Qatari Forces Deployed On The Eritrean-Djibouti Border

Gedab News,(June 2, 2010): Qatari mediators brokered an agreement between the Djiboutian and the Eritrean governments after months of shuttle diplomacy.

Qatar has deployed its forces on the border between the two countries starting late Tuesday night; and by Wednesday morning, the forces had been deployed on the entire disputed areas between the two countries. The number of the Qatari forces is estimated to be several hundred soldiers.

Reached by telephone in Djibouti, Mr. Mohammed Taha Tewekel, the director of Gulf News Center confirmed the news.

Though Djibouti hosts American and French forces, it is not known whether they had any role in the deployment.

A summit between Ismail Guelleh of Djibouti, Isaias Afwerki of Eritrea and the Qatari Amir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani is expected be held in Doha where further details of the agreement will be signed.

Djibouti had refused to hold such a meeting unless the Eritrean forces pulled out of the disputed areas.

About two hours ago (Wednesday morning in the Horn of Africa), all Eritrean forces have pulled out of the border area and are now stationed a few kilometers away.

The Eritrean government has agreed to compensate Djibouti for the damages it caused and it has also agreed to stop its activities of organizing and using Djiboutian opposition elements against Djibouti.

Last December, the UN Security Council passed resolution 1907 sanctioning the Eritrean government because of its refusal to withdraw from the border areas it occupied and for its role in assisting the AlShabab of Somalia.


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