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Egyptian Frigates Patrolling Bab El-Mendeb Area

It was reported on Wednesday that Jemal Bin Omer, the UN envoy to Yemen has submitted his resignation to the UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, who is considering an African replacement for him.

In an editorial published on February 11, 2015, the Awate Team had predicted that “The Moroccan [Bin Omer] UN envoy’ s efforts in Yemen are expected to fail just like the Algerian UN envoy, Lakhdar Brahimi’s efforts, failed in Syria.

Bin Omer has maintained balanced relations with all the warring parties in Yemen and was accused of being indecisive in naming the party that is responsible for the deterioration of security in Yemen. Lately, the Gulf states have been unhappy with his performance.

Egyptian battle ships are patrolling the Red Sea north and south of Bab El-Mendeb, the major gateway of the Red Sea after the Suez canal, its northern exit.

A number of Egyptian frigates are stationed around the Hanish Islands close to the Eritrean coast. Unusual presence of Eritrean speedboats has also been observed in the area. Egypt considers the security of the Red Sea a “red line” that should not be crossed.

It was also reported that Egyptian and Saudi armies are planning a joint war games in Saudi Arabia. Observers believe the military maneuvers are a preparation for a ground attack on the Houthi rebels. Other Arab Gulf states are expected to join the military exercises.

The joint Egyptian-Saudi ground assault is not likely to take place unless Egypt commits its troops. However, statements by official of the two government indicate it is imminent.

The Egyptian army still carries scars from its involvement in Yemen’s civil war of the 1960s under the presidency of the revolutionary Pan Arabist Jemal Abdelnasser. Almost ten thousand Egyptian soldiers were killed in the war.

Meanwhile, fierce battles are raging around Taez while tribal militias are blocking Houthi reinforcement from reaching the city.

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  • Hope

    Dear Dilbanchi,
    For the record and FYI:
    If Ethiopia is making a sinister alliance with the Sudan and Dijbouti to encircle and hurt Eritrea,why would NOT /cannot Eritrea make a similar alliance for its National Secuirty Interest?
    Who are you prescribe any medication for Eritrea?
    Let me tell you this:
    By the time Eritrea decides to make an Alliance,it means that it decided to protect her interest for once and for ALL!

  • selam

    Dear Awate.com and Eritreans
    The peace you are wishing seems not much to some weyane crooks.
    please click below.Hayat is loving it. Amanuel is dancing over it.

  • selam

    Dear Democracy
    American state official approve the ethiopian election before even it take place. You know why tgey do it ? Have you any news why will any american official show so arogance to the whole ethiopian people. 6% owing the whole 94% wealth and still hold power for 24 years . Is there any information about meles couse of death too? Just asking.

  • dawit

    It was reported last night a major volcanic eruption on the sun’s surface, and Awate.com expert T.T. thinks Isaias Afwerki had a hand for the eruption”. According to the expert, Isaias is trying to prevent the sun from rising at Bademe!

  • sara

    Dear T.T
    why, …why .. why do you have to scare our neighbors, with esayas is coming after you too, why do you wish people not sleep well. isnt it enough people are always watching their back… from Bush,,, is coming or amerika.. amerika
    is coming. i am amazed to read our esayas has power similar to george bush al eben.

  • AMAN

    Dear Habeshas, Awates and all
    Greetings to all.
    Regarding the case Habesha / Non Habesha naming of people
    in todays Ethiopia and Eritrea;
    Naming of places and peoples are always transient and a shifting sand
    especially when changes are facilitated and influenced by external intervening
    The names Ethiopia and Eritrea both derived from Greeco-Roman languages
    describe the people found in an are at different time periods or eras though they
    describe the same area but societies make up changed.
    The external forces who made contact with the people and the area in the first
    millenium found dark skinned people south of Egypt and called them Aethopians
    and hence the name Ethiopia came about. But at later eras in the second millenium
    they found lighter skinned people in the same area but couldn’t call them Aethiopia
    as the name would not correctly describe them……so they called them Erythreans
    and hence the name Eritrea came about.
    Both names describe the same are with a changed society due to racial interactions
    and intermarriages.
    So, you all do not sweat
    Aethiopians are the Bejas & Nubians in the western half and the Afars and Gellas in
    the eastern half.
    And the Erythreans are the Tigres, Tigrennas and the Amharas in the north,center
    and south of the 2nd millenium country. Amharas are Tigrenna people who migrated
    south and formed a new semi-independent civilization there. They started from their
    original homeland a south western Erythrean province of SIMIEN and temporarily built
    their civilization in Gondar area and then moved south to Wallo/Meqdella highlands
    before finally established their kingdom in Shewa and its environs.
    So when Europeans said Erythrea they mean to describe the whole area north of shewa
    and Addis Ababa of modern time.
    So Erythrean peoples are one of the three main stocks of peoples of the present Horn of
    Africa region in the norther part besides the Somali origin and Abyssinian origin peoples
    in the SE & SW parts respectively. Oromo peoples of oromia are the main representative
    of Abyssinian people/stock which the name is wrongly given to describe Amharas in the
    early centuries by foreigners. And Afari peoples are the main representative body of Somali
    origin people/stock in Ethiopia or HoA.

