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Paris and New York: The Tale of Two Eritrean Diplomats

Gedab News learned that Hanna Simon, the Eritrean ambassador to France, has been recalled back to Asmara, but she “is reluctant to return.”

According to our source, Ambassador Hanna has written a critical report to Osman Saleh, the official Eritrean minister of foreign affairs. Osman rarely travels alone on diplomatic missions; he is always shadowed by Yeman Gebreab who is widely identified as the presidential advisor though the Eritrean government never issued a statement announcing his appointment to any government position.

Minister Osman has communicated his disapproval of the report Hanna submitted, but the ambassador is believed to have said “her report is factual and honest.”

Since a few months ago, President Isaias has been pressuring Osman Saleh to get Hanna back to Eritrea though “he knows only Hanna herself can decide whether to return To Eritrea or not.”

Views are divided among the close circle of the president some of whom have already started a rumor about ambassador Hanna’s private life, and “her romantic relations.”

Isaias Afwerki is angered by Hanna’s report in which she harshly criticized the agreement reached between “president Isaias Afwerki and prime minister Abiy Ahmed concerning the establishment of an Ethiopian navy in Eritrean waters.”

According to an agreement reached with Ethiopia in March 2019, France agreed to provide technical support, “capacity building and structure.”

Meanwhile, Isaias Afwerki has appointed his close friend Sofia Tesfamariam as his ambassador to the United Nations.

Sofia is a naturalized American citizen, born in Ethiopia, and raised in Zimbabwe for most of her adult life. She has been living in the USA for many years.

Eritrean opposition activists are unhappy with Sofia’s appointment, particularly since it comes a few days after a tragedy in the Mediterranean Sea, where over 130 people, including dozens of Eritreans, drowned.

In a similar tragedy in October 3, 2013, when a ship capsized causing the drowning of 366 Eritreans, Sofia mocked the victims as “children of rich people who had the means to travel to Europe.”

An activist said, she is “a vile person with a record of mocking the victims of her friend the dictator, and it is a mockery to reward her with such a high position.”

In Eritrea, appointment to all the senior positions are made by the president alone, and “he doesn’t have to go through the parliamentary approval process because it is a one-man rule with no legislative body.”

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  • bardavidi

    Hi all……..As to Hannah you can not blame her for trying to stay out of DIA,s Containers ……….where she actually belongs due to her persistent Loyalty to him and not her fellow citizens……….Voicing your opinion has a price to pay for and she has witnessed that in action but looked the other way in the past………….The only objection she might have is not liking her Retirement plan and the provisions that come with it…………..Selah

  • Nitricc

    Hi all; there is an older Eritrean man, avid anti PIA who I talk to now then. When I talk to him yesterday, he can’t believe Sophia is elected for the UN position. I couldn’t understand his outrage and I inquired him what the problem is with appointing Sophia to the UN position to represent Eritrea. His reasoning and response was she couldn’t speak proper Tigrigna. I was flabbergasted, stupefied and astonished beyond reason. I reasoned with him by saying, well, Tigrigna is not the only language of Eritrea and Sophia could speak Arabic, Bilen or Tigre, you don’t know that, besides at UN they don’t communicate in Tigrigna. He said with great disappointment in his face; it doesn’t matter, Tigrigna is the main language of Eritrea and anyone who to serve the nation must speak fluent Tigrigna. I didn’t say anything and I just left. I keep thinking about this Tigrigna thing, is this really big deal for some people? And I decided to do a litmus test on awate-forum. And this is what I posted

    Hi all; I don’t know about any of you but this Tigrigna scripts is becoming very distractive and inhabiting the flow of this forum. It throws you off. I am not knocking on you people who choose to correspond in this toothless Tigrigna, it is your right but it is in me to tell you the truth too. Very discouraging to none or less Tigrigna participants. </blockquote

    It turns out to be the old man is not alone. there are many of you are racists and think Tigrigna is better than other Eritrean languages. And worst the first one to respond for the test is the known Muslim fanatic and a religious thug. this fake and thug have no shame in pretending to advocate for Tigrigna language. I am very disappointed with Aman-H and Haile, I never thought you two are bigots. Sorry!!!!!!

