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Our Lord Hades Is Bitter And Greedy

The following  is brought to you from the Awate Forum where it was posted by “Gogo” a few hours earlier. We brought it to the frontpage because we believe it gives an insight regarding the promise of salary increase that the Eritrean government gave but didn’t honor.”  –  Awatestaff

That which has been is that which is. And that which is, is that which might be. Our Lord Hades is bitter and greedy, he will continue to favor anyone and anything which causes agony and death; he will continue to court and welcome the Furies to his underground palace; he will continue to play with his pitchfork to send tremors to every Eritrean household; he will invite the gullible and the naïve among us and the foreign Muzungus who occasionally pay him a visit to sit on the Chair of Forgetfulness; he won’t take pity on us and we will continue to roll the damn boulder uphill. So goes our story.

Long before the news about the salary raise was announced on Facebook and picked by madote and company. the fact that this ministry or that government institution was asked by a circular from the president’s office to restructure its payroll accordingly was widely circulated through the grapevine.

After a Facebooker who goes by a monicker ‘Hagerawi Dhnet’ posted it, every Dr. Pangloss rejoiced and announced the rain of manna. So far, except for those who are newly recruited to the civil service, the manna is yet to rain. Normally, when one enters the government payroll for the first time, as a regular employee or as a national service, one has to wait almost four months before receiving the first installment. So, the delay is not the normal period that takes the civil service administration and the ministry of finance to process new payments or raises. But, one has to be very clear here. With raise or without a raise, life will not essentially change for those who have been at the receiving end of the brutal and degrading rule of the PFDJ. Let me provide some examples:

In the last few days, the government announced through public notices, sub-regional administration and the PFDJ branch offices, and through seminars conducted by high ranking delegates of the ministry of Defense, that the government has granted a few days of amnesty (“መንግስቲ ምሕረት ኣዊጁ ኣሎ”) to all new and veteran military service dodgers and asked them to report to their units immediately.

This was accompanied by occasional round-ups in different parts of Asmara. So, pay or no pay, the primary driver for the exodus of our people will still be there.

Since the ban on contraband trade was announced, the shortage of basic consumer goods has been very acute. To calm worries, government officials have been telling the people that the GOVERNMENT will import basic commodities and distribute them at cheaper prices. So far, nothing has been done and people are seriously suffering.

To make matters worse, severe restrictions are imposed on money transactions and people are forced to explain every transfer of every penny. I am told that the new workloads have proved too burdensome for the banks and they are actively sabotaging the process. (This might be responsible for the heart-stroke that recently visited Mr. Kebreab, the Governor of the Bank of Eritrea, who is abroad for medical treatment).

The new call to duty of new and veteran military dodgers, coupled with the increasing economic hardship made worse by the recent change in the currency and banning of the black market economy, might be a fertile ground for some new dynamics. The recent acts of the government have been too bold and have antagonized some powerful interest groups in the army and elsewhere that it might provoke some strong reactions.

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  • Semere Andom

    The “Hushukshuk” of Four Awatistas.
    Dear readers, speaking of Hushukshuk:
    Dawit: when I left my country I was not only escaping terror, I was also shopping or a country, I already had one in Ethiopia, but as an aspiring economist I knew to hedge my bets, so I scoured the family history and found that some of my ancestors were buried in Hashela so Eritrea became my second country, do not make mistake about it, Ethiopia is my first. But after independence I even found better reason to keep Eritrea as my second country because when I visited Eritrea I did not get in trouble when I extended my slim hand to girls who were sleeping in the next room to me. My third country of the USA provides the financial means, I make the money here, I spend it in Eritrea.

    Now Ted, Nitricc, Gheteb come closer because my hushukshuk will be even fainter, I am pushing 70 and I intended to retire, to complete my twilight in the low-lands of Eritrea, where it is hot and although I will afford it I will not buy air solar panel powered air-conditioning unit, instead I will take my bed to the “kanshello” every night to sleep among the neighbour’s girls so I can extend that slim hand, that will even get slimmer and more slimy with age, unfettered and unhindered

    Ted: Ethiopia is my first country the greatista dawitista too, but truth be told, I would love to live in Ethiopia, but I am wanted for high crimes there, my youthful transgressions of milking the cows is cold case now but still in the backburners of some officials, when these people die I may consider about returning to Ethiopia but with the TPLF in charge that dream of milking the cows is hard to imagine. How I miss drinking milk after chewing chat!

    Nitricc: let me tell you the blunt truth. I love Sawa, and I want to be the commander in Sawa one day and I am sure I can do better job that the PFDJ. Last time I went there, it is shame they have schools and some libraries but not enough people, I think they should also take the elderly to Sawa to graduate from illiteracy programs. It shame!. But to be honest, my love for Sawa started because I thought it was a party for drinking “siwa”, then I discovered it was a place for military training, “even much better”. I murmured, but then there was also more potent version of siwa, “even much better, good combination”, I yelled.
    Now brother Geheteb let me “aks” you this, how did your love for IA started, please tell the truth, if not I will annoy you by “aksing” you many questions.Let get started, shall we?

    Gheteb: For me it all started in Karneshim, when I heard the Tigriniga tegadelty spoke, it was alien to me, but I picked it up and I infused the concept of alien speak to my English writing. My love of tegadalai Isiaias Afewerki also springs from this experience, he spoke of words I never heard before, it was not love at first sight, it was love at first hearing. Love is not blind, whoever said this is a moron, planet illogic, love is deaf, and no matter what IA says, it matters not, I am still in awe, stil mesmerized with the same intensity as my first time. when I watch btsay IA speak, I buy a package of ear-picks, because my ears get plugged by mucus, in response to the stimuli of the words of btsay IA utters, my ears salivate

    • Music Novice

      Greetings Semere,

      You said: “How I miss drinking milk after chewing chat!”

      One does not drink milk after chewing Chat/Khat.

      This is just a reflection of yourself, silly and fake to the core. Can you now spare me your mumbo jumbo replies? Much appreciated.

      • Nitricc

        “How I miss drinking milk after chewing chat!” lol MN, he thinks he knows, hahahahah

        Hi MN; lol; can you please take easy on Semere; please. He is going through pain due his beloved TPLF final fragmentation. He is just heart-broken. No more the dream of riding TPLF’s tank all the way to Asmara. If he had listened to me, I could have saved him from all this pain. When he was calling TPLF to invade Eritrea; I told him, no need for the evil dream; TPLF will collapse before PFDJ does. Since TPLF is recalling former TPLF fighters and sabotaging to create major ethnic clashes between Welkyait and Telemit; the end of Semere’s beloved TPLF is upon us.
        My condolence to you Brother Semere!

      • Semere Andom

        How do you want me to know about what you guys eat with chat, never been there, and Ted said, I did not say it, I do not care about chat and its rituals
        No am not sparing you my replies, if you want that do not reply to me when I am not talking you, I care less about the voices you hear about my silliness

    • Ted

      Hi Semere Andom, when i heard the TPLF is amassing its army near Eritrean border, i thought what is Wedi Andom doing here behind the screen while the tank his name written on it running idle. Then you wrote the unimaginable article in defense of women. About the Eritrean women you chase, belittle as kebero junky, tore their ነጸላ, in every community wedding and funeral gathering. Your beloved famous definition of Ghedli ; it is not Eritrean people who liberated Eritrea but a few 5% thugs who took up on themselves. Are these 30% of women you admire in ghedli are part of the 5% thugs who has nothing to do with interest of Eritrea. That milk again;-) How many grown ups do you know still enjoy milk, not me. Nitricc volunteered to show you how your the land of milk is going calamitous and unpalatable for anyone , lucky you, you are shielded from bad news by men from upstairs. It is no brainier for thinking people, you are a liability to be shunned for any kind of opposition camp( even worse than the unstable tes), but for strange reason you are her blubbering nonsense in the name of opposition. tes is the best export from PFDJ, you the jalibya boy are the best export of EPLF from Sudan. Both of you the blessing, not in disguise, for PFDJ.

      • Semere Andom

        it was the jalabiya boys who went to the Ghedli that you claim to love and enlightened you about your country and called you home to fight, but you refused by telling them that you hated jalabiya, but the greatisa, Mahmud Saleh wore jalabiya, Romdan M. Nur wore jalaibiya, hamid Idrisawate also did. Even IA did, also even the USA ambassador wore jalabiya, so it is an Eritrean thing Ted

        • Ted

          Hi Semere Andome, good luck with the assertion i dislike jalabia the attire. My problem is you, the jalabiya boy( water boy) for all your adult life , who had no brain to be promoted as waiter in one menu restaurant.

          • Semere Andom

            No you not talking about me you are talking about the 50% of Eriteraa Muslims who wear jalabiyays. You said it before. If I had no brains I will be a PFDJ supporter like you and Nitricc and dawit and Gehteb. But lying up to your teeth is also your forte as in your comment of me chasing women. Since you are in Canada, we can settle the brain thing with an IQ test. What you think,it is not a lie detector test so you cannot cheat on an IQ test. I offered that t Nitricc but he admitted that he is stupid, but makes up for it with something else.

          • Ted

            Hi Semere Andom, you are flirting with the worst thing you are capable of yet afraid to say it out loud. You failed miserably several times to wedge conflict between kebessa Christians and lowland Muslims right out of TPLF’s the late PMMZ book. How is the Eritrean Afar movement you advocating going?The IQ test you are talking about doesn’t exist, do you know any job requiring IQ test. if The Canada gov had IQ test in refuge camp, you would be still in ful house serving water as jalabiya boy. Forget about me, almost all of my family live in Canada and send you one in Toronto to fix you right. let’s talk about near and dear to you, Ethiopia. How long do you think Your TPLF will last after the Oromo pulled the rag from under. I guaranty to visit your area of Canada to express my condolences.

          • Semere Andom

            You better edit this comment before ppl laugh at you, that makes you lying Ted:-) One cannot create conflict between to groups when he feels he belongs to them. So what are you lying Ted or misleading Ted or both. On that regard, MS will back me, Sal will back me, Emma will back me, Ismael Omer Ali wil back me, Gadi wil back me, all the Muslims will back me
            yes, I do not know jobs that require IQ test. By the way, since you are behind Nitricc let me tell you that I did not come to Canada with as a refugee status. No one deported me from my country or from sudan
            i do note care how long TPLF lasts. Let me ask you how long do you think PFDJ will last

          • Ted

            Hi Semere Andom, the puzzling thing about you is you think you are more related to the grievance of Muslims than the Muslims. Reality check, you are not Muslim and don’t know what it feel like to live and breath Islam. All you have to say is, i support their cause and stop this nonsense of kebessa did this and that. I truly get the people you mentioned supporting you and them knowing all your pitiful short comings, they deserve your gratitude.
            How many times did i tell you not call me a liar. Didn’t you say the Muslims are systematically marginalized by Kebessa in Eritrean politics.
            PFDJ outlast TPLF. And wont last much longer after that.

          • Semere Andom

            Ted: again
            Wrong on all fronts,except one that I am not a Muslim.
            But i lived with them, I learned they religion, I ate their food (am sure u did it too), I admit, I drank their milk too, their camel milk, they milked it and gave it to me though. I learned many of their customs, their langauges, became familiar with their stories, struggles and learned about Ad Ibrihim, a viillage burned down by you guys from Ethiopia and then again its land confisticated by you guus in PFDJ and is people left to languish in Sudan, still fetching water and donning jalbiya in the refugee camps after independce
            So I di d not just wake up one day and decided to support their cause, it is in me, ingrained in every cell of my body
            Only thing is I did not work for an Eritrean Muslim, that grunt job when I donned jalibya and fetched hagga bard and “fool” was for an Egyptian, who was a christian

          • Nitricc

            Hey Ted, don’t you worry about it, we know very well who is a deceiver is. Semere will tell you that when he was 14 years old boy, he witnessed Eritrean women fighters being sexually abused in Sahil by Eritrean men. Don’t ask him how he knew that. I guess, he was watching or something like that, I guess.
            Semere will tell you; when he was 13 years old he go to Sudan as a refugee and the Same Semere will tell you he got to Canada at age 19 to attend to a Canada University. I guess Canadian universities don’t require attending high school or graduations from high school. If not when, how and where did Semere went high school?
            How can you be in Sahil at age 14 and be at Sudan age 13. The point is who a lair here?

          • Semere Andom

            Hi one celled Nitricc:
            You are talking about a rape I never said I witnessed this makes you a lying Nitricc and with raped both mentally and physically. I never talked to you you but sought so much attention and you interjected, you know what is that sign of, it is of tortured

          • Nitricc

            Hi Semere I don’t need your freaking permit to respond to any post I wanted too. I know you are that bright to comprehend but this an open forum; any one can interject to any post. Other than that Because you got caught lying to your teeth; it is not my fault. I brought it up when you labeled Ted as a liar and I delivered my verification who the real liar is. My advice is A- stop being deceitful and B- stop calling people liars. How may refugee do they go to Sudan and go straight to school?
            Oh forgot, you were working in tea-shop. Hmmmm.stop it!

          • tes

            Dear Semere Andom,

            Remember Ted and likes are guided by “Nihnan Elamanan”. Hoping that you can not miss what that manifesto stands, it is not a surprise if Tedites hate Jalabya.

            Do you forget that those who oppose EPLF ruling system and then PFDJ are either treated as Jihadists?


  • saay7

    Hala Ya Saba:

    Well, you know, Awate University is diverse and it has The Toothless and The Fixed. You know The Fixed, if you had pets. These are sprayed and neutered animals: they want to do things, they can’t, and for comfort they seek the company of the Master who had them fixed to begin with. Curious things, The Fixed.

    Now then, on the 19 vs 0. The Government of Djibouti claimed it had 19 of its soldiers held as POWs. Possibilities:

    (a) It lied
    (b) it mad a mistake. (Miscounted MIAs, deserters, for example.)

    The Government of Eritrea claimed that it has 0 prisoners of war.

    (a) It lied
    (b) It made a mistake: it didn’t know, for 7 years, that it had Djibouti soldiers held in detention.

    As far as I know, when you get Fixed, it does affect your reasoning: so I will leave working that out to you:)


    • Saba

      Hi Saay,
      That is a weird way of explaining your peers but it makes sense:) The opposition is “fixed” from its birth by its master tplf and they want tplf to do things that they can not do themselves. In the year 2000, the opposition was following the footsteps of TPLF into the temporarily occupied Eritrean territories. One guy from the opposition greeted an elderly Eritrean man and told him: “niHna dekikum ina and we are here to bring you democracy”. After a sarcastic laugh the elder man replied by saying: “anta iSuB, DEkINaS haGeRom yiKelaKelu aLeWu”. He had the courage to say that because he had seen worst acts commited by tplf and he was ready to face whatever. May be that was the critical time to fix the opposition and i can say the TPLF’s are good fixers.
      Another trait they acquired is that they think anyone who disagrees with them must be from the PFDJ camp.

      Eritrea was holding >0 but what is your evidence to say it is exactly 19?If Eri gov is telling a lie, that does not mean necessarily that the other Gov is telling the truth. Still it is 50-50. Believing can be experiencing things you can’t see. As a member who believes in ABI it should be easy for you to believe them but not for me:)
      How is going your discussion with the Emma party? It seems there is more agreement and that earned you at least an up vote:)

      • saay7

        Haha Saba:

        I guess I have to be clearer: The Fixed are those who have been emasculated by Isaias Afwerki and they keep going back to him to be petted and to purr some more and to scratch those who are unequivocal about injustice in Eritrea. Clearer?

        About the Emma Party, well it is a lot more active and has more members and stamina than The Third Way, which has two members (wink): you and the post-U-Turn Ali Salim) and you show up just as frequently as Punxsutawney Phil. You were saying? 🙂


        • Saba

          Hello again Saay
          I say TPLF and you say isayas. The rest is clear. The last time i checked, the “no TPLF” wing of the of the opposition has been emasculated…..I hope by now your distaste for the Medrekites has been ameliorated, i remember your venomous attacks toward them:) It must be difficult to hold together a group that goes from Andnetawian to Tegentselti with “fixed puppets” in the middle. But you can do it, after all diversity is good. You must be reading about such superstitions after walking the tight rope of holding your opposition together:)

          Lol Saay you are in trouble by saying the Emma party has more members(He does not like it). I mentioned it but i was kidding:)
          The thirdway is the silent majority, it is still there. For now we do not like to have a party structure, we like the independence of each individual member. It is a movement. If you conduct a poll in the Erespora or inside Eritrea, guess who would be the winner?
          For the opposition Isayas/GoE is the reference of their moral equivalence but that is not the reference for most Eritreans.

          You said the opposition is “trying to be effective” but the opposition is producing “negative” results. Can you mention any achievement of the opposition? It does not require much for the opposition to be effective, they just need to be fair, transparent and advocate for Eritreans instead of backdoor dealing with TPLFites, advocating for sanctions etc.

          • saay7

            Hala Saba:

            Note to awatistas, first: excuse my frequent replies: I am trying to get the Groundhog engaged before it goes back to the hole.

            Now, Saba: you gave it away in “I say TPLF and you say Isayas.” That pretty much defines The Third Way, which is really The First Way: in tone and content there is no difference in your language. You are funnier, I give you that: every time I am at a restaurant and I hear “…Party of Two, your table is ready”, I think of The Third Way, a club of 2, which meets once a year and then disappears:)

            Not only is The Third Way a tiny group (even by opposition standards) it has no work ethic: it doesn’t even know that I have never said anything negative about Medrek. I could ask you to find the link and prove me wrong, but you’ve already worked too hard: you have expended 50% of your annual output already:)

            The moral equivalence: it is you who made it…I know it is hard work, but it was like 3 postings ago. I think the Party of Two should now take it is break (you guys work so hard) and read what you wrote today.

