara .But you are forgiving if you write when you are intoxicated ,awate should make the expiation for you . learn how to stay away you’re your dumbed-down and overblown language to insult your fellow Eritrean who do not agree with you ,it seem you have PHD in words like trashing, bashing, lashing at your opponent ,you are doing a good job in japing and seems to have taken a leaf from IA. You continue to play these assigned role. Hate those who hate the regime .You know when write at this forum “Words matter.” and civility matter . stop being influenced by your hate-monger. I don’t take you seriously? It is expected from some one like you ,you have a role to paly.
            what upset you in what I wrote ,can you make one quotation. I often write long But I do hope that should you have read carefully this far, you will recall that I didn’t use a single insulting word and expletive and unlike you

            You know how good is IA ,he excels in ripping, tearing into, pounding insulating ,belittling, smashing and squashing his comrades ,if that do not work ,next time they disappear. By the way Eritrea existence and independence is not threatened, Ask PM Abiy ? no more hostility. do you want closer economic ties with Ethiopia during IA and Abiy time. Or do think Sudan economic interests runs deeper with Eritrea? No neighbouring countries country has the offensive war machine to invade Eritrea .Ask Djibouti PM. Eritrean are waiting for dividend of peace ?starting with freeing all prisoners of conscious .Do agree ?You seems oblivious to the changing dynamics of today’s world and advancement , as if you are ’living on a different planet. Still stack with your oppressive IA regime . you can seriously examine the failure of the country ,can you mention few good things .Can you make analysis. A more honest and balanced review of the regime
            Even if it is one-sided? How about is fair . But stay away from Exaggerations, misleading , misinterpretations, a real skewed observations, and plain lies. I have no way to verify I am not asking you that PFDJ should be dissolved and dismantled as quickly as possible. An need to hold them accountable.
            Is good to know you survived and made it and you become citizen of western world with your right protected. Besides, haven’t you been through enough problem to make it all the way and I am happy for you . You know thousand perished and they did not make to shore like you. You have heard the heart-wrenching stories .do you know the numbers of deaths in faraway places barely noted by you, does it something like that some time to upset, or you just shrug it. as mentioned above ,I addressed it. do you happen to know their grievance. .did you support those who are most vulnerable in such grievous moments? Your kind heat “reflection.” Is need.

            You adored Nus totalitarianism. Those young Eritrean leaving county , mired in war , violence, chaos and poverty? But unfortunately, Your IA conducted merciless persecution of all kind , forcing thousands to flee Eritrea . In which no laws bind your boss ,or is there written law? Your love for tyranny is limit less . some Eritrea are were happier to leave an oppressive country and without economic freedoms., they want a democratic order. they have unpleasant memories, leaving behind bitter memories of cruelty and state oppression..(do you share that view). as stubborn loyalist and unwilling to dilute your faith in IA. do you blame them.,

            You asked me (Are you ready to serve your people even for One Day in the remote desert of Dankalia and Barka?) You asked good question . time to spend in Barka to report in their situation .do you think those refuge from Barak first should return from Sudanese refuge comp and for those desert desolate people of Dankalia their fishing boat should return to them ,to make a living, confiscated by the regime .do you agree, can you lend your voice form far away
            Do want me helping our people salvage what they can and providing essential supplies, already-limited resources.’ Despite these depredations .or do you simple you want me to test the misery and be a witness As for me it is deadly, and absolutely terrifying? Hundred of thousand have fled Eritrea , with all the attendant horror, grief, personal loss, and you are asking me to go back to serve in salve conditions and why don’t you go back and tell us if Eritrea is paradise in earth or hell or in between. by the way I don’t expect from you to answer any of my question.

            This kind of introspection is not your cup of tea with extra sugar .do not get me wrong i love tea ,I can suggest few top brand . at least you are prone not “forget” your homeland and like some Eritrean are happily assimilate into the dominant Anglo or western culture. You re still subservient to political forces (the boss IA) Thumbs up for you.
            Everyone else is losing badly if they stay in Eritrea to put mildly . beside being true Diehard and you re quite blind and content with the current dire miserable situation and you do not want democracy and liberty and you do not want repressive state to change. Beside does not touch you directly . what do believe and you stand for politically .Do you believe in democracy, rule of law , human rights, free speech and free press ,even junk journalism. That ain’t good news.

            From your last visit to Eritrea did hear from people complaining about lack of service in health sector and their could not attain higher education with no future hope for the young ,did you notice people complaining about electricity, and drinkable water.