    • Nitricc

      It turns out to be the old man is not alone. there are many of you are racists and think Tigrigna is better than other Eritrean languages. And worst the first one to respond for the test is the known Muslim fanatic and a religious thug. this fake and thug have no shame in pretending to advocate for Tigrigna language. I am very disappointed with Aman-H and Haile, I never thought you two are bigots. Sorry!!!!!!

      • Haile S.


        እንትርፊ ብናቶም ቋንቋ ዘይርድኦም
        ረሳሕ ጸርፊ ቋንቋ ካልእ ዘይብሎም
        ንኻልእ ዝዕድሉ እቲ ናቶም ጽልኦም
        ከም ቆልዓ ዝጽበዩ ወደይ-ሃብሮም
        ነቓጽ ኢሎም ይጻረፉ bigot ንባዕሎም
        ዘይጠውዩ ወይ ዘይጥውዩ ዘይቀስሙ ፍልጠቶም
        ኣርኣያ ዘይከውን የውርዩ ወረ ፈጢሮም
        ክነጽሁ ዝደልዩ ንኻልእ ኣመራሲሖም
        ተኸዲንካ ለቢስካ ስግኦም
        እቲ original ንስኻ ዲኻ ንሶም?

        • Nitricc

          Hi Haile; there is no amount of BS can save you. You are busted. you are officially a bigot. I rest my case.

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Selam Nitrickay,

            I believe your are from the Tigrigna speaking family. How does one become a bigot when someone told you to know your mother language? Do you know the meaning of a bigot? Why do you rush to insult people? Not good.

          • Nitricc

            Hey Aman-H I don’t mean to use the word bigots; I wanted to say biased but it didn’t come out that way, instead I ended up saying the word I don’t intend to use the term “bigots”. My bad; While that is on me, you cannot dismiss yours and Haile’s reaction. I have no doubt from your reaction and deep inside you both believe that Tigrigna is the superior language of Eritrea and anyone worthy of authority should possess the language as such. Again that was a test I put it out there and both of you fall to the bite. You are right my families are speakers of Tigrigna language but I don’t perceive Tigrigna to be the supreme language to other Eritrean languages. I don’t know but I was taken aback by the reaction of the older Eritrean gentleman. The question is, do believe Sophia should speak fluent Tigrigna to assume the appointment?

          • Amanuel Hidrat


            From the story you told us, there is no any relationship to what Haile and myself told you. After all, besides being your language, Tigrigna is one of the official working languages in Eritrea. You shouldn’t be surprised if we debated with Tigrigna. I wish I know Arabic like English to communicate with it as it is second working language in the current government. What you have to do is ask if you don’t understand it, and will try to explain in English to you.

      • iSem

        Hi Nitric:
        Dear your retardness:
        To represent Eri Sofia T doe snot need to speak Tigrinya, but she is not even Eritrean, she does not believe in the sovereignty of Eri, she is a unionist, she is the flower girl for Haile Silassie she is with IA now for the spot light and am glad she was appointed because one day she will be called to Eri and slapped on the face, like IA did to Ali Abdu and many who served him, she is a despot enabler. And as a self proclaimed nationalist I am intrigued by your lack of stand. For once stand for truth, for something, try it it feels good, much much better than your unremarkable life as one dimensional protozoan (look that up)
        And about speaking other languages, why do not you stick to stuff you know, like cleaning machine guns and pleasing your military owner. You have no clue to debate with AH and Haile.
        You have no clue and the fact that you are not banned for ever from here because this forum is therapy and moderators are so nice and feel for you for you from your miserable abused, ghetto life.
        You add nothing to elevate this discussion, you learn nothing from here, you have no clue

        • Nitricc

          Eri Sofia T doe snot need to speak Tigrinya,

          What is “doe snot” mean? I know you are nothing but waste but who is snot-ing what? Hahahaha I know the pain you are feeling over the Sophia’s appointment. Guess what loser, when you work for your country and people good thing to happen. look you and your likes ended up in waste bin. The point is when Sophia dining with world leaders; you are left with your Sudanese boyfriend. How sad is that? what a pathetic creature.

