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Isaias Released Prisoners He Never Had!

On Monday, February 29, Djiboutian President Ismail Guelleh stressed that he will not have a talk with Isaias Afwerki of Eritrea unless he releases the Djiboutian POWs missing since 2008.

For eight years Isaias Afwerki has denied a battle was fought between the two countries let alone to admit he had Djiboutian POWs in that battle. All that changed on Friday, March 17, when like a magician pulling out a rabbit from a top hat, Isaias produced four Djiboutian POWs.

The Qatari Foreign Minister, Mohammed Bin Abdelrahman AlThani, accompanied them to Djibouti in a private plane that brought them from Asmara to Doha earlier in the morning.

Isaias made news by releasing the POWs he claimed he never imprisoned. And the Qataris who have been playing the role of a foster parent for Isaias since 2008, breathed a reserved sigh of relief. For years they have been embarrassed enough because of their association with a misfit foster child they were cursed to adopt.

On April 2008, Eritrea and Djibouti fought one-day border skirmish following a similar skirmish in 1996 and another in 1999. In the last battle, after the guns went silent, Djibouti said it lost 19 soldiers. Soon information surfaced that a few days after the battle, six of the captured soldiers were buried deep inside the Eritrean border behind the battleground close to Dumera. They are believed to have been shot while trying to escape.

In 2013, two Djiboutian prisoners escaped from Heday prison, a facility in Sahel region administered by the presidential office, and made it safely to Sudan.

The prison is located in a remote mountain range between Afabet and Nakfa, it was originally built by the Italian, before WW2, as a garrison. The prisoners are believed to have escaped with the help of a prison guard who was killed along with one of the prisoners. However, the two made it to Sudan, and from there to their country where our sources indicated that one of the prisoners returned home only to find his wife has given up on him returning alive, and remarried.

According to our tally, Isaias and his government owe Djibouti the remains of at least six prisoners though not many expect any of them are still alive. If they are, provided Isaias wants to make another news, Qatar might be required to send yet another plane to have them delivered to Doha for a medical check-up, a short shopping spree for new clothes, and then fly them back to Djibouti. However, all of that is very unlikely to happen.

Last Friday, Isaias had finished his official visit to Doha when the Qatari government surprised the world by announcing the release of the four POWs. Finally, Isaias succumbed and surprisingly he released the prisoners whom he never admitted were in his custody.

Informed sources say that Isaias has found it opportune to present his defeat as a goodwill gesture by releasing the prisoners, a step which might boost his efforts for coziness  with Saudi Arabia which is leading a Sunni Muslim coalition in the Middle East and the Horn of Africa region. The sources also indicate that Isaias was accepted in the Saudi led coalition only to buy his neutrality despite the misleadingly exaggerated news that has been circulating around about his involvement in Yemen. And since he is aware that he is placed on the fringes of the coalition, he chose to appease his erstwhile sponsors, the Qataris and attract the attention of Saudi Arabia .

Admitting he has the POWs after eight years of adamantly denying their existence, and releasing them after he was cornered, is a concession that he expects to be handsomely rewarded for by Qatar. However, if the Qataris do not satisfy his needs, he is expected to try to switch allegiance once more and lean closer to the Saudi-UAE Sunni wing, at the expense of the Turkey-Qatar Sunni wing. Not many Eritreans appreciate such a gamble.

It became clear in the course of the latest episode that Isaias who adamantly insisted that he knows nothing about the prisoners, similar to his “who is Joshua?” remark, has finally stated that General Abraha Kassa and General Simon Gebredingel are in charge of the prisoners. Evidently he is already introducing the fall guys to the world for the eventuality of the bad day when his time is up.

Isaias insisted on meeting Guelleh face to face

On February 28, President Ismael Guelleh has arrived in Qatar on a three-day official visit where the Qataris were hopeful he would agree to meet Isaias Afwerki of Eritrea who requested a face to face meeting. The Djiboutian president indicated his unwillingness to meet Isaias until he releases the POWs and returned to Djibouti shortly before Isaias arrived.

Isaias has always kept the POWs as a bargaining chip to secure a face-to-face meeting with Ismail Guelleh who he believes is in cahoots with the USA and Ethiopia to weaken Eritrea. And this was not the first time his request was rejected by Guelleh. In March 2013, Ismail Omar Guelleh indicated that he will not show up to meet Isaias unless Qatar provides assurances that he will honor the terms of the agreement: withdraw Eritrean troops and negotiate in good faith on the matter of prisoners of war.

In April 2014, Djibouti handed over 250 Eritreans who were incarcerated since 2008; they were escapees who fled the indefinite forced conscription in their country and crossed to Djibouti. Djibouti considered the trained conscripts risky to its national security and treated them like POWs. To date, there are nineteen POWs still held in Djibouti—they could have been kept in relation to the 19 Djiboutian soldiers missing since 2008. Given the chance to be free, not many of them are expected to be willing to return to Eritrea.

In November 2014, Dr. Khalid Bin Mohammad Al Attiyah, Qatar’s previous foreign minister, “has returned empty handed after a secret visit to Asmara.” Isaias Afwerki had promised to release the Djiboutian prisoners of war and hand them over to Qatar. Al Attiyah was supposed to bring along the Djiboutian POWs when he returned to Qatar. Isaias denied he had any Djiboutian prisoners and said the only prisoner Eritrea had was Master Corporal Ahmed Abdullah Kamil and he was already released and handed over to Qatar. Eritrean forces had detained the Djiboutian officer who crossed to Eritrea  accompanying Qatari officers tasked with patrolling the border between the two countries.

Last Tuesday, the Amir of Qatar told Isaias Afwerki they could not help him unless he releases the POWs, but Isaias was not receptive to the request. According to our sources, his mood changed when the Qataris showed him cellphone-shot images of the Djiboutian prisoners who were held at the Afabet prison since 2013. The Afabet prison is where the government keeps Ethiopian, Somali and Sudanese prisoners from the opposition.

After watching the clips, Isaias burst in anger and accused the CIA of taking the pictures! But soon, he calmed down and agreed to talk to his security officers. By the next day, Friday, a Qatari airplane flew to Asmara and in hours returned with the four prisoners.

Our sources indicate that “two foreign intelligence agencies have been attempting to facilitate the escape of the prisoners from Afabet prison and has been in the works for several years,” with no success.

When reality hit home, the man who boasted on many occasions that he performs better when challenged and when under pressure, succumbed. The recent episode in Isaias’ adventures proved that he doesn’t like to be cornered because he succumbs to fear, and this time he was very nervous.

Now that the Djiboutian POW crisis is partially resolved, Eritreans are asking themselves: who lobbies for the thousands of Eritrean prisoners?

An Eritrean comedian from Asmara commented: “Maybe the relatives of Eritrean prisoners [should] apply for Djiboutian citizenship on their behalf, then Djibouti would mediate their release.”

An Eritrean human rights advocate commented, “it is frustrating, Eritreans are among the few people who do not have a government that protects them, they have one that oppresses them.”

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  • Ossares Haftom

    it is good news

  • Amde

    Hello Awatistas,

    Ran into this interesting article on Dji-(the “D” is silent)-bouti. http://www.bloomberg.com/features/2016-djibouti/

    For your reading pleasure. It is striking how they have managed to turn every adverse regional and global event/circumstance into a positive. Somalia’s breakup. Eritrea’s stupidity. Pirates. Al-Qaeda. US Chinese competition. Saudi wars. You name it.

    For example, they are looking at the Addis-Djibouti railroad as just the first stage into a cross-continental access from the Indian Ocean to the Atlantic.


    • dawit

      Hello A mde,

      You wrote ‘Eritrean stupidity’ as one reason for Djibouti’s existent and development. Really? what about the big Ethiopian stupidity where did you leave it? I have written before about this topic and you know it all. ኣበሻ ምቀኛ፣ ምቀኛ የራሱ መጋኛ።Djibouti legally got its independence when you boss Mengistu was struggling to prevent Eritrean independence Remember the slogans “ሁሉም ነገር ወደ ኤርትራ ጦር ግንባር፡ ቀይ ባሕር ድንበራችን፡ ኤርትራ ኣትሸጥም ኣትለወጥም”

      Djibouti slipped away from Ethiopia. Ethiopia had a legal right to take Djibouti from France as per its legal lease contract when its 99 years ended, just like Hong Kong was returned to China from Britain. Ethiopia had no legal claim on Eritrea that Menelik sold to Italian colonizers for cash. But የሰው ፈላጊ የራሱን ያጣል:: The rest is still unfolding history. In the meantime the one ‘Birtquoan’ few months ago now we have millions of Birtquoans starving and food aid is stuck in Djibouti port and here you have the luxury of wasting your time trying to shame ‘Eritrea stupidity’. Wow!. Learn your history.

      • Amde

        Ato dawit,

        Well, I meant to say Eritrea could have shared in some of Djibouti’s success, but in your case awqo yetegnan biqeseqisutim aysemam is appropriate.


  • dawit

    You are a liar. You can not produce any video or writing that PIA denying the presence or absence of Djibouti POWs. He never admitted or denied. It is your imagination or SEMG report that you are going to vomit.

    • Semere Andom

      Can you produce any video or confessions or proof about the Ela-Ero and all prisoners?. If you want evidence, apply the same rules to your compulsive lies

      • dawit

        Eritrea is ready to publish its video when the civilized and democratic countries take a lead to publish about political prisoners from Guantánamo Bay and other secrete prisons around the world. Stay tuned. In the meantime enjoy this video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UxTCpfNT8Nk

        • Semere Andom

          Question for yoy: maybe you know where your soule mate, the rapist Mustfa Nurhussient who accused heros is now?

  • ‘Gheteb

    Amanuel Hidrat (AH) Vents His Spleen To Peace!


    PEACE! : ” I just do not understand what is that all crying about? Was Gheteb responsible for your withdrawal from the forum few months ago, too? Why would you engage him in the first place if you think he is abusive? ”

    AH: ” You are fine with Gheteb ‘s abussive (sic) character. It is good to know that you condone to his bullying character. That tells us who you are. And I will treat you as such”.

    PEACE! : What do you mean that ” [you] will treat [me] as such”?

    AH: ” From now on, I know Gheteb’s back ground and who he is. I will face him with his kind and his language. If you want to join to his empty bravado, you could do so. This time I will not let him to swing as he wishes without retribution. This guy understand his language only”.

    PEACE : You are saying that Gheteb is going to face your “retribution”. Do you mean that theologically?

    AH: I am not going to answer it for you. I am going to give you “a short homework”. Go find it in my articles. You know I write essays. From now on I will face him this (sick) person with his kind and his language and culture.

    PEACE! : “And what is Gheteb’s language? Does he speak a different kind of language than any of the Eritrean languages and English, Arabic and maybe some other languages”?

    AH: This “sick person” language is “the street language”.

    PEACE! : Now Emma you are not saying here that streets have their own language. BTW, Where on Earth does “street language” mean?

    AH: What are you talking about? You sound just like that “sick person” Gheteb.

    PEACE! : If you are not going to tell me what exactly “street language” means, can you at least give me some examples of Gheteb’s “street language”?

    AH: First, this “sick person” said that I am not in his league. Then, he referred to me as ቀሺ ኣማንኤል . What is more, is that these days he is describing me as ኣባ ጓይላ ክትዕ. Finally, “this sick person” Gheteb is talking about ፋሉል and that he is recommending that I enroll in an ESL class.

    PEACE! You really consider that a “street language”?

    AH: This “sick person” is abusing other Forumers using “abusive language”?

    PEACE: Mind explicating by way of an example, Emma?

    AH: I just told you that this “sick person” is abusing all Forumers, please ” go to all Gheteb’s comment and count how many people are abused by this bully and “noisy empty vessel”.

    PEACE! : Gee whiz! Can’t you even cough up one example?

    AH: ” Och Hayat, You are also categorized as “not his type”. This sick person will touch every person in this forum that hasn’t the color of his eyes. There is nothing you can do with this sick person except to meet him with his kind “.

    PEACE! : You are saying that Gheteb will touch everyone whose eye color is different than his eye color. Wow! Isn’t t that awfully close to what the Weyane’s Meles Zenawi said before he deported thousands of Eritreans?

    AH: Well Meles was a visionary leader and true son of Africa. You know he is still my idol. But this “sick person” Gheteb, his boss is the killer despot Isaias Afwerki.

    PEACE! : Why are you referring to Gheteb as ” this sick person” ?

    AH: I have already diagnosed him that he suffers from OCD. Actually, let me show you what I wrote about 6 months ago.

    ” Gud aka Gheteb is our sick brother who needs help from us. From what he is reacting , he sound as someone who is attacked by a disease called ” Obsessive Compulsive Disorder “. If saay could volunteer as a relay, I could send for him some psychotropic medicine. His agitation cannot be other than that. Dear V.F Amanuel Hidrat > Guest • 6 months ago “.

    PEACE! : You are saying you can diagnose an ailment and you can also prescribe? That is something new and even very illegal, Emma.

    AH: Not only that, I know this “empty vessel” and “sick person” is a Kerenite. Let me show you what I have so far said. ” You are the son of the courageous and persistent Kerenites, who hasn’t the distinguishing characterstics (sic) of their quality. At Least I know who you are, from the people whom they know you from your early childhood, even if you try to hide behind pen name.

    PEACE! : Well, that says a lot, if you know what I mean.

    AH: Not only that this “sick person” Gheteb is a coward and doesn’t have the genes of Kerenites.

    PEACE! You won’t say Emma. Not only that you seem to have conducted a sociological analysis, but you have also conducted The Y-Chromosome DNA Haplogroup analysis. Right, Emma?

    AH: Not only that, Regarding Gheteb, don’t worry, I am on a “face on” and will not let him anymore. I have the necessary ammunitions against him that gives him enough pain. If you want join him.

    PEACE! : Emma, why are you judging people here. Haven’t the Weyanes paid for your air ticket when you went to their country?

    AH: That is a lie. You learned to lie from your pal “the noisy empty vessel” the “sick person” Gheteb. It is political lie. I paid for the ticket from my pocket. You and your pal are POLITICAL SINNERS. Where is Fanti Ghana? Please Fanti Ghana, look a verse from the bible that teaches how to avoid lying.

    ( Fanti Ghana with “an aura of a saint” happily provided the verse)

    AH: You are peace loving saint Fanti Ghana.

    PEACE! : At least, if nothing else, you should have remembered the difference between “essence and appearance” from your days in ELF when your EDM aka Fallul friends spent so much time discussing and translating Marxist books.

    AH: I don’t take advice from a hate monger like you. You and your pal are political sinners.

    PEACE! : And, you are quoting from a Bible. That surely makes you a POLITICAL PRIEST. Remember you said that Gheteb described you as ቀሺ ኣማንኤል. Surely you sound like a political priest.

    AH: Have you seen the SAAY Vs. Dawit ‘dance competition’ , Peace!? SAAY has outperformed Dawit by pulling a novel breakdancing move. I have recommended he publishes it on the front page. Of course, I have recommended a couple of moves that SAAY should incorporate to make his breakdancing moves appear less confusing to the public.

    PEACE! You did all the judgement and the recommendation based on the dance competition. Now tell me honestly if Gheteb isn’t right in describing you as “Amanuel ኣባ ጓይላ ክትዕ”.
    AH: What are you talking about here? Your pal, the “sick person” Gheteb is abusive to all the Forumers here using “the street language” and he is a ” noisy empty vessel”.


  • Dis Donc

    Dear Peace,

    You are right in that we are talking about this forum and hence do not just not mention few figures that you may or may not be happy with. As for Gheteb, I wrote that already, people should not respond to him if they do not like his views or writings, for that matter. I was only mentioning my view about his writings; just as you singled out and mentioned AH and HA for their views about Ethiopia or the relationship with Eritrea. If you do not like their attitude about Ethiopia (TPLF) stance then do not get invovlved or even mention it. Because it sounds like you think that Ethiopians (TPLF) are less than humans. That in itself is offensive.

    Please try to get the bigger picture that we are all Eritreans and equal whether we believe in TPLF involvement or not. It is just their view. At the end of the day we have to live with Tigrai being south of us until eternity comes….

    • Peace!

      Dear DD,

      I am glad I got that right, thank you. The other thing is I am against TPLF as much as I am against PFDJ, does that mean I regard Eritreans are less than humans? come on!


  • kazanchis

    hello Joker!
    Yes, sanctions do cripple economy and you are right that it is usually driven by political motives. While blaming countries like China and African countries for their handling of human rights and turning blind eye for gross transgressions on human right when it comes to Saudi, it is hypocrisy. Isn’t it?
    But, even that level of hypocrisy and favoritism wouldn’t sway me away from blaming our incompetent clowns in office. What happened to Syria, Libya and Iraq have been the embodiment of the West’s unnecessary nose in every problem and that has costed the West dearly.
    The point is that governments should behave as governments and act responsibly in their actions. One can not stand as a government while bullying everyone around and expect to be presented rose and red carpet. You can’t defend a rogue person like Isayas who fought all of his neighbors and enslaved the entire country: young or old alike. What good has he brought in his time at office? He is very much isolated from the world and that is rightly so. Because he doesn’t have what it takes to be a leader in 21 century.

  • dawit

    Selamat ALL

    SAAY desperate attempt to Sanctification of SEMG and support for UN Sanctions Eritrea is admirable. But there is one problem he couldn’t make go away about SEMG is the where about of the 2000 Eritreans armed soldiers fighting in Somalia. Saay does not want us to question about the 2000 Eritrean armed soldiers report but to accept every thing they wrote about Eritrea. In my mind once a lair you are always a liar. SEMG can not be clear from that stain no mater how strong detergent you use to remove that stain left in 2006.
    Now about the two Djibouti’s POW from Afabet Prison that escaped in September 2011 and Reported on January 2012 after almost 6 months after they broke from prison. And where was AT’s Reliable Sources’ when the two POW’s scape from Afabet prison, that very hot night escaping on the Eastern part of the prison compound?Why did it took so long for the world to learn about this great escape? Where was Sudan Tribute when the two reported to Sudanese Police at Karora.? Where was Awramba Times when this ‘Seber Zena’ took place? According to SEMG which Saay want us to read which I did, they have posted detail information including their Photos including their military ranks of the seven members, which they obtained from the Djibouti government who claimed 19 POWs missing and held by Eritrea. Was there no similar information about the rest 13 POWs kept by the government to be reported to SEMG? Why only seven and not 19? I appreciate Saay or any Awatista can fill those information gaps about the great escape.


    • saay7

      Selamat Dawitom:

      Its not nice to describe my attempts as desperate, cousin:) I think I am providing a public service to my PFDJista compatriots who, for seven plus years, believed that:

      (a) there was no skirmish between Djibouti and Eritrea: it is all a fabrication;
      (b) if there was a skirmish, it didn’t involve Djibouti prisoners of war; and
      (c) it certainly didn’t involved Eritrean POWs–because
      (d) if any of that was true, my Truth-Telling Eri-TV and my honest-to-goodness leaders would have told me

      Only to find out that every single one of their assumptions was wrong. So now, it is natural because it is the first of the Five Stages of Grieving–to deny. Anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance will follow. And I will be here for you then, too. It is what cousins do:)

      Now then, to your points:

      1. The 2,000 Eritrean soldiers in Somalia “Lie”

      One of the mistakes people make about the SEMG (and all UN bodies for that matter) is about its evidentiary standards. It is NOT “proof beyond reasonable doubt.” It is “reasonable grounds to believe.” That is: the evidentiary standards are low compared to “proof beyond reasonable doubt.” I will not comment, for now, how people who support a government that disappears people without any evidence at all have no moral authority to quibble about this. I will also not comment how an idiotic government stumbled Eritrea into this place. Nor will I say that it is the same “reasonable grounds to believe” that the CoIE will use and also ICC. My focus will be this: that the SEMG used this standard to accuse Eritrea of sending 2,000 soldiers and then, this is the part that you leave out, it used the exact same evidentiary standard to later on say, “we made a mistake.” Four words that don’t exist in the vocabulary of the Government you support. The rest–when i err, it is a mistake; when my enemy does it, it is a lie–is just boilerplate polemics 101 which I will ignore.

      Did SEMG suffer for this mistake? Of course: that is what happens out in the World-outside-dictatorships: after every report to the UNSC, including the last one, it gets lectured on the importance of not including in its reports information that is not verified.

      2. The Djibouti POWs Who Escaped In September 2011

      You ask why didn’t their escape become breaking news all over the world. Well, you don’t have to believe me on this, perhaps you can believe Mahmuday, but out in the real world, POWs are the domain of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) which is, by convention, prevented from publicizing any information about POWs. The Sudanese turned them over to the ICRC; the ICRC notified Djibouti and Eritrea. This is a year after Djibouti and Eritrea had selected Qatar as their mediator. Now, how do you think SEMG heard about them? It is because either the Gov of Djibouti or the Gov of Eritrea told them. I am going to take a wild guess and say it is Djibouti.

      3. The Number of Djibouti Prisoners of War

      Well, way back in 2008, I am sure you were not reading UN documents because the official description of the skirmish was “fabrication”, but the UN sent a fact-finding team to Djibouti. Eritrea rejected them entry; it also rejected offers by the Arab League; Islamic Conference; and the AU not to mention the “good offices” of friendly countries. Why? Because why would you need mediators to deal with a conflict that doesn’t exist. Of course, later on, it would tell Qatar, that yeah, there was a skirmish, and yeah, we will re-deploy our troops, and yes, we will need your troops in the buffer zone. But that was 2010. In 2008, the fact-finders said that Djibouti claimed that it has 19 Eritrean POWS and we have confirmed that to be true by talking to the ICRC. We have no knowledge of Djibouti POWs in Eritrea because, although ICRC has an office in Asmara, it can’t verify because it keeps being told it is all a fabrication. (You can read all this in the “Report of the UN fact-finding mission on the Djibouti-Eritrea Crisis, 28 July – 6 August 2008)

      So, Djibouti has been consistent on this since 2008 up until a couple of days ago when the advisor to the Djibouti president Ismael WaAys told Voice of Africa-Tigrinya, which I will quote here:

      ኣርባዕተ ምሩኻት ዝፈትሐት ኤርትራ ዝተረፉ ሸውዓተ ክትፈጣልና ንጽበ’ለና

      That is: 4 were released, 1 died, 2 escaped and now Djibouti is asking for the remaining 7. Ted quickly added this up and came up to 14 and he is saying where are the 5. Well, this is why you should take a break from Eri-TV and read awate.com: the Pencil told you where they are.

      So, anyway, keep on denying, keep on ridiculing: it is perfectly natural. I will be here for you for the remaining stages of grief. I say that with full knowledge that you will have moved on to some other thing by then: perhaps some new CIA conspiracy that has to be foiled? 🙂


      • Amanuel Hidrat

        Merhaba Saay,

        This “compiled factual ” comment deserve the front page to use it as a reference for resesrchers as needed. I checked them. It will save our time to research the seven years POW saga and the Eritro -Djibouti border conflict.You are really handy in pulling documents and make them available instantly.

        Amanuel Hidrat

        • saay7

          Selamat Emma:

          I was reading what our friend Ted wrote SGJ: he said the Djibouti-Eritrea conflict is a case of Djibouti crying first and he used the Tigrinya expression which can be translated as: “a slingshot hits its target and emits a shrill cry first.”

          In fact, that is exactly how our ambassador to the UN, HE Araya Desta, translated it in his presentation to the UN back in June 2008. (Source: S/PV.5924)

          Wait. In fact, that is exactly how our ambassador to the UN, HE Haile Menkorius, translated it in his presentation to the UN back in June 1998.

          Etc, etc, etc.

          When the issue first surfaced I wrote a piece, and here’s a quote from my piece that appeared in June 2008 (that will likely be re-published):

          We don’t have accountability because we are good at denial. Remember, we Eritreans don’t have wars. No. We “struggle” (the official name of our Revolutionary War); we have a “crisis” (the official name for the war with Yemen is the “Hanish Crisis”); and we have a “conflict” (the official name for the wars with Ethiopia is the “Eritrea-Ethiopia Border Conflict.”) Whatever it is we are having with Djibouti now (confusion? fabrication?), just don’t call it a war, because people may get ideas. After all, you really can’t hold anybody accountable for a confusion or fabrication can you?


          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Ahlen Saay,

            Please do. The excerpt in the last paragraph from your article of June 2008, explains the behavior of the regime, and how they explain issue with their own language instead with the universal language to confuse the public. If you are going to republish it , please incorporate the points you made in response to dawit.

            Amanuel Hidrat

      • dawit

        Dear cousin saay,
        I am really disappointed how you tried to answerer my questions. You fudge the answer with some unrelated issues. UN evidentiary standard etc of SEMG lying to the world and you call it just a mistake. It was not a mistake it was a”BIG LIE” with intension of plunging the Horn of Africa into perpetual wars. It was that 2000 armed Eritrean soldiers that trigger PMMZ to jump over the fence to invade Somalia on a Christmas Day in 2006, that resulted hundreds of thousands to die and millions of Somalis drove into exile and refugee camps in Kenya. It was Big Lie that created Al Shabab which is now causing havoc in the region. The Ethiopian army, Kenyan, Ugandan, Burundi, Djibouti etc. so called African Union mercenary armies roaming in Somalia, killing and reaping Somalis. You think all the crimes of SMEG will be washed away by four simple words “We made a mistake”.. Now about prisoners in Eritrea, there is no secrecy where they are, they are serving their prison sentences for
        crimes they committed to the State and people of Eritrea. It does not matter if you were government cabinet minister or priest. People know where they are be it underground or above ground prisons, unlike the 2000 SEMG soldiers that disappear into the thin air.

