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Prime Minister Abiy’s Call Triggers Cautious Optimism

In our editorial published a month ago (1), we reiterated our long-standing position on the need for an end to the hostility between Eritrea and Ethiopia. We also hoped Isaias Afwerki would reconsider PM Abiy Ahmed’s proffer for peace rather than take a dismissive position as stated by his spokesperson tweeting the “ball is in your court”. Later on, we cringed when Isaias declared victory over the TPLF and at the same time announced his plan to send a delegation to Ethiopia. He also stated that he has accepted the peace offer because he surmised the ‘game is over’ for the TPLF’. Thereafter, we cringed again because we do not believe matters of war and peace should be considered lightly and be described by competitive sport metaphors.

Consequently, in a startling turnabout, the Eritrean ruling party abandoned its 18-year-old insistence of not holding a dialogue with the Ethiopian government until the last Ethiopian soldier leaves occupied Eritrea territories and the borders are demarcated. Instead, Isaias signed several agreements on peace and friendship with the visiting Ethiopian prime minister. And two days ago, the two parties declared an end to the state of war between the two countries. And a joint committee was formed under the foreign ministers of the two countries, to arrive at the final status of the border demarcation, including a multitude of thorny issues that are entrusted to the joint committee to study and propose solutions for.

True, the residents of Asmara gave PM Abyi a warm welcome when he arrived on Sunday, though the reception was not spontaneous. However, that was expected because the government had instructed Eritrean public servants, including teachers, days earlier, to line up in the streets of Asmara to receive the Ethiopian prime minister.

Take Two of the Euphoria

What appeared like a seemingly positive welcome of the Ethiopian delegation was reminiscent of the visit by Lt. Gen. Aman Andom, the chairman of the Derg, to Asmara on August 25, 1974 during which he gave a speech declaring the end of the imperial Ethiopian regime of Haile Selassie, and the end of the old practices towards Eritrea promising the people that his government would restore peace and prosperity in Eritrea.

In his second visit in 1974 following the massacre of dozens in Um-Hajar which was executed to undermine his peace mission, General Aman Andom promised to carry out an investigation into the crimes that were perpetrated on Eritreans by the second division of the Ethiopian army that was stationed in Eritrea.

Similar to General Aman who found himself at odds with the majority of the Derg leaders who hoped to crush the Eritrean liberation movement, PM Abiy’s peace initiative is a marked departure from EPRDF’s policy towards Eritrea which was mostly driven by the mutual animosity of the PFDJ and TPLF. Until PM Abiy was elected, the Ethiopia policy centered around a strategy of containment of Eritrea; the PM reversed that policy, and instead, decided to normalize the relationship with Eritrea.

Going Forward

Reconciliation is a prerequisite for peace, and admirably, PM Abiy Ahmed had acknowledged that the EPRDF government had committed acts of terrorism against the Ethiopian opposition. However, though PM Abiy offered condolences to the families of those who died during the Eritrean-Ethiopian border war of 1998-2000, he missed an opportunity to apologize for the crimes committed against the Eritrean people by successive Ethiopian governments, especially by members of the Derg who recently have been invited by his government to return to Ethiopia and who are already engaged in the Ethiopian political life.

The governments of the region, including PM’s, know very well that the Eritrean regime has been accused of committing crimes against humanity, yet, PM Abiy chose to cuddle a dictator for political expediency, to get on with his domestic agenda. It goes without saying that Eritreans concerned with human rights and the rule of law, considered PM Abiy’s speech as a display of utter hypocrisy: preaching peace and love to Ethiopians while failing to live up to his own moral standards when it comes to Eritreans.

Nonetheless, we welcome and hope this new development will help in ushering peace and reconciliation in the region. However, unless the people engaged in the suspension of their rationality, considering Abiy Ahmed’s visit as something surreal, that calls for the abandonment of realism and logic, for the sake of peace that has eluded the region for decades, there are many reasons why Eritreans are cautiously optimistic about the future. Needless to say, peace requires a willing, trusting, and worthy partner; that picture is not there yet for the following reasons:

Firstly, many Eritreans do not see peaceful and wise traits in Isaias Afwerki’s past behavior or disposition since he is still hell bent and preoccupied with settling old scores with TPLF at the expense of Eritrea’s wellbeing.