          • iSem

            your retardness Private Nitricc
            I knew you will not figure out “doe snot”
            I will never want to be like Sofia, dinning with world leader for selling your soul and may be body
            Your ghetto sensibilities and childhood abuse of everything is apparent, u jump up and down when no one talks to you and bark like mad dog and that is what your boy friend wants u to do and like a true slave you comply

    • Blink

      Dear Nitricc
      What is the value of Tigrinya in the UN chair hole ? I mean can it help you speak to convince a Russian representative or the Brazilian ? I mean why was the old man angry ? We all know Amanuel H is driving an agenda and that agenda is to make the other Eritreans hate the highlanders and by that put the minority in a very serious problem by believing PFDJ is whole heartily supported and approved by the highlanders . Remember the agenda of weyane ethnic politics still runs deep in to his political views.

      Tigrian and what ever other languages we have in Eritrea do not fly in the diplomatic world , we need English to communicate in the New York idiot building and anyone who is short of English is the problem what ever his fluent Tigrinja and Tigre skills .

    • Hameed Al-Arabi

      Ahlan Nitricc,

      There is no working constitution in Eritrea that prohibits to assume such a position. Therefore, Isaias has the right to grant an Eritrean identity to an Italian, Ethiopian, or any other nationality and appoint him in any position he likes. His only request from him is only to serve him.

      Isaias could confer the entire country to a neighbor country or friend. Not only this, he enslaved the Eritrean people without hesitancy. Most probably, I think, he influenced himself that he inherited Eritrea and the Eritrean people from his grandfather. He has found a loose property without a possessor. Isaias who has confiscated the whole country, I think, it is strange to expect from him to abide by certain trivial terms that mold in our minds.


  • Paulos

    Selam My Good People,

    Excuse my Klingon but it is political b*tch in and political b*tch out. That is all there is to it!

  • Desbele

    Selam Awate,
    “Hanna’s report in which she harshly criticized the agreement reached between “president Isaias Afwerki and prime minister Abiy Ahmed concerning the establishment of an Ethiopian navy in Eritrean waters.”
    I am concerned about the reason for abandonment. What about pfdj’s inhumane treatment and enslavement of its own citizens ? Is it tolerable? And the UAE Naval/Air force presence? Is it okay?

  • Nitricc

    Hi all; I don’t know about any of you but this Tigrigna scripts is becoming very distractive and inhabiting the flow of this forum. It throws you off. I am not knocking on you people who choose to correspond in this toothless Tigrigna, it is your right but it is in me to tell you the truth too. Very discouraging to none or less Tigrigna participants.

    • Amanuel Hidrat

      Selam Nitrickay,

      It is an Eritrean language, Niticc. If you are an Eritrean you have to start to learn it. Though Sawa is a project created for enslaving our youth, I am sure they are good in teaching your mother language,Tigrigna. After all we are waiting to fulfill your promise and your duty. Clapping is not enough.

      • Haile S.

        ሰላም ኤማ ምስ ሰብ ዓወተ፡

        ክዕብልል ዝደለ ይብል ሓቂ
        እዛ ሓቂ እዛ ብርቂ
        ቋንቁኡ ይገብራ ናቱ ዕጥቂ
        ናይ ካልኦት ደርቢዩ ከም ጨርቂ
        ካንኦት ድርቁማት (toothless) ንሱ ስኑ ወርቂ
        ካብ ሓቂ ዝርሓቐ እዩ፡ ዘይብሉ ድንቂ
        ንሱ እዩ ‘ኣስናነ-ቢስ’ ዘይቀረበ ፍርቂ

        • Amanuel Hidrat

          መርሓባ ሃይላት,

          ናይ’ዚኣቶም ገዲፍካ ተዛረብ
          ሓሰቶም ዘየብሉ ገደብ
          ተባዓት ክመስሉ ይፍክሩ
          ብስም ብርዒ ተሓቢኦም ይጭድሩ

