EU Pays For What It Imported From Isaias

The men and women in the European Union first did what all bureaucracies do: they dithered for months, then they did what Europeans always do: they gave a tyrant a much needed lifeline, siding with the PFDJ, a group of criminals not unlike the Mafia, who are tormenting the Eritrean people. With the 200 million, the continent that invented holocaust and engineered the Auschwitz ovens now is basically exporting their invention and engineering to a black man and paying him for it. While they accomplished it with their own hands before, now they are delegating their Euros to do it for them, subsidizing Eritrean’s own modern ovens in Sawa and WiA.

After the dithering was over, the small men in Europe probably went for a dinner to celebrate the end of their impasse over the disagreement they had about the funding, sipped their fine wine and relished their steaks, and like their cows they have become mad, scribbled their autographs in support of the “extermination” of Eritreans at the hands of PFDJ, an entity that is responsible for the atrocities in Eritrea. This is how the UN Commission for Inquiry on Eritrea (CoIE) put it in its yearlong investigative report: “Eritrea may have committed crimes against humanity, extrajudicial killings, widespread torture, sexual slavery and enforced labor, systematic, widespread and gross human rights violations have been and are being committed in Eritrea under the authority of the Government,”  One would expect that sober minds would prevail and when all the dithering was over,  the men of “human rights” would unequivocally refuse to subsidize the crimes of Isaias Afwerki described in the CoIE report. The CoIE’s report that was authenticated by 500 Eritreans, certified by the 5000 who in unprecedented turnout demonstrated in Geneva to advance their support for its veracity. If the sequel comes with a more damning evidence that refers Isaias Afwerki to The Hague to account for his crimes, the European Union would be considered by many Eritreans as an enabler of their untold, protracted suffering.

When sometime in 2003 the then president of the European Union said that he was honored to be in the presence of Isaias Afwerki, the words prompted Saleh Younis of, to dub him the smallest man in Europe. If he was the smallest man of Europe then this wanton approval to fund the coffers of Dictator Isaias Afwerki makes the European Union the pantheons of the smallest men of this planet. In the last decade the Eritrean people have braved the Sahara to escape slavery, murder, disappearances and rape and during the treacherous trek they have endured documented heinous crimes of organ harvesting, rapes and death. When the Mediterranean Sea was becoming a grave yard, Europe was deafeningly silent but once their fish was fattened with human corpses, they no longer needed Eritreans cadavers to litter their “pristine” sea and decided to stop the problem in its tracks and with a stroke of myopia they had their “eureka” moment, but this eureka moment was not to solve a problem, it was to enhance it by funding the continued slavery, denying Eritreans even the choice and freedom to die trying in the desert.

Europe’s burden with the influx of refugees is understandable, resources are finite, space is finite, those notions are trivial to fathom and Europe is justified in its desire to act and curb the refugee influx. But apparently the brains that discovered the gravity, differential equations, and the continent that gave the world its Madam Curies and Leonhard Eulers could not come up with a humane solution to the influx of refugees from Eritrea.

The small men in the European Union were intimidated by a common dictator, he threatened them that he would unleash an avalanche of refuges from his country if they do not fund his habits of criminality, and small that they are, they first pretend to debate and then capitulated. But deep, deep in their hearts of hearts, they do not want the refugees to stop completely, they just do not want them to cross the sea safely, otherwise their fish would have less to eat, scraggy fish would not be palatable and would not sustain their well-fed bodies. The funds is billed as a development aid but they know that they have no means of keeping the regime accountable to ensure the funds would go to developmental endeavors. The funds would be funneled to fund the security apparatus and strengthen the repression and the refugees would still flow, drowning in the Mediterranean, fattening their fish and the fish in turn fattening the bellies of the midges who approved the funds.

Many of the problems in the Middle East and Africa spring from the fighting of the followers of the three ancient men from the Middle East. Any causal reader of history knows that Europe has almost exterminated the followers of one, mostly worships with the followers of the second and is locked in a bloody fight with the followers of the third. It calls the followers one of them terrorist while it was Europe that invented the worst terrorist that this planet has seen, Adolf Hitler. Europe has not completely purged the hate that almost exterminated Jewry a mere seventy years ago.

In a piece entitled: “Jews ‘no longer feel safe’ in Europe and mass exodus increasing as a result of surge in anti-Semitic incidents”. The Independent had this to say:

‘The rise of ant-Semitism was the reason the he EU’s Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA) released a report on anti-Semitic incidents in 2014. Some 76 per cent of Jewish respondents said that anti-Semitism had risen since 2009.” Now although they are not repeating history but like Mark Twain has said, history is rhyming. And once this history becomes history the children of the men and women who approved the extension of slavery in Eritrea by the strokes of their pens will write books, narrate moving stories and produce movies about the tragedy that Eritrea was and since they are the authors, they will gloss over their contribution to that tragedy. The seed money for the future entertainment industry has been invested on behalf of their future generation.

And then we have the  small man from across the Atlantic. Enter Mr. Mazel. The Chief of missions in the USA Embassy in Eritrea, Louis Mazel was so enchanted by a hole he saw in the grounds of the Bisha Mine, so much so that he wrote a lengthy Facebook piece about it. Probably, the grandson of a slave owner, Mr. Mazel was smitten by what he described as, “…Western mining company that is creating jobs, investing in local people, mining responsibly, respecting human rights, acting as a good neighbor, and contributing to national development in Eritrea. I hope this will become a model for future mines operating in the country.” It is certain that some employees are paid competitively but the Bisha Mine that Mr. Mazel is so enamored with is implicated in prevalence of slave labor at several levels and there is a class action suit pending over this. His Facebook piece sings like an ad executive penning on behalf of his corporate client. Unbecoming of a diplomat Mr. Mazel has come across as an enhancer of the repressive regime in Eritrea, a country the USA government has severed ties for over a decade. Mr.Mazle was also enchanted by the glitz and glitter of the USA made machinery oblivious to the slaves that toil day in and day out to operate the machinery.

Never mind the indiginouns people whose land is being depleted and polluted by this mine, the wealth that is  generated from the mine is used to repress the entire population, repression and sexual slavery corroborated by the gripping UN mandated CoIE report.  By the piece that tried to humanize the mine of slavery Mr. Mazel has been inducted to the European Union small men Hall of Fame in his stature. Giddy by his piece, PFDJ would be glad to dine and wine Mr. Mazel in a company of Eritrean brunets, then he can write in his memoir about the visit and the fine dining with brunets donning “zuria.”


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