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Olof Palme, SDP

As Expected, Arhe’s SDP Wins Swedish Elections

Sweden’s the left-leaning Social Democratic party (SDP) won the Swedish elections, capturing 31.3% of the votes, and Eritrea-born Swedish MP Arhe Hamednaca, a member of SDP, expressed his satisfaction with the election results.

The incumbent conservative Moderate Party led by Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt came second in the 2014 election wining 22.2% of the votes.

Fredrik Reinfeldt announced his resignation on Sunday night while Stefan Loefven of the SDP declared victory. The SDP will enter the Riksdagshuset (Swedish parliament house) to occupy 113 of the 349 seats.

Significant in this election is the Swedish xenophobic far-right wing party gained 12% of the votes, an increase of 5% over its 7% gain in 2010.

The left-green parties combined have won close to 44% of the votes compared to around 39% of votes for the alliance led by the incumbent Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt.

Reached by phone, Arhe indicated that “the secretary of the SDP, Mr. Stefan Loefven, is studying options to form a coalition government.”

The Eritrean regime and its operatives in the Diaspora, Sweden in particular, considered the Swedish elections significant because they badly needed the SDP to be defeated so that Arhe Hamdnaca can lose. It seems the regime wanted to claim victory for its campaign against Arhe and inspire its supporters by insinuating that it can win even in foreign lands.

The Eritrean regime had mobilized its supporters to “defeat the Social Democratic Party” knowing very well that the number of Eritreans in Sweden is too small to make a difference in the elections. Worse, the votes of those who support the Eritrean regime is even smaller and inconsequential in a country like Sweden.

Sunday’s results showed that the regime and its supporters will not celebrates the defeat of the man it perceives as a hindrance to its smooth relation with Sweden and its authority over Eritrean Swedish citizens whom it taxes.

MP Arhe Hamednaca’s victory is symbolic because, as an Eritrean Swede put it, “Arhe embodies the spirit of a humanistic and global fight for the rights of human beings and for advancing the values of justice.”

MP Arhe stated, “I do not do anything for Eritrea more than I do for any other cause based on the values, policies and principles of the SDP.” He added, “But I thank all those who sent me messages of support and all those who were interested in my election, and I congratulate them for the victory.”

He expressed his satisfaction that, “the Swedish election showed that Eritreans are not isolationists and their interest extends beyond their borders… I am happy with the development because it is a good sign of improvement and accepting democratic rule.”

MP Arhe Hamdnaca, who was running for a second term in the Stockholm district, has secured his parliamentary seat for a second four-year term.

Arhe is involved in issues of rights and justice in places like Kurdistan and Palestine, as well as his ancestral home Eritrea, which is ruled by the one-party dictatorship of Isaias Afwerki.

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  • sara

    falks, this election has brought the far right party with its anti immigrant agenda the third highest number of votes, thus nothing to congratulate in parliment will be tough for mr arhe,,, knowiing what they think about immigrants in the country and parliment too..

  • Yemane Johar

    Congratulations to Mr. Arhe Hamednaca!

  • Abraham Hanibal

    Congratulations to you Mr. Arhe Hamednaca, and Your Party Sosialdemokraterna for Commendable Election Reaults!!

    I hope that your party would soon succeed in forming a coalition government, to lead Sweden away from the past eight years of economic stagnation and increased unemployment.
    It is quite sad to see the far-right wing Sverigedemokraterna win a sizable amount of votes. But this could be the result of the economic hardship of the past years, giving rise to more xenophobia in some parts of the Swedish society. So I wish you and your party all the best in your endeavor to build a more inclusive and prosperous Sweden.
    At last, I encourage you to continue your fight for the establishment of justice and rule of law in Eritrea. I also convey to you that you have the full support of thausands of justice-seeking Eritreans in this sacred struggle against Isayas’ dictatorship and his puppets in the diaspora.
    And to those representatives of evil who, though hopelessly, tried to influence the outcome of your re-election, I would say to them GO HANG! Or more appropriately I would say to them, why don’t you just go back to the regime whose dictatorship you worship so dearly, such that you can live your dreams fully out?

  • hazhaz

    Congratulations Arhe. Please chase higdef dogs now more than ever before.

  • Tesfabirhan WR

    Congratulations Awataynan and congra Arhe;
    This is a big success. Just imagine a man who got his citizenship is an influential man outside his birth place and a man who fought since 1960s is denied to land to his homeland.And just imagine one lives under ground because he spoke for jsutice and another came into power because he spoke for justice. Aster and Sherifo belongs to those who live under ground because they spoke for justice and Arhe is at top of the helmet in Sweden because he spoke for Justice. This is paradox of Eritrea under PFDJ.

    I just want again to congratulate Arhe Hamednaka and want to say May God help you to pursue your double responsibilities.


  • L.T

    What if he is elected in parliament or not for Eritreans living in Sweden?he will do no good,the only thing he’s there just for the sake of money and SEK 50 000 is too much and it is my tax.

    • Rodab

      Welcome L.T.,
      Are you secretly voting for him and publicly speaking against him?
      Our adage says ‘nziseAre tekhetelo: nzitesaEre tesebelo’

      Just open the damn champagne and dance to Wedi Shawl’s ‘aybelnando’ tune.

  • Haile WM

    Selamat AT and Awatistas,

    I am very sad to hear again that yet another boat sunk-off libya coasts and probably there are a lot of Eritreans with-in them
    Maybe it’s time to stop this tragedy shifting our stand. We should start in promoting our people not to flee the regime but to start challenge it, because, given the numbers of the dead that day after day are getting huge, instead of dying like this we should defend our dignity at home… this is no way of dying

  • dave

    Good news for justice seekers bad news to PFDJ.

  • Kokhob Selam

    it is strange, someone from Eritrea is elected somewhere else. what does that mean? I was confused for sometime. does that mean he was born in wrong place , Eritrea? wait, is that we the people of Eritrea don’t deserve to have such type of man in our country? or is the geographical position of Eritrea wrong to be democratic? boring, isn’t it?

    congratulation Arhe. are the opposition ready to use this chance?

    • Abraham Hanibal

      Of course, we Eritreans have the universal right to elect and be elected for leadership. Unfortunately, we have some spoilers among us whose body is living in the 21st Century, but whose mindset regarding issues of rule of law, justice and freedom belongs to the Middle Ages.


    I congratulate brother Arhe and all justice loving people! We will win against the dictator also.


    We were sure Arhe will win and he did it because he is on the right path. Poor HGDEF thugs! what will they say now that they have seen democracy work effectively? Maybe that is the reason they hate democracy.

  • Shum

    Hip hop hooray!

  • Saleh Johar

    I think congratulations is due for MP Arhe Hamdnaca.

    • Rodab

      Hi SaleH,
      Congra to MP Arhe Indeed!
      The Swedes must have liked him.
      I will have some fun tomorrow visiting pro-PFDJ websites:-)