  • guest

    Dear abduisaa
    The Eritrean people support the ethiopian people to do whatever it takes to get their share of the Nile and by doing so build the Dam and cut power shortages and even export it to Eritrea and others. I have no idea what you want to say about the read sea.
    If you are asking about the read sea , well you have tried everything in your power and yet Ethiopia has nothing to say about what ever happened in RED SEA , well dergi , haile have tried and failed . You do need the sea as it is just a commodity as your leader said long time ago. Now do we eritreans have any thoughts about you, no you just build train from ethiopia to Djibouti that is it.

  • G. Gebru

    Dear T..T. my greetings,
    Yes, Isayas is a wicked person, no question about that. Un matured as he is where ever he tries to screw you find him screwed and for this there is no other example other than the present situation of the country he is ruling regardless whether he is legal or illegal. The countries you mentioned he be friend with and are today in a situation that one does no even wish to an enemy are frankly speaking some are enemies and others are antagonists to Ethiopia and conspired with them to hurt the country, the country that he does not know its depth and width. The country that he measured with the TPLF that he used as mercenaries to spoil our cause the Eritrean cause and divide Ethiopia into ethnic groups with ethnic banners.
    Thanks and best regards.

  • sara

    dear, there is a lot more to this , read history and you will find that the red sea has many claimants apart from you know who, have you heard about the OthmaniaN empire, the Egyptian , Roman, Greek etc. all of them have contributed had a part in red sea in their own way some time in history… btw, the name red sea is derived from greek word… you see even the name is given by greeks, do not wonder tomorrow if you hear the greeks say the red sea is RED LINE.

    • G. Gebru

      Dear Sara, how are you dear.
      You mentioned the Ottoman Empire, the Egyptians, the Romans, the Greeks, What about the Habeshas who crossed the Red Sea and conquered part of Arabia, the masters of Adulis. This is not to negate you but I think we have to give every one his share of the cake whether for good or bad.
      Thanks and best regards.

      • YAY

        Dear G. Gebru: which ones were the Habesha?
        You asked, ” What about the Habeshas who crossed the Red Sea and conquered part of Arabia, the masters of Adulis”? How did you know and confirm that they were “Habeshas”? Would you please share your knowledge of who the Habeshas are? Thank you.

        • G. Gebru

          Dear YAY, best of greetings,
          First of all thank you very much for your interest in my comment. Secondly, I am not a historian so do not expect to much. Said that dear YAY I think it is enough if I mention here The Queen of Sheba or Saba, The Abraha and Atzebeha brothers, King Negash the king who is said to have received and hosted refugees from the Holy Land of Arabia and even King Menelik the first even though he was from a Jew father. Thirdly, what many agree is that the word habesha which means dark skinned was the name given to the people from Nuba in Egypt as far as Somalia and even some historians say beyond that. But today we find it confined to the people in Ethiopia and Eritrea even though some Eritreans admit it with reservation. But I am a proud Habesha like my brother Saleh regardless the political mess we are living in.
          Thanks and best regards.

      • sara

        Dear sir,
        i read once here at awate that there was axumite kingdom or empire but not habesha kingdom or empire, therefore who ever claims he is from habesha empire has no relevance to what is going on
        or to happen here in our Red Sea/Eritrea.

    • Admas

      How are Red and Sea both English terms Greek, do you mean the name Eritrea is a greek term? even then It was the Italians who named it after a Red algae they encountered at the Red sea cost of Eritrea, the fact that they chose a greek name is perhaps the plant only had a greek name…you can award your land and sea to whoever you like but you don’t have to fabricate history just so you feel ancient and historical….swallow the bitter truth even your own mentors (Shabia) don’t deny, your identity is shaped by your struggle against Ethiopia, and it can only be sustained by hating Ethiopia, until proved otherwise…the reality is despite the fact that you have been dancing to independence tune for over 2 decades you still blame Ethiopia for everything that goes wrong in your life…

      • sara

        Dear sir
        i will not reply in kind to your diatribe, and i hope you abide by awate rules.
        -my comment was about the Red Sea not about Eritrea, because the article news above was related to what is going on in the Red Sea.
        -simple, google red sea or eritrea and you will find all info for Dummies there.

      • dawit

        When the Italian first established their African colony along the Red Sea, their first choice for a name for their colony was “New Ethiopia”, but some how they settled for the name ‘Eritrea’. The present inhabitants of Eritrea were the First original Ethiopians, long before Abyssinians, borrowed the name and changed the Amharas, Tigrians, Oromos, Somalis and Woliatas became Ethiopians! The true Ethiopians are the Eritreans, the rest are pseudo Ethiopians, baptized by Menelik, Haile Selassie and Mengistu in the 20th century.

  • Dayphi

    Money talks.Even some Eritrean opposition groups are supporting this war on Yemen. Again, no permanent friend/ no permanent friend. Just fishing for one’s pie of the cake. MaslaHa.. no principle. No shame. Miskeen hizbi Yemen. Rabbi yiferrijalkum.Ameen

    • sara

      Dear Mr, Dayphi—truth be said, eritrea has taken a neutral stand “shey yesherf” the same as Oman which has made many observers uncomfortable. djibouti, somalia of course are toying the gulf countries stand and as you said maybe for Maslaha. i dont know if it is true but, it is also said the ex-president of yemen has asked for a safe exit from yemen and the most probable place he may head are either ethiopia or algeria.
      may peace reign the region and the red sea.