About Ismael Ibraheem Al-Mukhtar

Ismael Al-Mukhtar is a scholar, a mentor, and and Eritrean writer. He lives in Canada

Uthman Sabe, A Towering Intellectual and a Prolific Writer!

Uthman Sabe was a household name in Eritrea in the ‘70s and ‘80s and his legacy remains to be one

Book Review: The History of Bilen (by Dr. Jamil Idris)

Book Title:The History of Bilen, past and present Pages. : 245 Publisher: Dar Alma’arif, Aljeria, 2018 Language : Arabic (تأريخ

The Lost Words of Yohannes IV and Abiy Ahmed!

In December 1888, Yohannes IV, the emperor of Abyssinia wrote an unusual letter to his Mahdist rivals in Sudan. Along

On the 50th Anniversary of a Founding Father, Hajj Sulieman Ahmed Omar!

On a typical quiet day in Asmara, hours before the sunset, a group of men came to our home, located

The Debate Over Arabic Language in Eritrea!

Orally told stories relate a conversation that took place in the first parliament in Eritrea in the 1950s. During a

The Asmara “Lockdown”!

The world today is in a lockdown and under quarantine. Millions across the world are confined to their homes, travel

25 Years of Disappearance, a Tragedy of a Man or a Nation?

  May 1991 was an extraordinary year for all Eritreans. It was the year in which Asmara was liberated and

The Challenges of Fair Representation in Eritrean Politics

In early 2019, two Eritrean political events took place within a short period of time. The first was a London

A Letter from a Martyr!

I am an “Asmarino”, born and raised in Asmara. My father was a senior government bureaucrat. We lived in the

Hate Speech Within Eritrean Communities

On March 15, 2019 New Zealand was rocked by a cowardly attack on two of its mosques, fifty innocent Muslim

The Game Is Over!

The speech delivered by the president of Eritrea, Mr. Isaias Afwerki, on Martyrs’ day – June 20, 2018 – was

A Celebration with a Different Flavour!

Congratulations to all! May the 24th is a day of celebration and great pride for all Eritreans all over the

Book Review: Red Sea Citizens by Dr. Jonathan Miran

BooK:                    Red Sea Citizens Author:             

Bridging the Intellectual Gap

In a book review article authored by Dr. Bereket Habteselasse and published in on August 11, 2017, Dr. Bereket

Eritrea’s Democratic Credentials!

During the United Nations deliberations on the future of Eritrea in the 1950s, one particular claim was made consistently to

Eritrea’s 150th Anniversary!

My adopted nation, Canada, recently celebrated its 150th anniversary on July 01, 2017. The celebration was huge, passionate and colorful.

The Eritrea of “Adey Hana”!

I was born and raised in the city of Asmara. Asmara in those days was a bustling multicultural and multi-faith