Moreover, just as Eritreans did not have a say in their future on August 1974 when they were represented by Amanuel Andemichael, the Derg appointed Governor General of Eritrea, today they are equally without a say on their affairs. Isaias Afwerki, with his narrow support base, rules with an iron fist and single-handedly decides on all matters of war and peace, and everything else in between, on behalf of Eritreans without their consent.

Secondly, as much as PM Abiy’s peace efforts appear genuine on the surface, just like the underlying reasons (famine and corrupt feudal aristocracy) that drove General Aman Andom to appeal to Eritreans for peace, the most compelling reason PM Abyi gave the Ethiopian parliament for his policies is, reducing the military budget which is draining the Ethiopian coffers at a time when the treasury is facing severe foreign exchange shortage.

Thirdly, we believe the prime minister’s priority is mainly a political reform to quell the three years old deadly social unrest that adversely affected the Ethiopian economy.

Thus, both General Aman and PM Abiy were motivated to seek peace for reasons specific to Ethiopia’s internal problems and any improvement of neighborly relationship with Eritrea is tangential at best–it may or may not help PM Abiy Ahmed to overcome the Achilles’ heels that his predecessors stumbled upon in Eritrea. But regardless, we are afraid, just like some Eritreans were euphoric after hearing Aman Andom’s speech, we feel they are equally euphoric after hearing PM Abiy’s speech. Unfortunately, it is wise to remember that the Derg brutally brought Aman Andom’s initiative to an end.

The Core Motivation

Two weeks after his inauguration, PM Abiy Ahmed stated that [2]:

the crisis with hard currency will not be solved today, nor will it in the next 15 or 20 years. There is an urgent need for more cooperation with the private sector to find a solution…” 

We believe this urgent need for a hurried peace is what motivated the EPRDF ruling coalition after it was pressured by the international community to bring about political and economic reforms. Last fall when Ethiopia’s foreign exchange reserve plummeted with only enough reserves to pay for a few weeks of Ethiopia’s obligation, Christine Lagarde, the Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) visited Ethiopia, the first visit ever in the organization’s 72-year history, to underscore the severity of the currency shortage. It is widely believed that the IMF director delivered a message of the impending dire economic consequence if Ethiopia fails to reform. She basically told the government that the writing was on the wall, a fact that the EPRDF and TPLF failed to see in their marathon meetings which they convened in the fall of 2017.

As a result, the Ethiopian Birr was devalued by 15% in October 2017–current exchange rate of the Ethiopian Birr (ETB) peaked to 38 ETB to one US dollar and dropped to 27.5 ETB presumably due to the UAE depositing $US 1 Billion, a lifeline to Ethiopia’s central bank to ease the hard currency crisis[3].

So far this year, Ethiopia defaulted on three Chinese loans which led China to scale back its investment in Ethiopia, while local contractors are complaining that the government is not meeting its financial obligations. Earlier this year, the IMF assessed the risk of debt distress in Ethiopia as “high” compared to the “moderate risk” rating assigned to it in 2017.

PM Abiy reportedly said that adding to the crunch is the dwindling remittances from the Ethiopian Diaspora, which had fallen for political reasons. This shortage was compounded by a decline in exports–many factories that generated revenues were burned down during the last few years of ethnic unrest. Saygin Dima, the manager of a Turkish textile firm told Reuters that at least a third of his factory was burned down [4]. The decrease in foreign exchange reserves has also been dwindling due to the general decline of coffee price, Ethiopia’s biggest foreign currency earner, which dropped by 60% from its peak in 2011, including the price of gold which dropped by 30% since mid-2011. Coffee and gold make up 25% and 11% of export earnings, respectively, of Ethiopian exports in 2016[5] .

Ethiopia, a country of 105 million people, heavily depends on imports, which totaled $US 16.7 Billion in 2016 and exports totaling US$2.8 Billion for the same year [6]. The country has had the fastest growing economy in Africa during the last decade, but the severe shortage of hard currency is expected to slow economic growth. The wait time for small investors to obtain a letter of credit (LC) from a bank in Ethiopia to import goods is more than a year. Depositors at Ethiopian banks are prohibited from withdrawing their own foreign currency unless they can prove that it will be utilized for importing goods in the manufacturing sector.