            Before I tell you the achievement of the opposition, can you tell me what the task of an exiled opposition anywhere in the world is?. I mean an opposition that is outlawed, then I will give you a list.

            About that TPLFite thing, ah, Third Way, that market is cornered by the First Way and they are big on monopoly so I think you should find another angle. I mean why would I oppose the Blul imitation when I can oppose the consequential one with power?

            Come back now, y’hear?


          • Saba

            Wow! Saay, why do you have to excuse awatistas? And what is this all reference to groundhogs and >50% expenditures? That I am not your caliber? Well, I am not an intellectual, or elite. I am an average gebar denbar, never been part of EPLF/ELF/PFDJ/EXYZ. I belong to the gebar denbar group, a group that your opposition has hard time to talk to. If someone tries to represent me I will try to hold them accountable to what they do or what they say. And that includes PFDJ and the opposition.
            You are trying to associate me with isayas, I do not know why. I oppose Isayas/PFDJ
            I have associated the opposition with TPLF, and the opposition does not deny it. Do you? The fact that both the Eritrean silent majority and the PFDJ associate the opposition with TPLF says more about the opposition than the relation b/n the silent majority & PFDJ. If you have a red jacket, both
            your friends and your enemies will see a red jacket and that describes your jacket and not your friends or your enemies(unless they are blind).
            It is not fair to reply with a question to a question I asked you first but if you are short of ideas here is an example for you. You don’t have to go far. The EPLF was able to rally the Eritrean diaspora before independence. They were able to galvanize the average people, not only the elites. How can you rally the people by praising PMMZ all day or by backdoor dealing with TPLF? Just be honest here the opposition has big time difficulty in this.
            Now I am all ears, please tell me the achievements of the gran old opposition(>15years) in rallying the Eritrean people.
            PFDJ is the reference to the opposition, if you ask the opposition most of their reply is in reference to PFDJ.
            About Medrek, based on our exchange some years ago, I understood that you had disagreement with Medrek. But if you were in sync since its inception then I take your word and I apologize for misunderstanding you. For me Medrek was the usual opposition in steroids and as you can see now they fall in line with their peers. Birds of a feather flock together. At that time my inquiry was that Medrek , even though they were a newbie, they had a lot in common with the gran old kidan/bayto and why was there the whole fanfare? Was that pure competition between a newbie and a senior?
            I was laughing that you said you remember the third way at the restaurant when they say “…Party of Two, your table is ready” 🙂 That is a good way to associate but at least it is not an association with TPLF:) You had another funny expression, I do not remember it in its completeness, pardon me, but it goes like this “mal enda kusto ter inte ilen salsayen ilu” something like that:)
            Well Mal enda opposition feriyen:) How much is it when you say “even by opposition standards”?
            in tenths or hundreds? : )

          • saay7

            Selamat Saba:

            1. That excuse I was asking from awatistas is because I felt I was flooding the forum. I am self-conscious about that: what applies to awatistas applies to me;

            2. The groundhog thing was just reference to Groundshog Day, the movie and the animal. It appears once a year and it makes a big deal about its appearance when, rationally speaking, it is insignificant. Very comparable to the two-member Third Way:) Plus, I remember you as being not only sharp but also blessed with a sense of humor: so don’t go as humorless as a PFDJite on me;

            3. I think you and I have a different definition of opposition. To be fair, I suppose we all do. You belong to a special class of the opposition that wants all the virtues of being opposed to the tyranny in Eritrea, without all the vices associated with the incompetence of the organized opposition. Si?

            4. To the extent that such sentiment exists, it…well, let me see if I can present it graphically, in a continuum:


            X is the opposition;
            Little y are the critics to the opposition (but “we also are opposed to Isaias/PFDJ; we just choose to spend 95% of our energy criticizing the opposition!”);
            And Y is PFDJ

            So, if one is an X, the tendency is to bypass little y and fight big Y on all things including the TPLF thingie. Because they are all-in, and they will be around. No offense to little y. Besides, little y eventually wants to grows up to be Big Y: See also

            5. The EPLF was able to galvanize average people because it had a base in Eritrea and its aim of expanding its base, step-by-step, all over Eritrea by killing Ethiopian soldiers if it had to was widely supported by the Eritrean people. An Eritrean opposition establishing a base in Eritrea, expanding it step-by-step by killing fellow Eritrean soldiers? That is not supported by a large (most? almost all?)–definitely including me– Eritreans. That is the key difference and you are smart enough to know it. Thus:

            6. The exiled Eritrean opposition should be compared with other exiled African, Arab opposition. ( I usually compare it with the exiled Rwandans.) And in that regard, its sole task is to (a) tell the entire world the tyrannical nature of the Eritrean government; (b) demonstrate against it; (c) present alternative narrative than the one that is officially sanctioned by the government; (d) build links with like-minded Eritreans inside Eritrea. That’s it. Those who curse the opposition appear to be, for the most part, those who wanted change presented to them on a platter and, for the most part, they have done absolutely nothing to advance, modify or reform or grow the opposition because that is un-glamorous hard work.

            7. Ummm, I spent most of 2013, 2014 battling rumors that I was Medrek’s North America representative so I was just surprised, that’s all. No apologies needed.

            8. The “kebti enda kusto ter inte ilen salsayen illu” is a Tehte-Hagherawi joke. Don’t get me in trouble:). Actually, while the Third Way is still stuck in Nastro 2008–TPLF! TPLFite!–the big danger to Eritrean opposition is not coming from the Addis-based aging opposition groups but the micro-splintering US and Europe based opposition (courtesy of PFDJ.)

            Illa Wa Dahanki/ka


          • Amanuel Hidrat


            #6 and #8 are spot on.

  • Lamek

    Hi Saba. I will end this with a quick note, lest I disappoint tes again. You were not asking a question. You were looking for an affirmation from Saay about something which you had made up your mind upon. Djibouti claimed that Eritrea holds 19 prisoners of war; Eritrea claimed that it is holding 0 prisoners of war; and you believe that the latter claim is true and so the former claim has to be entirely not true. Semantics is one of my specialties.

    • Saba

      Hello Lamek. I think you need to do more internship in your specialty:) Where did i say that it was holding 0? Even Saay7 agrees with isayas/PFDJ that it is not 0:)

      • Lamek

        Hi Saba. Saay said this:

        “2. Eritrea claimed that it is holding 0 prisoners of war;”

        You are saying:

        ” Even Saay7 agrees with isayas/PFDJ that it is not 0:)”

        Can you reconcile this for me? I have a lot to learn for sure.

        • Saba

          Hi LameK, Saay agrees that 4 are released, which is not 0. Just check his calculation.
          If you want to learn about this forum, here is homework for you about the terminologies frequently adopted by this forum: When they say “it is a system, no it is not a system”, what does the “system” refers to? And what is the stance of the Emma party on this topic?

          • Lamek

            Hi Saba. Here is one last try. After that, you will have to look for help elsewhere.

            Saay said this:

            “2. Eritrea claimed that it is holding 0 prisoners of war;”

            Is this true or not? I am not asking you whether saay wrote this or not. You and I know he did. I am asking you “did Eritrea* claim that it is holding NO prisoners of war”?

            *In case this is the source of your confusion, you can assume that Eritrea stands for IA/PFDJ in this case.

  • Lamek

    Hi Saba. Welcome to Awate Forum on behalf of my toothless family.

    Can you elaborate how you came to your conclusion that 1 and 2 below (courtesy of Mr. Saleh Younis) are not mutually exclusive:

    1. Djibouti claimed that Eritrea holds 19 prisoners of war;
    2. Eritrea claimed that it is holding 0 prisoners of war;

  • Amanuel Hidrat

    Hi tes,

    You just need to appreciate the progress anyone who imparts honest and humility in our debate. As development is the summation of each realistic progress on the issues at hand, we welcome any progress, so also Mahmuday’s current position. Each of us undergo incremental progress in the way we evolve in the Eritrean politics, sometimes fast, sometimes slow, depending on the nature of the politics at hand. You don’t need to make a retrospective argument, as it doesn’t encourage to the continuous progress of our politics.


  • T..T.

    Hi all,

    Isayas and the Isayasists may be thrilled by the world’s welcoming the release of the Djiboutain POW but that won’t exonerate Isayas. The world has also expressed its concerns for those remaining unreleased.

    The UN is tacitly saying that the world was disrespected by the continuous denial confirming that Isayas had to admit this time because his denial can no longer hold. Thus, the UN is expecting a full confession of Isayas supported by good reasons for denial and, as well, is expecting him to complete the report by telling the truth about those remaining POW. Soon, the UN will come up with a call for all prisoners including Eritreans to be counted is alive, identified if died, and the family members to have access and information in all cases.

    If Isayas wants to open a new page with the whole world, he has to open the country to UN’s A to Z investigations, giving access to all prisons and dungeons where his prisoners are. Otherwise, no any person or any nation will believe him even if he is telling the whole truth. No more political gambling and no more getting offended by telling the truth. It is better for Isayas to be honest, telling straight truth, if he wants to un-tarnish what he tarnished by denying the truth.

    • Kokhob Selam

      Dear T..T.,

      The worst of all is that he is not asking about Eritrean POW and this another exposing point that is against Eritrean people in front of the world.

      • T..T.

        Hi Kokhob Selam,

        Because the Eritrean POW in Djibouti if returned to Eritrean would be extended hostility rather than hospitality, they already repudiated their claim back into Isayas’s hand.

        After all, when Isayas denied crossing the border in 2008 to invade Djiboutian lands he also denied there were Eritrean POWs in Djibout. After two years, in 2010, Isayas admitted crossing into Djiboutian lands and had to pull back under UN’s pressure.

        In 2012, when three Djiboutian POWs escaped informed the world that there were other Djiboutian POW in Eritrea totaling to 16 (19 minus 3). The escapees, after medical checkups, were found to be suffering from malnutrition and visions lose. The escapees confirmed that those left behind couldn’t join them in escaping because they were so weak to walk with some of whom being blinded and some lost their extremities (legs and arms).

        In March 2016, Isayas admitted and handed over 4 POWs leaving 13 (19-(2+4)) incommunicado detention.

        Now, Isayas, whose policy of isolating Eritreans from foreigners when visiting Eritrea lest not the latter affect the Eritreans with their contagious taste for freedom and self-expression, is not expected to fight for the return of the Eritrean POWs in Djibouti.

  • Mahmud Saleh

    Hello Awatista

    Cousin dawit said, “The government regularly informs and explains the ‘Objective Situation’ through seminars and Mekete meetings inside and outside the country. There is no African government like PFDJ that tells its people the Truth about the their country”

    How about those who don’t believe in PFDJ Meketes, propaganda, politics; and in PFDJ myopic view of the world? I know, cousin, you will call them traitors. If everyone that has refused to believe in PFDJ narration is dubbed a traitor, then per capita, Eritrea should be the country with the greatest number of traitors. The sad story of our era is that there is a nation which paid a huge price for its freedom. A people that paid a disproportional price for their freedom. Yet, they can’t even ask about the whereabouts of their imprisoned* loved ones. Their elders and underage family members get criminalized for acts other adult family member do. They don’t ask, because the “objective situation” seminars are not meant for broaching those issues. The MeKete (fighting back)seminars are not for fighting back corruption, mismanagement, embezzlements of resources, abuse of powers, dictatorial governance, totalitarian domestic policies, etc. No, they are just Meketes, reproducing slogans of the coming round of events of the National Holidays Committees. It’s sad to see the aspirations of generations ruined by the crooked PFDJ.

    *Actually, kidnapped, because governments send you to jail with charges, and then they try you. You have the right to wage out a Mekete against the government. You are assumed innocent until found guilty. Back to mekete meeting of our government: There is one artist who understood the nature of Mekete-type of meetings. He sang a fitting song for those types of ሕሹኽሹኻት። OK, it’s a weekend and the song is coming. But I can see PFDJ perfected HshuKshuK mbal. Everything is HshuKshuK. Mekete seminars and those which are arranged to talk “objective situations”, as if Eritreans are living on single propaganda/news feeder, are meant to for the so called chosen ones, like when prof. tes was sent to Nakfa cadre school (cheers); not for the people who really want to hear objective situations. In today’s Eritrea, the more you stay away from those seminars arranged to talk “objective situations” the more you become objectively informed. And now, here comes the man who sand wahyo nyew bela.
    A little about this song.
    * I heard it in late 70s, I liked the melody part of it but not the lyrics.
    *I think it was ahead of its time. Strip it bare of its politics of seventies dealing with the two organizations, and you have our MeKete of the 21st century and its 03 rumor carousel.

    • Dis Donc

      Queridos damas y caballeros,

      Today has been a day of days. I can now go to work with no stain in my thoughts. Thank you camarad!!!

      • Lamek

        Dis, you work on Sundays? You must be an ER doctor or a security guard.

        • tes

          Dear Lamek,

          I don’t know why you are focusing on personal issues/business. Unless people expose themselves on who they are, why you conspire about them?

          I think you are much better than this. Don’t be like dawitites, nitriccites

          Ideas matter!!!


          • Ted

            Hi tes, it sucks to be you for missing the humor.

        • Dis Donc

          Dear Lamek,

          I am a security guard.

    • dawit

      Dear Mahmuday,
      I know you are throwing a meat here and there to the hungry hyenas determined to bring regime change in Eritrea. Call it Hushukshuk or Mekete, you can not deny that PFDJ informs the Eritrean people on the ‘Objective situation inside and outside the country. In every Mekete meetings outside the country Eritreans Ambasadors are present for the participants to ask any question. Of course only those concerned about the welfare of their people and country participate. The rest don’t need to attend because they can manufacture facts and distribute their hushukshuk with their 24 hours radio stations and websites or can get their hushuksuk lies about their country and leadership from their sponsors. We can argue about the number of the people that support Eritrean government and those who oppose it. But it is my firm belief the great majority support it. Otherwise how can one explain the government standing for 25 tears in spite of great hardship in the country. By the way according to PFDJ there are no political prisoners of conscious in Eritrea, the only prisoners inside the country are traitors. Finally I like Berekets latest song “Etqna”

      • Abraham Hanibal

        Have the people you are labelling as “traitors” been given a chance to defend themselves? When you know they have not been awarded that basic right for which they gave their lives, then how could someone with a normal brain claim they are traitors? You know dawit, societies are destroyed when there are evil people like you among the otherwise unsuspecting humble population.

    • Lamek

      Thank you Mahmoud. Exactly what one would expect from a man of your stature. Don’t let any EPLF hater like myself put you off track again.

    • sara

      Dear mahmuday
      i also up-voted you, for your exemplary stand when thought you had it wrong or something to that effect. is that from your schooling in sahel and beyond? what a courageous man!
      i wish many will learn to say that…sooory, i thought it is that..differnt.
      tnx mahuday

  • Kokhob Selam

    Dear Awatewyan,

    መቸም እቲ ስርዓት ቅሉዕ ዓይኒ ብዓይኒ ዝጻወቶ ጸዋታ ዓዋሉ – ኣብ ህዝብና ከም ልሙድ ተወሲዱ ዓጸፋ መልሲ ከይተዋህቦ ኣብ ዚ ደረጃ ምብጽሑ ንዓና ከም ህዝቢ ኣብ ትዕዝብቲ ዘውድቐናን ኣዝዩ ዘሰክፍን ኮይኑ እዩ ቀጺሉ :: እቲ ኣሉ ቀጣን ከም ሽጣራን ብልሕን ዝተቆጽረ ኣብ ውሽጢ ህግንባር ዝስረሓሉ ዘነበረ ኣመል ድኣ እምበር ሎሚ እዛ ግፍጥፋጥ ህግደፍ ዝፈጠረቶ ፍሉይ ቅዲ ውን ኣይኮነን :: እቲ ቀደም ውን ሰብ ወዲ ሰብ ጨዊኻ ኣይርኣኹን ምባል – ቀቲልካ ኣይቀተልኩን ምባል – ወይ ነቶም ክቀትሉ ዝለ ኣኽካዮም ተመሊስካ ምቅታል – ኣሰራርሓ ገድሊ መራሕቲ ህዝባዊ ግንባር እዩ ዝነበረ :: ኣየናይ ክብረ- ሓዘል ባህልን ሕልናን ከ ነይርዎም : — እዚኦም እኮ ወያኔ ትግራይ ኣብ ውሽጢ ኤርትራ ሻራ ፈጢሮም ምስ ጀብሃ እናተዋገኡ እንከልው “ኣበደን ብፍጹም የለውን” ዝብሉና ሰባት እዮም ::ሕጂ እቲ ኣብ ውሽጢ ሃገረ ዘካይድዎ ዝነበሩ ሓሶትን ኣሉታን ዝመስመሩ ድሑር ኣካይዳ እዮም ንዓለም ውን ዝደግሙላ ዘለው ::

    እቲ ኣዝዩ ዘሕፍር ግን ብሽም ኤርትራዊ ህዝቢ ዓለም ትዛረበሉ ምህላዋ እዩ :: እስከ በሉ ኩናት ኣይተኻየደን ዶ ምሩኻት የብልናን ዶ ዝበለት መልሓስ ሲ ብዘይ ገለ ሕፍር ኣርባዕተ እዝጊ ዝፈጠሮም ደቂ ሰብ በለኽ ኣቢላ ኣውጺኣ ከተረክብ ሲ እንታይ ይበሃል ! እዋእ ገና ወረ ካልኦት ብሕማም ዝሞቱ ብኢዳ ዘጸገዓቶም ሲ መዓስ ክሰኣኑ ::

    እቲ ሕቶ ግን ጁቡቲ ኸ እቶም ዝተማረኹ ኤርትራውያን ክትመልሶም ድያ ? ንምዃኑ ብዙሓት ካብኦም ናብ እትዮጵያ ኣትዮም እዮም : ግን ምናልባት ዶ ኾን ጁቡቲ ምሩኻት ኣለውኒ ከይትብል ከም ቅድመ ኩነት ዝቀረበ ይኸውን ? ማናልባት !

