Dr. Tesfatsion Medhanie Abdicates

In a speech he delivered to Selfi Hidase gathering, Dr. Medhanie, without equivocation and nuance, pointed at TPLF as the

A Miserable Country Goes to War with Itself

Say what you will about outgoing president Trump, and despite the messenger, there are many countries in the word that

My Recurring Encounter With a Spade and an Eagle

Dispatches from Kassala I was walking and enjoying the cold breeze on my face during the Christmas Holidays. I instinctively passed

Macbeth: A Noble Man and a Witch

Once upon a time, a witch encountered a noble man and told him that he will be a king one

A Prophesy Finally Fulfilled in Eritrea

I was in high school when I learned of the prophecy. I shook my head. I pooh-poohed it. Untenable, I

PFDJ Turns to Prayers, Pastors Return to PFDJ

Every epoch in human history brings its own booming business and now, the business of Jesus Chris has become a

Go Love a Bum: When Art and Artist Mislead

You are a survivor A child of promise You are protected like the iris of the eye Time flies, you

Job and Jacob, Two Ungodly Men: Eritrea Needs More Hate Speech

Yes, you read that right, Job and Jacob are two ungodly men. Yes, God bragged about Job and allowed Satan

A Boy’s Odyssey into the Multicultural Nature of Eritrea

It sounds Like Tigrinya, but it is not Tigrinya. When I was thirteen years old, a kid I met during

Confessions of A Recovering Addict: It was All for the Chicks

I relished it and my friends provided it. Truth be told, I was addicted, but it was all for a

A Very Untimely Article

The American 2016 Election: A white woman on the top, a white man at the bottom. Hilary Clinton is poised

The Song That Emancipates Eritrean Women

Traditionally; most of the Tigriniya love songs hanker on the themes of interference by others, on one lover’s succumbing to

The Agaiazians Have Testosterone Too!

A few days ago I stumbled on a new YouTube Phenomenon, The, broadcast by an Eritrean named Tesfazion. Laden

Tigrinya Speakers’ Anguish: Shallowing Their Mother-Tongue

An Eritrean devoted eleven pages and over 7,000 words on a 2010 article that appeared on Asmarino. The author bemoans the

It Feels Like Yesterday: It Is All Time’s Fault

In different parts of Eritrea some call it gizie, some call it hmmet, ewan, zemen, and some even call it

The Eritrean Woman: Reverie of an Emancipated Eritrean Man

First you need to start with the grand narrative that is constantly quoted to you condescendingly: Your 30% participation in

Talking Mountains, Thanking Eagles, And lyrics

There are mountains that talk, eagles that thank, and lyrics that speak to non-humans.  And I still remember where I

Of Water, Women and Wind: The Three Ws of Eritrea

Semere Andom, the child of the Ontario water, wiring from Toronto–fresh is its breeze! The Water Isaias Afwerki told Eritreans

The Saleh Younis Reader: His Craft and Politics

I would bet that most people if asked to introduce Saleh Younis, they would just say one sentence: Saleh Younis

EU Pays For What It Imported From Isaias

The men and women in the European Union first did what all bureaucracies do: they dithered for months, then they