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National Council Enters Its Fourth Day of Deliberations

The National Council (NC) of the Eritrean National Council for Democratic Change (ENCDC) has been convening in the city of Bishoftu in the Oromia State of Ethiopia, since Monday, December 15, 2014. The emergency meeting of the NC was called to address procedural impasse that made the ENCDC inactive since its formation in Hawassa three…

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Russia Chooses Sudan Over Eritrea

On December 2, 2014, the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Laprov visited Khartoum and on the next day he met Ali Karti, his Sudanese counterpart. During his visit, Mr. Laprov openly declared that Russia will strengthen its military and security cooperation with Sudan. The Eritrean government has been enticing Russia to establish a major presence in…

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Minister Nesredin Bekit And More Red Tape On Imports

Recently, President Isaias Afwerki silently appointed Nesredin Bekit as Minister of Trade and Industry in the Eritrean cabinet. Under the newly appointed Minister of Trade & Industry, Eritrean traders are complaining of more difficulties in getting import licenses for small volume of goods for sale in their shops. Applicants were either turned down or had their…

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Nevsun Settles Two Fraudulent Class Action Lawsuits For A Total Of US$ 12.8 Million

In June 2014, Gedab News reported that Nevsun, the Canadian mining company operating in Eritrea, approved a multi-million class action lawsuit settlement. The lawsuit had alleged that Nevsun a US securities fraud. Earlier this summer, Gedab News also reported that before settling yet another multi-million class action lawsuit on behalf Nevsun stockholders, the company stated that,…

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President Isaias Embarrasses Qatar One More Time

Isaias Afwerki of Eritrea has put the Qataris in yet another embarrassing situation. Dr. Khalid Bin Mohammad Al Attiyah, Qatar’s foreign minister, “has returned empty handed after a secret visit to Asmara.” Isaias Afwerki had promised to release the Djiboutian prisoners of war and hand them over to Qatar. Al Attiyah was supposed to bring along…

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Yet Another Lawsuit Hits Canadian Mining Company Nevsun

On behalf of three Eritreans, a Canadian legal team has filed a case in Vancouver and is suing Nevsun Resources Ltd, a Canadian mining company. The Canadian legal team is, “comprised of Vancouver law firm Camp Fiorante Matthews Mogerman (CFM), Ontario law firm Siskinds LLP, Toronto lawyer James Yap and the Canadian Centre for International…

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Belgium: Eritrean Refugees In Limbo

Belgium, considered a relatively good destination for refugees, is now where many refugees are staying in a limbo for extended time. According to a Belgian report, “Where there used to be about 60 to 70 asylum applications of Eritreans every year … that number dramatically increased to 215 per month in July 2014.” It has…

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Security Council Extends SEMG Mandate Until November 2015

In a report dated 24 October 2014, The UN Security Council (UNSC) extended the mandate of the Somalia and Eritrea Monitoring Group (SEMG) for one year ending in November 30, 2015. The UNSC requested Eritrea to facilitate the entry of SEMG officials to the country, but it is unlikely that the government will provide a permission…

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The Plight Of “Zuria 26″ Enrages Eritrean Youth

Over the last few weeks unusually widespread arrests has been reported from Eritrea. Most of the arrested individuals used to report to senior officials and commanders who seem to have fallen out of favor. A number of civilian and military personnel who reported to Major General Tekle Manjus were arrested. Until recently, Major General Tekhle…

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Major General Ahmed Kakay Died A Prisoner

16 Feb 2015 Gedab News Comments (132)

After wrestling with illness for a long time, on Saturday February 15, 2015, Major General Ahmed Omer Kakay finally succumbed…

HSBC: The Swiss Cave Of Ali Baba

13 Feb 2015 Awate Team Comments (236)

Wikileaks. Snowden. Falciani List. What does the exposure of the leaked Falciani list mean to the common person? Probably nothing much…

The Legendary Alamin Abdullatif

15 Feb 2015 Mahmud Saleh Comments (17)

This is the second portion of my earlier article, "A window to Eritrean Music and Dance." This time it is…

Hollow Existence

12 Feb 2015 Yona Germano Nati Comments (13)

‘Fanakowa geriso etetaso, Hakowa Uya lesumala katowana’. (Whatever the case, daybreak will bring things to light) My name is Yona Germano Nati.…




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