    ኣንጭዋ ዓንዴል ዘይትበትኮ – እከይ ሽጣራታት ህግደፍ በጀካ ንሕና ብተሞክሮ ዝሓለፍና ኤርትራውያን ዝፈልጦን ዝቀልዖን የለን::

  • ‘Gheteb

    Unearthing and Exploding SEMG Pretzel Logic, Inter Alia!


    Gulf Times on its March 19, 2016 report about the Djiboutian POWs release wrote that:

    ” The Foreign Minister [of Qatar] added that intensive meetings were held in Doha with Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki, who directed the authorities in his country to hand over the four prisoners of war who were in a group of seven. One of them died and two others fled. The Djiboutian authorities confirmed the reports”.

    Here, the number of Djibouti’s POWs is 7 and not 19 and according to the Qatari FM and as confirmed by the Djiboutian authorities, the computations of the Djiboutian POWs looks like:

    7-2-1-4 = 0

    What is more, is what the Foreign Minister of Djibouti has said in that report;

    ” For his part, the Foreign Minister of Djibouti expressed his gratitude and appreciation to the State of Qatar, noting that Djibouti had asked for the Qatari mediation”.

    And, the President of Djibouti said:

    ” The president expressed gratitude to the Emir, government and the people of Qatar for the efforts and the mediation which resulted in the release of the Djiboutian prisoners of war. The president conveyed his greetings to HH the Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani, and wished the Qatari people further progress in the future. Meanwhile, President of Djibouti Ismail Omar Guelleh held a meeting on Friday with HE Sheikh Mohamed bin Abdulrahman al-Thani. The minister praised Eritrea’s release of the prisoners of war, saying it was a positive step forward, and that his country wants good relations with its neighbor Eritrea”.

    Now what was the reaction of Djibouti’s handlers. I mean those who spearheaded in the instigation and manufacturing of the border dispute between Eritrea and Djibouti?

    Well, the US has this to say about the release of the POWs.

    ” US welcomes release of Djiboutian POW’s, Remains concerned for remaining POW’s”.

    “The US remaining concerned about the remaining PWOs” is the start of laying the groundworks of moving the goalpost and thereby finding the pretexts and excuses for keeping Eritrea sanctioned.

    As for the members of the ABI camp, it has become already abundantly limpid they are up in arms and will leave no stone unturned of creating more Djiboutian POWs in Eritrea’s custody so that the day of lifting the sanction regime on Eritrea never come pass.

    Nothing amplifies this posture than the demand made by the head Medusa of the ABI camp, E Chirum. She has unabashedly, not asked, but DEMANDED that Isaias Afwerki to release the 7 or 19 more Djiboutian POWs.

    As I have written to Nitricc that the truth shall emerge from the fog of all the contrived claims and the unconfirmed assertions slowly, but surely.

    • saay7

      Hey Cuz Gheteb II:

      I think you have raided Cousin Hopes “Department of Exclamation points.” Otherwise, everything the Gulf paper said aligns perfectly and exonerates the much maligned SEMG (again read it’s 2012 report) and exposes the big lie that was told by Isaias Afwerki (to the UNSG no less) that Eritrea has no Djibouti prisoners of war.

      The only thing that isn’t reconcile is the number of 19 that was alleged by Djibouti. And I suspect that they will be asked that question and we will know why there is that discrepancy.

      The takeaway message is:

      7 # 0. Seven is not equal to zero.


      • ‘Gheteb

        Wo 2nd Cuz SAAY,

        Let me just quote this paragraph in its entirety only for the purpose of reference.

        “Escape from Eritrea of Djiboutian prisoners of war


        1. On 10 June 2008, fighting broke out at Ras Doumeira, on the border between Djibouti and Eritrea, between the armed forces of the two states. According to the Government of Djibouti, the border clashes left 30 Djiboutian soldiers dead, 39 injured and 49 handicapped. Nineteen Djiboutian military personnel, including one officer, were reported missing in action and are presumed by the Djiboutian authorities to have been taken as prisoners of war (POWs) by the Eritrean authorities.

        2. To date, the Government of Eritrea has denied holding any Djiboutian POWs, and has refused to provide information to any third party that could clarify the status of those Djiboutian military personnel missing in action.

        3. On 16 September 2011, two men approached Sudanese police at the town of Karuurah on the Eritrean-Sudanese border and announced themselves as Privates First Class Ahmed ‘Eeleeye Yabeh and Kadir Soumboul Ali of the Djiboutian Armed Forces. They claimed to have been held prisoner in Eritrea for more than three years and three months, and to have escaped from detention 11 days before.

        4. The Monitoring Group interviewed the two men on 8 January 2012, and had the opportunity to obtain additional information concerning their case from the Djiboutian authorities.1 Their identities, their disappearance on 10 June 2008 and their three-year absence are matters of historical fact and public record (see Annexes 4.1.a. and 4.1.b.)”.

        Based on the claim of SEMG, you have concluded thusly:

        19 – 2 -4 = 13.

        And, mind you that “for the record” you stated that:

        ” For the record, I believe the 13 Djiboutians died in Eritrea: the SEMG report of 2012 says they were in such poor health they couldn’t join their comrades when they were escaping. Unlike us Eritreans who shrug when our countrymen die in prisons, the Djiboutians will–and should–demand accountability from the rogue Eritrean government”.

        Now, if I may ask you to re-read what you wrote, the things that should pop up in your mind tout de suite are:

        (A) Why have you taken the number of Djiboutian POWs to be 19 as an article of faith merely based on a claim and assertion by the Government Of Djibouti that was regurgitated by the mendacity manufacturing company otherwise known as SEMG?

        (B) You said that the POWs ” were in such poor health they couldn’t join their comrades when they were escaping”. Now that the four Djiboutian POWs were released in flesh, live and NOT as corpses, what does that say about your reliance on the SEMG report that you so glowingly and ebulliently speak of?

        (C) Not only that you believe that 13 of the Djiboutian POWs died in Eritrea’s prison, you also want that, ” the Djiboutians will–and should–demand accountability from the rogue Eritrean government”. Now am I right to assume that you are using this POWs issue for the furtherance of your and the ABI camp’s political ends? If that is the case, am right to presume that you want to see that PIA, PFDJ and the GoE badly embarrassed and the screw of the sanction regime to keep tightening? ( I did not say EHRAG here).

        (D) Doesn’t accepting at face value whatever SEMG manufactures about Eritrea is so readily by all the members of the ABI camp ( in this case the 19 POWs) provide us with a classic example of what psychologists refer as “confirmation bias”?

        You also say:

        ” The only thing that isn’t reconciled is the number of 19 that was alleged by Djibouti in the Wikileaks report and that I quoted. And I suspect that they will be asked that question and we will know why there is that discrepancy”.
        Not only do I agree with your suspicion, I believe that the primary instigators and manufacturers of this border crisis have spoken and let the cat out of the bag. Now tell me by what kind of bizarre mental alchemy are the USA and members of the ABI camp at swords points and so wrought up about “the remaining Djiboutian POWs” when the very Foreign Minister and the very President uttered nary a peep about “the remaining Djiboutian POWs”.
        Now, the apercu gleaned from it are twofold:
        (1) The issue of Djiboutian POW will be used to move the goalpost to keep Eritrea sanctioned.
        (2) The fons et origo of using the manufactured border conflict was used as a pretext by USA and Ethiopia to get Eritrea sanctioned and thereby expedite their regime change agenda in Eritrea.
        And, mind bogglingly, the members of the ABI camp find such a political disposition so, so, kosher.

        Even Aigaforum, the detestable Weyane’s surrogate website is admitting that the sanction imposed on Eritrea is the works of Meles Zenawi, of course, in collusion with non other than Susan Rice.

        ” The mad man regime in Eritrea is doing everything to extend or free from the short leash PM Meles govt left around his neck. The two critical issues the UN mentioned when it passed its sanction are now muted. The regime is back to square one! It is taunting Ethiopia by abducting Ethiopians and sponsoring civil strife in Ethiopia.It is sad Qatar not Ethiopia is becoming the political player in the horn region![Aigaforum March 2016]”.

        Now, tell me what does that say about the members of the ABI camp and their stances vis-a- vis the sanction regime imposed on Eritrea and its provenance? I know, I know, I know. You are going to say “it was IA’s fault”.
        Once again let me assure you that the last thing I expect from the ABI camp is accountability. What I can’t fathom is that all the members of the ABI camp are now safely ensconced in the EXTREME end of the Eritrean political spectrum.
        Mind you that the ABI camp are even more extreme than the Aigaforums are finding themselves pigeonholed with the most extreme fringe the likes of those using the UN instrumentality ( be it COI, Sanctions……) to bring about a regime change in Eritrea by concocting all manners of stories.
        And that, I am saying, is what the Eritrean people are NOT finding to be thoroughly kosher.

        • saay7

          Hala CuzGhet II:

          Ah, this exchange we are having long passed its point of diminishing returns and we will only be repeating ourselves.

          It is at moments like this that one tries to do a post-mortem: to find out what went wrong. But your whole polemics is a such a rush to close this issue (water over the dam, water under the bridge) and it comes across as bridge over troubled waters. You begin with an end in mind: I am going find every little shred of data to supports my government, and I am going to try to find every little inconsistency to damn SEMG, UN, US. You are trying to find information that exonerates your government when the data clearly establishes the following:

          1. Djibouti claimed that Eritrea holds 19 prisoners of war;
          2. Eritrea claimed that it is holding 0 prisoners of war;
          3. Between 2008 and 2011, these two versions were told by both governments;
          4. In 2012, SEMG said it had interviewed two Djiboutians who claimed they had escaped from Eritrean in 2011, and they claimed that they were part of 7 POWs, and that the others couldn’t escape with them as they were sick. SEMG said it found their report credible.
          5. Between 2010 and March 2016, the Gov of IA refused to answer any question about the POWs, deferring them all to the Qatari mediators.
          6. Those who had heard the president say the following:

          (a) he doesn’t know veteran artist Joshua and he doesn’t know his whereabouts

          (b) He didn’t know about the defection of an Eritrean football team in Kenya, or athletes in Scotland: that was the news all over the world, according to this video I chopped for my cuz

          were not surprised when:

          (c) he, in a surreal interview, told a Qatari reporter who wanted to know about
          the Djibouti POWs held in Eritrea to go ask “my older brother” in Qatar. Read the Qatari journalist’s frustration as he goes over and over the same questions (your cousins at translated it from the original Arabic to English):

          7. This Djibouti crisis would likely have lingered on forever, just like the case of Eritrean prisoners who have languished for decades had it not been for two major developments:

          (a) with both Eritrea and Djibouti now firmly in the orbit of the Arab Gulf of “anti-terrorism”, they essentially share one boss who has leverage;
          (b) Last week, a frustrated Djibouti president flat-out said there would be further discussion, and there has been no progress on the Djibouti-Eritrea mediation because Eritrea refuses to acknowledge and deal with POWs. So, the whole time the Gov of IA was shutting down inquiries about POWs by referring to the mediation agreement, it was a subterfuge because he wasn’t dealing with it at the mediation discussions;
          (c) Qatar has troops monitoring the Eritrea-Djibouti common border.

          So, it really all boils down a character reference. All the “Anybody But Isaias To Govern Eritrea” that you are disappointed at and angry at are providing a character reference for IA and saying he is a pathological liar and not be trusted. And the other side of ABI–those who want Anybody But Isaias To Be Held Responsible for the Eritrean tragedy–want to rush and sweep things under the rug. They flatter themselves by defining themselves as patriots when they are just authoritarians and here’s my proof: not once since the skirmish have they asked: how many ERITREANS were killed and how many were POW and how many are MIA.


          • ‘Gheteb

            Ahlan 2nd Cuz SAAY,

            I am going to make this response very brief. I won’t quote Orwell nor would I belabor Elsa Chirum’s inanely vacuous assertions. I will only highlight and underscore the different point of views that you and I espouse regarding the Eritrea Djibouti conflict.

            You believe that Isaias should have been more upfront and more forthcoming to each and every request the “international bodies” were asking of him about the Eritrean Djibouti conflict.

            I believe that PIA acted judiciously and appropriately given the conspiracy behind the whole” Eritrean Djibouti conflict” .

            You think that SEMG is doing a heckuva of a job.

            I think SEGM is in the business of churning up false and faux reports that aims to keep the sanction regime on Eritrea and in the process of tarring and feathering Eritrea’s international image.

            You believe that The Eritrea Djibouti conflict all started in June 2008.

            I believe that the source or provenance of ” the Eritrean Djibouti conflict” is of Weyane American emanation that predates June 2008.

            You think that the POW case is paramount.

            I think in the schemes that were and are still being hatched against Eritrea, the issue of POWs are NOT of utmost priority.

            You want the Eritrean president (PIA) to be like the president of Djibouti in showing concern about his country’s POWs.

            I say that the concern of over 5.5 million Eritreans and safeguarding Eritrea should be the ‘priority of priorities’.

            All in all, in this issue, it is shown that we indeed hail from two DIFFERENT planets.

            Thanks for the exchange.

          • Dis Donc

            Dear Gheteb,

            When you say the concern over 5.5 million Eritreans must come first. True! But these people did not make the decisions. Why do they have to be used as a shield now when the leadership didn’t even consult with them? Why do they have to be subjected to the failings of the unelected leadership?

          • Haile WM

            Hi Dis Donc,
            don’t you know we are subjects of this self elected “leadership” ? he is making the decision for us as we are his “gebbars” the serfs. He can lie, he can abuse us because he cares for us…
            Never mind that people are drowning in the sees and dying in deserts, yet he is concerned by all the 5.5 million Eritreans and their safeguarding… this have got to be his main concern.
            He abuses Eritreans because he loves them, God forbid what could have done if his concern was not the “5.5 million Eritreans and safeguarding Eritrea”…
            I would laugh if this was not a crying matter.

          • Harestay

            Had it not been for the likes of you , I would have long lose hope in everything about eritrea.!!
            You are my intellectual hero.

        • Hope

          Selam Gheteb:
          Well articulated; and excellently and brilliantly argued and analysed.

          I invite the ABI Camp headed by saay et al including the anchebchabi Aman Hidrat to challenge and refute your factual background analysis point by point,not by refering us to the biased SEMG Report.
          Where is the reasonable half-cousin Mahmuday,when it comes to National Security Interest of Eritrea?
          Man,are you scared of the teses and the TTs,the Aynetas and the Lameks?
          We are not talking about PIA here but Eritrea being a victim of the Axis of Evil and being set up to be the sacrifical lamb of the Devils?
          If we are concerned and patriotic Eri Citizens,let us talk the real talk about how Eritrea has been set up to/for the endless mess.
          PIA is a human being,who can make mistakes like any human being let alone as a politician and a leader over-whelmed with the huge task of defending Eritrea against all these evit actors and conspiracies.
          Eritrea belongs to all of us not just to PIA…
          Where were we when Eritrea and the EDF have been going through HELL?
          Ahah,I forgot that all the hell is coz of PIA!!!
          Let us admit and acknowledge first that Eritrea and PIA have been the worst victims of all these unheard of evil acts and conspiracies.Then we can blame PIA and his policies.
          Guess what?
          PIA’s mistakes are none but minimal compared to the challenges he and Eritrea have faced with.
          Not only that,Eritrea has survived as a nation and survivied the Tsunami of the Middle East and N Africa and swam to the shore safely by by-passing the fate of the Libyas,the Syrias,the Iraqs.etc….!!
          And who is going through that Tsunami?
          The same bloody enemies,who sponsored that failed Tsunami against Eritrea ,that same victim called Eritrea,has survived.
          Id shenahit Tsenahit,indeed!
          As Dr Saba said it,bizuh halifu eyyu emmo,ezzi ewin kihalif eyyu,no matter what and Erittrea will out-shine,not just survive,against all Odds as history is the witness.
          Yes indeed,those,who attempted and dreamed to kill Eritrea are either DEAD for good and/or will die….

    • tes

      Selam Gheteb,

      Oh, at least now you are trying to communicate. Well, this is your mantra then when 4 out of 19 prisoners. The good thing about PFDJ Cult followers is that for any move DIA did rejoice them. This formidable.

      Gheteb, when are coming to your humanistic value?