        You claimed SEMG suffered because of that ‘tiny mistake’ no that is a lie on your part, the members are still drawing their fat salaries from UN extending their mandate year after year by manufacturing lies, AU Bombing etc. PIA was smart enough to foil another UN plot to send UN Peace Keeping Unit to Eritrea Djibouti border, after it was driven away from Eritrea. UN has grudge against PIA and Eritrea, for being kicked out from their last mission. Who need rapists and human traffickers?

        Djibouti’s POW. What is the difficulty of counting soldiers? Their number ranges from 0 to 19 all reported by GoD or its employers. At least the GoE did not give any numbers
        or admitted or denied any POWs that it was holding; they kept quiet about the
        war or the number of POWs. And where did you read that the two escapees were transferred through the Red Cross? If a government can’t decide on how many troops they sent to war and how many died and how many s surrendered, then this truly a ‘fabricated war’ based and maintain by lies. Here are tow quotes from famous people that relate to Lie and Memory lapse. I think you are suffering from that your arithmetic of basic addition and subtraction is floating allover the place.

        “No man has a good enough memory to be a successful
        liar” ― Abraham Lincoln. for SEMG, UN and Eritrean opposition revenge seekers.

        “If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember
        anything.” -Mark Twain for PIA Character

        Please next time Cousin when I ask you a question remember to whom you are replying to which Cousin you replying. Your cousin dawit is not like SEM, HA, TES, TZ, Ayneta or Lamec who worship your words as if it from the Quran or Bible. You are misleading or doing disservice to your fans by distorting the truth about SEMG and UN role in our region. I know you have a mission to change the Eritrean regime, that is okay, but please that should not be by destroying Eritrea. That is the Big Mission of UN, and your mini mission should not be part of it.

        • ‘Gheteb

          Selam Dawit,

          You said:

          ” PIA was smart enough to foil another UN plot to send UN Peace Keeping Unit to Eritrea Djibouti border, after it was driven away from Eritrea. UN has grudge against PIA and Eritrea, for being kicked out from their last mission. Who need rapists and human traffickers?”

          Here is what WikiLeaks says regarding the UNMEE issue.

          Please, check at the end of the cable to see that the US government was trying to use the Eritrea Djibouti issue to PUNISH Eritrea for the way it has treated the UNMEE.

          “…FM Youssouf noted that no public statements from the USG were needed yet, as Djibouti sought to press Eritrea through “quiet diplomacy.” Should these talks fail, however, the international community will have to weigh what actions, if any, would be effective in reversing the Eritrean incursion. The recent withdrawal of UN peacekeeping forces from the Temporary Security Zone, following more than two years of increasing restrictions on the UN Mission in Ethiopia and Eritrea (UNMEE), highlight the GSE’s intransigence in the face of international pressure…”


          Notwithstanding your cousin SAAY’s ‘breakdancing moves’, there a lot more to be said about SEMG, UNMEE and the manufactured Eritrea Djibouti “border dispute”.

          • dawit

            Selam Gheteb,

            Thanks for the link, The Djibouti Foreign Minister was repeating the same cheap insults our opposition keep repeating ‘PIA crazy etc’ . But Eritrean people don’t take such cheap talks coming from the enemy camp as some thing to talk about. As my dear Cousin Hope always put it a 3rd grader Eritrean child would have guessed it why UN has to fabricate tension between Eritrea and Djibouti. If that plot was not nipped at its bud by PIA, we would have been today watching UN-AU Hybrid ‘Peace keeping force for Eritrea’ roaming in Assab and Massawa, raping and killing Eritrean children, with Ethiopian troops joining as part of the group, like they are in Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan and Congo. UN never had goodwill towards Eritrean people. UN is the number one enemy to Eritrean independence even much worst than illiterate Ethiopia regimes. All invasions of Eritrea is supported and financed directly or indirectly by UN. SEMG was the latest setup to disarm Eritrean Defense Forces. Ban Ki-Moon was shading his crocodile tears when Eritrea ordered that UNMEE leave the country. He was predicting war will be ignited between Eritrea and Ethiopia in a matter of days or weeks after UNMEE departure from Eritrea. But Thank God his wishes never happened.

          • Berhe Y

            Dear Gheteb,

            I think you are smart enough to know the difference.

            You wrote “Please, check at the end of the cable to see that the US government was trying to use the Eritrea Djibouti issue to PUNISH Eritrea for the way it has treated the UNMEE.”

            Treating UNMEE the way Isayas did (please pay attention, I said Isayas not Eritrea or government of Eritrea) is NOT something Eritrea needs to brag about.

            Because of that careless decision of Isyas the UN got the excuse to pack and leave, Ethiopia / Melles to get out of the deal they signed and Eritrea got nothing in return. Eritrea / Ethiopia file is permanently closed as far as UN is concerned, because it’s a very, very low priority.

            The only way to make it a priority is:

            1) invade and take over land Eritrea claimed and will bring the attention of SC. Risk: prepare Ethiopia to retaliate and send the Eritrean government packing to Sahel.

            2) Beg your very enemy / Ethiopia to accept the ruling.

            From the looks of it, Eritrea is taking second option with the help / paying the likes of Cohen.

            Which it could have achieved back in 2005,…

            Aye ay ezi endiyu aybike zebkiyeni Zelo.


        • Haile WM

          Hi dawit,

          you said :

          “about prisoners in Eritrea, there is no secrecy where they are, they are serving their prison sentences for crimes they committed to the State and people of Eritrea. It does not matter if you were government cabinet minister or priest. People know where they are be it underground or above ground prisons”

          First; who is people ? because apparently I don’t know where the prisoners are, I even tried to ask where they were once and I was intimidated not to ask questions, Some of these prisoners were my family. Yet you say people know where they are? Now I would like to ask you, do you know where they are ???
          If you know please tell me because I have to inform many people of their whereabouts including my family members. let them know where are their loved ones.
          If you know and you are silent you are as responsible as those who have imprisoned, if you don’t know then you are the LIAR here.

          Second; you say SEMG findings are “BIG LIE”, but then you change standard and tell us that the imprisoned people “are serving their prison sentences for crimes they committed to the State and people of Eritrea”
          now mr Dawit, where is the evidence of such statements ? isn’t this a “BIG LIE”, I would like to ask you who is the court that sentenced them? if you know just tell me because I want to see the judiciary evidences and proceedings. otherwise This you should label also as a “BIG LIE”

          Dawit you are the one who is lying here and do so by using “BIG LIES”.

          • dawit


            You can follow this person he will lead you where they are kept. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DKdi1JLHNCY


          • Haile WM


            this person didn’t lead me where are they kept. Besides He is in prison himself, can you tell me where is he kept ??
            This person is just making wild accusations, where are the accused, why they can’t defend from this wild and idiotic accusations ? Dawit stop acting like a simpleton, I know you are better than that..
            So I am still waiting for you to tell me where are they ? if you are boasting knowledge that you don’t have just apologize.
            Plus i asked you who is their judge ? if they are sentenced can you give me the accusations evidence and court transcriptions ?

            is the central dawitism dogma “znegese ngusna” applied also to truth ?

        • saay7

          Selamat Cousin David:

          I am sorry you are disappointed, and I really was trying to directly answer your question.

          On the distinction I was trying to make between evidentiary standards, it is because the Gov of Eritrea and its supporters seem to be amazed that SEMG (and all UN investigative bodies) are allowed to use anonymous sources, so long as they find them credible. The government’s position appears to be “if the source is not speaking on record, then the source has no credibility.”

          The difference between “mistake” and “lie” is intent. You are persuaded that SEMG lied about the Eritrean fighters in Somalia; I am saying–and the SEMG itself conceded–that it made a mistake. Your claim that that “lie” was the basis for justifying Ethiopian invasion of Somalia and UN sanction of Eritrea is not supported by facts. Ethiopia had presence in Somalia for years–that it called a few advisors, later on estimated to be around 3,000 soldiers–but its rationale for invading (i.e. bombing Mogadishu airport) on Dec 24, 2006 was (a) the ICU’s All-Points-Bulletin (ABP) call to all Jihadists to come to Somalia and (b) some ICU official’s claim that they intended to liberate Somalis in Ethiopia (Ogaden.)

          This taking of one mistake to discredit dozens of claims that the “Government of Eritrea provided at least 28 separate consignments of arms, ammunition and military equipment” to ICU. In any event, until 2006, the SEMG was not even mentioning Eritrea by name but by saying “another country”–in an effort to get the Gov of Eritrea to back away, and it didn’t.

          Your claim that Eritrea was silent (“fabrication”) on the Eritrea-Djibouti conflict because “PIA was smart enough to foil another UN plot to send UN Peace Keeping Unit to Eritrea Djibouti border” is factually wrong, and indicative of the delusional self-estimation the Gov of Eritrea and its supporters (sorry, cousin) suffer from. Firstly, the UN is very un-interested in adding two more countries to add to the dozens and dozens of countries that it is already involved in and its preference is for the parties in dispute to use mediation, “good offices”, and regional bodies. Secondly, the choice was not UN-or-bust: as the fact-finding report indicates, Eritrea was given a choice of (a) direct engagement with Djibouti (Isaias Afwerki was unavailable); (b) Arab League (Isaias said no); Organization of Islamic Conference (Isaias said no); Qatar (Isaias said no, in 2008); EU Commissioner for Development Louis Michel (Isaias said no); AU Commissioner (Isaias said no.)

          I understand that you are upset, but your assertion “about prisoners in Eritrea, there is no secrecy where they are, they are serving their prison sentences for crimes they committed to the State and people of Eritrea” is wrong on all accounts. Those of us with imprisoned family members (a) don’t know where they are; (b) what their alleged crimes are (c) if, and when, they will get out. To quote your favorite question, “where is the evidence?” And because almost Eritrean has a family member in prison, it is when you tell such whoppers that you lose all credibility. The only reason we even know WHERE the G-11 are (or were) is because a defector told Ethiopian intelligence, who published it at Aiga Forum. So that is what your government has done: the family of Petros Solomon have to go read Aiga Forum to find out what happened to him.

          Finally, on the 19 Djibouti prisoners of war, just because you and your government chose to close your eyes and your ears does not mean that, for the last 7 years, the UNSC didn’t know. Not only have their names been given, so has their title, so has the precise date and time they were taken prisoners. But “is it 12? is it 17?” is one of those obsession with detail that your guys do. Imagine a drunk driver hits a car, goes home, and when the police are interrogating him, he says, “now this car I supposedly hit: is it a 2008 Huyndai or Honda? Is it grey or dark grey..?” This is an old trick: try again.


          • dawit

            Selam Cousin Saay,

            This is the definition of ‘Lie’ noun

            1. a false statement made with deliberate intent to deceive; an intentional untruth; a falsehood. Synonyms: prevarication, falsification. Antonyms: truth.

            n Thesaurus.com

            Mistake is defined noun

            1. an error in action, calculation, opinion, or judgment caused by poor reasoning, carelessness, insufficient knowledge, etc.

            2. a misunderstanding or misconception.

            When the UN and SEMG started to report that there was “Proxy War” between Eritrea and Ethiopia, it was obvious that a plot was being set to be executed when the dog jump over the fence.
            እንኻን እቺን ቀርቶ ፡ የዝንብ ጠንጋራ እናውቃለን።

          • saay7

            Selamat Dawit:

            Your theaurus just reiterated what I said: the difference between mistake and lie is intent.

            Whether the events in Somalia were or were not a proxy war, whether SEMG told a lie or made a mistake are entirely irrelevant to the reason why Eritrea was sanctioned. The specific language of the sanction is:

            a. Eritrea has provided political, financial and logistical support to armed groups engaged in undermining peace and reconciliation in Somalia and regional stability,

            b. Eritrea has ignored resolution 1862 (2009) regarding the border dispute between Djibouti and Eritrea demanding it acknowledge it has a conflict and re-deploy its troops to pre-conflict position within 6 weeks.

            c. The AU has demanded that we, UN, impose these sanctions at its meeting in Sirte. It called upon us to “impose sanctions against all those foreign actors, both within and outside the region, especially Eritrea, providing support to the armed groups engaged in destabilization activities in Somalia … [and] undermining the peace and
            reconciliation efforts and regional stability.”

            The agreement Eritrea reached with Djibouti under the mediation efforts of Qatar in 2010 could have been reached, or at least initiated, in 2009. The agreement Eritrea reached with respect to recognizing the Somali government belatedly, could have been reached in 2009. So, you are trying to do what all supporters of President Isaias Afwerki do: shift the responsibility from Anybody But Isaias (ABI.)

            With respect that Eritreans know exactly where their disappeared family members are, and why they were jailed is not accurate. This is something that you could have easily verified by actually talking to your compatriots, instead of to listening to the fiction peddled by gov officials. Just this week, Yemane Gebreab told France 24, in response to the question of whether the G-15 are alive or dead, “I can’t answer that question because of national security.” So, with regard to your bold assertion, I could say, using your language, that it is a “lie.” Instead, I am going to assume that you have moved on from denial to anger and I look forward to you reaching the other stages of dealing with grief.


          • dawit

            Dear Cousin,

            There is nothing new you are providing with your new reply. You are still quoting the same document written by UN and its branches, SEMG, UNSC, AU, IGAD or Arab League. Obviously none of them are expected to admit that they sanctioned Eritrea based on fabricated charges. They are financed by USA and will not oppose or go against what their employer wanted them to say. Eritrean agenda is not a new subject that started with Eritrean Independence in 1993, when it became member formally. It is as old as the UN itself in 1940s when UN was stablish, perhaps its first agenda as the new International organization was to deny Eritrean people their right for self-determination that was provided to all people who were under colony. Things have not changed since then. I guess ‘It is the Red Sea Stupid’, the big powers want to control it, Ethiopia want access to the sea and all of them found it suitable not to let the Eritrean people to have ownership of the sea. The sad thing there are misguided Eritreans who toil day and night to make that reality.

            a.” Eritrea has provided political, financial and logistical support to armed groups engaged in undermining peace and reconciliation in Somalia and regional stability”.

            That is Total Big Lie not a ‘mistake’. It was Ethiopia and US that were supplying the arms and financing armed groups inside Somalia, if there was any support from Eritrea it was political advocating for the unity of Somalia and non-interference of outside governments. Eritrea organized Somali people conferences to discuss their problem and find a resolution. Asmara conference of Somalis preceded the Djibouti conference, the Somali group that didn’t participate and condemned the Asmara Conference was Al Shabab. In fact the Djibouti conference was organized to derail the Asmara Conference with the aim of dividing Somalis into moderate and radical Muslims.

            “b. Eritrea has ignored resolution 1862 (2009) regarding the border dispute between Djibouti and Eritrea demanding it acknowledge it has a conflict and re-deploy its troops to pre-conflict position within 6 weeks.”

            That was a distortion of facts. The UNSC and its affiliate right away condemned Eritrea when Djibouti complained an armed clash at its border with Eritrea. Weeks after their condemnation of Eritrea every one of them decided to send a fact finding mission to both countries. The already condemned party Eritrea refused to allow the so called ‘Fact Finding Missions’, same group which had condemned it before the facts.

            c. The AU has demanded that we, UN, impose these sanctions at its meeting in Sirte. It called upon us to “impose sanctions against all those foreign actors, both within and outside the region, especially Eritrea, providing support to the armed groups engaged in destabilization activities in Somalia … [and] undermining the peace and reconciliation efforts and regional stability.”

            That is another COMPLETE LIE. Ethiopia was the one that invaded Somalia. The only innocent country in the region “especially Eritrea” that never supported armed group was recommended by AU and IGAD for ‘UN Sanction’ to give it a mask of ‘African support’. The countries involved were Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Djibouti and Burundi all of them armed and trained by US and EU. So you see cousin that you did not added any fact to the argument except repeating what you were preaching before. You will never wash away the repeated crimes by UN and its agents SEMG and its affiliates, against Eritrea. The latest attempt by Suzan Rice is not different than the one that John Foster Dulles told the world in 1951. They are all illegal and unfair bulling Eritrea under the cover of UN.
            As to your psychology 101, of “denial to anger and grief” it is good if you preach it to your new disciples who are trying hard to make you their Messiah. dawit is firmly planted with ‘Znegese Ngusna’ In the meantime enjoy this Eritrean Video song by two great Eritrean artists. “Kemu Eyu zelo tiWere”



          • saay7

            Selamat Dawit:

            On your “Anybody But Isaias” (ABI) is to blame list of “SEMG, UNSC, AU, IGAD or Arab League”, you forgot to add Islamic Conference and the Red Cross. And every member state of the Security Council including Russia and China. Your Anybody But Isaias is to blame is a tired trick and was described perfectly fourteen years ago:

            The list of the enemies that these zealots have come up with is quite impressive; it ranges from the quite insignificant to the who is who in Eritrea and in the world at large: elderly mediators, embassy employees, university students, veteran teghadelti, military officials, journalists, “ethnicists”, religious fundamentalists, Jehovah Witnesses, Evangelical Christians, NGOs, Red Cross, Amnesty International, Journalists Without Borders, EU, Italy, Denmark, USA, UNO, OAU, the CIA, the Danish parliament, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Sudan, Yemen, Al Qaida, Anthony Lake, Susan Rice, the Clinton Administration, Jimmy Carter, Asmarino.com, Awate.com, foreign diplomats, Ambassador Bandini, etc. One who has given up on finding the slightest bit of family resemblance among these disparate groups, that could have only been brought together as “enemies” by a schizophrenic mind, is puzzled not by what are included by what are excluded.

            — Yosief Ghebrehiwet, awate.com, December 6, 2002

            Beyond that, I feel like we are plouing ploughed field. Here are my final points on:

            I. Somalia

            1. The international community felt that there was one mechanism for lasting peace and stability in Somalia: reconciling the Transitional Federal Government of Somalia (TFG) with the Alliance for the Reliberation of Somalia (ARS.) They invested heavily in making this happen, and it did: on June 9, 2008 (a day before the “fabricated”, “imaginary” conflict with Djibouti.) This agreement was observed by the following states–France, UK, US, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Djibouti–and the following groups–African Union, League of Arab States, Organization of Islamic Conference, European Union. All of them signed this agreement as observers, and this agreement was considered by UN–right or wrong–as the only path for Somalia and that all armed groups that were not part of this agreement were to–right or wrong–be condemned by the International Community.

            2. Meanwhile, the Government of Eritrea felt that this was flawed approach as it didn’t include all stakeholders and, worse, legitimized the Somali government which had co-operated with Ethiopia in its invasion of Somalia. The GoE dismissed any talk that Al-Shabab were “terrorists” and, as late as August 2009, when Australia announced that it had arrested 5 Al-Shabab plotting terror in Australia (what came to be known as the Holsworthy Barracks terror plot), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Eritrea issued a Press Release mocking it by saying its objective is “to justify the prevailing acts of intervention and domination in the Horn of Africa as well as link the Somali people‘s popular resistance with ‘global terrorism.’ It essentially reduced even Australia to a CIA lackey participating in fooling “the gullible and naive.”

            II. Djibouti

            The international community heard a complaint lodged by Djibouti on May 5, 2008 which provided a detailed timeline (beginning with February 4, 2008 – ending April 30, 2008) of all the alleged acts of aggression and hostilities and indifference of the GoE. (GoE was still singing “fabrication.”) Also on June 9, Djibouti reminded the UN that it has not acted on its request of May 5. This was followed by a statement of the Secretary General condemning Eritrea, demanding that it withdraw its troops to status quo ante, which was followed by demanding that the two countries welcome fact-finding teams, followed by UN resolution demanding that Eritrea acknowledge the conflict and withdraw its troops to status-quo-ante within 5 weeks. This was then followed by sanctions in 2009.

            Remember, with the exception of Libya, not a single country voiced objection to any of this.

            Meanwhile, The Gov of Eritrea was issuing press releases, editorials and interviews describing the “conflict” (always in quotes), as something designed by the US and Ethiopia to (a) change the subject from their inaction on Badme and (b) to cover their disastrous mistake in Somalia.

            The past 7 years have demonstrated one and one thing only: the Gov of Eritrea will do everything that was demanded of it, but only after it has gotten Eritrean sanctioned. The Djibouti president will continue to insist that the rest of his POWs be released; he would have asked for the eviction of the fearsome armed Djibouti opposition group FRUD from Eritrea (you should be grateful that Molla Asghedom told the world that FRUD has only 4 elderly members in Eritrea.) Water doesn’t become steam without the right pressure and temperature; Isaias Afwerki doesn’t do what he is supposed to do without the right pressure and temperature. I will make one prediction: when Djibouti-Eritrea relations are normalized, you (and all the Nehna Nsu) will give full credit to Isaias Afwerki for his far-sightedness in normalizing relations that shouldn’t have been abnormal to begin with.

            Thanks for the videos (haven’t heard them yet, but I will) I was hesitant because the last video you sent (Mustapha Nurhussein) was just you having a very mean day. Thus, my assertion that your denial is progressing to anger. My friend Ted has moved on to bargaining:)


          • dawit

            Selam Saay,

            You are right we had exhausted the topic of “Eritrean Sanction” in the past and we are at the two extreme points of the spectrum. So let me move to the new topic of ‘Advisor to the Advisor’. I suspect you role to SEMG and COi is exactly as you described it ‘Advisor to the Advisor’ and you must have your finger print in the ‘UN Sanction of Eritrea’ (Just pure wild Guess).

            As to your prolific writing I must say you are an excellent ‘Monday-Morning quarterback’. You can criticize PIA or GoE for making such damn mistake in every thing they do. My question to you did you mean what you wrote honestly “(Mandella, Gandhi) paid and were willing to pay a heavy price. … Would I be willing to separate from my family for the cause? No. Would I be willing to give up my career? No. Would I volunteer and donate money?”
            Then you also wrote in replying to Saba’s solicitation to be the opposition leader in Eritrea,

            “I can’t lead an opposition organization: there are political leaders, then there are behind-the-curtain advisors. I am the guy who advises the guy behind the curtains.” I totally believe what you wrote above to be your honest belief in politics, which needs a lot of self and family sacrifice. Not every body is willing to soil themselves in that business. But then there are few who volunteer or called to do it.
            Now in our Eritrean situation there are very few who would dedicate themselves to lead for a cause. Most would like to stand on the sideline and criticize or praise those who are doing it. Some are advisors and others are ‘Advisors to the Advisors’. Frankly speaking I don’t see any one who is fit and dedicated and experienced enough to lead the Eritrean nation at this particular historical period of our Nation history.
            Last question to you as intelligent as you are why waste you time looking for a new leader, who is not there yet but dedicate yourself it criticizing the one we have as ‘Monday-Morning quarterback’. Why do you want to play “Breaking Bad” to your new nation Eritrea? I think cousin join me and sing ‘Znegese-Ngusna’. You will be happy on your role as the ‘Advisor to the Advisor’. Yemane Manki will appreciate you input and I am sure many of the twenty something the young generation Eritrean will know you and you will leave a mark in the nation.


          • saay7

            Selamat Cousin Dawit:

            First, this whole thing with “cousin” (A friend asks: how many fake cousins do you have?”)was supposed to be an honorific to remind us that we Eritreans are 3 degrees of separation away, and all related, and therefore shouldn’t let politics divide us. But as you can see from our bad cousins Semere and Gheteb, it is being used to the effect of “I don’t care if you are my cousin; my politics is more important. Metkel!”

            Anyway. So, first lets deal with our European and african cousins who may not understand what you meant by “monday morning quarterback.” A quarterback leads a football team, and to “monday morning quarterback” is to second guess the decision of the losing team. The expression made sense when football was played on weekends, but now that football is played every day, that Monday thing doesn’t work. So, what Cuz Dawit is telling me is that it is easy to criticize in hindsight, when you have information that were not know, and could not be known (the other team’s strategy, injuries) at the time the game was being played.

            True. But, in this case, by the time Eritrea went to war with Ethiopia, we should have learned the lessons of the time it went to war with Yemen. And by the time it went to war with Djibouti, we should have learned the lessons of its war with Ethiopia. And the article I wrote in 2008 (“Just Don’t Call It A War”) is criticizing in real time (not Monday) that (a) the strategy of “silence” will prove to be disastrous and (b) Let’s not assume the silence is due to some dignified approach but due to the fact that the gov has, again, stumbled and caught. Check and check. More importantly, it is recommending that the next time there is a conflict (and surely there will be as long as IA is president: it is his oxygen), that we should change our strategy to minimize the damage to Eritrea. Of course, we could also build a nice retirement home for the prez and name him Chief of Dams.

            The greatest journalist coup that ever happened was not done by journalists but by Julian Asange: the man behind Wikileaks. This is because he got a hold of documents where powerful people were confiding to each other. In the case of Eritrea, the wikileaks show what American officials were reporting based on their conversation with Isaias Afwerki. And, in the case of Somalia, what the Asmara-based Alliance for Reliberation of Somalia was saying. Right there you know how desperate Isaias was about playing king-maker in Somalia.


            I hope you don’t seriously believe that Yemane Gebreab is an “advisor” to kbur presidente. Can you imagine the president asking for advice from a junior? YG is an enforcer, and the “advisor” is a title used to give him access when meeting with foreign dignitaries otherwise they are going to say, who are you and why are we meeting with someone with no government portfolio. But to make you happy, I used to be an advisor, to the advisor of Yemane G…way, way back in the last century:)

            Now this “Znegese Ngusna” thing you cling to: cousin, it is anachronistic. It made perfect sense back when kings claimed divine rights and they gathered the people to say: I am ruling over you because God Himself (interrupted his massive responsibilities of overseeing an infinite universe) crowned me. In an era of governments that come to power through revolutions, coups and term limits, it doesn’t hold up.

