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A New Wave Of Escapees Leaving Eritrea

News coming out of Eritrea indicates that refugees are escaping from the country at the rate of about 7,000 people every month.

Since the beginning of September, the situation in Eritrea has become tense and that the population is nervous and living in anxiety and panic.

In the first half of October 2014 alone, the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian affairs (OCHA) reported that 1,700 refugees have been registered in Ethiopia compared to 1836 refugees in the whole of September.

The report indicated, “At present, more than 200 Eritreans cross the Ethiopian border each day.” It added, “The number of daily refugee arrivals spiked since the first week of September” and the sudden spike in arrivals is causing, “congestion at the reception center.”

Though minors have been leaving Eritrea for a few years, in the last few months the number of unaccompanied minors reaching Sudan and Ethiopia has increased drastically.

This situation has given life to the human trafficking trade that had relatively slowed down for a year or so; now, they are charging escapees as high as $3000 per person to help them cross the borders to either Sudan or Ethiopia.

The transaction of human trafficking charges and ransom money is widely conducted inside Eritrea where, allegedly, many individuals affiliated to the regime are involved.

Bleak future, lack of freedoms, unavailability of work, and endless servitude of the youth in government projects, are the main reasons why Eritreans leave their country.

The recent crisis that is brewing within the financial arm of the ruling party that monopolizes the economy has also greatly contributed to the spike of flight of Eritreans from their country. The financial crisis has resulted in an acute shortage of fuel (oil) supply.

In its weekly newsletter yesterday, October 20, 2014, OCHA reported that as of October 16, 2014, Ethiopia is hosting 104,343 Eritrean refugees.

Refugees reaching Sudan are mostly not accounted for, while in Ethiopia they are meticulously registered. Thousands of new escapees are being added to the hundreds of thousands of refugees who have been stranded in squalid camps in Eastern Sudan.

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  • haileTG

    Selamat Awatistas,

    Please take a second and glance over the following report by the EU some months ago:

    The number of unaccompanied minors applying for international protection came from Afghanistan (3 310), Somalia (1 580), Syria (1 010) and Eritrea (715), the majority of these children were received by Sweden, Germany, the UK, Austria and Italy, according to the EU Commission.

    Read full story

    Now to the deniers of Eritrean hardship:

    #1 How did they do it?

    #2 Is the EU joining the transporting of Eritreans out of Eritrea

    #3 Can an 11 year old (as reported here today) reach UK from Eritrea?

    I wonder what they would say…

    • dawit
    • dawit

      Haile, this is what I say. Once kidnapped and abducted the children are trained to lie to survive. The journalists are also paid to write any thing that tarnish the image of Eritrea. It is a coordinated project that was planned by U.S. diplomats and President Obama has admitted to the existence of such project at a meeting arranged by Clintons Global Project.

      • House of Stark

        Hi Dawit
        Could you please provide the link.
        Thanks, in advance.

        • dawit

          Dear House of Stark

          Sorry I am unable to post the various website links, because AT website does not allow me to post the links. However you can Google various sites about U.S. Ambassador to Eritrea Donald J. McConnell 2001-04, had layed U.S. strategy to encourage Eritrean Youths to leave the country and incentives, you may Google it from Wikieleak sites.

          You can also Google President Obama;’s Speech to Clinton Global Initiative gathering, about his government strategy to combat human trafficking. “Last week I renewed sanctions on North Korea and Eritrea. We are working with partners working for women and children escape from their abusers and we are seeking result”. Yes the result some are tortured in Sinai, others die in Sahara desert and many perished in Mediterranean Sea.

          Her is an interesting recent story or confession of Mr. Udo Ulfkotte, a former editor of Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, one of the largest newspapers in Germany, admits he worked for the CIA. “I’ve been a journalist for about 25 years, and I’ve been educated to lie, to betray, and not to tell the truth to the public,” Ulfkotte told Russia Today. “I was supported by the Central Intelligence Agency, the CIA.

        • Hope

          Why would you expect “Evidence” form dawit when you know the truth and when you are not going to believe him—?

      • haileTG

        Selam dawit,

        1) Every population willfully believe their leader’s lies in the so far as the result brings about advancing their interests. US citizens may believe their governments lies in many war policies because it brings continued supply of oil and cheaper prices of gas at the pump. What is unusual about PFDJ supporters is the fact that they believe the Eritrean regime lies in order to end up worse of, get poorer and ultimately lose everything. The lies of the regime that you are believing is supposed to camouflage the regime’s drive to empty the country and cripple it beyond repair. That is unusual.

        2) If you believe the US and others are inducing people to leave the country:

        a) You would hear them making that announcement publicly or at least in a traceable way and not through time-delayed declassified archives of wikileaks or a tesfanews manipulated speech of Obama that was neither addressing the right audience nor specifically talking about the issue at hand.

        b) That regime lie fly in the face of every Eritrean family that has facilitated, received or dealt with a relative that has left the country. Ask those relatives if they met US officials on their way out of the country (close to half a million of them)

        c) If there is such concerted international attempt to cause mass migration by those who end up footing the bill of UNHCR then accountable systems in their countries would call them out. It would also be a matter of criminal undertaking.

        d) Finally, If such concerted effort were ever to happen, there would be precedent of such means of tackling a hostile entity by others (here one side resorts to emptying the other side’s population by creating mass influx of refugees). Such case has never been witnessed in recorded history of man kind and to believe the US that is capable of taking out leaders at a push of a button would dignify a backward leader as IA with that kind of “first of its kind” combat strategy.

        You are going against your commonsense and conscience to justify an unheard of case scenarios. That would have been understandable if you stand to gain something at the end of the day, unfortunately that would only be destined to eventual catastrophic end result with terrible consequences to Eritrean lives. People are leaving because it is impossible for them to lead normal lives under a brutal dictator. And, after trying everything else they could possibly think of and try to do, now they have reached the end of the line. Not because what was written or discussed for them from the diaspora, but a natural progression of a besieged population and unyielding genocidal regime. The chicken have come home to roost, and the regime’s lies are good for nobody except to itself and those who feed from its crimes. The time has come and the people are revolting.


        • dawit

          Selam Haile,
          Ok I read what you posted, but let me tell you some thing I was in Europe this summer and I met several of those Eritrean Nationals in many train stations in person in France, Italy and Britain. It is really sad when you see such young Eritreans wasting their lives for nothing. I have also relatives a nephew and a nice who were luck to reach Europe, my nice reached Sweden and my nephew is languishing in a refugee camp in Belgium. Both of the left against my wish and advise. By the way I saw more African especially from Senegal in France and Italy, but many of them are entrepreneurs selling some gift items and bottled waters on the side of the road. I did not meet a single Eritrean doing such activity to support themselves or collect money from friends and relatives living in America.. I guess most are looking to reach those generous countries with welfare programs. Personally I don’t believe that life in Eritrea is so desperate that people would like to take a life and death decisions. Ok it is a poor country and may not able to afford the material wealth you may be able to have. But for heaven sake at what cost by throwing your dignity in a gutter?
          Yesterday and today I was discussing here at AT and he sent me a link to listen to IA interview he made with the local media, sometimes at the beginning of this year. Frankly speaking I was impressed with the questions and the answers he gave. Please watch it with an open mind and judge it your self. To me the only reasonable solution for Eritreans young and old to stay at home and confront what ever problem they face. Running away is not the solution.
          Now Haile I know you are one of those who is pushing desperately for a change of government in Eritrea. You are sold to the idea of changing the Eritrean government will bring peace and prosperity to Eritrea. Mahmud was saying that he does not want Eritrea like Cuba, to be isolated from the rest of the world and I told him that Cuba has been isolated, not because of Castro or his brother, but by Cuban exiles who agitate for the isolation of their native country. I am afraid that will be the fait of Eritrea if Eritrean wake up and support their country, no matter what. The other alternative for Eritrea is to be like Somalia and if such situation comes the number of Eritreans fleeing the country will 10 fold of what is happening now. We better seek a way to reverse the situation when we have a sort of government before things escalate an be beyond any ones control. We have to admit that Eritrea is a new nation with complex problems, and PFDJ or President Isaias are not the only problems causing the agony in the country.

          • haileTG

            Selam dawitom…I read the comment you posted. I am a little rushed now but definitely will address these issues you raised here tomorrow.


          • Hope

            Haile and dawit:
            Thank you for putting it in a crystal clear way,which I have failed to do so for a yr so as to convince Halie TG.
            I also appreciate you for trying to balance things as I have tried but failed to convince people,for obvious reasons.
            I also have tried my best to convince people that our problems are multifactorial ,and as such,they deserve a comprehensive approach.
            Haile TG specifically knows better than both of us as to how to verify facts and to refer to links including the wikileaks,State Department Stand,Speeches,TPLF agenda,etc–but his stand is that PIA/PFDJ are/is the liability and “ALL” the problems,be it by the USA, or TPLF are due to PIA/PFDJ despite that he knows the FACTS in detail.
            He and his group or his students,believe that once PIA/PFDJ are gone,things will improve overnight without considering the Ethiopian Factor,the unkown,etc—
            I debated with him in the past and for sure he will repeat the same litany that he repeated to me.
            While I am with you,here is my dilemma:
            -While I agree with you on the negative role of the external factors,which we should fight to death,no matter what ,as we know their motivation and agenda,I also believe that we have to challenge the internal factors that have contributed to the current mess we are in.
            Here are the internal factors:
            -1) The issue of the Constitution:
            Without a proper “National Reconciliation”,I know this is a tough call for the GoE/PFDJ coz it will be kind of a suicide for the current Regime to implement the Constitituin since this will raise tons of issues considering the case of the Political Prisoners,the kidnapped,the dead,the disappeared.etc…
            No matter what though ,if the Constitution is to be implemented,it will solve lots of problems including the issue of the uncontrollable exodus,as there willbe NO excuse to run away if people are given the opportunity to go to school and to be creative and to work,–to do business,etc—-besides doing their National Obligation in the right way.
            In other words,the Root Clauses of the Exodus, ,at least partially,will be solved.Case in point: the National Service will be modified and restructured based on the Nation’s needs and situation and in a way it will not affect the Socio-cultural and political make up and setting of the Nation.Specially,the disrupted Family Values will be restored and we will all enjoy the Family Reunion.
            In the immediate furture,I would NOT even rush into the complex case of Implementing the Constitution,rather,we should review the over all socio-political issue of the Nation and try to come up with a short -term plan as to what to do .
            is it easy? No way,specially considering the external conspiracy and interference but do we have a choice?
            We know that our enemies are doing their best to aggravate the situation so as to give up as a Nation and people but knowing all these tricks,we have to rush and come up with Plan B before they succeed.How? That is the core issue we have to debate about.
            2)Socio-economic Issue:
            Right now the economic system of the Nation is one of the major internal factors that have contributed to the problems we have.
            Private Sector is dead/has been dead–by design for obvious reasons.If the Private Sector is left alone to boom,this could have minimized the exodus.
            This issue also,poor education system(High School to College),has contributed to the mess.
            If we let the Youth to learn and to be creative,it would minimize the problems.If the concern is that we will have Too many Educated Youth,let it be coz Africa needs us—Look at how the Eri Diaspora in Uganda,Angola, S Africa ,etc–is doing.
            4)National Service:
            This is prob the major culprit of the internal factors.I know we are dealing with a real and perceived threat from the South but we should revise the National Service Policy,which the GoE does not want for lots of reasons knwon to the same PFDJ.
            I could talk more but—
            My point:
            There are lots of internal factors that need immediate attention before it is too late,which is too late already…
            As Haile TG said it,why should we be surprised about the negative role of the external interference after all?
            Don’t we know that ,that has been their agenda from zemene enini–for the last 60yrs?
            Finally,have you been to Eritrea lately?If so,what did you learn?
            Did you read the Pastoral Letter of the Catholic Bishops?Of course you do,as I remember debating with you on that issue?
            Don’t you trust them?
            Bottom line:
            Even China has forsaken us as China might know what is cooking in behind the scene besides being Ethiopia’s big partner—$10Billion Investement with Ethiopia vs less than 50 million investment with Eritrea..
            The whole Arms Emabrgo saga and the latest SEMG Report focusing on the role of Eritrea in supporting the Ethiopian Opposition has a purpose.
            The reason the TPLF army has moved recently to the Southern and SW Borders is clear.
            The precondition and “Justification” for theTPLF gang to act swiftlyare fullfillled per the SEMG and the UNSC yesterday-Friday PM.–and the TPLF gang will set up some false pretexts to further justify its evil action against Eritrea.My brother just told me that the TPLF Army is already inside Eritrea today–as we speak.
            BTW,the TPLF Gang already accused Eritrea today through its “Court” that the GoE has been training the Gambela Faction and some people from that Faction are already sentenced …and that was what the PMHD said recently through Tsn’at Radio last Month(It was already finalized—–)
            What shall we do?
            Debating with Haile TG ain’t going to be the solution.
            Let us be realistic!
            Dr Sara Ogbay,your concern and fear—might be there already.

          • Abinet

            I read your rather long comment . You didn’t mentioned anything new . However, this caught my eyes.”too many educated eritrean youth ” . And you also mentioned Africa needs them . My question is since when educated youth become a problem for any given country including eritrea? And why are all these educated Eritreans all over Africa? Is it because they are excess? Or is it because of the current situation? Or because of TFLF conspiracy? Or is it as YG call it they need a “larger space ” to operate?

          • Hope

            Read what I wrote rather than what I did NOT write.Yaltetsafe atanbib.
            That was my point that too mant educated Youth should NOT be a problem,rather,a solution.

          • haileTG

            Hi hope,

            In deed, debating with me or anyone isn’t going to be the solution. You now told us “Ethiopia is inside Eritrea”, hard to believe but let it be. The people are refusing to arm and leaving the country in droves. Good then, lets do 1+1 shall we? What do these two related facts told by you really tell? External force inside the country (very unlikely) and the people abandoning the country? It is the fruits of turning our backs on those you want to “fight to death” for you. PFDJ’s Ethiopia saber rattling has backfired badly. It not only failed to galvanize the population but gave the world a CLEAR message that the people will not lift a finger to save PFDJ. That is dangerous and that is the end of the criminal regime.