  • dawit

    Selamat All Awatistas

    *Why does the GOE always want to keep things from being internationalized?
    For Eritreans who know their history the answer is clear as the daylight . The Eritrean quest for Independence has been internationalized from day one when the Allied forces lead by Britain broke their promise when they defeated the Italian army at Keren. The British propaganda promised Eritrean soldiers to defect from the Italian army with promise of letting their country to be independent. The British took the case to the Four Power to decide on the fate of Eritrea. The Four Power could not agree on the fate of a colonial country seeking for independence, that would open the flood gate for other colonies also demand same thing. Then the Eritrean case for independence has to go to the new international organization UN. First the UN wanted to divide Eritrea, when Eritrean resisted that they decided to Federated with Ethiopia, because the international world did not wanted Eritrea to have its national independence like any other nation. When the Federal arrangement that the UN created was abrogated the UN did not condemned but blessed Ethiopia to slaughter Eritreans for thirty years. The International community supplied ammunition and food to Ethiopian army. When the Eritrean people lead by EPLF defeated the Ethiopian Army and all its supporters in May 24, 1991 the international community has to accept it grudgingly.
    The Eritrean people conducted a referendum under UN supervision, and 99% voted for independence under the leadership of EPLF, and Eritrea formally became a member of the UN after 40 years of struggle against the unfair decision of the UN against the legitimate request for Independence.
    Merely few years of independence a new plot was hatched to reverse the Eritrean independence by the international communities, first by Sudan, followed by Yemen and Djibouti, the Ethiopia all claiming Eritrean territories. Even though Eritrea wanted the territorial disputes the other parties wanted war. The UN sanction against Eritrea was plotted long
    before the creation of Al-Shabab or the Eritrean Dibouti border skirmishes when UN setup the Somali Monitery Group, when they accused Eritrea sending 2000 army to help the Islamic Court of Somalia, by claiming that there was a proxy war between Eritrea and Ethiopia. Every effert was for UNSC to divert attention from condemning Ethiopia that has refused to leave Eritrean occupied territoryat Bademe. All other things are side shows or camouflage clothing to reverse Eritrean Independence.
    All the so called Eritrean opposition campaign and legwork to sanction Eritrea is an empty hope and gamble of regime change in Eritrea. It looks here at Awate Forum many Opposition Revenge Seeker (ORS) are not happy for the release of Djibouti prisoners of war, through Qatari mediation, because that may lead the normalization between the two governments. If that happen one of their pillars for UN sanction will be in a shaky ground that may unravel their only achievements to date on their declared war against PFDJ government lead by PIA and the Eritrean people. The Ethiopian government and their Eritreans revenge seekers allies are in a frantic move to curb Eritrean diplomatic gains
    in recent time. The Eritrean people are assured of their independence as long as PFDJ stands, because it has been tested under many dire situations. Just because some so called opposition do not know what is going in Eritrea, which
    does not mean the Eritrean people do not know what is going in the country. The government regularly informs and explains the ‘Objective Situation’ through seminars and Mekete meetings inside and outside the country. There is no African government like PFDJ that tells its people the Truth about the their country. They don’t tell their people of double digit economic growth, when there is non, They don’t tell the people to sit and wait till bag of corn is shipped from US, EU or Canada. They tell them to dig dams to collect rain water when it rains to use it when the Al Nino comes, they tell them to build terraces, plant trees to prevent run off and soil erosion, they don’t tell them to wait for NGOs to build school, clinic or clean drinking water. They don’t run a fake elections or give the people a fake constitution that is not followed.

    • Lamek

      Yetemare yigdelegn has to be the worst Amharic saying if I understand it correctly. Re: read dawit and Gheteb. Where is Abi?

    • Amanuel

      Hi dawit,
      Why does the PFDJ regime always wants to keep things from being internationalised? Because it knows well that it is guilty as charged. Please don’t try to reduce the Eritrean struggle for independence to hand full gangs who are taking the country to the end of the cliff with them.

      • dawit

        What I wrote is the Truth, Unfortunately the Truth is bitter for you and handful traitors can not change the history of Eritrean people struggle and their vanguard EPLF/PFDJ. It is your evil wish to see the Eritrean people fall but God will not allow it. They are celebrating their 25th year jubilee anniversary of their independence, under the leadership of EPLF/PFDJ..

      • Music Novice

        Greetings Amanuel H.,

        You said: “Why does the PFDJ regime always wants to keep things from being internationalised?”

        Why don’t you ask: Why doesn’t the International community do justice to Eritrea? When did they do Eritrea justice last time?

        If the EPLF is a gang, a group of people with a common interest, aim, and leadership, then the ELF/Jebha is also a gang. Therefore you are an ex-gang member.

        • Amanuel Hidrat

          Greetings MN,

          First you are not responding to my comment. You are responding to another Amanuel who somehow refuse to add something to his “first name” in order to be distinguished clearly from Amanuel Hidrat. In any case if it is written without my last name “Hidrat”, it is not me. Keep a note please.

          But, to respond to your question, in order to support the GoE (a) They must be truthful to what they say to our people and the international community. The government of Eritrea denied that there weren’t war between the Eritrean army and Djiboutian army at the border of the two nations, as a result they were also denying that they have Djiboutian POW. The current release of 4 POW is a shaming to the Eritrean government’s stand for 8 years saying no POW in their custody (b) If you watch the Al jezera interview you find how DIA is pathological lair he is (c) We can not defend our people and our nation with lies. Period. I wish God to give you mercy for those who are defending the pathological lair who is killing our people and by extension our nation.

          • dawit

            Dear Amanuel Hidrat,

            You wrote ” If you watch the Al jezera interview you find how DIA is pathological lair he is”.
            Can you provide the link to Al jezera what you just wrote. If you can’t then I will assume you are indeed a “pathological lair” and not PIA.

          • Kokhob Selam

            Dear dawit,

            you didn’t see the show

          • dawit

            Khokhob and Amanuel,

            It is interesting both picked a video that was conducted with a bunch of lies to trap PIA. The lady got her lesson. PIA lectured her why she should come with facts and not fabricated lies as facts. Yes PIA said the whole world is friend of Eritrea outside the lairs. I am not if AT would allow this video but if they don’t allow it I understand it.


          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Hi dswit,

            since you do not trust any news or info outside PFDJ stories, why would you ask me proof to any statement I made then? You outrightly reject any account outside of the PFDJ book mark. There isn ‘t even a single issue you could question about the accountability of the government so far. That makes you…..what?

          • dawit

            Hi Amanuel,

            Since the topic we were discussing the Djibouti prisoners of wars, I was expecting that you provide a proof from Al Jazeera where PIA deny the presence of the prisoners in Eritrea, and not a . pathological lair reporter that PIA identified.

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Hi dawit,

            Do you really need more justification than what Saay has elaborated eloquently and masterfully what the government of Issayas have laid for seven years regarding the Djiboutian POW to the Eritrean people and the international community. He laid that there weren’t border conflict with Djibouti. He laid that there weren’t POW in their custody. He laid about the Eritrean EDF who paid their life in the conflict.

            His big brother, the Qatar head of state, can only bring him to the international table and can not save him from the self-inflicted wound and self-created international trap. By virtue of his “naked stubbornness” he let it to be internationalized and the only discourse to this crises is to sit in a round table with the international community to resolve within the international laws and rules. This man is unurling under the international law. Period.

          • Kokhob Selam

            Dear dawit,

            you said ” It is interesting both picked a video that was conducted with a bunch of lies to trap PIA.”

            True it is interesting. but you should not wonder about it..the reason is simple –in the past and now we are comrades and this will never is life time friendship and it linked, tied by our heroes who paid their precious life. so it is interesting ended. He is more experienced, matured and educated and I respect him like my teacher.

            regarding your president, you have watched how he talks in the attached interview. watch now how the Ethiopian ex-PM talks. no emotion and very logical. forget about the view for now but watch how he talks, his style..please watch , I wish he is alive ..


          • Amanuel Hidrat


            What a stark contrast he is to the one we have at the helm! The man is calm, collective, an astute, with an excellent statesmanship stature. Ehiopia has lost one of its finest son so early.

          • Kokhob Selam

            Dear Amanuel,
            Yes, he came to the world as lesson and went early. Not only Ethiopia but the entire Africa has lost a great man. It is for all of us to know how we should handle things. I am sure we have still such type of people invisible for now in this mess , but sure they will come out of this crowd and shine.

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Selam dawit,

            Don’t ask me explanation but below is the video link and if you are rational you could come in to conclusion that he is a Pathalogical lair the Eritrean “Trump” of this century.



        • Amanuel

          Hi MS
          First, the quote you put above was not originated from me. It was dawit’s. I might changed the GOE to PFDJ to remind him that there is no functioning GOE except PFDJ regime run by few gangs. To come back to your question, I am sure you agree with me that there is no justice but interests in the international arena. In order to succeed you need to aline your long term interest with those who are powerful with great flexibility, a skill which is in short supply with PFDJ gangs. Diplomacy is like planting orange tree not sowing Sorghum. It needs time and patience to grow but once starts to give fruit it will continue to give for many years not one season. Flexibility is also a very important aspect of diplomacy. The regime relation with US has many problems, but the straw that broke the camel’s back was the continue detention of the two USA embassy employees. Do you think it is worth all the sacrifice (sanction and diplomatic isolation) paid instead of either bring them to the courts of justice or set them free?

          Dear Amanuel H: I see your frustration, however I have good reason for not amending my nick name and your frustration should be directed at the people who can’t see the difference between Amanuel Hidrat and Amanuel. For example in this forum there are one dawit and another Dawit but they are not creating confusion. I suspect some are doing this intestinaly, may be they have an axe to grind against you.

    • Fanti Ghana

      Hello Dawitom,

      Haleluya! How did you get from “why not internationalize” to fake elections? Aren’t there other choices between nothing and fake something? Why not have un-fake election and constitution? Anyway, before you go any farther defending the indefensible, please observe what President Isaias said in an interview for the publication of “agains all odds.”

      “When I am challenged, I become more stubborn – more and more rigid.” 1997, p 173.
      Please don’t be like him.

      • dawit

        Dear Fanti,
        That statement must be a honest assessment of himself. Perhaps that is why Eritrea ‘Never kneel down’ phrase came standing against all odds confronting one of the largest army in Africa, equipped and financed by Super Powers of the East and West to gain its independence, not to be distracted by temporary false promises. Cant you see how he dogged El Ninno? . I am afraid to let you know I share similar characters with my leader. PIA promised that there will be un-fake elections and constitutions as soon as Eritrea get rid of the side issues are removed including Bademe is restored.

        • ‘Gheteb

          Selam Dawit,

          I think the statement that Fanti Ghana is alluding to ” When I am challenged, I become more stubborn” was said to Don Connell when the EPLF was completing it’s strategic withdrawal in the late 70s.
          It was a very challenging time to the EPLF and the Eritrean Revolution to see the Soviet Union taking the side of the Dergue and reversing the military gains of the Eritrean Revolution that was only 7 Kilo meters away from Asmara.
          Again from the top of my head, Isaias and Co. were the last ones to leave the city of Keren and given the adversity that the EPLF was contending with, that was ” when I am challenged” refers to, Isaias said, “I become more stubborn” in the sense that he ain’t going to give up and capitulate.
          It is this rare character of Isaias and his comrades that made Eritrea a reality and that has foiled all the machinations of the Weyanes and their patrons these days to keep Eritrea sovereign and independent.
          That is the attribute that any Eritrean worthy of that name should try to emulate.

          • Fanti Ghana

            Hello ‘Gheteb and Dawitom,
            Just a note: the 1997 was the year the book was published, but not necessarily the year he said it. Sorry for the confusion.

          • dawit

            Selam Gheteb,

            Don’t you think there is interpretation problem of the word ‘Stuborn’ directly to Eritrean culture of

            “ጽናዓት” for stubbornness which means un flexible. I found PIA has that Eritrean attribute of “ጽናዓት” but flexible enough to reach the goal you have set for yourself. Isaias and EPLF leadership was very flexible to realize the goal of Eritrean Independence. Even today PIA and PFDJ leadership is very flexible but uncompromising to uphold the truth. The English ward ‘Stubbornness’ is not equivalent to .our Eritrean characteristics of “ጽናዓት”

          • Fanti Ghana

            Selamat Dawitom,

            The argument that Eritrea had lost confidence on UN and AU bodies can be reasonably defended based on its history, but as a leader of a nation he has to learn when to control his stubbornness. I had only seen him only once in person at a hafash meeting when I was 16-17 (it was now-friends-season between TPLF and EPLF). Even then, I knew he was stubborn, but in those days, he as tegadalay and my friends’ and mine war hormones raging, he sounded perfect. We adored him for his no-none-sense attitude and composure.

            However, politics and leading a nation is a different ball game. In this very subject, Djibouti tried AU, the Arab League, and the UN to help it resolve that crisis including eventually, Qatar, but the stubborn president wouldn’t have it. To ‘never kneel down’ is one thing, but to not recognize when to duck and not to duck is simply idiotic sanctioniotic. So, I will give him a point for his handling of El Nino if you agree to subtract a point from his score sheet on the Djibouti POW issue.

            I wrote this as a reply to your earlier post, but you made this post more inviting by mentioning stubbornness.

          • dawit

            Selam Fanti, I mentioned the El Ninno to indicate PIA’s stubbornness to what he belief of Self Reliance policy. There have been all kind of pressures from NGO’s to give up the Self Reliance and accept foreign food aid. Practically he lead the ‘Food Security’ as his primary function and participating personally along side of the people carrying stone and digging dams. It would have been easy like many leaders going around the world begging for food aid while enjoying dining and wining with world leaders. Even when it come to foreign aid he is very flexible, he will accept any help as long as he decides how the help and it will be used is not dictated by those who wanted to provide the help. He does not want to outsource Eritrean development agenda to World Bank or any organization be it private or governmental institutions.

            I believe he his very flexible person to reach a compromised position base on truth to establish peace in our region. He reached a compromise with Sudan and Yemen. His support for Somalia was based on principle to promote peace in the country by upholding the territorial integrity of the country. He has same position towards Sudan before they split into north and south, same position for Ethiopian unity and territorial integrity he had when he was young and you were 16-17 years old. If he left IGAD he left it based on the charter that he signed in establishing the regional organization which clearly was against invading a sovereign country. He tried hard to prevent war with his neighbors, but then it easy to label him as stubborn and regional spoiler, because that what the world to portray him and you and many others repeat the same labels. I have heard the exact word from Secretary of State Condoleezza Rise when she gave a report on the Horn of Africa to US Congress.

            If he criticize African leaders or OAU/AU it is not without a reason, he has tangible facts.As ordinary person I never heard a report that his wife has took foreign travel like most spouses of African leaders . I never seen a report that his children taking special educational opportunities out side the country. He lives like any simple ordinary people not in mansions or palaces. Anyway let me stop here my preaching but I hope one day you will revise your opinion again for this unique selfless person the son of Africa from our region that has touch so many millions of people.

          • Dis Donc

            Dear Davy,

            I am not a rude person but I find your defending of him makes me wonder about you and Mengie. You must have adored him to death, I am sure. IA diggs, works, and do all that stuff with his people but he goes to eat and sleep in a palace. I will reverse my views about him when he migrates with them. Tell him to man-up and go with them and see how they traverse across the desert and high seas.

          • Amde

            Dis Donc,

            He has adoration for authoritarian figures.

            Daddy issues… ’nuff said


          • Guest

            Dear Dawit
            “As ordinary person I never heard a report that his wife has took foreign travel like most spouses of African leaders. I never seen a report that his children taking special educational opportunities out side the country. He lives like any simple ordinary people not in mansions or palaces.”
            So the above “attributes” of your president allow him to ruin the nation and its people.
            I wonder how old you are? I wonder what your education level is?

          • Amde


            I don’t know your personal circumstances, but to imagine you at the tender age of 16 out in the bushes breaks my heart.


          • Fanti Ghana

            Hello Brother Amde,
            If you only knew! I was already ready to take on the Ethiopian army one on one at the extremely old age of 13. Let me get a few more sympathetic words first and I will let you in the secret.

          • Abi

            Hi Fantasy
            The best fantasy ever!
            You lost some goats and run away from home. End of story. My sympathy for the goats.
            AsgenTay wenbede.

          • Fanti Ghana

            Hello Abisha,

            I feel honored to know that you think of me that highly. Which means you missed my exchange with dawit a couple of years ago. I was in jail for three months after stealing a brand new coat from some mean son of a… guy.

            But still, it is too tempting not to tell you my delight in telling you that the first human being who recruited me to become asgenTay was none other than a hook, line, and sinker Gondere ex-soldier. Read my reply to Amde above and this story will be part of that promise I am making too. Some day brother; some day.

          • ‘Gheteb

            Selam Dawit,

            Here is the dictionary meaning of “stubborn” in Tigrigna:

            ” ነቃጽ ; ተሪር ; ጽኑዕ”

            In stubbornness in the case of Tegadaly Isaias Afwerki, we see that “dogged determination” not to buckle under pressure and NEVER to give up in spite of the mounting adversity that he was confronted with. You can see how stubbornness can connote “ጽንዓት” or “ትረት”

            The usual English equivalent for “ጽንዓት” is fortitude, but I detect the nuance of this very “ጽንዓት” in stubbornness.

            You are absolutely right that Isaias and his comrades in the EPLF were flexible in tactical issue but stubbornly steadfast on strategic issues. The same is true of the PFDJ and PIA these days.

            Flexible enough on certain issues, but never flinching even an inch on major national and strategic issues.

            ተዓጻጻፍነት ” flexibility” is indeed one of the term the young Tegaday Isaias Afwerki uses in the video documentary that was produced in 1976/77, in which Isaias explains that the EPLF is flexible in conducting its military and political works.

          • Amanuel

            Hi Gheteb
            Correction “Stubborn” in Tigrigna “ምትሪንጊ፡ ትንፈር ኣይትንፈር ጤል ኢያ ዝብል”.
            You are talking about flexibility and that is the biggest weakness of IA and EPLF and now PFDJ. I will give you one example, in the 80s there was an opportunity to get aid from the west as the Soviet sided with Ethiopia but IA and his comrades didn’t wake up until late 1984 when all they to have to say was they were not communist but struggling to free their country from an Ethiopian colonialism supported by communist Soviet Union. As the result they got money to buy arms, medicine and enough food including Mercedes trucks (ኣዴታት).
            Another one, it is well known that at some point the American where ready to put pressure on the EPRDF government in Ethiopia to implement the demarcation and have a US military base in Eritrea as far as IA either bring the two US embassy employee who are languishing in prison to the court of low or set them free. Again IA refused to be flexible and save the day.

    • tes

      Selamat dawit,

      I have stopped reading you a while ago, even today, I didn’t. But I like your presence around as you are a perfect reflection of what the PFDJites political methodological approach is.

      Stay around and fool yourself.


      • Kokhob Selam

        Dear tes,
        froget dawit and the likes today the stage is or Mahmuday, please don’t miss a point..

        • Nitricc

          Hi Kokhob, today is for the greatest? huh? have you forgotten what you said about Mahmuday? do you remember at all? how did he become the greatest all of a sudden? do you people have a shred shame in your DNA?