          • Germay Berhane

            Selam Said,
            I wounder it is HALLAL for you to demonize insult the President of Eritrean and those who follow him. And it is HARRAM for us to describe your picture. I use the right words to describe your mentality, I am born from decent family and I am doing my share in my community and every where I go in decency. Owala Owala KBLEKA KELO GN YGERMEKA.
            I have asked you to come to sacrifice for the things you stand. Sacrifice is to give your life for the sake what you believe. Cowards will not do that, they hide behind computer and send venom to the society. You are one of the students of Weyane who are standing to invalidate history of Eritrea.
            Migration is international phenomena which does not differentiate how countries are democratic and marching in economic development. Look at India one of the democratic countries in the world and moving forward to become world economic power. But its citizens has never stopped to emigrate to Canada, USA,Europe and the Middle east. Look at Ethiopia during the Weyane period how Ethiopians swarmed Sudan and Saudi Arabia, beside those who traveled to Europe and America. Look at Europeans especially from east they are immigrating to Uk, Canada and USA.
            Our youth were cheated by the people like you who advertise bad of their country in collaboration with Weyane and other international forces urging them to leave their country.
            You are still advertising non existent propaganda like the one you mentioned Eritrean government is not allowing fishermen to do their job in Denkel. To the contrary what you preaching the government is empowering fishermen with boats and other fishing materials.
            Scarcity of water and electricity is one of major challenges of third world. Eritrea is doing good job to solve this problems, but you like to send misinformation business usual based on old story.
            You are not aware what the international community has done by authorizing the aggression of Weyane and continued to sanction this beloved country. Had this happened to other countries they might collapse with in months. That was the dream of our enemies including you. Look at Tigray they were not able to survive for month the whole state went hungry.
            Democracy and other related to it will flourish very soon.
            I urge to follow official TV news and follow how our youth being engineers, doctors lawyers are controlling and building their country.

          • NewDawn

            Selam Germay Berhane, No offense why are you here. I think you belong in tesfanews.

          • Barolle

            Selam NewDawn,

            The fact that he is here is great for many reasons. Everyone patting each other on the back doesn’t lead to the most fruitful conversations that engages the readers to think objectively.

            Also, it increases the amount of visitors to the site, because there’s excitement in opposing views clashing.

  • Dongolo

    Selam all. Simply pathetic and shameless it is that the same lot that slept with the TPLF for 20+ years is now trying to coyly exploit the true meaning of bona fide refugee. Members of Eritrean opposition that long received support from the terrorist TPLF and operated freely in Ethiopia, caught with their shorts down to their ankles with their true identities having become public knowledge, now wish to dishonestly seek protection and support under the refugee protection umbrella. They simply need to leave Ethiopia ASAP instead of trying to loiter around and create havoc with approaching election processes. Certainly, their desperate actions further create distrust of Eritrean opposition movements. Instead of wisely distancing yourselves from the TPLF, they wish to attempt to saddle and ride a dead and rotten horse.

    • Saleh Johar

      Would you consider petitioning the Capo to stop exiling people or you are okay with half the Eritrean population exiled, and adding more of them by the day?

      • Dongolo

        Selam Saleh Johar. Do you think that if any American who did not like President Rosevelt during WWII and chose to travel to Germany to sleep and receive support from the Nazis, would have been considered a refugee after the collapse of the Fuhrer? Bona fide Eritrean refugees are a completely separate matter from those in the Eritrean opposition who wrongly chose to support/receive support from the TPLF and who remain in Ethiopia for ulterior motives or are in hiding for they have aid and abetted terrorists.

        • Dis Donc

          Dear Dongolo,

          Let me tell you from an Ethiopian point of view. Practically anybody is entitled to live in Ethiopia provided that you don’t represent a national threat. And if you want to wage a war with their neighboring countries you would not do so with/out permission for it simply means against conventions. You can oppose anybody and anyone you want but inciting hate and violence is not tolerated.

          The problem with Eritreans (Tigrayans are also in the same mould) is that they are a very insular people and do not participate that much in local communities. Sadly the region is plagued with lack of respect to one another as such you have to be on your toes all the time to avoid getting into their politics. I don’t mean that in a lighter way because most Ethiopians carry too much pain because of Eritrea. You wouldn’t find a family that didn’t pay a price for the Eritrean cause. So one slip up and you are practically done! And if you are all the above then I advise you not to go there!

