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ENCDC: Names of Assembly Members and Executive Office Heads

The Eritrean National Congress For Democratic Change, which was held between November 21 and November 30 in Hawassa (also spelled Awasa/Awassa), Ethiopia, elected 127-member National Assembly. Here are the names of the elected assembly members grouped by the regions from which Eritrean exiles elected them or the umbrella group they belong to:























The 127-member assembly further elected its chairman and his deputies and secretaries as follows:

Chairman of the Council:       Tseggai Yohannes
Deputies:                            Mohammed Maar and Freweini Habtemariam
Secretaries:                         Tewelde Mnasie and Ahmed Negash

Six committees were also formed within the national assembly.  They are: Women and Children Committee; Legal and Constitutional Committee; Transitional Justice Committee; Refugees & Diaspora Committee; Human Rights Committee and Executive Committee.  The names and affiliation of the 21-member Executive Committee are as follows:

Elected from the Eritrean Democratic Alliance or EDA(*)

Tewelde Gebreselassie
Qenerlious Usman
Ibrahim Harun

Tahir Shengeb
Abdu Mahmoud
Idris Saleh Said
Abdulrahman Taha Nur
Dr. Yusuf Berhanu

Elected from Non-EDA political organizations

Yohannes Asmelash
Kahsay Gufla
Said Ismail
Semere Gerezgheir
Osman Kinna

Elected from non-affiliated civil society organizations

Omer Ibrahim Mohammed
Tegesti Berhane
Munir Abdelhay
Berakhi Tekhle
Tewelde Habtemichael
Abdulrahman Osman Mahmoud
Hamid Omer Ezaz
Ismail Gebeyta

Finally, the Executive Committee made appointments to the different offices from among its members as follows:

1.  Dr. Yusuf Berhanu, Chairman, Executive Committee
2.  Yohannes Asmelash, Vice Chairman
3.  Mohammed Tahir Shengeb, Foreign Affairs Office
4.  Tewelde Gebresellassie, Information Office
5.  Ibrahim Harun, Military Office
6.  Abdulrahman Taha, Secretary
7.  Berukh Tekhle, Finance
8.  T’egisti Berhane, Women Affairs Office
9.  Saeed Ismael, Youth Affairs Office
10. Abdu Ahmed, Refugees and Diaspora Communities Affairs Office.

* The Eritrean Democratic Alliance (EDA) is a political umbrella that was formed in 1999 (then known as Alliance of Eritrean National Forces.) Over the years, it has been an alliance of nearly a dozen diverse political organizations, many of whom splintered, merged or changed names.  Since its foundation, as it underwent various changes, it held one goal as a constant: national conference/national reconciliation of Eritreans. The congress was the outcome of many Eritreans within and outside the EDA who worked for over a decade to make it a reality. Enjoying the legitimacy of direct election of Eritrean delegates, the national congress now supersedes the EDA Charter as the highest authority of the consolidated Eritrean resistance.

* The following titles has been corrected after publication of the news: 1) Spokesperson of the the house corrected to Chairman of the Council and 2) President of the Executive Committee to Chairman, Executive Committee.

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  • Dosommos

    This is a good first step to wards democracy, but my advice to all politicians (Muslim and christian) or (PDFJ AND EDA) clean your self from the negative way of thinking, speaking and acting, we Erirean people deserve to live in peace and happiness, just for once only once stop thinking about hidden agendas think about you people and show us practical honest actions .

    I’m a simple minded person and no matter who rules us all we need is to feel safe in our country, to be treated equally, to work and help our family, to serve our country not to be slaves to know our rights and duties clearly, to travel inside and outside freely. UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE THE ABOVE RIGHTS MUST BE GRANTED, I DON’T KNOW WHY IT IS SO DIFFICULT.

