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On Sanctioning The Eritrean Regime

On December 23, 2009, the UN Security Council imposed sanctions on Eritrea over “its role in Somalia” and  its“refusal to withdraw troops following conflict with Djibouti.”  This may be a good time to remind all that only Qaddaffi was opposed to the sanctions.  The UNSC Resolution 1907 “stipulates arms embargo, travel restrictions, asset freezes” on…

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Addis Abeba 2011: It’s 2002 All Over Again

Addis Abeba, 2002. The Eritrean alliance of opposition organizations is discussing the fate of the Eritrean Liberation Front-Revolutionary Council (ELF-RC), which had been split into two wings. One wing, led by the late Seyoum Ogbamichael, stages a walk-out: subsequently, in the bitterness and recriminations that ensue after the split, the Seyoum Ogbamichael-led ELF-RC, describes the…

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2010: A Turning Point In Eritrean Politics

This website has been observing and reporting on the state of Eritrean opposition for the last ten years.  In our view, the event with the most impact on the development in Eritrean opposition over the last ten years happened this year in Addis Abeba:  the convening of the National Congress for Democratic Change (NCDC).  2010 is…

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A Moral Mandate To Liberate

At long last, the coming together of Eritreans to discuss ways and means of bringing about democratic change in Eritrea, a dream that had been conceptualized for over a decade, is finally here. Dubbed the National Conference for Democratic Change (NCDC), the convention started on July 30 and will resume for several days in the…

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Reclaiming Eritrea After 19 Years Of Tyranny

19 years ago today (May 24th), Eritrean freedom fighters liberated Eritrea from Ethiopian occupation. The Eritrean people, who had been waging a struggle for liberation since 1961, when the Ethiopian government of Haile Selassie was in its last stages of flouting the Eritrea-Ethiopia Federation of 1952, breathed a sigh of relief. After all, for 40…

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Eritrean Sanction: A Self-Inflicted Wound

When it comes to the UNSC’s decision to impose targeted sanctions on the Eritrean regime, there are two narratives being presented. One, advanced by the supporters and apologists for the regime, is that the Eritrean government is being targeted because it threatens the world order with its “good example”: a domestic policy of self-reliance and a…

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UNSC Sanctions: Targeted And Well Deserved

The United Nations is an imperfect institution with imprecise tools. It celebrates the dignity of man and the universality of rights; yet it says that five superpower countries—US, Russian Federation, UK, France and China—have rights that supercede those of the rest of the world. It is a club where friendship or animosity to a superpower…

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Yes To Targeted Sanctions

Shortly after September 11, 2001, every tyrant in the world wanted to cash-in on the justified rage of the United States and tried to align himself with the United States and to classify his political opponents as “terrorists.”  At the forefront of this campaign was the Eritrean regime and its foot-soldiers who lobbied hard to…

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EU’s NGOs & Their Viceroys

On October 29th, Gedab News reported about the November 9-10 conference on aligning EU and US policies towards Eritrea.  We entitled the piece  “Engagement and Exclusion: US, EU & Eritrea.”  The piece was almost entirely about the EU and US and almost in passing mentioned the Eritreans who will be attending.  Some thought that the “engagement and exclusion”…

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Canada: FM John Baird Warns Eritrean Consulate

10 Jul 2014 Gedab News Comments (51)

In a strongly worded statement, Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird warned the Eritrean consulate in Canada to stop collecting taxes…

Gissen, Germany, Bans PFDJ Festival

10 Jul 2014 Gedab News Comments (4)

Following the example of the belated decision by the Italian city of Bologna to ban Eritrean government sponsored festivals, Giessen,…

Betrayal And Predicament Of An Eritrean Artist

09 Jul 2014 Beyan Negash Comments (4)

“During the struggle era I was also painting, telling the story of the struggle, the culture of the people…

Italy Still Serenading The Eritrean Dictator

08 Jul 2014 Awate Team Comments (12)

On July 2nd, 2014, Italy's Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Lapo Pistelli, met President Isaias Afwerki in Asmara, and Ethiopian…



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