        • Saleh Johar

          You don’t have to go to the Nazi times to make a point. But I will refresh your mind. We are no more in the League of Nations, but the United Nations era. As you might know, all the conventions, agreements and protocols were designed for the post Nazism and Fascism period. As such, you cannot justify injustices of the past is the modern world reality. If you live in Germany, Would you like to be tried according to the Nazi laws? I am sure you would prefer the laws of this time. Wish for others what you wish for yourself. By the way, are you a refugee or have you ever been one? Reflect on that before you pass cruel judgements.

          • Dongolo

            Selam Saleh Johar. Refugee related agreements, conventions and protocols hardly protect those who have committed treason and aid and abetted terrorists. To complicate matters, most Eritrean opposition members who have aid & abetted the TPLF and who remain in Ethiopia, have U.S., E.U. or other citizenship/passports, so even the matter of political asylum becomes a rather moot issue. By the way, it was the League of Nations that defined refugees in terms of specific groups of people who were judged to be in danger if they returned to their home countries and set up the foundations of what would become the International Refugee Organization.

  • Abi

    Hello Awatenation
    Why should Ethiopia host Eritrean opposition?
    It is time Eritrean opposition read the current situation and leave Ethiopia or cease their activities . Ethiopians are so grateful for the generous help provided by President Isaias during the difficult times when the Ethiopian army was attacked by the late Tplf. His Excellency President Isaias stood with Ethiopians in the darkest days. He stood with Ethiopia against Egypt and Sudan.
    He is the 21st Century ሞገስ አስገዶም, አብረሃ ደቦጭ, ዘርዓይ ድረስ…
    The Ethiopian Government and the general public allowing Eritrean opposition to operate in Ethiopia is not only stupid but outright betrayal of president Isaias and Eritreans in general.
    Ethiopia should choose between President Isaias and the Eritrean opposition.
    “ሁለት እግር አለኝ ተብሎ ሁለት ዛፍ ላይ በአንድ ጊዜ አይወጣም”

    • no one

      Selam Satenaw

      Now you get it. He is 21st Century Belay Zeleke. Do not give him the name of Eritrean hero. We do not want him please take him he will be 21st Century Tewodros and save you from Sudan.

      • Abi

        ሰላም ጆቢራው!
        In due time we will take him back including his properties . We will crown him አፄ አፎም::
        ኢትዮጵያን የሚታደግ ኤርትራዊ በየዘመኑ ብቅ ማለቱ አይቀርም::

        “አባይ ሞልቶ ጣና ሞልቶ እሳት ይዞረዋል
        ይጠፋታል እንጂ መች ይሻገረዋል!’

    • Saleh Johar

      We all belong to one world and countries are signatories of world protocols and agreements. Protecting refugees is the responsibility of all “civilized “nations. We can’t be suppliers of refugees only but we have an obligations towards them when they show up in our countries. There are millions of refugees in the world, including Ethiopians, and I don’t think you would encourage the harassment and mistreatments of your compatriots who live as refugees in every corner of the world—including Sudan. I could be wrong but that is how I think it should be seen

      • Abi

        Selam Ato Saleh
        Protecting refugees is not only morally right, it is an obligation by the host country. However, political activists who can cause unnecessary confrontation between the two countries should be banned.
        When it comes to Eritrean opposition activists in Ethiopia, I believe they have wasted numerous opportunities to bring their people together and challenge the government in Asmara during the Tplf reign.
        I don’t think Ethiopia is safe for them anymore.
        You and I have witnessed what Isaias did to his adversaries during the first years of independence. I’ve told a story where I saw an Eritrean restaurant owner on Bole Road taken away by armed men in a broad daylight. I was in the restaurant when this happened.
        Please let us not mix refugees and opposition political activists. I like to see them separately.
        I don’t believe all refugees ( roughly 170,000) are political activists. Here, I’m referring the few political leaders who have wasted their time hopping from Awasa to Bishoftu to Bahir Dar.
        I hope I made myself clear.

        • said

          Selam Abi

          You mentioned that (you saw an Eritrean restaurant owner on Bole Road taken away by armed men in a broad daylight. I was in the restaurant when this happened).I would appreciate if you could elaborate more about the person the owner of the restaurant on Bole Road,I am very keen to know about him .i also happen to know an Eritrean person ,a residence of Addis over 50 years ,he owned a restaurant on Bole Road. he was abducted by EPLF in broad daylight and never to be heard him from. again. I hope you tell us more about him ,if you happen to know.