          • Hope

            The fact that you are denying the presence of the TPLF Army inside Eritrea while cheering or wishing their “Home Coming” is but trecherous.
            As to the world acting in unison against Eritrea is but old new campaign….
            It is bad and forbidden for Eritrea to defend her self by any means possible including by smuggling Arms into Eritrea and using proxy wars against her enemies but it is only good and allowed for her enemies to do whatever they want including Regime Change by invading Eritrea and to shop around for whatever arms they would like to have.
            But since that is what the Super Powers want against Eritrea,”we have to accept it with out ifs and buts”.—and the PFDJ should be “weeded out by any means possible,including by inavstion of her enemies”.
            Kudos to you….

          • hope

            Read:”inavstion of her enemies” as “–by invading Eritrea”

          • haileTG

            Hi hope,

            Where exactly did you learn about Ethiopian army entering new territories other than the borderlands that still have to be finalized from the war 16 years ago? As per the recent interview of G7 leader and SEMG reports, I think it is the Eritrean regime that is actively militarizing and attempting to undermine regional peace. Please don’t say I denied anything when neither me nor the world has heard anything remotely sounding like what you say here. But, you still haven’t answered my question that even if the regime is trying to use Ethiopia card, the fact that the people have rejected its call is a serious fix for it by any standard. We have a PFDJ regime that has effectively lost internal and external control! If Eritrea is invaded as you claim (almost certainly untrue), Eritreans will deal with it in their own terms, not fighting under an illegal and subversive regime masquerading as a government.

          • Tesfabirhan WR

            selam dawit,

            Good points you have now but ashoring them from wrong perspective. You said, “… African especially from Senegal in France and Italy, but many of them are entrepreneurs selling some gift items and bottled waters on the side of the road. I did not meet a single Eritrean doing such activity to support themselves…”

            dear dawit, have you ever though why these young Eritreans are not as you expected? I mean as entrepreneurs.

            Let me define an entrepreneur first before going deeply into the root cause of lacking such mentality.

            Entrepreneur according to investopedia.com is defined as “An individual who, rather than working as an employee, runs a small business and assumes all the risk and reward of a given business venture, idea, or good or service offered for sale. The entrepreneur is commonly seen as a business leader and innovator of new ideas and business processes.”

            Here, we have very important terminologies

            1. An individual,

            2. Rather than working as an employee

            3. Small Business

            4. Assumes all risks,

            5. Rewards

            6. Idea

            7. Good or service offered for sale

            And more important

            8. Business leader

            9. Innovator of new ideas and business processes

            Hope I have dissected the main terms within the definition first.

            Dear dawitom, do you know that these terms are almost a taboo in the PFDJ system.

            A. There is individualism, rather individual thinking. What PFDJ cultivates is collective thinking.

            B. Employment: In the PFDJ system, youths will be assigned to a job. There is no worry for finding a job. The only thing to do is (for those lucky once) to finish their college study and then thanks to the Human resource branch of Ministry of Education, they will be assigned to respective places; No matter where or what they will do. There is a place to be assigned by someone. And for those who failed to continue schooling, there is always a big demand, “Military.” Hence, PFDJ cultivated “I will be assigned” mentality.

            C. “Small Business” Let me skip this one. Hoping that you will understand it. but, I think it is wise to put as it is for you. “There is no private business”

            D. Risks for what? May be risk today in minds of our youths is “to take risk of life”
            The shot-to-kill policy
            The sahara
            The smugglers
            The sea
            The police
            These are the risks in today’s youth mentality. And those who you met them have gone through all these. Actually, the highest risk one to take is “risk of life” and so are Eritrean youths came across these.

            E. Rewards??? What is reward? reward in today’s Eritrea is to have 30 days vacation in a year or after 2 years, to see your family. Or else, You got prisoned without charge and stayed for 1-é years and released with a word, “Bezia gerka tifae”

            F. Ideas???

            Let me skip this absolutely.

            G. Goods and Services offered for sale:

            Those youths that you mentioned know one thing: “The money paid to smugglers was was so rewarding.” That is all. Smuggle people and you get thousands of USD or Euros. And that is why many Eritreans after they land Europe also engage in smuggling.

            H. Leadership and Innovator???

            Oh my God, I am even terrified to go through the definition. The more I expose the acts committed by PFDJ system, the more I stand firm to fight against it. But, I equally see unconscious people like dawit preaching us the other way round.


          • Abraham

            Dear Dawit, you did not tell us the root cause of our problem. I advice you to go to Eritrea and serve in the military service for the next 5 years. your comment is a product of simple mind or chicken without head.

  • merhaba

    This site has tarnished Hamid idris Awate’s good name.

  • Hope

    A RARE Confession of Hope:
    If it is real scientific graph,this confirms what we have been afraid of…..The destruction of Family Values in Eritrea.
    I have 5-6 husbands and fathers very closely related to me, who do not see their kids at all almost for a year.
    Literally,me and my brother are the ones,who remotely take care of them believing that the fathers and the husbands are doing their duty.
    I am not going to deny this fact simply coz Mr Aman Hidrat et al will be a happy camper for my flip-flopping.
    With some back ground in Pschology,specially Developmental and Adolescent Psychology,we know the deliterous effects of this “Fatherless” Kids.
    For those of us who reside in the USA,we know what that means where 70% the African-American kids live and grow with single Moms and we know its practical consequence.
    Interestingly,we have never addressed this issue,unless I missed it.
    Talk about the moral issues/ values of our Teens–specially those of us,who visited Eritrea recently can testify on this.
    It is very scary—where uner-age girls mess around with old people and foreigners.–for few pennies.The teen pregnancy has sky-rocketed—divorce rate is—very high.
    I was shocked to note the high HIV infection and Teen Pregnancy Rate in Eden(Elabered),Halibmentel and Glass,a Blin Commuinity area,where these social issues used to be a rarity or taboo.
    I am giving up ,Tewelde and thank you for reminding me this serious Family Value issue.
    Not sure if the Catholic Bishops raised this in their Pastorla Letter eventhough I discussed this issue in detail privately with one of them while he was visiting here in N America.–recently, in fact..
    Dawit,I advise you to reflect on this Family Value issue.
    This is very scary.Check with the new coming Youth around you in the West and closely watch how they act–morally and socially.—focusing on e the Sawa trainees.
    I just finished talking to some Moms/Wives in Kessela(2-3 of them) and I was scared to death after I heard their stories and their testimony.This is besides what Dr Sara Ogbay told me,which was /is just confirmed to me by the same Moms and Wives I just spoke to/with..
    Ezi wedehankum—-
    My apology to those I offended and argued with, for NOTHING!
    Nittric and dawit….as Vet Mahmous said it,whom I TRUST and “Adore” literally to death, due to his Honesty and experience besides his Eye Witness Account narration,let us think twice about the socio-cultural tragedy.
    Make no mistake that the GoE, Eritrea as a Nation and Eritreans as a Peolpe, are facing the toughest challenges and we should stand firm when needed,with the GoE but I am talikng about the Socio-cultural devastation—-Family Values specially..
    Who is to blame?
    That is your home work

    • haileTG

      Hi hope,

      As you know, there is nothing worse that you can tell us to be happening or happened to Eritrea. Your 2% has helped to create it and your justifying the acts of the whorish regime is trying in vain to create more of those tragedies among your relatives. You are not your brother’s keeper rather bent on trying to confuse people with forged nutcase arguments where your cause has nothing to do with the cause bettering the people. Keep up the patriotism to the human trafficking regime worship. Remember, you now told us, you willfully support and finance the breaking apart of families of your bros and sis. Hmmmm….that is brutal and inhuman. Eritrea doesn’t have a government, save that for the outsiders

      • Hope

        Make NO mistake,that I will increase my 2% contribution by 10-20%…not to help ghdef but the orphans and the “fatherlesses”.
        As I said,save my file within your reach including my comments here so as to prosecute me in New Eritrea.

        • haileTG

          hope arkey, I won’t prosecute you, even if you are actually behaving badly. You see, I am one of those Asmarinos madly in love with Keren xaEda and its people. I can’t bring my self to prosecute Kerenians, my be let them get away with a pour of cold water over their hot headness, even that if they are too badly behaved. Nothing like for wasting their well earned money on the good for nothing PFDJ ruled from Demhit HQ 🙂

          • Mahmud Saleh

            Wow, after sometime, you’re coming up with some humor, man, we need that. Semere has monopolized that spot for some time now.

          • haileTG

            Merhaba Mahmuday,

            እንታይ ግድኻ ኢልካዮ፡ እዚ መጸለል ሆፕ ኣስሒቱኒ እየ ናብ ጭርቃን ኣትየ እምበር፡ ሎሚ ተጸዊገ ክውዕል እዩ ነይሩ መደበይ። ናይ ሓውናን ኣቦናን ወዲ ቫካሮ፡ ሓዘን ፈጢሩለይ እዩ ውዒሉ። …ካላእ፡ እዞም ደቂ ከረን ከለዉ እሞ እንታይ ክንገብር ኢልካና፡ ከይተረዳኣና ኣብ ጻውቲ ኣቲና!! ፡-)

        • Hope

          Ok Haile T G:
          I declare a binding Cease-fire then,to be mediated by:
          1)Engineer Rodab
          2)Kokheb Selam
          3)Ustaz Saleh Johar
          4)Prof Saleh Ahmed Abdu Younis
          5)Vet Mahmoud Saleh
          I read your Articles until few yrs ago inufing the ones at Dehai… and was mesmerized for your serious Legal U-Turn.
          May be I should that but in a different manner though due to some fundamental difference in our approach …. specially the Ethiopian Factor.

          • Mahmud Saleh

            There hasn’t been a state of fire which needs to be negotiated. NaHnu Ekhwan. ቀጽል ጥራይ። ርኢቶኻ በዝመሰለካ ኣፍስሶ። you will be the one who will be living with your conscience. You’re not PFDJ, you are as good wishing as any one for your beloved country. As you are a firm debater, HTG also has the right to stand firm on his beliefs. If we take personal references away, and if we relax and embrace the attitude of accommodating views that are slightly different than those we hold, I think we are all friends who don’t need counseling. Both of you believe PFDJ is wreaking havoc on our country. The rest is tactical issues. Since you’re not dealing with operational issues, slight tactical differences in debates should not create that big a wage. So, my say, “No fire fight, no need for the mediation of cessation of fire.” I like your inputs keep it up. You don’t have to repeat what others say, and stay cool.

  • Semere Andom

    PFDJ:A Government of Human Traffickers, Kidnapers and Organ Harvesters .
    Any society has its own share of crooks and criminals and the Eritrean society is not an exception by any measure. But not all societies are created equal in terms of the crime rate and before PFDJ took the helm our society was one of those which boated the least crime and this was attested by independent parties, so this is not from an Eritrean romantic. The human trafficking phenoment is an international problem that plagues many societies and one of the jobs of a government is to protect its citizens from this. On the contrary PFDJ partnered with the Rashaidas to implement the lucrative business of human trafficking and organ harvesting for profit and exposed our people to the shameful actions and the indiginities that has been documented for the last 13 years. This cruely did not germinate out of the blue, but it has its roots in the humble beginning of EPLF, the precursor of the current PFDJ.
    This is not to exonorate our role as people for our collective failure to fight this heinous crime.
    Consider the the following
    A 27 year old Eritrean met someone who he knew in Sawa in Shegerab and after their refuge papers were processed the friend from Sawa arranged a ride and bothe left to Kassala in the way they were kidnapped by a Rashaid and the friend turned out to be an accomplice. He was held there for weeks and also met an othere Eritean and both were tied to a bench with chains. Every morning one of the kids would come and call them “abid” and slap them and sometimes the woman would come and tell them “adfae” you will be free. Both escape while the bench was still tied to them as they found a pin to unlock the the bench from the bar it was attached to. They run and a fight ensues with their capturors in broad day light. On lookers, other Rashaidas call their God but do nothing. Yes, very few Rashaidas are involved in the trade but the village collaborates. The Eritrean government has both the wherewithal and the duty to stop this, but it does not. And IA and his handful hench men profit from this. People likd dawit, see this, know it in their bone, but for them the investment in their houses is more important. We do not even know if this people are not traffickers who do the connection in the diaspora
    An Eritrean who grew up in a village is kidnapped and his parents scrape the $5000 and were asked to pay it in a certain shop in Asmara. Father shows up with the money and the receipient is shocked and asks the elder, “aya entay amtsiEka”, the man tells his story. The shopkeeper swears the father to secrecy and calls his brother, the kidnapper and orders him to release so and so he is our cousin.
    The Eritrean government cracks down the G-15, the journalist, the elderly, those suspected with the Forto incident, even it has the tools to crackdown the microscopic plasmodium but fails to crack down the macroscopic human traffickers. It is implicated and the “dawits” among us shamelessly support it. These people are called “Qilet al-haya” in Arabic.
    The point is, PFDJ nurtures criminals because it is one. But among this gloom and doom it is humbling to see the PFDJ in its death bed and the enablers of the human traffickers fasciculating with the uncertainty bout the value of their plot of land that they have bought for cheap when they shared their loot with PFDJ.

    • haileTG

      Dear Sem,

      The problem the way this issue is argued by regime supporters is rather detached. Take UNHCR report 2013 for refugees in Ethiopia for example. Eritrean refugees a little less than a quarter of the total in the country. The two other major sources being Somalia and Sudan (both) for obvious reasons. For S. Sudan, out of over 70,000 refugees, 68% are classified as minors and Somalia’s are around 55%+ out of more than quarter of a million refugees. In Eritrea’s case it is about 31% minors. Now, is UNHCR making up the numbers for Somalia and S. Sudan too? If it does, what would it mean to anybody anyway. if over 100000 Somali minors are reported to be in Ethiopia, does it mean the Ethiopian government is bussing them over? How about the S.Sudanese? Migration is one thing and influx is another. Many minors and women migrate in severe situations of war or hunger. It is happening in the case of Eritrea and is meticulously recorded and processed just as it is to Ethiopia’s IDP and other regional refugees. PFDJ has no internal war nor calamity, yet managed to be the second biggest in Africa (behind Somalia) and the world (ahead of Syria) in producing an influx of refugees. And now it is facing the people, is unable to justify its continued existence. At this stage, it matters little what theory people come up with, the point is that it is happening, And it might spike more depending what the next few months would bring. I don’t think one can convince a PFDJ supporter any different because the worst has already happened and the victims are very aware of the realities.