  • Samhary

    I am really proud and trusted on all Eritrean people without differentiate between religion , sex , faction and tripe . because we achieved our goals which was drafted by our own people , desire contriptution of all and challenged the difficulty , our main goal was to achieve self assert as a nation , to determined our future by our own way , since we are leaving in one boundary . have a common problem and encountering risk of existence as a nation .
    Lets go away from the sick mind of conspiracy, if a Muslim rule the country the Christian will be crashed or if a tigree ruled the country the triginia or other faction will lose their position , be trusted and sure hence , we are leaving on the same geographical location , if we failed to manage our self that means we are disqualified to remain as country and member of the world community .
    Remember , In past foreigners played on us a game and put us under federal administration with Ethiopia , due to the allegation that we are not qualified to rule and manage our own country and affair .
    some of our people believed the theory and thought in joining Ethiopia , would be safest , achieve their wishes and they will gain the power to expel their own brothers from their own land
    I remind every Eritrean that all of us paid the cost of liberty of our county , those who was in favor to join Ethiopia and those who against . in fact the cost we paid to gain our right is precious and deserve our people to leave in pace , dignity and integrity , that is enough of enough to be refuge ,
    we have to feel proud being Eritrean by achieve administration based on justice and equality guaranteed by low , self sufficient in all sectors of life as human being and share the world community by our contriptution to satisfy human needs and prosperity
    I believe that we are more matured and experiences to evaluate how much , property , life , dignity and time lost up to date ,
    we have to avoid confusing our self in issues that will bring our people retardation and country back word progress , Let our people have a chance to elect his own representative , let our people abided , respected and protected by low , let our people determined their own will without intimidation and interference in their own future
    I believe that we are matured and experienced enough to review all our pass history . starting from 1950 to 2011, I am sure that we will manage our issue because its part of self assert , we have to come together and bring our difference on table of discussion to find out solution long and short range difference which its consequence have bad adverse in our future as a nation
    it true we can’t change and convince other to convert their believe , but we can work together to achieve our common interest and avoid risk which will engulf us as a nation .
    remarks , member of national council should be per provinces and not from active parties or individuals , to represent all Eritrean people and engage in civil contract , however This is a new start point , I hope it will bring an end to our suffer and bring bright future for lover once

    • Kokhob Selam

      Thanks God, you have got it. That is verymuch inspiring. I love it. Thank you. you have let my mind to delite all the past and start with those who want to be part of the democratic change. keep this thinking alive.

  • amanuel

    kulom ezom tekawemti ena zblu muslim eyom etom ztemeresu keman kemu ::christians eyom tesewiom amsioma neritrea ::christian awedatna awaldna kertet nblela alena nskatkum kea tfareun christian ketetfu kfat talmun alekum ::islam eko ms kulen haymanotat nay alem eu shigr zelewo ab israel ab india ab mlue christiann ab china ewn slezi ::ezi natkum zeyrebh mnkskas kea mekeselta nayti terrorist mnkskaskum eu ::

    • kokhob

      you are lost. we are in different Era. stay with PFDJ.

      • Keren

        When we growup in keren,we knew some of you nigerian refugees from sudan felata where there.jamal,ali salim gedi salih kedi johar.look at your faces exactly copied of felata nigerian.nahna muslim wo mesihi kolena akwan.we entum lakin sheitan.long live eritrea pfdj

        • Kokhob Selam

          This is the way to challenge ideas in your camp. If you are young you better upgrade your system. we are in advanced word and you need to learn more. When we said we are near to democratic Eritrea that doesn’t mean we will be kind to those cruel who want us to live in chaos or they will be forgiven.
          For your information we all know who is who. I am not hidden to PFDJ and your are not hidden to democratic mass.

    • fetaw hageru

      to- Amanuel
      what the hell you are talking !!!!
      it is not Moslims V christians it is working together to build eritrea which can accommodate all Eritreans even for some one with a sick mind but we will fix you and you are not allone your big boss issayas is included in that regard……donot think those who are in power they are christians they are public enemy number one to eritrean christians before being enemies to eritrean Moslims. the real eritrean christians never try to exclude Moslims,they want to live in harmoney with their Moslim brothers……..

  • Biniam

    If we have been very good consistently for the last decade, it has been in creating organizations with different names. What remains to be done is a real move to eradicate the problem we have at home – dictatorship. In my view, we cannot do anything unless we turn our face to God. The people of Eritrea has been a culprit in persecuting Pentecostal Christians in collaboration with the dictatorial government. Do you thing God does not care about this? You can look at our situation and findout for yourself. We need one thing! Turn our faces to God with honest repentance!