          • Abi

            Selam said
            I’m sorry The owner’s name escaped me. It is around ቀበርቾ ሬስቶራንት on the right side of the road when you go towards Bole.
            He used to make the best pizza.

          • said

            Selam Abi

            I thank you very much and I appreciate your prompt respond .what you said about him is absolutely is truth and very sad story inded and I also happen to know that fact, as you mentioned . He was never in any politics remotely . I also happen to know owner’s of the restaurant life history very well. He was known as ቀበርቾ his nickname; he was well known and very friendly and very humble person ,well liked by many Addisyn . His name is Hussein, he was a boxer and champion .He come to Addis to study when he was young man in 1950 .May God had a mercy on his soul and shower him with his blessing .He was an innocent victim. minding his business.

          • Abi

            Selam said
            I knew it was ቀበርቾ restaurant. I just didn’t want to say it. That is why I said around ቀበርቾ restaurant just to point you in the right direction. A very successful restaurant. One of the best and recognized in the city back then.
            I was born and raised around Bole Mini. It is very close to the airport. ቀበርቾ was my stop over on my way home. I haven’t returned to that restaurant after that day. During the derg times, lots of የደርግ ጆሮ ጠቢዎች used to hangout in that area usually sitting in their LADA and NIVA cars. There was also a white Datsun usually parked on across the street.
            እልም ያሉ ፋራዎች ነበሩ:: ሊስትሮዎቹ ሳይቀሩ ያውቋቸዋል::

            Rest In Peace.


          • said

            Selam Abi
            Yes, I was sure ,I knew from your hinting . He was one of many Eritrean lost his life based on Suspicion and Rumer, it is real tragedy that have falling in those individual. sadly many lost their life without a trace and trail . What makes this one different 30 years after what took place ,you brought to life and what make his life interesting you were an eye witness to his Kidnaping and that you saw him disappear from inside his restaurant .which is a stark violation of international law, the issue of legality, then “leaving it aside”, legality do not matter ,they are following the same blueprint for long time inside and outside of the boarder , at the expense of Eritrean living in Ethiopia. for Shabia rule of law and international law do not exists from day one till today ,nothing have changed , for Shabia there is no such a thing as internationally recognized borders, or human right ,only power and might is right , one want to believe international law is respected and Eritrean citizen living abroad are safe.
            If we believe and persist in believing that people impaneled to render a decision in a legal proceeding should be expected to listen to the evidence before making their judgment, we will be fooled. This is one example of innocent private citizen. Mr Hussein basic right was violated by Eritrean government flouting international law.
            For many of those disappeared .No one is advocating for answers about what happened to their loved ones. It’s a question shared by many families.
            Shabia turned against Eritrean ’s citizens, it a normal practices, whisking away non political dissidents and ordinary people it merely suspected of being aligned with social justice causes and incarcerating and murdering them, is well recorded . Those individuals are “the missing,” The TPLF government at that time made no effort to identify or document the missing . By “disappearing” them and disposing of their bodies, SHABIA could in effect pretend they never existed. But the family members and friends of the disappeared knew they had existed. TPLF leadership knew about the “the missing,” involving human rights abuses ,they pretend not to know. They closed their eyes. Families searched desperately for traces of their loved ones and many searched for answers to no avail and presumably killed ,case closed .AT very least you remembered your favorite best PIZZA owner in Addis ABEBA and in turn you made me remember him and his one victim among many other victim. i never thought one day i will read about him in this forum. As he was not politics of any kind.

          • Abi

            Hello said
            It was a sad story all over. Tplf leaders including the visionary one looked the other way when eplf did its dirty deeds. SGJ has an article on the illegal activities of Eritrean government during those years. It was private publications like ጦቢያ magazine exposed the situation to the public. Both Eritreans and Tplf activists condemned the magazine as ነፍጠኛ, የአማራ ትምክህተኛ … I believe Tplf encouraged the kidnappings. Why should they care? It was Eritreans against Eritreans.
            Couple of years forward, Tplf kicked out as many Eritreans as possible because of a wrong eye color.
            We all know what the Tplf leaders did to the Eritrean opposition. They never wanted them to succeed.

