The Agaiazians Have Testosterone Too!

A few days ago I stumbled on a new YouTube Phenomenon, The, broadcast by an Eritrean named Tesfazion. Laden with the history of Tigray and Tigrinya, Tesfazion calls Eritrea a country needled out from the thin air, sewing the nine ethnic groups to create an artificial country by Vatican designers.

His main thesis is that a country cannot be needled out of separate ethnic groups. He believes the Eritrean state should be replaced by the Agazian Nation based on the dominant Tigrinya ethic group, with its dominant culture, language and leadership lording over the Agazians. To his credit, he believes in a democratic governance where the inalienable rights of the minorities are respected, allowed to prosper, where the rule of law is supreme to protect every citizen to blossom unimpeded. He cites Israel as a model country where Moslems live with dignity and peace, where they excel as citizens amid the Jewish culture and heritage. There is no successful country created by needling together multiple identities and if there was ever one, it is doomed to fail, he opines. There is no Habesha or Eritrean identity, the former is a derogatory term by the Arabs and the later an identity made up out of the cozy offices of Vatican.

He believes that EPLF was founded by Christians first and foremost to protect the heritage of Tigrinya, to rekindle the Agazians’ tarnished civilization. Neither Isaias Afwerki nor the rest of EPLF leadership inspired the freedom fighter to pay the untold sacrifices. He asserts that the Agazians in the organization did it single handily to reclaim the 3000-year-old heritage of their forefathers that was watered-down and corrupted by the invasion of Islam and then Amhara. He implores those who he calls the Agaizians in both Eritrea and Tigray to unite and establish the Agazian Nation of 8 million strong, where the rights of the ethnic groups are protected under its emblem, an ancient civilization with a track record of enshrined rule of law, he offers.

He is disturbed by the 400 million Muslims surrounding the region that they will once again conspire to destroy the “pristine” Agazian culture of 3000 years. That the Aksumite Civilization does not belong to backward Ethiopia, that the ELF was created by Arabs to destroy the Tigrinya heritage when ragtag Sudanese soldiers founded it for that purpose alone.  He calls for the Tigrayas to create settlements in Eritrea to usher in the ultimate creation of that ancient Agazian Nation, a beacon of civility amid the darkness that surrounds it. His fear of Islam is out of this planet and he lumps all Moslems as nut-bars who will one day kill all Christian Agazians. Buoyed by the Jeberti who abandoned their Agazian heritage in favor of the new found religion and PFDJ and IA are complicit as it servers their ultimate goal of creating the alien identity that encourages the encroachment of Islam. And one day when PFDJ succeeds in cementing the new identity, they will make sure no trace is left by forcing all Agazian girls to marry Moslems in the final push to make the ancient civilization unsalvageable.

There should not be a country called Eritrea or a province called Tigray, both are the same people and TPLF and EPLF are one movement that were created to serve as vanguards of the Agazian Nation of our forefathers.

Tesfazion, who has recently changed his first name from Eyob implores the Tigrinya speakers for disdaining their names and culture, like me he agonizes over the anguished desire to replace the cultural names to the point of obsession. Why are the singers singing about Rahela and Sabina, how about Mehret and Silas, he rhetorically asks in one of his broadcasts?  I believe this is bold stand and we ought to commend him on that. The rejuvenation of the culture that is on the brink of destruction and the call of its revival by becoming proud of it, is a noble idea.

Truth be told, I am also a fan of the word “Agaazi” since I discovered that it meant emancipation, in 1988, I opposed EPLF’s toying with the idea of replacing the Gieze Alphabet by Latin letters, which Tesfazion also profusely opposes almost in every broadcast.

In a nut shell he takes the YG argument a notch up and he is coherent and the ideas are not that crazy, with the following caveat.

What he gets so wrong is that, for better or worse the needled Eritrea is what we have and it is insane to undo it in an attempt to create the Agaizian Nation on the rubbles of the needled Eritrea and Tigray. The saner approach would be to establish a democratic country and if Tigray joins, the better and strengthen the Agazian culture under the new just society. All African counties did not grow organically as Germany and Italy and other European countries did. Toying with the “fake” nation is a recipe for more disaster. We had enough toying.

As the title of this piece indicates, in one of the broadcast he said that a TPLF or an PLF fighter would never rape, rape is the culture of the uncivilized Amhara and the Africans and Muslims, who have not yet transcended their clan based communities. His unbridled passion for the Agazian Nation took the better of him and that assertion is reminiscent of what the guys and gals at EPLF told us:  that Eritrean people are unique people. We are not unique, we are just people with our own share of murders, rapist and thieves. The Agazians men do have testosterone too. There is a reason why our grandfathers favored boys to girls, there is a reason that our mothers ululate only three times when a girl is born into them. And am sure Tesfazion knows that is because the Agazian Nation was not just after all, it picked-on families who had no boys to protect it. My friends loved the movie, “Milloni”, I hated it. It showcased how one strongman became an outlaw to torment a family who refused to give him the hand of their beloved daughter. That was an Agazian movie.

His dissection of who Isaias Afewrki is and his motivations and aspiration are right but all the brilliants stuff he says are drowned by his unrealistic settlement demands from Tigray to reclaim their long abandoned land, the rule of return of the Agaiazians and Islamophobia comments.

He went Trumpian on me when he said in yesterday’s video that the Agaiazian Nation will build fences to protect itself from the filth of Affar and Oromo surrounding it.

If Tesfazion can refine his message of the revival of what he calls the Agazian civilization to teach people to be proud of their heritage, shame them to relinquish the shallowness of considering their names, their heritage and history as backward, if he can strengthen his research on the founding of Eritrean revolution and how we have gotten the regime we deserve, he would be an intellectual to reckon with.


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