    • haki tezarebu

      Awate jamal
      throughout history chritians lived in the high land of Eritrea since jesus christ of first century chritianity.Which is about seven hundred and sixty years before Saidna Mohamed.Why did you and these muslims in mekele awsa Addis mideast sudan said bad words about christians of Eritrea.Lets be honest here you don’t care about democracy.All you care is to forum your radical islamic state.If you were a realy true muslim you would have opposed your leaders when they spoke bad of christian Eritreans in front of you.So you are a deceiver not a muslim not brother not Eritrean by any means.when it comes to Eritrean chritians Saidna Mohamed would have told you the same thing.Before you call me your Eritrean chritian brother pray to your Alah for forgiveness.Then we can discuss about politics.

      • Jemal

        Respond to
        Haki Tezareb .
        I could respond ; But i dicided i rother hold on till genuien Repersentative who really care about his people showed. Becaouse i don’t thing you are qualified & repersent to the claim that you mention u want to defeend and also you are an opportunuiest . If you really care for your people insteade of crying & dragging people behind the people who wants to contrebute to the struggle why don’t you join with your brothers to solve the mess that your uncle created body.

  • Assab

    as an Afar Eritrean i am sick and tired of ignorant people who think Eritrea belong to one ethnic group or Religion that’s why i say the only solution is federalism and self determination i hope RSADO are not backing an inch from demanding that, like it or not each ethnicity of Eritrea should rule and administer and represent it’s own region absolutely nothing wrong with that at all that why most prosperous and developed nation on earth are adapted this system and it is working we are sick and tired of same old games. Happy new year to all

    • Kokhob Selam

      WELCOME AND YOU CAN CHOSE WHAT IS GOOD. Eritrea will make sure every one is happy. you deserve to live in peace and no one will force you or cheat you. everything will be ok as far as we work together in challanging this Mafia group.

  • Hammasenai Nebri

    Qomalat Dscendant of Aggame none of will have a chance to visit Pradise Eritrea.Go figure.

    • Kokhob Selam

      Hammasenai Nebri, how do you get the name ? If the name is correctly chosen for you, how can you become PFDJ supporter? Are you among those who think PFDJ represent Hammasen? Those days are gone and are cleared with our congress. PFDJ don’t represent any one of us (Eritrea). They (PFDJ) don’t represent the group itself and even EPLF. They are lost and you can’t find even a political line or ideology similar to theirs in the world. I don’t know in Mars or other planets but not in this world. But we are from Hamasen, Seraye, acklogzay, and barka, gash, denkenkel, senhit, Semhar and every point of the country is ours. So be nice and keep your dignity or else go with PFDJ.

      • Selam :- Brother Kokhob selam, there is a saying that goes: ” If water stands motionless in a pool it grows stale and muddy, but when it moves and flows it becomes clear: so, too, man in his wanderings”
        You asked this: “Hammasenai Nebri, how do you get the name ?” The answer is that he uses a region part of our Hamasen to cause hate among our population. The truth is that our people of the Hamasen region are fed up of the dictator and want him to go away rather today than tomorrow. So, don’t be lured by this PFDJ botanical species called Hammasenai Nebri. He is just an impotent PFDJ supporter not more, not less.


    • jemal

      respond to Hammasenai Nebri. First of all, Anchewa like you can’t be Nebri and also i think you’re a Humumm Ancwa who needs to go to see a vetrenerian befor things getting worst. Anchewa you are trying to blame our Eritrean Ethnics for your personal failer in life that doesn’t work you got to get something else to your soultion body. Second, acacer of the society like yourself i think should demenish from the face of not only from Eritrea from the whole planet.

    • u are not frome eritrira u are from agame do t divid ertrian

  • Gobez Leiti

    Tezgibeni Kichas Abmequloaaaa kela Efelta. The new subweyane Organization will not be and will never be a Sbstitution to Hizbawi Ginbar

  • Kokhob Selam

    Men and women young and old and from all part of society who don’t put their hand now will regret for not being part of the solution so Smerrrrrrrrrrr.

  • Okay good, but we need a change in short period of time. Or the country we love will not be a country anymore.The pain of our people should stop now.Or the wound is not going to alleviate.