            As you said ቀበርቾ made the best pizza and loved by many አዲስ አበቤዎች:: I and First Lady ate enough pizza in that place that last us forever.
            ቀበርቾ ጠብቀኝ was her ቀጭን ትዕዛዝ::
            The Best of Times, The Worst of Times…. You took me back years.

          • Dis Donc

            Dear Abi,

            I hate rehashing stories so I will skip the ELF-EPLF vis-à-vis TLF-TPLF entangled webs. As stories goes, I had a business relationship with the owner of which you speak of. My mom and I, we had a code word for those who were made to disappear (or killed) when the TPLF assumed the helm. If it was Kebessa the code name was Be’Alu for otherwise it was Hamza. Take a guess as to why these code names? Later on when the numbers increased we used suffix numbers to either of the above code names. The person you speak of was Hamza-11. In 1995 a person very well known to us was killed. We had decided then that we had seen enough of the same old but new Ethiopia.

            PS. The owner of the Datsun was called Meto AleKa Mitiku while the other two vehicles were of airborne members, which I don’t remember their names. Later on, after the removal of the Derg, they used to frequent a restaurant in front of cinema/theatre Ambasel.

          • Abi

            Hello D D
            Long time no talk.
            Looks like you and I have been in the same place may be at the same time.
            At least give me full credit for I was very observant of my surroundings:)
            Sadly, many Baalu’s and Hamzas lost their lives during the honeymoon period.

        • Saleh Johar

          It’s good that human side is on. I will take advantage of that.
          I think to have activists outside their country is not the mistake of the activists, but the government who shamelessly push anyone who doesn’t agree with them out. Many of those in the neighboring countries are diehard patriots who love their countries…I know many who didn’t want to go further that the neighborhood. Some, having spend their better years in the selfless struggle, didn’t have the needed skill set to survive in far places like the West. Others were not lucky in the resettlement programs and were stuck. Others love their country so much they chose to stay the course and keep struggling with whatever they had. A few were opportunists who found a way to benefit from the misery. I know all the sampled types and it pains me when people use a large brush to incriminate and be mean towards all. Now, I do not care much about those who were there to benefit themselves… and we have a few of them. But I am concerned with those who have families and children and are angels without angels. Please do not be cruel towards them–you wouldn’t if you know their miseries and hardships. Yet, they persevere. Kindness is due to many–that’s if you believe me. Otherwise, I leave you with your conscience. But please, do not be like the PFDJ rascals who know nothing but to produce refugees and destitution.

          • Abi

            Selam Ato Saleh
            You said it beautifully. I agree with you on most of the points you highlighted. The problem I see in the current situation is that Isaias is so popular in Ethiopia than he makes it difficult if not impossible for the opposition parties to function in Ethiopia. I don’t think these parties who have been handled by the late Tplf have any support from the current government . They will be easy targets for the guys in Asmara. We have witnessed it before. We have to be realistic about the changes that took place and act accordingly. Besides, Abiy doesn’t want to get into unnecessary confrontations with Isu for the sake of protecting the opposition leaders.

          • saay7

            Hey Archduke Abiy:

            The question of what does Isaias really think of Abiy and what does Abiy really think of Isaias was half-answered in Isaias’s “interview” by his employees at EriTV. The psycho was “describing” (mostly-lying) about the genesis for his trip to hand-hold Debretsion and he says he had first said he was not available but then because of the desire (ባህጊ) of Abiy he decided to go. That’s more interesting to me than the lies he told about what he allegedly told Debretsion (he always narrates stories ONLY after making sure that those who have a different recollection are unable to speak.)

            ባህጊ, in this context and body language, describes someone who is an impulsive slave to his emotions. An immature child.

            When Abiy came to power, he de-fumigated Isaias: made him acceptable and deserving a parole from sanctions. Ironic that now is repaying the favor by advising him to take steps to he sanctioned, with the long-renowned Ethiopian diplomacy, reduced to the PFDJ vulgar language of the Sophias and Yemanes.

            I thought we Eritreans are the most suicidal people, but your peeps are surprising me with their desire to be contenders to the title.

            Lakers in 5.