Moreover, the political, economic, and humanitarian challenges that Ethiopia faces are daunting. To his credit, PM Abiy managed to calm the ethnic unrest for now, but he has yet to address the underlying causes. For instance, the Oromia-Somali ethnic strife has internally displaced more than a half million people. In addition, the four-party EPRDF coalition, which suffers from its own schism and corruption, is unable to resolve a multitude of ethnic and historical grievances. There are worrisome alignment and realignment of political parties with some groups threatening the ethnic federalism that held Ethiopia together for the last 27 years. Worse, the demonization of entire ethnicities by some opposition groups will certainly further exacerbate ethnic tensions and lead to more violence and consequently, calls for the imposition of law and order, which often comes as a heavy-handed solution, is inevitable as witnessed in the aftermath of the Arab Spring uprising.

Hence, the aforementioned circumstance that compelled PM Abiy to seek peace will need to remain favorable and the attendant risk factors should stay manageable for him to complete his peace mission and at the same time get on with his domestic agenda.

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  • Blink

    Dear Beyan
    That is not true . It was weyane who refused to accept the intl ruling and were bragging about regime change as you dreamed but that didn’t happen . Time is a learning curve and some people refused to obey the natural discourse of this issue. The Eritreans know the obstacles were weyane . There is no way the past Ethiopian leaders to be seen as peace makers.

  • Abraham H.

    Hi Now inc, yeah, I’ve same observation. It looks like PM Abiy is trying his best to keep dia and Dr. Debretsion talking; from their body languages, it seems as if it is dia who is not willing to talk. Even the Ethiopian foreign minister looks like he is uncomfortable with the sitution.

  • Selam Again,

    After all, voices were heard among the crowd coming from some young people that said, “isaias, go back home”.
    He will hate democracy which spoils young people like that. He might say to himself, “ethiopia too should have her own sawa”.

    • Mitiku Melesse

      Hei, it is a free country people can say whatever they want. Some young people were making jock on woyanes by saying ”ዋይ ዋይ ወያኔ ሞተች” . It was not appropriate but the police was concentrating on their job ie people must respect the place marked by the police for receiving the grand pa pia. If it were agazi federal they could have brake legs or nose. That was in the past. Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet. That was in the past. Maybe not in Tigray.

  • Mitiku Melesse

    Hei, All.
    Asmara won on the peace welcoming ceremony. The fear for Woayane tries to kill or use mercenary to kill the PIA spoils the peace welcome in Addis. Ethiopians are not free yet from tplf.

  • Paulos

    Selam My Good People,

    First of, Kbrom was spot on the fact that pretty much most of the grey haired symbolic Minsters got a vacation of their lives. Second, only heaven knows how the pathetic PFDJ reacted when they saw Isaias hitting it off with Debretsion sitting to his right. More over, Isaias said that we are ONE people. And of course, PFDJ will echo “One People.” Still ንኺድ ጥራሕ? ህግደፍ, ጋና ጋና ኢሳያስ ኒክ ብማሉ ክጻወተልክን’ዩ

  • Abraham H.

    Dear Awatistas, the eri tv is broadcasting a live coverage of dia’s visit to Addis. Imagine what the Eritrean people, esp. those who knew Addis 20 years ago, would think about the explosive infrastructure and city development of the city? I think they would not believe what they are watching. On the contrary, the beautiful Asmara has gone 20 years backwards during this time period in terms of all types of development. Just a reminder to the pfdj thugs and their Amhara/Oromo ultra nationalist newfound friends; all these developments in Addis and Ethiopia in general were made possible under the leadership of the ‘tplf dominated leba weyane’.

    • FishMilk

      Hi Abraham H. Please don’t be angry, but I prefer Addis Ababa of 20 years ago; it smaller, had a less plastic feel to it, did not have a huge smog cloud overhanging it, and certainly did not have the terrible traffic problems of today. Addis Ababa has always been a bit disorganized when compared to Asmara. In days of old, we use to refer to Addis Ababa as a nice huge village and Asmara as a nice small city. Asmara has not gone backwards for 20 years but rather it has remained frozen in time as little development has taken place.

