A Leaked Speech For The First Anniversary Of Lampedusa

Gedab News has received a leaked copy of the speech that has been prepared by the Eritrean regime to be

Eritrea Hands The Djiboutian Soldier Over To Qatar – Gedab News: Over six-weeks after his arrest, and one week after the Arab League condemnation, the Eritrean regime

As Expected, Arhe’s SDP Wins Swedish Elections

Sweden’s the left-leaning Social Democratic party (SDP) won the Swedish elections, capturing 31.3% of the votes, and Eritrea-born Swedish MP Arhe Hamednaca, a member

Is Sweden Now Relevant to The Eritrean Regime?

In an interview conducted by the Swedish journalist Donald Boström in 2009, Isaias Afwerki considered Sweden insignificant and questioned: “Why

Isaias Arrives In Cairo To An Arab League Condemnation

In a press release issued on Sept. 7, 2014, the League of Arab States meeting, held at the level of

Isaias Afwerki Hijacks Qatar Airways

Qatar, which is mediating the Eritrea-Djibouti border demarcation, appears to have yielded to Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki’s blackmailing by instructing

Eritrea Detains A Djiboutian Officer And Embarrasses Qatar

Last week Eritrean forces detained Master Corporal Ahmed Abdullah Kamil , a Djiboutian officer who was accompanying Qatari officers to the

Sweden Might Arrest Eritrean Officials On Arrival

Eritrean officials cancelled their plan to attend the festival they were hosting in Sweden when Swedish officials informed them on

Swedish Policy On Eritrea: The Carrot Or The Stick?

Gedab News learned that last week a delegation of 11 Eritrean Government officials including the foreign minister, Osman Saleh, and

Stockholm Rally Against Eritrean Government Festival

The Swedish- Eritrean partnership for Democracy/ SESADU (Svensk-eritreansk samarbetsorganisation FÄr demokratiutveckling) is calling for “a massive rally” against an Eritrean

Eritrea: Call For Cold War Displeases China

Gedab News learned that recently Chinese diplomats met the Eritrean president and protested against the Eritrean government’s attempts to ignite

Eritrea: Sawa Festival and the Welfare States

The Sawa yearly youth festival will be held in Sawa, Eritrea, from July 18th to 20th, 2014. On the occasion,

Gissen, Germany, Bans PFDJ Festival

Following the example of the belated decision by the Italian city of Bologna to ban Eritrean government sponsored festivals, Giessen,

Eritrean Resistance Forces Declare Victory in Bologna

For the last three days, the Italian city of Bologna has been a battleground for a showdown between the supporters

A UN Human Rights Inquiry Commission For Eritrea

Resolution A/HRC/26/L.6 which was tabled by Somalia at the 2014 Universal Periodic Review (UPR) of Eritrea was adopted by the

Eritrean Exodus: Reversing The Trail Of Moses

In an act of complete desperation, a mainly-Eritrean crowd of refugees in Israel has decided to march to the Sahara

Eritrean Mining: China’s Wanbao Withdraws

Recently, Wanbao, China’s largest state owned mining firm announced its withdrawal from Eritrea and that it would no longer seek

Eritrea: Demographic and Environmental Crisis

UN Special Rapporteur on human rights situation in Eritrea disclosed that 4,000 Eritreans are fleeing their country each month. Thousands

Eritrea: NEVSUN’s Multi-million Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

Recently, Nevsun, the Canadian mining company operating in Eritrea, approved a multi-million class action lawsuit settlement brought by a New

Eritrea: UN Sanctions In Limbo

The UN Security Council-imposed sanctions on Eritrea are trapped at UNSC in a situation that an observer described as, “From