  • the highlander some of u act like amhara please treate the afar and kunama, saho belen, they are eritreans too if u keep supporting isayas we will be anoter somalia

    • commontator

      I thought Eritrea is 50/50 chritian come most names of this new congress are muslims.It seems like you are working to instal muslim sheria law rabita al islamia in eritrea

      • awte

        Respond to
        Brother Eritrea need some one who can lead with dignity & integrity ; It’s not about religion issue brother . yes you are right when you said Eritrea is a country belong to Muslims & christians even though no one took the cense (statestic) of it’s people and plus Eritrean muslims aren’t complaining about the Eritrean regim leaders been Christians; what they are complaining is because of there is no justice ; there is no freedom and there is no human rights or vilotion of human rights and also the only country with no conistition in the whole planet.So brother if you going to provide those to the people of Eritrea regardeless of your belief we well come u becouse you are my brother first and your relgion is yours or else do not say behind the computer Hatefteffffffff……

        • sara

          For your information…..
          Great Britain…. has no constitution… and another tiny country..
          in the middle east wich is the kind of 53rd state.. of america…applauded as the only democrtaic country in the middle east “israiel” has no constiution too.

          and you… awate… is telling us… ertritrea is the only nation without constiution.!!!

          • gambit

            Dear Sara,

            This is not to compare our beloved Eritrea with both UK and Israel, God forbid.
            It is just to clarify if the writer did not qualify constitution with a prefix “written) then it’s alright. Both both UK and Israel have respective constitutions. Yes they have no codified (written) single document constitution. Israel has basic laws and division of power. UK has several statutes and Acts of (Westminster/North Ireland/GOV. Of Wales/Scotland Act etc). including division of power between the executive, legislative and judiciary.
            If Eritrea had to come into existence via natural evolution (with some leaps) into a nation state, might have adopted the victories unwritten laws of an (Addi , sultan , Diglel’s , kantebays’s , shums) or say the a resultant un-codified laws, traditions and customs. Blood money for instance is almost universal x-tribal in Eritrean societies.
            Bottom line UK and Israel have respective constitutions. Un-codified /unwritten in single document.

      • Wedi Adem

        Once you question our issues reflecting based on religion is like putting barrier not to work together. Before you comment about Rabita Islamiya and Sharia I advise you to learn more about Eritrean Moslems history. I think is best to all of us to come with fresh and goodwill spirit if we are in deed want to save of our people from their suffering. It is time to fight for unity.

      • kozami

        Commentator that is the dumbest argument. I am Christian highlander and don’t support this hawassa nonsense, however saying that if they had the right degree of patriotism, I am confident and happy to be lead by my moslem brothers and sisters 100% for the next 1000 years. All I need is their unflinching patriotism to the Eritrean cause, throw me a bone baby…

        • kozami

          I also forgot to add, if you read Eritrea’s history you wouldn’t write that crap. Our history is replete with heroism and gallantry of of fellow moslem ERITREANS in the thick of battle so that you and me can exchange this stupid views. Think before writing…

          • Kokhob Selam

            Easy brothers, actually we don’t have that all problems, we are the same people and it is only the enemy who put all those fabricated stories. tell me now, what about those half Christian and half Muslims (some parents are Christian and Muslim), or tell me the one who was saved by fellow comrade (me) in fighting field, do you think I will care of that all? To be honest not at all. I was on the ground at the end of my life going for ever and I was saved by a man from Nara (true story) this man who saved my life is already part of my soul. So I will never fight for any tribal or ethical or religious case whatever it might be. We are one but not the way PFDJ say it. That is not true unity. I respect you all and I will get respect from you sure. So if a Muslim or a Christian is on power my question will be is he for justice? And of course there are some criteria to be put in to consideration, and to say so we should first give him our instruction he will be chosen to serve us all. A manual that leads us is created by us and we have a mechanism to cross check and transparency and accountability will follow. So don’t give chance to our enemies who want us to live in this disastrous climate. Be optimistic and Smerrrrrrrrrrrr

      • awte (jemal)

        Again Respond to commontator. Brother it’s not about a race or computation of who will lead us either a Muslim or a Christian; it’s about who can give us the freedom; justice and equality, to all Eritreans regardless of their religion or Ethnic background. But if you say you can’t feel confortable with a Muslim being a leader tomorrow also you will say you can’t feel confortable with Akalogezay and the complain will go on & on. Where does it stop? Brother, everybody fought and bleed for Eritrea. Our wounded heart still hurts and it will be marked forever. So when we bleed for our beloved country we didn’t bleed for religion or for Ethnicity. Why we bleed is for our Eritrean people to live peace and dignity. And Remember Eritrea has ten beautiful Ethnic group. So whoever is qualified and able to do the job is welcome.