    • dawit

      If there was a Noble Prize for lying, you will the first one to get such an honor. You have perfected the art of lying!

      • Semere Andom

        Hi daiwt:
        Look who is speaking. If I was not afraid that you will intimidate him I would have given you the contact of the 27 year Habtte G, who now leaves in the Swiss. I met him in Aug 2014 in Rome when he was in transition, waiting for the money transfer from his sister in USA and I was not afraid you will intimidate here I would also would have given your contact number. If your swea IA “ymut” I may change my mind. I literally met him when he got of the boat. So do not be so confident The world knows who is the liar. I am sure you and PFDJ will leave in the dust for the Noble.
        The second story is from very trusted source and you may read about its details in a book or hear the testimony in TV in free Eritrea. But I agree there is no video documenting. but the scars of the people are indelible reminders of the suffering you guys are inflicting and the court of law will believe the scars more than your videos

    • Hope

      Cousin Sem,
      I know you are playing politics.
      In all of the above cases,don’t you believe that it was their choice–except the home-based kidnapping?
      We can argue about the home situation that contributed to the exodus but it is absurd to do a blanket accusation about this and that.
      I am sure the two guys were aware of the possible Rashaida Kidnapping before they left Sawa or Kessela.
      As to the “accomplice”,my own cousin left Keren with the help of his own best friend,who finally kept him a hostage until he gets $3000 from us after he got him to Kessela.
      This is routine nowadays.

      • Semere Andom

        Cousin Hope:
        Come on now. I still have hope on you irreversibly side with YOUR people. You are better than this conflicted demeanor
        Let me make this comment apolitical heeding Cousin Sal’s Saturday fasting
        The government as an employee of the Eritrean people has not performed its duty, it failed the most basic of its duties that was bestowed on it by the people of Eritrea. It should be fired. It did not feed them , it did not protect them, it did not tell their stories, it did not burry the dead, it verbally abused and mocked them. Veterans who fought for Eritrea are dying off in exile. It mass massacred the Muslim leaders from Keren.(Mehari Yohannes;s testinmoy) and buried them in unmarked graves. It has humiliated Eritreans by employing mercenaries DMHIT to round them. It even failed to protect the physical border security and Ethiopia still occupies our land. PFDJ, a government that you fund by your 2% tax and publicly pledged to increase your funding PFDJ, which this means as HTG said is funding the Ela-Erro and Karcehli prisons and your money will protract the painful wailing of the women, the boys and men in the dungeons of PFDJ as Dejen, the prison breaker testified. So you can not be hiding behind the national security, “Liwyet emye halekeni” as Helen Pawlos would say and keep flip-flopping:-)
        Your moral and financial supporter emboldens and is becoming the marketing tool , much need CPR for PFDJ. Forget rule of law and democracy and elections for now now, PFDJ did not pass the basics. It should be fired. Consider this scenario your girl friends says yes to your proposal and marries your, she gives you unconditional love, she forgives you when your occasionally screw up, she mothers beautiful kids, she is loyal to you. But you keep bastardizing the word of God and tell her, “man is the head of the woman” and you beat her night in and night out, your drunken stupors showings frighten the kids and then you cheat on her and you do not repent, you do not mend your ways after she gives your ample opportunities. Should she divorce your or put up with you?

  • Fetima Dechasa

    Mr. Dawit,

    Denial is a river in Egypt.

    • dawit

      The source of the river Denial is in Ethiopia.

  • haileTG

    Selamat Awatista,

    All evidences point to the direction that change is imminent in Eritrea sooner than many think. The refusal of national service recruits to go to Sawa and the refusal of the armed civilians (dubbed peoples army for political considerations) are more serious than it meets the eye. The Eritrean people have gone through the worst of PFDJ monstrosity, mutual abandonment, diaspora betrayals, extremely harsh living conditions and the rest. At the end of that line, they have taken extremely drastic measures to evade their unfortunate circumstances. As a result of such measures, they witnessed the most gruesome and horrifying tragedies that would scare our people for a long time to come.

    When our people, after having gone through all of that and witnessing the worst PFDJ is capable of, they have finally arrived a point of no return. They are refusing, they are saying not any more, they are giving themselves stark choices that they will either defy the regime’s rule or take what ever action is needed to prevent it being applied on them.

    Such refusal is not a simple, spontaneous act that follows early dislike of situation or order. It is an end of the line refusal, a final straw that broke the camel’s back refusal, the kind of “I would rather die than this” refusal. This has essentially heralded the arrival of the end of an era. An end of an era that has turned Eritreans against each other and the very cause they paid dearly for. An end of an era of the worst form brutality against a people whose crime was simply asking for the very basic rights that even prisoners would take for granted in many parts of the world. An end of an era that Eritreans have normalized horror news about their people that is only fit for a movie. In deed, an end of an era where Eritreans are the last and the worst of in almost everything even by comparison to the poorest wretched places of the world.

    PFDJ is now faced with impossible situation. It has been defied and lost control. It can do away with militarization of the population and that would populate the cities with youth, restless and challenging of its grip on power. It can try to force the people, but what happened around Tinqulahas recently has clearly demonstrated that the situation would quickly spin out of control. On the flip side, Eritreans have just seen, for the first time in recorded history of PFDJ, that the regime has no real power, it can’t make them do what they don’t want to, that once they have started to extricate themselves from this despicable form of enslaving youth, they would find out that their new tool is a whole lot more useful for many other purposes too. Expect refusal to work for NS salary, expect many members of the defense forces absconding and confronting the regime. The center has fallen through and PFDJ will not hold it together for much longer after that.

    In deed, no amount of pontificate would alter what has been set in motion now. Lies have become spent, the people are testing the waters, but for every step they are taking, they know it is an end on the line step, a point of no return. The big jump forward will then follow too. It is new dawn, it is a new era…


  • Rodab

    The more people desert our nation, the quieter the place becomes, and the louder the regime boasts about how Eritrea is an oasis of peace and stability in the region that attracts tourists, visitors and foreign companies. Just like the link below.
    A bizarre situation is what we found ourselves in.

  • Semere Andom

    Our enemies and friend for dummies

    Eritrea is at cross roads, in the brink of irreversible disintegrations and there will not be any return once this process that commenced in earnest in 1991 is complete. So it pays to know who is the enemy and who is the friend of this once promising nation.

    1. Our friends are not necessarily those who are Eritrean citizens, Eritreans who carry the Eritrean citizenship either by birth or by naturalization or whatever are not by default friends, they can be the perennial enemies that we must recognize.

    2. Our enemies are not necessarily former enemies who fought in our side and also against us. The enemy and friend in this case is instaneous(NOW). A friend is not necessarily someone who once fought and bled to rid Eritrea of the colonizers. If proven, past credits carry limited advantage for exoneration

    3. Anyone who openly and covertly works to bolster what some called the existential enemy of Eritrea, PFDJ, is the blood enemy of our people

    4. At a time when the word is worried about the risks that hover over Eritrea of being emptied of its population if the rate of exodus persists, anyone who sanitizes and scapegoats and accuses another body except the PFDJ, anyone who plays the smart alec and tries to do the so called balancing and spreading the blame so PFDJ shoulders lesser responsibility is the enemy of our people and country

    5. Anyone who is wilfully ignorant is also guilty of enabling PFDJ and becoming an accessory of its crimes that are unheard of in the history of those who colonized us, is also the enemy

    6. Those who humiliated us in the last carnage that PFDJ started and looted Eritreans are currently our friends as they are protecting us from our own. Yes UN pays, but they have welcomed 100,000 of us and it is incumbent upon us to be thankful the same way we were critical when they committed their crimes. “Abraham amene emo tsdqi koynu teqosrelu”, the Ethiopians have repented by showing us affection right now so let forgiveness ykunelom. And those who trivialize this kindness are also the enemies of both peoples.

    7. And last but not least anyone who offers to help us intervene to remove PFDJ is our friend. Cousin HOPE, yes, by any means necessary, PFDJ must be removed, weeded out, dismantled, “d-couped” ASAP

    • Hope

      #8:Those who refuted and demonized our Struggle and our Sacrifice are also our ENEMIES
      #9: Those who are still dreaming day and night to keep us “Hostages and Victims of No War No Peace Status” and still pushing for more sanctions to be in such a situation are also our Eenemies.

      • Mahmud Saleh

        #10 Those who belittle, demean, intimidate, misrepresent “Hope” are our enemies Fi adderejah alaula. Oh, did I get confused? Read; Those who encourage “hope”….Since yesterday, I have been in and out of consciousness, HaileTG’s confusing me with Hope didn’t help.
        #11 Those who question our 7 point dishonorable, good-for-nothing, toothless descriptive announcements are our enemies fi adderejah athanya, ባርዕ ዳግማይ ሳውራና ይጽበዮም ኣሎ። ኢድ ሰመረ ወድ ዓንዶም ኢዝ ቨርይ ሎንግ፡ ማለት ብትርግርኛ፡ ኢድ ሰመረ ወዲ ዓንዶም ነዊሕ እዩ። ቁመቱ ሓጺር ‘ኳ እንተኾነ ኢዱ ካብ ናይ ወዲ ኣፎም ትነውሕ። ቱታ…ቱታ…
        #12 Oh, yes, copying, transferring, practicing PFDJ political culture is fine; yes, anyone who thinks different than how we think is our enemy. Watch those who use their five senses, they are dangerous.
        #13 hit list: Hope, nitrikay, may be mahmuday ( I have a lingering soft feeling for that guy, but who cares, let’s put him there, he uses his five senses.)
        Written this Thursday October 23, 2014.
        Who else, but;
        Semere A

  • Kokhob Selam

    ካብ ‘ ታ ንህግደፍ ገና ብኣዋጅ ከይተፈጥረት ኤረትራ ብሓንቲ ረሳሕ ሓላፍነት ዝጎደላ ገበናኛ ጉጅለ ክምትምራሕ ዝፈለጥኩላ መዓልቲ ክሳብ እዛ ሰዓት ብመርገጸይ ተጠራጢረ ኣይፍልጥን እንተ ሎሚ ‘ ሞ ተጠራጢረ ኣለኹ :: ህጻናት ንፒክንኒክ ሃገር ከለቁ ምጅማሮም ቀዳምነት ተሓተቲ ወለዶም እዮም እምበር ህግደፍ ኣይኮነን :: መንግስትን ህዝብን ኤርትራ ኣብ ህጻናት ዘሎዎም ተገዳስነት ኩልና ንፈልጦ ኢና :: ስለዚ ህጻናት ደቆም ዶብ ዝሰገሩ ወልዲ 50 ሺሕ ናቅፋ ክቅጽዑ ይግባእ :: እቲ ዓቃል መንግስትና ብትዕግስቲ ክኣልዩ ምፍታኑ ክምስገን ይግባእ ::

    እሂ ‘ታ ይበል ዶ ካድሬ ህግደፍ ምስ በቃዕኩ ዶ ? እቶም ናይ ቀደም ኣባላታ ዝኸሰረት ህግደፍ ሓደሽቲ ክትወድብ ጀሚራ ኣላ እሎምኒ ይለማመድ እየ ዘለኹ ::

  • dawit

    Dears, Amanuel; haile TG; haile WM and tes

    “Who kidnapped them? From where do you get this kidnapping allegation? Did you hear
    from the parents of the kids or just you made it as a shield for the regime you
    try to defend it?”

    Well Amanuel I have no source if those kids were kidnapped and who kidnapped them. I
    used my own intelligence and experience as a parent and looking the photographs
    provided by the authors of the article, those kids are five or six years old. I
    can not imagined a 5 year old kid would travel 100s of miles by him or herself
    to a refugee camp across the border. If you believe the story good for you.

    “.History is watching you even if you try to hide behind pen-name. Thanks to the
    technology of today everything is traceable”. What are you trying to tell me here?
    Is this intimidation or what?

    Haile WM

    “if those kids are being kidnapped and PFDJ can’t do nothing to stop that then how do expect
    PFDJ would defend the nation ? and how on earth the same regime can claim it
    has reached the millennium goal if it even fail to stop children being
    kidnapped ? you PFDJ Puppets are really unbelievable…. you have your own
    logic that you even invent the age of the kids… pathetic”..
    Well Haile WM, ‘a picture is worth 1000 words’. You must be blind not to think those children in
    the photograph as adults who made their independent decision to cross a militarized
    border to a refugee camp. If this picture was taken in Addis or Mekele, in an Elementary student put under a tent to have sexy picture with invented story, then it may have done its purpose, but I am definitely sure it does not represent unaccompanied refugee children from Eritrea.
    Now as to PFDJ being unable to defend the kids from the internationally coordinated activities of kidnappers throughout Eritrea, you should read their efforts from various reports.

    Haile TG

    “if the children have no credible adult authority in the home, what would have happened to his children? You told us what YOU do to GUARD the well being of your children, what about if there was
    no YOU, would a neighbor do that for you?


    “If there is no father at home and if the mother is not able to provide food for her kids, how can the children stay inside their beloved home. And when they go out in search of food, nothing will be
    there. The elders are leaving and so are the children to follow. It is a natural process”

    It is true there are many problems facing Eritrean parents, and most of the problems are
    invented by external force rather being created internally. The internal
    situation is a reaction to the external actors who do not want to see as an
    independent nation. Those external forces have been engaged for decades if not
    for centuries. . That is why kids would be victims of predators of sexual abuses.
    In this case they are victims of political predators, who want to use them for
    a cheap political propaganda, while they languish in refugee camps.
    Now if you all believe the story as credible, good for you. You believe it because it fits your outlook of Eritrea but you cannot convince me that a five year old child crosses a national border to seek asylum
    no matter his home condition or environment to be. Unlike you people who
    believe PFJD as the source of Eritrean problems and advocates and plot for
    regime changes by any means, I oppose it with all my ability .

