Isaias Afwerki’s “Secret Letter” To Donald Trump

[This article was first posted on November 9, 2016 under a title “Mistirawit Debdabe.”]   Eight years ago, on November 8,

Major Dawit Invites Me to Dr. Abiy’s Addition Class

This article first appeared on Jul 16, 2018. It was republished in December, 2019 with the hope it will evoke a reflection. It

The Endangered Brown Frog Of Eritrea

“Robbing Paul to pay Peter, is a common saying. Our Dellalas (brokers and careerists) pretend be Paul and Peter in

Crossed Over and Met Seyoum 

[I wrote this article more than  12 years ago (April 25, 2006). I remembered it when I was talking with

Terrerti And Their MP Aunts

[this is an archive edition of Negarit from August 2, 2004, and again today Nov. 29, 2018, maybe you could

ነጋሪት ቪድዮ 7ይ ክፋል: ውግእ ክልተ ጀበና

ውግእ ክልተ ጀበና: ጀበናታት ተባኢሰን: ጀበናታት ተዓሪቀን: ሰላም የውርደለን::

ድሕሪ በዓላት ቀጨውጨው

ድሕሪ በዓላት ቀጨውጨው ይብለኩምዶ? ኣብ ሃገርና ብየማነ ግብረኣብ ዝምራሕ ሚኒስትሪ ጉዳያት ዓበይቲ ዓርገናት ከምዝተመስረተ ፈሊጥኩምዶ? ረጋቢት ምስሪ ትፈልጥወንዶ?

ነጋሪት ቪድዮ 5ይ ክፋል: ጽልግልግ መዓልቲ ናጽነት

ርሑስ በዓል መበል  ዕስራን-ገለን ናይ 700,002,017 ካብ ዓመተ ልደት ዓባይና ነጃት እታ ኣልኣሚን ሞታ ዘርዳኣና:: እቲ ባዓል ሎሚ ‘ዩ ግና ጓይላ ንቀዳም ስልዝኾነ ነቶም ንኺድ-ኣይንኺድ ክትብሎ ተጨኒቅኩም ዘለኹም ገለ ርእይቶ ክህበኩም እየ ምእንቲ ቀሲንኩም ኣመት ጓይላኹም ክትገብሩ:: ጽልግልግ ዘይብሉ ምሸት ጓይላ ይግበረልኩም::

ነጋሪት ቪድዮ 4ይ ክፋል: ዛንታ ሓቅን ሓሶትን

ሓሶት ናብ ሓቂ፥ ሓቂ ድማ ናብ ሓሶት እንተቀየርናዮ እንታይ ጸገም የምጽእ? ኣሰከረን ርኢኹም ሓጠቅ-ሓጠቅ ኢሉኩም ይፈልጥ ዶ? ታሪኽ ካብ መዓስ ይጅምር? ኣደይ ተኸኣ ትፈልጥዋ ዶ? ኣብ ከረን ተወሊዱ ኣብ ከረን ዝዓበየሞ ብለን ዘይክእል ሰብ ማሕቡሰ ዶ ይውሕዶ? ናይ ሎም ዘመን መዓልቲ ናጽነት ካብ ልደተ ዓባይና ነጃት ጀሚሩ ስለዝቁጸር፥ ዝበዓለሉ ዕለት ግንቦት 24, 70,002,018 ድሕሪ ልደት […]

Negarit Episode 2: Yemen Under Fire

Imperial Britain occupied South Yemen for 106 years. In 1918 the Ottoman Empire left North Yemen which. In 1967, after

The Arsonists’ Fire and a Bucket of Water

Into the noise with a small bucket of water, trying to help put down the fire that the arsonists started.

An Envious Eritrean Congratulating Ethiopia

Americans do not declare something over, “until the fat lady sings”. It’s a colloquial language referring to a fat lady

Mahmoud Kannoni: Rest In Peace My Great Teacher

A bright educator has passed away. A great teacher who left his marks on our personalities has passed away. Ustaz

Beware Of Warmongers

(Due to the never-ending bickering concerning the Nile River (more accurately, the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam), today we decided to republish this

Abdurahman Younis: My Proud Friend Moves On

A famous commercial tagline goes, “Never let them see you sweat.” And there was a man who never let them

What Ethiopian-Eritrean “Friendship” ?

(This is a speech delivered on Saturday, March 26, 2011, at a conference organized by the Eritrean Ethiopian Friendship Forum in San

Ahl Al-Kahaf: The Sleepers of Ephesus

Let me begin by wishing success and fruitful discussions for the organizers and attendants of the Sheffield Meeting, planed for

Eritrean Prisoners: Judge Mranet as a Sample

The 14th of April is when the Prisoners’ Day is commemorated. It’s a day that Eritreans remember their prisoners to

The Chocked Asseb Port

Today’s edition of Negarit consists of an extended part from a June 3, 2011 article, “Unusual: Imagining Asseb Through Djibouti”,

The New Wave of Muslim Preachers

The last decade or so has been difficult for Muslims in many countries, but Muslims are still suffering the most in