A Call To The Moderates of The Horn Of Africa (Archived)

This editorial first appeared on Oct 22, 2003, and again on Sep 10, 2014. We are bringing it up today

The Circular Ethiopian-Eritrean Border Saga

Ethiopia has come a long way. In the last fifty years, it traveled the longest distance from where it started

Pirates Of The PFDJ

In 1976, when the Derg announced the change of King Haile Selassie’s birr in Ethiopia, the general public was reluctant

Lampedusa and the Eritrean Journey for Dignity

After much criticism, the YPFDJ,  the youth satellite of Eritrea’s ruling party, PFDJ, visited Lampedusa, a south Italian island whose

Eritrea: Hazardous to Eritreans

Yes, it is almost entirely the Eritrean regime’s fault. If you have no family in Eritrea, no connection to Eritrea,

Eritrean National Congress: 50 Years In The Making, Finally Here

The Eritrean National Congress, which was mandated by the Eritrean National Conference for Democratic Change (ENCDC) last year, is expected

The United Kingdom Should Prove Isaias Afwerki Right

There is a saying in the Eritrean highlands when one observes that the effort exerted is vastly disproportionate to the

This Land Is Your Land, And So Are The Minerals

“This is like walking into Kalgoorlie before it was discovered … it’s a relatively stable country with an authoritarian government

What Eritrea Can Teach South Sudan

On the eve of the actualization of its long-dreamed statehood, South Sudan is showing worrying signs of hazards ahead.  Each

Eritrea Every Year: “We Will Get’em Next Year”

In five months, Eritrea will be celebrating 20 years of freedom from foreign rule.  Unfortunately, that is all we will

PFDJ’s Eritrea: Klashnikov Diplomacy

Eritrea, under the despotic rule of the People’s Front for Democracy & Justice (PFDJ), has rushed to war and strolled

A Moral Mandate To Liberate

At long last, the coming together of Eritreans to discuss ways and means of bringing about democratic change in Eritrea,

Reclaiming Eritrea After 19 Years Of Tyranny

19 years ago today (May 24th), Eritrean freedom fighters liberated Eritrea from Ethiopian occupation. The Eritrean people, who had been

Eritrean Sanction: A Self-Inflicted Wound

When it comes to the UNSC’s decision to impose targeted sanctions on the Eritrean regime, there are two narratives being

Eritrea Slouching Towards Another Confrontation

All UN resolutions are non-binding, except when they are not. The Isaias regime has spent 17 years of miscalculation trying

UNSC Sanctions: Targeted And Well Deserved

The United Nations is an imperfect institution with imprecise tools. It celebrates the dignity of man and the universality of

Yes To Targeted Sanctions

Shortly after September 11, 2001, every tyrant in the world wanted to cash-in on the justified rage of the United

EU’s NGOs & Their Viceroys

On October 29th, Gedab News reported about the November 9-10 conference on aligning EU and US policies towards Eritrea.  We

Practice Diversity, Don’t Preach It

Do the Eritrean regime’s policies impact all Eritrean segments equally or are they, depending on the policy, impacting one segment

Eritrea: The Network Of Prisons

This is a list containing prisons in Eritrea where the government keeps prisoners of conscience. It is certainly not an exhaustive list of