          ኣርእዩና ሓሞትኮም ተተባህሉ
          ኣብ በዓቲ በይኖም ይድብሉ
          ዘራፍስ ክንደይ ተባሂሉ
          ግብሮም ግን ተግባራት ቶኻሉ

          ትሕዝተኦም ሃሰስ ተበልናዮም
          በጀካ ጸርፊ ካልእ ስኢናሎም
          የዘክረካዶ ጸርፊ ናይ ጓሶት
          ናይ’ዚኦምስ ኣካ ደንጺና
          ጓሳ ህዝቢ ጓሳ እንስሳ ኮይኖምና

          ባህልና ወጊድ ተባሂሉ
          እቲ ምክብባር ትንፈልጦ ኹሉ
          ሓድሽ ባህሊ ሃንዲሱ ተኺሉ
          ፈኸራን ጸርፍን ኮይኑ ናይዓዋሉ

          ንምዕራይ ዝሓትት ወሎዶታት
          ሕማቅ ባህሊ ይዓግት ምዕባሌታት
          መዋጽኦ ከመይ ኢሉ’ዩ ዝፍጠር
          ሃሰስ በልኢኻ ብወገንካ ዝምከር

          ምስ ኣኽብሮት

          • Haile S.

            Admirable, ድንቂ! ካብ ግጥሚ ኮነ ካብ ቁምነገር ዝጎደሎ የብሉን ዘረባኻ።

    • Peace!

      Hi Nitric

      ቱዝለስ ምኻንካ ብዕልኻ ተፍሊጥካ
      ሌዚ ምኻንካ ብዕልኻ ተለፋሊፍካ
      ተሰተር ሰብ ከይፈልጦ እቲ ሕምቀትካ

      ንዓኻስ ሀመማ ክውሕደካ
      ሓንቲ ዘትፈልጥ ብዛዕባ ዓድኻ
      ምልፍላፍ ጥራይ ገጂፍ ኣፍካ ከፊትካ
      ክብረት ዘይትፈልጥ ወረ ኣበይ ኢኻ ዓቢኻ

      ዳሃት ዶግ ዳሃምበርገር ኬድካ
      ፍራይስ ዲስትራክቲቭዶ ምስበልካ
      ኣይመስለንን እሱ እንድዩ ምሳሕካ
      ትምህርትኻ ግበር ችክን ናጌት እንዳበላዕካ
      ከቸብ ግበረሉ ዲስትራክቲቭ ከይኮነካ

      Don’t worry I got your back, my man!


  • simon G Stefanos

    It is easy to say “according to our source ” and spread false rumors concerning Hanna Simon. That is not surprising from Gedab news. They graduated long time ago in false rumors spreading capacity.
    A news channel who shows self respect is usually very careful not to bring to the public erroneous and not verified news specially when “our source” can not be verified. when such a channel is continually bringing false news, it shows that it is not a news channel but a political propaganda machine for whatever ideology it is supporting

  • Haile S.

    ሰላም ሰብ ዓወተ፡

    ህዝባዊ ዲፕሎማሲ ሰብ ኣጥርዩ
    ድሕሪ 20 ዓመት ኣምባሳድሪስ ኣፍርዩ
    ገዲም ዲፕሎማሲያውያን ኣሲሩ ደርብዩ
    ካብ ተቐማጦ ኤርትራ፡ መኸታውያን ሓርዩ
    ዝተሰደዱ ፍርቂ ዕድምኦም ወጻኢ ዝዓበዩ
    ነውሪ ካይበሉ ንኹሉ ምስ ኣሜን ዘሳሰዩ
    መሪጹ ከምዝሸይም ንሱ ጉልበቱ ኣርእዩ

    Fait accompli ዝስርሑ ደጊሱና
    ህዝቢ ኤርትራ ኣሜን ዝልማዱ ንኣባጅጎና
    ሓይሊ ዝልማዱ፡ እስኪ ሰብኡት ኩኑ ይብለና