  • Abraham H.

    Dear Awatistas, right now the Eritrean tv station, eri tv, is trying to broadcast a kind of simulcast with the Ethiopian tv. But what is strange is this simulcast is a failed one, because the eri tv continues to show its normal program, while one could only listen to the audio of the Ethiopian tv. What a shame, what an amateurish

  • Desbele

    Selam Now Icn
    ኣብ ኣስመራ ካቢነ ሚኒስተራት ዝበሃላ ባምቡላ ነይረን ዝሽየጣ። ብድሕሪ ማኪና ጠልጠላ ዝብላ እየን። መኪና ክትዛወር ከላ ርእሲ ባምቡላ የማነ ጸጋም ወዝወዝ ይብል። ልክእ ከምቶም ካቢነ ዝበሃሉ ኣብ ኣኼባ ዝገብርዎ
    ቅድሚ ቁሩብ ዓመታት ቆልዑ ነተን ባምቡላ ኣብ ጽርግያ እናዞሩ ” ካቢነ ሚነስተራት ኣለኹም ብሕሱር ዋጋ” ኢሎም ክሸጡ ምርኣይ መገረም ነይሩ

  • said

    The Fallacy of the American Economic & Technological Miracle
    The American WASP and their Neoliberal crowds boast of the American Economic and Technological Miracles, a total fallacy, a total myth that the WASP’s input in their making happen were quite minimal.
    The American WASP built their Miracles’ myths – as no different of their European WASP – on brutal colonization, plundering of the natives’ natural wealth and the free exploitation of bonded enslaved labor. The WASP’s enterprise predicated on Plunder and the Brutal Enslavement of the imported African labor. Nothing really Genius about the American WASPs inputs other than their cold calculations, ability to control by force and the free promulgation, tailored to the perpetuation of their exploits, segregating laws that reinforced the WASPs’ dominance, as a class, and control over all the levers of power decisive in the direction and the future of a nation.
    In this vein, one gains a great insight from the renowned French economist, Professor Thomas Piketty of Paris School of Economics dissecting in detailed analysis in his epic, rather unique work, “Capital in the Twenty-First Century,” 2013. Piketty consecrated a section of his book highlighting the role that the Free-cost of bonded labor of the Black slaves have significantly contributed to the growth of the American Economy over two crucial centuries of the country’s founding. Before and in tandem with all that, the American WASP with the annihilation of the American natives, inherited abundant national resources free of all charges and obligations.
    The Union of the 13 American Colonies in 1776 saw mind-boggling expansion of American Territories by manifold in the ensuing years to the tone of the current 50 States. All came about by gunboat diplomacy, outright acquisition of neighboring territories mostly by coercion and forced expropriations. The American history of expansion and acquisition must have emanated from a self-righteous matter of fact mindset as it further shaped the general attitude, international diplomacy and exclusivist mindset of the WASP. One, undoubtedly, is reliving the examples of that mindset of “All for Grabs” of the current Donald Trump Administration posing as representative of the American Neoliberal WASPs.

    However, despite their readily ability to resort to force, and as amply elaborated in the book by one of the world’s foremost Social Anthropologist, French author Emmanuel Todd in his best seller, “Après l’Empire : Essai sur la décomposition du système américain,” 2001, Americans were lousy performers in wars relying heavily on the “Firepower.” One has seen enough evidence of the Americans reliance on firepower in their military actions as in the examples of the Americans feeling no qualms or showing the slightest hesitation of the use of nuclear power as the US remains the only country in history that have used nuclear weapons indiscriminately against civilian populations. American troops pursuing none restrained, unfettered scorched earth policies in Vietnam causing the annihilation of three million Vietnamese using all kinds of biological and chemical weapons beside superior powerful conventional weapons.
    In the modern age, possibly starting with the Middle of the 19th century with the advent of the Irish, Mezzogiorno Italians, and European Nordic immigrants; fresh immigrants, as now dominated by Indian and Chinese incomers, Immigrants, not WASP’ residents are the ones who significantly contributed to America’s ride of the technological revolutions further adding to the country’s national wealth and to America’s economic dominance in the world.