          • Abi

            Hello Saay
            I believe Isu is the second most popular person in Ethiopia next to Abiy. He capitalized on the series of blunders the late Tplf collectively made. From the little information I gathered from his recent interview ( provided it was translated accurately) , he sounds like the spokesperson for government of Ethiopia. He turned himself from a sanctioned and lonely dude to an indispensable asset and ተወርዋሪ diplomat when it comes to Ethiopian affairs. His trip to Cairo on our behalf is a great example.
            His deeds during the current war made him ውለታው የማይረሳ የክፉ ቀን ደራሽ !!
            I believe Isu is more popular in Ethiopia than in Eritrea. You will find millions of NNNN in Ethiopia at this moment. ኢሱ ኬኛ ሆኗል ጉዳዩ::
            This is the reality on the ground as we speak. Do you expect the Eritrean opposition parties and members in Addis to survive Isu’s long arms? Of course, I’m not asking if they function properly and bring about the desired results. Let us not kid ourselves. We know better. The question becomes unless they are suicidal, what are they doing in Ethiopia under these circumstances? They will be more productive elsewhere.

            I don’t except Abiy to be sanctioned for cleansing the horn from the cancerous Tplf.

            His Fantiness አለም በቃኝ ብለው መንነዋል:: አባ ፋንታ ተብለው ቆብ ደፍተው ገዳም ከገቡ ሰንብተዋል::
            ከገቡበት ገዳም ፌደራል ፖሊስ እስኪያወጣቸው በትእግስት መጠበቅ ነው::
            Tedros Alem joined አማራ ሚሊሽያ::
            I missed Paul and Samuel.

            Do you know the idea of GIE was proposed by Professor Tes? He was at least six years ahead of you:)
            He even wanted to borrow money from the world bank as a Government In Exile. I advised him to hire a lobbying firm.

            Enjoining Champions League and EPL.

          • Brhan

            Hi Abi,
            “From the little information I gathered from his recent interview ( provided it was translated accurately)
            Now I know why your comments have been contradicting eachother, but as SGH always says in his Negarit episodes , you are forgiven

          • Abi

            I’ve not been participating lately to the extent of contracting myself. I just told a real story where innocent people lost their lives. I also warned that Ethiopia doesn’t provide a conducive environment for Eritrean opposition. Isu produced millions of Ethiopian NNNN overnight due to the reckless actions of the late Tplf. I don’t see myself contradicting here. Anyway, since you are ልበ ብርሃን ,you see and hear things that are not clear for others.
            Am I still forgiven?
            ይቅርታ የጎበዞች ናት ይላል ታላቁ መፅሐፍ::

          • Saleh Johar

            Hi Ras Abi,
            I am elated to read you last comment. I never gave up on you despite your unnecessarily provocative comments.

            Today has been difficult for me because I lost my close friend and confidante in the current struggle for justice. He has been vilified like no other by groupies and cult members and painted as a Weyane lackey by the PFDJ. He was a formidable opponent and diplomat. But the unrefined lots could not understand his moves. This, vilifying him was the easiest thing they could do. People like him being insulted was what I objected to when many took liberty defaming gold standard patriots who stayed resilient and civil. So, life is short and should not be wasted on trivial issues when the stakes are more critical to the wellbeing of nations. Having differences is natural but there is nothing that cannot be discussed (if not resolved) respectfully. And when the time calls, it’s honorable to apologize, mend fences, and move on. Thank you.

          • Reclaim Abyssinia

            Dear Saleh and Awate Community,

            I’m sorry for your loss, may God/Allah rest his soul in peace and grant him Jannah.

            As an Ethiopian and Eritrean citizen, you all have my permission to have a peaceful political movement in Ethiopia, especially in Addis Ababa!! Thump me up if you like this 🙂

            If there are any official hiccups, let me know, I can assist by lobbying for such a campaign to take place. I say this with confidence as I know that the honeymoon period is over, for what being described by @Abi . I believe I am entitled to make that statement as others picturing my city as unsafe, for oppositions of any nation on Africa’s horn.

            Addis Ababa will have a new, improved identity soon. It will be the city for all the people in the horn (Abyssinia). We will not let history repeat itself as it did in the past. There will not be red terror, and there will not be cancelling citizenship for Amici, Ethiopian born Somali, Yemeni or Armani. It will also cease to be a trophy to any political parties, rebels or military.

            This is our statement for the Addis movement.

            Addis is an infinite value for us, a great treasure for its resident, and we will make sure prosperity and civility will continue to prevail.

            So don’t let an individual like @Abi opinion frighten you all in anyway. If Abi is from Bole mini area, not AsmereX, I would expect some sensitivity, caring towards all the people as Ye Bole leje (Always civil, Nonmaleficence? ). He probably went to St. Joseph High school (like ክቡር ሓርበኛ ጅግና ተጋዳላይ ኣድሓኖም!).