    ምስ ስቓይ-መከራ-ዘምግቡ ካብ ምብኣስ፥

    እምበኣር ኣምባሳድሪስ ክንምነ ጥዕና፡ ንሃገርና
    ከም ሽምክን ትውክላ ይግበሮ Sophia-ልቦና
    ንመላኺ ህዝቢ ጥራይ ዘይኮነ ነቲ መራሒ(ና)
    ንመሰል ዜጋ ንኹሉ ኤርትራዊ ብቕንዕና
    ዓንዲ ሕቖ ህዝቢ፡ መን ይፈልጥ፡ ክትኮና
    ዝሓለፈ ኣብ ቦትኡ ኣቐሚጥና ከዚንና
    ብኣማራጺ ምስኣን ክንገልጽ ትምኒትና

    ኣምባሳድሪስና ኣይትዘንግዓ ስራሕ ዲፕሎማሲ
    ከቢድ ነገር እዩ ንብዙሕ ተግባራት ዳህሳሲ
    ንምሳለ ርኣይኦም ቃላት ዝውድኡ ብ”ሲ”
    ንኩሎም ይትንክፍ እዚ ዲፕሎማሲ
    እዩ ልዕሊ ኹሉ፡ ርእሲ
    ዝተወጽዐ መደዓዓሲ
    ብናጻ መንቀሳቐሲ
    እሱራት መጣየሲ
    ዝተሰጐ መምለሲ
    ዕብየት መበገሲ
    ፍትሒ ዳህሳሲ
    … …
    ናይ ሓንቲ ሃገር ነፍሲ
    ናይ ሰላም ደብዳበ መመላለሲ
    ኣይኮነን ህዝብኻ መደርዒ መበኣሲ
    ክእለት ሓሪሙካ ንስንፍናኻ መደዓዓሲ
    ምስ ሰናይ ትምኒተይ

  • Brhan

    Dear Awate,

    Thank you for the news.

    1)Loyalty to PF(JD) has been the main factor in appointing Eritreans to be diplomats of Eritrea. But countries are better served when the diplomats are only professionals.
    The hiring process of diplomats also should be professional. It means if MR. A had worked as a Counsellor, then most likely will be an ambassador in later years, because logic says this person will accumulate the necessary skills, knowledge and above all the work experience to be promoted in order to do the higher job.
    DIA sees that Mr. Nebil Said Idris who has worked as Counsellor, Permanent Mission Of Eritrea To The United Nations is less loyal than the one he has picked for the higher job.

    2) There is a pattern about Eritrean diplomats: whenever they are recalled they abandon the regime and claim political asylum in Europe, Australia and North America. Hana will do the same or she might has done it already.

    3) The regime seems also to have a new pattern in appointing diplomats : hire from the locals of the foreign countries. In Canada it is an Eritrean Canadian and in the US where UN office is located is an Eritrean American. Conflict of interest will be watched. Which values will Sophia reflect in the UN? USA or PF(JD)? Will this force her to abandon her american nationality.

    4) Also the regime has hired diplomats for show off.
    The show off PF(JD) is big topic and it has touched from top to bottom, including diplomats. Diplomats were hired not because they were professional but because they were good to show off that the Eritrean diplomatic mission reflects diversity of Eritrea.

    5) Another puzzle: look to Semre Rusom: He is the Eritrean ambassador to Ethiopia. No he is the Minister of Education. No he is both!

  • መሃንድስ-ምዕባለ

    ሰላማት ሰብ ዓዋተ

    ብቕዓት ኣምበሳደራት
    እንታይ ዩ መምዘኒ ብቕዓቶም
    እንታይ ዩ ክእለቶም
    ዶ ክንብሎ ስልቶም
    ወይ ብልሓቶም

    ጥር ኢልካስ ኣምበሳደር
    ገዛኻ ዘይትኣልስ ወኪል-ሃገር
    ዶ ዋላስ ዝትበሃልካዮ ስለትገብር

    ክእለት-ምሕሳብ ጠቕሚ ብሉን
    ወረ ኣይምረጽን
    ተንዝደለያ ክእለት ጸርፍን ዘለፋን
    ከምኡ ድማ ክቱር ህርፋን
    ክውረይልካ ኣየ በዓል ስልጣን