            Let me demonstrated: Cousin SGJ and Cousin Mahmuday are discussing the Sudanese artist Wardi (RIP) and somehow, the discussing veered to politics (of course.) Here’s what SGJ says about Ward, by way of explaining why he wasn’t his fani:

            1. Numeri was king of Sudan. Wardi sings “Numeri: Ya Harisna wa Farisna.” (Our protector and hero)
            2. Numeri is overthrown in a coup. Wardi sings “La Harisna wala Farisna” (Neither our protector nor our hero.)
            3. Babeker Alnur, the new king, is flying from London to Sudan to be crowned. But the king of Libya and friend of Numeri, Muammer Al qadafi, skyjacks the plane and arrests the new king. The new king is sent as prisoner to Sudan. And Numeri assumes his crown.
            4. Wardi sings” Ya Harisna wa farisna.”

            What would dawit have done if he were a sudanese during that period? 🙂


          • Eyob Medhane


            Wait a minute…What? Ethiopian athletes don’t do such a thing. Out of our thousands athletes, only SIX mind you SIX, who are accused of “doping” and out of those, the B result of actually exonerated two of them. So, there..in your face.. 🙂 To celebrate that, in Portland Oregon world indoor championships, we showed the world our athletic prowess by being #2 in the medal count table ONLY behind the US of A..:-)

            On the 7-1 loss to Algeria..

            Well there is a reason for it.

            1) They did not play for the normal 90 minutes. They played for the whole day. So when you play for 12 hours that is bound to happen.

            2) It’s a conspiracy. I think Ye Shabia ej alebet.. 🙂

            3) No one told our players that this was actually soccer. They were informed that they are in Algeria to play basket ball. Only the ball gets to the basket by foot and the basket would be slightly larger..That misinformation has costed us..

            There you have it..These perfectly reasonable explanation.. 🙂

          • saay7

            Smoked you out, Eyob:)

            I guess “Ye Shabia ej alebet” is always….handy:)

            You lost to Algeria? An Arab nation that was the inspiration of the Eritrean revolution? Can someone please check on Abi: I am sure he is in the emergency room.


          • dawit

            Do you think Abi ended up at emergency room eating some poisonous Fishey Keray or Yjib tila for the fasting season? He should have consulted the mushroom expert Horizon to know which one to eat and which mushroom to smoke. Do you think some Ethiopian runners take some mushrooms to run faster a natural substance hard to detect through normal Anti doping test? Who knows?

          • dawit

            Dear Cousin SAAY;
            Don’t worry about the terminology of ‘Cousin’ that we use here at Awate.com. As amatter of fact if you extend that 5-6 generation all of the horn of Africa could be cousins. I had a first cousin on my mother side who successfully argued at Raya Azebo during Haile Sellasies time to claim a lot of land as a descendent of ‘Ishmael’. My cousin have 30+ children in that region. So you see I and Fanti must have some close relatives in common.
            Now about the ‘President Advisor’ Yemane Gebreab. I think his correct title from Giez must be ‘Afe-Ngus’. I am surprised that you were the ‘Advisor’ to Afe-Ngus Yemane! Why did you gave up such a prestigious job. By this century you would have been a household name by YPFDJ generation? By the way what was your younger brother quit such a promising job prospect of being the next president of Eritrea, after PIA? I used to hear a lot of good rapports defending the Eritrean government by ‘Telling the Truth’!
            On Easter celebration, my celebration ends on ‘Good Friday’ which is free day for me. Easter Sunday is not that much exiting just another Sunday. Her in the US to bad we don’t have free day of ‘Easter Monday’ Thanks for your good wish.

    • Nitricc

      Hi dawit, you got to l listen and watch to this guy; he telling the truth in a funny way. Next for up is Semere Andom to make the same statement. Oh, never mine he is from ……..

  • Sembel

    Selam all, The funniest excuse by the robots NihNa Nisu i have read was, the Djibouti POWs look like Ethiopians (from Tigray) as the result the news about the release may be a setup . The post was at modote.com:)

  • Peace!

    Dear Amanuel Hifrat,

    I just do not understand what is that all crying about? Was Gheteb responsible for your withdrawal from the forum few months ago, too? Why would you engage him in the first place if you think he is abusive?

    I did not see anyone complaining when you worshipping murderous TPLF and its Evil leader Meles Zenawi, and that type of distraction (Hayat Adem) is responsible for distracting the forum from its mission.

    I don’t know why Salih Johar is calling a mode meeting? The forum has been distracted for a long time when Hayat Adem came and created her own group and started campaigning aggressively for TPLF driven change. She succeeded that belittling Eritrean history has now become normal at this forum as long as it comes from anti PFDJ side and those who oppose her are painted as PFDJites.

    Therefore, when it comes to dismissing people, I think the first candidate should be Hayat Adem and her followers.


    • Dis Donc

      Dear peace
      Why mention AH and HA only while he was hostile to many here? He had a paw-wow with just about every opposition. It is true that he is frustrating figure. That is because bad enough that he supports tyranny but also he expresses it in his perfidious and haughty-taughty English. Imagine those poor immigrants crammed in a tiny boat reading his writings! Or those jailed. Etc. I hope he realizes that he is not writing for the Vatican officials or Euro deputies….

    • Amanuel Hidrat

      Selam Peace,

      I will let Hayat to address your accusation against her.

      Let me focus on matters that refers to me. You are fine with Gheteb ‘s abussive character. It is good to know you condone to his bullish character. That tells us who you are. And I will treat you as such.

      From now on, I know Gheteb’s back ground and who he is. I will face him with his kind and his language. If you want to join to his empty bravado you could do so. This time I will not let him to swing as he wishes without retribution. This guy understand his language only.

      Lastly, keep your hate for Ethiopians with yourself. And do not push us to join your hate. I know what makes you to be so and I do not want to interfere to your feeling until it subsides with time eventually. Stay away from the Gheteb/Amanuel confrontation. Leave it for us. If he want to debate on normal politics of give and take of the sane minds, I am for it. Otherwise the face on with his culture will continue. There is no other way.


      • Peace!

        Dear Emma,

        I only gave you an advice not to engage a person whom you think is abusive that’s all. I see no reason why for all that cry, especially given you oppointed yourself to represent us in the Weyane sponsored opposition meetings. It is not a secret that they paid your air fare and lounging only to end up screwing the opposition camp. Don’t you think you are responsible too for betraying your fellow trgadelti whom they stand firmly for Eritrean solution for Eritrean problems? I am really sorry to say you have zero credibility to question anyone’s stand.


        • Amanuel Hidrat

          Selam Peace,

          Do you think I need an advice from a hate monger? Nah. Keep it with you. Your hate to Ethiopians is personal and never was based on the interstate issues at hand. Just a reminder; it is a matter of time, when PFDJ change its policy for “unknown reasons” as it happened with the Djiboutian government, you will either be in the front row to welcome it or quietly remove your veil and fly to your first adaptive county which you miss it badly. I tell you brother you are homesick of the country you grew up.

          • Fanti Ghana

            Hello Mr. Amanuel Hidrat,

            At your service sir, but it is from the Holy Quran this time (we don’t want him to claim TPLF wrote the Bible, do we?)

            “And do not mix the truth with falsehood or conceal the truth while you know [it].” 2:42

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Dear Fanti (the peace lover),

            You are right on the reason that makes you to look from the “Holy Quran.” He can’t talk without mentioning “wayane”. He has ill wishes for Ethiopia and Ethiopians. Do you Know Fanti, from now onward you will be asked to look verses from the holy books for political sinners. Thank very much

            Amanuel Hidrat

          • Peace!

            Selam Emma,

            Homesick:) Where do you think I grew up although obviously is not your business? Please go back and read my comment for any unnecessary personal comment.

            Nevertheless, as Music Voice told you the other day be pragmatic and forget about trying to use back door entrance and join your fellow opposition members who are sick and tired of betrayal after betrayal.


    • Hayat Adem

      Dear Peace,
      1) Now you are killing me! I have followers? You are evil, what if I believe you:)
      2) I know you don’t love me, but I never know you want me banned and mooned.
      3) Any constructive advice for Gheteb?
      4) What is the Forum’s mission and how did I…?

      • Peace!

        Dear hayatina,

        1 Evil, to those who call violence and have no regard to innocent lives.

        2 I do love you, but your distraction is a huge burden to the struggle against PFDJ, sorry!

        3 Constructive advise to Gheteb: balance his energy between TPLFites and his fellow Eritreans

        4 The forum’s mission is the same as yours, RECONCILIATION, but the only difference is yours doesnt not represents all Eritreans ( some Eritreans and Some Ethiopians). In fact that’s the REAL evil right there!


  • Lamek

    Selam. I don’t live in Toronto, not even close but I saw this on Assenna and what a penetrating message. If you live there, you should go. ክንተኣማመን ንዛተ! What a powerful phrase.

    ኩልኹም ፈተውቲ ፍትሕን ሰላምን ዝኾንኩም ኤርትራውያንን ተቐማጦ ቶሮንቶን ፡
    በቲ ዝሓለፈ ኣኬባ ስምምዕ መሰረት ነዚ ጊዚያዊ ሽማግለ ብቆዋሚት ሽማግለ ምትካእ: ብሕግን ሕጋውነት ክንምራሕ ስለዘለና ሕጊ ዝተነድፈ ጽሑፍ ስለዘለና ክንዘራረበሉ ከምኡ’ውን ክነጽድቆ፡ ብዓይነቱ ፍሉይን ፡ ተጽዕኖ ዘይብሉ ቅሉዕን ነጻን ዝኾነ ህዝባዊ ኣኼባ ንዕድም ኣለና። ነዚ ኣብ ሃገርና ዝወርድ ዘሎ፡ ኣሰቃቒ ኩነታት ዘሕመመና ብዙሓት ከምዘለና ንፈልጥ፡ እንተኾነ ግን ካብ በብዘለናዮ ፋሕ ኢልና ንቃለስ ፡ ምስ ኩሎም ግዱሳት ኤርትራውያን ብሓባር ኮፍ ኢልና ብዛዕባ ሃገርና ክንዛራረብን ፡ሽግርና ክንፈትሕን ፡ መድረኽ ይጠልበና ኣሎ።
    ክንተኣማመን ንዛተ!

  • Haile WM

    Hi all,

    in a frantic damage control frenzy the PFDJ stooges are making to many assertions and complicated acrobatic dances, this is admirable on their part. Those who will fall for it are those who fall for every PFDJ blunder in light heart, the impressionable by CIA and every sort of conspiracy theorists.
    The majority of Eritreans have no say in their lives and their loved ones, let alone questioning Djibouti POWs.
    However I see a new trend in the average PFDJ stooge attitude i.e. Iseyas can lie/hide/deceit because leaders around the world do the same. Some years ago, he was the righteous and uncompromising leader for these people…
    In a reverse world, the twisted view of things, they condone his wrongs because other leaders are as corrupted and wicked as him, instead of advocating a transparency and accountability from any leaership. Interesting!
    I am waiting with great anticipation for the next developments for the “tegadalay” Iseyas down-falling trajectory in the eye of his stooges.

  • Amanuel Hidrat

    Hi Joker,

    You are misinformed. If you are open mind, there is no economic sanction for Eritrea. If the international community was to impose economic sanction, EU wouldn ‘t give them the two hundred million Euro economic aid. The bisha gold wouldn ‘t be harvested and sold in the world market.

    By the way what kind of economic sanction were you informed by the government operatives that are imposed against Eritrea?


  • Amanuel

    Hi Joker
    There is no economic sanction against Eritrea. There are arms and travel embargo which the later not implemented. The economic sanction on Eritrean people was imposed by IA in 2006 when he stopped the construction and import export business.

  • Haile WM

    Hi Hope,

    why have you chose the email format ? are you trying to give your post a formal tone ?
    or it is just cut and paste of mail exchange between PFDJ stooges in damage control?

    • Hope

      Selam Haile:
      It is a Propaganda Manual from the PFDJ’s Office.
      Your role is challeneg and/or to refute it.

      • Haile WM

        wo Hope,
        ኮፎ ህሌካ ? ሰኒ ህሌካ?

        my role is not to challenge or refute propaganda machine from PFDJ, those of us who are just mildly intelligent know that it’s simply bogus in nature, while the below average intelligence people will be fascinated how the PFDJ rebuked the new CIA-woyane-Aliens scheme for the umpteenth time 🙂 the mekhete people will dance three female’s skirts(cit.) to support PFDJ’s rebuke against the tripartite evil alliance (woyane-CIA-aliens)..
        at the end the conspiracy theories of Hope will use more of conspiracy to keep hope that all in all nothing has changed 🙂 (pun not/is intended)

  • Abrehet Yosief

    Dear Awate Team,
    I am waiting to see what Eritrea will do or say between now and June when the COI report update is released to account for the remaining Djiboutian POWs. Djibouti always asked the whereabouts of its soldiers at every Special Rapporteur and COI report presentation. As long as Djibouti was asking after its citizens, the AU couldn’t rally in support of the Eritrean regime, even if there were a token one or two countries condemning “politically motivated reports” and asking all human rights issues to be reported only through the Universal Periodic Review. If Eritrea could account for all Djiboutian POWs, the AU would come out in support of Eritrean regime. AU has been discussing leaving the ICC asserting that it targets Africans only. By only releasing or reporting on some of the POWs, it has simply admitted it was holding POWs for 8 years without gaining the full support of AU.

    • Berhe Y

      Selam Abrehet,

      I am not sure the COI report has anything to do with sanctions of Eritrea with regards to Somalia / and conflict with Djibouti. The COI is commissioned by the HRC and the sanctions (which include conflict with Djibouti / POW) was resolutions passed by the SC.

      I know they are all part of the UN but I don’t think releasing of the POW will have anything deciding factor for the report of COI. If anything it will strengthen the case of the CoI to ask/demand to visit Eritrea to see the conditions of Eritrean prisoners who are incommunicado for longer years.

      The African countries and AU are do not support the ICC but I think they have little or no power to change the outcome. If I understand correctly, once the CoI comes with it’s reports and the HRC recommends to send the case to the ICC, which the SC may need to approve then the African countries (with the exception of those temporarily members), the AU or any African countries can not do much about it. BTW, Ethiopia has been lobbying to represent African at the SC, and it looks like AU has endorsed that request and it will probably get the temporary seat at the council, which will make the Eritrean case a lot worse.


      • Abrehet Yosief

        Dear Berhe,
        If you see the WebTV, you will follow that after every COI report presentation, the Member States comment/question. Djibouti is always the first one to remind everyone Eritrea is holding their prisoners. African countries that would have joined the likes of DPRK and China in objecting to the COI report, keep quite in solidarity with Djibouti.

      • tes

        Dear Berhe Y,

        The release of the four Djiboutian POWs has a great contribution to the validity of COIE report. If PFDJ was denying about the existence of these POWs while they were under his custody, the denial of COiE report is nothing but a habit of the brutal regime.

        The world community is therefore more than ever suspecting about the COiE document. Therefore, be it direct (as Djibouti will raise her issue as far as Eritrea did not disclose about) or indirect (as it now clear on the secrecy of the regime), COIE report has a very strong conformity.


        • Berhe Y

          Dear Tes,

          I agree with you it will be significant to validity of CoIE report. I was responding to the Abrehet’s comment where I understood she meant that, the release of those PoW will have negative impact to the CoIE report as it give the Eritrean government ‘positive support” by AU and African leaders.

          “If Eritrea could account for all Djiboutian POWs, the AU would come out in support of Eritrean regime. AU has been discussing leaving the ICC asserting that it targets Africans only.”.

          I am saying it will be the opposite if any.


          • tes

            Dear Berhe Y,

            AU will not support Eritrea of PFDJ. AU more than anyone knows the brutal regime and his destabilizing character.


  • kazanchis

    Hi all,
    This incident by itself speaks volume and justify the sanctions imposed on this rotten administration. When will isayas get bored of his nonsense and act as a normal dictator let alone create a civilized administration?

  • T..T.

    Hi all,

    Get to know all the Isayasists including xxxxx, xxxxxx, xxxxxxx, xxxxxxxx, xxxx and xxxxxxx.

    Their greatest strength is admitting their Isayasim (blindness to truth), and their greatest weakness is failing to give up their Isayasism.

    Although their problem is that each of them defends Isayas with thousand tongues, Isayas comes to fail them with only one tongue.

    Every time they make efforts to turn despairs into hopes, their political insincerity and arrogance get them punished for transgressions, lying, misbehaving, causing troubles, committing crimes, denying freedom of expression, confiscating innocent people’s money, and abusing human rights.

    Their narrow mindedness and failure to give up prejudices are causes for their defiance against the world. So they are, not keeping pace with time – why should you blame them, blame the master, who made them behave so.

  • Lamek

    Dear all,

    I don’t agree with anything that Gheteb says here. But nothing that he says offends me. He is entitled to his opinions. If he calls me a dimwit, oh well, that’s his opinion. The moderators are not finding him breaking their rules. Deep down, he is an extremely frustrated man at the oppositions because he expects much better. I think he wants change as much as we all do. He just doesn’t want that change to be influenced by Ethiopia, and in particular, TPLF. He also hates any kind of idea that we and the ethio habeshas are same people. If you, otherwise ask him about the banking decision or the prisoners, on a good day, he will tell you it’s very wrong. Let him express his frustration and once he comes down to earth, we can use him in our fight to topple IA and tyranny.

  • Girmay

    Hi All,

    What puzzles me is how many of you easily speak as if you heard PIA blutantly deny the incident. I followed what happened then and I don’t remember any such statement coming from PIA or any othe government body. However, I remeber PIA recounting what transpired at that time in an interview he conducted a little while after that, and I don’t remember him denying the existence of such a minor incident. Otherwise one can not tell a story about something that never happened. I would appreciate if someone help me find the video of that interview and post it for reference.

    In my understanding, when GOE & PIA said ‘it is a fabricated crisis’, they meant the ‘crisis’ was purposely fabricated for other ultorior motives using a minor incident that doesn’t warrent a great deal of attention.

    At the end, regardless what means they used to defuse the crisis, I believe
    the GOE & PIA deseve credit for preventing the situation from escalating further wasting precious human lives and being used for other purposes. The rhetoric, accusations, and the desire to escalate the situation to the highest level that was seen from the Djibouti officials side at that time however was despicable and extremely shameful.

    On a seperate note,

    I find it silly to make starting comments with salutation as a rule.

    • Amanuel

      Hi Girmay,
      It is a good tradition to start comments with salutation and I think you should not have a problem to be civil to others unless you are coming to the forum to insult.
      What does a fabricated criss means? Please don’t try to act like a trial lawyer. It doesn’t matter what exactly that means, what matters is the impression it gives. When a leader speaks, he is not in a court room. He is speaking to the lay man and his words should be taken at face value. I remember in the 90s IA said that Eritrean independence is a matter of months and when It didn’t happen after a year and was asked about it he said well, 23 months are called months not years so I was right. Do you think it is practical every time IA opens his mouth to call experts ask them what does he means? The criss in question is not fabricated. Eritrean and Djibouti has boarded criss since 1996 and had skirmishes three times since then and it has not been addressed properly. The last skirmish happened on 10th of June 2008 and on 9 June the agreement between The Traditional Federal Government of Somalia and The Alliance for the Re-Libration of Somalia (Asmara based breakaway) was signed. Do you think the skirmish is a coincidence or a punishment to Djibouti for persuading the The Alliance for The Re- Libration of Somalia (Asmara’s breakaway) to participate in the peace process and rock IA project.

  • Ayneta

    Haw Tes:
    I second your proposal. Gheteb is a liability, and he has yet to win his place in this forum. He uses this forum not only to shamelessly defend the indefensible, but also he does it with limitless contempt and belittling. His arrogance and ego-messaging is beyond any limit, bordering a personal disorder. His unquenchable thirst to become the ‘Che Guevara ‘ of pro-PFDJ in this forum is despicable. This forum is better minus this absurd character.

  • Fanti Ghana

    Hello Welde ab,
    That is an interesting read, and it will get much more interesting when they do an all inclusive study of the whole region. It is likely that the outward migration will be supported by subsequent evidences as more and more genetic studies are done. Meanwhile, let’s practice to love one another!

    • Saleh Johar

      Hello Fanti,
      Do you think your gene, from the north, and the gene of an Ethiopian from Semien, and one from Southern Sidama, and yet another one of an Oromo, from the southern edge of Ethiopia, yield the same pattern and racial results?

      I never knew political identity decides the genes of a group of people–in spite of their racial diversity 🙂

      • Fanti Ghana

        Hello Memhir,

        It is amazing how things that seem so simple can be extremely hard at the same time. As you can imagine, as diverse as Ethiopia and the region is the possibilities are endless.

        The confusion between identifying Ethiopia as a nation and as a race at the same time is so deep rooted it will take time to put the two in perspective and find alternative concepts to describe ourselves without fear of losing our identities.

        If everyone in our region had the same opportunities and experiences I had, most if not all would find some hilarious genetic stories that would make our daily race based discussions look like one grand joke. Although the scientific, historical, and genetic information about ourselves is in its inception, there shouldn’t be any reason to deny obvious truths that are staring at us unequivocally.

        It looks like you were following my discussion with Horizon. to be fair, I didn’t give him a chance to see where I was coming from when we began, and it looked like he was thinking of our current political relationship with a few Arab nations as opposed to our historical and genetic relationships I was referring to.

  • tes

    Dear Awate Team,

    Here I am writing a case against Gheteb.

    Gheteb, not only his abusive words, his lie and misinformation is all a de-service to the main motto of the website. His arguments could be counter argued (as has been) but his abusive words are beyond to to be tolerable.

    Worse: he is so far extended his disrespect to notable forumers. Amanuel Hidrat is the first victim of his abusive words. Now he is extending to all forumers.

    Isn’t this then a violation of the website objectives and missions?

    I am writing therefore for the Adminstrators to take all necessary measures so that the website’s rules and missions to be respected.


    • Nitricc

      Hi Tes, i know it is not who is talking but why don’t you leave that to the moda and admin to do their job? No one said anything when you were abusing every respected individuals on this forum; from the Great Mahmuday to the great SAAY. how about you mind your own business than worrying about other forum participants. besides i thought you were for freedom of expression? oh got it, bi-polarity at work; hypocrite.

      • Ayneta

        Are you sure you are not bipolar yourself? You are showing heck of bipolarity as of late. Look at your response to Ted and AH below. If that aint bipolar, I dont know what is. Look in the mirror and you will see a different you with at least two opposite personalities, in the same body that is. Just saying.

        • Nitricc

          Hi Ayneta; i read them both and i don’t get it. where did you see the contradiction? or the bi-polarity?
          I told Aman everyone has the right to express what they feel and i told Ted, what if even if PIA misled about the prisoners, all governments do; what is the big deal?
          I don’t know where you get that i was contradicting.

      • Dis Donc

        Dear Nit,

        I know this may come out incomeplete or bad at least, for the lack time. But here it goes.

        From your message I gather that you fight for incolusion and respect for ones views. And I know that you know that it is a universal basic human right to harbor views (be it independet or aligned), express them and choose them. While that is admirable you stand in supporting a party that refuses inclusion and pluralism. That hates hearing others’ views to the point of jailing them and may be more. What say you?

        As for Gheteb, he is like AMAN. He posts and some folks reply and he does not. He moves on to other but same topic in his fantasy like English. He is basically a one dimensional fad. If folks do not like his views then they should not engage him. Simple as that. But banning him will be acting like Tesfanews or some such other PFDJ site.

        • Lamek

          Dis, exactly what I said too but nobody was interested to hear that. They all just want Gheteb to be banned. I think his opinions are good to help us refine our own. He is useful in that he is playing like the devil’s advocate for us. The doubts that he raises should be addressed to the general Eritrean public but if anyone wants to stay clear of his hits with big words, then stay clear and apply his own medicine to him – ignore him SEVERELY.

        • Nitricc

          Hey DD; you said “While that is admirable you stand in supporting a party that refuses inclusion and pluralism. That hates hearing others’ views to the point of jailing them and may be more. What say you?”
          simply unacceptable! you can ignore some once view or opinion but arresting people for their view? NO! I have always stood against banning.

  • Abraham Hanibal

    Selamat Awatistas,
    The questions to be asked are:
    Was the Isayas regime lying to their people and the world about the conflict with Djibouti? The answer is, yes through their teeth.
    Was the regime denying about holding Djiboutian POWs? Yes they were.
    By releasing the prisoners now, the regime has confirmed to the world that it is not be trusted at all, and is a bunch of liers.
    The next step is to intensify the pressure on the regime regarding the thousands of innocent Eritreans it has disappeared and is holding incommunicado for decades. There should be no rest before the regime is held accountable for its crimes against humanity that it has been committing and continue to commit against the Eritrean people.
    As to those diaspora-based Isayas apologists, their hopeless attempt to defend the indefensible is what we call in Tigrinya, ዋላ ትንፈር ‘ምበር ጤል ‘ያ.

    • Saleh Johar

      Dear Abraham,

      Do you think someone who has been supporting and apologizing for the tyranny we have in Eritrea is a good enough material for change of attitude? I doubt it. Partiotic Eritreans who love their people have already waster valuable time taking their abuse and callous behavior. I have reached to a conclusion that they have to be defeated with the regime, however long it takes. I am sure someone will mockingly ask: “why haven’t you defeated it until now?”

      The answer is: “with PFDJ fifth-columnists like you among us, and many patriots with goodwill spending their time to win you over, always trying to repair what you break, our opposition hardly focused on the PFDJ. That’s why.”

      • Gue

        [from the moderator: four latter words, and generally vulgar language is not allowed here. Clean you act if you wish to engage like a decent person. Your comment is deleted]

      • Abraham Hanibal

        Selamat Saleh,
        Nice to hear from you; I hope you are doing well. I partially agree with your answer to your first question, but if there is any former PFDJ supporter who would like to make a complete change of heart, and work to the betterment of their people, I would not condemn them. I would, instead, give them a second chance. Regarding the so-called PFDJ-fifth columnists; I suppose the Eritrean opposition groups have their own code-of conduct that governs their members? That is, at least, what one expects from groups who seek to be alternatives to the tyranny? And as long as the case against those “spoilers” is based on evidence, there should be a democratic way of dealing with them, taking sanctions as far as exclusion, for example?

