Jebena: Dialogue with Negarit Audience

Dear readers,
I am glad to announce the launching of Jebena, a child of Negarit.

Jebena is a traditional coffee clay-pot. In Eritrea, coffee drinking is almost a ritual and is aptly known as coffee ceremony. While in some parts of Eritrea, men cook coffee, in other parts it is strictly prepared by women.

The coffee is served in small cups and boiled up to seven rounds. Each round has a name. It’s around Jebena that people socialize and discuss many issues, chat, or just pass time cracking jokes. This new sub section of Negarit which is under is designed around that tradition, where I intend to reply to comments and use the occasion to encourage civil discourse. The idea is add value to comments, infuse the spirit of dialogue to encourage the mission of reconciliation.

Reconciliation is vital given the fact that Eritrea is in dire need for it–within itself and with its neighbors.


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