    ተወሳኽን ኣገዳስን
    ዝተባሃልካዮ ግበር
    ኣይትሕተት ብውሳኔና ኣይትጠራጠር

    ከምትፈልጥዎ ግን
    መጀመርታ ኣብ ገበን ትኣቱ
    ደሓር ከኣ ወያነ ምባል ኣይትሕመቕ ክትወፍር ክት ኣቱ
    ኮታ ከም ወዲ ገራህቱ
    [ብርሒ ግን required ኣይኮነን]

    ስለዚ ከም በዓል ሶፍያ
    ዘንሰራሕቲ ቅያ
    ክጽለላ ዝደልያ
    ንዓይ ክሰምዓ ወይ ክርእያ
    ከም ኣተን
    ይቐርባ ናብ ሕርያ
    ክኾና ኣር ኣያ
    ነተን ንመጻኢ ክሽየማ ዝደልያ

    ካል ደኣ ንታይ ክእለት ደሊኻ
    እነሃለኹ ‘ንዶ ኣነ ኣብ ቅድመኻ
    ‘ታይ ዶ ብቕዓት ኣሎኒ
    ፕረሲደንት ዝሾምኩምኒ
    ግደ ሓቅስ ዝሾመኒ የለን
    መን ኩንትራት ምስ ሃበኒ

    ኣነ ወሃቢ ኣነ ከላኢ
    ናይ ዓዲ ሃሎ ዝብኢ
    ኪድ ውጻእ ሕጂ
    ሕማቕ ከይትርኢ

  • Hope

    Selam GN:
    If the news is TRUE, we need to do everything under the sun to make her join the newly “ restructured Opposition Movement”!
    Am interested in the piece of news about confirming (under her watch) the Ethiopian Navy being planned to be built in the Eritrean Sea.
    We don’t want Hanna to be another Aster or Senait !
    Please,those of you,who have contacts with the Western Diplomats and Nations/the EU,do your best to LOBBY for her safety through a safe process to remain in Paris.
    It will be a huge blow to the regime and a big deal for the Opposition.

    • Paulos

      Selam Dr. Hope,

      I would say, more serious and news worthy is Sofia’s new position as opposed to Hanna’s which is “so what and no biggy kinda thing.” The reason I think of the former is that Isaias could be up to something. He may have a serious plan to attack the Weyanes so that he would have someone aggressive and well comfortable with the English language at the UN who can present and defend his raison d’etre with sophistry.

      • Thomas

        Hi Paulos,

        It may make sense to say attack the weyane with Abiy’s soldiers. However, there will never be a single Eritrean soldier willing to fight for any reason anymore. The few who seem to be supporting this dictator are simply bluffing. The Eritreans who would have fought are no more fools. Checkout the voting or rating on DIA’s speech (on social medias/you tube/tweeter). More than 90% down voting for each and every video of his posted. I think even people like Nitricc might be voting against DIA speech. They just don’t want to admit it here:)

    • Amanuel

      Hi Hope,
      Why do you think Hanna needs a lobbyist to remain in Paris Hope? She is a diplomat at worst she can ask for a refugee status and no one will force her to return to Eritrean.

  • iSem

    hi All:
    what is the problem of the Eri oppistion.
    Hint: it is not because they were in addis, it was not their suspected collaboration with Woyane, it was not even their incompetence, it is their aversion to learning.
    Oh my, they are shocked at the appointment of Sofia T, they should be happy Sofia has been selling her soul for 20 years and it is high time she gets rewarded and this reward is good for justice seekers because it means Sofia T will be so close to IA that she will be bitten or even beaten by him. Hurray, Hurray!!
    The outrage by the opposition is accidental, and what did they call it, mockery. Their shock is mockery
    And finally finally Amb Hannah got it, for not willing to return, but since by her report she has technically become opposition, she may return to her slaughter as it seems if you were PFDj and then become opposition you also become dumb.
    Bitweded is released from prison and then he gives passionate speech at his parent’s village, Wedi Ali courageously ascends Forto and asks the butcher of Sahel to do rule of law, G-15 write a letter to IA, Ogbe Abrah and Beraki write letter to IA. On and On, if you want to go dumber join the opposition the traditional opposition
    Now i ask one gift for the coming Christmas from PFDj and that is to appoint MS to some post. MS will first drool, then go to FB and tell us how duty calle at 16 and he answered and now duty calls at 60 and he answered it. The opposition will call it mockery, I will celebrate it as MS will be close to IA.
    IA doing opposition’s job, he royally screwed his fans when he pounded his chest and appointed Abiye as leader of Eri
    Sofia T, no more virgin, still Asmara Rose, a wilted rose