            Surely, people have to protect themselves from being kidnapped and smuggled across the border. They can do that by moving around in a group with undercover security guards, screaming and shouting if the kidnapping is attempted, limiting your movement, and not disclosing an address to anyone.

            I have been told that there is a big concern about the massive number of young Eritrean people in Megenagna area. They have taken over the street life; they are doing robbery in the area, don’t speak Amharic, and have become worse than the ‘Kembata’ who used to do their robbery using cobblestones. Also, Addis people are not renting their property to Eritrean.

            Dear @Abi, if possible, would you be able to describe in details the people who kidnapped Kebericho(for the record), including the time. Such as what they were wearing, a black coat (Kaporte, were they pointing a gun at him, etc.) just for the record or for their family information.

            I knew some of his relatives. I think they used to study in Cairo, America University.
            I was always curious if the guy who shot ‘Hayelom’ was one of the many loving cousin’s of Kebericho.

            FYI, Eplf didn’t like Eritrean who lives in Ethiopia; they see them as a sellout for living and working in Ethiopia or see them as opportunists, who ignore to support the struggle in order to benefit themselves (They never see them as a family who are keeping their head down). I knew trouble would come to the Eritrean family in Addis after Eritrean libration.
            The Tigrigna people in Addis, mostly the poor ones, were over warmed with the Eritrean victory, and there were many stories; I think it’s better to stop here.

          • Abi

            Selam Ato Saleh
            I’m deeply sorry for your loss.
            የወዳጅዎን ነፍስ አምላክ ከጎኑ ያኑርልን::

  • መሃንድስ-ምዕባለ


    ወዲ-ሓዊ ህግደፍ ኢሎምና

    ኣነስ ተገሪመ
    ኣብ ዓደይ ከይምለስ ተኸልኪለ
    ደቂ ስዉኣት የሕዋተይ
    ኣብ ጎረቤት-ሃገር ኣስፊረ
    ህግደፍ ንብልጽግና ምስ መኸረ
    ሕማም ናይ ህግደፍ
    ኣብ ጎረቤት ሳዕረረ
    መዓር ዝነበረ
    ከመ-ቕጽበት ቅይር ናብ ዕረ!

    ናይ ብልጽግና ጋቢ
    ሰለስተ ዝሕብሩ
    ንናይ ህግደፍ ሕብሪ
    ከም ስርዓት በሊሉ
    ናተይ ጋቢ ‘ዩ ናይ ክልቴና ኢሉ
    ቀይሕ ባሕሪ ናትና ‘ዩ ኢሉ
    ከም ኣመሉ

    ‘ቲ ናይ ኣድጊ ቅርጺ
    ዳግማይ ተተኺሉ
    ኣብ ንኡስ ወለዶ ኣብ ዒሉ

    ‘ንዳ ንሕና-ንሱ
    ሕጂ ንታይ ትብሉ
    ‘ንታይ ‘ዩ ትጸገም
    ዝባን ስዉኣት ዓገብ በሉ
    ኣብዘይ ናትኩም ዓዘቕቲ

  • Peace!

    Hi All,

    This is not surprising. We have been saying the Oppositions can’t afford to fail but they have miserably. Issayas is a threat to even some Ethiopian Opposition leaders. In his recent Interview Ledetu said someone told him privately- why can’t you keep your mouth shut otherwise Issayas will kill you.


  • Germay Berhane

    Would you please ask “President elected” Saleh send money to the needy from the coffers of government in exile.

    • saay7



      The government in exile is not duly constituted and is not able to raise taxes and therefore can’t send any.


      • Germay Berhane

        Selam Saleh,
        I understand your “government” is not duly constituted, but to constitute it you , i mean all those who supporting your idea must have invest your life time earning to the cause you are preaching from the begging This is the time to help your comrades. Any way don;t dream day time. All your ideas are illusions..

        • saay7

          Selamat Germay:

          Thanks for the advice. Since you gave me one, let me give you one: Just focus on the new order you were given by your cult leader Isaias (#ከርተት) to rationalize dictatorship, war crimes and destroying Eritrea’s reputation and I will focus on my mine.


    • Nitricc

      Hi Germay; It is indeed funny; when the bullets were raging and people dying to free their country, some of the opportunistic Eritreans were out of the country educating themselves and live it all. Now, when nature approaching in calling their names, they are more vanguard about the nation more than those who sacrificed everything. Simply they are morally decayed, desperados.