          • Kokhob Selam

            dear Nitricc,
            Yes I remember I even remember what I said about you…Lol. if you start to be honest, I will admit ether I was wrong or you have corrected your stand. when comes to Mahmuday, at least he has been a fighter right in middle of the war and we have one common stand always. our differences was narrowing slowly and today he is bombing your camp totally. to some level I was wrong and Amanuel was right to advice me to wait and see.

        • tes

          Dear Kokhob Selam,

          Mahmud Saleh has long way to go before being freed himself. Till then, I won’t give him any title. If you followed me before, I was the only one who rejected him to be nominated as “Awate Man of the Year”. Still I do have a reservation on him.

          But yes I do follow him always.


          • Kokhob Selam

            Dear tes,
            Just follow and read. The man is surprising us. Leave alone people like Mahmuday with high knowledge and experience even every single ordinary person is important when joins the mass. I want you to open you to ” hug ” and allow everyone with his reasonable stand. you are kind and I know you know how much kindness and love is important.

      • Nitricc

        Hi Tes, you are the last person to make that kind of comment. I wish you read what you write when sobered, if that staying sober is possible.

      • dawit

        You are Lying. You read it but you couldn’t find any fact to contradict it. Dawit always writes the Truth.

  • Nitricc

    Hi All, when one talk greed in Eritrea; almost loses the meaning the word. Do you want talk about greed and insensitivity? Look at the house in the picture. How greedy and insensitive one can be to build that kind of house in the middle of Addis? It is not so much about the house but the Axum monument in the house? If I am an Amhara or Oromo; how do I feel seeing that house? I am not even mentioning the starving people of Ethiopia.

    • Abi

      Hi General Nitricc
      That house is owned by an Ethiopian who is proud of his history. It should be replicated on Godana Harinet.
      As an Amhara , I love to see Axum everywhere . Axum is mine and yours.

      • Nitricc

        Hey Abi, What do i have to do Axum with me? the last time i check Axum is in Tigray.
        And i see my little art is removed/deleted. i am scratching my hair and i couldn’t figure it out what the reason might be. Why do you think my article is deleted? here is a fitness question for you. if you are stack; give me three possible reasons. And i will give you mine.

        • PTS

          The trend is if your article is removed, it is being considered to the front page.

          • Nitricc

            Hey PTS; you got good jokes; i meant it. you are good at it, lol. for real though, have you get the chance to see the picture and read what i have said before it was deleted? it was nothing against any of the forum rules, so why was deleted? i understand using this forum is a privilege not a right but don’t we have the right to question to the privilege we are given to? if not, what is a privilege with out the dignity to question it?

          • Dear Nitricc,

            You did not earn the privilege, but you were given. This privilege is freely given with conditions attached to it. You had the right to refuse to accept it at the start, but not question, improve, or broaden it later, to satisfy your wishes. The one who bestowed the privilege upon you has the right to withdrawn it at anytime, if he/she thinks that you are misusing it, even without giving any explanations, although AT tries to be as fair as possible and gives explanations most of the time. Try to walk within the borders of the lane, and things will be alright. (Disclaimer: please understand that this is a personal opinion).

      • Peace!


        M’new abye! The world is singing we are the world, and here you are playing hide and seek with Nitric.


  • ‘Gheteb

    Eritrea Releases Djiboutian POWS. Now What?

    With the release of the Djiboutian POWS, will the leadership of Djibouti finally agree to resolve the outstanding issues with Eritrea. Or, will they move the goalpost and put yet another precondition for the finalization of a peace deal with Eritrea? I am not sure what Djibouti, or for that matter the UN, will ask Eritrea to fulfill before a détente is achieved between these two Horn of Africa countries?

    I am not that sanguine when it comes to the UNSC’s dealings with Eritrea. Nor does my second sight about such issues leaves with any grounds to be optimistic at all. My gut feeling is that the UNSC will come up with other preconditions or Djibouti and its handlers will egg it on to drag its feet, prevaricate and temporize so much so that the sanction regime on Eritrea will not be lifted.

    For what it is worth, here is what the Secretary General of the UN, has to say about the release of the Djiboutian POWS.

    ” Statement attributable to the Spokesman for the Secretary-General on the release of Djiboutian prisoners in Eritrea

    New York, 18 March 2016

    The Secretary-General has learned of the arrival in Djibouti today of the Foreign Minister of the State of Qatar, HE Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al-Thani, and the announcement of the release of four Djiboutian prisoners by the Eritrean authorities.

    The Secretary-General commends the efforts of the Qatari mediation in brokering this process and the State of Eritrea for releasing the prisoners. He hopes this will help address other regional outstanding issues between the Republic of Djibouti and the State of Eritrea and enhance regional peace and security in the Horn of Africa “.

    • T..T.

      Hi Gheteb and all,

      The AU, UN and EU don’t want Isayas get away with what he did to the Djiboutian POW and their family members.

      Accordingly, the Djiboutian POW and their family members are going to sue Isayas for failing to respect the international laws on POW and for violating moral and legal obligations for holding them incommunicado detention. The POW and their family members can claim compensation for Isayas’s violations of all standards under international conventions.

      Prior to going broke, the Qatari government promised to accept all liabilities for Isayas’s inhumane treatment of the POW and for causing nightmarish days in life, sleepless and scary nights as well as for causing heart attacks to their loved ones affected by uncertainties and worries about the POW. The damages must be paid as promised by Qataris. At the worst, in case of no ready funds to pay, the Qataris can take out a bank loan to settle the damages and garnish the 2% tax levied on Eritreans living in the Arab Gulf States.

      • PTS

        I never heard of POWs or their families sueing foreign governments for mistreatment. If they can do that, death is worse, why not sue for deaths during wars? Violations of international laws are addressed government to government through diplomatic channels and at relevant international bodies.

      • ‘Gheteb

        Selam T..T. ,

        What you are claiming about the family of the Djiboutian POW suing PIA for compensation falls smack dab in the realm of fantasy and is indubitably the dream of the camp of *ABI that has so far remained a political will-o’-the wisp.

        * = Anyone But Isaias

        But, if you are interested to know, here is what EU is saying vis-à-vis the release of the Djiboutian POW.

        ” The release of a group of Djiboutian prisoners of war by the State of Eritrea is a significant step that should provide the basis for reconciliation between the Republic of Djibouti and the State of Eritrea.

        The EU would like to take the opportunity to thank all parties involved, and in particular the State of Qatar for its tireless efforts that paved the way for resolving the issue”.

        • T..T.

          Hi Gheteb,

          Unless Isayas reclassified the Djiboutian POW as terrorists, they as POW were entitled to Geneva Convention protections. Even they should have not been exposed to intimidation or insults, let alone:

          -denying access

          -indefinite incommunicado detention

          -causing sufferingssss to Djibouti as a country, its people, and the loved ones of the POW.

          The only ground for justification for Isayas was not to deny holding them as prisoners of war and at the same time to claim that he was on defensive war of attrition by reason of Djibouti’s joint defense treaty with Ethiopia. Some may interpret the situation as Isayas was holding them hostage or held them incommunicado till the demanded money paid to him by Qatar.

          • T..T.

            Hi Gheteb,

            Since Isayas is on increased UN follow-up and regulatory requirements, your stating that the “Government of Eritrea DID NOT want to ‘internationalize’ the issue and has tried mightily to downplay it” when the case was already super-internationalized will only put Isayas on the UN screen for further investigation, condemnation, and sanctions.

            Also, for clarity of reading please read the opening sentence of paragraph two of my response to you, as follows:

            The only ground for justification for Isayas was to claim that he was on defensive war of attrition with Djibouti by reason of Djibouti’s joint defense treaty with Ethiopia, while not denying holding the POW.

    • Amanuel

      Hi Gheteb
      The official explanation from PFDJ was first, the allaged battle between Eritrean and Djibouti didn’t happen at all and hence, there were not prisoners of war. Now we learned that there were indeed prisoners of war and have been handed over. Don’t do you think the PFDJ regime has to explain to Eritreans, UN and the world why it did lied in the first place and face the consequence?

      • ‘Gheteb

        Selam Amanuel,
        My readings regarding the Eritreo-Djiboutian “border conflict” is that the Government Of Eritrea DID NOT want to ‘internationalize’ the issue and has tried mightily to downplay it. They have their own reasons and experience for opting to take that path. Not only that there were POW because of the border skirmishes in the contested areas, there could have also been soldiers missing in action soldiers from either sides of the conflict.
        Now that the issue of POW and Missing In Action is water under the bridge, the issue du jour is how fast and how willing are Djibouti, its handlers and the international bodies in finalizing the Eritreo-Djiboutian agreement.
        Ultimately what Eritrea is desirous of is the delineation and demarcation of its borders with Djibouti, a lesson that was learned after paying an exorbitant price in both blood and treasure in Eritrea’s existential war against the perfidious Weyanes.

        • Dis Donc

          Dear gheteb,

          Why wouldn’t the GOE always wants to keep things from being internationalized? Why wouldn’t it play by the books and norms, like any other nation on earth? For what it is worth why wouldn’t they atleast let the citizens know about the reason of not internationalizing it? Borders are not small matters, especially for a small country like Djibouti, and hence downplaying it will be a big mistake.

          • Lamek

            *Why does the GOE always want to keep things from being internationalized?

          • Dis Donc

            *there is supposed to be a coma….

          • saay7

            Selamat Dis Donc:

            “Why would the GOE always want to keep things from being internationalized?” There are two possible answers, the one given by the GoE, and another one. I tend to go with the latter, and here’s why:

            After Djibouti bought the issue to the United Nations and the Arab League, all volunteered to send fact-finders to both nations. Djibouti agreed and Eritrea refused. Why? I will come to that in a bit. The point is that Eritrea’s refusal was noted by the UN as it regretted that it is making a decision based only upon hearing one side of the argument. Eritrea’s then Ambassador to the UN was, characteristically, a blowhard and won no fans.

            Now, why wouldn’t the Gov of Isaias Afwerki want “internationalization”, code word for UN or Western involvement? Because, (a) they would have insisted on language to investigate the background to the conflict; (b) they would written an agreement that left no room for ambiguity and (c) their decision, and the process they used to get to the decision, would be part of the public record.

            In contrast, consider the language in the Qatari mediation agreement:

            (a) there is no article calling for investigating the background into the sequence of events that led to the skirmish;
            (b) it presents as a preamble the fact that Eritrea had to withdraw to pre-conflict territories (reminding the whole world that Eritrea had learned absolutely nothing from the Badme war);
            (c) the mediation language (especially the English translation) is so sloppy that any good lawyer can find tons of loopholes in it. Legal Zoom can draft better document and the UN has essentially a faxed copy, with the fax header, for God’s sake;
            (d) there is high likelihood that Qatar will never publish anything about the process nor even about the decision. It will be one of those hand-shake deals that will be lost to the ether.

            In short, the reason the Government of Eritrea rejects “internationalization” (funny, it had no problem being a part of internationalizing the Yemeni conflict) is because it dreads investigation into its crimes, or their documentation. It much prefers to have the latitude to say it is innocent (as its Ambassador to the UN was testifying loudly) while it quietly does things to signify it is guilty (withdrawing to pre-conflict territories.) So it is not “internationalizing” that it is against, per se; what it is against is presenting itself to an independent judge and having the judge publish his/her entire findings.. It prefers cases where it is the prosecutor and the judge (as is the case with all Eritrean prisoners of conscience.)

            You can tell that Isaias agreed to the mediation, kicking and screaming because there is no goodwill there (the reference to prisoners of war is “if any”) and wikileaks originating from Eritrean Embassy explained why he was so angry….but that’s a different story.


          • Dis Donc

            Dear Camarad SAAY,

            I am very busy and very tired. So I will only write; YOU ARE GOOD!

          • ‘Gheteb

            Ahlan 2nd Cuz SAAY,

            Let us assume all that you have indited and essayed about why PIA and PFDJ are loath and hate to “internationalize” inter-country border dispute is true and accurate.

            A counterpoint or a counterexample that utterly nullifies your assertion is the EEBC rulings that was literally made a mincemeat of by non other than the UNSC and its main actor the USA.

            Now no other process was more “internationalized” than the Ethio-Eritrean border dispute. And, its results has so far been more detrimental to Eritrea because of the utter failure of the “international bodies” and their naked complicity with the victimizer in this case being Ethiopia.

            I tell you that nothing is more poignantly seared in the Eritrean ‘mental’ or psyche and nothing points more accurately to the fecklessness of the international bodies in the minds of the Eritrean leadership of than this overtly and blatantly unabashed double standard of the international bodies vis-à-vis Eritrea.

            Hence why the GoE and PIA are not only loath to internationalize inter-state border conflict, but they have come to LOATHE it.

          • saay7

            Hala, Hala Cuz Gheteb II:

            (1) The GoIA’s repulsion of “internationalizing” inter-nation conflict is a continuation of their repulsion of “nationalizing” intra-nation conflict. The case of the G-15 was not a national issue (it doesn’t concern you, nation); it was an intra-party issue (it’s a PFDJ issue); then it wasn’t “intra-party”, but “intra-party-elite” (leadership feud); then it was just “kabakum n’eU yqerbuwo” and, to quote Yemane Gebreab, “we have our own culture of dealing with these issues.” Our own culture being how MenakaE and Yemeen were dealt with. I, the Jury. I, the Judge.

            (2) The problem with the EEBC was, there is none. The Algiers Agreement a flawless* agreement; the EEBC judges were imminently qualified; the mechanism for reporting progress was admirable and transparent. There was only one issue–which shall remain whether an agreement is internationalized or drafted at your next PTA meeting: one side, Ethiopia, flat out refused to be bound by the judgement.

            (3) The GoIA has one expertise that it does oh-so-well: narrating the story of how the UN victimized Eritrea by (a) federating Eritrea with Ethiopia against its will; (b) refusing to intervene when Ethiopia violated a Federal Act that a UN appointee drafted. This chain is then used as the beginning of the link and any new chain (UN sanctions, EU sanctions, AU, IGAD, or any act of any country (because it can be linked to UN=US/UK). And it is the patriotic duty of every Eritrean to know this so that we can forever suckle at the tit of this grievance.


          • Dis Donc

            Dear Gheteb,

            The world has learnt that there are many ways of skinning a cat. In the world that we live in, community and common interests do take precedence. Eritrea is no different or special like you guys have us to believe. Many countries came through this same process but was able to change their destiny by being able to employ good politicians, lawyers and negotiators. And this can only happen if the people have gotten involved in governance and decision making. The world sees it that way and the world would not give a hoot if the Eritrean people do not demand it. I wish I can write more but am unable to do so.

    • ‘Gheteb

      The Eritrean Djibouti Agreement: An Addendum (I)


      Here is the link to the agreement signed by both Eritrea and Djibouti that Qatar has mediated.

      • saay7

        Hey Cousin Gheteb:

        As a founding member of ABI, I would like to give the following responses. I expect you to re-arrange them in a way that makes perfect sense to you:

        1. Contrary to what all the NBI and NBE, NBP (Nobody But Isaias, Nobody But EPLF, Nobody But PFDJ) believes, Wikileaks didn’t just release State Dept/US Embassy Ethiopia communications. It released everything from every embassy and that includes Wikileaks Djibouti. Read the following to see the # of Djibouti POWs (19) in Eritrea:

        2. From the above, subtract the number of Djibouti POWs (2) who escaped as reported by SEMG. I know, I know: according to NBI, SEMG lies about everything. But it is Saturday, and make an exception and read my twitter feed of the Monitoring Report and then the exhibits which show the pics and ID of the Djibouti POWs who escaped (SEMG 2012 report, Page 70)

        3. Now read one of the websites of NBI (let’s take Tesfanews) which says that 4 Djibouti POWS (or as it called it, “the release of all four Djiboutian Prisoners of War (POWs) that Eritrea captured during the three-day border skirmish in June 2008.”) and assume you are a Djibouti politician:

        19 – 2 -4 = 13.

        You have 13 Djibouti POWs unaccounted for. You might say,

        a. Our math is wrong; there weren’t 19 to begin with;
        b. There are 13 still left in Eritrea that we need answers for.

        But you wouldn’t say, “oh, well, that’s water under the bridge now.”

        Now, questions for the NBI/NBE/NBP adherents:

        1. The battle happened in June 2008. Djibouti begged for mediation, and UNSC begged for Eritrea to acknowledge it has a dispute with Djibouti, threatened to sanction it if it didn’t acknowledge it, then sanctioned it in Dec 2009. And it took the NBI Gov until June 2010 to enter into a mediation agreement. Why didn’t it do it between June 2008 and Dec 2009?

        2. Djibouti released 267 Eritrean POWs to UNHCR in 2014. Was the NBI Gov reluctance to acknowledge anything because the skirmish had gone so lopsidedly in favor of tiny Djibouti and it was too much to stomach for the proud government?

        3. Djibouti just last week said that negotiations are stalled and will remain stalled until Eritrea releases Djibouti POWs. Why does it take Isaias Afwerki being cornered for him to take any action? What was stopping him from doing this in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015?

        4. Why has the government of Eritrea not acknowledge it had a skirmish with Djibouti, it has captured prisoners of war and, more importantly, that there are Eritreans captured by Djibouti in any of its state-owned media?

        5. Why is it that the NBI never, ever call on their government to do anything rational but celebrate and justify everything it does?

        I have follow-up questions, but let’s start with those:)


        PS: Where is Field Marshal Mahmuday these days?

        • tes

          Dear saay7,

          The 13 missing/died POWs during their prison time under PFDJ brutal treatment is yet another tragedy that will ever question the human rights violation of PFDJ ruling regime.

          No matter what proof of document is handed during such agreements, the People of Djibouti will always have a bitter memory of their beloved children.

          Another biggest tragedy is the denial of Eritrean POWs by PFDJ as part of the whole betrayal of the war happening.

