Friday , February 28 2020
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Chalachew And The Abyssinian Violin

Today we bring you an unadulterated Abyssinian Masinqo in Amharic, or Chrawata in Tigrinya. It’s a pure countryside art that doesn’t encumber the ears with so much noise of brass instruments that Ethiopian are very fond of. The lyrics are comparable to the traditional impromptu recital of poetry or the …

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Jebena: Jerusalem, “The Flower of the Cities”

Recently Kiros Asfaha released a new song which we will feature next week. Kiros took the right path by contributing a different song, breaking the monotonous choice of Eritreans artists to focus on dance-music, guayla, at the expense of the contemplative and relaxing music. But that will be next week. Today we …

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Scent of Lemon: An Example Of Refined Eritrean Song

My taste in music is unusual, not many songs please me. My aversion to saxophones is unmatched, but I love wooden instruments, the traditional flute, the Andean reed zambona, fisarmonica, Congo drums, rebaba, and the violin. The saxophone, however, scares me more than the sight of a Black Mamba snake. …

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A Break From Politics: Jebena Presents Fairuz

For decades, the Lebanese singer, Fairuz, has remained one of the most known singers in the Middle East. Her romantic and patriotic songs, her soothing voice and dignified performance has earned her the love of many generations. To this day, very few singers have reached Firuz’s stature. Today we present …

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اطفؤا قناديل الرعب

حين أمطرت السماء خيراتها، رائحة البارود من حولنا قابله وابل من دوى القنابل، والرعد ومع البرق ، صورة وأنعكاس ، فنظرات إلى الجنوب وتوهج ألا فق بنار الغدر، والتهبت قناديل الرعب في الباطن ترى، هل هذه أحلام ألامس تطاردنا ، آم حلم اليوم؟ هل فعلوها من جديد ؟ رايته طفلا، …

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