    • Tesfabirhan WR

      selam dawit,

      you oppose it and stay to your principle. And we will dismantle the system you and your PFDJ are living on. If you were not opposing, we could not have opposed. For every action there is a reaction. This is Newton’s law. Be sure though, you will be dismantled sooner. Stay there and let you chase away the kids.

      Remember, Eritreans are slow to reaction. Remember, Almost 20 years had to took to mobilize the whole Eritreans during the armed struggle. But now, not more than a year actually. Lampedusa is all against the PFDJ. Eritreans have now regained their stance and they will kick it off for ever. Eritreans are known for their strong reaction if their deep heart is betrayed. Now, the people rejected for the military training call and next will be a complete overhaul of the system. Be the watcher!


      • Semere Andom

        Hi Tes: afka ysAr
        But please recognize that the dismantling of PFDJ is irrelevant to the “dawits”, they will be there and you will be shocked to be reminded of the Tigriniya proverb, “kab kremti zegelgeles QewiE sefee zeQebabele”, they will be there to do their “wedekdek and dankera”. They are shamless bunch.There is an other Eritrean adage, maybe you never heard it. Ok, it is not Eritrean,it is Arabic;-) It goes: “ena alAbdu abdun mehma tAlet Emetihi wo alkelbu kelbin mehma tereka Al-nibah”: a slave is slave even if he wears the garb of royals and a dog is always a dog even if he relinquishes barking

        • Tesfabirhan WR

          Dear Sem A,

          Entay emo kingebir elkana kem beal dawit, asheberti do kiniblom ashegerti?


      • dawit

        Good Luck TES

    • Amanuel Hidrat

      Selam dawit,

      You see dawit, you told us they are kidnapped in your first comment. And now you are telling us that you don’t have source if those kids are kidnapped. Initially your intelligence told you that they are kidnapped and now the other side of your intelligence told you that you don’t have an idea whether they are kidnapped. I can’t believe that one question brought to the fore, the contradiction of your mind. You also showed us that the physical dawit has a mirror of himself that tells different things than the actual dawit that holds him accountable to his unsympathatic and Unrecognizing mentality to the ordeals of our young.

      Second there is no intimidation here, but we are alarming them that, history is on record for to deniers of reality. So whether they like it or not they are an accomplice to the perpetrators to the crime taking place in our country. That is all.


      • Semere Andom

        Selam Emma:
        To be fair your are making it very difficult for dawitom. You are making it nuclear chemistry. Let accept his information about the kidnapping at face value, let us give dawit the benefit of the doubt that “above average” patriotic guy like him deserves. So let say they were kidnapped to tarnish the image of Eritrea. Let face it how can a 5 year old understand the rule of law, dave is right, the child cannot hear it from his parents cus they are not around. Let also say the 300 sea victims left to search for ipads and lattes and so one. What is the government doing to protect them? But he well tell you the MD projects of killing couple of thousand mosquitoes are his priority and the budget goes there. PFDJ is able to protect the children from mosquitoes but not from the kidnappers, organ traders and DMHIT. I had a challenge for dawit, I know it ugly and brutal and Sal will name me something because he is so moved by dawit’s “znegese ngusna” paradigm. But dawit will never wake up from his self imposes slumber until the DIA taps his own just like Gadaffi the next time he goes to the sawa. You would think humanitarian crisis such as this would make him cringe.

        • Amanuel Hidrat

          Dear Sem,

          Nothing I can add more. But we will still keep digging in to their thick mind, however difficult it is..

        • haileTG

          Selamat Sem, hmmm ata medenageri!

          Mahmuday didn’t say “more than average patriotic zealot”, you are twisting his words because what he said was “more than average parroting zealot”. You see, Mahmuday had clearly laid it out there that PFDJ has undermined Eritrea’s sovereignty. And there is no way a tegadalay would miss the connection between patriotism and sovereignty to the point of elevating someone who supports a regime that undermines sovereignty to be “more than average patriotic zealot” What would that make those who fought to strengthen sovereignty (or even bring it about), gun totting sell outs roaming the bushes or tegenTay wenbede :-)….haha 🙂

        • dawit

          This is not a nuclear chemistry or physics It is simple common sense.

          “Though minors have been leaving Eritrea for a few years, in the last few months the number of unaccompanied minors reaching Sudan and Ethiopia has increased drastically”.
          Then see the photo that acompnied the article to support the alegation. Can a five year child cross a border to ask for asylem?

          • Rodab

            Hey dawit,
            My theory on the “unaccompanied minors” and the photo is this: the unaccompanied minors is not meant for the kids you see on the photo. It is meant for those that are under 18, who are leaving Eritrea in large numbers to Ethiopia and Sudan. As for the photo, you know Eritrean refugees have been living in Ethiopian camps for quite some time now. Many of them made babies in the process of life. My feeling is the kids on the photo are those that were born there in the camps. But you have a point in the mismatch of the ‘unaccompanied minors’ and the photo. The two do not seem to sync well. I guess it is a picture you include just because it is in the same topic neighborhood 🙂

          • dawit

            Hey Rodab,
            Thanks for the clarification. But does it makes sense to add a picture of from Germany when you are writing about France just because they are in the same neighborhood. My theory is that the picture was included deliberately to give sensitivity of the story by putting picture innocent kids. They may not even be Eritrean children in Eritrean born in refugee camps in Eritrea. They could be a picture taken any kindergarten school in the Ethiopia, wherever the story was cooked..

      • dawit

        Selam Amanuel,

        Can you give me any proof that these kids are unacompnied refugee from Eritrea. Look on their faces and tell me these kids travelled handreds miles away from their homes to ask for asylum in Ethiopia? If they are truly Eritreans, then I bet my life they are kidnapped by Ethiopian or UN agencies. My proof is the faces of the tiny children on the photograph that acompnaied the article. Non of this kids are older than five years.

        I could easily reverse what you wrote in the last paragraph to fit your stand. You would not mind if Eritrea is burned to ashes to fulfil your thirst for power. Intimidation or not I will not change my color, to fit the heard.

        • Fetima Dechasa

          Mr. Dawit,

          Ethiopia/Ethiopians have better things to do than kidnapping innocent children. Stop the madness!

    • Haile WM

      who is speaking about a picture ? do you really need a picture to imagine the tragedy unfolding ? I mean not that there are not enough images of eritrean tragedies if you search for them over the net, but are you serious of the image issue here ?
      The picture is of children who are in the camps, no one said that the picture is that of the unaccompanied minors that are fleeing eritrea in droves. By definition a minor is someone under 18 and I can assure you there is an alarming rate of them coming to refugee camps and worse have done the Mediterranean crossing by themselves or with complete strangers. I have seeing children as young as 12 who crossed the Mediterranean by themselves. Sometimes when i see these children i just wonder what kind of horrible things have seen in their way.

      if PFDJ would have being a normal government would be, at least, culpable of not protecting the kids from kidnappers and smugglers, it would have being accountable for the failures of securing the families and the people of eritrea, would be culpable as it’s administration is causing eritreans to flee in such numbers.
      But PFDJ is not a normal government, PFDJ is actually a Junta that works like mafia, it is actually the main source of the kidnappings and disappearances and smugglers. we all know that high ranking military are orchestrating it all, none can move freely in the country without being asked for menkesakesi and permits of any sort. Do you really believe kidnappers could enjoy freedom of movement others in eritrea are denied of ? without PDFJ konwing it? worse, do you really believe these kidnapers are woyane and CIA agents and can move freely in Eritrea and PFDJ can’t stop them ?? You must be out of your mind, or worse you must be one of them.

  • Fnote Selam

    Dear Hayat,

    I am a bit confused here, are you saying “eritrean exceptionalness” is responsible for driving us out of the country?



  • Mahmud Saleh

    Hayat Adem
    1. Thank you for your psychological analysis. I agree with you on its general field, I observe that to be the case, I mean the experience of paranoia and voluntary paralysis; I am not your typical expert dude, though. From a Chegar-Danga point of view, it’s straight forward. For instance,if some one exhibits irrationally heightened fear/anxiety of you for possibly hailing from Adi-Grat and call you gual-Adi grat, well, I tell him to relax, even if that’s my friend, you know who he is. Voluntary paralysis is big for me, anyway, I understand your idea. The problem comes, Hayat when you want to allege our current political situation to our “exceptionalness.” So, if you think you are normal while 5 millions are not, that should place you on the ranks of the few exceptionally exceptional delusional folks. I don’t think so. You are a bright lady, review your comment, and come up with ideas that could help me shape up my little “questionnaire.” Let’s leave aside the “mieda” project aside for today and focus on the problem at hand.
    2. YG has been in the market for a decade, have you heard if he has recruited additional followers? That tells you Hayat you have to contemplate questioning his dead-end sort of expositions; tell him to work more on “What should we do now?”
    3. On the exceptionalness: Hayat :
    a. The fact that we were repelled and rejected by our mother Emama Ethiopia to Italians doesn’t make us exceptional; there are millions of kids who have been repelled by their parents; they grow up and they do just fine.
    b. being colonized doesn’t make us exceptional either.
    c. Wanting to reunite with Emamana, after a bitter period of colonization, doesn’t make us exceptional.
    d. Rejecting her recurrent abuses and standing against the habitual offender Emama doesn’t make us exceptional. So many peoples and nations did it.
    e. Burdening an exceptionally high price for our freedom doesn’t make us exceptional, that’s what Emama Ethiopia did under the cloud of poisonous gas (የ ጥቁር ህዝቦች ሞክርያ!) Also remember that it also fought to crash tiny Eritrea, and in the process paid a prohibitive cost. That’s why I like folks who say it was wrong fighting to keep Eritrea. They are right. You see the exceptionally abnormal was the entity that spent billions of dollars famishing its population and causing the loss of the lives of hundreds of thousands in a cause they did not believe.
    f. It’s not exceptional to stumble in the process of nation building, we have encountered unintended major obstacle which is the creation of ours, called PFDJ, and we are making efforts to rectify the course of history. Nothing new about this too.
    I know the exceptionalism you are talking about though. My problem is, Hayat, I don’t use forks and I hate spaghetti, may be saay can help you.

    • Fnote Selam


      You asked good and relevant questions. Your contemplation of
      possible answers is also very good. I have a one thing to add (may be another
      one later) with regards why most Eris, especially those inside Eri, are
      ‘silent’ (this also partially answers why Hayat’s (YG’s) point of view doesn’t
      make sense).

      Obviously it takes immense sacrifice to oppose PFDJ inside
      Eritrea, so the easy answer would be people simply don’t want to sacrifice that
      much. However, it also took immense sacrifice to oppose Eth regimes, people did
      it. Why not now and why not oppose PFDJ. I can give three reasons (these are
      not the only ones, but from my experience and experience of quite significant
      number of people around me and people I have talked to, these are very
      important and dominant reasons):

      1. Well, people (especially the older generation)
      are simply seek and tired of having to stand up to consecutive oppressing
      powers. I think people (including many ex-fighters) are genuinely

      2. People have learned that their sacrifices might
      not compensated, both at individual level and at country level. What have we
      done to families of those who died and became disabled during the armed
      struggle? Well, nothing! Even worse, their children and families are subjected
      to oppression and imprisonment same as anybody else. Where is the country that
      paid so much for heading to? On the contrary, people who didn’t make as much
      sacrifice (especially Erisporas) are doing pretty damn good comparing to those
      who did sacrifice a lot. So, why would I
      want to make sacrifice opposing PFDJ when there is no guarantee what happened
      after those who did sacrifice before won’t happen to me, my family and the
      future of the country I would have to pay so dearly?

      3. On back drop of 1 and 2, most people are inclined (and have become
      busy trying) to QUIETLY save themselves and their immediate families. The
      objective for most Eris for quite a while has been, get out of the country; get
      somewhere, where you can work, live and support your family; get your
      immediately family members out of the country asap; and the hell with the
      country. And I emphasize, THE HELL WITH THE COUNTRY.

      So to think
      “Eritrean exceptionalness” as Hayat is telling us is the reason for
      silence of majority or causing paralysis simply doesn’t make sense as far as
      most Eris inside the country are concerned. I actually think it is quite the
      opposite, under pfdj people have lost the love for Eri and thus are quietly minding
      their individual affairs and couldn’t care less (for the most part) for
      national affairs. In my reply to Hayat a while ago in a related topic, I
      conceded that if one spends sometime with ypdfj members, one is left with that
      impression of exceptionalness and other ugly mentality. However, ypfjd
      hardly represents Eris in diaspora let alone Eris inside Eri. Unless one wants
      to continue to believe ypfdj represents Eris so that s/he could use that exceptionalness
      argument, I don’t think there is much ground for taking the mentality of ypfdj
      as that of all Eris.

      In conclusion, I think there are many reasons why most Eris inside the country are
      silent despite the oppression by PFDJ (3 of which I described here) and I don’t
      think it has a lot to do with feeling expceptional.



      • Mahmud Saleh

        Fnote Selam;
        Yours is a point blank assessment, and I do really agree with you. I do believe that PFDJ has dashed the hopes and aspirations of generations to come. The psychological damage is more than the physical one. It’s therefore, essential that whoever is concerned about and active in contributing to changing the situation does not do more damage. Eritreans have already been damaged by PFDJ, giving them hope, and respecting their efforts and appreciating their sacrifices under extremely difficult situation should be part of the work. How we describe those professionals who are helping their people (teachers, doctors..engineers..) under difficult situation…sends a message. It’s a delicate balance, not a black and white one as my good-for-nothing toothless Semere Andom would like us to believe through his 7 points declaration (Who are our enemies, and who are our friends?). Some people like to describe everybody working under PFDJ as a slave; that’s terrible. We need more like you to shed some lights on those gray areas so that we can have a better picture of issues under discussion. At this time there are few target oriented groups ( human rights…arbi Harnet…), and then, you have the traditional opposition, mass media outlets, grassroots based communities, and individual citizens active on shaping opinions. The dynamics has also been active inside the country more than it appears to the average observer. To be frank, it’s been a question of leadership break-through. Once people get a leadership break-through, things will quickly align. The majority silent will get direction. It’s also a fact that in the early stage the heavy lifting in any mass movement is done by few dedicated individuals and groups. Once the momentum take place usually the mass coalesce to the more promising organizing body/leadership. That’s why dialogue between Eritreans is important.

