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Hussein Khelifa and Abdelah Hamdoi Arrested In Sudan

Last Saturday Sudanese security officers in Kassala arrested Hussein Khelifa who is the president of the Eritrean Liberation Front (ELF) as well as the chairman of the central leadership of the Eritrean Democratic Alliance (EDA), and member of the Eritrean National Council for Democratic Change (ENCDC).

Shortly after that the officers also arrested Abdellah Hamdoi, member of the Executive Committee of the ELF .

To date the Sudanese authorities have not given a reason for the arrest and the whereabouts of the arrested is unknown.

In a statement it issued today, the EDA leadership “expressed its surprise and astonishment regarding the unexpected action taken by the Sudanese authorities, particularly because the Eritrean opposition respects the political choice of the Sudanese government.” The statement added that the EDA always refrains from “engaging in any activity in Sudanese territories that might disrupt the cordial relations [of the Sudanese Government] with the repressive regime in Asmara.”

The EDA leadership considers the arrest of the two members of the opposition as a shift in the Sudanese policy towards the Eritrean opposition, and it emphasized that “the Sudanese authorities bear full legal and political responsibility concerning the safety of the two arrested persons.”

Eritrean security officers have free access to the Sudan particularly in the Eastern Sudanese regions of the Red Sea and Kassala where they arrest and kidnap opponets, and engage in open espionage activities.

Human traffickers affiliated with the Eritrean regime are very active in Eastern Sudan and operate under the protection of corrupt Sudanese officers and smugglers affiliated with Eastern Sudanese tribes.

Over the last few weeks there have been several military clashes in the South of Eritrea as well as the Western region and the Eritrean government accuses the EDA member organizations of carrying out the attacks.

Reached by telephone, Dr Yohannes Zeremariam, a senior member of the ELF said that so far “the Sudanese authorities have not explained the reason for the arrest, but given Hussein’s age and health conditions, it is inconsiderate to arrest him and we hope they will release the arrested immediately.”

Dr. Yohannes added, “The Eritrean opposition forces, including the ELF, are very careful not to disrupt the neighborly relations between the Sudanese and Eritrean people and such actions do not help the cordial relations… we appeal to the governments in our neighborhood to do whatever they can to secure the release of the two Eritrean leaders who are arrested by Sudanese authorities.”

Also, this morning the ENCDC issued a statement appealing to the authorities of the Sudanese security to release the arrested persons and “instead direct their efforts to fight the violations on Sudanese sovereignty, and the organized two-way smuggling of products, and the appalling human trafficking, which is carried out by the intelligence apparatus of the Eritrean regime in cooperation with some active gangs in Eastern Sudan…which harms Sudan more than the peaceful presence of the forces of struggle for change in Eritrean lands.”

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  • Lito Save

    Don’t let these terrorist out of jail because thats where they belong!!

  • Ibrahim Sirage Ahmedin

    To be read * with out precondition

    “Thanks Awate posting this news. The two Jebha leaders doesn’t deserve jail. They are Etritrean heros. I call up on the Sudaneese Government to release them with precondition”

  • Ali

    The problem with Sudanese government is that they don’t trust Eritreans because most of the lowlanders especially the Tigre’s heart is closer to eastern Sudan after the lowland Eritrea. They’re paranoid of the Beja’s ambitions collide with both eastern Sudan and Eritrean lowlands who want to revive its pre-colonial borders so Bashir and Afewerki are allies because of this and played a major role together back in the 80s of arresting and assassinating exiled ELF members.

    They have migrated a lot of Bedouins in the eastern region to exploit the demographics and brought Shukirya tribe to rule there so that’s the reason why they are keeping the east lawless in order to weaken Eritrean refugees, Tigre and the Beja.

    It’s the same for Djibouti, Issa-dominated government doesn’t trust the Afar because they want to revive their pre-colonial borders (Afar triangle) so both countries benefit from Afewerki’s crime against Eritrean people and the neighboring ethnic groups that share linguistic relationship with ethnic groups in Eritrea.

  • Amiche

    Hey Now You have No choice You have to choose between mekelle and addis losers…!!!

  • T..T.

    Hi all,

    As the arrest story gets updated with the latest information it will be clear whether the opposition leaders were arrested at Khartoum airport. Otherwise, it means they got safely into Khartoum and then they had to slide freely across to Kessela, where they were arrested.

    Then, it will be concluded that the opposition has No Problem with Khartoum but yes with Kessela, which means we have Isayas’s hand in the glove. It is hoped the arrested leaders were not taken by surprise, given Kessela-Isayas close relationship. The ELF members are used to peacefully visiting Kessela every now and then on terms of the Kessela security personnel. However, seeing such an unexpected turn of relationship could have developed from:

    1-The new Isayas-Saudi relationship, or

    2-failure of the new Nacfa currency, or

    3-the ELF’s improved relationship with Medrekh.

    Otherwise, if they were hesitant and uncertain of their safety, they would have not done what they did. So, what’s to be done now?

    According to our tes, we have to face the situation with boldness and confidence. After all, we have the Ethiopian government on the side of the opposition. Ethiopia can be requested to conduct a courteous and mercy intervention on their behalf with the central government of the Sudan. If so chosen to be followed, the case will not only avoid unexpected setback under government to government negotiation but also will lead to crime investigation to get the hand (Isayas’s) off the glove and to taking the fingerprints off the glove.

  • tes

    Dear Gedab News providers,

    Thank you for this news. Lets stand-up together and call Sudan for the immediate and unconditioned release of these freedom fighters as soon as possible. If Omer Al-Beshir continued to keep them in prison we have no choice but to fight for our rights.