    As the Trump Administration infested with a war cabinet that’s most fanatic and trigger happy; no wonder, drawing lessons from the past, that the US is prepared to contemplate the unthinkable of new wars and new military confrontations in the world. As wars meant to enrich the Oligarchs of the Neoliberals in charge, America is not endowed with the necessary moral and ethical deterrence that restrain its war-drives and insatiable appetite on reaping riches from the malaise of the other nations (Latin American Countries a case in point).

  • @george

    Dear all

    SAAY….i love pia but i have my own mind. Take your time read what i right not what you want me to be.

    Abdoulworld….let me explain the industrial park is good but it is nothing to brag about. Industrial park is a fancy name for ugly blinding with 50 yrs old machines run by Chinese slaved by poor Ethiopians. It should have been done 40 years ago.

    Paulos…i am a proud eritrean with zero insecurities. I dont cry about what i think is last years technology. You are the most fake and pretentious ethiopian.

  • Nitricc

    Hi All, this the best analysis i heard from Ethiopians regarding Eritrea and Ethiopia situation. I hope the Eritreans who want be dedebit learn from this sharp people who understand the real problem its solution. I am surprised at their deep and real analysis. Shame to the ignorant Eritreans. listen and learn, from the beginning to the mark of 35 minutes is all about Eritrea and Ethiopia. if all Ethiopians can be this honest, there is hope for real peace and mutual growth.

  • Teodros Alem

    Selam @george
    If u know the real poltics of ethiopia , tplf can only brag about the empty industrial park of tigrai. braging about awassa industrial park more than the awassa people shows u , 1, they have no clue about ethiopian poltics.2, it show u how they don’t respect the constitution.3, it shows they think spdm a puppet of tplf.
    The reality of ethiopia poltics shows tplf might even be obstacle the to build the industrial park in awassa.

    • Nitricc

      Hi Teddy, what the ignorant Eritreans won’t tell you is, when you are dabt 40 billion dollars. all you have to show is Hawassa industrial park. This shows you how stupid they are. The truth is, unborn Ethiopian child is national debt and you have this fools bragging about this national tragedy.

  • said

    Greetings ,
    Ethiopia Salutary China’s Initiative
    It seems to me that Ethiopia , and to that effect the whole of Africa Countries have all they need in China, India and Brazil; Countries with the kind of goods, levels of technology, even investment capital that Ethiopia would need. All at potentially much lower cost and, in comparison with Western industrialized countries, more specifically the USA, without the burdensome political strings attached.China, India and Brazil, all need, and in an increasing rate, without hegemonic history or ambitions, are more prone to forging very long lasting mutually beneficial economic relations devoid of narrow political agendas and political ambitions. That could very well set the basis for a near barter kind of trade and economic exchanges that would significantly mitigate to a reasonable extent much of the uncertainties inherent in the foreign exchange risks that are often open to uncontrollable speculations. China has all that the Ethiopia need in manufactured products and at very competitive conditions. India, at the higher technological level, also has all that Ethiopia need in advanced modern systems for civil applications that these countries are capable of digesting within their indigenous absorptive capacities. Brazil has what the entire Ethiopia need of the manageable defense systems and essential industrial and military hardware, almost in copycats, of what currently conditionally procured from the Western countries, foremost the USA. Besides, Brazil disposes of abundance of the industrial raw materials that the transforming industries in Ethiopia need in a feedstock. Developing countries in Africa and Asia have experienced excellent results in dealing with China in the planning and execution of economic development projects. The Chinese have proven all along, much in congruence with a well instilled inherent work culture, blind dedication and deep commitment for a job finished and well done.
    Factoring in Japanese companies as potential consortia partners to chip in where certain levels of technology and know-how are needed to close the loop would potentially provide Ethiopia economies with all the requirements for a sustained, orderly and competitive economic development and economic growth. Ethiopia economies appear to have suffered and continue to suffer, dearly, from the coupling and close linkages with the US and Western economies, especially as the latter’s are increasingly losing their competitive edge and whose financial markets are prone to wild speculations and near absence of mandatory regulatory times, unruly Western markets. Over concentration of sourcing of goods from Western markets, while relatively less competitive, beside placement of excess surplus investment funds in the western markets that are in the first place dominated with an uncontrollable currency fluctuations that are wide open to unruly speculations, all that lies at the predicament of Ethiopia unnecessary over reliance on uncontrollable Western markets. Gradual decoupling of the current dominant patterns of trade, economic exchanges and investments, towards more emphasis on barter-like economic exchanges and with more emphasis towards the rising new emerging competitive economic giants of the world, would pave the road to more
    longer term stable economic conditions and preservation of wealth immune from the gyrations of dubious risky speculations beyond the control of Ethiopia The gradual decoupling from over economic dependence on Western economies, foremost the US, will render the US Dollar less of the unjustifiably dominant reserve currency indirectly forcing hard earned excess revenues to flowing back, out of control, to an unregulated and highly speculative US economy. As the decoupling eventually leads to reconsidering the pricing currencies for oil, in tandem with the pegging of local currencies to more representative cocktail of currencies on the force of the existing pattern of trade, the vicious circle forcing excess funds to flow back to the chronically deficit American economy would gradually break. The above theses are reflections of a loud thought that goes hand in hand with similar musings I once pondered in the form of forward thinking as one finds in an article on a different, however, still related subject as one finds in awate site .