        • Semere Andom

          Selam Mahmuday:
          I thought you wee mentoring Nitricc and not the other way round. Nitrikay has been impressive lately and I upvoted one of his comments lately. Except few relapses he has been impressive. Go! Nitrikay Go!
          You always do that, debir akan yhadig wo….”, “jawir bina wo mi?, please “tim al-aya” for me 😉
          But toothless Semere A is clear on the enemies of Eritrea for a long time and to make easy for people with military and demarcation obsession he popularized the word to “delineate”. In the 7 points he said that just because someone fought for freedom and bled does not necessarily mean that he is now our friend. Who was that said something along the lines, “we are not always allies or always enemies…”
          A note to Nitrik, mahmiday has a disorder called “Kebesent” and you have still room so take over :-

          • Saleh Johar

            I must admit, I always felt like I understood Nitricc’s position, he has more good more than he is willing to show because he considers himself a soldier of Eritrea, and he will act as aggressive as the level of aggressiveness he senses from other commentators. I also feel he doesn’t believe a few things he says, but nevertheless, he considers that his ammunition and he has to use it.

            But lately, he has been surprising me a lot.

          • Mahmud Saleh

            sem A
            Hahahaha… You know, I have been running away from that word since yesterday, and still you bring it to me! Ah, Sem that’s why I push that button. But what’s with this word, you have been captivated with it..”kebesawnet” or whatever?

  • Hope

    The AT,
    While I am beyond saddened to read this, please be so kind to investigate and verify this story of under 10 yrs crossing the border unaccompanied.
    Please give a due consideration to what dawit is lamenting about.
    I think we have more than enough facts to challenge or to remove the Regime in question.
    At least for the sake of honesty and rationality,why don’t we take into consideration the hidden agenda of the other party,where we have plenty of evidence to challenge that other party?

  • Tesfabirhan WR

    Selam Aregay,

    If you said so, why not the PFDJ regime keep them in their home village and ask money from UN to keep the kids same in their home? To be in line with your hollow argument.

    Are you telling us that Woyane is making business? Why then woyane is allowed to make business if the some customers are coming from Eritrea? If there is wisdom, you can not close your door and go to shut another’s door because he is in competition with you. In business, the strategy has to be changed if a profit is going to be made. but, PFDJ has no strategy for that and he will just end up barking behind, the inverse of what they preach. The world is going to peace and PFDJ is barking like a dog.


  • Haile WM

    the tragedy of our nation is right in front of us and yet our main concern seems to be secondary issues such as future relation with Ethiopia or philosophical aspects such as whether a coup is democratic or undemocratic..
    our main goal as eritreans in this specific time should be one i.e. removing PFDJ ad salvage the nation at once. yet many of us are disturbed by side issues and secondary aspects.
    being refugees ultimately will not help us, fighting the regime will do. I hope the current trend in Asmara of challenging the regime will give us some courage to do what we need to do.

  • dawit

    Selam All;

    five year old child will not run away from his home and parents, and cross the
    border to another country because there is no democracy in Eritrea. Those kids
    are obviously kidnapped from their homes and bussed across the border, because
    it makes a sensational story against Eritrea. I am amused how the story being
    accepted by adults and shed their crocodile’s tears. I wonder the intelligence of
    those Awtistas here trying to convince us those five years old children left
    their country by their own free will and permission of their parents. Mr.
    Muhamud, you wrote a comment how your children are lucky to have food and
    education because you make a decision to live in a country built by 250 years of
    sacrifices, leaving a country which got its independence after centuries of
    sacrifices and completely destroyed. It is obvious you would not had the privileges
    that you have and your family from a young nation which was only 5 years old
    when you left the country. Honestly, would you allow you child to leave home
    and spend their night with their friends? I never let my children to spend the overnight
    slumber birthday party, even I knew their parents well. I never let my children
    to spend the night outside their home until they reached college. That is how I
    and my wife guarded them from the unknown outside their home. So please use your
    common sense or intelligence before you fan such unbelievable stories spewed from
    quarters that have been looking a way to destroy Eritrea as a nation. This is another
    crime of kidnapping of innocent Eritrean children for a cheap political propaganda..
    Could this be to counter the good news from Eritrea meeting the Millennium Goal
    of taking of its children and pregnant mothers health care? I wonder.

    • Tesfabirhan WR

      Selam dawit,

      If there is no father at home and if the mother is not able to provide food for her kids, how can the children stay inside their beloved home. And when they go out in search of food, nothing will be there. The elders are leaving and so are the children to follow. It is a natural process.

      Do not try to say that they are not politically motivated. This is your typical ignorance about life process. When father is not at home and they can not they a single word to ask why, then, Democracy is absent. Then, the kids are affected directly. Who do you think that a direct victim of absence of rule?

      dawit, the family is the direct victim of all bad (in Eritrean case, absence of) governance. be conscious on this.

      wedi hanka

    • Amanuel Hidrat

      Selam dawit,

      Come on dawit a little rationality, common sense, and verifiable argument expected from you, no matter our difference on the reality of our nation we have. Who kidnapped them? From where do you get this kidnapping allegation. Did you hear from the parents of the kids or just you made it as a shield for the regime you try to defend it? When are you going to stop from defending the regime from every tragedy caused by itself? At least save your humanity by avoiding unverifiable argument against the tragedy of our people. I am watching you to defend the regime for every tragedy caused and befallen to our people by the regime itself. I am watching you losing your humanity. I will call upon you to defend humanity than the politics of dismemberment of families and disintegration of societies, a policy pursued by the regime. History is watching you even if you try to hide behind pen-name. Thanks to the technology of today everything is traceable.

      Amanuel Hidrat

    • haileTG

      Merhaba dawit,

      Allow me to attempt to use what is left of “my intelligence” to make sense of the new facts you presented henceforth as:

      Those kids are obviously kidnapped from their homes and bussed across the border, because it makes a sensational story against Eritrea.

      Suppose your allegations are true. What remains to be explained is that the Eritrean regime, despite tens of thousands of under age children being bussed out of the country, has no means to stop it, has no means to hold perpetrators to curb it, has no means to publicize the issue, has no means to seek the return of those children, has no means to document this crime and produce it as evidence, has no means to bring it to the top of the nation’s new agenda, has no basic security facility, and in essence does not only bare responsibility but acts irresponsibly towards it!!!


      A child’s world is essentially its parent’s world. If for example Mahmuday was to be taken out of his home and locked in far away places to dig dams without adequate pay, slim chances of family visit and poor communication access, if his wife was to be left to fend for herself and her children with no hope of employment, if the children have no credible adult authority in the home, what would have happened to his children? You told us what YOU do to GUARD the well being of your children, what about if there was no YOU, would a neighbor do that for you?

      A broken adult world, yields in a broken dependent child’s world. Therefore, it follows that the A five year old child will not run away from his home and parents, and cross the border to another country because there is no democracy in Eritrea.

      Please use a basic contrast and compare with the regime’s incessant “Good News” fix to the gullible about how MDG are being achieved and mother and children are faring better in its lala kingdom, against the fact that it doesn’t even acknowledge the existence of these children let alone their personal safety or health conditions. We know the mark of support to this brutal regime is an extreme hate of the Eritrean people, but the good news is that its advocates are reduced to making a big joke of themselves in trying to defend the indefensible.


    • Haile WM

      if those kids are being kidnapped and PFDJ can’t do nothing to stop that then how do expect PFDJ would defend the nation ? and how on earth the same regime can claim it has reached the millennium goal if it even fail to stop children being kidnapped ? you PFDJ Puppets are really unbelievable…. you have your own logic that you even invent the age of the kids… pathetic

      • Nitricc

        If you see who took the photo, there is a name of the person ( Dr. Bereket Birhane)
        If I am not mistaken he is the same person who writes from Ethiopia once in a blue moon
        and from his writings, he exaggerates things and looking at the photo is not any difference. It is well orchestrated for propaganda purpose. How is a ten years old kid going to cross border? People, please have a little commonsense.
        It can only be two things.
        A the kids cross the border with their parents and for propaganda purpose took the photo just the kids.
        B The kids are from Tigray and just used for photo up again for propaganda.
        If you believe those kids are crossed the border alone; then you should be cut-off from using oxygen.

        • Hope

          This is the same MD who ran away leaving the dying Post-Partum Moms and Neonates unattended in Senafe.
          I think the pic is taken prob from the Refugee Camp,not necessarily,”Kidnaaped and bussed” to the Border.
          Both A & B seem to be correct..

        • haileTG

          Hello Nitricc,

          Suppose your theories are correct, so are you saying that the UNHCR and OCHR (both UN agencies) have fabricated the registration when reporting it? The UNHCR is also saying the same from the Sudan side too. So, how come the Sudan regime that is close to IA not changing the UN reports on that country to favor PFDJ?

          • Nitricc

            Haile, I can’t answer your question because I have no idea what is the deal behind the door between Eritrea and Sudan. But all I am saying let’s use our commonsense, look at the faces of those kids and if you are convince those kids are capable of crossing one of the most dangerous border then Haile, not only the government of Eritrea that lost commonsense but so are you! I know we got problems; but let’s use our commonsense. We don’t have to lose ours because the government lost it long ago. That is all.

          • haileTG

            Hello Nitricc

            We are looking at two different aspects of what has been presented here:

            a) News content

            b) Editorial Image

            a) The news content often makes a claim, it then works through sources, reactions, uptodate information and other general analysis. We can examine it line by line, challenge sources or interpretation of events as presented or even go away to present a different story that would attempt to counter that.

            b) When it comes to Editorial Images, it is a different story. Its selection criteria depends on access, resources, finance and availability. There are for example companies that procure images and sell them to news and media outlets for editorial use. images need to be true, generally adhering to copy rights and licensing regulations and somewhat relevant to the content at hand. They can’t be analyzed in lieu of content. They are not in anyway intended to make a statement you wish to drive from them and the decision what editorial image to utilize rests on the editors, writers or censoring bodies within the organization presenting the material.

            Now, if your claim is that small children as young as 2 and 3 are not leaving with their mothers of others 5 and 6 are not stowed away alone, then please apply that commonsense as per part a) above and dispute the findings. And we are all ears. However, if your dispute is one to do with managerial decision in using a particular archived, procured or purchased editorial image, then you would have to challenge it in one of the part b) considerations and the AT can take that up with you.

            Just scan through any news item and any event that it is reporting on, unless the media concerned is capable of presenting you “live” shots from the scene, then it is using editorial image. I linked Michael Embaye (Aranchi) live shots from Enda Aba Guna few days ago and it had live shots of minors in the pictures he took using his cell phone. That is field reporting. What you see here is (I think) archived image (that the AT has access and permission to use) used as editorial image. This shouldn’t concern us more than a mere technicalities.


          • Saleh Johar

            I don’t think anyone from awate.com would have explained it better. In fact it is an archive photo submitted to awate a year or so ago describing similar situation.

            Many do not know it but we do not steal pictures. If we have to, we take royalty free photos and work our butts to make them original, like the maps. Others we take from different sources, and some we buy them (yes, we pay for them, and I don’t think many know about this.) A few we take liberty in copying them, if they belong to the PFDJ, we have the right to them since it is our common resource. And we are very strict when it comes to plagiarism and violations.

            Thank you for explaining it HaileTG. .

        • Haile WM

          the problem at hand is not the photo. the problem discussed here is the alarming rate of minors (under 18) non accompanied. The photo depicts very young children who are in refugees camps and i can assure there is high number of them as well. the kids in the photo we can presume either they fled with their parents or simply were born there. Either way you put it the tragedy of our people is glaringly eloquent, Either way you put it; there no one you can blame other than PFDJ.
          Some PFDJ puppets are deflecting the blame on Whoever, be it kidnappers, the woyane, the CIA or some UFO in their poor efforts to defend the indefensible.
          Remember if we are here at this point the only party responsible for the tragedy unfolding is PFDJ for not only it was incapable to govern a land of barely 3 million souls but for the subsequent destruction of the society and it’s values.

          • Nitricc

            Haile WM
            how do you know those kids are Eritreans?

    • Semere Andom

      Hi dawit:
      Many of an awatista, the justice seeker is in agreement with you and that agreements starts and ends in an anger, in angst. But although the feeling are the same, theirs and yours immensely differs. You are angry because your little PFDJ has failed, has been exposed to the core. Its implement of destruction has been exposed and indelibly recorded in the annals of history that your well fed kids will learn and shake their heads at the wilful ignorance of those who supported those crimes. Both its (PFDJ’s) founders and observers and most importantly the Eritrean people has rendered that verdict that PFDJ is not a national movement to built then nation, it is the poison that wants to break it for good by the blessing and help of its “snow birds” like you. Ok, the 5 year olds are kidnaped , so have you kept your government accountable of its failures to keep them safe. No you have no balls for that. The break through of thinking that mesmerized some awatistas, I mean your epiphany of “zneges ngusna;;;” is busted and its true origin has been exposed.
      You are getting silly by every comment, forget democracy and rule of law, keep your government accountable on their basic job description of protecting the children who are been kidnapped.
      You are here to hijack the discussion and I can bet that you are a PFDJ operative insidiously working to undermine and most likely a paid apologist. Although we do not expect Eritrea to be like USA in 23 years, however it could have been far better than what it is now: a nation in the brink of implosion. And the culprit is not Woyane, not CIA, not the opposition, not YG, but the perennial enemy of our nation: PFDJ and YOU

    • Mahmud Saleh


      I appreciate your greater-than-average level of patriotic zeal. Patriotism has its call, Dawit, now is not the time to insulate an arrogant and inept regime which could not secure our sovereignty from outsiders nor give our people internal peace. If you could give my little ” questionnaire” enough time, you will see I am not making political points out of the situation; this is a humanitarian situation, as such, I wanted to have a comprehensive picture of the problem. I actually believe it’s more complex than how people like to simplify it. But at the core of all of this, there is a question that needs to be answered: what is the good-for-nothing PFDJ government doing? Isn’t ensuring the safety of our children, and our people at large, the basic function of its existence? We know it’s good at eavesdropping on unsuspecting innocents; we know it’s good at hauling citizens to containers; we know it’s good at demoralizing our young people; we know it’s good at blaming its failures on phantom entities; we know its insatiable will to stay in power, even if that’s at the cost of running our Eritrea aground. We know it’s good in all these. Why can’t it be just as good in keeping our borders sealed and in hauling criminal kidnappers to prisons as well. If you believe what you have just written, then you agree with me that PFDJ junta has been rendered incapable of securing our borders and ensuring the safety of Eritrean children. That goes under 1.a in my “questionnaire”, so isn’t that a reasonable cause for PFDJ to relinquish power? What else would make you call PFDJ for what it is and treat it accordingly.