      • Germay Berhane

        Selam Nitric,
        You are right. Anyway people who are frustrated are addicted to drinking, sleeping and aggressive behavior. Here in this room people are addicted to cool their frustration by blaming, demonizing and insulting to national heroes. Let them enjoy their habit no where they will go.

  • Selam

    Greetings All,

    When I saw the title of this article, I believed it would be about the refugees in Ethiopia, who seem to have become targets from all sides. Meron Estifanos tweeted today that she is getting several calls about Eritrean refugees in Tigray becoming targets for retribution attacks. She also described the general condition of refugees not only in Ethiopia, but around the world. Their situation has become extremely dire due to the pandemic, it is very heart breaking.

    Since the article is focused on opposition members based in Ethiopia, I believe the title would have better served the article if it was “Eritrean Opposition Members in Ethiopia Fear for Their Safety”

    Just my $0.02


    • Brhan

      Hello Selam,
      It is news and I believe you know that news wrting has many techniques and one of them is to make its tiltle catchy to attract the attention of audience. Secondly, the Eritrean oppositon members are firstly Eritreans before anything else. Thirdly among the Eritrean refugees you can also find persons who oppose the government. ( Not all of them oppose the government. Most of them are persons who have fear of their lives if they returned to Eritrea by force) .

      I am adding another cent to your $0.02

      • Selam

        Dear Brhan,

        It did definitely catch my attention, but I must confess, it’s current title would have caught my attention too 🙂

        I would actually say that the Eritrean opposition members are firstly human, and as such they deserve basic human rights!

        Hopefully they can stay safe!

        All the best!

  • Abi

    Hello Gedab News
    Extremely misleading title.
    Eritreans in Ethiopia are doing just fine.
    If the Eritrean opposition leaders find themselves in a precarious situation, they are more than welcome to leave the country.
    Hosting an opposition party will only complicate the peace process.

    • Brhan

      Hello Abi
      Extermely misleading comment: Eritreans in Tigray, Ethiopia are doing just fine.

      • Abi

        Brother Brhan
        Almost missed you:)
        Now that is not misleading.

      • yoni tech

        Not ,they aren’t they are being killed ,raped by the Tigrayan military and milisha , what you talking about ?

        • Brhan

          Hi yoni tech
          Please check to whom I am replying. I am replying to a person who preferes sarcasm, accordingly.

  • Dongolo

    Selam all. The title of the article is misleading and should perhaps read ‘Time for Illicit Eritrean Opposition Groups in Ethiopia to Leave’.

  • Some communist guy

    Dear Tifosi Awate,

    Allah/Amlak knows why, I was in Ethiopia for work when Abiy first called on Isaias to make peace. I vividly remember two encounters I had prior to Isaias’ acceptance of the peace offer on June 20 2018. One was with Biniam Berhe from the Permanent Mission of Eritrea to the African Union. That unexpected meeting made me conclude that the young diplomat was happy to witness peace between Ethiopia and Eritrea. That feeling was shared by the few Eritrean diplomats in Addis. Three days later, I ran into an ex-ELF cadre, active with the EPDP or ENSF i can’t remember. He began by laughing at Abiy’s peace offering, saying the “aregi seb’ay” (Isaias) would never accept it. I remember telling him: “He will accept it at some point. Get your stuff and go to Kenya”. He laughed again and told me “Don’t worry for us. We’ve survived everything so far”. My stance was that Isaias was able to arrest people in Sudan between the 1980s and 2010s without fear, and now Ethiopia was about to become hell for anti-PFDJ elements. He said: “ya shebab, temekro yeblkan”. We are now almost three years later and Eritreans (opposition activists and refugees) felt nothing could happen to them.

    I wanted to share this experience because I feel Eritreans linked with the opposition have trusted Ethiopia for too long and based on bogus reasons. The further you are from Eritrea, the safer…

  • Nitricc

    A leader of an opposition organization said, “we are appealing to the Ethiopian government to guarantee the safety of our members since their living conditions are life threatening.

    Hahahahaha; I don’t think anyone understands the power of PIA and its capability. Even the Ethiopians in politics who are oppositions to the government are pissing in their pants because they opposed the Eritrean leader. Ask Lidetu? he is having a sleepless nights in fear. he telling PIA will get him killed to every TV channel on the country. Now, that is power!!! Eritrean opposition cease to exist with TPLF thugs.