Negarit 103: ከፊሎም ደዊሉ ነሩ- The sponsor called- وأتصل الكفيل

What a change! Smartly dressed PFDJ official, with a bonus. For the first time he travels alone, and he scores

Kabuga, Fascists and Jackets

I know when what comes on Negarit hurts them because they go berserk with their insults. The last episode really

PFDJ Leaders Chewing on Fifty-Years Old Grudges

A few days ago, I watched a documentary type of video where Alamin Mohammed Saeed and General Abraha Kassa were

The Staff of Moses

This is rough transcription of Negarit 98 published on YouTube this morning… The senior police (Police Abbay) After WW2, the

He Graduated

The following is a transcription of my YouTube Channel, “Negarit 97: ሰብኣይ ተመሪቁ – the man graduated – وتخرج الرجل“. Some

መሰል ንኽትሓትት ነጢፍካ ግቡእ ንምትግባር…

(እዚ ጽሑፍ ዕላማኡ ንኣስተንትኖ’ዩ’ሞ መዓዲ፡ ገሳጺ፡ ምናልባት’ውን ከም ገለ ክብል መሃሪ እንተ መሲሉ ሰኣን ኣኻእሎ ጥራይ’ዩ።) ነቶም እንተስ ብጥቕሚ፡ ምድንጋርን ሰሪ እዅል ምስትውዓልን ንስርዓት ህግደፍ ዝድግፉ ገዲፍና፡ ኣብ መንጎ’ቶም ኣብ ኣንጻሩ ደምበ ዘሎና ጥራይ ከተኵር። ስእነት ተሓታትነት፡ ግሉጽነትን ምዝርጋሕ ጭቡጥ ሓበሬታን ገለ ካብቶም ስርዓት ህግደፍ ዘይቀባበሉዎ መሰረታውያን ኣዕኑድ ንቡር መንግስቲ እዮም። ኣንጻር’ዚ ወጽዓ’ዚ እንቃለስ ወይ […]

Jawar, Flipos, Isaias, Our Sources

Jawar Mohammed :I have a friend whose views about Jawar so many times I concluded he lacks clarity– I ruled

The TPLF and the Eritrean Opposition

The ENCDC is the only entity that has a workable formula for an opposition umbrella. A boxing match with Getachew

Reconciliation That Leads to a Closure

[Reading time : 8 minutes] Some of you must have seen or attended a community or village councils: the accusers

Ethiopians and Eritreans Need to Have a Serious Talk

Once someone took a snide at me and called me “ambetta belitta;” it means locust eater in Amharic. He jokingly

Negarit 91: Of Sandalwood

[This topic was published as a book review on.  Now it is satirized and adopted to fit the audio audience

Don Quixote

Are you a good person? Do you spread peace or hatred? Do you promote coexistence or infighting, harmony or discord,

A Candle Is Enough!

About 400 years before Christ, Socrates was jailed accused of many things among which were corrupting the youth of Athens

My Children

People in many countries have religions that are not very familiar to us like Christianity, or Islam, or Judaism. It’s

Parkinson’s Law – ሕጊ ፓርኪንሶን – قانون پاركينسن

As a child, I busied myself with my uncle’s books. Ustaz Johar Abdulrahim was a teacher and he taught in

Negarit 86: ሓደ ብሓደ – واحد بواحد 1 – 1

Two teams of players wearing Christian and Muslim shirts had a match; it ended with and even score: 1 to

Negarit 85: ብሓርነት ተደቢሱ – Liberation – تحرر

Negarit 84: ፖለቲካዊ ታኪን – Political Turkey – ديك رومي سياسي

A few years ago, I learned that whistling is a form of communication within a few societies. One such group

Negarit 83: መላጸ ኦካም – Occam’s Razor – شفرة اُكّام

This is a general transcription of Negarit #83. When they want to divide the people, their slogan is ‘Us and

Negarit 82: ሓሰኻ ደምበ – Dung Worm – دودة الروث

Anjal nAnjal Kulu yeddeli Gwaul (ዓንጃል ንዓንጃል ፡ ኩሉ ደላይ ጓል)  Haw alleni ab seUdia Arab Areb zeyyzaaareb (ሓው ኣለኒ