      Just a reminder:
      a. I brought my personal example to illustrate that migration is neither new nor abnormal. But what we see today is extraordinarily abnormal; if you can’t sense the magnitude of this problem, then we are living in parallel universes. I brought my personal example to put it in a context, to show that stability and home is what every child and adult years for. I grew up in unstable war climate, I connect with those kids more than anyone who has not gone through the experience I lived. When my kids become picky on food and other stuff, I say to them (and they have memorized it) that there are billions of kids who would be thankful for the stuff my kids get picky on. My old son is graduating from university; his plans to go home and give service to his country of origin will be halted. That’s what I have asked from my kids- after graduating they have to serve in Eritrea. We can’t do that at this time simply because we don’t have a regime that’s credible and predictable on areas of rule of law.
      b/ I did not make the stories, check their sources, I was not commenting either, I was trying to gather as many different views as possible; I am trying to have a comprehensive look at the problem. I know I will be attacked from both sides, but I firmly believe Eritreans are being victimized by multiple actors. I’m not for politics, dawit. I will give my support to whoever changes the situation; whoever brings stability in the life of these young kids. I’m aware of the geopolitics; but that could not insulate the toothless PFDJ from taking responsibility. If it can’t do it, then that’s enough a reason for me to rule it as “unable to govern” entity, and therefore, call for its removal.
      c. On MDG, you are a regular visitor and I hope you remember my stance. I took some shots for stating that we should not politicize it and whatever victory we have achieved we give the credit to the selfless professionals who are doing their best under difficult situation; that we could have achieved more had it not been for PFDG. So, I am always happy to see my country referenced in a positive way. It’s just those positive moments are shrouded with layers of criminal records of PFDJ; hence, they don’t serve as a reason for protecting it.

      • Hope

        Well said Sir!
        BUT, consider reading the other side of the coin.
        One sided stories and claims are one sided.
        Why in the world a Regime taking care of its kids to the extent of providing them with good health would allow at the same time their unsafe run away?
        I hope the Regime is not trying to recruit the under -five kids to Sawa.

        • Sarah Ogbay

          PFDJ is not recruiting the ‘under-five kids to Sawa’ but it stripped everyone in eritrea of hope and vision. These young kids do not have positive role models. All they see, hear of is national service, no electricity, no this no that. They live in an environment of misery, news of death and negativity. So they are leaving in search of TOMORROW! in search of any positivity and hope. (not you my dear Hope)

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Dear Dr. Sara,

            You can’t change hope’s mind set. He always switch gears from topic to topic even if it is unfamiliar to him. It is my first comment to your effort to pull hope and give him a little light to his blocked mind. I saw the mother instinct in you towards these young children of Eritrea. I salute you.

            Amanuel Hidrat

          • Hope

            —-it prob is better to have some flexible mind rather than being stuck in —Fill in the blank.

          • Hope

            Thanks,Dotoressa!I agree and I testified on this issue using my own close family’s stories..
            I am just trying to express my frustration about this too much exaggerated stories and for not counter-balancing things and for NOT considering the collateral damages(real and perceived )by the other parties(UNHCR and TPLF Gov).
            My point:
            The issue is complex and more intricate than most of us think or believe and as such,the problem should be approached in a comprehensive manner rather than blaming only one CULPRIT out of the 10 ones.
            Seriously,let us be honest, rational and realistic in order to have or to come up with a serious,honest and realistic solutions.

          • haileTG


            I think your vision is what giving you complex and intricate depiction than anything else. The problem is that the people are out of their country and that is that. Simple. They want the assurances of PFDJ and its wolves in sheepskin are no more to feel safe to go back. Action in progress, stay tuned.


      • Semere Andom

        Everything has “kebesanet” 😉 consumption, a product even understanding and performance. So dawitom has peaked in his perception and I may add, there are no tools to transcend his peak(kebesanet) because it is wilful. I am not sure of his above average patriotism, I think he is unpatriotically par excellence just like his PFDJ. As you said this is nothing to do with democracy, it is purely humanitarian crisis, a harbinger of the dire and irrevocable damage that PFDJ is committing on the posterity of the nation and people, once promising and gallant. But there at some point you cannot divorce the politics of it, what did Aristotile say about politics?
        There are the innate limits were it is impossible to divorce politics and other social problems. And so is this crisis.

      • dawit

        Dear Mahmud;

        Thanks Muhamud for the response. My main point of writing the comment was to question the article which was deliberately picking Eritrean children to score a political victory against the Eritrean government and at the same time getting credit for the generous hospitalities of Ethiopia as if it has no hand on the problem of the refugees from Eritrea. The article was trying to white wash the blood stained hands of Ethiopia by displaying Eritrean children on a front cover on of a fabricated story. You see Mahmud, I know what is life in exile, or life as a refugee. I was one of them, I was born in exile and lived in exile all my life. I have lived under many types of governments in Africa and elsewhere, before I settled here in the US. Believe me Refugees are lucritive businesses, source of employment and foreign currencies for many governments and UN agencies. Manupulating their numbers and living conditions as a way of enlarging their budgets with no regards to their welfare. If UN and Ethiopia want to end the refugee crisis from Eritrea they could do it with a stroke of a pen today. But that is not their mission, their primary goal is to destroy Eritrea as a nation. As vetran Eritrean fighter I am sure you would know that better than me..
        I picked your story from your comments lamenting on Eritrean present situation. to highlight that Eritrea is a young nation and it has a long way before it will be a comfortable place for its citizens. You described me as an above average patriotic Eritrean and criticized my support to the present government of Eritrea. Well I am not a patriot of Eritrea by any definition, but a simple citizen who see condition as they are on the ground and take position I see it. The present government of Eritrea came against all types of oppositions. Eritrea’s independence was not something embraced by many governments big and small, but it happened in spite of the blockades of many. It happened because of the sacrifices made by countless Eritreans, like yourself. Now there are many forces to reverse that history any second if they could. The only problem that is stopping them is the Eritrean Government which is lead by PFDJ and its support it has from the Eritrean masses. That must be the only reason they shed their crocodile tears for Eritrean people and paint PFDJ as the devils of our universe. The country which they let be burned to ashes and buried, under their watch, have stood on its feet for the last quarter of a century under the present government.

        Now does Eritrea deserve a better government, you bet it does?

        Mahamud, the way I see. If I have a donkey that take me from point A to B, I am going to use that donkey, I am not going to kill that donkey and hope to find a white horse that can ride a lot faster than my slow donkey. Now what will happen to me after I killed my donkey and the promise of the white horse never materialized? I will be left without a donkey, and I will be forced to walk carrying all my baggage on my back. The Eritrean people have paid too many sacrifices to take orders from any one, to kill their donkey for an empty promises from governments and UN organization that did not want them to exist as a nation. I am proud to say that I support my government in spite of the millions weakness. It may be as a novice to navigate the intricacies and the minefields of politics of lies and deceits. Frankly speaking the present government in Eritrea is trying its best to keep the country together; they are building schools, clinics, roads, dams etc, and defend the country within the resources available to them throughout the country, and they have not neglected the families of martyrs and those who became disabled for Eritrean independence. In the diplomatic field they are catching up. I remember when Eritrea was completely isolated except some token support it received from some Arab countries. And that was not because they sympathized with Eritrea’s legitimate right for independence, but to fit their desire to oppose Israel, because Ethiopia had a good relation with Israel. So Eritrea has travelled a long way from complete isolation to partial isolation.

        Remember the one who must struggle the longest will eventually be victorious. The sun rises after the darkness of the night. My mother always said to me whenever I get impatient, for something to happen, ‘sebir wde wolye sebir wde’ “beal seber erid egltsbahlu tu” tible. In Amahric they say ‘yechecolech afsa lekemech’.

        Best Regards and Peace

        • Mahmud Saleh

          Salam Dawit;

          Well said, I am pretty much familiar with your position. Well known and well defined. Having said that, let me share with you what I think about your reply.

          Paragraph #1= I don’t know the source of the picture, however, reports are abundant disseminating the same accounts; I have reports of first hand accounts of young people coming through Ethiopia, the Mediterranean-Europe-USA, and others coming through Latin America. They tell me similar stories. I hope you don’t ignore the current alarming rate at which Eritreans are leaving the country. I don’t ignore the complex nature of the issue. Throughout the “questionnaire” and particularly in number 4.b. I tried to highlight the complex nature of the issue. But let me bring this to your attention: PIA described the flight of Eritreans as casting off someones dead skin, as rejuvenating the remaining citizens because the weak and bad ones were leaving. It was said, I believe, in the first months of this year. What do you think about that characterization? Wouldn’t you expect the president, as the father of the nation, to reply it appropriately, if possible with responsible and condoling voice? OK, during ghedli, we used to bury our heroes and move on to the next task without the opportunity to mourn them, we had done it so many times that at the end it just became routine; that was in different time and space. The time was characterized by constant war, the space was the outback ragged mountains of Eritrea and its basins and gorges, out of the populated areas, out of family reach, with a population mainly composed of combatants. But now, it’s a matter of a nation, and he is not a guerrilla leader that he was, he’s a statesman. He is the sole spokesperson of his regime, so there is no way you could say,” No, the government policy is not like that…he misspoke, or made a gaff..” No, actually, that type of attitude was clearly displayed after Lampedusa, and seems to be the norm. Yes, PFDJ has been seen defending itself in international arena, not in front of Eritreans. I monitor events, dawit, and it sickens me to see few individuals controlling the fate of a nation that had paid so much. At the end, although we know there are many actors bleeding Eritreans, the question is : who created this despicable situation? Who is the root cause? It comes to that. The answer is it’s PFDJ which has created a space for all the actors you want to blame. And who should control it? It’s PFDJ. Has it? No. So, isn’t that enough for you at least to criticize it?The strategy is clear dawit. Regimes which don’t buy legitimacy from their own people create an atmosphere where those ruled citizens would not be able to ask their regimes for their innate rights to live safe and without the harassment of the government, or at least measure its performance using standard political gauges. Castro has impoverished Cuba blaming the US, Mugabe, the whites and westerners…many examples. I would not want Eritrea to follow that path. I will skip paragraph 2. Time has changed, all is needed is to follow international rules, no one will be hoodwinked with ” America is killing us.” As far as UN is concerned, we signed to be its member fully aware it was a dysfunctional body, we have no option but to maneuver within its labyrinth, we better know our size. In a boxing match, weight matters.
          paragraph#3= If your donkey is so sick, if it stumbles too often sending your valuables to the cliff, if it brays too loud attracting killer predators, if the cost of keeping it is a liability, then, retire or euthanize him, better to gamble for your white horse, at least, you and your belongings are safe. Brother dawit, your mom was talking about a private decision. Social groups need a social contract. That contract or constitution serves as an arbitrator, so citizens don’t go astray. There will be specific rights enshrined in it, citizens use those rights as tools to influence the behavior of their government. PFDJ has wrested that instrument from the get go. So, now you don’t even have the toolkit to get it to walk better and safer. In such a situation where there is no participation of citizens in the running of their lives, it’s only the one suffocating political choices of his people who shoulders the responsibility of the calamity befalling our country. For instance, president Obama was elected by Americans. Therefore, they share his failures and his triumphs. If he is less than expected, they have just have to suck it up, unless he does something impeachable, and that’s, if congress is able to oust him. So, our donkey is not independently existing entity. Our donkey could be made to retire, it could be put to sleep (I mean the system). It could be donated to the animal farm for students to learn on how archaic and mischievous it is. It’s up to the people. You said you want to stick with your dying donkey, that’s your choice, dawit, I know that donkey has cost us opportune time, we need a better one to catch up with our competitors.

          • dawit

            Dear Muhamud;
            Thank you for the response. I see you points, but the realty of changing your old donkey is not that simple in todays world politics. Iraq, Syria, Afganistan, Libya, Central Africa, Ruanda, Somalia. Congo all exchanged their donkey to a hayna,while hopping for the white horse. It is interesting you mentioned Cuba and you dont want Eritrea not to endup like Cuba. Well your fear is already happening. Now in Cuba, the problem is not the policy of US, but it is the result of Cuban exiles who has kept the poor Cubans as hostages, until Castro is overthrown from power. So for 64 years, they keep shouting for change of regime, Already 10 US adminstration came and gone without any change on Cuba policy and the meantime three generations suffered because of power struggle. Therefore Muhamud it is people that are running up and down to sanction Eritrean people to have some reality check and they stand on the long run interest of the nation and the Eritrean people.
            I don’t want to go over what the leader said or did’t. I have no first hand knowledge on the topics. If you have a vidio or some audio or a credible source of written litreature I will be glad to read it. There is no point discussing hearsays. .