  • Paulos


    If you had visited the Industrial Park in Hawassa and other regions in the country, as an Eritrean, you would cry your heart out the fact that not only we are left behind but you would realize that our country is hijacked by a clique who are driven by sinister motives to destroy Eritrea.

    ቅድሚ ሰብ ዓይኒ ኣንቊሕና ከነብቅዕ ደንቊርና ተሪፍና።

  • Paulos


    ትደልይኦሞ ይዝንግዓክን, as they say.

  • Amanuel Hidrat

    Selam George,

    ዘይቀንእ አይወለድ ይብሉ አቦታትና:: ነዚ ተሰተናዕቆ ዘለኻ Industrial Park ናይ ኢትዮጵያ: ከምኡ ተመሳሳሊ ኣብ ኤርትራ እንተዝህሉ: ክንደይ ምፈከርካሉ ነይርካ:: በየናይ ዕድሉ’ሞ ህዝብና ክረኽቦ ኣብ ትሕቲ መንግስቲ ኢሳያስን መምለኽቱን:: ዝኾነኾይኑ: In order to understand the magnitude of the industries, the projected net income that will be generated from it to Ethiopia, and its capacity of hiring hundreds of thousands employees, I am providing you a link for you and others. Listen the explanations of the presenters.

    This “industrial par and other “military industries” the produce tanks and Migs are credited to EPRDF party,

    • Kokhob Selam

      ኣማን ሓወይ:-


      ሕጂ ጽባነዚ ምዕባለ ኣብ ኣዋሳ ምስ ርኣዮ እንታይ ከም ዝስመዖ ንርኢ:-እምበር’ኳ —


  • saay7

    Selamat @george:

    So you say on Friday at 8:30 EST

    The industrial park is one of the places Isaias is going to visit. He will sing its praises.

    And so will you.

    One thing about Isaiasists is you never have to wonder what their thoughts are. Just wait to hear what he says and then they will say it.

    Follow up: on Saturday night:)


    • Eyob Medhane


      I can tell you something Isayasists missed. At Asmara palace Eritrean singers have sang Hachalu Hundesa’s song “Jira”. It’s a beautiful song and at Millennium hall Sunday night Hachalu himself will be singing it. I saw him today practicing it on TV. Here is one problem, though. That song is a protest song. If one translate the lyrics to PFDJites, there would be no way that they will allow it to be played… Ah….the “clueless” matter.

    • Desbele

      Hi Saay ,

      እርግጠኛ ነኝ ኢሳያስ ነጭ ዝሆን ኣይለውም. Poor George he is gonna feel guilty for thought crime.