  • dawit

    Selamat Deat Awatistas,

    I really admire the work of AT ‘reliable sources’ to bring us such detailed facts from a meeting of two state leaders’ conversation. The cellphone pictures from inside Eritrean prisons is very admirable job. Were these picture
    transmitted live from Afabet prison on Thursday at night or day time? I am just curious to know.

    “According to our sources, his mood changed when the Qataris showed him cellphone-shot images of
    the Djiboutian prisoners who were held at the Afabet prison since 2013. After watching the clips, Isaias burst in anger and accused the CIA of taking the pictures! But soon, he calmed down and agreed to talk to his security officers. By the
    next day, Friday, a Qatari airplane flew to Asmara and in hours returned with the four prisoners.”

    “Our sources indicate that “two foreign intelligence agencies have been attempting to facilitate the escape of the prisoners from Afabet prison and has been in the works for several years,” with no success.” Where is Afabet?

  • Fanti Ghana

    Hello Kiflu Habte,
    Actually that question is valid. Although we have several circumstantial evidences to show that Eritrean government did in fact effectively deny the presence of POW by denying having any problems with Djibouti, there is in fact no vocal or written evidence showing the President denying it. I know it sounds like splitting hair, but hh’s question could be an innocent one especially if he/she had no access to media for some time. I am saying this because something similar happened to me years ago.

  • Kokhob Selam

    Dear Ayneta.
    you remind me the days when when I had hot debate with him – he is not worth actually. We gave to him and the likes enough space and time and now he even try to compare himself with Amanuel If only he knows who AH is he could have been ashamed.

  • Semere Andom

    Wo Ayneta:
    I have news for your, news that is not new to you;-)
    Like IA Gheteb has never accepted reponsibiltiy in this forum, he just tries to justify the crime of IA
    And read what he said to you, he said what you have contributed to Eritrea, one doe snot have to contribute to Eritrea to excersice his inborn, God given citizenship. And if one is to ask about my duties, I ask him back where are my rights. Gheteb like a slave is only for duty and not for dignity

    • ‘Gheteb

      Hi Semere Andom.

      Out of respect for this web site and the Moderator, I will stop right here and won’t respond to your asininely jejune comments.

      Nonetheless, all the nonsensical stuff that you have barfed so far are duly noted.

  • ‘Gheteb

    Hi Ayneta,

    Firstly, you are not heeding the moderator’s reminder. Here it is from your post 4 hours ago:

    ” [from the moderator: salutation is a must]Ayneta > ‘Gheteb • 4 hours ago”

    You can’t even follow a simple reminder from the moderator that was directed at you a mere four hours ago.

    How monumentally half-witted and obtuse are you?
    No wonder, then, you can’t and won’t answer the simple question that Simon posed to you: What have you done for Eritrea in comparison to President Isaias Afwerki.

    I know the answer already. You have contributed absolutely nothing meaningful to Eritrea.

  • ‘Gheteb

    Hi Ayneta,

    Simon Kaleab has pointedly asked you what have you done for Eritrea in comparison to President Isaias Afwerki who led a liberation movement that successfully achieved Eritrea’s independence.

    Don’t beat around the bush and simply answer that simple question. We already know that you are the very definition of imbecility in this forum.

  • Amanuel Hidrat

    Hi Gheteb,

    Aside defending your boss Issayas the killer, you have nothing to contribute to our debate nor do you have the ability to practice politics as it should be. You are “a noicy empty vessel “. Leave politics for politicians for God’s sake.

    Because we are responding to your pointless comment and allow you to dance with us in the Eritrean politics, do not think that you have an acceptable knowledge and undrestanding how politic work. To check your self -aggrandizement, I challenge you to meet us in a town hall meeting with the top notch intellectuals to debate on the Eritrean politics. You dont ‘t have the courage to come out from the foxhole you are hiding. Amanuel Hidrat is a real person whose identity and his consciousness is intact as one indivisible personalty. The son of the courageous kerenites who hasn’t the distinguishing characterstics of their quality.

    Second, like the genuine Eritreans who are murdered in EPLF in the 70s (like Dr Eyob,Yohannes the brain, Mussie, Tareke to mention some) the movement you are calling falulites were the democractic elements who were trying to transfom the ELF organization. unfortunately, the forces of change in both organizations are decimated by the leadership of both organizations.

    • Semere Andom

      Hi Emma:
      on your Eritrean history for dummies that you are developing for Gheteb, you should also include that many of the falul were murdered in the EPLF. The “ayni yebley sni yebley” attitude of EPLF claimed almost equal number or dead with those who died in legitimate wars in EPLF. Gheteb read only the following magazines in his life: fitsametat, sagem and now Hadas Eritrea, he was no body so he even did nto read “netsebraq” because it was an insider paper

      • Amanuel Hidrat

        Hi Sem,

        “History for the dummies ,” Yep. Unfortunately they will be forced to learn what Ghedli has taken the lives of our best mind within the rank and files of both organjzations. The evil among us have liquidated the “inquisitive mind of our best ” and are still hunting them as we speak till this day. So the class for dummies that include Gheteb for Eritrean history is acutely necessary.

        Amanuel Hidrat

      • Mahmud Saleh

        Dear Sir ato Semere

        Just checking in and this strikes me.
        “…you should also include that many of the falul were murdered in the EPLF. The “ayni yebley sni yebley” attitude of EPLF claimed almost equal number or dead with those who died in legitimate wars in EPLF”

        1. Tell us how those “Fallul” were particularly murdered.
        2. What’s “ayni yebley sni yebley” attitude?
        As for number one, I wait for your proof. As number two goes, though, Are you talking about the all known tenacity, speed and “ሒዝካ ኣጽንዕ” ATTITUDE of the brave Eritrean tegadelti? Well, those are traits of a soldier every General wishes to see in his army. But….
        I know you are talking about Fallul’s* role in the battleof Semhar, 1977, after joining EPLA. Let’s cut out this myth. Indeed, they are remembered as gallants of the first order by the sheer courage and skills they showed; many gave their lives, we remember them. Now, this does not mean that they showed more courage than veteran EPLF tegadelti. What made them make history and stories is because of the propaganda each of the Eritrean organizations were waging against each other, EPLF tegadelti did not expect ELF tegadelti to be that brave. Therefore, the hype was created when EPLF tegadelti saw the difference between what they expected of “Amma” fighters and what they saw demonstrated in front of their eyes.
        * Fallul: was a movement that was created inside ELF. Its members say they were established to correct the ELF from inside; its detractors say it was a destructive movement, and anarchist movement, thus were baptized “Fallul” which means anarchy, in Tigrigna.

        One thing you can’t blame the EPLF on was the fact that it was egalitarian even on matters of life or death, such as who goes to battles. There may have been individual abuses of this general rule at lower levels, where you would see certain local commanders pushing their opponent juniors/subordinates into making “ayni yebley sni yebley” decisions in order to “liquidate” them. Those were isolated incidents, and could represent the general rule.

        • Amanuel Hidrat

          Selma haw Mahmudy,

          I hate to go to this particular history for obvious reason, at this juncture of our history. I will not bring it what happened to them by both leadership of the organization’s. I will do it in due time. But Mahmday, isn’t it your political orientation starting from the tedrib (the training camp), that the tegadelti of ELF, which you call them “tragdelti Amma” as degrading name and imbecile army, that surprise your base in the battle of Massawa? The lies of leadership is always exposed in the real practical world. I will not go to things that will put us into a Collison. Whatever your answer will be I will not go to tit for tat out of respect.

          Amanuel Hidrat

          • Mahmud Saleh

            Ahlan Emma
            I guess either I have not made things clearer, or you are missing the point. I pointed two things here.
            a/ the propaganda of the organizations, and by organizations, it’s clear I’m criticizing the leadership of both organizations because they were the ones controlling the propaganda machines.
            2. That there was no difference in the commitment and courage of Eritreans regardless of which organization they joined.
            ELF called EPLF “mudada” which means “anti” and EPLF called ELF Amma. Actually, as you know it, Amma means general as in “The General Coomand” or Qyada AlEama which was the name of ELF leadership at that time. It’s funny, as in the way Ethiopian governments called the EPLF/ and now PFDJ, shaebia. Well Shaebia means “popular/people’s” as in Eritrean People’s Liberation Front. Ethiopian politicians think an Arabic translation of a legitimate name makes it sound bad and repugnant.
            So, Eritrean tegadelti were the same; and I agree that the lies of leaders are exposed when fences are torn apart.

          • Fanti Ghana

            Hello Mahmuday,

            Okay. My honor is in your hands. At one point in the past, Saay said something similar to what you just said about EPRDF calling PFDJ shaebia. I have said shaebia a few times myself but not in a derogatory way. In the Sudan we called EPLF either ህዝባዊ ግንባር or ሻዕቢያ with no particular intent except calling its name. Are you saying that I may have been hurting a few of you good people with my stupidity? Say no or I am taking that PMship away!

          • Mahmud Saleh

            Ahlan FG
            Cone on now, not at all. You are fine my friend. In Eritrea both shaebya and hezbawi gnbar are interchangeable. The highlands may use ezbawi gnbar more often than Shaebia. In the lowlands, it’s all ShaEbia or shaEbyet (same thing); well, it’s the same as calling Hebawi wayane Harnet Tigray simply wayane. It is silly, isn’t it?

          • saay7

            His Fantiness:

            First of all, after your amazing article where u told us Eritrea shall rise again, u are an honorary Eritrean and to quote Ted, even when you are wrong you are right. You should be busy working on the right flank assuring Abi and specially Mr Kim H that u haven’t gone wobbly on Emama Ethiopia.

            Now a slight correction: what I said was the Ethiopian and Eritrean government should never call each other Weyane, Shaebia—they started doing that in May 1998. They should call each other Gov of Eritrea and Gov of Ethiopia. But we the people? It’s open season my friend 🙂


          • Fanti Ghana

            Good morning Boss,

            I barely remembered the context when you mentioned Shaebia but only kind of the ‘shouldn’t’ and Shaebia parts. What scared me about it big time was that until about 10-12 years ago, I had the Tigrinya equivalent “I owe you” or “you owe me” (ትእውድ/ትእወድ) in reverse my whole life. I had to ask several friends to verify. I couldn’t believe it I was wrong about such a simple and heavely used word all my life and no one said anything about it ever.

            The terror that flashed in my head about Shaebia was, most of my closest friends in the Sudan included many ELFites as well, and all a sudden, it occurred to me that may be I heard it from someone calling EPLF Shaebia derogatorily and I inherited it without realizing the negative intent. Although almost zero chance for me to have been wrong about it for that long, there was that “I did it once before” bothering me and I had to ask. Whew!

            Abi will be okay. He hates to see anyone heading north. But KH might be a serious homework. You know, those of us not quite gifted with humor keep trying and trying for those occasional applauds and eventually we fall flat on our face. Those instances get many more times difficult to cope with when the audience doesn’t even realize that a humor was just attempted.

            KH is exceptionally good at catching humor, but even as a humor he didn’t like what I said. That is understandable, but I decided to own the statement because I believe I can defend it in a fair world. My faith is strong that something good will come out of my discussion with KH. There is also that “what if I am wrong” element to it too.

            In case you find yourself “The head of Department of Housing & Urban Development” someday in future Eritrea, I won’t demand extravagancy at all. Just a small hut with lots of land for a few cows will do.

          • saay7

            Selamat His Fantiness:

            It’s all good. You think the ትእውድ/ትእወድ is confusing. From my end the Amharic for “I miss you” is so weird. For years, I was telling someone “you miss me”, re-enforcing a reputation for Guregna. Then I completely gave up trying to learn it because it is damn unnatural.

            On the “Department of Housing & Urban Development”, you forget that (a) I don’t think such a department should even exist and (b) wishing that I would head such a monstrosity just shows that you really don’t like me. So, I don’t miss you anymore.


          • Fanti Ghana

            Selamat Saay,

            No Mministry of Information,
            No Urban Development,
            eventually no government all together; you anarchist you, I won’t miss you either!

          • Kokhob Selam

            ውይ ውይ ጭዋታችሁ ሲያምር- ናፈቃችሁኝ :: ምን ኣለፋችሁ ! “ራስን መቻል ” ኣለ -ራስን የሚችል ኣካልና ሰውነት ያለው ይመስል!

        • Semere Andom

          Hala Mamud Saleh:
          First the proof, there is no video, maybe there was but EPLF would never allow it to survive unless there was someone with foresight to save it for us.
          I know the falul was an ELF thing, frustrated many of them went to EPLF, naively, BTW the falul defended EPLF and dared ELF leadership to solve the issue amicably , ELF arrested them and many fled to EPLF and non of them survived the irresponsible war of Massawa in in 1977. Naive because they thought they will survive in EPLF, but EPLF figured they were troulble makers so they used them as cannon fodders and landmine crashers. they were murdered because it was irresponsible war and the irresponsible war the EPLF waged was also manifested in Barentu in 1977 when ELF could not liberate the city they arrogantly thought that ELF was incompetent and they tried to liberate it in collaboration with ELF and when they could not and they were mercilessly defeated they sang , “blety hadimom keydom”, which was a lie. You can tell me who sang that.
          ELF was no saint, but it was responsible during the wars it conducted and they were way more careful than EPLF. You said you like T. Temnewo and he said that the war to liberate Nacfa was irresponsible ,it was designed annihilate lots of educated and inteligent fighters, That is a murder and that is “ayni yebley sni….”
          Mahmuday, no! the anyni yebley was not lower level commander flexing his muscle, it was high level from the leaders of PFDJ. If it was lower lever, it .would be solved through the channels, the liquidation was from the top, let cut to the chase please.
          Also please, do not play into the name calling ELF leadership, they were not anarc

          • Mahmud Saleh

            Selam Semere

            Sometimes you astonish me. Really. “but EPLF figured they were troulble makers so they used them as cannon fodders and landmine crashers” Toba degim, wey goooooood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(it’s in Tigrigna). Eritreans are reading you, bro. OK, let’s leave that there because you are telling me “no proof.”
            Then you tell me about Barentu in Semere Andom’s style; shataHtaH, all the way down. OK. it was ” ስለምታይ ብለይቲ ጸሊቖም ከይዶም” not ሃዲሞም , and it was not about the situation in Barentu, 1978, but about an experience of a later year and in a different situation and place. I will not tell you who sang it, when and why until you get straight.
            Semere, we hear different prophets and “historians” in today’s internet media. When the dust settles, responsible Eritrean historians will place the bricks where they belong. By that time, if alive, I won’t care.

          • Semere Andom

            Selam Mahmud: This debate is sounding like the banned game of hashewiye 

            If you look at who started with IA since the meeting of Teklie, you glean that the has systematically eliminated almost everyone

            We cannot produce videos so my proof is based on what ppl said 20 years ago and now people like TT and Yemane G saying what others had said almost verbatim. This is how undocumented history is corroborated and hopefully some written docs will appear in the future.

            I do not lump EPLF in one, I delineate and I demarcate, pun intended. The passion that sustained it was in response to brutality of the occupiers who burned villages just because they could. And there were the ppl at the helm of EPLF who committed equally and sometimes more heinous crimes and I do not accept or justify that even if it was for the sake of so called independence and I do not download it to some lower ranking commanders I attribute it to the top and if you believe there were liquidations to eliminate, you must also believe that it came from the top and you can point to patters that prove that and until we get that video when IA and Romadan and Naizghi discussed that heinous, dungeons that was halewa sewra, the consistent words from vets and of ppl abu zewaalu would safice.

            One thing I cannot honestly delineate is the crimes of EPLF against our people vs. the crimes of the Derg and HS against our people, they were peers in cruelty, in intensity and their goals were to weaken Eritreansim and weaken it, they did, proof?, we cannot defeat PFDJ when it gave us all the tools to defeat it with its wanton, in our face with the crimes they perfected in the creeks of Sahel.

            Now, I said weaken Eritreanims, I said defeated Eritreanims, but not destroyed, there are signs that we will be able to regroup and reinvigorate. Awate, Asmarino, Assenna, Elsa C, Meron, Gadi, Sal, Amnuel Eyasu, Tesfay Temnewo, Alenna, Yemane T are all inspiring and hence the buddying hope

          • Mahmud Saleh

            Selam Semere
            Please stick to the initial claim that EPLF murdered Fallul members, you are behaving like your neighbor from Canada, jumping from oe topic to the next. Your statement was specific. In order to say that you must have a specific knowledge that we don’t know. Share it with us. The rest is non-essential. Depending on how you look at things one can claim that ghedli crimes and the successive brutal Ethiopian regimes crimes against the people of Eritrea and Eritreanism. You put them in the same basket, me treat them separately. And that wasn’t the reason why this thread started. You said and put it in a particular way to imply that Fallul members who joined the EPLF were particularly liquidated. I brought you kab baHri bchelfa Tarik ghedli Ertra (or, how do you say it in English? A bucket out of the ocean?) as to how that legend started.
            The list you provided: well, there are real heroes who are doing every thing possible to make difference, and there are real opportunists and liars who are taking advantage of the hate and rage people have towards the current regime. It’s up to each and everyone to devour 100% of what they say and write, or verify what those individual say by referencing recorded materials, crosschecking with people who knew both the individuals and the situations they are writing about. Some times searching the truth takes you onto the inconvenient trail
            Now, I close my case, but if you have a specific information supporting the claim that Fallul members were particularly liquidated by the EPLF, bring it on to support your claim. Otherwise, let’s not waste time. EPLF was not a perfect organization. A lot could be said about it, the same with all the Eritrean organizations. But you are telling us about a particular episode in our history, and about a particular group of people. How clearer could I be?

          • Semere Andom

            Hi Mahmuday:

            I would like to quote of my least favorite human being, Hagos Kisha, who once said, please do not ask us to bring the G-15 to court because if we do they will be sentenced to death for their crimes of treason. I would like to paraphrase him and tell you, please do not ask for proof, for a smoking gun video because if we do you will be disappointed at your EPLF.

            People in the know said that EPLF and IA made the falul cannon fodders in Massawa, no one is denying the heroism, how can we?, they stood to ELF to solve the civil war, refused to shoot at EPLF fighters and one of the reason that EPLF survived, the reason that it was not nipped in the bud by ELF at its infancy was not because it was invincible but it was because EPLF had ambassadors in ELF and defended it and ELF not wanting to look against highlanders, they listened but the falul kept challenging ELF and by that time EPLF was strong enough, frustrated and targeted, many of the falul joined EPLF to find their fate, not to be officially heralded as democratic movements

            Perfect? I am not I searching for perfection, no one is, as you said non was and God forbid us from perfect organizations, I am saying EPF was not a normal Eritrean organization, it lived by the barrel of the gun and it is still doing, and it will die by the barrel of the gun. And I am not going to list the murders that it committed, but shooting from behind, sending a group of people to irresponsible wars to annihilate promising fighters is a well- known fact, I am not making this up, former EPLF founders like TT and vets like Alenna and Yemane T who were privy to these info are saying it. If you tell me that all the murders and the irresponsible wars that were conducted in our names, in my name, in the name of future generation by EPLF was done only by the alliance of killers, who happened to mislead the innocent freedom fighter. I will agree.

  • Nitricc

    Hi Ayneta, at least respect the rules before you open your mouth. if there was justice; you should have gotten the same …. ”
    [from the moderator: salutation is a must]

    • Ayneta

      You see, you got a warning from the moderator before you even started the day. Bad taste. Start your day with prayer, positive attitude. Have you seen the movie: Eat, pray , love?
      On another note, how did your exam/school, project go whatever it is you were up to? Hope it went well for you.

    • ‘Gheteb

      Hey Nitricc,

      This Ayneta character is indeed dimwitted. He thinks the sentence from the moderator that you put at the end of your post is directed at you.

      Man, it is amazing who far are some willing to travel to show and parade their stupidity.

  • Simon Kaleab

    Greetings Ayneta,

    What have you achieved in your life? Try to be modest.

    At least Isaias has led the successful liberation of Eritrea.

    • ‘Gheteb

      Selam Simon Kaleab,

      This Ayneta character is another person who has absolutely nothing to offer. What he writes about are completely devoid of any meaningful and constructive ideas.

      He is a person desperately seeking to get attention. I usually ignore his puerile and childish temper tantrums in this forum.


    Timing. The regime is in preparation to celebrate the 25th independence of Eritrea and as part of its public relations it has to release those prisoners. The regime has woes with the neighboring countries and apart from Albeshir of Sudan and may be the king of Qatar , the Djibouti president participation in the celebration is unlikely, even after the release of his citizens. Isayas by releasing those prisoners is telling Qatar to advise Djibouti befriend him.

  • Kokhob Selam

    Dear awatawyan,

    Eri-Tv serving the truth…Eritrea is democratic nation and here is the evidence..enjoy it . find out why PFDJ allowed Eri-Tv to say all this if it is not democratic nation ..Lol.

  • ‘Gheteb

    Djibouti’s Presidential Advisor, Dr. Ismail WaAyes, Gainsays That Djibouti is Holding Eritrean POWs.


    In an interview with VOA that Djibouti’s presidential adviser, Dr. Ismail WaAyes stated that Djibouti is NOT holding Eritrean POW. Here is the direct Tigrigna quote.

    ” ዶ/ር እስማዒል ኣተሓሒዙ፡ ጅቡቲ ዝሓዘቶም ምሩኻት ኤርትራ የለዉን ኢሉ።

    In my earlier post I quoted the Djiboutian Ambassador to the USA and the UN, and here it is…

    ” Now, here comes the Djiboutian ambassador to the US and The Permanent Representative to The UN, Mr. Doualeh

    ” A total of 19 POWs were captured by Eritrea in June 2008 during a border skirmish, but some of them escaped prison in September 2011, said Djibouti’s Ambassador to the U.S. and Permanent Representative to the United Nations Mohamed Siad Doualeh. The others remain in detention”.

    Doualeh said Djibouti holds 19 Eritrean POWs and 267 Eritrean military deserters who were handed over to the UNHCR in 2014. He stressed that the International Committee of the Red Cross and other international organizations have regular access to the POWs.

    “They are there, they are safe and they are treated as humanely as you can imagine,” he said.


    To summarize:

    Dr. Ismail WaAyes, presidential adviser, said that Djibouti is NOT holding Eritrean POWs in its custody.

    Ambassador Doualeh said that Djibouti to be holding 19 Eritrean POWs in its custody.

    Does anyone fail to see the glaring contradiction here. I mean the statements are diametrically opposite. I have forewarned that the FOG of contrived assertions and false claims to thicken as more contradictory statements are going to made in the coming days and months.

    Now Dr. Ismail is expecting from Eritrea to free or release 7 more Djiboutian POWs.

    And The Pencil said:

    ” According to our tally, Isaias and his government owe Djibouti the remains of at least six prisoners though not many expect any of them are still alive”.

    Dr. Ismail’s computation 7 more Djiboutian POWs still held by Eritrea.

    The Pencil’s tally is “at least 6 prisoners” that is { 6,7,8,9,10,11……. infinity}

    Now the big question is: how are the Qataris going to convince the Djiboutian president that he is holding in his custody Eritrean POWs? Well, his presidential adviser, Dr. Ismail has said that his country is NOT holding any Eritrean POWs.

    Will they pull out yet another episode of “Law and Order Doha version” where the Amir of Qatar is going to confront the president of Djibouti and ” show him cellphone-shot images of the [Eritrean] prisoners”? Well, that was scripted for the other actor, you know that Isaias Afwerki and a different script maybe needed for the Djiboutian president.

    Come to think of it, there are pictures of “Eritrean POWs” in Facebook, courtesy of the head Medusa Elsa Chirum and maybe the Qataris can use them to persuade president Ismail Guelleh to admit that he is still holding Eritrean POWs.

    As good as this script my look, there are two big obstacles that are very hard to overcome. They are:

    (A) The picture from Elsa Chirum’s Tweeter feed or Facebook shows only 18 men and not 19.

    (B) President Ismail Guelleh is suing Facebook and therefore may not be amenable or receptive to a picture taken from Facebook.
    All the charades and shenanigans may have just started and the drama will surely keep unfolding.

