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Wikaw Iz Without General Uqbe

EriTV has a slogan: Serving The Truth. Yet, the government-owned national television and its sister outlets rarely engage in serving the truth.  Erasing historical figures and events from the memory of Eritreans, and rewriting history to serve its political interest has become the primary preoccupation of the party that rules Eritrea unelected. The strategy has…

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An Interview With An Eritrean Icon: Ahmed M. Nasser

This interview with Ahmed Nasser was conducted by Saleh Younis. It was published at on January 29, 2001. We are republishing it on the occasion of Ahmed Nasser’s death on March 26, 2014 ___________ Editor’s Note: Eritrea’s proud history has produced heroes and giants, visionaries and selfless patriots. This is why feels no…

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WiA: Testimony of University of Asmara Students

This article was originally published by on September 12, 2005. It is’s translation (from English) of a testimony provided to Elsa Chyrum, an Eritrean human rights activist, executive director of Eritrean Human Rights Concern (EHRC), by a persons who chose to remain anonymous. This is part of a series of testimonies she has…

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Eritrean Airlines: An Eritrean Story

If there is one entity that symbolizes Eritrea, it must be Eritrean Airlines. It is its metaphor for something that one has much expectation for but one that repeatedly, continuously and predictably fails because it never learns from its failures. Like a flag, an airline is a symbol: it stands for some kind of autonomous…

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From Moscow With Lies: Yemane Gebreab Interview

Yemane Gebreab, presidential adviser and director of Eritrea’s ruling (and sole legal) party was part of an Eritrean delegation–headed by Eritrean Foreign Minister Osman Saleh–that conducted a meeting with Russia’s Foreign Minister, S. Lavrov. In their joint press conference following the meeting,  the Russian Foreign Minister indicated that he had discussed the relationship between Eritrea…

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Awate Video of the Month: “Breaking News!”

If you are drinking, put it down: if you watch this while drinking, you will spurt it out and make a mess. If you are in a library, don’t watch it: you will laugh so hard that you will be booted out. If you watch videos while driving, don’t watch this one: you will have…

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Awate 7.0 – Preliminary Report

So we were 10 days behind schedule, but awate 7.0 is here.  As we said earlier, the changes are going to come in phases; what we have now is the one dealing with the fundamental changes–more on the way.  The changes which are already in effect: 1. We are using Disqus as our discussion forum. …

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Eritrea 2013: A Retrospective Featured

In the Eritrean Calendar, 2013 was Two Major Events bookended by dozens of mostly horrible events. The two major events were the Mutiny of January 2013 (“Forto”, January 21) and the Drowning of 366 Eritreans (“Lampedusa”, October 5.) The Isaias regime in Asmara described the former, “Forto”, as if it was a sting operation it…

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Awate 7.0: Status Update

Dear Awatistas: First of all, Awatista is a knock-off of Sandanista. We are not lefties, but we are revolutionaries, thus the Awatista. If you consider yourself a revolutionary, someone who wants to change the world for the better, you may not agree with us on anything else, you are an awatista. Well, you must believe…

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Agrigento Memorial Service: Monday 21 October 2013

Information Pack for Agrigento Memorial Service On Monday 21 October at 4 PM in the afternoon there will be a memorial service for the victims of the Lampedusa tragedy in the Italian city of Agrigento. This memorial service is organised by the Italian government for people to pay respect for the victims before the bodies…

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