      • saay7

        Haha Desbele:

        Isaias A is going to be in Ethiopia for 3 days. By the time he comes back, I wouldn’t be surprised if @george starts saying “Ethiopia Tkdem.” 🙂

        By the way, did you hear that IA told the Sawa conscripts who may be wondering what all the peace talks and flag waving means to them? Don’t relax your state of readiness. And he name-dropped the Eritrean people, whose views he has solicited. Because he has ESP. Or something.


        • Abi

          Hi Saay
          Just ለጨዋታ while waiting for the arrival of your president

          What if the delegates make a quick stop at Dukam for a nice ጥሬ ስጋ ወይም ጎረድ ጎረድ just like they stopped for beles snack?
          (Dukam is a town known for its ጥሬ ስጋ on the way to Awasa)

          Now ,Inc
          We can do better when it comes to food!

          • saay7


            The delegates “were handpicked by IA” ይላል ክቡር ኣቶ ክብሮም, So it wouldnt surprise me. On the other hand, IAs favorite meat is beef jerky. He doesn’t like fresh things, they have to age a good twelve years.

            Get ready for Ethiopian Airlines to be like Saudi Air by the way: taking passengers only one day 🙂 Explanation available upon request.


          • Saleh Johar

            Hi Abi,
            That is proof you do not like the people of Dukem. Cannibals do not go for animal meat. So, the roadside butchers of Dukem might entice him 🙂

          • Abi

            Selam Ato Saleh
            Thank you for the laugh!
            Still guffawing. I mean laughing:)
            I don’t want Gheteb to come for translation.

  • Hameed Al-Arabi

    Salam All,

    Charity begins at home. I don’t think Isaias who has turned Eritrea and its people to hell will be the bearer of peace to Ethiopians. Isaias approaches Dr. Abie Ahmed, the reformist, with a devastating agendas. I hope Dr. Abie Ahmed and the people of Ethiopia not to be deceived by laughs of Isaias at his receiving Dr. Abie Ahmed. They have to remember that laughs was for his bosses more than PMAAA. It is a message to his masters, look I can hold the prey tightly in my hands and our destructive program has began from inside Ethiopia.

    Plan A was failed after Sudan has deployed thousands of her troops on the border between Sudan and Eritrea. In plan B they have shifted to court PM Haile Mariam Desalen through a third party. Before the process of good offices fruits a golden opportunity appeared on the horizon by the call of Dr. Abie Ahmed. They grip this valueless opportunity with some visits from here and there and the door to work from inside Ethiopia.

    Isaias is very sensitive towards tplf because they know him very well. He doesn’t want to give them chance to spoil his program that is the reason he denounce them openly though they are part of Ethiopia he declared peace with them. Isaias feigns to forget Dr. Abie Ahmed is the leader of all Ethiopia not of Oromo and Amhara only. Tplf should hinder and challenge Isaias from his destructive programs by standing by the side of Dr. Abie Ahmed and the people of Ethiopia from this notorious criminal

    • Mitiku Melesse

      Hei Hamede.
      It seams obvious that you dont know or you refuse to accept what tplf has done to the non-tigre people in Ethiopia. Tplf racist policy against non tigre Ethiopians has nothing to do with how much tplf knows PIA.

      Your hate towards PIA wll never ever make tplf innocent. The derg party was illegalized in Ethiopia in 1991. All the criminals of derg punished according to the law of the country. And tplf is awaiting the same punishment..

    • Kim Hanna

      Selam Hameed Al-Arabi,

      I am perplexed and pleased with your post. I am not saying I agree with all your points but in this post of yours, I see change, coherence, logic and down right good analysis.
      You may not remember, but I was always on the opposite side of your debating points. I told you then several times you don’t make sense.

      This particular post is different. It makes sense and is put together well.
      I hope all this revolution of mind, I see in many Awatistas continue.
      Who knows, perhaps we all have changed and are marching to a new drummer. I hope the march takes us to the Harmony Land.

      Mr. K.H

  • Paulos

    Selam Alex,

    I don’t deny the historical fact that ጀጋኑ ተጋደልቲ ህዝባዊ ግምባር defeated Dergue the menace and gave us independent Eritrea. But we have to remain true to the fact that TPLF was never any lesser either. What came later on is a matter of showing off either Beles or Industrial Park. It certainly is your prerogative to cheer on for the former as opposed to the latter.