    ኣርባዕተ ምሩኻት ዝፈትሐት ኤርትራ ዝተረፉ ሸውዓተ ክትፈትሓልና ንጽበ`ለና ክብል ፕረዚደንታዊ ኣማኻሪ እስማዒል ዋዓይስ ንድምጺ ኣሜሪካ ክፍሊ ትግርኛ ሓቢሩ።

    እቲ ምፍታሕ ምሩኻት፡ ኣብ ምምጻእ ንቡር ምሕዝነት ዓቢይ ተራ ከምዝህልዎ`ውን ተዛሪቡ።

    ዶ/ር እስማዒል ኣተሓሒዙ፡ ጅቡቲ ዝሓዘቶም ምሩኻት ኤርትራ የለዉን ኢሉ።

    ነዚ ብዝምልከት፡ ሚንስትሪ ወጻኢ ኣመሪካ ኣብ ዝዘርግሖ መግለጺ፡ ዩናይትድ ስቴትስ፡ ኤርትራ ነቶም ኣብ ዶባዊ ግጭት 2008 ዝተማረኹ ኣርባዕተ ጅቡታውያን ብምፍትሓ ብሓጎስ ትቕበሎ ኢሉ`ሎ።

    ኣተሓሒዙ፡ ብዛዕባ ገና ምስ ስድራቤቶም ክራኸቡ ዘይክኣሉ ዝተረፉ እሱራት`ውን የተሓሳስበና`ዩ ብምባል፡ መንግስቲ ቐጠር፡ ኣብ ምፍታሕ`ቶም እሱራት ንዝገበሮ ናይ ሽምግልና ጻዕሪን ንዞባዊ ሰላምን ጸጥታን ንዝገበሮ ኣበርክቶን ነመስግን ኢሉ።

    ሚንስትሪ ወጻኢ ኣመሪካ ኣብ`ቲ ብመንገዲ ወሃቢ-ቓሉ ጆን ኪርቢ ዝዘርግሖ መግለጺኡ፡ ቐጠር ንእትገብሮ ዘላ ናይ ሽምግልና ጻዕርታትን መንግስታት ጅቡትን ኤርትራን ንዝገብርዎ ዘለዉ ስራሓትን ጽኑዕ ድጋፍና ነረጋግጽ ኢሉ`ሎ።

    ብተመሳሳሊ መልእኽቲ፡ ዋና-ጸሓፊ ሕቡራት ሃገራት ባን ኪ ሙን፡ ብወገኖም ብዛዕባ`ቲ ምፍታሕ እሱራት ከምዝተሓበሩን፡ ንሽምግልና ቐጠርን፡ ኤርትራ ነቶም ምሩኻት ጅቡቲ ብምፍትሓን ከምዘመጎሱን፡ ወሃቢ-ቓሎም ኣብ ዝዘርግሖ መግለጺ ሓቢሩ`ሎ። እቲ ሓዲሽ ተርእዮ ነቲ ኣብ መንጎ ኤርትራን ጅቡትን ዘሎ ጉዳይ ኣብ ምርኣይን፡ ኣብ`ቲ ዞባ ሰላምን ጸጥታን ኣብ ምህናጽን ክሕግዝ ተስፋ እገብር ኢሎም ባን ኪ ሙን።

    ምሉእ ትሕዝትኡ ኣብዚ ምስማዕ ይክኣል።

    ኤርትራ ዝወሰደቶ ምፍታሕ ኣርባዕተ ምሩኻት ጅቡቲ፡ ናብ ንቡር ምሕዝነት ዝወስድ`ዩ ይብሉ በዓል-ስልጣን ጅቡቲ


    • Hayat Adem

      The release of POWs is usually demanded by the government of the country the POWs belong to. Whether Djibouti is holding POWs or not must be formally established by the Eritrean government for the UN and the Qatari to look it into the matter. What is the word from the Eritrean government on the matter, if any?

    • Amanuel Hidrat

      Do not confuse the public, give the frame of time the two Djiboutian officials had said as quoted to show the contradiction. One is clear, he was explaining when the POWs and escapee are released, that is in 2014 as quoted, while the other does not have the time frame of reference as quoted.

      • ‘Gheteb

        Selam Amanuel.

        Please, don’t get overly exercised here. I will not respond in kind to your unwarranted, utterly nonsensical and mendacious assertions here. Nor am I going to violate the posting guidelines of this website by not starting my comments without salutations.

        I will only urge you to read carefully before you hurl your unfounded aspersions and baseless accusations.

        Do you see now why I have told you that you are not in my league and I avoid exchanging with you so religiously.

        I rest my case.

        • Amanuel

          Hi Gheteb
          Amanuel H is right your posting is some how confusing. You are acting like misinformation minster for PFDJ regime.

          • Kokhob Selam

            Dear Amanuel,
            Look how the man became crazy when AH expose him. I am sure he will regret for what he said.

          • ‘Gheteb

            Selam Amanuel,

            If you find yourself “some how [confused] by my “posting”, I have an idea for you and your namesake:

            Enroll in an ESL class. As simple as that.

          • Hayat Adem

            If confused, “enroll in an ESL class”. But ESL classes can only teach you on ways of improving your English, not on how to unconfuse yourself from confusing contents.

          • ‘Gheteb

            Hi Hayat Adem,

            Why have you decided to respond to my comments and posts all of a sudden. Do I need to remind you that you are on record for stating that you will IGNORE
            my posts and I should only spread my “venom” to “the PFDJ snakes”.

            Do you suffer from an acute case of amnesia or what? You have already made fun of my nick ‘Gheteb which I take seriously. And to add insults to injuries, you have said that you will IGNORE my posts.

            These are two strikes and I make darn sure you will be reminded of them not merely by words but by actions.

          • Hayat Adem

            Hi Gheteb,
            There are different ways of ignoring: Just Ignoring, severely ignoring, no-talk ignoring, ignoring as in not seriously thinking about the validity of the message in the comment. I think I may have said so in relation to the last one, as I’m incapable of the others. And that after you said Ethiopia equates to haram. What kind of disciplined thinker would utter that? And if you are not one, that means I cease my effort of trying to learn from you. I think I can do that while responding to your comments as the case maybe.
            I’m good. And I guess responding to you should not signal the presence of some kind of illness.

          • ‘Gheteb

            Hi Hayat Adem,

            Here I will do you a favor and repost the very post that you made your announcement and judgment. Here it is in it’s entirety.

            “Hayat Adem ‘Gheteb • a month ago

            Hi Gheteb,
            Well, I hear you. This makes it clearer: “Ethiopia=Haram; rest of the world=Halal”. Got you, knowing one in exact terms always helps. You are too fanatic and extreme even by the PFDJ standards. I don’t think you have a role in Eritrean politics as we are not looking for anyone worse than them. I think we can afford ignoring you here and leave you to feed your hate and poison to the snakes”.

            Yeah, let me even help you a little more by pin pointing it to you. Here…

            (1) “I don’t think you have a role in Eritrean politics as we are not looking for anyone worse than them”.

            (2) ” I think we can afford ignoring you here and leave you to feed your hate and poison to the snakes”.

            Do you see the word in sentence (2) and even to help you I will capitalize it for you: IGNORING, yeah, right there.

            You claim that you are incapable of “Just Ignoring, severely ignoring, no-talk ignoring”? Yeah right. But you have let the cat out of the bag when you said ” leave you to feed your hate and poison to the snakes”.

            You are indeed a very dishonest person. Don’t try to wiggle your way out of this as what you said is very, very clear to me. No amount of splitting and re-splitting hair will help you in explaining it away, especially with the likes of ‘Gheteb who are preternaturally gifted to literally tease away fat from a housefly.

            Now you can go back to guiding and advising Semere Andom on how to find those men who were abused as boys to join the Toronto Chapter of The Abused Boys Club.

          • Hayat Adem

            Hi Gheteb,
            I am not frequenting Awate these days as much as I would want to. One advantage of being a less frequent visitor, if you can call it that, is the better ability to sense some changes. The quality of your comments are dramatically deteriorating. These may have nothing to do with your abilities, and something with the inherent weakness of defending the indefensible. But again, your manners and intonations is also pointing down to south.
            You are invoking league-mismatch with many who are not agreeing with you. SA is less than Gheteb. AH is not your league. Ayneta is imbecile. The other Amanuel is confused and needs to go to ESL. The great KS comes with idiotic comments. Hayat is dishonest. I call this outnitriccing by any standard.
            What is going on!

          • ‘Gheteb

            Hi Hayat Adem,

            Don’t try to change the subject here. It wasn’t about me or about my manners or my league. Don’t even try to wiggle out of this by guilt-tripping me. I know your types so well.

            Since you don’t want to own up what you have said/wrote just a month ago, consider this to be my last response or reply to you.

            Talk to and communicate with your type. I am telling you that I am not your type.

            Bye! Adieu! Hasta Lavista! Adios!

          • Dis Donc

            Dear Gheteb,

            According to your own “hasta la vista” words; you are going to see her gain.

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Och Hayat,
            You are also categorized as “not his type”. This sick person will touch every person in this forum that hasn’t the color of his eyes. There is nothing you can do with this sick person except to meet him with his kind.

          • Hayat Adem

            He doesn’t seem controlling his gravity and hence crash-falling on all of us like that. What does it even mean? Obviously, I am not his type gender-wise, and I am not his type outlook-wise. The first is a biology thing and the second comes from evolving. Discussions happen across genders and different views. Gheteb is excessively absorbed with a projection of unwarranted self-importance. I have no bad feelings for him though.

          • Hayat Adem

            Hello Gheteb,
            I say hello, you say goodbye, and in between is always love. That line is not mine, someone said it somewhere.

          • Amde

            Selam ‘Gheteb,

            I upvoted you for this funny phrase..

            “….when you are dealing with the likes of ‘Gheteb who are preternaturally gifted of literally teasing out fat from a housefly.”

            I am sure you know the meaning if “literally”, so I will have half a kilo of fly fat to go.. haha..

            In Amharic, the equivalent is “… we can tell a cross-eyed fly leave alone this..”

            Did you come up with it, or is it a translation of a saying from some other language?

            It’s ok if I am still severely ignored. Just wink twice.


          • Semere Andom

            Hi Hayat:
            During the time Gheteb was bragging that he will never debate you Sal took him on his word usage of “literally” and they had this big argument and of course Sal was correct. Gheteb said he was literally falling from his chair and Sal correctly corrected him and he never accepted it.
            Any way Gheteb suffers from this shallowness, empitiness that can only be deepened by verbosity and the use of obscure latin words to impress but as insane as this is , Gheteb did not invent it, he borrowed it from his beloved EPLF when they used to go to villages and bombard them with the Sahel Tigriga like “taba” instead of “kurba” and “zeqbeba” for inflation and confused the people to no end
            We know that the most moving, eloquent, and convicning part of any speech or writing are not unfamilair words but is logic and how the simple words are used. Deep deep inside Gheteb is shallow, and even empty. Ayneta has figured him out immediately

          • ‘Gheteb

            Hi Semere Andom,

            If you believe that ” Deep deep inside Gheteb is shallow, and even empty. Ayneta has figured him out immediately”, then why were exchanging/responding to my posts. I mean you have written dozens if not hundreds of posts directed at ‘Gheteb.

            Or, do you really like to talk to those who are “shallow, even empty “deep deep inside”. What does that say about you?

          • Semere Andom

            Hi Gheteb
            It does not mean a shallow cannot do damage, or it does not mean that a lunatic cannot take over the country by misleading people like EPLF/PFDJ/IA did. So what responding to your comments says about me is that, I am not willing to take chances when you mislead people on the how the country is managed well and that our future is bright under PFDJ. Swaddled (I know that word again;-)) in your pink, verbose, confusing, misleading and obscure writing, there is a deliberate and anguished desire to mislead and befuddle the truth in our country by blessing all the crimes that your beloved PFDJ is commuting.

            I can even go further than calling you shallow and empty and say you are paid PFDJ agent, the pay can be handsome monetary fees per every Latin word that obfuscates or it can be as cheap as “bravo, Gheteb hagerawi” and taps on the shoulders

          • ‘Gheteb

            Hi Semere Andom.

            You say that a “shallow” person like ‘Gheteb can do damages to your political views?

            That means the political views that you and your confederates espouse is not grounded in terra firma.

            Please first learn the correct phrase is “purple prose” and not “pink prose”. Maybe your fondness for the term “pink” is indicative of the image of “the emancipated man” that you want to project in your reveries.

            Well, according to the unsolicited dollops of advice that you dish out, I would not have used the archaic word “reverie” but would have settled for the simple word “daydream”.

            But then again, I know how mightily ‘the little frogs’ are trying to be like ‘the elephant’.

            ‘Gheteb a PFDJ agent? Well, I take that as a badge of honor. And thanks God, that I am not a water carrying errand boy of the Weyane.

          • Semere Andom

            I am not saying you will mislead me, I am saying you will mislead those trusting people who were mislead by your bosses before. You cannot mislead me
            Pink prose: You are correct, it is purple prose, I missspoke or is it disspoke, Gheteb;-))
            PFDJ as a badge of honor is akin to someone being proud of as a Nazi who tried to annihilate Jewry That is your choice sir. But I know that one day when time (gizie) doe its magic you will be hiding and denying, I am sure of this and your off springs will be ashamed of you, they will change their last names, they will not mention their village in Eritrea, and if there is new technology they will change every trace of your DNA, to sanitize themselves from the genes that once said it is proud to be PFDJ

            reverie: I thought about daydream too, but I decided on reverie, and if i were writing an essay I would not lose points using either, but you will lose if you used teterra fima, because you are bragging.
            Water carrying errand boy. I am not. Actually our experiences are the same, but our choices and heart are different, you are evil and you have no qualms of destroying Eritrea and its people to defend a bunch of “agames” like IA and Kisha and like dawit you can sell not only your soul, but the organs of our people just to ensure that IA survives and along the way you can build your “enda kollait” village. I made different choices, If you are Sal’s age, you are a decade older than me but still I am willing to die in exile than setting my foot on Eritrea that you dreched with innocent blood, but I hope that I will be able to clean the blood when you go to hiding and dying while I and my ilk( I know I should say, my ilk and I, but choice:-)) sanitize the land

          • ‘Gheteb

            Hi Semere Andom,

            Please, find your types. My experience and yours could not be more DIFFERENT.

            You say: ” Actually our experiences are the same”.

            Are you out of your cotton picking mind?

            I was not abused by an Egyptian restaurant owner in the Sudan as you did working as a bus boy in his restaurant.

            Oh, my God! It is said that misery loves company and now you want me to join ” The Abused Boys Club”?

            Thanks, but no thanks! Go around the streets of Dufferin, Bloor and Danforth in Toronto and you may find some who were abused as boys.

            Then you can tell them that ” Actually our experiences are the same”.
            You can’t say that to ‘Gheteb as you are totally out of luck.

          • Kokhob Selam

            Dear Gheteb,

            Is that over, you will not come with evidences why you support PIA? Why you start telling us personal stories of intellectuals now? is that important for us? can we even care to collect information in this regard? for example, I have been told a lot about you (don’t expect me to put it here, that is childish character) – what advantage will get the valuable reader about it.

          • ‘Gheteb

            Hi Kokhob Selam,

            I don’t respond to your idiotic comments. I am only responding to you to show that you don’t know what you write about. A mere 32 minutes ago you were telling Ayneta that:

            ” he is not worth actually” and here you are responding to me.

            You are indeed a pathetic person. Poor you! You can’t even follow the advice that you give to other.

            ” Kokhob Selam > Ayneta • 32 minutes ago
            Dear Ayneta.
            you remind me the days when when I had hot debate with him – he is not worth actually. We gave to him and the likes enough space and time and now he even try to compare himself with Amanuel If only he knows who AH is he could have been ashamed.”

          • Kokhob Selam

            Dear Gheteb,
            you are right but Semere is worth I am worth and that is why I reply to you. you know it has been long time since we talk. But you know, what ever we say at the end of the day we are brothers. you said even “I don’t respond to your idiotic comments” and try to justify it by saying “I am only responding …” it is because you must respond to me that you respond. to whom will you talk if you don’t to your brother? I feel you are younger than me and I want you to start to respect and get respected.
            don’t go personal and come with Ideas and sure you will be respected

          • Semere Andom

            Hi Gheteb;

            You know the PFDJ’s way of equality of women men, they say,”ane tsibhi eserih nski tsebhi tserhi, ane ettkus nska ttikus…”.

            Yes our experience are the same, but we made different choices, like the characters in a book “Mekete” by solomon Dirar, which one the first prize in late 1980s, beating Mike Adonai’s “frdi gobo array”, two childhood friends, who cared so much for each other made different choices, one joined EPLF and one ELF.

            Altough you and I were not childhood friends, we would not be, even if we were in the same place, we sat on the same Sudanse coffee shops, 10 years apart and 10 years apart we were taught by the same teachers, I can go on and on. But when push came to shove, we made different deliberate, decisions, I became justice seeker, you became justice denier, and one day you will be come PFDJ denier

            Let say we were both abused by EPLF, but I survived, and thrived and you are still captive to that abuse, still in love with IA, in love with pompous prose, oblivious to the suffering of your people, delirious with your own grandiose self
            About the Abuses, I think it is safe to say that it is you whose ears twitch in memory of your abuses of IA in karneshim that still hold you captive, unable to free yourself from the podophiliac abuses when your town was under EPLF control

          • ‘Gheteb

            Hi Semere Andom,

            Again, this is my response to you is the same response I penned an hour ago.

            ” ‘Gheteb > Semere Andom • an hour ago

            Hi Semere Andom.

            Out of respect for this web site and the Moderator, I will stop right here and won’t respond to your asininely jejune comments.

            Nonetheless, all the nonsensical stuff that you have barfed so far are duly noted.”

          • Hayat Adem

            Yes SA፥
            I do remember that. He is excessively carried away with word insertions if he is overdoing it consciously. Or else it is a destructive force of habit. Either way, it is not advisable especially when reason and good intentions are in short supply to sufficiently accompany the words..

        • tes

          Selamat Gheteb,

          Here is your personality trait.

          1. You wrote, “Nor am I going to violate the posting guidelines of this website by starting my comments without salutations.”

          From this what we can learn is that you have no respect but you do it as you are forced to do so. Thanks to awate.com for enforcing such rules. People like Ghetebites could have changed this web-site in to a jungle area, just like that of pro-PFDJ websites.

          2. “Do you see now why I have told you that you are not in my league and I avoid exchanging with you so religiously.”

          Here it tells your pure doctrine.

          Yah, not surprised though, as PFDJ cult pastor, you are a master of avoiding others religiously/



          PFDJ doctrine is not that easy. Once consumed, it is a religion. And here is the Gheteb acting religiously.


          Plus: Don’t care about me. Whether you SEVERLY Ignored me or not, I know how to create a headache on you and expose your doctrine.


        • Simon Kaleab

          Greetings Gheteb,

          What is the meaning of all this bluster by Amanuel H.?

          Can he be Eritrea’s saviour? What is his track record? Is he made of presidential material? So far, he is only cheering on the sidelines.

        • Asmerom

          Dear Gheteb
          Oh boy ! Here we go again
          Yes Amanuel is not in your league. A league of liers , misinformers, manipulators a league who sold their soul and body ta a dictator and compulsory lire Amanuel is not and has never been part of this league he is better than that . He has been tested with fire and he stands with the truth seekers league not with blood suckers and you are no match to him. Amanuel is not hiding behind a pen name like suckers of PFDJ do . Your arogance your name calling your accusations is not going to work on Emma this an old “shittara” use it on your PFDJ gangs
          The dictator that you worship and whom you are trying to be like has been exposed naked lying to the international community . The number of POW’s doesn’t matter whether they where hundreds, ten or nineteen, at the end of the day he gave up and released the POW’s that he denied having them for the last eight years , so how on earth is your dump league trying to defend this Mr. Empty head. Try to add or subtract the numbers the result is the POW’s that he denied are released after begging for forgiveness to his masters .
          Let alone dump people like you this monster whom you worship has made to disappear people who fought and suffered with him on the thirty years struggle and you are just counting your days not “if ” it’s going to happen but “when ” it’s going to happen .

        • Ted

          Hi Ghetebe , what is happening with our bad friends is ” when the going tough……” Anywho, there were murky dealing in this manufactured conflict that Eritrea wanted none of it and the dram they were ushering. It is over now, thanks to sensible effort of Qatar. What is left now is the procedural undertaking and hopefully we and all generation to come doesn’t have to deal with it. The most important part is the mutual and binding nature of the agreement and the deal to demarcate the border. It is HUGE.
          Back to our bad friends, those who are obsessed with the writing style than the subject you present. How nice it would be if they were to ask politely what is not clear or hard to understand. As you already know, it is not their objective to understand but to bogg you down with nonsensical back and forth. The alternative is to pull them back to the subject if they can handle it.( I heard Saay use Ice pack on his head when he log in to the forum, we all need to try it;-)
          PS. Amanuel H. Please don’t put down people in favor of others. It is not attractive feature. It is only a debate for goodness sake. You have been doing it for far too long. Thank you.

          • saay7

            Selamat Ted:

            I didn’t use an icepack on my head when I logged-in, but I am disappointed at Awate University today: it is at moments like this that people, a lot of people, log in to awate forum to learn and the University just decided to have “Lets just go out and protest and burn effigies” day.

            I think there are two perfectly defensible arguments–one espoused by you and Gheteb–and the other espoused by the rest of us. Exercising my Moderator Hat, I am requesting that everyone take a break and invest less than 12 minutes in this Ted Talks on “10 ways to have a better conversation.” No, you are not allowed to post other links: it is a moderator’s privilege:)



          • Saleh Johar


            While you are at it, I wish you reminded the few detractors to save us their ego-massaging which is becoming a reason for derailing normal debate. I wish they realize the reason for the creation of this forum is not for bickering–but for decent educational debate. It is not fun moderating ego-messaging and hyperbole and it would be nice if those who are over indulging themselves realized how they are hurting normal flow of debates. In fact I was going to call for a moderators’ meeting to address a few issues.

          • Semere Andom

            Dear Saleh;
            There are not few detractor, a few entails more than. Are we counting those who replied in kind in self defense?

          • Saleh Johar

            Hi Semere,
            Stay good, few, one or two, is immaterial. When I out my moderator hat I have a better feel about where the problem is coming from. This website doesn’t condone injustice, tyranny, racism, bigotry, or belligerence but I still hope the behavior the PFDJ is not promoted here recklessly. This is a place of freedom and justice and it is an Eritrean website that takes Eritrean patriotism seriously less the prevalent jingoism around us. I and the other moderators know who is taking advantage of our open policy, in fact they are abusing it. To answer your question, in my view, they are more than one. My advise, if you read an abusive or provocative comment, don’t dance along. The same thing happened almost a year ago, it regained its peace only after we unplugged “a few” accounts. We do not want to go there, but if this recklessness continues, we might. It is no fun being taken for granted.

          • Semere Andom

            Hi Sal
            Before I shut up;-) Let me say this; thanks for the video, entertaining and educational.
            But its application is fruitless in our case, after we stop dying in the seas, after there is some semblance of humans ruling us that can perfectly apply but now, it will not work. Correct me if I am wrong, but I think the speaker was talking about convesations that human being have with other humans beings, we are not there yet

          • Ted

            Hi, SA, We are in Western country where humans live;-) Why can’t you be human. Did you listen what the lady said or busy thinking what to post.
            Read/listen to learn/understand not to replay/post.
            Everyone you will ever meet know something you don’t know.
            I hope that solve your animal/human dilemma.
            PS Steven Hawking ,””I have no idea. People who boast about their I.Q. are losers.” do you still want IQ challenge me-:)

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Hi Ted,

            “put down people !” are you kidding? Tell that to your pal Gheteb. if you afraid to do that, there are many who could tell him. Go and read his comment and count how many forumers are abused by this “noicy empty vessel “.

          • Ted

            Hi Amanuel H. if you don’t get it, i will make it clear why some people are annoyed with your habit. Sometimes you make comments not to complement or oppose the subject but to put down the other who you think is wrong in a debate. Hayate Adem does need help in that department , she is good on her own.

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Hi Ted,

            If someone reflected my view, I say it as a way of acknowledgement to the individual who ever he/she is. It is not downing to the other side of the argument. And I will continue to do so. Take a not of it. But, I gave you a short home work to go to all Gheteb’s comment and count how many people are abused by this bully and noisy empty vessel.

          • Ted

            Hi Amanuel H. The point is you and Gheteb has something to offer regardless of your different point of view on things we discus. It takes two to tango.

          • Nitricc

            Hi Ted, the saddest part is, the fine art of politics is debate and disagreement, yet, the revenge seekers are taking it to the form of an absolute religion. If i believe in devil himself; isn’t it my god given right? again it is not that PIA is right or wrong, it the blind hate is driving them crazy. let’s PIA mislead about it, which he didn’t but can you name a government that not mislead its people and the world? name me! even their master USA mislead the world to destroy Iraq; what is the big deal?
            people have a life.

          • Semere Andom

            Nitricc: really and Ted was so smitten by this comment of yours This HILARIOUSY FUNNY:-)
            Eveyone snaps sometimes, some more than their fare share, but can you name one in the last 10yrs in this forum when you practiced the fine art of debating?
            You said their master USA, are not you the one working as a mercenary army, you do not believe in its const. but you toil and moil for the army, day in and day out

          • Ayneta

            Merhaba Nitricc:

            What is it with you these days? Has the exam/project that you recently undertook left you brain dead or something ? Now please read more before you bark at me:

            1. Earlier you disapproved AH’s rebuttal of Gheteb stating that it was Gheteb’s right to support the government in whatever shape and form. But we all know that you are very abusive against those who write against the government. How has it missed your sharp mind that rallying against the movement carries equal right as opposing it?

            2. And now in response to Ted, you decried the lack of constructive debate in this forum. In case you forgot, you have a reputation of ‘cyber temper’ in barraging anyone who stand against your view. You are known for your volatility, poor temperament and I should add immaturity. I would place you at the end of the ‘civility stick’.

            You are behaving like someone with silent stroke, honestly. The old Nitricc was more stable than the current one.

          • Dis Donc

            Dear Nit, Ted and Gheteb,

            You are right in that governments do mislead their citizens. While that is the case here are why the the case of Eritrea is and will be different:
            1. Citizens have the right to know. That does not seem to be the case here. While the governments do their best to hide these misdeeds, the citizens eventually find out and castigate these governments, in one form or another.
            2. That is why you have to have freedom of expression so that governments do not get away with any kind of misdeeds. This is attained via indepedent and opposition journalism.
            3. You can lie to the people once or twice but not forever. That is why governments have term limits. To offset any party from continuing his mideeds.
            4. Etc….
            5. Etc…

            Note that this is compiled in a heuristic fashion.

          • ‘Gheteb

            Hi Ted,

            Here is something hilariously funny about the person you are exchanging, Amanual Hidrat (ኣባ ጓይላ ክትዕ) .

            ” Amanuel Hidrat ‘Gheteb • an hour ago

            Och Hayat,
            You are also categorized as “not his type”. This sick person will touch every person in this forum that hasn’t the color of his eyes. There is nothing you can do with this sick person except to meet him with his kind.”