          For what ever it is, the humanitarian question and the systematic crimes committed is yet to be exposed. Thanks now to the UNSC and UN Human Rights Agency, PFDJ is losing his feather of protectionism.

          What still the world community should be focused more is on the already deteriorated Humanitarian situation of Eritreans.


        • Mahmud Saleh

          Selam SAAY
          I remember we did have our own skirmishes on this point. All I said was in good faith; I was wrong. I used simple logic, and employed commonsense.
          On the border clash, I stated that it was bigger than Qatar, and I said Eritrea should address it at UN level. I still believe that. The problem is that this is not a matter between two neighbor countries (Djibouti and Eritrea) but between Eritrea and Greater Ethiopia (Ethiopia and Djibouti), and we know how previous border issues with Ethiopia has gone. Qatar influence over Djibouti is mush less than Ethiopia’s influence over it. Add to it USA-Ethiopia factor of influence, the issue is bigger than a skirmish between two normal neighbors. This view takes into account an Eritrean government that follows rational guidelines. Well, I know now beyond any shroud of doubt that we have a government that thinks outside the realms of our deliberations. In the real world we ask what would an average person like me think in such a situation, or what would our peers do in such and such situations, etc. That’s why we have juries. Anyway, I was reasoning our based on such a premise, because I know we let POWs go home even without the acknowledgement of their government. So, I was reasoning out that even though PFDJ is terribly stupid why would it pay, and, along the way, make us all pay, such a heavy price for not acknowledging soldiers it captured. Honestly, I believed there could not have been Djiboutian POWs in Eritrea, because I did not see a reason why a country would not acknowledge the presence of few prisoners of war when it had done so before becoming a member of the international community. I thought Djibouti was asking Eritrea to account for its MIA military personnel. For that I was wrong, and I apologize to the people of Djibouti. As an Eritrean, I’m embarrassed.
          This are soldiers, and I’m very sensitive towards young soldiers. Djibouti was not America if PFDJ thought it could pressure the government of Djibouti in making concessions. There is no enough of a public space where Djiboutian citizens could pressure their government to make compromises. This were poor soldiers. And I say to any Djiboutian who is reading these comments, you are our neighbors, and the best of Eritrea is coming.
          Back to my watchtower.

          • Nitricc

            Your greatness; taking the line of great Ted, I think there was a bigger conspiracy that PFDJ successfully killed it. if not, EPLF-PFDJ had no problem freeing tens of 1000’s pow’s with out any preconditions, i ask you what is the big deal in freeing few pow’s from a toothless country. i can understand that most of us believe that this government does nothing right and everything wrong; but i believe this time the PFDJ may got it right. will explain.
            nothing but respect, Mahmuday!

          • Ted

            Hi Nitricc, i also reject the Greatest’s apology. These men(not soldiers) were hit men who raided Eritrean defense line for nothing but political reason. It was not war or conflict between the two countries but it was orchestrated to appear as one. How naive Eritrean government has to be to return those hit-men without getting satisfying explanation from Djibouti Gov. It is open secret Djibouti did what it did from orders from TPLF Gov to instigate this incident and we all know what happened next, with help of none other than US, they got their wish to blame Eritrea for this and everything wrong under the sun and most importantly this development shows, every attempt to tarnish and destroy Eritrean Gov Eritrea has not worked, they are back to the drawing board.
            PS. I see some are disappointed by this positive development. I wonder.

          • ‘Gheteb

            Hi Nitricc,

            Correct you are Nitricc !!!

            The PFDJ, The Eritrean Government, PIA, “got it right”. Monday morning quarterbacking aside, history will show the correctness of the GoE handling of the manufactured Eritrea Djibouti border crisis.

            It is in such times that the truth has to be told however unpopular it might seem in certain quarters. What is in fad here is to blame and fault the PFDJ and PIA in anything and everything they put their hands on.

            But as the Tigrigna saying goes, the rod of truth may become ‘thin and skinny’, but it never, ever breaks.

            The truth shall ultimately emerge from the fog of contrived and manufactured assertions, claims and utter lies!

          • Mahmud Saleh

            Selam Gen-Nit

            I will wait for your explanation. You ask me ” what is the big deal in freeing few pow’s from a toothless country[?]” That was the same reasoning I employed when I was practically implying people like SAAY were making unreasonable claims when we discussed the two Djiboutian prisoners who were reported by SEMG to have escaped and crossed to the Sudan. My contrarian argument of that time was based on the belief that acknowledging POWs should not be a big deal, and that Eritrea’s claims that it did not have Djiboutian prisoners of war were probably true. At times of war, sometimes, you can’t count all the heads of your soldiers (alive, wounded, dead or captured). Soldiers whose fate is unknown are simply placed in active file of missing in action, or MIA. Their governments continue looking for them. I remember, this was the central line of my argument. I was saying Eritrea could not be responsible for Djiboutian soldiers missed in action, because I really thought, even though PFDJ is chronically disabled with stupidity, considering the looming sanctions, I thought it would not stumble on easy commonsense matters; it would not hold back information of prisoners of war, especially, if one of the reasons for imposing the looming sanction was Eritrea’s unwillingness to giving information on Djiboutian POWs and acknowledging the conflict that would eventually be acknowledged, anyway. After all these are prisoners of war. If they are “hit men” then the government did not say so. They are not intelligence personnel; they are not spies. If so, there was no problem of announcing to the world that it had captured Djiboutian spies. You just acknowledge their presence, try them and move on; if they are condemned to death, announce it and go ahead, shoot or hang them to death; tell the international body that they were found guilty of such and such crimes and according to our laws, they were condemned to death. Period.
            The reason is simple. This is an incident with implications that cross international borders and invoke international treaties. You can’t simply ship them to an Ella-Ero prison and wish the world will forget about them. The PFDJ regime thought that what it had perfected on innocent Eritreans would perfectly be replicated anywhere and everywhere.
            Regarding the second point you made, which taps into our propensity to look for “conspiracy theory, all I can say is this: Every time the government ships individuals or a group of people, in many instances, prominent people who gave their lives for the betterment of their people, including politicians, journalists, elders, religious leaders, underage kids, men and women, tegadelti and civilian citizens….we said there must be a reason. We said “The government could not be this rough and rogue”; we said, ” The government could not be this unreasonable,”; we said, “The government could not be this brutal, this criminal, this cruel, etc.” Thus went the story with the founders of our revolution and our nation. They were taken to the unknown one by one and in group; we said, “The government must have a reason.” Decades later, we are given no reason. We have found no reason. And time ticks on. Their parents died before they know their fate; their children have grown up in their absence. We know nothing official about them. We are now counting in decades. For every brave spark the government put off, we said, “There must be a conspiracy the government foiled; there must be a reason why the government sent them off to the dungeons” We have become victims of new types of conspiracies. Unlike its historic evolution, where citizens invent conspiracy theories to explain some dark sides of their governments, or use it in offsetting the powers of secrecies their governments utilize, we Eritreans appear to have fallen into a vicious state of making up plausible explanations for filling in the role of a government which is to inform citizens of matters of such magnitude. Our government is not incentivized at all to give us a hoot. Border wars were declared and fought without us asking it to inform us; and without us having an active role in deliberating on them. Instead, we keep rationalizing. “The government couldn’t really be that stupid,” we justify.
            So, here is the puzzle. The government denied there was a border clash with Djibouti. Then we heard through international media, and UN functions that Qatar was mediating a conflict our government had denied taking place. I don’t know if it has ever been explained to Eritreans. OK, following our propensity to indulge ourselves into conspiracy theories, let’s say the conflict was a “manufactured” one, it did not occur; it was the fabrication of foreign entities. That’s how the official response of the GOE went. Then, apparently, when it was squeezed, we had found out about Qatar’s mediation before we were told that, in fact, there existed a conflict. Let’s also assume that the government wanted to deny the presence of Djiboutian POWs because it denied the existence of the conflict. Now, any rational person would ask: once the government admitted a conflict existed and Qatar was mediating it, what was the value of denying the presence of POWs? One might claim, “Well, there was a high value (s) the Eritrean government was bargaining for exchanging. But war laws prohibit such bargaining. Another speculation would be to think that the Eritrean government wanted to subject the Djiboutian government into making concessions in order to have its citizens released. Well, we know Djiboutian politics is not yet mature for that. At any rate, even Eritreans, who are equal stakeholders, were denied any information while the government was taking these actions on our behalf and in our name. The whole debacle is just mind boggling. For those who tried to explain it rationality and believe what the government told us, we were left to count our sins. What’s striking is that even high ranking individuals of the ruling clique were embarrassed in a similar fashion. They were lying to the public that there existed a constitution, and actually posted it on their mouthpiece media outlets; they argued that it was being implemented chunk by chunk, and once the threat of war was minimized, it would be fully implemented. Well, the president came out of the blue and told us, indirectly, that they were actually lying, or, at best, were not in control of the political course of the nation.
            I’m happy to see those men returning to their families. I hope someone tells the people of Djibouti that Eritreans have not had a say in this matter, and that the people of Djibouti will remain to be a peaceful neighbors for centuries to come. We should remember that incidents such as this carry a historical significance. To an average Djiboutian, it’s the state of Eritrea, or the people of Eritrea who have denied the presence of their beloved ones. We need to emphasize that Eritreans were equally kept in the dark regarding this issue. But we should apologize for the sake of future good neighborliness between these two sisterly nations. If there is an explanation why the GOE lied to us, the ball is in its court. Otherwise, knowing what we know, this act should enrage Eritreans. We should not be thought of as fore granted followers, or easily hoodwinked public. We should show the government that we are more than blind nationalists.

          • Ted

            Hi the greatest.
            OK, following our propensity to indulge ourselves into conspiracy theories, let’s say the conflict was a “manufactured” one, it did not occur; it was the fabrication of foreign entities.”
            You got the first part right that it was manufactured in its motivation. As for it didn’t happen , it did and it is unfortunate. Why we were left to speculate how and why Djibouti has acted towards Eritrea is coming clear by the day. We all have an assumptions about the whole debacle and were were wrong in more than one ways but defending an assumption that you thought there were no POW will be missing the whole point and with all due respect, Eritrean Gov is not responsible for your wrong assumption. It was national security matter and was handled as such.The one who should apologize is the Djibouti Gov for not allowing the mediation process resolved through Qatar and responsible for those POW to languish in prison from the day the Qatar mediation in 2010 till now.. If it were not clear to you by now, it was the Djibouti gov intention, which it failed miserably, to hang Eritrea in UN court. Why Djibouti chose to do it now is no assumption matter, we could be wrong again.

          • Mahmud Saleh

            Selam the greatest

            Mine was not based on assumption. I believed the government’s version that there were no POWs. The government told me, it told you, it told the Eritrean and Djiboutian peoples, and the whole world that it did not capture Djiboutian soldiers. Now, I’m more cautious on other matters the government tells the public. However, on this one, my previous experience with similar situations made me to believe the government was probably true. If you are to look back, EPLF released 10,000 Ethiopian POWs on the eve of the sixth offensive, tens of thousands were released thereafter, without the cooperation of the Derg government. Ethiopia and Eritrea exchanged prisoners after the last war. So, my questions to you are the following:

            1. What was the reason why Eritrea continued denying the presence of Djiboutian POWs once it admitted there was a conflict to manage and thus accepted Qatar as a mediating entity?
            2. You said it was a national security issue; in one comment, you said that they were hit men, etc. How do you know that when the government denies their existence? Aren’t you becoming more assumptive than me? You are just assuming the government must have had a reason not to disclose the presence of the POWs; you are assuming there must have been an issue of national security, otherwise, you are reasoning out, Eritreans had let POWs go in the past. That’s the basis for my description of such assumptions as the “indulgence in conspiracy theories”, assumptions which have served the government perfectly. Now, I’m asking you, why I should be wrong for demanding that the government should inform Eritreans, and why you should be right for rationalizing for the government by assuming “the POWs must have been a threat to national security?” This is with the knowledge that the government did not inform Eritreans that there was a conflict; that there were Eritreans captured, and possibly died, save the Djiboutian POWs; that Qatar was mediating a conflict; that it has released Djiboutian POWs. I have at most respect for you. However, I have long decided explicate issues free of government or opposition feeds. And I will go where my conscience takes me.

            A short time line of the development

            1. April 2008, Djibouti complains of an Eritrean incursion (Eritrea says or does nothing)

            2. May 8, 2008, Djiboutian Ambassador to the UN calls upon the world body that something needs to be done because the possibility of war was real.

            3. Eritrean Ambassador to the UN tells BBC, ” “There is no such problem with Djibouti; we have never had a problem with Djibouti.”
            Remember, Girma Asmerom said Eritrea has not had a problem with Djibouti. But these are countries which almost went to war in 1996, long before Eritrea and Ethiopia turned their backs to each other.
            4. In May 19, 2008, IA said that talks of a conflict were “wild inventions.”
            5. June 9, Djibouti based Alliance of the Reliberation of Somalia (a faction that split from the Asmara based (ARS) forms a Transitional Federal Government joining forces which were in Somalia (backed by Ethiopia and the USA). Ahmed Sherif, the man who was hoped to be PFDJ pick had switched sides and became the president of the TFG.
            6. A day after that, June10, 2008, armed clashes erupt between Eritrea and Djibouti.
            Djibouti has told its people and the world its version. Eritrea has not, except denial and that there was no conflict but a fabricated drama. As an Eritrean, I believe the policy of the GOE on this issue has caused the matter to be prejudiced against Eritrea. And that is an issue any responsible citizen should raise. I’m not taking Djibouti’s contention as true, but I’m saying the government of Eritrea failed to take the right course, including on the issues of POWs.

          • tes

            Dear Mahmud Saleh,

            You wrote, “Now, I’m more cautious on other matters the government tells the public.”

            Aha, this is Mahmud Saleh that still have some faith on the PFDJ Government.


          • Mahmud Saleh

            Hey tes,
            Nope, shatahtah ilka Arkey.
            Well, I will avoid using the word “now” as a resting “notch” while keeping a conversation, just like the words “well”, “huh”…
            It was not meant to indicate “now”, the time. Otherwise, 20 years now, I have been on my own, tes. I say what I say the way I say it based on information I gather independent of any political organ.

          • tes

            Dear Mahmud Saleh,

            Correction accepted. For those who read your lines carefully every word you put has a notch. Take care of them.


          • Ted

            Hi the Greatest, we both are getting refined in assumption department. Blame it on EPLF culture, Lekimkumna;-)
            It boils down to why Eritrea denied the conflict ever existed. The existence of POW you baffled about is inconsequential and counter productive to the argument “there is no conflict” in Eritrea Gov perspective. The question you need to ask is what is it for Djibouti to gain going after Eritrea through UNSC while they could have done what they did now through Qatar initiated peace process 6yrs ago . If you believe the unjust sanction labeled on Eritrea is devious, this is not any different. It is because Djibouti and its handlers wanted the big powers get involved in this conflict to the maximum effect. Eritrea did what it had to do, deny and wait Djibouti to come to their senses to allow the genuine peace process established. It worked. If it were not the case, the script was already written by Ethiopia and UN that would had different ending. One can say this peace initiative happened because it is the “the coalition of anti- terrorism” duty to do so or coerced, i don’t buy it one bit. Djibouti does have its own interest to protect and their plan A din’t work they are into plan B, thanks God. “As an Eritrean, I believe the policy of the GOE on this issue has caused the matter to be prejudiced against Eritrea.” i strongly believe differently,they tried everything and anything to see the conflict aggravated. Sooner than later, the dynamics of the Horn , the statuesque, will be challenged. This is the beginning.

          • saay7

            Hey Ted:

            Antum sebat why don’t you want until we die before u ignore stuff we remember, bele aregit sebay:)

            The Gov of Eritrea rejected mediation efforts from:

            1. African Union
            2. Arab League
            3. Islamic congress
            4. It had withdrawn from IGAD, so that option was not available
            5. It rejected fact-finding mission from UN.

            Even the Qatar mediation was at the request of Djibouti, as the agreement clearly shows. I find it amazing that “you guys” have defined patriotism to mean “Isaias Afwerkis moods and temper.”

            For your punishment, I hope you get stuck watching a loop of the Golden State Warriors for hours on end.


          • Fanti Ghana

            Hello Boss,
            As your suspected assistant, I have prepared a decent argument on what Djibouti tried to do throughout that crisis. You don’t look like you will need it, but Ted may just force my hand.

          • Ted

            Hi Fanti, the greatest Saay and all of us really need help with this. It will be much help if you bring out what is in Gueuleh’s head in this crisis. That is where we are stuck, Eritrea’s stand is clear. Nothing happened to talk until you come to the table in good faith. Can you start with this article to feel what Djibouti think of IA’s Gov., if not the the guy is Djboubity’s foreign minister, it looks like what i read from opposition camp.,
            Anyhow, i like to read it, i am sure it gona be yummy.

          • Fanti Ghana

            Selamat Gen. Ted,

            Okay, I was following Saay and ‘Gheteb’s exchanges from the start, and it was very educational to say the least. However, when I was thinking about suggesting for both to look at the whole relationship beginning from 1994, both realized that they have reached their respective dead ends on the topic and made their gentlemen’s hand shake and called it a day.

            Then, you showed up. I don’t want to open a can of worms, but there is a thin parallel between how the Ethiopia-Djibouti relationship began to gain strength from 1994 and the deterioration of Eritrea-Djibouti relationship starting in 1996.

            Now, we can speculate that Eritrea began to worry about Djibouti cozying up with Ethiopia or Djibouti started her grand plan to snatch Ethiopia’s port business from Eritrea but since both scenarios are un-provable they will have to remain just that: speculations.

            The problem is, however, regardless of what the hidden or exposed truth is Djibouti appears to have played the diplomatic game much better than Eritrean Government. Nobody can get into one’s mind to find the truth. That is why the world has established national and international laws as mechanics to ascertain the truth and serve justice.