  • Mitiku Melesse

    Hei, Now inc.
    It is good Asmara is so beautiful. The competition this time is about which city is enthusiastic on the welcoming the peace. So far Asmara is leading. And it is not difficult to understand.

  • Teodros Alem

    Selam now inc
    R u trying to creat unhealthy competition that leads to a quarrel between addis and asmara. Ur comment sounds like tg.

  • Kaddis

    Dear Now inc.
    Nicely noted. Maybe Addis biggest advantage is the expirience of hosting big names from Obama to Ghadafi, Merkel to Modi, Bono to Byoncé.፦)
    I would have been excited if your judges were part of the delegation
    Cheers from Addis

    • Amanuel Hidrat

      Dear Kaddis,

      We look forward from you a detailed report on the upcoming visit of our DIA to Ethiopia, all the fanfare that goes with it, and the hopes of Ethiopian people from this visit to the overall relationship of the two countries.

      • Saleh Johar

        Isn’t IGAD office located in Djibouti?

        • Amanuel Hidrat

          Selam Abu Salah,

          You are right. Thank you for correcting me.

      • Mitiku Melesse

        Hei, so the experience doesnt count because they have come for the capital city of AU.

      • Kaddis

        Gash Aman.
        If on Facebook EthioNewsFlash is a good source. These days ETV and Fana also catching up.
        I was reading Bruyn Bruthon?(BB) on Foreign Policy. Hope to get Saay and Awate Unv reflections on it. When the fanfare is done

      • Absy

        Dear all
        This mailis from Addis.
        I really don’t know how many are aware of the cruel consequences of the Badme war on countless families in the two countries, a result of irresponsible decisions. On top of the hundreds and thousands who perished there are families separated, a mather from children, a husband from a wife, torn families, few in this forum seem to entertain this tragedy and appreciate the opportunities the situation presents. Many in the forum seem to be stuck with the port thing at the cost of the genuine feelings of both Ethiopians and Eritreans. People on both sides are speaking of true and heart generated love real time. There is no way such love and feelings from both sides can be forged or come as a result of governments instructing them to do so. They are results of hope of ending of pains and agonies. Many in this forum are stuck with the port staff and thry keep it so close to their eyes that thier vision to the bigger good is blocked. Please get out of the “Ethiopia can’t survive without our port” mode. We have flourished without those ports and we can do without them. People are telling you they don’t want to do without eacother. think of the sufferings of our people caught up in the tragedy. I know our leaders have a long way to go in their respective countries in terms of good governance but this is no excuse to hinder us from grabbing opportunities at hand. Long live the people of Ethiopia and Eritrea, people are speaking, we are one people, in two countries, forget the port staff, our people to people love is way more and over.
        Kind regards

    • Now inc.

      You have a point. Addis has hosted world leaders and is more experienced. However, it is very nervous right now, security matters. Very very nervous. I watch ETV and Addis is making repeated appeals to its citizens to look out for suspicious activities and to self-police around.
      The confident Asmara didn’t seem to bother much about security.
      Anyway, I hope our religious leaders are part of the team.

    • Saleh Johar

      Why are you insulting Eritreans? We do not have judges. Please be careful. 🙂

  • Paulos

    Selam My Good People,

    T-shirt sporting a picture of Debretsion, Abiye and the cruel man is selling hot in Meqelle. And only heaven knows how the good for nothing and useless PFDJ react when the cruel man shake hands with Tegadalai Debretsion whose ancestors defended Ethiopia from foreign invaders, whose comrades defeated Dergue the menace and who made Ethiopia stand tall among nations of the world.

    • FishMilk

      Hi Paulos Adem. At least the TPLF is gender sensitive as they hire male cheerleaders.

      • Mez

        Dear FishMilk,

        You are funny, especially when you are not happy.


    • @george

      Dear paulos

      Absolutely desperate. Can you imagine a guy nobody heard of compared to p i a. Debrstion WHO? You know you can’t even convince your old people, woyane with that fake story.

    • Mitiku Melesse

      Hei, Palulous. You are very funny.