            Firstly, he is responding to Hayat Adem by replying to ‘Gheteb.

            Secondly, he said, ” This sick person will touch every person in this forum that hasn’t the color of his eyes”.

            The “sick person” being ‘Gheteb and “the color of my eyes” is surely bringing back to life what his idol, Meles Zenawi, who he idolizes like his god, is known to have notoriously said when he and his Weyanes inhumanely expropriated and finally deported thousands of Eritrean from Ethiopia.

            Now only is that funny, but it offers a window for one to peek into the mindset of Amanuel Hidrat a.k.a ኣባ ጓይላ ክትዕ .

          • Nitricc

            Hi Aman-H you said ” Gheteb who defend the murderer despot at the helm of power.” is not what Gheteb’s right to defend what ever he wants? you support the rotten Weyane-thugs; we said nothing to you because not that we like your choice but we respected your right to support whom ever you want. now; how hard is that to extend that civilized curiosity to the next person?

          • Amanuel Hidrat


            I am just explaining “Gheteb” as individual what his personality is and for what he stand. As simple as that. Why do you jump at me, does it pains you when I tell his character? But you are okay when he abuse us right and left. Isn’t it?

          • Peace!

            Dear Nitric,

            Spot on! We never complain when people worshipping the evil TPLF; in fact, they are responsible for turning this forum into a battle between pro Ethiopia and pro Eritrea.


          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Selam Peace,

            Not true. You are better than that.

          • Kokhob Selam

            Dear Peace,

            I am hopping still you will feel what I am feeling and I don’t want to lose a friend like you, Few questions please .. but once again try to tackle ideas and views without without labeling. I will also do so..
            * is Eritrea doing well with PFDJ? I am certain you will say no.
            * why do you say no and if you say yes explain why
            * people have been fighting and struggling against PFDJ to install legal government if you think you oppose their style, what is the style you want to have?

          • Olana

            Dear Amanuel H
            Well said ‘Noisy empty Vessel’ Nowadays he is acting like a mad dog. I think he is running out of rotten ideas and looking for an exit. Please awate do not listen to tes who is calling for necessary measures against Ghestab. People like him will disappear like a smoke in a windy environment.

          • ‘Gheteb

            Hi Ted,

            Thanks for the feedback.

            The Lecture Series on exposing the lies about the manufactured border crisis between Eritrea and Djibouti will resume shortly, maybe in a matter of hours.

            You know Ted sometimes the Lecture Hall gets inundated with an infestation of irritating insects such as mosquitoes. Mosquitoes repellants and other chemicals do work, but not always. So one has to resort to the proven method of using a mosquito swatter and swatting those pestering insects into oblivion.

            SAAY and kindred spirits try to peddle from their highly elevated dais about this or that method of conversation or communication is akin to that anti-mosquito formula with a fancy sounding name, but with unproven efficacy in killing or getting rid of mosquito. So I don’t buy what they advertise and I find the grandstanding, the pontification and the holier than thou mentality nauseatingly disgusting.

            All those who have had nothing to add to this thread got to know where they stand:

            (1) Amanuel Hidrat (ኣባ ጓይላ ክትዕ) who fails to find the dates of a news piece from a link provided. Instead of telling Amanuel his shortcomings, you will be told to read or watch something about this way to communicate or not the way to conduct a conversation. This is just to hide not having the guts of calling a spade a spade.

            (2) The likes of the Abused Boy of Toronto, Semere Andom, The Alahbash adherent , the natso Kokheb Selam, the dimwitted galoot Ayneta etc. contributed nothing meaningful to the thread, and yet no one has the moral courage of calling them out. Their ad hominem attacks are shrugged off.

            And, the usual ineffective elixir of communication and conversation is mouthed and spouted. Well, Ted, it is sometimes true that “ኢሾኽ ብኢሾኽ ኢያ ትወፅእ” — You can only pluck away a thorn by using a thorn.

          • Ted

            Hi Gheteb, understood. I can’t tell you what you well know and used effectively in the past ” severely avoiding/ignoring the thorns when you see one”. Let’s focus on border issue and what it means for the future Eritrea’s relations in the region. There is a lot to be known and explained in this dark crisis.

          • tes

            Selamat Ted,

            From time to time you are losing your reasoning capability. In the first days, you were a smart PFDJite but now very dull.


    • ‘Gheteb
  • T..T.

    Hi all,

    What Isayas missed this time: the shortest distance to non-internationalizing an issue is to immediately prove innocence by presenting facts. Indeed, openly asked questions must be openly and loudly answered.

    Gheteb and Hope are trying to convince the world that Isayas was not denying but was just privatizing the publicized issue. And, the world is telling them that Isayas’s admission at the outset would have set him free from all damages and would have saved him the embarrassments and humiliations that he suffered as the result of his eight years denial.

    Isayas always goes to the extreme to save his name by denial until the eye of the hurricane passes over. But this time the eye of the hurricane kept hovering over his head threatening to make landfall, giving no further room for denial.

    A-n-y-w-a-y, what’s new to Isayas’s perception that setbacks go away when the dust settles? That perception that issues come and go is for internal issues with his subjects. That perception does not apply to internationalized setbacks and that is why this setback will not easily go away because it took toll on the world’s trust in Isayas, which mistrust will follow him like a shadow. The worst thing this time, again, is that Isayas’s denial pushed the world on the side of the accuser, the Djiboutian government, exposing Isayas as the most unreliable and untrustworthy leader making it easy for the Eritrean opposition to use easily the international courts to advance their causes of human rights violations in Eritrea.

  • Dis Donc

    Dear Spark

    In order to avoid time wasting I will post the links for you that the Eritrean government was refusing to admit war with Djibouti. Please read the whole article and you will see that you were blind, deaf and mute, all combined.

    “….Fighting broke out between Eritrean and Djiboutian forces on June 10-11
    over Eritrea’s incursion into the Ras Doumeira area in Djibouti…. Eritrea denied that a border incursion was taking place. Its UN
    Ambassador, Grirma Asmerom, told the BBC: “There is no such problem with
    Djibouti; we have never had a problem with Djibouti.”


  • Saba

    Dear AT,
    After denying their existence for 8 years, why did Isaias finally succumb? Is there any crack in his control over EDF and the Eritrean people? Or he got a better deal? I mean evidence!
    I guess even isayas is a fun of cell phone clips and part of the Selfie generation:)

    • Amanuel

      Hi Saba,
      Either they showed him the carrots or the Stick. Most probably the Stick as carrot doesn’t work with him.

      • PTS

        Yes, stick is the more likely factor. The other plausible reason is Isaias’ D-day in June is fast approaching. That’s when he will find out if he will be subject to arrest when he travels abroad, much like his frienemy Al Bashir. So he is trying to do his best (actually he is working really hard) in the departments of human rights, good neighborhoodness and what have you. The other day, foreigners were allowed to visit prisons. Not heard of before!
        Once June passes, he will revert back to his natural being. So, these are the times when Eritreans will see the least frequent arrests. All non-essential arrests have been put off, till about July.

        • saay7

          Wow PTS:

          “All non-essential arrests have bee put off, till about July” may be the funniest, bittersweet parodies I have ever read at Awate Forum.

          Slow clap, following by standing ovation.


        • Lamek

          Hi PTS. Unfortunately, there is a lot of giffa going on in all the cities. But maybe that’s essential arrest.

    • Abrehet Yosief

      Dear Saba,
      In my humble opinion, if you have followed the presentation of Special Rapporteur and the COI, only one or two African countries defend Eritrea (or at least say Human Rights report should be limited to the 2 year Universal Periodic Review). Djibouti will always be there to support the reports and demand an answer on the whereabouts of their POWs. African countries couldn’t take a unified position to support the Eritrean government as long as Djibouti was there to remind everyone its citizens remain captive. By releasing the POWs, Eritrean government has cleared one obstacle in preparing for the June COI report and can hope for a united AU statement to request “politically motivated reports to stop and for the two year review report to be the only instrument for all countries.” Since AU is discussing leaving the ICC, it is unlikely to support any African being referred to the ICC, specially now that the only sticking issue for them, the complaint of another African country, has been removed.

  • Hayat Adem

    Nice try. But how does it work for you that a war over border is not an issue about border? When did you hear the IA regime admitting it went to war with Djibouti? When did you hear them admitting that they held POWs from Djibouti? Did you recall Djibouti asking the Eritrean government to admit if there was a war or if they should acknowledge of the presence of POWs?

  • hh

    ሓደ ካባኻትኩም መንግስቲ ኤርትራ ምሩኻት ናይ ጅ የብለይን ክብል ኮሎ ብጽሑፍ ወይ ብዘረባ ከር ኤኒ ዝኽእል ተ ኣሎ ብትሕትና ይሓትት።

    • saay7

      Selamat hh:

      Excellent question, brother. But the Gov of Isaias Afwerki doesn’t talk to Eritreans; we only know what it is thinking when it talks to its ayatat ( EU), to their reporters (embassies in Eritrea; European journalists) or when it is forced to respond (to the UN, to the African commission.)

      In addition to President Isaias Afwerki’s repeated dismissal of the Djibouti-Eritrea skirmish as “a fabrication”, you can refer to these two written statements which show that the Gov of IA’s position on Prisoners of War was:

      43. Currently, the most serious concerns are related to protection. Nineteen Djiboutian combatants have reportedly been missing in action since the clashes of 10 to 12 June. The list of missing Djibouti personnel was forwarded to the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) during its recent ad hoc mission to Djibouti. ICRC was also able to visit 19 Eritrean combatants detained as prisoners by the Djibouti authorities since the clashes. Another ICRC visit to Djibouti was scheduled for mid-August.

      44. ICRC has a presence in Eritrea, but authorities there have so far denied the occurrence of the border incidents of 10 to 12 June. Consequently, it has been impossible for ICRC to ascertain the presence of Djibouti prisoners of war in Eritrea as a result of those incidents.

      Source: UN Document S/2008/602, “Report of the United Nations fact-finding mission on the Djibouti-Eritrea crisis” 28 July – 6 Aug 2008


      In its midterm briefing to the Committee on Somalia and Eritrea in February 2012, the Somalia and Eritrea Monitoring Group reported that it had obtained sufficient information about and evidence of Eritrea’s recent violations of resolutions 1844 (2008) and 1907 (2009), including support for the Ogaden National
      Liberation Front and the Oromo Liberation Front. With respect to resolution 1862 (2009), on the Djibouti-Eritrea border conflict, the Somalia and Eritrea Monitoring Group referred to the letter that I had received from the Government of Djibouti on 4 October 2011 concerning the escape of two Djiboutian military personnel (captured at Ras Doumeira in June 2008) from Eritrean custody on 5 September 2011. Although Eritrea has consistently denied the existence of Djiboutian prisoners of war, the Group had the opportunity to interview the former detainees and establish the credibility of their accounts.

      Source: S/2012/412, Report of the Secretary-General on Eritrea, 8 June 2012


      Add to the above the Government of Isaias Afwerki’s blanket and categorical dismissal of the 2012 SEMG report, and it is fair to say that it was repeatedly telling the UN that it had no Djibouti prisoners of war.

      What is most tragic for Eritrea was that on January 14, 2009, the Security Council gave the Gov of IA six weeks to withdraw its troops, to acknowledge the skirmish, and to seek mediation. It ignored the deadline, it waited until AFTER Eritrea was sanctioned in December 2009 (partially as a result of its violation of Resolution 1862 of January 2009, dealing exclusively with this issue), it waited until June 2010 to do what it was asked to do in January 2009.

      What an idiotic government it is. Like fashion model who are obsessed accessorizing attires (does this shirt go with these pants), the Government of Isaias is always accessorizing lies (does this lie we told go with this other lie?) In this particular case, “we have no Prisoners of War” went well with “we had no skirmish”, “we have forward-deployed our troops.” Until the whole thing fell like a house of cards.


  • saay7

    First, I would like to congratulate the Djibouti POWs for their release and their families for finally being reunited with their loves ones.

    Second, I wish the same for all prisoners of conscience in Eritrea who have been made to disappear by the Government of Isaias Afwerki. And I thank everyone who, within their capabilities, work for the release of the unjustly imprisoned and made to disappear. Justice being indivisible, I hope we work hard for the release of the unjustly imprisoned anywhere in our region, and the world for that matter. And while we are at it, let’s extend our hard work and prayers to help those who are suffering from psychopathy: the mental state of being incapable of empathy, or showing remorse.

    Third, I think I have been following this issue about as closely as anyone—but I got my facts wrong on one issue, and I thank The Pencil for reminding me abut it. It deals with the 250 plus (267 to be exact) Eritreans that were released by Djibouti in 2014. They were not prisoners of war (POW) but National Service (NS) and Eritrean Defense Forces (EDF) members who deserted and asked for political asylum in Djibouti. Djibouti was treating them as national security threats and denying them asylum and it took the concerted efforts of Eritrean human rights activists to get Djibouti to turn them over to the UNHCR. As for the Eritrean POWs, we don’t even know their precise number because their government refuses to acknowledge them. All we know about them is from what we heard from Djibouti—that there are 19 of them—and the work of Eritrean human rights activists to get them released. That, of course, is complicated as it is governed by international law dealing with POWs.

    Fourth, I am going to remind people, as I have been doing since Friday in a different thread, to read the 2012 report of the Monitoring Group on Somalia and Eritrea (SEMG) and page 70 to be exact, and to compare what it reported then with what is surfacing now. Then, I hope all the people who instinctively dismiss everything SEMG wrote to face the facts: SEMG was right and the Government of Isaias Afwerki was wrong and misleading the people.


    Finally, the reason I make a distinction between Government of Isaias Afwerki (GoIA) and the Government of Eritrea (GoE) is that, on some issues, the “Government of Eritrea” knows about as little on a subject as we The People do. I believe that the case of the Djibouti Prisoners of War was one such issue which is why you will not find a single statement, a single comment made about it by any Eritrean government official–even those whose title suggests they speak for the government or the ruling party– since 2010 other than “the issue is not with Qatar.” That was an IA portfolio and we now know what we always knew: when cornered, he folds. On The Pencil’s report of how IA reacted when he was shown images of Djibouti POWs, I imagine his reaction would have been something like this, except he would have added “Welahi” before saying it:


    Psychopathy is a mental disorder, and it is dangerous when a psychopath is an all-powerful dictator.


    • tes

      Dear saay7,

      I applaud your intellectualism and documentation process. Indeed you are the tower of the “voice of the voiceless people”. You being on the leading position, activists like you have marveled the justice seeking camp in exposing the PFDJ and its pariah leader relentlessly. And now, be shame on him (DIA) and his party, they are exposed more than any time in front of the world community.

      Even Qatar was not courageous to mention Eritrea in her entire News Report (Qatar News Agency) though the content was all about Eritrea and Djibouti.

      And now, the cult followers here are trying to fabricate the embarrassment of their cult house, Gheteb, Ted, Nitricc as leading samples. But no way, thanks to and likes for challenging them date by date, incident y incident and every diplomatic move that accompanied the “Eritro-Djibouti war of 2008”.

      I thank you again for your extraordinary service.


  • Hayat Adem

    Hi Awate,
    A victory, sort of, for Djibouti and a sigh of relief to the victims. Now questions to the supporters of PFDJ:
    1) how does it make you feel now that IA was lying to you and to the world without shame?
    2) how does it make you feel that IA blinked after a long stare of denial for years?
    3) how does it make you feel now that you know the preferred shortest distance between Dji and Eritrea through Doha?
    4) what do you would have been the harming part if IA just admitted of the skirmish, and handed over the POWs and moved straight to the issue of settling the border problem 8 years ago? tell me the gain, I’ll tell you the other side: he lost the good will of Djibouti, he projected the negative image of bullying Eritrea one more time, he embarrassed his Qatari handlers, he invited one more element of justification for getting sanctioned.

    • Kokhob Selam

      Dear Hayata,
      “how does it make you feel ..” If someone didn’t feel when his sister – the mother was drowned with her new born baby in the ocean….. what is the meaning of feeling in first place for him !

      • Hayat Adem

        Hi Kokhobay,
        The true feelings of these folks are shelved and caved in the remote dormant parts of their respective beings. We should always hope that one day those emotional human human abilities can be triggered and reactivated to function normally.

        • Kokhob Selam

          Hello Hayat,
          hopefully…but not will and even those who start to wake up are pointing to one man..I seldom hear in Eritrea someone accepts his mistakes. Ha ha ha, everyone comes out of PFDJ and he start telling PIA has done this and that as if the man is superman.

      • Abrehet Yosief

        Dear Kokhob,
        I will never forget a very well prepared video clip in the days after Lampedusa tragedy by a government supporter. He reminds his viewers to question how come a small island of Lampedusa had 260 plus coffins on hand. The callousness of some!

    • Semere Andom

      Hi Hayat:
      Very pointed questions but there os one thing wrong about your usage of diction, Haytina:))
      And it is “feel”
      A robot does not feel, maybe be one day but not now so repkace the word feel ” how is your buttons acting?
      Also I would like to share with you, my shock about an interview in Assenna, when a PFDJ former fighter admitted in air with no regret that he had put a woman, the misters of a general he was trying to assassinate down a toiled head-on. He said it with no hint of remorse or regret but with pride and I commented about it in Assenna. Let see how the robots here react to my comment, see how if they can feel

      Dear Assenna: A Critique Of Your Last Interviewee

      The worst interview Assenna and Amanuel have conducted to date

      What infuriates me about the veteran fighters is the following:

      First they are too naive to figure out what happening to them, the cheating, the lying and then when they figure it out they stay long until they are personally targeted and when they leave many of them like the last interviewee, they talk about their crimes as if they killed a fly. Example this former freedom fighter talks about killing the poor woman and throwing her down a toilet, and he talks about it with pride. He should be ashamed of it, I am ashamed on his behalf. I always told my Ethiopian friends our Ghedli never targeted civilians, I guess we were not bombing villagers, but we were doing it insidiously. This freedom fighter and his group should be tried for their murder of the woman. You see, he could have used something to tie her up and muzzle her mouth until he completes his operation, his duty of killing the general. They were going for the easy and cheap way of doing their business and to except justice from the group, made up of his ilk is in vain, that is why Eritrea is screwed up.

      I am disappointed at Amanuel for not following up on the cold blood murder of that poor lady, she has loved ones, maybe children and she was innocent human being, only dated a thug and was killed by another thug

      The EPLF and PFDJ modas operandi was if something is in your way, kill it, just like a farmer does when a bush is in his way and that is what Dictator IA did when the G-15 got on his way.

      Now this veteran freedom fighter is complaining about PFDJ, he planted it, he watered it and it blossomed beautifully, rip what you have nurtured and be decent to talk about that lady you killed with decency not as a matter of fact.

      Our problems are baked into our history of violence and coldness and we got what we deserve, you got what you deserved btsay!

      I am cognizant that in war you get to do what you get to do, but war has rules and laws, as ironic as it might sound and they are not complicated. As the murder of this innocent woman, who happened to be the mistress of the general reveals to us, we wanted to do our affairs unfairly with the least energy and PFDJ sprang from that culture. We cannot change what was done, but we can at least talk about our blunders with some sensitivity, even if it is not in us to apologize for it. Killing an armed woman so heinously by throwing her head-on, burring her alive in a human waste should disgrace us collectively. And before this former freedom fighter complains about the wrongs done to him and us by PFDJ, he must talk with sensitivity about the woman who he murdered in cold blood.

      And the worst thing is that no one is talking about that aspect of the interview

      • Hayat Adem

        Selamat SA,
        A cold sweat was running down of my spine as I read your note. This guy killed a woman years ago in the cruelest way for nothing none of her fault and he is reporting it as if a duty done? This is….

      • Nitricc

        Hi Semere; reading your garbage; you are even dumber than I thought? I will pay to know your real IQ.

        • Semere Andom

          A grunt in the military cannot afford it, I will show you for free just come to Toronto, do not worry it will be confidential, MS can watch if you want

      • tes

        Dear Semere Andom,

        For one who reads your deep thoughts and of minimum ethical requirements, what you put here has lots of points that need to be addressed for our generation.

        Dear Semere Andom, the only news outlet that proudly shares war horrific experiences and that invites former fighters to tell what they did in every war event is Eri-TV. Those invited freedom fighters feel proud when they openly talk about killing just like that of the interview you are questioning.

        Such naked historical narrations has indoctrinated innocent Eritrean people to believe that there is no rules in war. War, according to these naked history narrators is lawless.

        No freedom fighter thinks that he committed a crime this was or that way when they talk openly on what they did.







        etc, are some of the unethical words that the PFDJ News outlets broadcast. Imagine now for those who grew up watching/hearing such horrific words. Do you think that someone’s life is precious for what ever it questioned for?

        And if justice seekers news media, like that of assenna opens their doors to such unethical interviews, do not get surprised easily. We have thousands and millions of miles to go to clear our minds from stopping to use such horrific words.

        When history/event is told, there is ethics. But who is caring about ethics these days when life is not even worth to be respected.


    • Hope

      Good questions but Gheteb brilliantly answered them well (refer to the Ghetebo-Saay Debate).
      But,hey,did u ask/answer the tough questions Geteb raised?
      -Who initiated that “Skirmish” and why?
      -What was the motivation behind the Djibouti setting up that case scenario along with its masters?
      -Why did the French Chopper land on to the Eri Sovereign Land?
      -What is/was the role of the Ethiopian Divison in Djibouti?
      -Why wasn’t the French Testimony taken into consideration?
      -Who sank the EDF Speed Boat and why?
      -Did you read Mr Russel of the Inner City about that “Incident”?
      -Did you fully read the Letter by Djibouti and its masters to the UNSC dated 3-6months before the incident?
      -Did you read fully the wikileaks ?
      You et al,saay included,conveniently ignored the above facts and keep refering us to the SEMG Fake Reports,which is part of the problem and cosnpiracy and yet saay wants us to buy the SEMG.
      To simply answer you r questions in one statement:
      The GoE or PIA did not want to publicize and internationalize the issue coz the GoE/PIA kewn exactly the motivation behind that incident..But since the motivation was evil to begin with,it didn’t matter wether PIA or the GoE tried to solve it silently.
      Did PIA or the Goeake a mistake?
      Absolutely, as it is a norm to do so when you are being set up to make mistakes in such a complex situation when dealing between life and death/existential threat,not just a National Security issue.
      Please tell us a bit about the endless Evil acts and conspiracies by your favorte TPLF Gov and its masters,if at all you are honest and truthful as you claim to be one.
      Then we can honestly answer your crooked questions.

      • Hayat Adem

        Hi Hope,
        But all those things didn’t happen because PFDJ or Gheteb or you never said they happened then. You can’t they didn’t happen and they happened at the same time. But your argument is that they happened and that only PFDJ was lying by denying, all the things you listed also came from PFDJ. So do you want to believe them when they deny-admit simultaneously on both sides of the case?

      • Amanuel

        Hi Hope,
        I am sorry you are debating with HA but it is morally not acceptable for me to watch you from aside while you make full of your self. Let me tell you a story I was an amateur footballer and I had a very hotheaded and stubborn team meat. Every time before a game our coach used to give him advice that he shouldn’t react to provocations and need to overcome his anger problems. However, all the players of the other teams knew he is a short temped person and all they need was whisper some sort of insult in to his ear and he was off kicking and head batting. The result was red card and his team reduced to 10 men. Who do you blame in this situation if you were his coach? Of course, our coach showed him the door and told him to try boxing. Now coming back to what you wrote above, lets assume it is true IA was set up, but the question is why did he reacted the way they wanted him to react? who is to blame for that? Well, we know that there is no one to show him the door and give him advice to try another career but another important issue i would like to bring to your attention is that those apologist who are propping his power base are as responsible as him.

      • tes

        Selamat Hope,

        Let what you listed above had happened. And this is all before and in 2008.

        Let even the skirmish war was initiated by Djbouti.

        Let even the motivation behind was much more greater than the war itself.

        Let eve even France tried to chop a land from Eritrean territory.

        Let let let…

        Now, I have a question for you. Be honest here:

        Did Eritrea officially acknowledged for what ever happened? Did Eritrea claimed that a skirmish war was initiated by Djibouti in an official way?

        Did Eritrea officially acknowledged that there are prisoners of war from both sides?

        Did, did, did…?

        Now, from where did these four POWs came out?

        Isn’t this something that exposes about the secrecy of this pariah state?


        You are trying to bombard us like that the so called MDGs as you had tried to disinform us on what we know on first hand?



  • Abrehet Yosief

    Dear Awate,
    I am happy to hear the news “prisoner’s freed” from an Eritrean prison. What joy! They must feel like they came back from death.

    • tes

      Dear Abrehet Yosief,

      Indeed it is a joy to hear prisnores coming out from one of the most brutal prison centers the world is witnessing after WWII. The 4 recently POWs released Djiboutians are few of the lucky people to be released. The people of Djibouti in general and their families in particular must celebrate this special day.

      8 years is a lot when there is no information for their families. Now it is almost a rebirth. Hopefully the mafia group to release the more than 10,000 Eritrean prisoners as soon as possible.


  • ‘Gheteb

    The Release Of Four Djiboutian POWs: A Case Of Cause Célèbre ?

    First, to complete the list of the organization welcoming the release of the Djiboutian POWs, here are the Arab League and The African Union (AU) statements.

    AU’s Statement


    Arab League’s Statement


    The AU statement regarding the Djiboutian POWs said:

    ” The Chairperson of the Commission considers that the release of the Djiboutian prisoners is a positive step in the right direction within the process of normalization of relations between the two countries and in this context, she calls on the parties to clarify the fate of any remaining prisoners and to also release them, said Zuma”.

    Now compare and contrast the AU’s statement to that of The Department Of State (USA) statement.