            Does it always work? Hardly. Is it prone to manipulation by the mighty and by the well connected? Definitely. But that does not mean one can afford to ignore its existence all together. That is precisely why a nation needs an astute leadership that will protect it from slimy political maneuvers or a direct military attack.

            PF 0 – DJ 1. You may go now and watch the rest of the game.

            This post is on hold for approval which gave me a chance to address your link: there was no need to read beyond the first sentence.

          • Ted

            Hi, Fanti,the score you gave is fair considering things could get very ugly in a volatile area with many strings. It is like, i got knock down, i get up again.
            Which raya are you. .
            The Kirose Alemayeh or further to the south, kobo.

          • Fanti Ghana

            Hello Ted,

            Like the rest of my life, I am smack in the middle.

            Then throw me
            (Smack dab in the middle)
            I wanna be
            (Smack dab in the middle)
            Ahh, smack dab in the middle, boys now
            So I can rock and roll to satisfy my soul ….”

            So on and so forth.

            Ray Charles.

          • Ted

            Hi, saay since we don’t know why now the agrement is happening, who requested the peace process is not that important. Be African union or Islamic congress, Eritrea didn’t want the fan fair diplomacy/negotiation to be exploited by the others to label Eritrea as aggressor and destabilizing force. They got enough of it for free by doing nothing, thanks to Ethiopia and US.Djibouti gov has come to realize they can not build enough storm to sweep off Eritrean Gov that they came to the acceptable option to Eritrea( no hash hash, silent diplomacy).
            Washington warriors, forget it, it is march madness, i am watching dozens of similar collage kids team this month.

          • Mahmud Saleh

            Hi the greatest
            I think I have said too much for this week.
            Regarding the culture of ይኸውን you are right of you blame it on EPLF. It was primarily a military force; secrecy, discipline and loyalty to the front and the mission it was set to accomplish might have helped. But once independence was declared, it was every Eritrean expectation that we would embark on the building of civil society. Anyway, we are where we are. I don’t want to lecture on things you know as to why we are here. But I want to make one thing clear. The difference between blind and informed nationalists/patriots is in the way citizens make decisions. For blind nationalists/patriots (hagerawyan) decisions are made by the powers to be. They just echo what the government tell them and follow. On the other hand, informed patriots make their decisions based on verifiable facts; they consider governments to be naturally inclined to lie and misuse power. Therefore, when I spoke in favor of Eritrea joining the Saudi Arabia led coalition, my calculus was totally different than when I speak about a border conflict with a neighbor country, and the way my government handled it. If what you believe that the conflict will be solved by Qatar is found to be true, then that’s a victory for both peoples. I wish it were solved years back. However, I still believe the conflict is bigger than the size and gravitas of Qatar. By the way, Djibouti requested Qatar mediation early on; it was IA who refused. Just FYI.

          • Amanuel Hidrat


            Indeed the conflict is bigger than the power of leverage Qatar can exert to bring them in to feasable resolution. Once the Eritrean regime become untrustworthy and the issue is already internationalized, the only way out for the regime is to be abided by the international law and norms. The regime had lost many opportunities to address the issue before complicating it and entangled with the international rules. In short Qatar could only facilitate and bring them to the international table if they want to resolve the issue.

            Amanuel Hidrat

          • saay7

            Hala MaHumuday:

            Welcome back. You should leave the watchtower* more often—leave that to Jimi Hendrix and Dylan.

            We all make mistakes, and it is the mark of an honorable man to admit mistakes and I salute you Field Marshall.

            Now one comment: your Harbeyna Shaebiatai is still showing His Lomi Shaebia TsbaH Shaebi when you refer to Djibouti as part of Greater Ethiopia. Tiny Djibouti is navigating the world a lot better than our Nincompoops. Its relationship with Ethiopia did not preclude it from recently joining the Saudi orbit, to the consternation of Ethiopia. Its relationship with France and US, did not prevent it from offering a base to China, to the consternation of the US. I could go on, but it is Saturday so, I give you both versions of “All Along The Watchtower”, so you can leave yours and jam with me:

            There must be some kinda way out of here
            Said the joker to the thief
            There is too much confusion
            I can’t get no relief…

            The original, Bob Dylan version:

            The much more awesome, electrified, Jimi Hendrix version:


          • Mahmud Saleh

            MaraHab SAAy,
            Well, a more explained and a non-shaebitized version is coming. Disqus is acting out and I want to assume my watchtower responsibilities before a democratic coup guy snaches it away. Thanks for the song. Iread and watched many comments giving credit to Jimi Hendrix for popularizing that song (tewsaKitey abey neyre) and actually Bob Dylan acknowledged that. A signiture song.

          • tes

            Dear Mahmud Saleh,

            It is good that you formally apologized for your mistreatment of POWs of Djibouti. It is good though late. Common sense is most of the time deceiving and hopefully you got a good lesson in regard to PFDJ system.

            You see Mahmud Saleh, you are trying to approach PFDJ’s perspective from your EPLF era. This will always misguide you. Even EPLF had different layers and I am afraid you were strictly familiar with each one.


          • Kokhob Selam

            Dear Mahmuday,
            May be what Amanuel Hidrat said about you was correct. this is the best Hateta I saw, I have some reservation though.

            I wish all PFDJ die hard supporters are reading this Hateta. I am optimistic they will learn to say “sorry” this is wrong when it is wrong and right when it is right.

            Now, my question..what do you think, why Djibouti still didn’t return back Eritreans captured during war? I know some are already in Ethiopia..but sure among 267 at least we may get four ..Lol.

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Dear Mahmuday,

            Accept my hug from a distant from your fellow brother for thid well crafted humility

          • Haile WM

            Hello Mahmuday,

            thank you ! we need people like you.
            All I can say is a word borrowed from french : chapéu !

        • PTS

          Hello SAAY,
          “Why does it take Isaias Afwerki being cornered for him to take any action? What was stopping him from doing this in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015?”
          That is a very important question and one that is at the center of all the catastrophic decisions. IA’s history of such concession-after-the-damage-is-inflicted is well documented. Few more illustrations to yours: 1) The biggest one of course is when he sacrificed thousands of lives and a large chunk of our land to accept a peace deal that was much worse than the one he previously rejected. 2) He withdrew from OAU and IGAD, the two organizations then slapped him with sanctions at the UN. Soon afterwards the humbled Isaias asked if he can have his membership reinstated. He was allowed at the OAU but IGAD continues to decline the request to this day. 3) And then there was the case of the British sailors whose guilty verdict was announced on EriTv. After months of captivity, he released them quietly. But that wasn’t before the British Parliament made Eritrea a piñata. The damage had already been done. There are many such instances that exposed his terrible judgement that threatened the security of the Eritrean people.
          If this is how he conducted at the helm of the statehood, how unlikely is it that he didn’t waste so many lives in similar circumstances during the liberation struggle.

          • Lamek

            …and that my friend is why saay is saying ABI ABI ABI. Abi, not you. Mis chamaka keytihadir kaa. Translator please. Fanti?

          • Fanti Ghana

            Hello Lamek,

            I want Abi to learn Tigrinya (he has been studying hard lately), but I will translate it for you in case you need it some other time.

            Mis chamaka keytihadir kaa = Chamah gar indatadir degmo.

          • Lamek

            Hi Fanti. What’s wrong with you (to use your own words)? I was looking for an equivalent saying/proverb in Amharic.

          • Fanti Ghana

            Hello Lamek,
            I didn’t know your slowness was contagious! Dammit.

        • Saba

          Dear Saay7,
          Isayas cornered? For DIA, this one is just part of the game. A major event happens and you guys say “this is the time that PFDJ fails” and then it just passes. And another more important event occurs and you guys go wild and then nothing happens. And on and on. Just to name a few moments of happiness of the opposition: lampedusa, Geneva dankera, bologna dankera, Nacfa exchange, mola episode, COI, etc…I hear you say “that was different but this one is fatal”:) I say that when i play lotto:)
          Can you please name 3 instances in which isayas would feel cornered? and may be give context or example for each.

          • saay7

            Hala ya Saba:

            Hmmm, you play lotto? It seems that you have a lot in common with your hero: he is a gambler too.

            So, the 3 instances…well, PTS gave you 3. Scroll up (or down, depending on your setting.) You are so special to awate, and we have such a long history, I have chopped a 1-minute video that shows the delusion of your guy, and that tends to permeate throughout his organization. Video below.

            As for you “you guys” going wild and then nothing happens. I think that happens less frequently than “you guys” celebrating how, this time, you have finally foiled enemy quarters with your super-duper, extra size, mekete. “You guys” say that after every “seminar” at every “community center”. And still the teSabaeti are here, no?

            Your measure for how well Eritrea is doing appears to be how much of a stranglehold Isaias Afwerki has on Eritrea. It is a common malady that afflicts fans of authoritarianism. But, by that measure, Omal Al Bashir is a much more impressive figure, because he has a larger and more complex country. One can teeter on the edge of the abyss for a long time; it doesn’t mean that with each screwup, he is not getting closer and closer to the edge. Right now, he has joined the Saudi Arabian orbit head first, after years of rejecting its advances. That sounds like a desperate man to me.

            Some of you will only get it when, poof, he falls off. But until he does, well, he set the tone for denial: this is him, talking of how much beloved his government is….and how Eritrea is # 1…right after he got Eritrea sanctioned



        • ‘Gheteb

          Ahlan 2nd Cuz SAAY,

          Apologies for the belated response. I was as busy as a one-armed paper hanger pretty much the whole day. Now that I have read your rejoinder, let me indite my rebuttal as how I see things from where I stand.

          Firstly, let me start with the Wikileaks since you are using it as the nub and kernel of your claim that there were 19 Djiboutian POW. Here I think it is more than appertunant to qoute the whole paragraph from Wikileaks.

          ” 1. (C) SUMMARY. As the five-week deadline referenced by UNSCR 1862 of January 14 approaches, senior Djiboutian officials–including Foreign Minister Youssouf and Djibouti’s Ambassador to the U.S. and UN PermRep Olhaye-underscore the need for increased international pressure on Eritrea. Facing a military statemate on the border that may be costing Djibouti as much as $5 million monthly, and lack of any Eritrean response to diplomatic overtures, including a recent visit by a UN DPA director, Djibouti believes sanctions, or financial measures targeting remittances collected by Asmara, may be required to push Eritrea. Separately, ICRC confirms that Djibouti has allowed international observers access to the 19 Eritrean POWs in GODJ custody, but that the Eritrean government (GSE) has provided no response to the assertion that 19 Djiboutians remain missing from June 2008 hostilities. END SUMMARY”.

          Those who read such documents with an eagle-eye, would not have missed a word that stands out more prominently than others, and would have pointed out this:

          The claim by Djibouti about its 19 POW is NOT a FACT, but an ASSERTION. Now you may say that I am merely engaged in pettyfogery here, but I hasten to let you know that an assertion is not automatically deemed to be a fact, but a claim, an opinion, a pronouncement and remains to be so however one asserts one’s claims so authoritatively or so confidently.

          Let me try to elucidate what I am trying to impart here by way of rendering an example.

          2nd Cuz SAAY asserted that he is the founding member of the ABI (Anyone But Isaias) camp. Now SAAY may aver this claim or pronouncement with authority and confidence. Nevertheless that in and of itself doesn’t make his avowal to be the truth.

          The thing is that SAAY soaring assertion about being the founding member of the ABI camp, doesn’t have even a smidgen of truth and is completely false. I hope you are catching my drift here. I mean SAAY is a lot of things; a founding member of the ABI camp he ain’t !

          BTW, I found the claim of 19 POW by Djibouti to be a bit bemusingly curious simply because it the SAME and exact number of 19 Eritrean POWs that Djibouti claimed to have under its custody. Now don’t blame for being a bit cynnical here, but I can’t help but wonder if this seems like Eritrea and Djibouti have previously agreed to take 19 POWs from each side. Now all I am saying is that there is more to these claims about the POWs than meets the eye!

          Secondly, regarding “the claim by the two Djiboutian POWs” as reported by SEMG raises more questions and eyebtows than shedding more lights. Here are some of the questions that are not answered by the SEMG report that you linked in your tweeter feed:

          (A) “The two POWs” CLAIMED they were held as “prisoners in Eritrea” for “three years and three months”. Now what wasn’t ascertained is where exactly in Eritrea that these “two POW” were imprisoned. The reason for raisning this question is that how do two foreign soldiers who are utterly unfamiliar with the Eritrean terrain can not only break from a prison, but make it safely to the Sudanese border and surrender to the Sudanese authorities in Karura?
          Again, call me a doubting Thomas here, but the calim by the “POW” of being imprisoned for exactly 3 years and 3 months seems a bit too exact and too contrived to be believed at face value.

          (B) Again, doesn’t the SEMG report that you provided in your tweeter feed bring into question your claim about the 19 Djibotian POW because it says that Djibouti claimed that there were 19 of its soldiers that were missing in action that it PRESUMED by the Djiboutian authorities to have been taken as POW by Eritrea.
          Now, doesn’t this yet again show that your claim of Eritrea holding 19 Djiboutian POW is just a mere echo of what Djibouti and its’s handlers ( US, Ethiopia, UN, SEMG etc. etc.) have so far asserted and claimed?

          (C) Wasn’t there a report by SEMG that there were 4 of the 5 Djibouti POWs who escaped in 2011? What about that report? I mean where did these 4 of the 5 POWs end up?

          Thirdly, your computation about the Djibouti POWs is based on flawed assumption and unproven assertions. You claim that:
          19-2-4 = 13

          The only numeral that can be taken as a fact is the -4. The numerals 19, 2, and 13 thus far remain unsubstantiated and, for all intents and purposes, remain as an ipse dixit that the members of the ABI camp unquestioningly have taken to heart.

          Now, to the numbered questions you have raised, here are my brief takes:

          (1) I don’t buy that the border skirmish (battle) between the two countries just erupted in June 2008 out of the blue. Let me just mention what Djibouti and its handlers were up to prior to those years. This just a thumbnail account, nothing fancy or detailed and it merely aims to jog the readers memories.

          a) The September 2006 confab between an Ethiopian official and a USA official in which the the later asked the latter to exert pressure on Djibouti to change its path regadring Eritrea and choose which side Djibouti wanted to be. Simply asking the US to pressure Djibouti to break its ties with Eritrea.

          b) The April 2008 Djibouti protest to the Americans that Eritrea has encoached on it’s teritories. Here this claim by Djibouti was throughly negated by French ambassador to that country.

          c) While Eritrea was trying to handle this issue on a bilateral basis, Djibouti and its handlers were eager to make more noise, internationalize it and raise it before the UNSC.

          d) Eritrea claimed that a French chopper landed on it’s territories and one of it’s speedboats was sunk by non-Djiboutian forces, probably by US forces.

          e) America’s representative in Djibouti starts to echo Dijoubti’s version of events as of April, 2008.

          f) Again on April 20, 2008, AFP reported that the French reconnaissance had not been able to confirm an incursion by Eritrea forces into Djibouti’s territories.

          g) Only after two days, on April 22, 2008, Reuters reported Wolff, Deputy Permanent U.S. Representative to the United Nations, Alejandro Wolff wagging his tongue and finger said that “Eritrea is going to pay a big price” for its “handling of this issue”.

          h) May, 2008, the French were against the idea of Djibouti internatioalizing this issue. Mind you, they were supplying the Djiboutians with imagery and confirmed that Eritrea’s troops has withdrawn from Djibouti’s territories that they have mistakenly advanced to.

          i) JUNE, 2008, The US Department of State condemns Eritrea for its military aggression against Djibouti.

          Now with Djibouti making all these noises to internationalize the issue and the role of the US and Ethiopia and others in its instigation, I don’t fault the Government of Eritrea for not rushing headlong into mediations and arbitration without taking its time and NOT falling into traps that may have invited UN peace keepers and what nots that have wronged Eritrea previously.

          2) you say:

          ” Djibouti released 267 Eritrean POWs to UNHCR in 2014″.

          I thought that Djibouti claimed to have only 9 Eritrean POWs. Now you are saying it is 267? Well, what can I say here, when what you are saying now doesn’t square with what you have taken as an article of faith of Eritrea’s POWs as 19.

          You believe that, “the skirmish had gone so lopsidedly in favor of tiny Djibouti and it was too much to stomach for the proud government?”

          You won’t say SAAY. I mean if that was the case, why were the EDF forces positioned in the contested territories and NOT kicked out by the “mighty forces of “my pot”, I mean, Ya Buti or Djibouti.
          No Sir! You can take all your pot shots at PIA as a card carrying member of the ABI camp, but you gotta remember that the Eritrean Defense Forces (EDF) has rendered many a general to cry like a damned baby. Just ask the derestable Weyane’s General Tsadqan.

          3) Why PIA didn’t take any action regarding the Djiboutian POW upto now? Well, the man knows more about this issue that you and I. We are not privy to a other information here. I mean there are issues that sensitive and of a national security nature that NO responsible leader of a country would publicly speak about.

          4) The Eritrean Government believed correctly as the French ( refer to h) this was a manufatured crisis by Djibouti’s handlers and was of the belief that it should be solved through quiet diplomacy.

          5) You ask:

          ” Why is it that the NBI never, ever call on their government to do anything rational but celebrate and justify everything it does?”

          It depends on what you exactly mean by “rational” here. If you mean the rational thing to ask the GoE to do here is to echo the demands of Foggy Bottoms and to ask Eritrea to tow the lines of Uncle Sugar and thereby rendering Eritrea as nothing more than an appendage of the Weyane regime, Uncle Sam’s pimp and Sheriff Of The Horn, then I will tell you that is considered as ‘rational’ only in the ABI camp.