          • Semere Andom

            Dear dawit:
            Speaking of agreeing on something the other day, I just found a point of agreement with you: we should not discuss hearsay topics. The news coming from Eritrea is hearsay, the imprisonment of the G-15, the journalists, the elderly, the disappearance of 15 year old Siham Abud is hearsay. The 300 Eritreans who perished crossing the sea for iPADS is hearsay. The 100,000 Eritreans seeking refugee in your former home of Ethiopia is hearsay, lies from the enemies of Eritrea. There is no video to prove all thes so it is all vain. No evidences so do not discuss it
            But there are new innovation of videos developed by “Warsay-Yikaelo” project that captures how PFDJ attacked the microscopic plasmodium virus that causes malaria, so let us talk about it, we have plenty of evidences to prove this happened, but assembling seemingly well-fed kids and taking pictures is not evidence, the camera that captures the citizenships of those who pose for pictures has not yet been invented. But it maybe invented in Eritrea if the opposition smartens up and leaves PFDJ alone to do its work. Let us all stop expediting the setting of “eta zbereQet tsehayna” and dethrononing “eti znegese ngusna”
            Teg Mahmud “eman wide”, my uncle used to say to me “seli ala wedi Afom, ezin wun khalif eyu” when I panicked about something thing and true to his word, what I panicked about came to be nothing the next day. We are panicking about nothing, let us say “seli al- etni ngusna” and we will wake up and see how silly we were when the ingenuity of PFDJ alleviates what seems now seems insurmountable.

          • Mahmud Saleh


            Let me put some point;

            1. dawit those countries did not change their donkeys, they were imposed upon them, either their efforts to move to a democratic rule was hijacked or the change itself was imposed. I believe the current regime, the current state of politics is not what Eritreans died for. Eritreans in Eritrea deserve better. The situation must change. Eritreans deserve a better government.

            2. Please think of the potential in side. If there are diaspora folks who believe they will run Eritrea after PFDJ, I think they are wrong. I believe what diaspora activists are doing is filling the vacuum of free speech in Eritrea. They may play a facilitation role. I said it before and I tell you again:

            a/ The situation is unsustainable, it must change; change must be domestically born, and domestically run

            b/ diaspora potential can play a role insofar as there is a domestic political body doing the heavy lifting and having full control of the process. You seem to be concerned about possible foreign interference. The cause of foreign interference is dictatorial regimes who block the evolution of peaceful process of nation building. You should fear for the possibility of a social explosion which could create a space for opportunists and foreign terrorists. If you want an orderly transition in Eritrea, be a part of that process. You can stay with PFDJ, but the best contribution you can give to them is by criticizing them, by telling them to rectify wrong policies.

            As a citizen, what areas would you like PFDJ improved on? Here is the president’s reply. It’s long, but you can start at 26:53 (part II of the interview). Now, I want you to place this within its context: tragedies of Eritreans fleeing.


          • dawit

            Dear Muhamud

            Thanks for your response and the link to PIA interview. I tried to listen to the interview twice, I could not find what you wrote. In fact my understanding of his words, was that he was agonizing on the misguided youth who end up in concentration camps like Israel, and other who are wandering aimlessly in Europe. He also agonize on the fact those individuals were trained by the people of Eritrean resource and he equated a loss as a ‘theft’ of Eritrean manpower and loss to the country. His advice for those misguided youth is to return to their country and build the nation. Dear Muhamud, this the direct quote of what you wrote.

            “PIA described the flight of Eritreans as casting off someones dead skin, as rejuvenating the remaining citizens because the weak and bad ones were leaving. It was said, I believe, in the first months of this year. What do you think about that characterization? Wouldn’t you expect the president, as the father of the nation, to reply it appropriately, if possible with responsible and
            condoling voice?”

            Muhamudy, you are trying to play politics, by twisting words to fit your opinion. I am not in that type of games. Obviously the man as a leader of the nation, he can not condone the actions of those who leave the country. If you were expecting such words from PIA, I must say you were not taking any attentions of the man who lead you in the liberation struggle. I don’t expecting him to change his behavior from his earlier character just because he is a president. His consistence behavior of yesterday, .and today is that attract me to support his policies for the country as a leader.

            As a simple citizen living outside Eritrea, I am not in a position to tell those who are leading the country to do this and that or to point what mistakes they are doing and how to correct it. They are there on the spot and trying their best with whatever human and other physical resources they have to solve the countries problem they are facing.


          • Mahmud Saleh

            Dear dawit;

            I know you’re busy; so I will just transcribe for you what he exactly said in Tigrigna.

            ““ይመስሎ ይኸውን ሰብ፡ ዓቕምና ጎዲሉ። ዝኾነ ነገር ዝተርፍ
            የለን። ኣብ መስርሕ ዘየድልየካሰብ ጾር እዩ ዝኾነካ። ክእለየልካ ከሎ ይሕሸኻ።ጸግዑ ምስ ሓዘ፡ሽዑ ርግእ ኢልካ ትሰርሕ…”
            That’s at 26:51 on Part II; as usual, his answer was long and redundant, but that’s the one that hit me most. I was not quoting him directly; I didn’t even know the video was available. This is how I put it in my own words as I recall it now, and as how I feel it implies: ” “PIA described the flight of Eritreans as casting off someones dead skin, as rejuvenating the remaining citizens because the weak and bad ones were leaving.”
            The rest, I leave it to the reader.

            But one point that bothers me is that the fact that you admire him because he doesn’t change. That’s at the core of all his blunders. Revolutionary leadership is quite different from statesmanship. He still behaves as if he is commanding tegadelti. It was routine during ghedli to ask anyone who was weak or sick before you go to a mission. That was a different era dawit. Another point that really struck me was how he thinks of Eritrean people, as workers of a plant. His attitude in answering that question reminds me 19th century industrialists when they chased profit regardless of the welfare of their workers. He sees the problem from its raw utilitarian angle. Do you think he would behave like this if he was running for office; meaning if he was getting the mandate of occupying the office of the presidency from the people?

          • dawit

            Dear Muhamud,

            I think you are quoting the man out of context. I listen the video again. My advice to you is to listen to the question and the entire answer he gave. This is a transcript before the quote you wrote. ‘ልቡ ሰንኮፍ ዝኮነ ሰብ ኣብውሽጥ ዓድ ኮፍ ኢሉ ሰንፈላል እንተዘይኮነ ፍርቅ ልቡ ኣብዚ ክይኑ ፍርቅ ልቡ ኣብ ደገ ኮይኑ ነዛ ሃገር ከፍሪ ይክእል እንተበልካኒ ኣነስ ከዓርፍ ይምነየሉ”

            Throughout his reply he is agonizing the loss of these youngsters to the country, to their family and themselves. As a leader he clearly understand what these Eritrean are going through and he tried to give them advice that will end their suffering in exile and be useful for their future. I am surprised how you equated him with an industrial capitalist baron, who worked to accumulate personal wealth to a man who is trying to build a nation?

          • Mahmud Saleh

            Dear dawit

            I respect you as a man, but we are philosophically continents a parts. I consider the president as a servant of the people not the other way around. But he behaves like a a traditional, but cruel father. Just take to your transcript which I am sure you found it to be palatable; it conveys the same message I originally transcribed. ‘ልቡ ሰንኮፍ ዝኮነ ሰብ ኣብውሽጥ ዓድ ኮፍ ኢሉ ሰንፈላል እንተዘይኮነ ፍርቅ ልቡ ኣብዚ ክይኑ ፍርቅ ልቡ ኣብ ደገ ኮይኑ ነዛ ሃገር ከፍሪ ይክእል እንተበልካኒ ኣነስ ከዓርፍ ይምነየሉ; you would not find something like admitting his economic failures and telling the nation what he is doing to curve the outflow of youth. He does the same thing every year, because no one talk to him, no one criticizes him, no free press challenges him.
            a/ blaming others for the root cause: his economic, political and diplomatic blunders; never takes responsibility

            b/ never discusses the problem directly except chastising the youth for taking wrong steps
            c/ generally, nothing new.
            Just a story: I have a friend. Both of us have known PIA for almost 40 years. Both of us read him, listened to him, watched him. We predict what questions are going to be asked (we are 100% correct, with minor differences like some phrases and scope of the questions). My friend is an impersonator, and has perfected PIA. He answers the questions with almost exact style and verbatim. The man is declining dawit. Anyway, he’s not an orator, but he used to make sense during his young years; that’s of course, time has changed. What made sense in the 70s and 80s doesn’t make sense today. Anyway, I enjoyed your exchanges.

    • Hope

      No need to ask questions that people know the answers.
      This is a an Opposition website with Opposition Agents to do exactly what it supposed to do .
      Regime Change “by any means possible ” is the guiding principle…, including by invasion of Eritrea by the same bloody enemies of Eritrea.
      Check it out!
      It is well documented recent history and on the making as well as we speak.

  • People run away from their country (their Home), because they are not free, do not feel safe, and they have nothing to hope for in the land they live. From ancient times (Exodus of Jews from Egypt, through the running away of slaves from Southern USA, to modern day human exodus), the pushing factor has always been injustice and the absence of peace and hope.

    Nevertheless, when even innocent minors participate in this mass migration, unaccompanied by their parents, it means that everything has been lost and that country is no more livable, and the world community should do something about it, before it is completely too late, and before everything gets out of control.

    It is the duty of the UN and the Ethiopian government to take responsibility for these innocent children, which are exposed to all sorts of danger. In addition, they need education, because unlike grownups, they are there to remain until maybe adulthood, unless adapted or sent back, provided they have relatives and they want to go back.

    The fact that they speak the same language with the people of Tigray, sending them to local schools or creating make-shift schools until permanent decisions are made, is a possibility. It is not only the present that matters, but their future too.

    • Eyob Medhane


      Allowing Eritreans to go to local schools and establishing schools in refugee camps are all done. But with all the new comers and their overwhelming numbers, I doubt those schools will be able to absorb the pressure….I assume right now UNHCR, ARRA (Administration of Refugees and Returnees Affairs) clamoring to disburse them throughout the country, other than Tigray region. What is worst is that these kids are unaccompanied. You can’t take them in as orphans and have them send to orphanages and get them assistance from those international NGOs because they are not orphans. You can’t just leave them in the camp to fend for themselves, because they are minors and they will be exposed to all kinds of abuse and dangers, including being pried upon by human traffickers….Unaccompanied children are the toughest kind of refugees to handle…They can’t even be registered to go to a third country, because they can not take an assessment interview without being accompanied by adults….I can imagine the chaos in that place in trying to find out what to do with their situation…. (sigh)

    • Admas

      “It is the duty of the UN and the Ethiopian government to take responsibility for these innocent children”

      No you are wrong sir, the Ethiopian government has over 90 million of it’s to take care of, we don’t have room for infiltrators,….Eritrean refugee in Cales France just killed a 16 year old Ethiopian girl and people like you here preach us hypercritical non-sense..about how we should care for eritreans…keep your personal obsession about Eritreans to yourself, we have had enough of it!.

      • Admas,

        I am sure that the vast majority of Ethiopians have not yet lost their humanity to hold responsible 6-8 yrs old children for the unfortunate death of an Ethiopian girl
        in Calais. These children have nothing to do with it whatsoever, and they do not have the legal or ethical responsibility for what some criminal Eritreans
        have done in Calais.

        If we cannot protect helpless children, whether they are Ethiopians, Eritreans, or any other nationality for that matter, and call them infiltrators, and we are ready
        to leave them to their fate and even victimize them, then how can we call ourselves human beings? If there is somebody in human society we can call divine, it is children.

        You and I were once upon a time refugees. You have forgotten it, but not I. Therefore, I would rather choose to be called nonsense than being called heartless.

      • Abinet

        Adams yene wondim
        Horizon is talking about the children. Remember ” we are the children “song ! There is no way you call these children infiltrators.
        Where is our hospitality? This is not how we show what kind of people we are . We don’t have to be rich to share with these children.

      • Fetima Dechasa

        Selam Admas,

        I understand the anger you feel by the killing of the Ethiopian girl but these little kids aren’t the responsible ones. These are just children who have already been thru too much to be further victimized. It is indeed our duty as Ethiopians to accommodate these children the best that we can just like we have to with the South Sudanese refugee kids. Let’s not allow anger cloud our kind and hospitable ways.

        The only thing I would like to add is that I’m still saddened to see Ethiopia being blamed for perpetuating this although just as many people are ending up in Sudan. I just want to say that it isn’t Ethiopians but the Bedouins of Sudan and the north who have been harvesting Eritreans and Ethiopians organs. But I know how the things are with some; when all else fails blame Ethiopia.


      • Amde

        Selam Ato Admas,

        I am sorry Ato Admas – I can intellectually understand your arguments for Eritrea vis-a-vis Ethiopia relationships. But I hope we can strip away designations of “Ethiopian” or “Eritrean” or “Sudanese” from children so they can be treated as innocent persons deserving of our compassion. I would hope the world would treat my children that way.

        I personally do not agree we as Ethiopians have the luxury of cold indifference to what happens in Eritrea. This is not a sentimental position I have – but a reality that we have to understand based on the history of the past 120-150 years. If a problem manifests itself over multiple decades and generations, one has to accept that there are structural issues that transcend the personalities, vanities or misjudgements of individual persons or political groups. I interpret that to mean that it is facile to place blame on Menelik, Haile Sellasie, Derg or Weyane for why things are as they are – or that a replacement of a regime will be a panacea. After all, the current Ethiopian government may have been able to ensure no hot war on Ethiopian territory, but when you consider the cost of maintaining an army at alert on the Eritrean border, and the real hot war in Somalia, it is evident to me at least that the “Eritrea” problem has yet to be understood and permanently resolved by Ethiopia.

        That is also why I am highly skeptical of our Eritrean friends who want to tell us that the current rash of problems are a result of the “madness” of one-man-Issayas and that it will be peaches and cream once he is “ejected” (a guaranteed exit soon due to biology), or even that they are redeemable once the (ambitious) project of destroying and dismantling of PFDJ is done. Behind those sentiments I sense a frustration with a leadership (individually as Issayas or collectively as PFDJ) who did not play the regional hegemony game well enough – rather than an honest re-assessment of whether the hegemony game should be played at all. I suspect many of the Eritrean actors waiting in the wings are itching to take a bite at that game. I hope I am wrong but I am a cynic by nature.