    ” We remain concerned for the remaining prisoners of war who have not been reunited with their families. We thank the Government of Qatar for their mediation efforts to bring about their release and this contribution to regional peace and security”.

    While AU is calling on BOTH “parties to clarify the fate of any remaining prisoners”, The Department Of State ‘remains’ ” concerned for the remaining prisoners of war who have not been reunited with their families”.

    The Pencil Vs. The Pen

    (A) SEMG Vs. The Pencil

    SEMG regarding the scape of the Djiboutian POWs said:

    ” Escape

    13. Five of the POWS had never fully recovered from their injuries and became so sick and weak that escape was not possible. They therefore agreed that if escape became possible, only Yabeh and Ali would make the attempt, in order to bring news to their families and the Djiboutian authorities.

    14. On 5 September 2011, an opportunity to escape presented itself when the prison guards permitted the Djiboutians to sleep outside because of exceptionally hot weather. With only one guard on watch, Yabeh and Ali were able to slip away under cover of darkness and crawl under the eastern perimeter of chain link fence.

    15. The two POWs walked for 11 days in the direction of Sudan, telling any Eritreans they met that they were Somalis who had fled troubles at home. They found many people to be sympathetic, offering them water and advising them how to avoid the security forces on their way to the border.

    16. On 16 September 2011, they arrived at Karuurah, where they placed themselves in Sudanese custody, and were repatriated to Djibouti.


    The Pencil, on the other hand, said:

    ” In 2013, two Djiboutian prisoners escaped from Heday prison, a facility in Sahel region administered by the presidential office, and made it safely to Sudan.

    The prisoners are believed to have escaped with the help of a prison guard who was killed along with one of the prisoners. However, the two made it to Sudan, and from there to their country where our sources indicated that one of the prisoners returned home……”.

    SEMG and the escapees said that the two Djiboutian POWs escaped by their own means and The Pencil said ” The prisoners are believed to have escaped with the help of a prison guard ..”. Which version is one to believe here? Well, your guess is as good as mine.

    The Pencil Vs. Um..Um…. Umm… Ummm…

    Regarding Eritrea’s withdrawal from the contested territories, The Pencil said:

    ” In March 2013, Ismail Omar Guelleh indicated that he will not show up to meet Isaias unless Qatar provides assurances that he will honor the terms of the agreement: withdraw Eritrean troops and negotiate in good faith on the matter of prisoners of war”.

    But, the record shows that Eritrean troops withdrew from the contested areas in June, 2010 and Qatari troops are stationed to monitor the disputed areas. And, the agreement that Eritrea and Djibouti under the mediation of Qatar specifically indicates that Eritrea has withdrawn its forces in 2010, in a letter sent by the Qatari prime minister to the president of the UNSC.


    Now, here comes the Djiboutian ambassador to the US and The Permanent Representative to The UN, Mr. Doualeh

    ” A total of 19 POWs were captured by Eritrea in June 2008 during a border skirmish, but some of them escaped prison in September 2011, said Djibouti’s Ambassador to the U.S. and Permanent Representative to the United Nations Mohamed Siad Doualeh. The others remain in detention”.


    Now, please note that: Doualeh said ” The others remain in detention”, and The US Department Of State statement said, ” We remain concerned for the remaining prisoners of war who have not been reunited with their families”.

    Well, I don’t know about you, but I am NOT going to forget these statements as I follow the saga of the USA sponsored sanction on Eritrea keep drags on.

    In the same report Ambassador Doualeh said,

    ” Djibouti holds 19 Eritrean POWs and 267 Eritrean military deserters who were handed over to the UNHCR in 2014. He stressed that the International Committee of the Red Cross and other international organizations have regular access to the POWs. They are there, they are safe and they are treated as humanely as you can imagine”.

    And, the head Medusa of the ABI camp, Elsa Chirum on her Tweeter feed said:


    ” #Djibouti:Please Release the 19 Eritrean POW. The government in #Eritrea has denied their existence. Be Merciful! “.


    Now monsieur Doualeh makes it look like the 19 Eritrean POW are living high on the hog and the head Medusa of the ABI camp is asking the Djiboutian to “be merciful!” to the 19 Eritrean POW by providing a picture with 18 Eritrean men. I am only saying Hmmm…. Hmmmmm…..


    Another thing is that, just 24 hours ago, the Head Medusa of ABI camp was DEMANDING that Isaias Afwerki release the remaining 7 to 10 Djiboutian POWs, now she is asking Djibouti politely and respectfully to release the Eritrean POWs.

    The Head Medusa of the ABI camp, Elsa Chirum, was more “concerned” about the “remaining Djiboutian POWs” and that is why she asked FIRST about them and NOT the Eritrean POWs. Now in the sane and logical world, your first care and concern is about your country men and women , your compatriots, but if you are a denizen of Planet Illogic, you always cheer for the country at war or in conflict with Eritrea.

    You ‘out-Weyane’ the Weyanes; you ‘out-Djibouti’ the Djiboutian and ‘out-Yemen’ the Yemenis, if you are a denizen of Planet Illogic. That is precisely what Elsa Chirum and all the members of the ABI camp have been doing since joining their camp.

    And, to add to the fog of the contrived assertions, the unconfirmed claims, here comes the journalist, Salem Solomon, who wrote the VOE news piece in her Tweeter feed quoting “hrw” . She is claiming that ” out of the 18 Djiboutian POWs that Eritrea holds 3 has escaped in 2011″.
    All I can only say is that this thing ain’t over until the fat lady sings.

    ” Salem Solomon ‎@Salem_Solomon

    @RedSeaFisher @VOANews + @hrw also says: “#Eritrea denies it holds 18 #Djibouti prisoners of war even though three escaped in 2011″. ” .

    • tes

      Selam Gheteb,

      Unlike what PFDJ thinks of about AU, Arab League, USA, UN, etc, the world community has not grudges with PFDJ. It is pure conspiracy and hallucination of an imagined enemy and overly misinterpretation of PFDJ mafia ( as Semere Andom perfectly described it) that Eritrea looks isolated and neglected. The fact on the ground is, no one wants any kind of ill-facet about Eritrea except PFDJ junta himself.

      Here you aretrying your level best to give “une réason d’être” for what happened for the missing 13 POWs (4 recently released, 2 escapees). Here US and AU has all moral obligation to express a concern on these missing POWs and welcoming the developments so far.

      Djibouti should continue her diplomatic pressure on Eritrea to disclose about the remaining POWs and if not told officially it must open a case against Eritrea for the crimes that happened on her POWs.

      As for your conspiracy, it is a good trial though Eritreans are now well informed on the tactics you and your junta deploys to dis-inform us.


    • Ted

      Hi Gheteb, The fat lady already sang, they are busy dawning in their voice to hear her delivery.One thing is for sure, it is down hill from here. The TV show you are talking about is Law and Order Doha version. IA under a bright light sweating while the interrogating Qatari emir standing tall pounding the table” I know you have them” . At the climax of the scene , the emir whips out a flip phone(to make it authentic) to shows IA the image. IA curled up in his chair in embarrassment. The end. The live audience politely requested to applaud. Clap, clap….

      • Saleh Johar

        Dear Ted,
        All the side shows aside–the fake emotions, the cult behavior, “the hate driven vilification of Isaias Afwerki”, the traitors collaborating with the enemy, CIA, Weyane, etc, wela tenfer Tel e’ya, all of that aside, don’t you think the gist of the matter is Isaias denying the 2008 battle was ever fought between Eritrea and Djibouti, and further denying the existence of prisoners of war? Then, where are we from that?

        I think the issue deserves to be addressed honestly–of course I understand the for a margin of zig-zaging to cover-up the embarrassment and to display a brave face. Showing a brave face is always good though it is obvious when it is over acted.

        Indeed, the fat lady might have sang, but no one was interested. The spotlight was on Isaias when he sang “baaEley tebedileye, baaEley tebedileye.” That song made even his Arab patrons dance 🙂


        • Ted

          Hi SJ, how you doing. What we had with Djibouti was the case of ጨግሯፍሲ ባዕላ ሀሪማ ባዕላ ተዕውይ,
          Here is how Eritrea came to outmaneuver this scheme of aggression and labeling. For a change IA took it on the chin for Eritreans by denying the presence of POWS and the conflict all together. Does he suppose to be ashamed in this specific case, not at all. His bad habit of denying anything and everything against His Gov came handy this time. Let me explain. The SEMG is looking for smoking gun to nail Eritrea for aggression using live evidence(POWS). To get their claim convincing and palatable to the willing listeners and prosecutors, they invented the two (POWS) escaping from prison walking 11 days through Eritrea to get to Sudan; Here is another script “raiders of lost Ark” like movie for you;-) The problem with this “prison break” story is reliability issue that there will be follow up questions of details of their adventure which is bound to crumble under scrutiny. Without it, they got nothing regarding the manufactured conflict , nada zilch , of course, it was good enough for US to go ahead with the sanction and vilification. But at its root, the whole scheme fell apart to demonize Eritrea as pariah state fighting with every neighbors and the excuse to deploy thousands of troops under disguise of Peace mission. Eritrea can not allow this nonsense.

          Now,It is behind us and we don’t need to dwell on it that it is different political dynamic and time and more importantly, we need to adjust with current progression events accordingly, because sooner or later the accusers, the SEMG and all ,will pack their files to the basement.

          • tes

            Selamat Ted,

            Is that what your cult house dictates for when you write,

            “It is behind us and we don’t need to dwell on it that it is different political dynamic and time and more importantly, we need to adjust with current progression events accordingly, because sooner or later the accusers, the SEMG and all ,will pack their files to the basement.”

            Nkid tra – ንኺድ

            Segum – ሰጉም

            Yihinbeb alo ye – ይሕንበብ ኣሎ የ

            Eti Gemel gueziu yikitsil – እቲ ገመል ጉዕዙኡ ይቅጽል

            ወዘተ ወዘተ

            Or using the famous indoctrination line of General Sibhat Efrem which he quotes it from an American that says:

            “My country, right or wrong” – ሃገረይ፣ ቅንዕቲ ትሃሉ ገጋ።


          • saay7

            Hi Tes:

            Speaking of the camel, have you seen this image that has been circulating around? It is breaking news about the Eritrean camel that was in our emblem…



          • Fanti Ghana

            Hello Ustaz Saay,
            you said something about flooding the forum earlier, and just in case you were not joking I like to let you know that the opposite is true for me. To give you an example, I read your 256 twice over and I even spot read for the third time to make sure I read it right. You present ideas within ideas most of the time, and I have learned there is an advantage in re-reading most of your posts. So, go ahead; make my year!

          • saay7

            His Fantiness:

            Yes, I was serious, and thanks! So, ok, here are synapses firing, that I want you to come up with a Unifying Theory for (since YG has retired.) I was reminded of it when Amanuel and PTS were talking about “carrot and stick.”

            Dear Paulos NgoNgo:

            1. #76 of of “Eritrea And The Hood” is a link to a video interview of Isaias Afwerki by some hired documentary maker (Chirsophe Joubert). It is a perfectly coherent left-wing view of the world, that presents the president in the best light possible. Somewhere he says that he heard the expression “carrots and sticks” for the first time in the Atlanta talks (1989) and he was curious about the expression he asked around and he was told it had French origins and it was used on horses…and then he expresses amazement that such an expression is used on human beings.

            2. This triggered a memory from the time he visited Washington, DC in 1993. In response to a question about secularism, he quotes an Arab leader (I think from the Emirates) who said, paraphrasing, “you can go to mosque. Or you can go to a bar. But if you create commotion in either one, you will go to a third place: jail.”

            He understands “the mosque-bar-prison” relationship but he is completely perplexed by carrot-and-stick.

            Please explain.


            Perplexed from Cali

          • Fanti Ghana

            Selamat Saay,

            Can’t this wait until July too?

            This sounds like what one of our princesses, Haile Selassie’s grand daughters, had allegedly asked “why don’t they eat cake” when she heard that people in Wello were starving in the 70s.

          • Dear F.G.,

            The phrase, “why don’t they eat cake” was attributed (rightly/wrongly) first to Maria Antoinette, then to one of the Czar’s daughters, during the Russian revolution; but this is the first time I hear that it was one of the sins of HSI’s family.

          • Kim Hanna

            Selam Horizon,
            Lately, brother Fanti, is throwing things left and right with vengeance. I think he might be under extreme pressure of sorts.
            Let us get together and do intervention before he goes to the “other” side.
            Abi, I am pretty sure, will jump at the opportunity.
            Mr. K.H

          • Fanti Ghana

            Hello My cherished brother KH,

            What you said didn’t pain me, but Horizon’s an up vote, I must meditate on. ilohe, ilohe lema sebktani?

            Abi can only handle one crisis at a time, so give him some breathing room. He is still mourning about the goats I am ALLEGEDLY to have lost.

            What are you talking about? Everything I said in the last two weeks is brilliant, authentic, and in some cases quite a master piece.

          • Kim Hanna

            Selam Fanti Ghana,
            Let me quote a master piece, here.
            The following quote was made by you, perhaps in jest, nevertheless was directed to the Christian Ethiopians. I said perhaps in jest, because it was posted as a response to Abi, sometimes you two cross the lines. Regardless, it was said and I thought it was offensive. If I said the same thing in reverse about the Sudan, I am sure you would be among the first to reprimand me.
            “Let’s pull the rag from under the Arabs by all of us becoming Muslims. If someone translates The Quran into Ge’ez or Amharic it will sound the same as the Bible any way and since we don’t follow it word for word what difference would it make? I am serious! ”
            I am sure you are well read to know that sentiment have been expressed by some Arab opinion makers and scholars with all the seriousness they can muster. I am not exactly a religious fanatic but the statement, even as a joke was not acceptable.
            Your statement about the likes of me having unfinished business with you is unclear to me and I would like to keep it unclear. On balance, I agree with you more than you think. I hope to read your future thoughtful posts.
            Mr. K.H

          • Fanti Ghana

            Hello Mr. K.H,

            It is getting late for me too, but I don’t want you to go to bed with that unclear thing. It is not worth it. I was jokingly referring to our zeraf! zeraf! Nothing serious. However, about the Quran thing I was really serious, but it will need some explaining. I will explain what I meant when I see you posting something next time. You may not be as offended when I present it in detail.

            Besides, you are still my most cherished although Amde is gaining on you.

          • tes

            Dear Fanti Ghana,

            Please remember that there are individuals who get traumatized when you co-relate “Bible and Qur’An.

            Seriously though, if all religious books were able to be translated into respective local languages for sure their main contents couldn’t be such different.

            I do follow seldom a program broadcast from “Peace TV” of India. The program there has lots of good lessons to be learned from for people like me who are eager to learn about religious issues.


          • Fanti Ghana

            Hello Brother Horizon,

            Okay, now I know you were not TPLF, EPRP, nor MEISON.
            It was the most a common prank in the early years of the Ethiopian Student Movement (early to mid seventies). However, I am shocked KH (below) never heard of it either.

            If you have any friends that are old enough to have been EPRP members, I am sure they will redeem my honor from the likes of KH who may have some unfinished business with me.

            Seriously Horizon, it was one of the most common agitation methods used by our leftists of the time to explain the cluelessness of the rich about the plight of the poor.

          • Dear F.G.,

            Some statements are strong enough that they jolt you in your seat, like “We, Ethiopians and Eritreans, are Arabs” and now the “cake thing”. For the sake of historical exactness, it was not said by one of our foolish princesses; not that they were not naïve enough to say even worse things. I do accept that it could have been used by the revolutionaries as an agitation method. I apologize, if I have hurt your feeling. Sorry.

          • Fanti Ghana

            Hello Again Horizon,

            I know brother; we are not ready for statements like we are Arabs yet, but I have lots of little things in my mind I need to organize and present them with some reasonable coherence. By the way as soon as I typed that phrase, I knew what I was getting into, but mostly I laughed out aloud imagining potential reactions.

            About the princesses, it used to be told so convincingly that most teenagers I knew including myself never questioned its authenticity. However, years later, I remember hearing something similar to what you said about some European princess saying it for real. I didn’t remember until you mentioned it though.

          • Dear F.G.,

            At least, we Ethiopians, Christians and Muslims, will never be ready for the statement “we are Arabs”. There is a world of difference that separates us. Especially, our Saudi neighbors may have left behind their Bedouin tents and moved to skyscrapers, drive luxury cars, and swim in abundance, thanks to oil money, nevertheless they walk around in this 21st century with their medieval mentality. I personally do not want to have to do anything with people, who have the audacity to see me as a slave and call me abeed, simply because I happen to be of a darker skin compared to them, or chop-off my head for minor transgressions. Please keep in mind the links below, when you write your future posts on this subject.



          • Fanti Ghana

            Hello Brother Horizon,

            I understand that this topic is not only untimely and even unrealistic, but also when the time comes, it will take several carefully worded publications to make an educational material out of it. However, let me ask you this: do you think we would be as shocked had I said “we Ethiopians and Eritreans are Israelites” instead? I strongly doubt it. What are we defending by resisting even exploring who our kin might be?

            You linked a news item that shows one of the “backward” things the “Arabs” do. For the sake of this argument let’s assume Arabs are barbarian savages with a lot of or no money. Now, would you have given my proposal a serious thought had the Arabs been a very thoughtful, kind, technologically advanced beings? What does their success or lack thereof have to do with how we explore all possible leads for the purpose of finding our kin?

            What I have been witnessing ever since I was old enough to question the status quo is this: we have created, more like handed down to us from our ancestors, a garrison which we seldom question its use but rather defend with all our might. Why not explore? The two possible outcomes are either we find more evidence to strengthen the status quo or we find some interesting new elements that will lead us into a different perspective about ourselves. How can we possibly be harmed by this proposed exploration?

            Although your post above is something I also think, worry, and occasionally get mad about, I think we may be either looking at two different things or we are looking at the same thing from two different angles. To help us focus our discussion on the same topic I will clarify what I am talking about. I am talking about our very close historical and congenial relationships as opposed to our current political or diplomatic relationships with the Arab world.

          • Kokhob Selam

            Dear Fanti,
            I was reading word by word the discussions you had with my brother Horizon. I love and enjoy it. in fact here the most advanced and open minded brother Horizon have to do one leap over the fence we Habesha people created. I would to ask permission from both of you to have my say.. as soon as I get permission I will come back..

          • Fanti Ghana

            Hello Dr. KS,
            You are more than welcome brother. More brains is quicker and better than less brains in finding the truth. I can vouch for Horizon too.

          • Kokhob Selam

            Dear Fanti,

            Since you agree and since Horizon up voted ( I assume he agree) I am here to open my heart and say how really understand the Arabism and Habeshism thing…Lol

            Let us start..

            Dear brothers,

            Let’s start first that we 3 agree and confirm 3 important points

            1st unconditional love: – I once read one quotation and commitment and since then I always makes sure if I am really following it. And that is “I hereby dedicate my life to the brotherhood of mankind “ I only fail to confirm this when I challenge PFDJ ( Lol) although deep inside I am also not against single human except the system. The advantage of unconditional love can be listed on one complete book but for now the advantage of unconditional love serves to the applier of the Idea more than others..From the day I fully understand that we are what we think I never got hurt by others whom I never think of them negatively. All those I hate them and think bad about them hurt me and those whom I think positive about them and love them love me and support me. It took me long to understand it ( the concept) but it is right that “man is what he thinks”. If this didn’t work with you, then it must be your mistake or you have wrong understanding in processing ideas and thoughts. If we really know how to reprogram our mind, it is possible to live in peace and love. Don’t be confused; just keep reading I am going to join the idea with what you are discussing about.

            2nd we are all connected, no one is out of the ocean call – life and everyone is the center of the universe from his perspective. And everyone affects everyone else- every incident is the result of other collected thoughts and actions.

            3rd the mission of every soul is to learn in this world and work toward perfection. The first job to do is within.

            Joining the above three and an advice..

            “Universal love is a bottomless reservoir that lives in the heart of every soul. Blow gently on that glowing ember inside you and ‘light the light within’. Accessing it is much like tuning into a radio frequency, into the universal love station”

            Are you with me on this? Confirm me as such before I go further. We will talk about if we Arabs or Habesha.. I will continue only if you love the base written above.

          • Fanti Ghana

            Selamat Dr. Kokhob Selam,

            “Universal love is a bottomless reservoir that lives in the heart of every soul.” I concur wholeheartedly!

            It is true Kokhob Selam, at the end of the day it is about love. And to get there safely, we need to acknowledge the truth. Whether it is scientific truth, historical truth, logical truth, or personal truth we cannot move an inch without it.

            “The first harvest of benefits for acknowledging truth is to the acknowledger.” Ms. Hayat Adem, 03/20/2015

            Please continue Kokhobai.

          • Kokhob Selam

            Dear brother,
            it took my attention,”The first harvest of benefits for acknowledging truth is to the acknowledger.” Ms. Hayat Adem, 03/20/2015

            it shows me how much you keep records. thank you.

            so the question we all ask during our childhood days is ” who am I really?” some answer it after long experience some even stay 100 years and they take the question with them to come back and answer it. are you really the handsome FG, no we are only experiencing with that body in that experience and circumstances, and all the identity we have ends when we die. it is a temporary cloth we are in and it is an experience we should go through to reach the truth. how should we deal with it? here comes the golden rule the rule that you will find it in every culture, religion, etc.

            I am an Eritrean in this life time to experience how to be universal from this tiny prison called nation, identity etc.. can I love other nations while I am an Eritrean, or will I be narrow minded in extreme false love of this identity? that is the exam we are facing. again it starts within single individual. man has fallen apart with his wrong understanding of love, love of self, love of identity, love of his religion – totally missed the purpose of life. this is my understanding and I will continue to say it.

          • Fanti Ghana

            Selamat Dr. KS,

            I loved your definition of nationality as “temporary clothing.”

            You packed so many wonderful concepts and statement on this post it would take volumes to address it all. You are a wonderful soul my friend. The basic elements necessary for a happy life are the simplest ones, and yet, vanity and mutual suspicion among peoples and nations continues to make the world a very tricky place to live in. People have refined their methods of hate much more than their methods of love, and it is common to witness people having difficulty showing their loving side even when they want to while their hating side is readily available on a whim.

            I will leave you with my favorite Bible quote about love which I have been trying to master for years but fail all the time.

            “Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, and endures all things.” 1 Corinthians 13:4-7

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Dear FG,

            Thank you for the biblical verse about love, which is short in store among awatistas. I hope Peace will take note of it.


          • Kokhob Selam

            Dear Brother Fanti,

            Thank you. yes ended “love is patient and kind ..” I want to have one poem on this one. I love it.

            By the way it takes deep self understanding first to reach to this line of thinking. honestly speaking it is a way to wisdom, it is a wisdom.

          • Dear F.G.,

            Historically, culturally, linguistically, genetically etc. are we Arabs or Israelites? Why should it be an issue in the first place, to be an Arab? We are what we are; with our God-given uniqueness, free, independent and self-respecting people, who have no reason whatsoever to be somebody else other than Ethiopians.

            Let me put the same question to you from the opposite side. If we say that Arabs and Israelites are Ethiopians, don’t you think that they would laugh at us? What is there to be gained by saying that we are what we are not? Our historical relationship with Arabs has been that of defending ourselves from their many incursions, so that we remain free. Our future relationship will depend on their friendliness towards us.

            True or myth our connection with the Israelites is said to be through the queen of Shiba. Other than about the 150K Ethiopians who declared that they are jews (Bête Israel, Falasha), Ethiopians are not Israelites, even if some say that Ethiopians have some genes from that area, because our main genetic makeup is regional and African. We are what we know we are: Habeshas, Ethiopians, people of the horn, Africans; nothing more and nothing less, and we should remain as such. No need to search for kinship beyond deserts and seas. We can have good diplomatic and economic relations with all people around us, but we remain Ethiopians and we are not Arabs or Israelites.

          • Fanti Ghana

            Hello Brother Horizon,

            I totally respect this very much. Our collective past experiences has made us who we are today. Whether we choose to call ourselves Habesha, Ethiopian, East African, or whatever we are the sole owners of our identity. Where it get dicey for me is when I occasionally investigate our past some unanswered questions pop up, and for that reason alone I am proposing to not be afraid of exploring instead of selectively discarding elements that don’t fit our preconceived collective ideals.

            So, here I am agreeing with you in one hand and feeling compelled to show the other side of it in the other. Our connection with the Israelis is obvious, what is even more obvious, at least to me, is however our connection to the Arab world as a whole. My historical, cultural, linguistical, genetical etc. background unequivocally points to my kinship with Arabs. How much and to what extent is a different story. The diverse nature of Ethiopia and Ethiopians will demand several sub sections to explain it all correctly, but its presence is undeniable nonetheless.

            “If we say that Arabs and Israelites are Ethiopians, don’t you think that they would laugh at us?”

            They definitely would. They are like us, remember (I couldn’t resist). It is entirely possible that we may find the other way around to be true, that is, the Arabs and Israelites may be Ethiopians after all. which ironically happens to be saying the same thing. Either they are us or we are them. Now, that brings me to my ultimate proposal: let’s investigate every element of our past with an open mind regardless of where it may lead. That is where my entire suggestion boils down to.