      • fetaw hageru

        To commontator. first direct this question to issayas afwerki and tell him that eritrea is 50/50 if this ratio is right i don’t think so?
        don’t you think today Moslims are marginalized ? I don’t mean tomorow the chritians of eritrea should be margilized, just a reminder. so I want to think positive and in future eritrea any one should be elected on the basis of his merits not on his religion. grow up!!!!!

  • Thank you!
    The Eritrean National Conference for Democratic Change for opposing the tyrant dictator in Eritrea!

    Eritrea is made, what remains is making Eritreans.

    All we need is to unite our people and fight our #1 enemy the tyrant dictator and his followers the PFDJ. We must destroy them just like the Libyans did to his baddy Gadaffi.
    SHAME ON Us! To let one mercenary destroy our land, our people and our culture.
    Shame ON Us! To let one mercenary dissolve our heroic national liberation fronts ELF 1982, EPLF 1993.
    SHAME ON Us! To let one mercenary turn us against one another and against all our neighbors (Ethiopia, Sudan, Djibouti, Somalia, Yemen and now Kenya).
    SHAME ON Us! To let the dictator kill our heroes, our disable veterans, jail our parents and our religion leaders and members.
    This tyrant dictator must go!
    We must apply Libyan style!
    This is the moment we must come together to save our land and our people.
    Let freedom ring in Eritrea!
    Let freedom ring in Ethiopia!
    Let freedom ring in Sudan!
    Let freedom ring in Somalia!
    Let freedom ring in Kenya!
    Let freedom all over the world.

  • The secular socialist republic

    can i ask the webmaster why my comment was censured? Not only do pro-PFDJ websites negate us the right of debate, now the opposition websites also refuse to allow us give our point of view?

    • Eritrea is made, what remains is making Eritreans.

      All we need is to unite our people and fight our #1 enemy the tyrant dictator and his followers the PFDJ. We must destroy them just like the Libyans did to his baddy Gadaffi.
      SHAME ON Us! To let one mercenary destroy our land, our people and our culture.
      Shame ON Us! To let one mercenary dissolve our heroic national liberation fronts ELF 1982, EPLF 1993.
      SHAME ON Us! To let one mercenary turn us against one another and against all our neighbors (Ethiopia, Sudan, Djibouti, Somalia, Yemen and now Kenya).
      SHAME ON Us! To let the dictator kill our heroes, our disable veterans, jail our parents and our religion leaders and members.
      This tyrant dictator must go!

  • wei senbel

    Mr/ms sahostan you are right but don’t forget that you are under somebodys umbrella to spread the news and the person who was suposing to let us informed was accused and was not participated in THE CONGURESS

    • All we need is to unite our people and fight our #1 enemy the tyrant dictator and his followers the PFDJ.

  • vere nice, good job. thanks ENCDC.

  • wedi Adem

    I would expect from now on these new leadership to work hard on engaging everyone on this political
    Process for change through communication. Our last experience on luck of information resulted to
    hoplessness, frustration and desperation. Do not repeat that mistake if we want to face the deceitful
    agenda of EPRDF. Feeding back all the progress and development cause encouragement and must
    work hard on teaching our people to the awareness of unification of the country. Finally, let’s keep
    Connected in spirit of respectable bond to one on other.
    Best wishes to success on these difficult tasks.

    Hopelessness, frustration and despairness.

    • AllEritrea is made, what remains is making Eritreans. we need is to unite our people and fight our #1 enemy the tyrant dictator and his followers the PFDJ.

  • I was disatisfied with the absence of coverage on Awassa Conference at the time when the demand for information was high. It was mind boogling to see the opposition web-sites non-operational or not willing to cover what really was going on!!! Know that the news are coming out slowly but surely. I would say i am kind of satisfied. I do hope the skeptics would accept what they hear and read. If not, they should voice their concern to the democratically elected leadership and expect the respond on timely manner. Overall, i am personally satisfied with the out come of Awassa Conference.

    • This is the moment we must come together to save our land and our people. Let freedom ring in Eritrea!