The Great Relapse

Many people pooh-pooh character assassination. And rightly so, but the same people are indifferent about the assassination on life. Both

Currency Change: An Absurd Tipping Point For Disobedience

It is absurd to expect the currency change to be a tipping point for disobedience. In keeping with its founding

The Adi-Mengonti Speech: A Commentary And Translation

Commentary: I am a jealous person, but it is not what you are thinking. I am jealous as in “zeyqen’e

Eritrean Names: An Anguished Search For The “Bleeding-Age”

The subject of Eritreans is a vast subject straddling ethnic groups and religions, and title of this article could be

Thanksgiving Edition: A Ruby Celebrates Sweet Fifteen

The life of an Eritrean in 2015 was riveted by the COIE report, the unprecedented Geneva demonstration against the tyrant,

Eritrea VS. Eritrea: One Citizen’s Internal Dialogue

If there is one fallacy that both PFDJ* and anti-PFDJ Eritreans have in common is their belief that there is

Strapping Youth: How Do You Feel About Our Incarceration?

September 18, 2015 will commemorate the 14th year since the G-15 have disappeared into the Eritrean ether. The last count

I Am Right!

Have you ever been to Sudan and ordered “Fool” with “jibnna”, “taemmia”, double sesame seed oil and eggs? If you

Satire: A Speech By A Candidate For Eritrean Presidency

Over the holidays the de-romantics camp received the following speech given by a notable Ghedli Romantic, which has not been

Negarit Reports from Memory Lane: A Fiction

Of Keren and Love Affairs, Negarit Reports from Memory Lane: A Fiction. Over the years I have captivated my readers

Ali Salim’s Confessions: A Satire

Many benevolent Eritreans have doggedly asked me to apologize for my past and after dodging this appeal, I relented by

Al-Nahda Reports From Eritrea: A Satire

My iPod is glued to my ears, my mind multi-tasking and gestating for block buster articles for the next season.

PFDJ Toronto Mourns Its Tax Collector

The  moqSel Gibri[i] Collector was dismissed, today members of the Toronto Chapter of the PFDJ gathered to lick their wounds