Monday , February 19 2018
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Confusion: Opposition Or Resistance?

We are almost three-weeks into Ramadan; this year it is a marathon fasting, 15 long hours of daylight. The initial physical fatigue is now easier, but given the steady ignorance (and perpetual) provocations, being nice and peaceful (a must in Ramadan) has proven more difficult than the physical fasting. The …

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Eritrea Is Not An Eggshell

“It is time to take a break from impersonating someone else; if you find my writing a bit rusty, you have to wait until I immerse myself in the character of Ali Salim!” Lucky me, the Ayni Brur always allege I am behind many pen names, including Mensour Kerrar and …

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“Mistirawit Debdabbe” To Obama

Congratulation to all Obama supporters; in the last three days before the election, I was afraid he would be Swift-boated. The American system, unlike the systems set by unelected repressive regimes, has always been self-correcting and that is the best quality of America. I was impressed by the level of …

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Tweedledum & Tweedledee: lqqi chflqqi

Tweedeldum and Tweedeldee are characters in an old poem by the English poet John Byrom. Over time, the characters were adapted in nursery rhymes and cartoons and became the equivalent of “Dumb & Dumber”. Searching for an Eritrean equivalent of Tweedeldum & Tweedeldee I found a perfect traditional Tigrinya rhyme: …

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