        I think we have to understand much of what happened wrt to Eritrea through the matrix of regional and global situations completely outside of our control: European colonialism, Cold War, Arab-Israeli conflict, Intra-Arab conflict. In my opinion we are right now entering a generational (20 yrs) period at least of Persian/Arab or Shia/Sunni conflict to which we cannot be immune however much we believe we have a progressing economy, or a secular political system. In this new context, the Ethiopian government has been very wisely treading a neutral road, whereas the Eritrean regime thinks it can be a player. It is unlikely there would not be serious consequences, or that we won’t be affected.

        I am truly sorry about the Ethiopian girl who died. I had not heard about it actually. My condolences to her family. I hope her killer gets his due.


  • Admas

    My heart goes out to the innocent children, but it is unfortunate that the only place on earth where people have been made to fight for a land, then systematically got kicked out of the very land they fought for and made to pay tax in exile for a land they don’t even live on is Eritrea. Eritrea is indeed “unique” in its true sense.. And it is even sad that there doesn’t seem to be a clear alternative to the current predicament and no wonder most Eritreans seem lost in fear of the unknown? so It seems they have settled for ‘better the devil we know’ sentiment rather than doing anything..whatever happened to the “resilience” they often brag about, it doesn’t seem to exist when it comes to their own devil, because he is “theirs”…..”He beats me up because he loves me” kind of sentiment..እንግድያዎስ ይበላችሁ እንዳንል it is not fair on the innocent children..

  • Tesfabirhan WR

    My heart just slowed down,

    What we can do please? Awatawyan, PFDJ is over now. What we need is to re-build confidence and the nation? Are we ready as shepherd of our new Eritrea?

    Oh my God! My people are going to no where? Where can I find these beloved people? WHy all these sufferings?

    Can we reach them now in different news form? “Public awareness has reached to a point of NO return” This was a simple sentence but with strong message wrote to me yesterday from my friend living inside Eritrea.

    “I left Eritrea with no plan at hand” My friend who left Eritrea three weeks before wrote to me. And he asked me to give him any idea what he can do tomorrow. Just he got lost in the middle of no where.

    To all, can we change our political campaign to build confidence to our people? The home work with PFDJ is almost over, just a one lasting kick is left. Let’s start governing our people now. It is time!

    My deep inside soul bursted into tears!

    Are we the true shepherds of our people. It is time to ask our soul, our spirit.

    Wake-up all Eritreans.

  • Mahmud Saleh

    Questions of our time
    Whenever, I see children in this type of situation, my heart slows down; it acts sluggishly, and time seems to decelerate. I guess, that sad moment gives me a break to reflect. This evening, I have finished checking the home-works of my children, and their bellies are full; they are tacked in under warm and soft blankets. My refrigerator could have fed those kids in the picture; Cloths which my kids no more wear could have dressed those kids; we do donate to agencies which cater to the homeless and the less privileged population regularly. My family is not rich, but thanks to the decision both my wife and I did in 1995, we know what to cook tomorrow, we know what bills await us; we have a scheduled and routine life; our kids have a place they call home. What made those kids to search for a home away from home? What makes people to leave friends they have made, families they depend on for comfort, cultures which make them full, why do they leave their essence? I know they leave it because the forces which push them away become greater than the forces which pulls them towards their families and home country. The same factors which pushed me away from my beloved Eritrea plus many more are acting on today’s Eritrean migrants. Below are some of the questions that flooded my mind, if you would comment objectively, I will appreciate it; I’m doing it for a purpose, so please be generous with your opinion.

    1. On the exodus: Does this show:
    a. The inability of the government to govern, or;
    b. The government’s implicit policy of easing the tension building
    up inside the country?

    2. On factors driving Eritreans: Where do you stand?

    a. It’s because of economic factors. Although politics will always
    be considered, our case is a typical post-war, or war time crisis, combined
    with meager national resources. It’s a natural movement of people from a
    war/famine stricken region to better places, it has been part of humanity, and
    a political change won’t change it unless the underlying economic factors are
    reversed (when sustainable development takes root, and citizens are convinced
    they will do better staying at home than if they would leave for foreign
    countries; when we see reverse migration). Meaning the removal of PFDJ and/or
    the reversal of its devastating policies won’t solve the problem for decades
    after the change, although it may allay it. That means even democratically elected
    governments will, for the foreseeable future, face the same vehemence PFDJ is
    facing on this front.
    b. It isn’t an economic-driven problem, it’s a politically driven exodus which could be attributed to endless national service, “no war, no peace” cloud which has obliterated young people’s hopes for a better future, human rights concerns, politically imposed economic decline (state monopoly…mismanagement…erroneous economic plans….). Once the cause of these driving factors is removed we should expect a reasonable ebbing in the outflow of our youth.
    c. It’s both a and b; you can assign guessed values/percentages

    3. Aggravating factors:

    a. Diaspora family members wanting their loved ones reunited with them and/or have a better future
    b. External forces motivated by political desire to dismantle Eritrea
    c. External and internal criminal networks which have become savvy in luring Eritrean, cause our youths fall prey to their schemes; these criminals harvest money and organs out of their victims
    d. The government’s acquiescence policy to use these migrating population as a milk cow, augmenting its 2%
    paying pool in the diaspora which could serve as a hard currency generating source.
    e. All of the above

    4. What should our immediate goal be?
    a. Continue fighting PFDJ, since it’s solely responsible for this calamity. Although the problem is complex, blaming other actors will divert our attention, and will divide justice seekers’ ranks. We need to blame everything on PFDJ.
    b. Stating the problem as it’s, with all the actors, including PFDJ with and its ruining economic, social, political and military policies, diaspora family members who are paying for the perilous journey including human smuggling, individuals who are taking the risk, external political players and criminals, possible alliance of these entities with internal security elements,
    globalization, etc. This kind of presentation will help fleeing youths to weigh the cost and benefit of their decision to leave the country.

    • Semere Andom

      Hi Mahmuday:
      Thanks for this reflection. I know the issues are complex, but one thing is for sure, this exodus can be solved by one speech by a stroke of a pen, if there was a will from PFDJ, therefore everything is as the result of the direct crimes of PFDJ. The word exodus has its origin in the Bible and the exodus from Egypt was the creation of the nation of Israel( not the modern Israel, this one is not created, it was invented), but in our case the exodus is the destruction of the nation that we have created
      The reason we must blame all on PFDJ is not just because they are responsible for this plight but also for ruining Eritreanism, the theme of the report by Aranch in Assena was the youth were saying “tegadelun ztesewiEn entay rekibom” PFDJ and DIA and its precursor by design trashed the very ideals of ghedli we died for. So spreading the blame just so to be fair and balanced is totally mendacious. I am not saying you are doing it in this comment. We are all guilty of the fallacy of balancing in the face of black and white events. We endeavor to create the grey area that does not exist.

      • Sarah Ogbay

        Semere hawey,

        Yes, PFDJ’s worst crime is destroying ‘Eritreanism’, our love for our country, our attachment to our land and our families, our attachment to our mothers and children. we can not prevent the wave of young people leaving the country without re-installing our ‘eritreans’; and this starts with building confidence among ourselves here in diaspora for the sake of tomorrow for eritrea. Otherwise our country will not have any tomorrow. Let us make our people our priority. Let us stop talking about anything else and talk about how we can contribute not only here at awate.com but on teh real ground. If we can come up with something tangible, I will be the first one to volunteer, honestly!

        One thing I suggest is that wherever we are let us bring the youth together share our love and affection to our people, let us tell them how it (the feeling of being eritrean) was before these monsters came and devoured it all, the friendships (dequi gezawti, the silly but funny things we did), brotherhood, family responsibility (of each sibling) etc. and most of all the fact that money cannot buy all these. Our young lack these experiences. I do that with my children and they all love to hear it again and again. One of them keeps asking why they did not have those experiences. I do not have any answer for. Frankly, I do not want to.
        Call me emotional or softy but believe me it (creating emotional connection) works. These are the things technology can not substitute.

        • Tesfabirhan WR

          Dear Dr. Sara,

          I share your feelings but equally I call you to go ahead for what you are proposing. I am sure you are doing it. But extend your horizon, reach the internal Eritrean community, start to build confidence. The advantage you have is, you can write what you want to say and what you said or you say. In this way, you can reach all as you are doing here. You are reaching the Awate visitors and so are you communicating with. Equally, reach Eritreans physically. Financially, it might be hard. But, if there is a will, there is a way. Write a project proposal and knock every door to fund you and hence you can organize and communicate. Through communication and exchange confidence is built.

          Be the leader dear Dr. Sara Okbay

          You wrote, “I will be the first one to volunteer, honestly!” When I read such, I get disappointed. Dr. Sara, we are not in doubt of your readiness. be sure for that. But, do not expect others to call you for volunteerism. Be the entrepreneur of social organization.

          Dear Dr. Sara, you wrote, “…let us tell them how it (the feeling of being Eritrean) was before these monsters …” Again disappointed. It is the other way round. We, the youths are calling you to stop
          telling us what to do. We have being preached by the monsters for such kind. The youths have more than that. The youths are calling the elders to confess and reconcile. Our fathers built the house and they chased us and are chasing us. We first just left the house because we loved our fathers. We did not want to confront them. We said, “Ok, let it be as your wish.” Our fathers wasted our time telling us what they were and what they did bla bla. And we spent our time listening them.

          Dear Dr. Sara, we do not want now history tellers, we do not want romanticizers. We have enough of it. What we are saying is join us to build our own home, the home that we proudly live in it in peace. Even the natural law agrees with succession. Natural law is not static.

          Dear Dr. Sara, we love our elders, we respect their experience. But, we will neither romanticize nor deromanticizer their past experience. We want to make history while living. We are not living to make history, we make history while living. A history maker does not record it.
          History is recorded by itself. PFDJ built their system to tell us history and they made us passive listeners. Let’s not follow the same trend.

          I call you Dr. Sara to be the leader not a volunteer. Or at least an entrepreneur of volunteerism for post PFDJ Eritrea.



          • Sarah Ogbay

            Dear Tes,

            I like your frankness, but here is what I think about your comments in relation to mine. I am not talking about stories for the sake of storytelling. I am saying tell them to show that we Eritreans are not about war, about cheating each other, about selling our own young, about stealing from our own, about being reckless, sadness, drowning. Life used to be precious and respected and protected at any cost. We Eritreans are also about love, about family comes first (not money); siblings used to protect each other and their parents; children would do everything and anything to make their parent proud. Eritrean families are about love and care, about waiting for each other for meals the ‘meadi’. We Eritreans are about love of being Eritreans. We sacrificed dearly for it, didn’t we? I can go on and on. Where did all that go? I don’t know how old you are, but believe me when I say it is not there anymore. That is why we all do not have a ‘home’. We may have a house but not a home. Home is where the heart is. PFDJ has demolished our base of identity, the basic institution from which other blosom, the ‘family’. I believe that we have to build the heart to have a home and to work together. The mind has books, technology and teacher to build it.

            Yes , you love your elders and your parents and grandparents, we all do. But we love them so much that we left them behind to deal with the monster regime. Even now when we are safe, we still fail to deliver to our people! See? Something is missing!

            I am not only volunteering for future, I am doing it but at a very small scale, too small to make a significant difference. I won’t wait for post PFDJ time.

            Tes, I hope you understand what I was trying to focus on now.

          • Tesfabirhan WR

            Dr. Sara,

            of course I understand and I understood your concern and that is why I shared your feelings. I know you are expressing your love.

            What I am saying is, the youths are not shortage of all the awarenesses. We know how much Eritreans love each other. Because of love, families are paying 40,000 USD and more to save life of their beloved kids. We know how generous and loving families we have. But, but, PFDJ worked in the other way. He cooperated with smugglers to leave the country. Military camp leaders did a deal with us so that they will get money and we will be away from our home.

            When I say our fathers, I am not talking about our biological fathers or our loved families. I am saying fathers to those who pretended as if they are the champions of freedom. Those who took power after independence only because they fought to Ethiopia. I am callling our fathers to those who are in power. “Hisum weladi” zibehhalelu gzie eyu dear Dr. Sara.

            The youths, we, are chased away now. And our home is left with no one. Hdimona tsemiyiwo. And it is not because our biological families wanted is to leave but we just left even without good bye.

            PFDJ is responsible. But, we are now responsible for our future destiny. Lets organize, come, you the elders and join us. Do not come to be leaders, but to be partners. To work with us so that we all finally to be happy.

            I thank you so much Dr. Sara for being the voice of the voiceless. But, I think, you are getting disappointed for not having compatriots as you wish and sometimes the divisions we have. Do not be! I know your energy and use it. That is why I called you the leader in calling volunteers not you to be a volunteer.


        • Semere Andom

          Dear Dr. Sara:
          Your comment captures and succinctly the very essence that sustained us during the hard times that our people fell into in the past The very Eritreanism that you articulated here were the crucible upon which the struggle for self determination was crystalized. Some times it is tempting for many of us be downerers in the face of such deliberate and shrewd assault on Eritreanism by the monsters domiciling in our country, but comments such as yours anchor us back to our roots. Your message was that of optimism, the audacity of reclaiming what PFDJ not only wants to tarnish but make it irreversible to ensure their longevity. Far from been emotional I believe that your comment is the very antidote of the PFDJ destruction serum that it(PFDJ) has premeditatedly injected into the “blood” stream of Eritreanism.It was a message and a call for a dogged focus and it uplifted me, so no need of caffine this morning;-)

          Please comments as often as you can bcause your tone is also the antidote of that of pessimism that one feels in the face of the tragedies we hear day in and day out

    • Hayat Adem

      my turn this time? can a comment disappear after it appeared for a while? i have never been bothered by the moderator nor by disqus before.

  • Amanuel Hidrat

    Very tragic when a nation repel even the youngest of the young of our kids. It is painful to watch this young kids under a tent in a refugee camps rather in schools. We have seen all kind of tragedies, especially in the last five years, and nothing could unite us to challenge the problem of our society.

    • Abinet

      Selam Ato Amanuel
      It makes you wonder how many of them didn’t make it to the camp? How painful it must have been for the parents to let them go ? Imagine their journey. How frightening and tiring for these children?
      What is going to be their future?