          • Saleh Johar

            Do you notice you are mixing political identity (Egyptian, Yemeni, Ethiopian, Eritrean) with race (Arab, Turkman, Greek, Armenian, Abyssinian, Oromian, Beni Amrawi, Somali, etc)? I think you can be of an Ethiopian idedntity and belong to one of the many racial groups of the world. There are Arab Ethiopians, Armenian Ethiopians, Greek Ethiopians, etc. I don’t think you need help to find your hyphenated countrymen 🙂

            I doubt if your claim “our main genetic makeup is regional and African.” I know there are revisionists who would concoct any excuse to distance themselves from Arabs (read Muslims), but the Abyssinian connection to Southern Arabia (read Yemen and Negran region) is well established, a short visit to the Addis Ababa university library is a help, or a textbook by one of the few Ethiopian scholars (Hableselassie and Lapiso) can explain a few vague issues. If need be, I can suggest a few ancient Arab writers who wrote about the region way before bigotry was introduced, and way when “Abyssinia was the marketplace of the Arabs”, and “Arabia was the main destination of Abyssinians”. For your information, I have visted Yemen, its history museum and met experts of the ancient Hemerite text (geez). A museum curator directed me to a man who could write the ancient script, and I asked him to write “Yemen” he did, right to left, it looked as if our text was being reflected on a mirror–that is just an anecdote good for conversation 🙂

            By the way, I am an Abyssinian, a Habesha, and my racial connection is not dictated by political hacks.

            Take it easy 🙂

          • Dear SJ,

            When F. G. came with the statement that Ethios and Eris are Arabs, I was forced to remind him of the famous proverb, which says, “can a Habesha change his skin or a Leopard its spots”, and I tried to point out that racially we are not the same, (please, look at the link by wolde ab). I should confess that before I read this research paper a year or two ago, I also believed that genes had crossed over to our region from the Arabian Peninsula, and they manifest themselves in Ethiopians (I am referring to Abyssinians in our discussion).

            The itinerary of human society seems to have been through family to – tribe – race – and finally nation. The last is usually made up of multiple races. Race is a biological identity, while ethnicity is a social and political identity. They overlap some way, but they are not the same. Racial differences are secondarily acquired and these characteristics came over thousands of years through the influence of the environment by creating mutations (genetic changes) or by impeding their functions. Why did the genes for melanin production (which gives us the black color of our skins) stopped to function in white people? It is the result of the environment.

            Genetic change may start in one person, but if it persisted and multiplied in the off-springs who give it to their off-springs etc., then we have that characteristic prevalent in that group of people. Others disseminated their genes over a wide area as for e.g., the warrior king Genghis Khan, whose genes spread over a large area from Mongolia to Turkey. Otherwise, the fundamental genomic edifice is the same for all human beings, with some mutations here and there (as I said), which give them some phenotypic characteristics. That is why some races are white, others black, have mongoloid faces, are tall, and others are as short as pygmies, etc.

            Historians tell us that Sabeans ruled over eastern Ethiopia and Ethiopians in their turn ruled over southern Arabian Peninsula thousands of years ago. If both people have acquired from each other cultural and linguistic characteristics, this does not mean that they have become the same people, because it was short lived and not a generalized phenomenon. Even if “Abyssinia was the marketplace of the Arabs”, and “Arabia was the main destination of Abyssinians” the minor genetic introduction both ways seems to have died out without leaving trace.

          • tes

            Dear saay7,

            Oh yes, I saw it on EYSC facebook page. I thought that it was a photoshop work.

            Just guessing: As putting camel in this emblem is an insult to the Camel species, there is a rumor within the Animal welfare movement that is intended to sue PFDJ in the international Animal Symposium that will be held in the near future.

            Being terrified by such moves and dozens of others that squeezes PFDJ diplomatic maneuver, DIA is not ready again to say “Pardon Me” again.


            Where is Yemane Monkey these days by the way? Since the day Messeret Bahlibi downgraded his [Yemane Monkey] foster and patriotic youth organization into a cultural civic society, not a single trip is done by him?

            Will he be in coming patriotic* Eritrean youth annual conference?


            *Not actually patriotic but a group of gangsters that have enforced their acts through their motto written on their T-Shirt, “Eri-Blood”.


          • saay7

            Selamat Tes:

            As PTS put it succinctly, until such time that the UN’s Human Right Council’s (HRC) Commission of Inquiry on Eritrea (CoIE) reports in June whether crimes against humanity have been committed by the Government of Isaias Afwerki with the full knowledge and approval of President Isaias Afwerki, then “all non-essential arrests” will be curtailed. In addition:

            1. The PFDJ’s “mass organizations” — NUEW, NUEYS, YPFDJ — will pretend to be civil society. The phrase mass organization, literally translated to the grammatically-incorrect Tigrinya as ሓፋሽ ውድባት, owes its origin to Lenin who felt that while a vanguard party led, it needs agents to mobilize the people. These agents of mobilization he called “mass organization.” That is, their entire raison d’être, as you French people call it, is relay an order from the top (party hierarchy) to the masses. Top Down. This, of course, is the exact opposite of what a civil society does: a VOLUNTARY association of like-minded people who are organized to influence the government.

            2. I do feel very sorry for Meseret Bahlbi. He actually thought that YPFDJ was a civil society when all the data– (a) its very name; (b) its adoption of the PFDJ National Charter as its charter; (c) all its activities since its founding; (d) the fact that the Political Director of PFDJ is its Godfather–points to the fact that it is a “mass organization.” When he filed his suit against the Dutch Miriam van somebody (yes, she is a Mzungu; yes, some of us in the Opposition were conflicted; shut up Ted:) he was bound to lose. And of course, PFDJ would do absolutely nothing to help him.

            3. After June, regardless of the HRC decision, the mass organizations (which are now making headlines everyday, specially the fictitious labor union and the farcical women’s organization) will go back to their caves and to assume their “yes, sir! Right away, sir!” roles. The arrests will extend to include non-essential arrests. The Penal Code and Civil Code, specially the one referencing habeas corpus, will be ignored due to, in the tender words of Eritrean scholars Luwam Dirar and Kibrom Tesfagabir Teweldebirhan, “the political situation in Eritrea.” (Shut up Cuz Semere A:) The Come-And-See invitations to the press will be reversed as more and more journalists come, see and report exactly what they see.


          • tes

            Selamat saay7,

            Just for a serious joke:

            ረተይ ደፊንካለይ ኔርካ

            ኣብ ዝሓለፈ ግዜ እቲ ዘይሕጋዊ ስርዓት ዘይሕጋዊ ዝበሎ ኣባይቲ ከም ዘፍረሰ ናይ ትማሊ ተዘክሮ ኢዩ ። ኣብ ከባቢ ኣርባዕተ ኣስመራ የፍርሰሉ ኣብ ዝነበረ ግዜ : ኣቦይ ኣብርሃ ገዝኦም ትፈርስ ምህላዋ ምስ ሰምዑ : ካብ ማእከል ከተማ ነታ ቤንቲ ሰዩ ( 26 ) ዝዓይነታ ሳይክሎም ( cycle ) ከም ዑፍ እንዳ የሐንበብዋ ክመጹ ዝራኣዩ ደቂ ገዛውቶም : ኣንታ ኣምላኽ ሎሚ ሕማቕ ካይተርእየና ነቦይ ኣብርሃ ማይ ጨሎትካ ካዓወሎም ብምባል ጸሎቱ የዕረገ ።

            ኣቦይ ኣብርሃ ሳይክሎም ብምድርባይ ናብቲ ድሮ ክፈርስ ጀሚሩ ዝነበረ ቤቶም ንውሽጢ ተሓንበቡ ። ጎሮባብቲ ካብቲ ከጋጥም ዝኽእል ትራጀዲ( ሓደጋ) ንምህዳም ፋሕ በሉ ።ድሕሪ ካሊኢት ኣቦይ ኣብራሃ ከም ቆልዓ ጥምቀት ብጨርቂ ዝተጀነነት ሒዞም ካብቲ ዝፈርስ ዝነበረ ቤቶም ወጹ ። ናብቲ ገዞም ዘፍርስ ዝነበረ ናይ 320ዘ cat ኦፖሬተር ቅርብ ኢሎም : እዝግሄር ኣውጺኡኒ መንግስትና ዝሃበኒ ( ዘዕጠቐኒ ) ብረት ( ካላሽን ) ቀቢርካያ ኔርካ በልዎ ።

            ወይ ህዝቢ ኤርትራ ነቲ ዘይ ኑቡር ከም ኑቡር ተቐቢልዎ

            Hope this hero won’t be a victim in the coming July round-up

            Taken from facebook with nickname: “Eritrea for Eritreans” written in Geez alphabet.


          • Lamek

            Hi Saay. Half the time, I am not so sure what your point is because you write contradictory things perhaps to confuse the likes of Ted. For one thing, I don’t believe for one second that you didn’t remember or know Professor van Reisen’s name. Kal tizikir. For another thing, it’s mind boggling to see someone like you refer to an incredible friend of us justice seekers a mzungu because in my understanding that term has a negative connotation towards white Europeans. You should be the first person to thank her and perhaps even all white people for that matter because you maximized your opportunities in their country. Everything you said was disappointing but I did find some humor, albeit sad, in the article you pasted:

            “The Eritrean soldiers were not very approachable. When asked for their insights, they shook their heads viciously.

            One Eritrean soldier let loose a tirade in Tigrinya, his language. He then threw down a bag of steamed rice that the Djiboutians had given him — in a rare act of camaraderie, or mercy, out here — and stomped away.”

          • saay7

            Selamat Lamek

            Remember, I said “some of us in the Opposition were conflicted”. I was referring to the social media wars when pro-PFDJ Eritreans rooted for Meseret (We are all Meseret) and some Opposition changed their profile to that of Miriam Van and yes at the time I had a brain-freeze and forgot it is Reisen. Next time, I will think of Jim Morrison’s “Mr Mojorisen” and it will come to me.

            By Mzungu, I refer to ALL Westerners who have become more-Eritrean -than-thou: they are no longer in the passenger seat but driving. Again, I am from the side of the oppo who is bothered by that (I know, so old fashioned).

            The Geffrey Gettleman article is most noteworthy to me for the image (how close the Djibouti and Eritrean armed kids are) and how it was inevitable that a skirmish would break out: and here was a reporter doing what the best of reporters do. That the Gov of Isaias Afwerki was singing “fabrication” before, during and after the war. That if we had a real civil society, a Peace Lobby, we would have pressured the government.

            The only think that you shouldn’t understand is why I mentioned Geffrey Gettleman in relationship to the Ogaden conflict and Ethiopia kicking him out. That was for the benefit of Eyob, so he can come and tell us how he invented that whole story to win his Pulitzer Prize. Take it easy, bruh.


          • Lamek

            Saay, okay we are cool. There was a picture on Facebook showing prof reisen and her friend having coffee ceremony Eritrean style, wearing zuria and shiffon. But okay now I hear you. You should be more disappointed then at the Oppo for making her an Eritrea-expert because if we didn’t consume her product, she wouldn’t be an expert. But in my humble opinion, she has good intentions but I am not implying, in anyway, that you don’t believe so as well.

          • Kim Hanna

            Selam tes,
            I think you need to coin the current applicable Eritrean indoctrination line as….”My President, Right or Wrong”. I am convinced some people I read here don’t really differentiate the President from the country or its people, otherwise how can anyone explain the insane reasoning that is exhibited.
            This successful worshiping and self indoctrination method is equivalent to the “Big Lie” theory that need to be explored.
            Mr. K.H

          • tes

            Dear Kim Hanna,

            In the PFDJ indoctrination school of social science that I attended in the year of 2008, the General mentioned above has the longest time slot of delivering lectures:10/50 days – 20%. The General’s main theme of the course is to indoctrinate us on this single line:

            “My country, right or wrong”

            OK, when PFDJ officials say “country” it is not the traditional country that we all know about. It is about the PFDJ country so called PFDJ Eritrea.

            Seriously though the mentioned general has deceived many dissidents and put them in dungeons and some killed during operations The 2013 Forto incident is one recent example.

            General Sibhat is the key element in the indoctrination process of PFDJ cult house. I have many things to say about his approach but for now enough.

            Concerning the “Big Lie” theory, I haven’t any idea so far. If you are kind enough, please share it with us. If not I will google it.


          • saay7

            Alla Ted:)

            You and Gheteb need to synchronize your defense arguments, man. And remind me never to hire you as my lawyer, and here’s why:

            The link that Gheteb provided from the Gulf paper said the following with respect to the Djibouti prisoners of war:

            Gulf Times on its March 19, 2016 report about the Djiboutian POWs release wrote that:

            ” The Foreign Minister [of Qatar] added that intensive meetings were held in Doha with Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki, who directed the authorities in his country to hand over the four prisoners of war who were in a group of seven. One of them died and two others fled. The Djiboutian authorities confirmed the reports”.

            Ok, now this is the SEMG from 2012:

            On 10 June 2008, Yabeh and Ali’s unit was surprised by the Eritrean assault: 7 of its members were captured , of whom 5 were wounded…..


            On 16 September 2011, two men <approached Sudanese police at the town of Karuurah on the Eritrean-Sudanese border and announced themselves as Privates First Class Ahmed ‘Eeleeye Yabeh and Kadir Soumboul Ali of the Djiboutian Armed Forces. They claimed to have been held prisoner in Eritrea for more than three years and three months, and to have escaped from detention 11 days before.

            I think the only way you can win this argument is by saying that “escape” is different from “flee.” I have to tell you, if there is one man who feels vindicated it must be the SEMG chief at the time, Matt Bryden. Because the facts perfectly align with what his team reported.


          • Ted

            Hi Saay, i will not be good lawyer but you count one me to negotiate one your behalf. it is Eritrean culture.;) There is no confusion, Two different times with two different scenario. the devil is in the details that the condition of the release of POWS and the process there after is arranged to be handled by Qatar not by the infamous Matt Brayden or the new SEMG. March 19 announcement is in different arrangement that Eritrea felt comfortable to release the POWS in realization, with agreement with Djibouti, it will end the conflict through Doha. Back then, Rightfully so, Eritrea Gov were not comfortable with people like Matt Brayden and the like taking charge in this conflict. If Eritrea were to relinquish those ” 4 POWS”(admission of the manufactured conflict ) in those difficult time , Mr Brayden would had them on the pedestal with all dramatization to portray Eritrea’s aggression and invasion with colorful fanfare presentations to demonize Eritrea in the world media and would had exploited the situation to the end using US and UNSC the international community to set up peace mission. He was not good agent.
            PS. Matt Brayden, i don’t know how opposition works but i am sure you know he got fired for unscrupulous act.

          • saay7

            Ha Ted:

            Nice try but: the point you were trying to ridicule was that two Djibouti prisoners of war had escaped (as reported by Matt Bryden’s team back in 2012) and it has been confirmed now by Eritrea’s spokesperson, Qatar’s foreign minister. (March 2016.) Matt said 2 escaped and Qatar’s FM said 2 fled. So, nah, I wouldn’t want you to negotiate for me at all, man, because I would burst out laughing in the middle of your negotiation, but thanks for the offer.

            As for Matt Bryden’s unscrupulous act: he expressed in UN stationery what he believes personally. Using UN stationery to express his personal views cost him his job. This is why I am congratulating him because PFDJ actually thought it had destroyed his career. Meanwhile, the guy you are falling over the sword for, IA, writes his temper tantrums and emotional outbursts using State of Eritrea, President’s Office stationery and it doesn’t seem bother you at all. Now, your lawyering of IA is impressive, I give you that:)


          • Ted

            Hi Saay, Although i get your point, You can’t make me guilty for what i believe in this specif case.My support for IA is simple and i reasoned it with all information we all have. Denying was the one and only option. Those two who escaped/fled are not the responsibility of Eritrea Gov anymore and to be added in the Qatar report to match Matt Braydens report doesn’t surprise me . Why not if it makes Djibouti happy and process going. The reason , i believe they never existed that their escape story doesn’t add up.
            Now we are left the matter of repatriation to “dead or alive” Things should go fine unless Eritrea used the Indian cremation temple at bete gergish for those no longer alive( It is wink wink to IA from his supporter).

          • tes

            Dear Ted,

            Remember that there is War Crimes Case. Djibouti has all legal rights to open a file against PFDJ. What happened to these prisoners of war is more than an ordinary crime.

            What PFDJ is against the Rights of POWs. Ad for this, let Djibouti be serious before attempting to pursue here diplomatic normalcy.

            Qatar has failed terribly here. Wwhat DIA did is just to get a temporary relief from the International Pressure directed to him from all dimensions.

            Saying that, I won’t be surprised if you follow the PFDJ cult mantra, Segum, segum


          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Hi Ted,

            Whether you call it “fabricated conflict or not” there were fighting between Eritrea and Djibouti in 2008, that consume lives from both sides and resulted capturing POWs from both sides. You were denying then and denying until the Djiboutian 4 POWs are released. Issayas told you through Qatar’s official mouth that he released 4 POWs. What are you trying to defend for thing already publicized that not only Issayas has lied to the Eritreans and the world at large, but also has made his supporters to lie. Now, as to whether there was a war between the two countries and real POWs from both sides is a settled issue. The only issue you are left with, is how the border should be demarcated. The denial is exposed and the Eritrean people is now fully aware about the nature of their government. The incompetent regime shamed us in front the international communities. From this point this government will not have an international respect at all.

          • Mahmud Saleh

            Dear Ted the greatest

            I think you are mixing two different things.

            1. The nature of the conflict: one can make the point that it’s a typical conflict between two neighboring countries along their poorly demarcated borders. I can link up source to make a point that the border between the two countries is not as delimitated as we think it is. Yours, of course, is based on the theory that wayane is behind it. I’m of the opinion that there is a real border problem, interweaved with regional geo-interests, that needs sober dialogue between the two countries. Below is a well summarized Wikipedia’s version (for quick look, you may do your own study in order to get better sources (I have a couple of them nut not as concisely comprehensive as the version of wiki.
            “The currently in force 1900 boundary agreement specifies that the international boundary starts at Cape Doumeira (Ras Doumeira) at the Red Sea and runs for 1.5 km along the watershed divide of the peninsula. Furthermore, the 1900 protocol specified that Ile Doumeira (Doumeira Island) immediately offshore and its adjacent smaller islets would not be assigned sovereignty and would remain demilitarized. [6] Djibouti and Eritrea had twice previously clashed over the border area. In January 1935, Italy and France signed the Franco-Italian Agreement wherein parts of French Somaliland (Djibouti) were given to Italy (Eritrea).[7] The actual border at Ras Doumeira (a hill) though was never fully demarcated save for a broad agreement that the northern slopes of hill were Italian and the southern slopes were French and this arrangement sufficed whilst France and Italy remained in control of the area. However, the question of ratification has brought this agreement, and its provision of substantial parts of Djibouti to Eritrea into question”
            The question at hand is not about the precipitating causes (yes we need a lot of information in that area), but about the way the GOE has handled it, which caused us a lot. As it stands, Djibouti says Eritreans requested to excavate some gravel and, thus, were allowed, but dag trenches, instead, and later refused to leave. Then, the tensions and the stories you know follow. Well, our government refused to acknowledge the occurrence of a conflict save clashes. Here, you see Djibouti taking all necessary diplomatic measures, playing by the UN book (it turns PFDJ has not learned a thing from AdiMurug and Badme ) while our government has kept silent. The world, of course, will listen to the party that is playing by the rule. The issue of prisoners comes within this scheme. That’s why I said the silence and utter ignorant behavior of the Eritrean government has already caused us a lot. And unless Qatar silence the Djiboutian authorities with an offer they can’t turn down (highly unlikely) the issue will eventually go to the UN, and probably follow the Ethio-Eritrean border resolution path. All we hope for is that whatever ruling comes out of it is honored.
            Therefore, the nature and the motive of the conflict could be debated separately. Right now, what’s on trial is the way Eritrean government handled. Because we can’t wish away this thing.

          • Ted

            Hi the Greatest. I understand the possibility of conflict in that area and there is a lot of blame to throw around. My argument is how it was handled afterwards. . We know now there were POWS and skirmish. The problem arose when Eritrea knew the mediators were impartial to solve the issue at hand wanting to exploit it to their end. In this trial of brotherly people, Eritrean Gov felt standing against the big powers which has nothing to do with issue at hand. As we all know, with no option left, they chose to do what comes to them naturally; deny and bury their head in the sand;-) and they left us guessing. It was a strategy to the point looked absurd and stupid, nonetheless a strategy for the country with no friend to stand by its side until Doha……. At the end, two Gov come to the table with good faith. Eritrea handed over the POWS. And as time passes the details for sure come clearer.

          • ‘Gheteb

            Selam Ted.

            One thing that needs to be remembered is that the agreement that both Eritrea and Djibouti through the Qatari mediation is:

            The resolution that comes out of this process is very clear which is:

            The resolution is FINAL and mutually BINDING.

            Pay attention to the word MUTUALLY here.

            What is more is that if Djibouti doesn’t want to abide by it, then the UN, AU, Arab League and the rest of the world would know who doesn’t want to play by the rule.

            The UN fully supports this process and I don’t see how it would want to entertain Djibouti’s complaints if Djibouti doesn’t accept the resolution that comes out this agreement.

          • tes

            Selamat Gheteb,

            Aha, now you are coming with the old fashioned “Final and mutually binding”. This line could have being valid the time it was signed. Now 8 years have passed.

            What is awaiting to PFDJ Eritrea is; Crimes of War Case before going to the agreement signed. Once this case was settled (it may take another 8 years), then the agreement could be put on table (that it will take another 8 years. In total, we will have a resolved border issue with Djibouti in year 2032.

            The good thing is now; PFDJ-Eritrea has officially admitted about the war. This is good case for Djibouti to start with.


          • Saleh Johar

            Hi Ted,
            Would you advise me to say anything in response to your fantastic reasoning? Nah, I am sure you do not hate me that much. Since I am convined by your argument, I will pass 🙂

          • Ted

            Hi SJ, why act like a fool while i can do the reasoning for you;-) You can’t go wrong in these hash hash and conflicting story from both sides but at the end of the day the issue is about to be resolved out of SEMG territory. It is great news for me and with all their bad intentions to frame Eritrea, the Djibouti Gov coming to the table to solve the issue is praise worthy. If you are bothered for my support for Eritrean Gov position in these Eritrea-Djibouti issue, there is a lot to be bothered about for supporting the other end of the story, SEMG. There is still time to make it right.. In my humble opinion, the errors that crippled the progress of oppositions came from the fact it is not able to choose their fight wisely.

      • ‘Gheteb

        Selam Ted,

        I am checking just right now your exchanges. Is it Ted against 4 or 5? I lost count, but keep it up is all I will say for now.

      • Amanuel Hidrat

        Hi Ted,

        Yes indeed, not only the Qatari emir, the whole world know that there was a military conflict between the two countries and POWs on both sides, except the Eritrean worshipers of Issayas. Regarding the unresolved or unsettled border issue, MS has it right, if it helps you. That border issue can not be handled by Qatar nor do by the two countries that are on conflict. It will only be resolved by the international law akin to the Eritro-Yemeni border issue (the Hanish Islands). Come on, apply a simple common sense from recent lessons. How difficult is it for you brother?

        • Ted

          Hi Amanuel H, The greatest Ms is always right even when he is not;-) I don’t know your intention looking for international community/law while we have two countries agreed to do it through their chosen mediator, Qatar. The Ghetebe link above to me at page 9 article 1 clearly stated Qatar is entrusted to facilitate the border demarcation with agreement of both countries.
          If we are a caring kind of people, it is for Eritrean POWS in Djibouti which it had acknowledged for having them in their custody to deny it now.
          It another sad day in Europe. It might feels right for some to blame religion in Brussels and everywhere but what happening is a political crisis. If they really want to solve the problem, they don’t need to look further, all the roads leads to Saudi Arabia.

      • ‘Gheteb

        Hi Ted,

        I am attaching the link of the Agreement between Eritrea and Djibouti and you will find the answers to all the nonsense stuff that some are directing your way.


  • Semere Andom

    Dear AT:

    Whoreship diplomacy gangster games at their best!

    Whoever said this: “it is frustrating, Eritreans are among the few people who do not have a government that protects them, they have one that oppresses them.”

    Just because PFDJ owns guns, tanks, schools, planes and soldiers does not make it a government. It is not, it is a mafia group on steroids with membership in the UN.

    In the early 2000, there was a PFDj supporter, an Elias Amare prodigy who claimed he was a journalist, his name was Michael Suim and when he wrote with excitement about the schools in Sawa and PFDJ colleges, Saleh AA Younis mocked him in an article by saying something along the lines, Journalist Michael Suim saw teenagers, classrooms blackboards and cafeterias and he confused it with colleges of high learning……

    Now our Eritrean activist is saw tanks, flag hoisted at the UN, saw a man, the head of the PFDJ referred to himself as president and he confused PFDJ with a government.

    It is not that we do not have a government that does not protect us, we do not have a government, Eritrea is run by mafia

  • Kokhob Selam

    ክቡራት እንዳ ዓዋተ:-

    ግመል ብመርፍእ ዝሓለፈሉ ኣጋጣሚ ኣይተረእየን – ህግደፍ ዘይገብሮ ነገር የለን – ሕጂ ‘ውን ሕቶታት ተሓቲቶም ከይተመለሱ ክሓልፉ ዶ ይኾኑ ?

    ሰማይ ዝሃገሩ መግስቲ ኤርትራ ” ኩናት ኣየካድኩን ” ንዓመታት መኪቱ ክንሱ 4 ደቂ ጁቡቲ ፈጢሩ ጆባእ ምባሉ ዓጀብ እዩ ዘብል ዓጀብ! ሓሶት ዝስንቁ ስርዓት ከመይ ገይሩ ንምሕደራ ገጠር ኣእመኖም ? ከመይ ከ ምስ ‘ዚ ስርዓት ይሰርሑ ኣለው ? ንምዃኑ መንግስቲ ጁቡቲ ነቶም ዝተረፉ ክሓተሎም ድዩ ክገድፎም ? ምሩኻትና ኸ ካን ኮይንዎም ድዮም ክሓቁ ?

    ህግደፍ እንታይ ገይሩ : – ዓለም ሲ ‘ታይ በዲላ ! ንሕና ድኣ ንሕና ሃጥያትና በዚሑ!