Grave Human Rights Violation in Aksum

Disclaimer: This report is issued by the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission which is established by the Ethiopian Government  Investigation into Grave

ብሰላም ዕረፍ ክቡር ሓርበኛ ጅግና ተጋዳላይ ኣድሓኖም!

ሓርበኛ ተጋዳላይ ኣድሓኖም ገብረማርያም ዕለተ መስዋእቲ፡ ለካቲት 19 2021 ካብ ኣብኡ ባሻይ ገብረማርያም ካሳን ካብ ኣዲኡ ወይዘሮ ውነሽ ርጆን ኣብ ወርሒ መስከረም 1945 ኣብ ኣፈልባ ተወሊዱ። ወላዲቱ ካብቲ ዝነበራ ከቢድ ናይ ሕርሲ ኩነታት፣ ብዘይ ጉድኣት ክትገላገል ብምኽኣላ፣ ልዑል ፈጣሪ ንምምስጋን ወለዱ “ ኣድሓኖም ” ዝብል ረዚን ስም ከምዝሃብዎ ታሪኽ ቤተሰቡ ይሕብር። ሕሳስ ልደ እንዳ ኣቦይ […]

2020-Eritrean Prisoneres’ List

Read the entire list in PDF format here:  Eritrean prisoners’ list: 2020 On 17 July 1991, barely seven weeks after liberation

Will President  Sahlework Zewdie Of Ethiopia Do it?

The following letter addressed to Ethiopian leaders is written by Abdulrahman Yousif, a Kuwaiti writer and a friend of Eritrea.

PM Abiye Meets Diaspora Ethiopians The Q & A:

GEAN: Memorandum of Understanding

On the initiative of Global Eritrean Advocacy Network (GEAN), and after a series of deliberations, we, the undersigned individuals, civil

Awate 2020 Project Launch

The Ad-Hoc Task Force (ATF) for the Awate2020 project* is glad to announce a Paltalk session for Saturday, April 23, 2016, at

The Intellectual Leader Osman Saleh Sabbe

All Eritrean martyrs have a story behind them. In addition, we have the disabled, crippled and deformed survivors to remind

Leaked Memo: Eritrea’s Plan To Neutralize Susan Rice

The following memo, written on January 23, 2015 by Mr. Berhane Gebrehiwot, Eritrean Chargé d’affaires to the United States and

A Crisis of a Ruling Regime or An International Conspiracy? A Glance at the Administration of the Battle

(This document was sent to by Tesfai Sherif and is being republished for the third time in 14 years.

Eritrea: Land Proclamation No 58/1994


National Salvation: A Citizen’s Approach Citizen’s Initiative for the Salvation of Eritrea

National Salvation: A Citizen’s Approach Citizen’s Initiative for the Salvation of Eritrea  (CISE) September 25, 2002 Concerned by the

Presenting Master Painter Michael Adonai

Recently I had a lengthy conversation with master painter Michael Adonai. What was planned as a brief interview expanded and

WiA: Testimony of University of Asmara Students

This article was originally published by on September 12, 2005. It is’s translation (from English) of a testimony

AI: Twenty Years of Independence but still No Freedom

Twenty years after its independence, Eritrea’s prisons are filled with thousands of political prisoners, locked up without ever being charged

A Letter From The Voice Of The Kunama People

The Official Letter, written in the Name of the Voice of the Kunama People, and sent to both;“EDA-KIDAN’s“ and “ENCDC-BAYTO’s“

A Hen Goes To The Dentist: Eritrea’s Ambassador Visits The Knesset

Eritrea’s ambassador to Israel, Tesfamariam Tekeste Debbas, was invited by the Israeli parliament, the Knesset, to testify about the presence

Eritrean Coalition: Proposal For Creating A New Reality

Introduction: The following proposal has been prepared after countless consultations with many Eritrean activists who were also thinking of similar

Srryet Addis: Blatant Lie?

This is the last of a three-part series. On February 13, 2012 we presented the first part (He And His

Gebremedhin Zegergis: Eyewitness To Eritrean History

Editor’s Note: [the name of the author has been wrongly typed as Zerizghi, it is Zegergis. We appologize for the