    • Nitricc

      tell us how duty calle at 16 and he answered and now duty calls at 60 and he answered it

      Semere; okay and what is your story? can you share what was your duty when you were 16 and what ever old you are now? You see how stupid you are? I pray for Eritrea with people like you, stupid and ignorant. Go ahead and tell us your duty at the age of 16, go ahead!

      • iSem

        my duty at 16 was to help retarded people like you grow some brain cells. And now they are doing much better
        Did the USA army free you from your bondage and found new one as MS surrogate. MS can answer if self

        • Thomas

          Hi Semere,

          You should now he is a hired “telalaki” guy for MS. I think he might have lost the single brain cell he had kept for a long time. I think Berhe calls him “hemema” now, but it has be a headless “hemema”

          • iSem

            Hi Thomas:
            we all say bad and wrong things, this guy nitiricc will die before uttering one truth in his life and before standing for principle. and the world will remember him for his awate comments.

          • Nitricc

            Thomas-D; D for dongola. Never change just like your name. Take it easy, no one whose name is Thomas and living in Ohio should say anything about anyone. How is your drinking anyways? when is the next one? I need some lol. go back to your drinking. At least you have a life of drinking can you ask what kind of life Semere Ewur have?

          • Thomas

            Nitricc – one at a time, I am sure you will do fine. You are not insane, but just mentally challenged and burden on society. It is ok, you can do it and it will get better. I know can do this:)

        • Nitricc

          Semere for a person who spend the majority his life in Sudan working in a tea shop and doing whatever the Sudanese ask for, it is crime to barge about anything. You are nothing but a waste of life. what have you done on your pathetic life? oh, you lied to Canadian immigration office to clam your welfare? is that it? what a freaking Loser. You are nothing but waste.

          • Aron

            Hi nitric,
            I would not make light of our thousands of people working menial jobs outside their country trying to get by and send remittances back home to help their folks. In most cases it is not a choice at all. Be considerate. With love Aron.

    • Thomas

      Hi iSem,

      Perfect, that is why I always enjoy reading you.

    • Hope

      All the above r true colors and weaknesses of our opposition!

    • Blink

      Dear isem
      I agree on the nullification of old style of opposition and I disagree your take on MS .

      I was shocked that opposition are angry at sofia appointment. I mean what kind of head do these people own ?

  • Dears,
    What I consistently find bewildering is statements such as, “The oppositions did not like the action of the Tyranny in Eritrea”, in this case the nomination of a Sofia Tesfamariam as the UN representative of Eritrea. Who is the tyrant that nominates here, who is the advisor Yemane GebreAb, who is Osman Saleh foreign minister, who ? Who is Isaias Afwerki, the so claimed President?
    All the entities mentioned above are not nominated by a state that upholds constitution for systems and laws. So why is it a surprise that the elements were chosen by the whim of the Tyrannic ruling system in Eritrea, I would add, if there is such a country by the name of Eritrea. more on this on my blog http://www.SeberAngle.wordpress.com. Further, on Twitter @Seber_Angle

    • Hope

      There is NOT such a thing called Eritrea?
      But there is a so called a mini-country called Tigrai.,right?

      • A country is about people that reside within it. Today the exodus of the young, the left behind old, in mourning and manipulated to think no further than if they will have water, electricity for the day….Can you argue there is a country called Eritrea?

  • Franz

    Dear Gedab News, there’s an error: Sophia was raised in Tanzania and Ghana, not Zimbabwe.

    • Hope

      Thansk Franz.I was trying to correct it but did not believe that GN will believe Hope.