          For many a sentient Eritrean, rationality lies nowhere but in defending Eritrea to remain meanigfully and truly INDEPENDENT. Speaking of which, as it is unthinkable that Eritrea would have gained its independence without, yes, ShaeBia, it is implausibly unthinkable Eritrea to have remained as a sovereign nation without the PFDJ.

          Hence why ‘Gheteb’s Central Dogma of Eritreanism makes eminent sense.

          ELF—> ——-> EPLF ——————> EDF

          • saay7

            Hala Cuz Gheteb II:

            Ah, is this part of our cousinawi musalsal that Awate Forumers will enjoy? I hope so:)

            What we have is faith, my cousin. And what is it that Emily Dickinson wrote? “To lose one’s faith surpasses the loss of an estate, because estates can be replenished, faith cannot.” Because you have faith in the Government of Isaias Afwerki (GoIA) you accept all its claims, and you demand no evidence: you take it at face value. But, oh lord, everybody else has to present evidence: a video recording of someone holding a newspaper to prove that it was recorded on the date it was recorded.

            You want to talk numbers? Ok, let’s talk numbers. The difference between 19 and 4 is not as dramatic as the difference between 4 and 0. Because zero is the number of Djibouti prisoners of war, GoIA claimed to have. Per the UN Secretary General:

            22. In its midterm briefing to the Committee on Somalia and Eritrea in February
            2012, the Somalia and Eritrea Monitoring Group reported that it had obtained
            sufficient information about and evidence of Eritrea’s recent violations of
            resolutions 1844 (2008) and 1907 (2009), including support for the Ogaden National
            Liberation Front and the Oromo Liberation Front. With respect to resolution 1862
            (2009), on the Djibouti-Eritrea border conflict, the Somalia and Eritrea Monitoring
            Group referred to the letter that I had received from the Government of Djibouti on
            4 October 2011 concerning the escape of two Djiboutian military personnel (captured
            at Ras Doumeira in June 2008) from Eritrean custody on 5 September 2011.
            Although Eritrea has consistently denied the existence of Djiboutian prisoners of
            the Group had the opportunity to interview the former detainees and establish
            the credibility of their accounts.

            Source: S/2012/412, Report of the Secretary-General on Eritrea, 8 June 2012

            And per the authoritative EIU:

            The Eritrean president, Isaias Afewerki, visited Qatar in early April for talks with the then emir of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al‑Thani, and the stalled Eritrea‑Djibouti border agreement is likely to have been on the agenda. Unconfirmed reports indicate that Djibouti’s president, Ismaël Omar Guelleh, declined an invitation to the talks because there was no assurance that Mr Isaias would honour the terms of the agreement by negotiating in good faith on prisoners of war (POWs). Eritrea has consistently said that it is not holding any Djiboutian POWs, in part because it refuses to admit there was a conflict with Djibouti, a reluctance that contributed to the imposition of sanctions against Eritrea by the UN Security Council in 2009.

            Source: EIU, August 2, 2013

            Now, when I ask why is it that those who support GoIA always adjust themselves to whatever the new truth is, as revealed, why don’t they demand of their government, “hey, don’t do things that will come back to bite you in your…long slim hands.” It is a rhetorical question because I know, and they know that they would be pushed from the “Hagerawi” to the ” Tetsabae” or at least “tsnAt zeyblu tewelawali” the second they do that.


            (1) Keep reading the SEMG report: the Djibouti escapee explain how they were able to escape in a foreign land: they were helped by the people by saying, “we are Somali victims of the civil war.”

            (2) SEMG said that the two people who escaped testified that there were all-together 5, and the others couldn’t escape with them because they were too sick to do so. It says nothing about the rest.

            (3) Your responses to my questions are satisfactory and logical—from a certain point of view. My point of view is that GoIA was really mad at Djibouti that it split his precious Alliance for the Re-liberation of Somalia, and he ended up with an empty husk.

            (4) The 267 number of Eritrean POWs: you are absolutely right. At the time, Djibouti was claiming that most of the 267 it surrendered to UNHCR were not in the war, but those who defected.

            (5) The Eritrean Defense Forces (EDF), like any army in the world including the most elite, the most disciplined–say IDF–is only effective when its morale is high. And the GoIA has done everything imaginable to demoralize it in the last 10 years. Cousin, we have elite ERAF pilots surrendering to Saudi Arabia, for God’s sake. A female pilot, at that.

            Can you give one simple example–just one–of the followers of GoIA calling on their government to reverse course, to reform, to change? Ever?*


            * The great Nitricc excepted, which is why he will always be our special awatista.

        • Amanuel Hidrat

          መርሓባ ሐው ሳልሕ

          እዚ አብ ላዕሊ አቅሪብካዮ ዘለኻ ዘንተመጎታዊ መጓተ : ነቲ አብቲ ባይታ ዘሎ ሐቂ ዘንጸባርቅ ጥራይ ዘይኮነስ: ነቲ ሕማም ሓሶት ህግደፋውያንውን ዘቃልዕ ብምኾኑ : ዝነአድ መጎተን ጩራ ብርሃን ንድህሰሳ መጻኢ ጉዕዞናን ዝሕግዝውን እዩ::

          አብ ክለሳሐሳብ ዘይተአሰረ መጎተን አብ ሐቂ ዘይተሰረተ ጉ ዕዞን እናሻዕ እናፈሸለን እናወደቅን ስለዝኸይድ : እዚ ናይ ሐውና ጌተብ ናይ አንቀድዓውን ኢሳይንሳዊ አተሓሳስባን : ነቲ ዝደለ ዘሎ ዘይተርፍ ለውጢ: ክዓግቶ አይክእልን ‘ዩ:: ሐውና ጌተብ ከምሐደ ምሁር : ንጭቆና ህዝብን ንሓሶት መንግስቲ ኤርትራን ክካላኸል ዋላኳ ዘሕፍር እንተኾነ : ከምዚ ዓይነት መርገጻት ዝወስዱ ካብማእከል ኤሊታውያን ምሁራት ውሑዳት አይኮኑን:: እቲ ዘድሊ: ነዚ ከምውሁብ ተወሲዱ : እቶም ናይለውጢ ሓይልታት ሩጡቡን ተሪር ቀጻልነትን ዘለዎ ቃልሲ ከምድልዮም ዘይምዝንጋዓመት ‘ዩ:: እሞ ሳልሖም ነታ ሒዝካያ ዘለኻ ልዓት አጥቢቅካ ሒዝካ ንኽትቅጽላ በዚ አጋጣሚ ከይአተባበዕኩኻ ክሐልፍ አይመረጽኩን ‘ሞ ሃየ ሐደራኻ::

          አማኑኤል ሕድራት

    • Semere Andom

      You asked now what: I ask so what? PFDJ has always released prisoners who are non Eritrean when it suits them, probably IA’s benefactors, Qautori have paid him money to do this or he jsut want to please them.
      And the little country should find other excuses to keep the sanctions intact because IA is crazy and it bods well for us and us I mean those justice demanders and the Eritrean people who have been enslaved for 25 years now
      So do not hard-on on the release of these prisoners, there are much more Eritrean prisoners under PFDJ some of them from before so called independence, even in Karshelli, the wailing and pain of the elderly, boys and women is well know to Eritreans the prisoners suffer the beating of the thugs that you love. So ask not, “now what? “, but ask so what?”

  • tes

    Dear Gogo,

    Your deep thoughts and able to bring the dilemma we live in is extraordinary. You upgrade politics to the level of literature and yet your lines are hard politics.



    Recent our Lord’s visit to Qatar is not without a reason but to stoop for the Qatar Highness and hand him the Djiboutian Captives. Eight years have passed for these POWs under the brutal prison centers of PFDJ. Their unknown where abouts was one reason for the recent sanction imposed on PFDJ Eritrea.

    The game of sanction is not yet finished as PFDJ is continuing to arm Ethiopian terrorists and destabilize the horn of Africa through various means. No matter how PFDJ tries to close one chapter of sanction, yet he opens another big chapter that let him sanctioned.


    • Lamek

      tes, you’ve probably heard already but if you haven’t, one of the cowards who killed 130 people in Paris a few months ago has been caught in Brussels. I believe you live in Paris.

      Justice shall always prevail. This coward was a fugitive while his other fellow terrorists were dead by blowing themselves up or fighting with the police.

    • Abraham Hanibal

      Hi tes,
      In the link you provided, one essential part of the news is missing; namely the party that was holding the Djiboutian captives for 8 years. Eritrea, or the Eritrean regime are not mentioned by a single word. Is this a hopeless attempt to hide the culprit from the readers? No wonder the Quatari regime is employing the same tactics of disinforming the public like that of the PFDJ. መን ምዃንካ ክፈልጥ ምስ መን ከምትኸይድ ንገረኒ ዝብሉኻስ ከምዚ’ዩ.

      • tes

        Dear Abraham,

        Exactly! I don’t understand why Qatar News Agency is disinforming her own readers by not providing who did it. This is nothing but a cooked propaganda news that is aired to cover the failed diplomatic efforts of Qatar.

        Hope Awate Team to have an in-depth analysis on this single news event as is following this event since the very beginning.

        In my understanding, DIA has still a reservation on this issue. He is not willing to disclose the identity of his own crime.

        For Qatar, it is really stupid to provide such news.


  • Desalegn

    Copy- Letter sent to the Eritrea President

    ዕለት: 18/03/2016

    ሽግ ሓቂ ኤርትራ

    ፕረሲደንት እሳያስ ኣፈወርቂ ሓቂ ንህዝቡ ምግላጽ ካብ ኣሕነኾ ኣነ ኣለኹ ሺግ ሓቂ ኤርትራ ነቲ ዝተግበሮን ዝዶጎሎን ሓዊ ተዳልየ ክቀልዖ።

    ተዛረቢ እስከ ሽግ ሓቂ ኤርትራ

    ኣነ ኣብ ከተማ ናቅፋ ዝተኾላዕኹሉ ዕላማይ ዝፈልጥ ክንሰይ መሲልዎም ያኢ ከም ፕሮፈሰራትን ዶክተራትን ኢና ዝብሉ ምሁራት ከም ሓደ ናይ ፖስታ ዘበጻጽሕ ሰራሕኛ ኣብ ልዕሊ ፖስታ ዘሎ ስም ኣንቢበ ጥራይ ናይ ውሽጢ ሰታሪት ትሕዝቶ ከይፈተሽኩ ናይ ህግደፍ ግዕዙይ መልእኽቲ ከምዘለዎ ናብ ሕዝበይ ዘበጻጽሕ።

    ካብ ከተማ ናቅፋ መበገስየይ ዕላማ ንህዝበይ ንጹር ኣብርእሲ ምኻኑ ንስዋኣትን ሕዝቢ ኤርትራን ዘማእከለ ን 25 ዓመታት ንዘሕለፎም መስገድላት ኣብ መላእ ሃገረይ ብምንቅስቃስ ብድሕረይ ዳንደር ኣይትብቆላ ዝብል ምሕደራ ህግደፍ ኣብ ህዝብን ሃገርን ዘስዓቦ ዕንወት ብምድህሳስ እቲ ሓቀኛ ምስሊ ብንጹር ብምቅራጽ ንሕዝቢ ኤርትራ መልእኽተይ ከመሓላልፍ ቀንዲ ዕላማይ ካብ ኮነ እዚ ብተግባር ንምግላጽ ተዳልየ ምህላወይ ንህዝበይ ከበስር እፈቱ [ሽግ ሓቂ ኤርትራ]።

    ንሓቂ ክዛረብን ክምስክርን ዚኽል ኣብ ስራሕ ዝተሳተፈን ዝዉዓለ ጥራሕ እዩ።

    ሽግ ሃቂ ኤርትራ : ንትሕዝተይ ዝምልከት ኣብ ቀጻሊ ጽሑፈይ የራኽበና

    እንጅነር ደሳለኝ በርሀ

    • tes

      Dear ደሳለኝ,

      Waiting your content with great eagerness. Come back soon.


  • saay7

    Selamat Gogo:

    Somewhere a guy with prose as beautiful as yours, Ghezae Hagos, is reading you and saying, “when did I write this?” Thank you for writing this beautiful and informative piece.

    Do the Greeks have a god of indifference? Because that is who is ruling Eritrea, not Lord Hades. This is not a compliment to the government: as many thinkers have explained, indifference is worst than hate. As Ellie Wiesel once wrote: “The opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference. The opposite of art is not ugliness, it’s indifference. The opposite of faith is not heresy, it’s indifference. And the opposite of life is not death, it’s indifference.”

    What I mean by that is that the Eritrean government policy with respect to currency, raises, national service is entirely indifferent to Eritreans: it is all part of a dialogue the government is having with European, specifically UK, Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, Netherlands, as Yemane Gebreab explained last April. Those are the real stakeholders, not Eritreans.

    It is they, not the Eritrean people, who need assurances that the National Service will be limited. And it is they, not the Eritrean people, that need assurances that the government is doing everything it can to reduce migration.
    The announcement by the elusive “Hagerawi Dhnet” (National Security) said just as much: ድሕሪ ሕጂ ንስደት ምኽን ያት ኣይክህሉን እዩ ምኽን ያቱ ስራሕ ሲኢነ ደሞዝ ዊሒዱን ዝብል ሰብ ኣይክህሉን እዩ (henceforth, there is no reason for migration because there will be nobody who will say I can’t find a job; my salary is not adequate.) That is, he (and by extension the government) is telling Europe: (a) the source for Eritrean migration is economic and (b) we are solving it. It doesn’t matter that it is not true (“economy” is not the sole reason for migration; and the government has no intention or even capacity to give 700% raises.)

    Did it work? Yes, of course. If you a European politician and you are besieged by African migrants and you fear that your job is at risk because some nationalists will come to power, you want to believe anything: or at least you want to say, “I am doing something about it.”

    So, it was a dialogue between the Eritrean government and Europe. And Eritreans, whether supporting the government or opposed, are nothing more than spectators. This is what has happened to a “People’s” liberation front.


    • Gogo

      Merhaba Saay, Lamek, Tes, Fanti and all,

      Thank you very much for the nice words and I appreciate the Awate team for reposting my comment as an article. I like the blue khaki ጓድ ኢሳይያስ is donning, and I have attempted to see if the “fascist” label suits him as well.

      Yes indifference is one of the main traits of the PFDJ. But there are many more. Like abusive husbands it is characterised by control, entitlement, greed and narcissism, superiority, possessiveness, confusing love and abuse, manipulation, contradictory statements and behaviour, externalization of responsibility, denial and victim-blaming. But how is that a Peoples’ Front turned itself into this? Here is my two cents:

      The contemptuous disregard and the presumptuous attitude the PFDJ shows towards the people is in fact the perverted outgrowth of the elitist notion, espoused by an assortment of Marxist and modernist movements of the last century that progress, modernity and total emancipation can only be ushered in by a vanguard tight-fisted authoritarian leadership which is enlightened way ahead of its people and embody the highest ideals of the nation. This messianic attitude combined with the adoption of tight Leninist organizational structure with its inordinate emphasis on discipline, obedience, mobilization, control, subservience of different social classes such as women and workers to the party’s whims, the deployment of bio-political instruments to penetrate even the most intimate private spaces of individual citizens, and the abandonment of the emancipatory potential of the Marxist utopia have in many instance resulted in a situation where the difference between a revolutionary Marxist organization and rightist or a proto-fascist one is blurred. Without the benefit of public debates, the scrutiny of the media, critical and progressive scholarship and independent socio-economic associations, Marxist movements of the PFDJ type do not take too long time to veer to the right or even sometimes exhibit tale-tale signs of fascist tendencies. Some of you might feel that I am being hyperbolic in employing the term fascism here but let me list nine out of fourteen characteristics of Fascism that the renowned Italian semiotician and Novelist Umberto Eco identified in an article he penned in 1995 for the New York Review of Books under the title “Eternal Fascism: Fourteen Ways of Looking at a Blackshirt” and then decide for yourself.
      1. The cult of action for action’s sake: Action being beautiful in itself, it must be taken before, or without, reflection. Thinking is a form of emasculation. Therefore culture is suspect insofar as it is identified with critical attitudes. Distrust of the intellectual world has always been a symptom of Fascism. Intellectuals are frequently dismissed as “degenerates” “eggheads,” “effete snobs.” Those intellectuals who sympathize with the party were mainly engaged in attacking modern culture and the liberal intelligentsia.
      2. Disagreement is treason
      3. Fear of difference
      4. Obsession with internal and external plots
      5. Unceasing struggle: there is no struggle for life but, rather, life is lived for struggle and pacifism is trafficking with the enemy
      6. Contempt for the weak
      7. The cult of heroism and the its strict expression in wanting to die for the nation
      8. Selective Populism: individuals as individuals have no rights, and the People is conceived as a quality, a monolithic entity expressing the Common Will. Since no large quantity of human beings can have a common will, the Leader pretends to be their interpreter. Having lost their power of delegation, citizens do not act; they are only called on to play the role of the People. Thus the People is only a theatrical fiction.
      9. Newspeak

      For a lighter comparison one might do well watching Trevor Noah trying to tease out the fascist elements in Donald Trump in this link:

  • T..T.

    Hi all,

    The Eritreans who used bravery and heroism to bang on the doors of the Eritrean-land liberation should repeat it for the liberation of the Eritrean human person. It wasn’t wrong, at first, to take things for granted to let those who claim themselves as the liberators of the land have a chance to prove it on the liberation of the Eritrean human person.

    But when the people see the land liberators cripple the Eritrean people’s ability and kill their ambitions, those bravery and heroism should come again into play to snatch back their personal, political and economic rights, even by use of force. The land liberators lately have become so sophisticated exploiting all means to destroy and strangle their subjects (all Eritreans) by forcing them to choose between two evils: starvation or prison, if they refuse giving up their liberty and wealth.

  • Hello all,

    For those who are looking for Gogo’s article, it is here.